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Finally watched the ep so I can take part in the "who is LMD" talk! The reason why Daisy didn't take Ivanov away, it may be because she wanted to go back for him but RoboCoulson stopped her? and the sensor said 4 LMDs because of Coulson's hand that was switched on Robo version. While why I think Fitz might had been switched - no other reason to send Jemma away with a random agent, giving her and only her an alibi. But I'm ready to know if you have something to put down these theories of mine :D

Hi @daisyjohnson-sq

I’ve gotten this ask a few times this week so I’m going to put a few links in this answer.  

Why Daisy didn’t go back:

  • HERE is a Meta I did on this one.   But I think when she left the room she intended to go back but got gassed and swapped after she left the room.  Fitzsimmons knew that Daisy had fought him…but its unclear if they think he’s on the submarine or dead.  Jemma seemed to talk about him in the past tense in the peek.  

 The Sensor

  • Out of everyone Daisy is who I am more on the bubble about than anyone else.  It honestly depends on the day.  I can make a very convincing argument either way for her being herself vs Robo.  
  • The hanger setting it off was meant to place that seed of doubt for us now.  That seed that either Daisy or Mack could still be themselves if the sensor was still too sensitive.  
  • Robo Daisy could be a bit of a wild card.  While I don’t think Radcliffe went to the degree he did with Robo May in terms of getting her the perfect decoy there will be a some of Daisy in there.   If they are bringing the Inhumans to the base, placing them in danger, that goes against everything Daisy wants.   Robo Daisy will also be grappling with the loss of her powers.   

LMD Fitz

  • I am going down with the ship that neither he or Jemma are LMD’s as of right now.   They are going to screw with us and if IF we see a swap its not until closer to the end.  But if I’m wrong I’ll own it.  
  • Here are a few of the Metas/Asks I’ve done as to why I don’t think he or Jemma is, its easier to link them rather than retype them since its ever evolving as we progress…so sorry for so many links :D. 

They have now done the LMD twist twice now.  We’ve had the long term with May and then the mass swap out with the team last week.  Pulling that again with either one of Fitzsimmons is the same trick and throws away tons of character development.  Same goes for “this was all in the Framework” for someone.   Someone has to be safe to save everyone else and they have been building the whole arc for Fitzsimmons to come back and fix this together.  

They also like to be a lot more sneaky with their twists.  They’ve left enough false clues in order to distract us from what is really coming.  Remember all those clues they left back in Season one about May really being Skye’s mother.  Or Season 2 that Jemma had been Brainwashed by Hydra.  I would rather see something like Robo May turning on the others and protecting her ducklings.  Robo Daisy grappling with the sense of loss by not having her powers.  I also bet the bigger twist will be the set up for C (come on AIM, Hydra, Papa FItz, knowing what Radcliffe’s actual plan is, or something with the Inhumans).


Taken aback, [Kylo Ren] whirled—to see the weapon land in the hand of a girl standing by a tree. Rey appeared equally shocked that her reach for the device had exceeded his. She gazed down at the weapon now resting in her grip. “It is you,” Ren murmured.  His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself. - TFA novel


(On Claire Temple stealing the show) What with good reason, my god…I think Rosario has a lot to do with it. You can feel her heart in her work. I think also the character—she’s a strong woman, she helps the people she cares about. – Deborah Ann Woll

She’s got it all, it’s equal parts the character as the actor. She’s an incredibly talented actor. She just exudes coolness, you know? She’s cool, she’s sweet. I just think she’s awesome and she’s highly, highly capable. I get it, I fell in love with her, yeah. – Jon Bernthal

She’s got such an amazing presence and she’s such a wonderful person and actor. But I think also Claire Temple was written beautifully. I think a lot of people, in the same way that Matt—he could open up to her in a way he hasn’t to anyone else. I think she probably made the audience feel the same way as well. – Charlie Cox


Have a couple of old-ish sketches while I’m on a temporary hiatus. AU in which Carmilla Karnstein is a Shoot love child; here you can see Carm’s tiny gay nerd of a girlfriend get along with Root. 


#shit shit shit shit shit fUCK ok  #do you think she noticed  #ok wang so there’s still time to recover you got this  #come on tHINK you’re the woLF DOG  #omg what if i just pretend like im brushing dirt off my outfit?? perfect  #that’s a totally reasonable reason to be next to her face right  #nice  #oooOOO ill just lean back and look to the side  #bitches love it when you look to the side  #yES oh my god brilliant  #she’ll never suspect a thing  #wang so more like wang sMOOTH amirite  #4th prince of goryeo 1st prince of motherfucking stealth  #and they say wook is the smart one get on my fucking LEVEL  #ok can i look back at hae soo now  #hae soo is so pretty  #i love her so much 


why not, right? i wanna look fucking beautiful too, so I got up and I thought I’d put it on too. doesn’t have to be a reason! does anyone ever ask meg why she’s wearing a wig? no. “why’d you die your hair blue?” cause i felt like it. WELL I FELT LIKE WEARING A GODDAMN WIG TODAY! [x]

10/10 mind of mine lyrics

• She got, she got, she got, her own reasons for talking to me, She don’t, she don’t, she don’t give a fuck about what I need.

