i hate the fact that i can’t say no.
i hate the fact that i give in so easily to people.

my “best friend” literally went behind my back and basically copied my entire assignment that i spent 4 damn weeks including xmas break working so hard on and was so, so proud of and now she and i have both been caught for plagiarism and that could mean i could get expelled from my course and my uni. i’ve already dropped out of uni and had to take out 18 months of it bc of my mental health. and now i could expelled which means there’s no way i could go uni again bc of “plagiarism”, when it was MY WORK that got plagiarised. it was MY HARD WORK that got credited as hers???

and i just simply. don’t. fucking. BELIEVE. that people like that exist. who would pull a stunt like this??? why would she fuck me over like this?????

WHY can i not say no to people. i’ve never hated myself more than i do now.

I just read this super sad post about this girl who’s asexual and married and everyone is basically telling her that she doesn’t deserve her husband/she’s just a prude/she should just do it anyway.
So I want to tell you all right now that if people tell you this, or if they tell you you’ll never have a relationship, it is BULLSHIT.
My husband is asexual and I’m not. He’s sex repulsed, we don’t have sex, we never have.
And it doesn’t matter to me. You know what does? He does. His mental health and wellbeing matter to me. Because he is my best friend and he’s one of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I’ve ever met. And he’s had people tel him that he’s broken and it makes me SO ANGRY because they are WRONG.
Being different doesnt mean you’re broken.
If you don’t like sex/don’t want it/etc. Do not let anyone tell you that you’re inferior because you’re not.
Do not let anyone convice you that you’ll never have a relationship because they’re wrong(if you want one).
You are not broken, and it will be okay.

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hi I'm new on the fandom and I heard about a girl called jess she was popular I think and she deactivated her blog for some reason. What happened?

awwwww this makes me sad that there are people joining now who have no idea who Jess is. Well first of all, she’s one of the greatest people you’ll ever meet and also one of my best friends. but Jess was also the biggest shipper blog on tumblr. She had over 7k followers and over 8 million views on her page and was basically the go to blog for Outlander and SamCait. Because she was so popular and vocal about her beliefs, she also was a target for some pretty fucking awful bullying from various people in the fandom, including death threats, most notably from William Shatner in July. He and all his followers repeatedly targeted, harassed and abused Jess over a period of months and in October or November, I don’t remember when exactly, it got to be too much for her and she deleted her blog and twitter and left the fandom, unfortunately. She’s still around in spirit though - her gifsets are regularly brought back and she occasionally sends me or Lauren a message for everyone. It was and still is a pretty huge blow to shippers and the fandom that she left - I miss her on my dash every day - but it was best for her to have the spotlight taken off her. 

A Coping Strategy

Ok, so I had this thought before I went to bed last night and it’s helping me cope. Even if it’s complete crap (likely), this is my coping mechanism and I’m sharing it here in the hope that it can help other people who, like me, are at the end of their rope with this show. 

My thinking is thus:

Belle’s had her personality u-turn since taking the sleeping curse. 

Who did she get the curse from? Zelena.

Who is she now best friends with? Zelena.

Who is she basically letting get away with tormenting Rumpel? Zelena.

Who has been obsessed with Rumpel and hurting him from the beginning? Zelena. 

For as long as necessary - forever if that’s what it takes - I am going to firmly believe that Zelena put something in that sleeping curse to subtly turn Belle against Rumpel and break them apart permanently to leave the playing field open for her to do with him what she will. 

(This has been a coping mechanism, shared publicly to hopefully help other people. It is not an invitation for negative commentary or contradictions or “great theory but” type comments. Anyone shitting on my coping mechanism will be blocked.)

New Years Eve Story time.

So! How was everyone’s night last night? Good? Bad? Well Mine was… interesting. To be honest it didn’t get interesting until like 1:30 a.m.

