shetland pony foal


And here is Xanthe’s foal! Another beautiful long-legged filly :)

Brygarth Jinx
Born: 06/05/2017
Dam: Brygarth Xanthe
Sire: Stow Vincent

And as predicted, it’s clear already this foal has inherited Xanthe’s clumsiness… I did call it! 

So glad the foaling of the first time mothers is going so well this year so fingers crossed it all goes well for Asha and Merle too :)

I saw a little foal in a pink… horse pyjamas (???) this morning and I had to illustrate it. Because com'on, you can’t not illustrate tiny horses in pink pj’s in the snow.

I’m not sure if I have the correct source, but here’s a link to the image of the foal and where most tumblrs are linking back to.

Click for Pink PJ foal!

It’s the 1st of May!

I like to call this: Foal Season

It’s when the majority of foals are born and we have four due this year including a few first time mothers! It will be a first for Wendy, Xanthe and Asha while it will be one of many for Merle.

We will keep you all as updated as we possibly can with births over the next few weeks so keep an eye out! :) Fingers crossed that it all goes well!


Not the nicest of days for this little boy to be introduced into the world but here’s a few of the best photos we could get of him :)

Brygarth Joey
Born: 09/05/2017
Dam: Brygarth Asha
Sire: Brygarth Wallace

Was expecting this foal to be much bigger considering the size Asha was but he’s only half the size of the other foals we’ve had so far!  What a wee cutie and a lovely colour that he gets from his dad too! :)

And now we need boys names beginning with J too!  If you have any please let us know.  We’ve also had so many good suggestions for the girls and it’s making it difficult to decide!


And here she is, our first foal of the year and Wendy’s first foal ever!

Brygarth Juniper
Born: 03/05/2017
Dam: Brygarth Wendy
Sire: Stow Vincent

She has a lot of her mother’s features including her ears and legs.  Such a friendly girl already and Wendy is being very good.

And as always, name suggestions are more than welcome! The letter for the names to begin with this year is J!