I’m in that year where the question “What do you want to be in the future?” Is almost compulsory. I’ve been answering this question with the same sentence “I want to be a doctor” all my life. I’ve been saying that since I was seven that it may seem like it has been drilled into my mind. While others may think my wanting to become a doctor is a mere influence of having two parent doctors and my growing up on a hospital, I like to think this decision is all mine, for after all, my parents don’t want me to become a doctor, but a lawyer (which I will not agree to). I don’t really know why I want to become a doctor but this Bohol trip cleared my mind. On one breakfast, we sat on a table with other doctors. She asked me what I wanted to become. I said my usual answer in a heart beat. And there she relayed to me a story about his grandson saying the same thing, except with a well-detailed explanation, “Ma, I want to become a doctor like you because you get to go on free trips because the medreps are sucking up to you and courting you to order whatever medicine they’re selling. You get to travel a lot and you can take your family with you and when you’re a speaker, it’s like you’re even paid to travel. I like that.” That grandson is a genius

Bohol from up there is as beautiful as Bohol from down there. We were on the morning flight going there and it was a bird’s eyeview of everything Bohol is about.

Back then, the tarsiers were animals you can hold. Now that the number has decreased, it has become a priority to save these animals. Hence, you can’t hold them now.

We stayed at Eskaya which if I might say just a dream. In your room, you had your own infinity pool, your own jacuzzi, your own golf cart. Andwhen I say own, I mean it’s yours, it’s private. It’s fascinating. And the beaches there were astonishing, the cacophany of sounds reaching in to your soul. Too bad the waves weren’t that high.

To end this post, here are obligatory tourist-y photos.