So last night my best friend came over (around 9 ish) and we basically spent most of the rest of 2016 drinking Raspberry vodka and watching stupid people on the internet. We watched the ball drop in NewYork and Fireworks from Disney world to end 2016. Well my best friend is pretty drunk at this point so I told her she was sleeping over. She happily agreed. Well… I  went to the bathroom to do some nightly routines and I come back to her holding my phone. She asked me who the guy on my lock screen and homepage were. Now I have Tyler on my phone because I find him absolutely adorable. So I told her who he was thinking nothing of it. Then she asked me if he was a potential boyfriend. I told her no. She kept asking until I said yes, so to humor her I said maybe one day.

Now. She is pretty drunk. I just told her about the person who I have a crush on. Who can tell me what she’s gonna do next?


Yes you sir in the back!

“messages him on twitter?”


Now obviously I’m not mad about it. One because he will probably never see it, and two I apologized for my friend  on the tweet saying that she stole my phone (which she did) and she was drunk. But I think we laughed about it for over 30 minuets before we both kinda passed out.

 Secretly I hope he sees it and messages me, but in  reality he probably gets like 30 messages a day. Possibly even more depending on his follower count. If anything he will see it and think “Why the fuck is there a weird creepy girl con- oh. That makes sense.” 

So my 2017 started off with my best friend embarrassing the shit out of me. But hey, that’s what they’re there for. I hope you all had a fantastic night where ever you were and just remember, you’re still here, you made it farther than the ones who passed away. You’re doing great. Happy 2017 everyone!

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Thank you for making my 2016 memorable...

The year is ending (and thank goodness, can you believe everything we’ve been through?) 2016 was truly a roller coaster and this year has been especially tough, fandom-wise, personal life-wise, school-wise and basically every other aspect, but we still made it!!!! (somehow???) So I wanted to take the time to thank a bunch of people who helped me remember that were some good things this crazy year. (So hold on, cos this is going to be long.)

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So, I start school tomorrow and…I’m not ready emotionally or mentally. I also don’t know if my camera will work for this class and my mom can’t find the manual. Prayers would be appreciated, thanks…

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are you telling me you have an original novel in the works?? i would buy the SHIT out of that, just sayin'.

i’ve had my original novel in the works for 7 years now! somehow i’ve managed to write basically nothing of it, but it’s something yep :^) it’s called “paraffin suns (and propane nights)” and it’s a story about queer cyberpunks and about soulmates.

the main story is about a girl called grace who is disenfranchised with the concept of soulmates which her society relies so heavily on, and about how she becomes involved with a number of people whom the soulmate system has affected adversely (her best friend, hard-done-by waiting for his soulmate, thomas | the man who would’ve been her soulmate, tae-ko | his renegade sister, su-ki | su-ki’s non-soulmate girlfriend, and a mechanic, steph | the prostitute, bree | and the leader of an underground cyber resistance group, hero). my main cast are very close to my heart and i want to share them with people !!!!!

i have a sparse tag for it on my blog: paraffin suns (as well as an inspo tag) if you’re so interested :^)

edit// i was kindly reminded that i also have a vast number of pinterest boards for my novel! for the general novel, paraffin suns. for the individual characters: grace, hero, thomas, tae-ko, su-ki, steph, bree, rosie 

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Back To Basics Pt. 15

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long. 
Chapters 1[x] 2[x] 3[x] 4[x] 5[x] 6[x] 7[x] 8[x] 9[x] 10[x] 11[x] 12[x] 13[x] 15[x]

A/N: This is kind of a short one. I really wanted to dedicate a whole chapter to just this conversation between them. The next chapter(s) will close things up.

Chapter 15 - “Better than you know yourself.”

His eyes pleaded with her to let him in. Not just in her room, but back into her heart. She studied his face through the thick glass window. He looked disheveled and distraught. His clothes were soaked. It wasn’t until she looked past him that she noticed the rain pouring down outside.

She leans over and unlocks the hatch, sliding open the window that he could barely fit through. They stand before each other, as he climbs inside dripping wet.  Everything was silent. All she could hear was the rain outside her window and the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. When he finally spoke, his words filled the air and left a bittersweet taste on her tongue.

“I’m in love with you.” He says calmly, looking into her eyes.

“No, you’re not.”

