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What about #25 for Seven/MC from the drabble prompts? Just if you want to! ^^

Thank you for sending one in! I hope this okay:) 

Prompt: #25: “We always have a choice.”

Set in 707′s route, so mild spoilers for day 6 and 7. Also this drabble turned into a one-shot…hehe. 

Seven’s phone vibrated against the table for the fourth time that night. His eyes drifted towards the lit screen, and he found his fingers hovering over it. He saw your name on the screen, and he hesitated. Should he pick it up? Should he let it drop like the other three calls he received since he logged into the chatroom last? 

He chewed on his bottom lip. You were probably worried. He didn’t understand why. He’d said some weird things in the chat before, granted his last few messages dripped with sentimentality. Even so, he tried to brush it under the rug, and everyone else bought it. But you weren’t everyone else.

He exhaled sharply before picking up the phone and accepting the call. Only, his brain shut off when he finally pressed it to his ear.

“Seven?” your voice carried through the speaker. Instinctively, he turned toward the CCTV feed. You always sat in the hall when you called him. Even though you couldn’t see him, you always let him see you.

“O-oh, hi,” he forced. He waved at the screen, forgetting you couldn’t see. “Um, you called before.”

“Yeah,” you replied, tugging at a strand of your hair. “I didn’t mean to bother you. I was just worried.”

“You’re not bothering me,” he said with a sigh. He pushed his voice a little higher to sound lighter than the weight sinking in his chest. “If this is about what I said in the chatroom earlier…about being stuck in the agency and all that, don’t worry about it. I was running low on caffeine, and I guess my mind just went to dark places. Everything’s fine though.” 

He shut his mouth before he rambled too much. He cleared his throat, waiting for your answer. You let out a soft hum. “Seven, are you happy?”


The answer had been clear to him for years. Happy? He had never once in his life been happy, not truly. There was always his nagging conscience, guilting him for even trying when he knew he didn’t deserve it. But lately…

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Merry Christmas to @screws-gears-and-pasta​!!

Hi, I’m your santa from the Vocaloid Secret Santa event~! n__n Sorry it’s a little late, but I wanted to make sure it looked really good for you!

Since you said you liked KaiMei and also the theatre, so I took inspiration from that and drew Kaito and Meiko performing in a play…!! I don’t know much about plays personally though, so hopefully it’s fine.

But yeah! Happy holidays, I hope you like this and I also hope you have a happy new years! c: Oh, and just let me know if you’d like a version without watermarks.

(Characters [Kaito, Meiko] © Crypton Future Media
Art © 2015 Siobhan/shevi-hime, do not use without permission.)

Warm Feelings

Merry Christmas @shevi-hime!  I was your Secret Santa for @mystic-imagination-messenger‘s Christmas exchange!  I apologize for taking so long, but I hope it was worth the wait!  I couldn’t get this cute idea out of my head, and I think I went a little overboard with it, but I really hope you like this little fic! >w<


“Thank you again for another wonderful day, Jaehee!”  MC beamed happily at her best friend, face tinted a little pink due to the cold air.

Jaehee couldn’t help but smile back, feeling warmer than she ever could have imagined.  “It is I who should be thanking you.  You have helped me in so many ways, and been such a wonderful friend to me.  Plus, I enjoy our time together.”

The two were walking along, a warm cup of coffee held in each pair of gloved hands.  Christmas Eve is in full swing, and the rest of the RFA are busy setting up for their Christmas party.  Ever since MC joined, the group of friends has made it a tradition each year to get together at someone’s place for a Christmas gathering, and this year it’s going to be at Jumin’s place (much to Zen’s chagrin).  But, the actor is willing to suffer a day of allergies for his dearest friends, especially since Jumin usually locks Elizabeth the 3rd in his bedroom (mainly to keep Saeyoung away from her).

Speaking of Saeyoung, he and MC are expecting their first child, and as her pregnancy progressed, her loving husband and caring friends were all the more protective of her.  She’s found it endearing how they cared so much for her, and wanted to look after her, though she kept insisting she could still help.  After all, she was only seven months along, and not a complete invalid just yet.  Still though…she graciously accepted the help, as some days she’s more exhausted than others.

MC finds herself absentmindedly rubbing her belly, unable to contain the warmth from blooming in her chest.

“So, have you and Saeyoung decided on a name yet?”  Jaehee’s voice breaks through MC’s thoughts, smiling as she watches her friend’s actions.

