shes a girl its cool to let her express her femininity

My opinion on the signs, ranked from who I get along with the best to not at all

1. Taurus - Simply the best, hands down. Head and shoulders above everyone else. Determination, extreme focus and goal attainment are all part of this sign’s personality. Once a Taurus sets his/her mind to doing something, there is nothing in the universe that can stop them. They will pursue their identified goal until it is reached – even if this comes at great personal sacrifice (health, relationships, etc). They’re determined, stable, they prefer simplicity, and they’re goal driven They have a thing for beauty. Creative and talented. They don’t complain and they’re not precious or delicate. The women generally are good with finances, independent, intelligent, and have an undeniable but reserved earthy femininity and sensuality. Definitely much more a fan of the males than the females, though. The men are my kryptonite. My thirst is real for Taurus men. The men are very protective of me and strong. Generally don’t like to start or have arguments. Equanimous. Sexy as hell. Tough, hard-hearted, extremely helpful, forgiving. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t fuck with them. EVER. Protect at all costs. Logical. Stable. Steady as a rock…there’s just something about them that makes me feel safe and secure. No bullshit with them. Taurus guys are earthy, lusty, manly, sensual, affectionate, and ooze sexuality. They’re also charming, magnetic, independent, genuine, great listeners, sexy, charismatic. Taurus men tend to be gentle and tolerant of others, with a strong sense of honour and integrity. They’re honest, communicative (but not annoyingly so), expressive both verbally and physically. The men are emotionally and mentally stable and smart. They’re possessive but not jealous. They are also rather dominant but mostly in the bedroom. Taurus men are the epitome of what I find truly sexy in a man. They’re practical and have an above average level of common sense. They’re about action, not words, and I love that about them. You could throw anything at them and they’ll handle it with strength, intellect, and class. They’re kind-hearted, generous to those they care about, and extremely focused. They love deeply and completely and are highly successful in business and financial ventures. My best friend, a couple of my very very close friends as well as my father happen to be Taureans. They really make me feel special, so seriously thanks to all the Taurus men for being who they are. Lovely, lovely guys. My favourite earth sign.

2. Aquarius - Cool, detached, aloof, and cerebral, just like me. The geniuses of the zodiac, by far. Visionaries. Impartial and original. Objective. Independent and individualistic. At peace with themselves. Weird. Frequently labeled “cold”, although I love it. Their adaptability and humanitarianism is admirable. They take all sorts of people as they are and I love this about them. Curious. Charismatic. God-complex. Unconventional. Loyal people. Open-minded. Rational. Not precious or delicate. Leaders. Some of the kindest people I know. Its not a smothering kind that freaks one out,its a pure, no silly intention type of kindness that is so soft, but still leaves a mark. And to me, they’re easy to understand - they care, but they also want their own separate lives. It’s lovely. There’s an Aqua girl I used to work with; she’s a really smart girl and everything that comes out of her mouth is interesting and hilarious. Although I liked her, it was usually from a distance because I could never tell if she really liked me as a potential friend. Yet there were times when I was the indirect target (by a Leo) in our meetings, and the Aqua always came by and subtly let me know in various ways that she cared. It was weird, but it was like she never wanted me to feel alone or bad, and I always appreciated that. It’s like we can’t say more than a few words to one another without quickly going back into our “own” space, and I’m thinking that’s maybe because we possibly felt our individuality would be threatened in some way if we got too close, and also maybe we retreated because we both were/are sensitive to the other, but we supported each other on a deeper and more emotional level. It’s hard to explain, but yeah, that’s been my experience. My older brother, whom I love more than anything, is one. More than a few of my favourite associates are Aquarians. What’s not to like? Hands down my favourite air sign.

3. Capricorn - They’re the hardest workers, they have high standards, and they’re pretty engaging; extremely intelligent and have an interesting way of drawing you in. Regal. Never loses their cool unless there’s a valid reason. Witty. I’m totally in love with their ambition. Have been labelled as “mean” or “loners”, but I have a general respect for them, even if I don’t like some of them. Quiet leaders. Untrusting like me. Also equanimous. Patient and calm. They’re bosses. Thinks in advance. Not to be fucked with. Doesn’t let get things get under their skin, very classy and tough like that. Sensible. Pragmatic and practical, but also can be a bit fanciful. The females are very feminine and have great taste in clothing. The men are in control and more often than not, CEOs. The men also make me feel so protected. Two very good friends are Caps. The Cap girls I know are really selective over their friends; they won’t talk to everyone for the sake of it…if they don’t like you or find you interesting then they probably won’t say a word to you or look at you. But they’re all funny, classy, and grounded and I love that. They possess winner’s minds; look at the late David Bowie: classic example of why Capricorns are the shit.

