This is me with my little sister Meredith. She’s in 8th grade and just turned 14 little over 2 months ago. My beautiful sister is suicidal, depressed, and self harms. She’s called names, told to kill herself to her face, online, through rumors, and has actually wanted to. She’s been in a psych ward because she was pushed to the point of doing so. She would come home from school crying her eyes out because kids would call her “pill popper”, “suicidal”, “emo”, upon many other names because of their influence on her self esteem. We finally got her away from the hell she would face at school, but she sadly has to go back until we can find a way to get her out again. This poor little thing has such a horrible self esteem because she’s been bullied. She has been though the countless rumors that would break her down to the point of hiding in her room and crying. It kills me because kids think it’s okay to do this to someone. This is honestly not okay. No body no matter what age should be feeling this way. Our school district says they have a strict bullying policy, yet they do nothing about it when kids try to lif t the weight of being miserable off their shoulders. This honestly pisses me off. I don’t remember getting made fun of as bad as she does. My sister is one of the biggest sweethearts yet she gets so much shit because of certain things that go on with her life. When these little asshole kids find out, they get brutal. If I was able to scare these kids without getting in trouble because of my age, I would do it in a heartbeat. One of my worst fears is to wake up one day and find her lifeless. I wish we could get her away from all of the hate because she doesn’t deserve it. She’s a beautiful person, inside and out. Please, do me a favor and reblog this if you think my sister is a beautiful person and doesn’t deserve the shit she gets. She follows me on here and I know it would mean a lot for her to see this.

the morning comes lazy on days like this when i catch shipwrecks between my teeth, little splinters where you used to be. you used to hiss at the sun and hide under the covers and tell me you were vampire, i said, “the moon is reflected sunlight, how exactly do you survive,” and you’d laugh and pull me close to you and tell me to stop thinking about things so hard.

i’ve tried, i swear i have, but i can’t stop thinking about you

—  r.i.d

"when the live stream started to buffer" 

"when you didn’t get 1989 tickets in pre sale"

"when someone says they don’t like 1989"

"when you realise how flawless taylor actually is"

"when taylor tweeted #thirsty"

"when someone thinks taylor’s first song was love story"

"when people mention ‘taylor swift’ in public" 

"when i think about taylor"

Thank you to yana (klarolinecuddling) for taking time out of her day to go with me to meet bunny! Even though I didn’t meet her because of the line I saw her and it was worth the wait! She’s so nice and beautiful and person and even cried because we were so supportive and she couldn’t see all of us! Hopefully I will meet her in the future! Love you BUNNY!!! So sassy! Sassy sassy !!!!