thequeenzenobia's Resident Evil 31 Day gif/edit/art work challenge

Day 23 → Most unappreciated female character

Sheva Alomar


for moirasburton ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ *:・゚✧

Who should you fight? Resident Evil Edition

Chris Redfield : Dont fight Chris. He’s strong and beefy as fuck. he killed his first zombie using only a shitty knife and laughed at Wesker when he revealed the Tyrant. That was even before he joined the B.S.A.A (Bigger stronger Arms and Abs). He punched a guy who accidentally spilled coffee on him and he will definitely beat you up if you try to fight him or threaten Claire and Jill. And besides, the poor guy has already been through some shit. He suffered enough. Leave him alone.

Jill Valentine: Oh my god. No, Jill Valentine will fuck you up and theres no backing out. . She wont stop until she’s unlocked every single room that you could be hiding in. She might seem less threatening than Chris but that deduction is your one way ticket to the E.R. She freakin killed nemesis.

Leon Scott Kennedy: You could totally fight Leon TBH. He’s a bad luck brian who only worked as a police officer for a day and cant fucking drive anything without crashing it. But the thing is you cant fight Leon Scott Kennedy. He fought hard and survived Raccoon City, Harvardville Airport, Ashley’s ‘Leon Help!’, Tall Oaks and Lanshiang. So basically, you COULD, but the odds of you winning are nil. (Unless you somehow pretend to be Ada)

Claire Redfield: Whats wrong with you? Claire may be young but she singlehandedly infiltrated Umbrella’s Paris lab and Outsmarted/Outran its men whilst looking like a total badass. Besides, she also tolerated Alfred’s Cross dressing skills. Im not sure she’s the right person you should be messing with. Not only that, you’ll get beat up by Chris as well. Also, she’s a cute little bear. Go fight someone else.

Ada Wong: She will probably go off before you could even challenge her to a fight.


Steve Burnside: You cant fight someone who’s dead. Yes. Totally fight this nerd. But do it when he’s by himself though. But the thing is he’s always with Claire. So no chance of getting him alone.

Sheva Alomar: No. Absolutely not. Sheva will probably beat you up if you try to fight her and you’ll deserve it. She is more powerful than you. Must I remind you that Chris and Sheva fucking killed Albert Wesker.

Helena Harper: don’t mess with Helena Harper. Her sister just died and the last thing that she needs is a fight. But if you insist, Im pretty sure she wont hesitate to kill a bitch (if necessary).

Sherry Birkin: First of all, why? Sherry is the personification of loyalty, hope, determination and sweetness. Shes a cinnamon roll. Too pure. Too pure for this world. And shes got healing powers and you don’t. So even if you want to fight her, you cant. Plus, you’ll probably be beaten by Jake and chased by Claire or Leon with an assault rifle while laughing maniacally at you.

Jake Muller: Fight him. He’s an asshole with feelings. Distract him with apples or Sherry though. But then again he is the spawn of Albert Wesker. He could probably kill you with his bare hands. You know what, on second thought, don’t fight him. He’s changing for the better, leave him be, And he’s more powerful than you. So you don’t stand a chance.

Piers: wtf, he’s a puppy! You don’t fight puppies! Oh and he’s dead too.

Racism and Sexism Strike Again!!! A Defense of Jacqui Briggs

  • Character: Jacqui Briggs
  • Fandom: Mortal Kombat

Another black woman character I was waiting eagerly for on this site. The racism and sexism is really strong in fandom. I saw fan grumblings about Jacqui Briggs, Cassie Cage, Takeda Takahashi and Kung Jin (I wanted to submit Cassie and Jin, but the hatedom isn’t big enough for here I think) but poor Jacqui really got the worst of it. Diversity is already setting off fanbrats but seeing a fly black woman who doesn’t fit into stereotypes really sets them off (see Sheva Alomar, Michonne, Vivienne and Aveline de Grandpre). Netherealm Studios did a good job with Jacqui’s character and her romance and I’m not letting the whiny fanbrats piss on our parade. Most of these reasons are bullshit and it didn’t take much thought to debunk them. I grouped some of the similar reasons together, so let’s go.