4. Sagittarius - You’re assholes, but you’re my kind of assholes; you’re blunt, you don’t sugar-coat the truth and you people are just brilliant. Absolutely hilarious. Funniest sign in the zodiac. Love having fun with them because their confidence is infectious and inspiring. Not gonna kiss your ass. Brutal. Insensitive. Sometimes downright inhumane. Sociable. Go-getters. They’re about their freedom and their power. It’s onward and upward with these folks and I respect that. Tends not to hold grudges (something I need to work on). They use their asshole-ism for good and for things that make sense (instead of evil and general bullshit like Scorpios do). Will speak their mind even (and especially) if it hurts your feelings. I love it. A couple of very good acquaintances are Sags. The only fire sign that I can stand.

5. Libra - Also protect at all costs. Love, love, love. Complete cinnamon rolls and are diplomatic, charming and fair. Tendency to be lookers. Great friends. Terrible flirts. Intellectual savages. Great personalities. Fun. Love getting guys with these ladies. When we choose to go out, we shut it down in a club and all eyes are on us. Also love how peaceful and easygoing they can be. Warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul. They tend to be a doormat at times, tend to enjoy being volatile shit-starters on occasion (especially the females), and tend to be liars as well. Usually have good intentions. Indecisive, just like Pisces, but unlike Pisces, their indecisiveness is in a charming, yet slightly maddening way. More often than not, a pleasure to deal with. Another close friend and a few dear acquaintances are Libras. My kind of folks.

6. Gemini - Paraphrasing from Joni Mitchell’s song “Help Me”: “[They] love their lovin’/ But not like they love their freedom”…engaging and usually intelligent conversationalists. An ex-roommate is one. Charming, if not a bit fake, flighty, and two-faced. On the other hand, Stevie Nicks. Marilyn. Fetty Wap. I like that they keep things light and hate dealing with too much emotion, although their “lightness” tends to border on the superficial and shallow. Adventurous. Craves variety. Batshit crazy. Liars. Fucked up when drunk. The children of the zodiac, by far. I mean, bipolar creatures; their mood swings make them excellent case studies. Totally schizophrenic, they specialize in mind games and are the best players, hands down. Flaky. Thirsty as hell. Desperate for attention. These people have issues. Sociable and tend to be very popular for whatever reason. No slouches for sure, they’re definitely entertaining if nothing else.

7. Leo - They remind me of the famous line that Jareth said to Sarah in Labyrinth: “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” LOL. Overrated. Unconscionably selfish. Some of them are cool, but for the most part, I’m not impressed. A cousin that I used to be close with is one, we don’t really talk as much anymore, since I’ve outgrown her due, in part, to her tendency to be a bit jejune and silly as well as a drama queen. On the other hand, J. Lo. Jackie O. Kate Bush. They’re sexy, stylish and entertaining, but they’re just short-term/one-night stand material to me; they’re quite pretentious, have delusions of grandeur, and a bit sensitive for me (can’t take criticism, too dramatic, etc.) and as such, there’s nothing of real substance there with them. Tend to be liars. Animated and melodramatic (there’s a reason why most of the best actors are Leos)…they’re overgrown babies in the sense that they have a pathological need to have their asses kissed, they’re bossy, temperamental, and have a tendency to be arrogant and disrespectful (but don’t be this way to them, though, lmaooo). Very childish. Have a tendency to be something they’re not and truly believe that they’re more than what they actually are or ever will be, which is slightly amusing.

8. Scorpio - Ah, the sociopaths of the zodiac. I guess this would be my favourite water sign, if that’s possible. Not a fan of water signs in general, tbh…but out of all of them, you people are the only ones I can somewhat stand, for some strange reason. Probably because my mum is one, with whom I have a love-hate relationship (the only complicated relationship that I’m willing to have ever), as well as an ex-boyfriend. I’m a lot like them in the sense that there’s no room for ambiguity, either people hate you or they love you; regardless, you are who you are and that’s the way it is. As well as the fact that everything’s a state secret with them. However, if one wants brutal honesty, then like the good old Sags, these people are good for that, if nothing else. Opportunistic. Impossibly sexy. Bad to the bone. I’m a sucker for these men; most of the men I’ve “known”, whether we were in a relationship or not (including my current one) are Scorpios. Where we part ways: they (mainly the females, who are just unnecessary cunts, for the most part) are jealous, obsessive, love to be as negative as possible, have a crab-in-the-barrel mentality, and tend to be miserable and like making everyone else miserable as well. Tends to like having their asses kissed. Like all water signs, to me, life’s too short to really deal with them.

