Sailing by Orion’s Star: A Les Mis Pirate AU

Original Character Photosets: Astra Enjolras

She thinks of the stacks of newspapers she keeps hidden in a locked chest in her armoire, stories of England’s loss of colonial control of Nassau, stories of Valjean and Fantine, and then, stories of the Avenging Angel, all telling the tale she was a part of, her chapter forced into secrecy, a prologue to the story that actually made the presses. How she longs to step into the light, her secrets out and her freedom given.

we had this quiz bee thing today and our group ranked 3rd (yay for us cos there were 10 groups) and it was really fun. last year i didn’t attend cos last year was well, history, and i kinda enjoyed playing it earlier even if before i hated those kinds of stuff cos it does make me feel shtty when i dont answer correctly especially since my groupmates werent people i knew. it raised the level of pressure to actually prove to them that it wasnt a mistake i got chosen. there was this girl who looked a lot like my classmate and she was so awesome and smarty. really impressed with her cos she answered all the jaw hanging questions and then there was this competitive, really cute, asian, BFG height kind of dude whom i never thought was a smart ass based from when i saw him around campus (with his height it was like he had a sign board of look at me). intelligence is truly sexy you guys. be a geek, it’s attractive and universally beneficial

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dumbledore is so not representation :| if she had made it where she casually mentioned "dumbledore brought his husband" or like in his mirror memories there was a boy crush, than yeah I'd be like "cool!!! she did it so naturally awesome!" but like there is absolutely nothing to go off of. nothing was ever discussed. like what. how can ppl see that as representation is beyond me.  ̄\__(ツ)__/ ̄

jkr wrote harry bi without realizing but it’s the dude who’s never shown referring to any kind of SGA who’s gay, ok then