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Oh my god I want EVERYTHING in season 5! But I saw a really cool gifset the other day where Allison was alive and really I just want that. :)

Same!!! Season five has gotten me really excited!!!! IT LOOKS SO GOOD AND IT LOOKS REALLY DARK AND PAINFUL BUT AWESOME AND CREEPY AND IM ALL FOR IT BC HELL YEAH TEEN WOLF! That would be so cool, I miss Allison so much it’s just like…. idek how to explain it I just wish she wasn’t dead. 

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i watched it live (sadly) and it was almost as dead silent as that. i was so confused and they didn't say anything about it later so i don't think it was planned, im pretty sure she did it as like a viral marketing thing for whatever was on her chest

omg you were there? you poor thing. yeah i think it was for her upcoming film the to do list and it wasnt planned she got kicked out. i cant believe you had to witness that.

I fucking hate myself.

I have no fucking friends. I have no one to talk to about anything. The one person that was close enough to being my bestfriend, im pretty sure she wants nothing to do with me anymore. I love my boyfriend, but I don’t want to be with him anymore I don’t think. I have no where to PPPgo if I leave him, because we live together. I got fucking dropped from school, so I can’t graduate. I have a job that doesn’t get me by. My dad basically hates me, my moms dead. My brothers worrying about his new family, my other brothers dead, & my little brother is a douchebag.
I feel so fucking alone. & all I’m doing is screaming but nothings coming out. & I don’t know what to fucking do anymore. I need someone. I need help.

I need help. I can’t be alone anymore. I can’t. I spent all of highschool on my own, & the few people I was friends with want nothing to do with me, & I don’t know why.

I want to scream, & cry & just fuck I don’t know.

Okay so we were pretty dead this morning and we had like 6 people on the floor so i sent someone home early and my boss comes in and he’s like oh wheres so and so and im like i sent them home and he yelled at me because we were under 24 hours of labor.

LISTEN BITCH, keep me updated w labor. Before my boss went on maternity leave she’d always let me know how we were on labor so I knew whether or not to cut people. And he always scheduled us to be over what we were supposed to be so we wouldnt have this issue. And I always cut people, thats what she liked. But my ASM has just been a douche. I’m so over this store. 

I told him is he schedules me on Thursdays/Fridays again that I’m quitting because thats against my availability. And he was like well just give me 2 weeks notice and I said no nigga, if I’m quitting, I’m handing you the store key and leaving, I won’t even finish my shift because fuck that bull.


i really like to play pool, like 8 ball billiards or whatever you call it. im not like super expert but im pretty good i think? sometimes i play with my friends at like rieber or hedrick or whatever. I used to play during summer camp when i was younger a lot (Camp running bear, which is a great name for a camp because im pretty sure that means diarrhea in camp terms?) also when i was super little my mom bought me a mini pool set to play with and i was SO SO excited and i liked it a lot. it was like a tiny table with some plastic stuff to play with. one day i came home and my grandma was visiting and she was cooking. i was like wheres my pool thing. and i look outside and my grandma was cutting dead fish on it and yeah that was the end of my pool thing. 

So I have 5 different types of handwriting. I had to write a debate for environmental science, so I made it look super pretty so I would actually be able to read it during my presentation. My teacher saw it and screamed, “OH MY GOSH YOU ACTUALLY MADE YOUR ASSIGNMENT LOOK PRETTY! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!” I replied, “what’s that supposed to mean??” And she looked dead straight and said “well you have 5 different types of handwriting and normally you turn in ones that I can’t even read.”
So I guess my handwriting is normally worse than I thought