Bland/boring design and personality, flat character

Beauty is subjective and everyone is not attracted to the same thing. Lots of fans, including myself, find Jacqui beautiful. Personality-wise, chill=/= boring. She usually acts as the voice of reason. What, did you want her to be sassy and rolling her neck all day? Flat characters are those who give and take nothing from the story. Jacqui balances out Cassie’s snark and Jin’s impulsiveness. The SF team would not flow together as well if she wasn’t there. Jacqui is a calm, intelligent, goal-focused young woman who fights all these weird things with nothing more than high-tech gauntlets and kick-boxing training. How is that boring? Don’t think that the real reason her personality is deemed “boring” isn’t noted. Y’all wanted a stereotypical “Sassy strong black woman who don’t need no man, stays in the background and is kept chaste” and got a cool-headed woman who is rational, takes her job seriously but still has a sense of humor, is considered beautiful, has her own moment in the limelight, and ends up in a relationship with a liked character. I see the bullshit and y’all ain’t cute.

Crappy moveset

In fighting games, not everyone will play well with every character. Don’t be salty because Jacqui’s rushdown style doesn’t fit you. Find a character that does and quit your bitching. And considering how one of the reasons for hating her is that so many people use her on-line and spam, it seems that quite a few fans like her moves just fine.

Isn’t attractive and cool as Cassie Cage

Once again, attractiveness is subjective as is coolness. I happen to like both women. They have different personalities so they will appeal to different people. Cassie is light-hearted and Jacqui is serious. Congrats on noticing basic personality variances.

Players use her Full Auto Variation to spam in online matches.

But you just said her moveset sucked, so how is she used enough to annoy you if she’s so bad?

I’m so sick of people hating on fighting game characters because “players spam”. If you get caught with a move more than 5 times and still haven’t figured out a way to counter or evade, you deserve all the losses you get. If someone figures out that an opponent can’t handle a certain move, then of course they will take advantage to win. It’s called using common ass sense. There is no honor in battle, only victory and defeat.

Also, training mode is your best friend and you need to know her. I know when I would get fucked up by certain moves; I’d go into practice mode and practice with AND against the character giving me problems. Then I’d come back and dominate with my newfound knowledge. If you know Full Auto Jacqui owns you relentlessly, learn her moves. See where her combos begin so you can react. Use the particular move that annoys you and see how it works. Practice against her. Maybe recruit a buddy or little sibling to use that move/combo on you until you can evade or stop it. But don’t just whine and stamp your feet because you’re too lazy to do the work. Either accept that you’re gonna get washed every time you see Jacqui or shut up and grind in the training room.

Just a female Jax in terms of her moves

They don’t even fight the same, so wtf? Jacqui uses running combos and kick-boxing while Jax is the grappling king. Sure Jacqui clearly is influenced by her dad but Cassie Cage has moves from Sonya and Johnny and no one gives her as much shit. Jacqui uses the gauntlets as homage to her dad. But it’s clear that she’s not just a re-skin. You’re not even trying anymore haters.

Gets in the way of slash ships involving Takeda (since it’s all but said that she and him get together at the end of Mortal Kombat X).

Students, it’s time for MissTakenBk’s “Bitch, you tried it, you really did” class. Today’s topic is shipping. First, SHIPPING IS NOT A REASON TO HATE A CHARACTER. One more time for Suzie and Tommy in the back, SHIPPING IS NOT A REASON TO HATE A CHARACTER!!!! Second, there are these magical, glorious things called fanart and fanfiction. You can use these magnificent tools to create whatever alternate universe you want. You can even completely ignore canon!! *gasps* See darlings, you can ship whatever the fuck you want but the key is simply not being an asshole about it. Doubly not being a racist, sexist asshole, because I hope you don’t think we can’t smell why the hate towards Jacqui is so virulent. Racist and sexist fanbrats aren’t nearly as slick as they think they are. But either way, Jacqui x Takeda is canon and is staying. Keep the nasty racist, sexist filth to yourselves.

In summary:

1) Beauty, personality, coolness, and moveset quality are (for the most part) subjective.

2) “Homage” is different than “exact copy”.