9. Cancer - Again, not a fan of water signs and Cancers are some of the reason why. A bit too moody, sensitive, temperamental, and clingy for my taste. Passive-aggressive. Possessive and needy. The females seem to be quite jealous of other females for some odd reason. The men tend to be kinda wishy-washy childish mama’s boys. Protective of those they love and care about, which is nice. Homebodies. Home. Like all water signs, they tend to think they’re billy badasses more than they are and their insecurity drives them to bully folks just to feel good about themselves, which is quite pathetic. These guys are crazy, but they have great music taste, good with money, and are kind of manipulative…the ones born in July tend to be temperamental as fuck. I’ve not gotten along with one ever (which is curious, since I am one), my associate’s boyfriend is one, and he’s a bitch; I have an older half-sister who’s one. To put it succinctly, we no longer speak. But, on the other hand, you guys tend to fly under the radar a bit, so I guess a scant few of them all are actually alright.

10. Virgo - Don’t really get the big deal about these people. I respect their propensity to be analytical, attention to detail and hard working natures, but other than that, you guys are completely irritating; a couple of colleagues are Virgos. They tend to be more sensitive than they like to let on (hence their moodiness), when jealous or self-conscious, they tend to act childish by getting angry and saying things they don’t mean. High maintenance. Self-serving. Also quite opportunistic. Martyr complex. Loves intellectual hair-splitting. Too much insecurity and bullshitting around with you all. Prides themselves on being harshly critical of everything and everyone, but if you tell them about their bullshit then they want to play victim and can’t handle it. People who can’t take their own medicine I don’t respect. Fussy and persnickety as hell; nitpicks everything and are often impossible to please and cowardly. They think the world should stop for them. Liars. Sneaky and shady as fuck. Doesn’t breathe unless it’s planned out thoroughly in advance. Tries too hard to be perfect and omnipotent. I’m sure OCD runs rampant in this sign as well. Control freaks, just like Scorpio. They will self-obsess over their imperfections (and are very quick to point out others’) and think they’re right all the time. Especially applies to those born in September.

11. Pisces -  Again, I truly don’t get the big deal about these people either. At all. Emotionally exhausting. Victim complex. Very artistic and musical, however. Creative. An ex-roommate and former friend are this sign. The main reason why water signs repel me. Evil as hell because they’re disasters who always project their own insecurities onto everyone. Like all water signs, they start drama and then expect you to feel sorry for them. Manipulative. They never take responsibility for their actions, and hide behind gullible people. Spineless. Feels the need to test people (like Scorpios and Aries) and be quarrelsome, then loves to turn around and play the victim (which they do exceptionally well), which is completely pathetic. Indecisive. Indirect. Adores getting offended, just like Virgos. Very passive-aggressive. Easily led. Disingenuous. Emotions/moodiness > logic. They live in a dream world, thinking everything revolves around them. They just annoy the crap out of me. Too co-dependent and (possibly due to low self-esteem) likes to suck the strength from others to validate themselves because they have none of their own. Tend to be harsh in order to overcompensate for how hypersensitive they actually are, which is exasperating. Tends to overreact and are way too emotional, reactive, and sensitive for me to deal with. February Pisceans = barely tolerable (I love you Rihanna); March Pisceans= pieces of shit.

12. Aries - Stay in your lane perhaps? Get some therapy maybe? These people see everything as a fight or an issue, and they need to chill. A boss and a couple of co-workers are this sign. Lack of foresight. Also reactive, loves confrontations just for the sake of having confrontations. Lives for being combative. Very ram-like. Fighters. Malcontents just like Scorpios and Virgos. One of the most ignorant signs.They tend to be outgoing and extroverted generally. I associate them with the colour orange or fluorescent yellow or some other grating colour. Very fast. Very bold. Courageous. Ultra-competitive. Energetic. Dynamic. Loud. Not one to mess with. Always has the need to be right. Downright rude and childish. When volatility, rage and anger is your default emotion (Leo, ARIES, SCORPIO), I dismiss it and completely have no respect for it, since that’s the way you are, so what’s to take personally, really; I have extreme distaste for grown-ass people that insist on acting their shoe size. Quit being so fucking aggressive and pushy all the time. It’s obnoxious.

Hotel California (1/2)

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Title : Hotel California

Pairing : Mark x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Summary : Mark is a night-shifts receptionist in his own hotel and it sucks, until one of his client turns up to be a pretty, annoying girl.


It was pure agony. The mere idea of pulling an all-nighter for the sole purpose of work was agonising. Even the old coppered clock’s hand was limping, showing the wrong hour and the time was almost passing in slow motion.

Mark groaned when the opening credits of Frasier made its way on the small and very old television set.

“Excuse me…?” He heard a voice and checked the black and white monitor, spotting a middle-aged man in a tuxedo, tapping the counter. He got up, the desk chair wincing and took a small key from the numerous ones hung up the wall.

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Thoughts on He Like That mv

This is what I’m talking about. You can do a non-concept video and still make it not boring.

