the morning comes lazy on days like this when i catch shipwrecks between my teeth, little splinters where you used to be. you used to hiss at the sun and hide under the covers and tell me you were vampire, i said, “the moon is reflected sunlight, how exactly do you survive,” and you’d laugh and pull me close to you and tell me to stop thinking about things so hard.

i’ve tried, i swear i have, but i can’t stop thinking about you

—  r.i.d

“when the live stream started to buffer" 

"when you didn’t get 1989 tickets in pre sale”

“when someone says they don’t like 1989”

“when you realise how flawless taylor actually is”

“when taylor tweeted #thirsty”

“when someone thinks taylor’s first song was love story”

“when people mention ‘taylor swift’ in public" 

"when i think about taylor”