• She’s crying out that she loves me, holding my hands so I won’t leave, cause baby don’t wanna be lonely, she says “I just want you to hold me”.

• Right now I’m emotional, I lose control, when I’m with you, I hope I haven’t said too much, guess I always push my luck when I’m with you.

• Melodies and memories, stories that sound absurd, I will tell no lies.

• You’re looking in the wrong place for my love, don’t think because you’re with me this is real.

• This love is tainted, I need you and I hate it, you’re caught between a dream and a movie scene.

• She is the life of the party, Don’t stick that knife in my body, It’s something she always wanted, It’s for a good cause, You’re doing a good job.

• I got caught up in this game and you know I won’t say names of who’s to blame.

• No lies in my eyes, nothing but truth will leave my mouth, I’m tryna fucking scream but the words won’t come out.

• In the clouds where the angels sing, In your eyes, where I wanna be.

• I found my life in between a first kiss and a last goodbye

• Saw your face and got inspired

• I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always, I’d love to wake up next to you.

Day 2: Ford and Jheslbraum

“Everyone! I’d like you all to meet a very dear friend of mine, Jheslbraum the Unswerving. She’s from Dimension 52 and saved my life installing a metal plate on my head.” 

 Before that Jheslbraum was looking for Stanford Pines and everyone else panicked thinking it was yet another weird danger as it happens occasionally in Gravity Falls. The rest of the Pines family got confused after Ford and Jheslbraum’s happy reunion. The reason she came to their dimension? A warning of danger in the future and to catch up with a friend. This all took place some time after the Weirdmaggedon summer in the series.

Ford’s pose is very much like Stan’s! It looks like he’d do that sometimes. (Not because hands are hard to draw and I took the easy way out)

Pep Talks


REQUEST: Heyy Sofia😙😙😙 can you do a cute Seb x reader were the reader is like Seb’s mother and she loves him like her own baby, and seb calls her mom too BUT one day Seb had a really tiring day and got anxious for some reason and behaves totally like a child and the reader comforts him (anon)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sorry this took so long! I kinda drifted from the main request but I hope you enjoy.



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Reasons I think Sam & Cait are together, the holy-shit-they’re-so-married press edition, part 3

21. You don’t talk about pregnant women this way or admit how obsessed you are with your “platonic co-star’s” fake baby bump unless you are seriously thinking about fathering the child of said “platonic co-star.” and also the way she’s looking at him??????

22. LOOK AT THIS PROUD LIL PUPPY (and how Cait can tell he’s beaming at her so she beams back but can’t look at him or else she’ll lose it. icu Cait)

23. Cait, very sweetly, comparing her and Sam to Kevin and Winnie from The Wonder Years, aka childhood sweethearts. OW MY HEART. 

24. “You’re Beauty, I’m the Beast.”  ok Sam, ok.

25. his words say it’s been a while, both of their faces scream otherwise 


27. the way he sees her (look at that big goofy grin, my god Sam) and then brings her into the conversation, all the while keeping a nice possessive supportive hand on her back

28. the way she grabs his hand and moves it to her shoulder and locks her fingers with his is so natural like they just do this all the time

29. Sam 😏

30. you guys stopppp ittttt

EXTRA BONUS ROUND since this is probably it for a while:

more of these posts can be found here and starting here 

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INTP Trouble
  • INTJ: Coding will be fun for you
  • INTP: it is, but I stopped at 16
  • because I got in trouble for hacking into the school network lol
  • INTJ: Lmfao, oops
  • INTP: I changed grades ...
  • INTJ: Lmfaoooooooo
  • INTP: not mine
  • but people I didn't like
  • And there was a teacher who caught on and the school brought in a security analyst ...
  • They made me sign a network contract because I fucked up a teacher's computer after she forced me to stay for the last two periods of class when I had those free, so I used my "study hall" time to fuck with her
  • INTJ: Well she deserved it
  • INTP: And I am the reason all students have to sign a network contract

We dated for a month. She was my first love, my first kiss. I showed her my scars and took her to my favorite spot. She’s the only person I’ve ever taken there. Her mother was psychotic and couldn’t understand that her daughter was gay so she lied and told her I did drugs and was too mentally unstable for her. I didn’t want to let her go, but it got to the point where my parents almost launched a federal investigation because we had reason to believe her mother had gotten into my medical files. I couldn’t take the pain of not being able to see her, so I broke it off. I still can’t even look at her without thinking of all the broken promises. And I haven’t been back to my secret spot because I can’t even drive past without feeling her lips on mine. Our last exchange was me trying to convince her to tell her parents she’s gay, but I gave up because it’s not my choice to decide when she’s ready or not. If you ever find this message someday, or you find this post, I miss you. You broke my heart, and I can’t forgive you for that, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget how I felt about you.


