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Personal post from your FYS admin: In mid-February I took a bad fall while skiing. I broke my leg… well, I had a fractured Tibia (a weight bearing bone in the leg and a torn ACL and Miniscus… yeah, I really did it this time)

I haven’t been able to walk for a while. I am lucky enough to have parents who love me and both my dog and my cat enough to take them in while I am not able to care for them due to not being able to walk. 

Last weekend, my daddy picked me up and brought me home to my babies. Shakespeare, my love, my heart and the inspiration for this blog went crazy. He was so overwhelmed at first he collapsed at my feet and started crying. I’m not kidding, like actual tears poured from his eyes. I did not think that dogs actually cried with tears. It’s weird because I had the same reaction the weekend before when my parents brought him to me. All I could to was just grab him and cry into his fur. Not sure why.

What was a real shocker is my cat. I know this is the Sheltie blog, but my gangly orange trash-can cat is a huge part of my life. I have never been a cat person, she just kind of came to be at my home. I love her, but I never, until now, really believed that she loved me. This cat sprinted and attacked me with head butts and love when I sat down. She never left my lap. When I was packing up, she actually went in her cat carrier.. she has NEVER went in her cat carrier voluntarily. 

While I still can’t bring my dog back yet, 4th story walk up is not good for knee surgery recovery, I am well enough to bring the kitty back home. I’m so excited.

If you read all this THANK YOU! I know if was not all Sheltie but it is still very important to me.

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Lana, Shakes the Sheltie and Juliet the orange cat

^^^^Thanks guys! My recovery is going well! I should be without crutches in a month. I’m hoping to be well enough to be able to walk my dog within the next month and half. I am pushing myself in physical therapy as much as I am physically able, even if I’m screaming bloody murder.

But I miss my Sheltie googs so much, he is almost 10 and I NEED to have his every second on this Earth. He is my heart, my soul, my strength, my inspiration. He has been there for me through the worst and darkest times. There were times when I really believed when he would be the only being on earth who knew whether I was dead or alive. For a while he was the only reason why I got up in the morning.

Those days are long behind me, but I can’t forget them. He pulled me out of the darkest corners of the world and made me a successful person in my life and my career. I held on to his energy and he helped me so much. 

Not having him with me, even for a short time is so hard for me. Even though he is with my parents (who love him soooo much) 

Fuck. I am going to need to be hospitalized when this damn dog dies.