my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

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Whatever happened to the "Reaper's new toy" comic? It seems it was never completed (due to the Jack/Mercy week happening in-between), but I was wondering if it's going to be continued? I really like it, and would love to see how it concludes. =)

Hello, kind Anon! Thank you.

I’m taking a pause from that comic because of lack of ideas/inspiration. I apologize, officially. I don’t know when I will continue it.


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'rattlesnakes are large, venomous snakes that are found throughout north and south america. the greatest concentration of them is in the southwestern united states and in northern mexico. arizona is home to 13 species of rattler, more than any other state. the most distinctive feature that these species share is the rattle.'

i highkey need to organise my verses omg bc i’m trash so i gotta have all my favs ; riverdale, harry potter, star wars, pirates of the caribbean, american horror story ( all the seasons ) and probably more tbh.