Down, while it was cute and had stunning color palette, was pretty much a downer because it was boring and empty.

Angel, infinitely better than Down, and with cool visuals and experimental vibe, still failed to excite me. Because it was just beauty shots from start to finish.

Finally, with He Like That, despite it being another PWP (Plot, What Plot?) mv, I totally loved it, and, no, it’s not because the video was sizzling sexy (although I’m not against it lol)… Now let me tell you why.

• there are other people, which fills up the shot, which automatically tricks our minds to believe that it’s not boring. The more stuff there is in a frame, the more our eyes would be stimulated and excite our visual senses. It’s not just them anymore, our eyes aren’t focused on one thing anymore. Which should be a good thing for 3-4 minute music videos without a story.

• cool backdrops and set design.

• most importantly, they’re finally playing off on each girl’s strengths. This video is highly individualized as much as it is a group thing, because they gave each girl their own screen time, and they did choreo according to each girl’s capabilities! 🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Norminah (my favorite part of the video) had the most complex dance choreo because they’re the strongest dancers in the group. they both had routines together and solo, and they absolutely carried the mv. They slayed it 💯👌🏼.

Lauren, (I had seizure just looking at her, I swear) is, as always, Lauren. She’s there to massacre heterosexuality. And she did it using her incredibly toned abs and thighs, and the most amazing emerald eyes in the world. 😂 she slayed too lol.

And thank god they did Ally justice! The simplicity of her choreo, plus the use of wide shots and close ups of the camera was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼. They used wide shots when she’s doing her routine, and alternated it with slo-mo and close-ups to mask the fact that she’s not really doing anything complicated like Norminah, but they made it look like she is slaying. It worked really well.

In conclusion, this video is a 10/10 for me, not because it’s a “super awesome great revolutionary mv”, but simply because it hit all the right spots and it served its purpose. It’s a good visual mv. It’s not boring because they were actually doing something this time, and it’s not predictable because they’re just not standing there smiling or kicking the sand. There’s interaction and there’s movement.

Of course, in their next single, I wanna see a different video. Something with a story and more heart. But for HLT, I think this video is perfect for the lyrics and sound.

And I think we’ll get that one day. Hopefully for DSYLM or Bridges or Messy. I would love for Lonely Night to be a single as well.

SIDE NOTE (this is only for the haters, who I see dropping comments everywhere how much 5H is trash): I don’t want to see shit about 5h being sluts and all that stupidity okay? If you don’t like the video or what they’re doing, move the fuck on and Stan other wholesome artists. Don’t go to my ASKS or comment in here slutshaming them or telling me you don’t like it. It’s okay if you didn’t like the video and the song, because that’s just a matter of preference. That’s totally okay, we all have different tastes, and I would be happy to talk about music with you. I didn’t like the chorus before, but now I do.

BUT, if you come in here and say you didn’t like it simply because the girls are “sluts”? Get the fuck outta here because I don’t need people dragging girls simply because they’re comfortable in their own skin and are confident with their sexuality. Beyoncé and Rihanna did it, the girls have every right to be as sensual and sexual all they want, as well.

I can understand if your values are against women being sexual, I really do, especially if you grew up in a sheltered upbringing (I did too. A religious and a conservative society), but please try to expand your understanding that just because you don’t approve of it makes 5h sluts in a bad way. We can discuss more about feminism in this patriarchal society. But if you’re here to hate for the sake of hating, if you’re here calling 5h sluts because you think it validates your own idols, if you’re here slutshaming 5h simply because you can’t find any other insults to hurl at them, then girl bye. Don’t invalidate a woman’s choice to flaunt their sexuality just because other women/artists don’t. To each her own. We all have different choices and ways to live. Stop being a hater.

It’s 2017. It’s high time we all stop acting like women can’t celebrate her own skin and femininity. Any woman could be as sexual as they want as long as they own it, as long as they have control over it. Don’t be a part of a backward movement that suppresses female expression, for the most hypocritical reasons.

If you don’t like this era, or if your “moral sensitivities” get offended by this new 5h, please just stan someone else. There are hundreds of artists out there, go spend your energies some place else instead of spreading hate and negativity in this fandom.

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The Winter Soldiers - Part Five

Summery: In 1993 Hydra put you under Cyro freeze and after twenty four years sleeping, your past companion Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier finds you and brings you out into the real world but the both of you struggle with your past as Hydra’s Winter Soldiers.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,792

Warnings: just a little fighting (sparring), slight swear word

A/N: Sorry its not a lot which is weird because its a weekend but I’ve actually been studying (which is new). I’ve got a hectic week coming up but I will post as much as possible. For now here’s part five, happy readings!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

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*gif creds to owner*

Tony walked into the room with your new uniform.   

“Nothing special it’ll just feel better when you’re fighting,” he said.  

