Shevaun Williams
Norman, OK
Mamiya 645 AF | Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Leica 3F

During your travels around Morocco, it looks like you met some really inspiring people. Tell us about one person in particular that stood out to you the most - what was their story and how did it captivate you?

The beautiful Berber Women. I had the honor of spending time with them. They stole my heart and have my enduring respect. It’s the women you see trudging with sacks of straw, sticks, and vegetables, while balancing babies on their backs. They move their homes and families in summer and winter, yet maintain a beautifully colorful, well-kept tent while still taking the time to offer a stranger a cup of mint tea. It is a difficult existence for them and the climate conditions are extreme. 

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shevyvision by Shevaun Williams

i am a commercial photographer with over 30 years experience with a studio in the Midwest. i am moving into more travel editorial. i am still inspired by photography be it 35mm to 4x5, film or digital. And i can still rock a layout back off the 3 meter springboard.