How could he love her? When you love someone you don’t give up on them. You fight. And he didn’t.

Although the same could be said for her. She just accepted it. He gave up on them but she walked away. They were both guilty of not trying hard enough. It was something she struggled with for months this past summer. She kept thinking to herself ‘if only I asked him not to go’ or ‘if only I told him we could make it work no matter what.’ In the end all she was left with was a bunch of ‘if only’s and a broken heart.

But this right here hurt more than anything. Hearing him say those words stung worse than when he left. She felt like the world was playing a cruel joke on her.

“Yes I am.” He insists, taking a step closer.

“You weren’t in love with me in March why should I believe you’re in love with me now, 6 months later?”

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Life goes on

Hey everyone, so I have been meaning to write more and  I actually thought of an Agatha and Simon thing (friend thing!!!) 

I know Agatha is not generally the most popular of characters in Carry On, like some things she did were not the best, but she has a line in it that is “Maybe I don’t have that kind of love in me- maybe I am defective” and it broke my heart immediately because I have felt that a lot myself. So this is basically a fic in which Agatha has had time away and is now calling Simon to come out to him as asexual and they are both happy because I need them to be. Alright? Alright. Anyways I hope you like this!

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author update

*still rewriting.
*changed title and summary
*all chapters will stay up until i am done rewriting

New title: Chase The Sun Back To The West Coast

New Summary:  Tobin’s life gets wrecked by her girlfriend and poor coping skills. She makes the decision to follow her best friend Kelley back to California and leave all her disappointment back in the east coast to hopefully get her life back on track. She soon gets help from a girl that is unfortunately off limits to her. She doesn’t want to wreck another person’s life but she struggles to keep things platonic with the beautiful west coast girl.

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How the heck did you find friends on this website nobody pays me any attention here

honestly i just replied to people’s posts and stuff, that’s how i met and started talking to all of my online friends basically. i mean my best online friend audrey and i started talking randomly about star wars and the sith jar jar binks theory and now she’s one of my closest friends ever. so i know it’s ~easier said than done~ but really it’s just as simple as talking to people and commenting on their stuff and eventually friendships will happen!

Knitting rant

So a friend of a friend of a friend (basically I don’t really know this person) saw me working on my afghan and asked if I would make one for her. She even offered to pay for it. I told her sure because this was the first time someone wanted to buy my crafts. I usually give them as gifts to close friends and family members.

I’m more of a beginner knitter so I often get confused with my gauge and measuring but I did the best I could with estimating everything while she was there.

Now after I asked her how big she wanted to afghan, what kind of yarn she would like in what color and if she wanted it thicker or thinner yarn, I calculated the price of how much I would have to charge her.

Basically she wanted a big afghan, which I really had no idea what that meant and just gave her some sizes. In the end she decided a 5 x 5′ afghan. She wanted a simple seed stitch with garter stitch border all in the Red Heart comfort chunky yarn Claret (like a dark red).

I told her I would need about 7 balls of yarn (I like to buy extra just in case. The yarns are pretty big on the comfort chunky. About 448yds for each ball) and I wouldn’t charge her for any balls of yarn I didn’t use even the ones I use but not all of it. I also gauged the stitch to be 4 ½ stitches per inch.

Comfort chunky is $9.99 so 7 of those would be $69.93 (not counting shipping). I checked around to see how much you should charge. There were a lot of different answers and prices. I really had no idea what to go by so I just came up with a figure that sounded reasonable to me. Since she was someone I didn’t know but has connections with my friends, I decided not to charge too much. When I told her how much I thought the afghan might cost, she freaked and said it was too much. I don’t know if $125 was too much but she seemed to think so. She said that she would pay $50 for the afghan.

I wasn’t even breaking even with the yarn I had to purchase. Plus the time I would take to actually knit this for her would be a lot. I tend to knit for at least 5 hours. This project would be taking up all my time when I wasn’t studying for my classes. I felt that she didn’t think knitting was all that hard or time consuming because she wouldn’t budge on the price even when I asked for $80 (at least to pay off the yarn I would have to buy).