MC smiles back sheepishly, and shakes her head a little.  “Not yet… We’re still tossing around some ideas but…nothing has just…stuck yet.  Y’know?”

Jaehee nods, a warm smile on her face.  “I understand completely.  This is your first child, and you want everything to be just right.  But the baby will be loved either way, by both of her parents, and all of us in the RFA.”

If it were possible, Jaehee glows when she smiles brighter, and MC finds herself grinning more in response.  She’s married to Saeyoung, sure.  But there’s just an unbreakable bond between her and Jaehee that goes beyond friendship. Jaehee is her very best friend, and like a sister to her, and she would do anything for her.  Of course, Jaehee’s a black belt in judo so…she could take care of herself…but still! The thought is there, and that’s what counts, right?

Speaking of thoughts, MC suddenly remembers something important, something she’s kept trying to bring up to Jaehee time and time again, but keeps failing before she can even form the first word.  She sighs inwardly, wishing more than anything that she could just…say those blasted words already.  Ask the question she’s been wanting to ask!


“Oh!  Y-yes Jaehee!”

Jaehee can’t help but laugh.  “You got lost in your head again.  Is there something on your mind?”

“Oh, n-no, nothing at all.  I was just…thinking.  About the baby.  I can’t wait to meet her!”

At MC’s excitement, Jaehee can’t help but laugh even more, the sound ringing pleasantly in MC’s ears.  “I can’t wait to meet her, too.  None of us can!  She’s going to be just as lovely as her mother.”

“Aww, Jae…”  MC blushes heavily, unable to contain her shy giggles.  “I just hope she’ll have it a little more together than her father.”

Jaehee can’t stop herself from snorting.  “You and me both!”

The two break out into laughter, but MC suddenly stops with a soft grunting cry of “Oh!”

Jaehee’s laughter stops as she immediately becomes worried.  “MC!  Are you alright?!”

When MC smiles and gives a few chuckles, Jaehee manages to relax a little. “Y-yeah, I’m good.  She just gave me a good kick is all.”

“O-oh… Phew!  I was worried for a second there.  I apologize.”

MC giggles at her friend while rubbing her belly, attempting to calm her child inside.  “It’s ok Jaehee, you don’t have to apologize for worrying for me.  It’s actually a little endear—oh!  S-she did it again!”  MC laughs as she rubs her stomach again, wincing a little from the “abuse”.

“Perhaps we should head back to Jumin’s now and check on the party preparations?”

For a moment, MC thought Jaehee was disappointed with her, or ready to be rid of her.  But she immediately realizes that was just her pregnancy hormones talking, when she sees the amused grin on her best friend’s face, and the barely contained laughter. “That’s probably for the best.  We’ve had a long day already, and I do want to help out at least a little.”

“Then let’s head back to the car.”

The two start heading for Jaehee’s car, and along the way they finish their coffee.  As they throw away the cups, MC once again remembers the question she still hasn’t asked Jaehee, and as they start walking again, MC finally gets up the courage. She grabs Jaehee’s sleeve to stop her, causing the woman to look at her with confusion and concern.

“MC?  Is something wrong?”

“N-no… Nothing’s wrong Jaehee.  I-I just…w-well…”

By now, MC is blushing at the ground and fiddling with her fingers. Jaehee places a comforting hand along her arm, and smiles warmly at her.  “You know you can always come to me if anything’s bothering you, right?”

“O-of course!  I know that!  B-but nothing’s wrong, promise!  I just…w-well…th-this is just…so hard for me to do…”

By now, Jaehee is very confused.  I mean, what could have MC so embarrassed?  She’s normally such a bold person, though the pregnancy hormones have affected her in different ways, so maybe this is another effect.  She goes to speak, but when MC suddenly takes in a deep breath, Jaehee decides to wait patiently for her friend to gather her courage.

“…Jaehee…you have always been there for me, ever since I joined the RFA… You have been my best friend from the beginning…and you were even my Maid of Honor in my and Saeyoung’s wedding!  You mean so much to me and…w-well…Saeyoung and I have been talking it over and…w-well…” MC finally manages to lift her very red face up, her honey brown eyes gazing sheepishly into Jaehee’s own.  “Jaehee…would you…be our baby’s godmother?”

Jaehee’s eyes immediately go wide, her knees tremble for a moment, and her heart skips a beat.  She even feels tears pricking her eyes as her heart explodes with warmth.  “Y-you want…m-me?  T-to be her godmother…?”

