Israeli Forces Rush to Save Lives in Nepal  

Watch IDF briefings ahead of rescue crew departure; Netanyahu praises ‘true face of Israel,’ Rivlin lauds 'messenger angels.’

Arutz Sheva was on the scene as IDF officials briefed the military delegation before it headed off for Nepal on Sunday, to take part in the emergency rescue and medical efforts following the massive earthquake that struck near Kathmandu on Saturday and has claimed over 2,500 lives.

“What the IDF stands for”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Laredo on Sunday, telling him “you are being sent on an important mission. This is the true face of Israel – a country that offers aid over any distance at such moments. Good luck. We are counting on you.”

Also being briefed on the mission was President Reuven Rivlin, who spoke with senior Home Front Command officer Brig. Gen. Yoel Strick ahead of the departure of the 260 member search, rescue and medical team to Kathmandu.

“My blessings go to all the team undertaking this brave and humanitarian mission,” Rivlin said. “I am proud of you and your staff for their speedy and impressive enlistment at such a time of need. This delegation of 'messenger angels’ represents the universal values, in the spirit of our people and our country, and through you, I wish to thank each and every one of them.”

Strick explained to the president that the first plane of the mission had already landed during the secondary earthquake which occurred on Sunday.

He related how he received hundreds of applications from professionals and rescue groups who wanted to be dispatched on the aid mission.

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Chris for the ask meme? :)

*wipes forehead sweat* chris, oh bby.

chris redfield

sexuality headcanon: demiromantic and straight
gender headcanon: cis male
otp: chris/sheva and chris/rebecca
brotp: chris/jill and chris/barry
notp: i’m so sorry but chris/jill. i don’t hate it (the ship) but it’s another i find zero appeal for.
a random headcanon: when the alarm goes off in the morning, chris will hit the button but he’ll lay in bed for a small moment, staring at the ceiling in thought. he has a tendency to hold onto grudges but doesn’t let it get in the way of his missions usually. he has a tight grip on the past when he needs to look forward. he likes his coffee black, dislikes the sent and taste of citrus, and would rather throw his smartphone out the window than have to learn how to use one. he’s caring but sometimes negligent, tunnel visioned, and selectively oblivious. though he’s not the greatest big brother, he’d give his life willingly for claire and would do anything for her happiness. i can bet you he’s a capricorn.
general opinion: how i do write this without saying something about being the fire of my loins with every sentence? the funny thing, i love chris but i don’t necessarily like him. he’s a meat head and if he were real (i’d jump his bones), we’d most likely clash. but he’s a character i care for and i’m sad to see him get old.

send me a character and i’ll tell you my headcanons of them

“For RE7, I would love to see Jill and Sheva pair up to be the main leads. I think people underestimate the relationship Sheva has with Chris, and how much the two really mean to each other, so to see Chris’ two most important partners team up would be really awesome. Plus, seeing two female leads together in a main numbered game would be so cool.”

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Helena and Sheva!!!

helena, sex-bo-bomb, here i come.

helena harper

sexuality headcanon: demiromantic and bisexual
gender headcanon: cis female (but she/they pronoun preference)
otp: helena/me n/a
brotp: helena/leon and helena/deb
notp: helena/simmons and helena/deb
a random headcanon: an emotion helena feels deeply is anger. and passionately so. i put my money on the table and say helena is likely a scorpio. she likes to people watch, studying their body language and expression. she claims she’s just curious, but many assume she’s checking for suspicious beings and threats. helena likes to go into boutiques, running her hand over the fine silk blouses and for a moment, she’s happy. but quickly, she removes her hand and leaves the store. she likes the sent of tuberose, though deb hated it. helena is often lonely, but never tells a soul this. she’s too stubborn to accept help, and even more so to ask for it.
general opinion: i say helena is bisexual because i like to believe that if she were real, i’d have a chance at tapping that booty. helena is someone i can relate to very well and someone i admire. she’s a passionate being with a drive that can get you across the globe in a minute. she’s one of a kind and a character not to be wasted.

send me a character and i’ll tell you my headcanons of them

Tiberias - طبريا, ethnically cleansed 67 years ago today

Although April 18 is the official set date to mark the occupation of the Palestinian city of Tiberias, Zionist troops have attempted to take control and occupy the city months before, even before the end of the British mandate in Palestine.

There were 30 towns in Tiberias, all of which were ethnically cleansed and destroyed. Extensive operations took place between March and October of 1948. However, in some towns like al-Hamma and al-Samra, the ethnic cleansing carried on until 1956.

Through operation Dekel and operation Matat, the violent expulsion of the city’s inhabitants was led by terror gangs like the Haganah, Palmach and Sheva’ Brigades. The expulsion was either through intimidation, massacres or bombings of city centres. This ultimately had led the inhabitants to flee their homes and farms to Nazareth or Lebanon.

The city’s towns were completely obliterated and defaced and in some cases not even house rubble was left behind. There are now 34 illegal settlements on the ruins of Tiberias. A number of towns have been converted into tourist parks.

It should be noted that al-Manshiyya, one of the towns in Tiberias, was ethnically cleansed on March 3, 1948 by the orders of the National Jewish Fund official Yosef Weitz. al-Manshiyya was completely obliterated and now the Jewish National Funds owns the village.

people occasionally seem to have this notion that Sheva would be pining over Chris or be jealous if Chris and Jill were to enter a romantic relationship and i feel like that is one of the furthest things from Sheva’s character