You look at the outfit in his hand. He was carrying a grey long sleeve with a burgundy star on the right shoulder matching the star Bucky had on his metal arm. The shirt was tight and dipped too low for your liking but you took it anyways.   

Next came the tight pants that were burgundy to match the star on your arm. They looked uncomfortable but Tony promised you that your uniform would be comfortable so you took them as well without complaint.   

He also handed you a black belt with gun and knife holders. At least this accessory was legit. But then he pulled out a pair of black high heeled boots that ended just under the knee. The heels where decently high and adding them to the outfit made you feel slutty.  

“No,” you deadpanned to Tony looking him straight in the eyes to let him know you were not joking.  

“Humor me Newbie,” Tony said rolling his eyes.  

You took the boots huffing and went into the bathroom to change. After changing you pulled your hair up in a ponytail to tie the look together before you stepped out.  

“You look great, how do you feel?”  

“Surprising good,” you said slowly.  

“Told you, this is your new uniform. Enjoy Soldier.” You swore Tony said something else but you were too busy looking at your reflection in the glass.  

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This is my contribution for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash writing challenge. I chose the Mirror, Mirror prompt and I’ve written it in first person narrative. It’s super late due to moving and my boyfriend proposing, but here it is! I loved writing it. The question is, should I continue this or leave it as a one-shot? @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash & @negans-network 

Summary: O/C accepts Negan’s marriage proposal but is jealous and possessive. When Amber makes a comment, it almost sends her over the edge but Negan falls with her. 

Word Count: 2,613 words

Warnings: jealousy, insecurity, fluff, teasing


I see the champagne flutes come together in unison, but the distinct clinking of glass and the laughter that follows is drowned out by the sound of my blood thumping between my ears. And before I can stop myself, I see my hand reaching out, latching onto the first thing I see – the back of a chair, as I try desperately to steady myself.

Funny how a few words could leave me feeling like all the energy had been zapped out of my body, as if I had run a marathon but was left panting miles before the finish line in defeat.

Why am I like this? Why do I always do this to myself?

My other hand grips the flute, filled to the rim – compliments of Tanya, yet I can’t bring myself to take a sip despite the voice inside me begging for courage, pleading for everything to go numb. Instead I stare into one of the many vanity mirrors lining the wall of the dressing room, looking at the reflection of someone who resembled me. The tanned skin, the ash brown hair, the bright hazel eyes, all just as I remembered, but there was a lack, a loss – something that wasn’t quite there anymore, something that not even a bit of blush or freshly painted lips could make up for.

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Digimon 30 Challenge #18

18: A moment that made you happy

The Epilogue.

Yes, I said it. The Digimon Adventure 02 Epilogue made me happy.

I know everyone hates it and wants to watch it burn. I know some of the characters’ future jobs were completely dumb. I know it adds nothing to the actual story. I know it’s gimmicky and tacky and forced.

But as an 10-year-old, the Epilogue left me really happy. Nowadays, I’m more cynical about it … but I still find lots of positive things in it.

I’m not saying the Epilogue is perfect. But I like the concept behind it, and I like most things about its execution. I’m willing to defend it. And considering tri. is coming up (and the only thing we’ve been told about its plot concerns the Epilogue), I think looking at the Epilogue in a fair, open-minded way is more important than ever.

So here’s my thoughts on the infamous final scene of Digimon Adventure 02.

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Chapter 116: The Young Master Is Insane

Note: Another gloomy day out here in the eastern region of the states, and in all honesty, I am thoroughly enjoying it. The cool breeze is quite lovely this night as I sit here watching forensic files, contemplating on whether or not they will ever upload any new episodes online. Oh the pain of waiting.

                                            o͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡╮(^ ਊ ^)╭o͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡

As always, please do remember, I am but an amateur translator/editor. Ignore any grammars and/or any errors. Message me with any questions/comments. XD I hope everyone will enjoy reading this chapter and patiently wait for the next one. ✺◟(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)◞✺


                      Chapter 116: The Young Master Is Insane 


Silence took over for quite some time before the person asked, “Bai Luo Yin?”

An elegant feminine voice, with proper Chinese pronunciation, eloquent enunciation and an extremely graceful tone, spoke. One can imagine what a beauty the person was if based solely on the sound of her voice. Gu Hai’s little heart would have palpitated if this voice was looking for him, but it was seeking out Bai Luo Yin. That, in itself, is another story.  

“Who are you?” asked Gu Hai.

“Sorry, I’m looking for Bai Luo Yin. Can I trouble you to give the phone to him, please?” said the person very courteously.

Gu Hai countered with, “If you don’t say who you are I won’t give the phone to him.”

There was a silent pause, as if in contemplation: “I’m his girlfriend.”