MC nods slightly, smiling sheepishly as she watches her friend tear up and slowly break into a grin of her own.

“Oh my god…I-I’d be honored to!  Of course!”  Jaehee can’t help but grab MC into her arms, hugging her tightly but gently, a few tears escaping as the two laugh amidst their hug.

MC can’t help but sigh in relief, feeling a weight lift from her chest.  “Thank god… I dunno what I would’ve done if you had said no.”

“I would never say no!  I never could say no to you…”

MC chuckles in response, right as her baby kicks.  Since the girls were still hugging, Jaehee felt the kick, which caused the two to immediately break off the hug.

“Oh!  Sh-she kicked me!”

The women start laughing as MC rubs her belly, her child always rather active when Jaehee is around.  “That must be her way of accepting your answer.  You know she’s always energetic when her Aunt Jaehee is around.”

Jaehee giggles softly, before placing her hand against her friend’s stomach. “Is that what it is?  Are you saying you want me as your godmoth—oh!  She kicked again!”

MC can’t help but laugh as Jaehee’s eyes light up, just like they do each time she feels the baby kick, or talks to her.  Saeyoung likes to tease her about it, but he loves how happy Jaehee has become since MC came into everyone’s lives.

The two women finally make it to Jaehee’s car, and head for Jumin’s place, where the rest of the RFA have been busy decorating.

When they enter Jumin’s penthouse, Saeyoung of course greets his wife with a kiss, and his baby with some sweet words, while Jaehee distributes the supplies she and MC had picked up while they were out.

“So?  How’d it go?”

MC beams at her husband, her cheeks nice and rosy from the cold air.  “It went great!  We had a lot of fun hanging out!”

Saeyoung chuckles as he hugs his adorable wife.  “I’m glad.  You two always have fun together.  I’m glad you both have such a great friend in each other.”

MC finds herself a little amused at her husband, and when he questions her sudden giggle, she’s unable to resist poking him.  “It’s just still strange to me seeing you so calm sometimes, and not joking around like one giant meme as often as you used to do.”

Saeyoung can’t help but laugh, before poking MC’s nose.  “Well, I guess fatherhood is changing me too.  Besides,” he grins slyly, “who says I’m still not the same goofball I always was?”  He winks before sticking out his tongue, causing MC to bust out laughing at him.

“Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you!  I finally asked Jaehee!”

Saeyoung’s eyes immediately light up at his wife’s excited words.  “Oh?  Well what did she say?!  Come on, spill!”

MC almost squees in excitement.  “She said yes!”

Saeyoung’s eyes immediately sparkle like his custom emoji, and he lifts MC enough to twirl her in his arms.  “That’s great!  Oh this is the best news since we found out you were pregnant!”

“Hey you two lovebirds!  We could use some help over here!”

Saeyoung immediately stops twirling his wife at Zen’s amused words, the young couple blushing softly as Yoosung giggles at them.

“Come on, let’s finish getting ready for our Christmas party tomorrow.”

Saeyoung grins at his wife, feeling happier than he has in years.  “You got it babe!”

The two walk hand in hand over to their friends, as the sun sets on yet another beautiful Christmas Eve.  For tomorrow, the group’s Christmas party will be the best yet.

Merry Christmas, @candybunnypie! I’m your Secret Santa from the exchange hosted by @mystic-imagination-messenger ~ Hope you like it! If you want a version without my watermarks, just send me a message.

Tbh I also loved the tree-decorating headcanons and this boy too, so I knew what I had to do. (including the tacky sweaters.) And thanks for giving me the chance to draw this MC? She’s so pretty?? I never really realized before how pretty she is??

But anyways, happy holidays!! I hope you have a wonderful time!

Artwork © 2016 Siobhan / shevi-hime
707 (Luciel Choi), the MC, and Mystic Messenger © Cheritz Corporation

Do not use without permission, and please don’t repost/remove credits; thank you!

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What's your relationship with tumblr user little-oakenshit? I've seen a few conversations between you two and I was curious whether you're just best friends or is it more than that?

Well we’ve got our own ship name so who knows! (✿ ♥‿♥) 

lmao seriously though me and Sher started talking to each other a couple of months ago and we haven’t stopped since, she’s such a cutie and she means the world to me! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

She’s the Kieren to my Amy ((I love her so much oh my god)) <33 x