So I’ve just started to get into Chicago Fire (for the same reason I start gaining interest in a lot of my shows… hot guys) it is a greatly written show and the situations in it are real-life situations (even Sheveride-Baby situation). Ever since I began watching the show I automatically started shipping Dawsey and Sheveride.

But its sad, because all I see on tumblr when I search Sheveride is how Shay is lesbian, that is that, and anyone who thinks that she should go straight hates LGBT people. Funny thing is? One of my bestfriends in the whole entire world, was once gay, now? He has a girlfriend. He is happy. He is engaged and they have a kid on the way. So why the hell can’t Sheveride happen without people thinking the writers hate LGBTs? Because they don’t. They are just trying to make the show as realistic as bloody possible.

And sure, maybe the only problem to this is that Shay is the only Lesbian on the show, but what about bisexual people huh? I know Clarice was one, but who are we kidding, she was a bitch. If another person… who was gay came on the show for good, then would you start shipping Sheveride? Since someone else is there to take the place of Shay’s sexuality? C'mon, if that is the case then, pardon my language, but you’re fucking pathetic.

So I don’t care if they become canon, none of us Sheveride shippers expect them too, but stop fucking telling us what we can and cannot ship. Because if you haven’t noticed, there is chemistry between them. And the things they are writing into the show about Shay wanting a baby and asking her bestfriend to be the father? Those things happen in real life.

My issue with this whole Shay storyline

Before I start, please note, shipping preferences aside, I know Shawson will never, ever, get together on the show. I know this because Dawson is straight. It has been made clear. However, in fanfiction, I could care less whom one ships whether it be Shawson or Sheveride. Whatever floats your boat.

Now–aside from the fact that having a baby because your heart got broken is the DUMBEST reason to have a kid, the show is saying that in order for a woman to feel pride or have a sense of worth, she has to have a baby.

This is 2013, not the 1800s.

Secondly, Shay should be having a conversation about having a family with her future significant other…mainly her wife, not her best friend.

Thirdly, and I hope to God it doesn’t happen, but do you honestly think Severide would not want to be part of the baby’s life if he choses to be the father? It’s placing Shay in a heteronormative lifestyle, basically saying that two gay parents cannot raise a child.

That is my issue.