Gu Hai coldly laughed. He was peculiarly aggressive as he placed the cellphone’s receiver in front of his face and said: “You’re his girlfriend, then, I’m his boyfriend!”

He immediately hung up after he finished.

Stupid, senseless, delusional…initially, this was what Gu Hai had thought, but afterwards, he felt wronged instead. The person had addressed Bai Luo Yin by his whole name*, which meant that, the person did not mistakenly dial the wrong number. She was personally calling for Bai Luo Yin.  

[*直呼其名: in China, to address sb by name without using honorific, indicate familiarity or over familiarity]

He has to ask about this.

Bai Luo Yin was rummaging through the drawer when he suddenly turned over a watch. Although, it had been in the drawer and covered up by other things for a long while, the surface of the watch still appeared new and shiny. The character, “Hui” was written on the bottom shell. Needless to say, Shi Hui also has one, with the character, “Yin” on it.  It was a custom made lover’s watch. Don’t even mention the price.

Bai Luo Yin was completely unaware of Gu Hai standing behind him.

Suddenly, the watch was snatched out of his hands.

Gu Hai’s thumb ran along the surface of the watch, he smiled, “Not bad, it’s also an expensive brand huh?”

Bai Luo Yin didn’t say anything, he seemed rather reluctant to speak about this topic.

Gu Hai turned the watch over and glanced at the logo embedded on the bottom shell. His once warm pair of orbs, was as of now, reduced by several degrees.

“What’s this? You bastard, I look away for a second and you’re secretly hiding in your room, reminiscing about your past lover?” Gu Hai’s knee whacked Bai Luo Yin’s buttocks.

Bai Luo Yin calm and collectively, yanked the watch back and threw it into the drawer. It was written all over his face that he wasn’t in the mood to explain anything.

Gu Hai was still unwilling to let it go, “Feeling nostalgic? Can’t keep calm? Are you recalling those loving and romantic days?”

Bai Luo Yin rolled his eyes and looked over at Gu Hai; his voice was muddled with a negative tone.

“Do you find this amusing? It was just a coincidence. I stumbled on it in the drawer and looked at it for a second, that’s all. Look at you, taking things all seriously. It’s just like a freaking girl.”

“Who are you calling a girl?” Gu Hai’s face blackened as he reached over and pinched Bai Luo Yin’s chin, “I can’t joke around with you uh? Are either of us taking it seriously? If you’re not guilty, what are you worried about?”

A fiery dark red flame flashed across Bai Luo Yin’s pupils.

At that moment…the phone rung again.  

Gu Hai lowered his head and glanced at it. It was the same number as before.

“Here, your girlfriend is calling.”

Upon hearing this, the color of Bai Luo Yin’s face changed. He wasn’t able to conceal it this time.

“It’s really your girlfriend?”

Gu Hai calmly asked, but his heart wasn’t the least calm or relaxed.

Bai Luo Yin didn’t say anything. He took the phone and walked outside.

Gu Hai was alone in the room now. He clenched his teeth as if his life depended on it. Angered seeped into every pour on his body and smoke quickly rose from head. When Bai Luo Yin’s facial expression changed, Gu Hai had already guessed who the person calling was. Subsequently, a chain of questions flooded his mind.

How long had they been in contact? When I’m not next to him, did he secretly call her? Didn’t they already break up? How can she still say that she’s his girlfriend…

Humans like to imagine things, especially, those in love. They would take these innate feelings and express it in the cruelest way.

Bai Luo Yin’s back faced Gu Hai as he answered the phone, making him unable to clearly see Bai Luo Yin’s expression. His brain began to work its’ magic, conjuring several scenarios.

Shi Hui, do you miss me?

Yin Zi, I really miss you. Just now, a rotten fellow said he was your boyfriend.

Don’t listen to him. He’s just my younger brother, that’s all.

Really? Yin Zi, you know…I still love you.

Shhh! Lower your voice, don’t let that bastard hear us. Actually, I still love you as well…

Shit shit shit shit shit!!! Gu Hai used these kind of torturous thoughts to kill himself thousands of times.

The actual conversation, on the contrary, went like this.

“Shi Hui, stop causing troubles, okay? I already said everything I needed to. I don’t want to repeat it again.”

“Even if we broke up, we can still be friends. Can’t we still chat?”

“To me, breaking up means we are strangers.”

“Bai Luo Yin, if in your heart you really don’t care, then there is no need to mind it when I call you right?”

“I don’t mind, but someone will mind.”

“…Bai Luo Yin, what do you mean?”

“I already have someone I like. That’s how it is.”

Bai Luo Yin turned the phone off. He wanted to return to his room but then he heard Aunt Zou say: “Yin Zi, it’s time to eat. Quickly call Da Hai to eat.”

Luckily, Gu Hai, that fellow was still in the room.

