shet omfg

tøp tickets

ever since my mum left, i am now left with a bunch of tickets to twenty one pilots shows my dad isn’t letting me attend :( so i’m selling them. for face value. please buy, i am broke and sad.

  • brisbane seat SOLD
  • brisbane ga SOLD
  • auckland seat
  • auckland ga SOLD
  • sydney seat SOLD
  • melbourne ga SOLD
  • melbourne seat

90AUD (about 95NZD) each. willing to negotiate even lower for the seats if absolutely necessary.

message me if ur interested <3

I was gathering info from people that played the demo...

What I found was mostly this shit… THIS SHIT:

“Pego’s butt looks so hot when he’s wearing pajama’s!”

“His butt looks like an angel’s butt!!!”

“His butt is awesome…”

“shake it for me”

“10/10 butt”

“His butt is the best part!”

“His butt shakes like Nicki Minaj’s butt.”

“Wow. I can see him in Nicki Minaj’s video!”

“He’s going to shake it to the moon”


Probably our new fave thing about Natasha and Elise
  • <p> <b>Natasha:</b> You're a fucking cheater. You cheat all the time.<p/><b>Elise:</b> No. I'm just good at this game that's why I win all the time.<p/><b>Natasha:</b> Yes you are. You're lucky you're cute. Why not just admit that you fucking cheat all the time?<p/><b>Elise:</b> No, no...*laughs*<p/><b>Natasha:</b> Yes. You're a fucking cheater, that's what you are. Fucking... douche. You're lucky you're cute because you're a fucking cheater.<p/></p>