Needless to say I told her I couldn’t do the afghan for her. She seemed kind of pissed but I rather knit things for my family than for some person who doesn’t even try to meet me in the middle.

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I'm just now getting into hamilton and I know I'm very late but Chris Jackson. I get it. What a dad.

dad or daddy? both?? we may never know. but since you’re new I’ll tell you my favorite story: i took one of my best friends to see the show in March. Unfortunately, his understudy was on for the matinee and we were kind of bummed, but my friend basically used that entire trip to make fun of me for adoring him so much. Anyway she tried to play it cool until we stopped by the stage door after their evening show, and he came out and let me just say she showed her true colors when she met him. She was charmed af. Another day on the same trip, we tried our luck in the cancellation line and it was a miserable failure. My friend made some comment about how she’d “never get to see dad” and my other friend goes, “it wouldn’t be a show of dads if you didn’t leave feeling neglected.” And I honestly want that carved into my tombstone. 

Anyway, the “dad” thing started as an inside joke during an extremely sleep-deprived trip and now my friend and I don’t even say Chris Jackson when we’re together or texting. It’s, “oh did you see who’s playing dad’s role in the U.S. tour” and “look at dad’s tweet.” It’s a whole thing. I don’t regret it. 


Why is Ophelia is the cutest thing ever?

Also i don’t write postes much -meaning ever- but i wanted to write this. So sweet and vicious is the most precious thing in my life right now. It has been an obsession of mine since the first  episode. It’s not just an amazing, has-a-lot-of-kick-ass-females-who-are-totally-in-love-and-partners-in-crime-like-every-fan-fiction-ever kinda show but it also touches a really important subject. It tells the story of a girl who got raped by her best friend’s boyfriend and she tries to deal with this by basically kicking every rapist’s ass ever. It’s really beautifully written and acted. This is a really important subject to me just beause… So Jules -the lead- is a very smol but a ninja girl and her girlfri- her ‘’friend’’ Ophelia is the cutest bisexual weed dealer there ever is. To me she is basically a combination of Effy(Skins) April(Parks and Recreation) Max(2 Broke Girls) Eleanor(The Rolays) and -don’t judge me- Jade(Victorious) which are my five favorite characters ever. You know those broken inside and tries to hide it with sarcasm types. And they just kick ass every episode. Like isn’t that enough to start.
Every episode you go from ‘you go girl kick some ass’ to ‘my little precious baby’. I Don’t think a tumblr post is enough to express my feelings for this show and how important is think it is but it really is. You know how there are show you can’t explain why but they are so special to you well this isn’t one of them cause i can explain it it’s because it’s a really important show about rape and it show’s you the ugly truth that sometimes the law isn’t enough to put those monsters away and you have to take the matter into your own hands. I think one of the reaons this show is so important to me and should be for everybody is because murder and theft and cries like that are unacceptable and should be punished and nobody has the right to do that but sometimes it’s understandable. I’m not justifying anything crime is crime but to me rape isn’t a crime it’s an unhuman act that noone ever in the entire universe can ever have the right to do so. It’s disgusting in every way. And what is taken from that person is something that can never be given back. Go put your dick in a water bottle i couldn’t give less shit but for your two minute pleasure you take away someone’s life in the worst way possible they hate themselves even kill themselves because of you. The punishment for it can’t be prison it has to be rape and castration and every torture ever and then death. It only seems fair. Sorry i’m such a mess it’s just am very fragile subject to me. Back to the show. There is four episodes left is this season and if any show deserves a seaon two is this. So like go watch it you know. Peace out.

hey everyone, tis is i, averi here to play kitty greene, my werepire hybrid bby who is played by sweet angel annasophia robb

this is my darling little angel who was labeled an outcast by her conservative southern small town and foster (human) family and later exiled after her best friend (vampy) bit her. she now lives with her aunt and is trying to finish high school, completely ignoring the supernatural part of her and outright refuses to tell anyone/even remotely admit what she is 

basically she’s my ditzy little bby who is always hurting and wants to b loved okay so let us plot