Bai Luo Yin knocked on the window, and coldly said, “Come out and eat.”

Gu Hai hid his emotions extremely well. He ate happily, enjoying everything. He incessantly asked for this food and handed over that food. He also smiled at Bai Luo Yin in such manner. But Bai Luo Yin knew, that this despicable boy, was probably up to something. If he wasn’t careful, he’d be dead like a moth*. It was best to be take precautions, as to avoid, igniting this ticking bomb.

That afternoon, Gu Hai left immediately after receiving a phone call. Bai Luo Yin stayed behind with his grandparents. It was only until the sky had darkened, did he received a call from Gu Hai. There wasn’t anything peculiar about the tone of his voice as he urged Bai Luo Yin to quickly return home.

Bai Luo Yin had already sensed that Gu Hai wasn’t going to let the matter go so easily.  

When he opened the door, Gu Hai was sitting upright and still on the sofa.

Judging from his posture…did he wanted to start a trial?

Bai Luo Yin walked toward him.

“Open it and take a look,” said Gu Hai with a serene expression.

Bai Luo Yin stared blankly at the other boy before he noticed a box sitting on the tea table.

What’s this?

With great curiosity, Bai Luo Yin opened the box.  

His eyes were nearly blinded!

There lied a silver necklace, a gold bracelet, a diamond ring, a brand name watch…

“What are you doing?” Bai Luo Yin was stupefied.

Gu Hai raised his chin, “It’s for you.”

“For me?”

Bai Luo Yin took another glance; everything in there, matched, that is, there’s two of everything.

Gu Hai got off the sofa and stood next to him.

“Here, I’ll help put it on for you.”

Bai Luo Yin abruptly block Gu Hai.

“Are you crazy? I’m only one person. Why would I wear so many jewelry?”

Gu Hai was dreadfully earnest in his words, “You’re not going to be the only one wearing them, I will as well.”

“You didn’t show your face all afternoon because you went to buy these things?”

“There’s more,” he said as he dragged out a huge chest from the corner. One by one, many items were brought out of the chest: a wrist band with both their names embroidered on it, leather belts, a school bag with many faces imprinted on it, underpants with their size on it…

When the bottom of the chest was visible, Gu Hai flipped it upside down. The sound of two objects clashing against each other could be heard falling out the chest. Bai Luo Yin picked it up and looked at the objects. It was a pair of nail clippers with their mottos written on them…

《A husband that doesn’t want to fuck his wife isn’t a good husband》

《Fuck off!》*

Bai Luo Yin was petrified.

There was nothing that Gu Hai couldn’t buy, it was just that Bai Luo Yin didn’t think of it. As long as it could be worn on the body, in his hands, there were two of each items.

“Where did you get so much money from?” questioned Bai Luo Yin, extremely agitated.

Gu Hai wasn’t even the least concerned as he placed both of his hands in his pant’s pocket. A cigarette hung loosely on his lips.

“My brother gave me 200,000 yuan before he left.” [≈$34k]

“Didn’t you say, you wanted to use that money for your living expenses huh?”

Gu Hai rested his arm at the edge of the sofa and faintly said: “There’s still some left. I didn’t spend it all…”

“How much is left?”

Bai Luo Yin turned around to look at the box of jewelry. He wasn’t that optimistic about the situation.

Gu Hai fished around in his pockets for a while before pulling out 200 yuan and shoving it into Bai Luo Yin’s hand. [≈$34]

Bai Luo Yin clenched his teeth in anger. Even though, it wasn’t his money, he still couldn’t help but be in distress.

“Gu Hai, is it really worth it to take things this far just because of two watches? Even if you didn’t waste all this money, her and I are already impossible.”

Gu Hai was listening quietly, when suddenly the expression in his eyes took a turn for the worse. He took a long stride toward Bai Luo Yin, stopped at his side and looked him straight in the eyes, “Do you really mean what you said?”

“Why would I lie to you?”

Gu Hai grabbed Bai Luo Yin by the shoulder and ruthlessly shook him, “Why didn’t you say this earlier?”

Bai Luo Yin angrily answered, “You didn’t let me explain!”

Gu Hai’s teeth tugged at his lips. He patted Bai Luo Yin on the shoulder and said, “Come here.”

An ominous premonition rained on Bai Luo Yin.

        They got on the elevator and once it arrived at the lowest level, Gu Hai brought out a key and unlock the door to his own personal garage.

        Two identical cars exhibited in front of Bai Luo Yin. A new one and an older one. The older one was the car that Gu Hai normally drove in. He already knew where the new car came from without Gu Hai saying anything.

Two brand new mountain bikes stood coolly to the side.

        Bai Luo Yin’s face turned green.

        Gu Hai coughed lightly, “I was momentarily blinded and bought them on impulse.”