Bachelorette Challenge has started and submissions have closed. Just one thing this challenge won’t have the ordinary rules on who she has the highest relationship with but who I feel she connects the most with.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am. You got to get those ship names going

Now I know I didn’t explain Scarlett personality before but It was for a good reason.

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Idk if anyone else has had these thoughts but in Tomorrow With You he’s not in love with her right? He got married to her cause he thinks it’s the only way to protect her? I’m probably wrong but it kinda felt like that towards the end of the latest episode where he curled his toes at her cute little “he’s mine” song. According to me, he’s gonna gradually fall in love with her but she’ll have realised that he doesn’t actually love her and she’ll leave and that’s how she’ll get hurt. That’s the reason his future self was being so mysterious and regretful and crying, maybe him marrying her led her into her dying fate? Anyone else has any other ideas? I would love to discuss lol


.:Imagine reuniting with Rey after she thought you were dead:.

Request for anon:

“Could you do a Rey x female reader where she was captured by Kylo Ren and tortured badly, on the verge of death but some resistance pilots come and rescue her and Rey sees her and just breaks down because she thought you were dead thx”

GIFs aren’t mine

Grammar is not on point today for some reason. Anyways I wanna write angst today. This is longer. Mwahaha

“Here,” Poe holds out an arm for me to hold on to. My leg was bleeding, got stabbed a few times thanks to that bastard Ren.

I nod my thanks and we walk into the base, he has me sit down on a table. “I’ll go get a medic, try to keep pressure on your leg, ok? Keep those eyes open for me.”

“Okay.” I didn’t even recognize my voice. It was hoarse from all the screaming. Poe runs off.

I lean my head back, holding my leg.

I think about my Rey. She must be so frightened. I made sure Ren took me instead of her, the Resistance can’t lose their jedi. Me? Not so much. I’m not the best pilot, what’s one less? Nothing. They would have been fine.

I press my hand to my wrapped stomach. I pull my hand back, covered in blood. Shit. Must’ve torn again.

I look around for Poe, desperately. I catch a glimpse of brown hair, tan clothing. Rey.

I push myself off the table. I focus on her. Limping over, I keep whispering her name.

I stand behind her, “Rey.” I whisper. She stiffens and slowly turns around to face me. When she does, I can see her eyes water. She reaches a hand out to caress my face, but she stalls. She just holds it in the air.

I wrap my bandaged hand around hers and place it on my face. Rey’s knees suddenly give out, I quickly stable her. I kneel in front of her and just hug her.

She sobs, burying her face into my neck. “I thought he killed you. I thought you left me. I thought-”

“Hey hey, stop. I’m not going anywhere, okay?” I pull her back and have her look into my eyes. “You’re stuck with me, Rey.”

She nods, I wipe her tears away and kiss her. Feeling her lips on mine brought me home. I was safe. She’s here. She’s safe. She’s alive.

I lean her forehead against mine. “Are you okay?” She nods.

“Come on. Let’s find a medic, your stomach is bleeding as well as your leg.”

I nod and she places my arm around her shoulder. Together we walk to the med bay.

for whatever reason don’t imagine an angry Mary telling a 12 years old Neil “if he doesn’t kill you, I will” after he almost got them caught

do not imagine Neil accidentally sharing this with the foxes

do not imagine Neil saying “I never thought I could survive both of them”

just don’t

Ginny Weasley Listens
  • Ginny Weasley listens. Not many people know this.
  • When all was said and done, and the diary was gone, she felt a strange nostalgia for the thing. Not for the patches of memory torn from her, or the trembling fear of discovery. But for the sheer joy of having someone listen to her. Listen to her words and think about them and offer advice and comfort and interest. She briefly tried writing in a new diary when she was fifteen, but gave up, feeling a slight disappointment that no one more benign than Lord Voldemort wanted to answer her.
  • Her parents have discovered that Ginny listens. Or at least, is unusually perceptive for a teenager (no one knows how consciously Ginny tries). Ginny and Molly, on a sunny Saturday morning, or a drowsy Winter evening, will dry the dishes and talk. And Ginny will ponder everything Molly says, and laugh at all her old stories.
  • Hermione Granger is not used to having people listen to her, no matter how much she talks. But she and Ginny, closeted late at night in Ginny’s bright little room, she and Ginny will gossip. Ginny takes her advice about Harry, and Hermione feels a little thrill of pride, because no one actually takes her advice about anything, least of all Relationships. 
  • Luna Lovegood knows. Ginny likes to piece apart Luna’s stories and theories and find her own truth in them. Ginny is the first one to hear the truth in her blunt comments, that, more than anything, Luna would like to be a friend. 
  • Harry, who finds it difficult to talk, who wraps up his thoughts in his head, has never met anyone like Ginny. Ginny is bright and funny and charming most of the time, but she notices when something’s wrong. And she doesn’t nag him or dismiss him, she offers innovative advice, a voice he wasn’t necessarily expecting. She listens to what he actually wants, rather than what he is supposed to do. It’s nice, sometimes, to have someone put him before his destiny.