3) Consistently losing to spam is your problem to fix. Take your stankin ass to the training room and get good.

4) Shipping is no reason to hate a character because and are things.

5) It’s one thing to not like a character because they’re not your cup of tea. It’s another to hate them for racist and sexist reasons and try to hide behind nonsense reasons that anyone could disprove.

Most of the Jacqui haters also bitch about “SJWs” ruining the game because the female characters actually have clothes on. Fanbrats aren’t even being subtle, or they’re trying and failing miserably. If you don’t like Jacqui, don’t play as her unless it’s her chapter in story mode. Problem solved. Either way, Jacqui’s awesome, Jacqui x Takeda is canon and both are here to stay (as long as something can survive in Mortal Kombat) so…

Falling slowly

Chris Redfield is no stranger to heights. He’d spent years as a pilot, a paratrooper, a soldier. He hang glides, he zip lines, he does jumps all the time. The sky is his element. But falling, failing is his curse.

Suddenly he was out of breath. The natural response to imminent threat; the thinly veiled threshold between acknowledgement of fear and full blown panic. He gripped his captor’s arm weakly, but for all his strength he could barely manage a squeeze. His neck strained under the weight of his own powerful body, and his fast dimming vision was the sight of his eternal nemesis, of his seething blond hair and arrogant face hidden behind his shades of midnight black.

The blood was rushing to his head, trying to save his brain from the starvation of oxygen. He tried to lift his right hand again, to pull his hunting knife, to throw a punch, anything to get himself out of this predicament as his feet dangled two feet off the ground, but the strain and panic had sapped all his strength. One more grip and it’s goodbye.


His feet suddenly found the ground as his head blanked out with renewed oxygen. His ears caught the piercing clang of shattered glass. He started screaming before he knew what happened, and as he reached his palm to the cold, silent abyss beside the mansion he felt the tears of anguish rush to his eyes, tracing and watching helplessly as the familiar azure blue of his long-time partner was swallowed with the arrogant blond beyond the shrouds of darkness.

“Jill—“ he cried himself hoarse as he punched the window. Feeling for the second time in the span of moments just how useless he was.

Suddenly he caught the look of resolute on the young agent. The gaze of shale grey irises that bid him a silent farewell. He felt time slow as the limber fingers let go of her lifeline with determination, offering her sacrifice to take out an arrogant blond maniac who she’d barely known. Sacrificing herself because she wanted him to live on. He started screaming before he knew what happened, and he ignored his fear and predicament as he let go too to rescue his partner.

“Sheva!!!” He was determined not to lose anyone else for his sake.

Suddenly his fingers found hers even as he grabbed on the support, dragging the weight of three bodies on his arm. However hard his flesh would burn, he would not let go. He had done it. He was no longer as useless as he thought he was.

Suddenly the bamboo collapsed under both their weights, and his heart panicked even as he slid the final three feet to the other side. His hazy memory suddenly burned with a vivid vision of his partner of azure blue, his partner of shale grey, and now his partner of caramel tan all falling helplessly into the abyss.  The emotional rush and the despair of the three figures coalesced into the present and he raged against the cruelty of his curse.  


He shot out his palm in reflex, hoping to save the man who had already saved him twice from doom but caught only air. Undaunted, he threw himself again, willing to risk tumbling alongside this loyal lieutenant than live a regretful coward.  He caught the hand firmly in his glove, and as walnut eyes connect intently into the honey hazel, he thanked the gods, swinging his partner to safety even as he felt his own momentum topple him freely to the ground twenty stories below. It was his turn to give a final parting smile against the shocked, anguised expression of Piers, and even in his fuzzy memories he felt as free as a bird in the wind, that he was no longer burdened beneath the sacrifice and debt of all his partners.


He fell, and once again trotted the threshold between the veiled acknowledgement of fear and full blown panic.  


He grabbed onto the life-saving bamboo rod by muscle memory, and finally returned a warm grin to the distressed lieutenant above. They’ll both make it out of here this time.

This was my attempt at a shorter story…still at 700 words. I’ve long wanted to write something about these 3 repeating scenes. It’s so interconnected and powerful. The circle of sacrifice between Chris Redfield and his partners.