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It was at this moment when I first read this comic that I realized the potential of Kory’s character

[Teen Titans (2003) #13]

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Hi, im really nervous to request this, as im currently catching up on the manga and ive fallen for Eri, she's so cute and hella strong! I was wondering how aizawa and fatgum would react to going to visit Eri in the hospital only to find she's already being visited by another patient, who Eri considers her "elder sibling" as they were also held captive with her and saved by the police after Eri was saved by the heroes, and they're in the middle of a tearful reunion? Maybe they'll be a future s/o?

ahh this is so late i’m sorry! this request was super cute though, i love eri so much i can’t wait to see more of her!! also i’ve never written for fatgum! he’s cute c:

Aizawa Shouta

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  • It had honestly become a norm for Aizawa to see someone else with Eri when he came to visit; Mirio and Midoriya were the main two, but often Amajiki or Fatgum would be there talking to the girl before him. So, it came as a bit of a surprise to see someone new.
  • Eri was wrapped up in your bandaged arms, shaky fingers running through her hair while she cried. He could hardly see your own tears, your face half-buried in the little girls locks. He knew he shouldn’t interrupt, so he quietly turned back around, and sat down in the hall.
  • He must’ve fallen asleep in the meantime, as he was awoken by a gentle hand against his shoulder. You looked a bit startled when he glanced up at you suddenly; apologizing and explaining that he looked a bit uncomfortable.
  • Despite your tear-swollen eyes, he was able to actually get a good look at you then; identifying you as the other girl who had been held captive by Chisaki. He had heard about you, but didn’t have much of a major role in your rescue– a bit surprised to see how much older you were than Eri.

“S-since you’re awake now,” Rocking back on your heels and gently picking at the wraps around your fingers, you glanced away from Aizawa’s gaze– seemingly uncomfortable with eye contact, or maybe just the situation in general. He was sure your trauma made your ability to trust others skewed.

“I just wanted to thank you for agreeing to take care of Eri-chan…I would’ve stepped up, considering my role as her big sister but…” You smiled a bit, one that quickly dissipated when you glanced back up at him. “I need some…time, before I can even think of caring for her.”

He only nodded, which seemed enough of an answer for you. Standing up slowly, you glanced at him one more time before walking away. He watched you go, a normal curiosity building inside of him all the while. Aizawa decided, as he stood up and turned to Eri’s door, that if he were to take care of this little girl, he’d need to get to know you more as well.

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Hi! Can I ask NSFW headcanons for my lovely Mikasa?

I will certainly try, anon! Here goes nothin’…

  • Mikasa may be cold in the streets, but she’s a freak in the sheets.
  • Seriously. The only hint her s/o has at knowing she’s completely ready to ravish them is a simple look. She doesn’t tend to make her feelings–or arousal–known until they are alone.
  • All bets are off then, though–Mikasa is hardly gentle when she wants her s/o, so you can safely assume there is lots of grabbing and sloppy kissing.
  • Mikasa is hella strong, too, so she often uses that to her advantage and lifts her s/o up to press them against the wall, enjoying the way their legs wrap around her and their hips grind into hers.
  • She obviously prefers to be dominant because she loves being the one to make her s/o writhe and scream, but that doesn’t mean she’s opposed to letting her s/o ravage her, too.
  • She’s not a loud person–mostly quiet noises and groans, though she definitely likes to let her s/o know they’re doing a good job by running her fingers through their hair or lifting her hips against their mouth.
  • Sex ends with lots of love bites and bruises, but neither party cares too much. They’re also both exhausted from expelling so much energy, so it’s safe to say they’re pretty much always falling asleep afterward, her s/o’s head on her chest and her arms wrapped protectively around them.

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If Izuku was a girl in the sidekick/Villian au would Shoto be more protective of her? Or would he just be like “nah”. What would change about their relationship and how it developed?

Hello anon!!

Yup for sure he would be. But still, Deku no matter girl or boy would be hella strong so more like Todoroki knows she doesn’t need protection but he can’t help himself sometimes 😂

In terms of relationship from Deku would probably be way more shy haha

ingrid michaelson songs make me think of these two ( ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ popped up for this drawing)

i honestly didn’t ship these two like…at all, and for the longest time, but gabzilla-z & matchaball have swayed me 

I’m kInd of curious as to what Setsuna’s quirk is? I mean, Neito singled her out as someone Bakugou should look out for, so I’m guessing it’s probably heat or skin related (She’s got a lot of lizard/reptile references too), something that can either hold out against Bakugou’s explosions or render them useless. And she’s a recommendation student too, so it’s probably pretty strong or she’s hella versatile/creative with its use. Either way, I’m excited!