        In a fit of rage Bai Luo Yin leaped onto Gu Hai and beat at him. He beat him until he felt his energy draining.

With particularly disappointed look in his eyes, he asked, “Where did this money come from?”

“I used the bankbook that my mom left for me.”

Bai Luo Yin wanted to cry, he asked again: “Don’t tell me, you bought a house too?”

Gu Hai sounded a bit reluctant, “You already know, houses nowadays are too expensive. There’s only a bit of money left in the bankbook, so wait until I…”

“Ha ha ha……”

Bai Luo Yin lost his temper as he roared into the air. Fuming with rage, he clutched Gu Hai by the neck and angrily stared at the lad. He wanted to curse at him but nothing came out. Everything that he wanted to say was stuck in the corner of his lips.

After his anger had gradually diminished, with what little energy he had left, he released Gu Hai and crouched down against the corner of the wall. He remained completely silent.  

Bai Luo Yin felt utterly sorry toward Gu Hai’s mother as a twinge rose in his heart.

In reality, it wasn’t about the money. He knew that Gu Hai had money. It was just that, this kind of feeling, made the pit of his stomach tangle in a knot.


The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

I do not own any of its’ content

*Like a moth to a flame - tempted by something that would lead to one’s downfall

*actually the novel doesn’t say what their mottos are, I just put it there. :P

Woc Series: First Day and a Dangerous Game

This imagine is for one of my followers who wanted a bit of romance.  This is my first time actually writing about sex so any constructive criticism is welcome.  Enjoy xoxo


You grinned to yourself as you felt your husband’s hand rest heavily on your left thigh.  His thumb instinctively began to smooth circles on your light brown skin, taking advantage of the fact that your skirt had risen just a hair.  And as your back immediately straightened in your leather seat, you knew Harry, when given an inch when it came to you, took a mile.  You glanced up in the rearview mirror of the Range Rover with a breathy sigh, feeling Harry’s lengthy fingers push past the bottom hem of your skirt surreptitiously.  With a quick move of your small hand you locked your fingers with his, effectively ceasing his slick movements while eyeing the twins chattering nervously in the back.

Today was a big day for your two girls.  They were starting their first day of kindergarten in roughly five minutes, and their nervous, excited energy was as palpable as your husband’s, whose eyes were dark with enthusiastic patience as he traversed the early morning roads with a single hand on the steering wheel.

You knew why Harry shifted in his seat every few seconds like a nervous tick.  Or why he licked his lips as if they were dry, and why his hooded eyes drifted to you with every brush of his thumb to your warm, inner thigh. Truthfully, the two of you were playing a very dangerous game.

Both of you had been exchanging surreptitious glances all morning.  From the time you had woken up, already blushing and flustered, all through getting your two girls ready.  It hadn’t helped when he deepened his voice to ask you to pass the barrette box, a menial task turned sensual as his long, solid fingers ghosted over yours before turning back to your daughter’s hair.  Or the moment when he pulled you into a rushed kiss, his hot lips haphazardly splaying against yours as the girls raced down the stairs for breakfast. And when he threw you a wink as you helped your youngest put on her Princess Tiana backpack you were sure you were bound to combust.

All through the first day pictures on the front steps of your large home, you shifted on your feet behind your husband.  His large hands seemed to dwarf the camera in them as he instructed your young girls to smile.  You remembered letting out a shaky breath.  All you could imagine were his big hands.  On you.  In you.

You had had to regain yourself before you could even look at your children who with their smiling faces were so innocent.

And now with Harry’s large hand still covering the light brown skin of your thigh as he drove, you were practically panting.  His thumb continued to run soothing circles on your skin and the contact was nearly driving you insane.  Every few seconds his thumb would make a full rotation and his hand would inch closer to the place that was throbbing softly.  You hadn’t had each other in a couple of days, not since Gemma took the kids for a play day, and the two of you felt it deep, and it was beginning to show.

It didn’t take long for the Range Rover to reach the small private school.  It had taken so much searching to find the perfect one, the both of you wanting only the best for your girls, and the English- looking building was perfect with its sprawling green lawn and the old vines that crawled lazily up the brick sides.

The sleek vehicle eased to a stop just as Harry pulled back his hand from your thigh, pulling your skirt down respectably as he did so.  He cut his eyes at you in that secret manner that you adored, and you felt your stomach clench when you took in his dilated eyes.

Suddenly, in a rush, you ran your fingers through your curly hair, careful to not snag your beautiful ring on any curls.  Fixing a smile on your face, and aware that Harry was still watching you, you unbuckled and turned around to your girls, a hopeful expression fixed on your face.

‘You ready,” you questioned softly to them, realizing that this was the day the four of you had been working towards for six years.  The girls quickly looked at each other before your more outspoken daughter set her shoulders in her children’s seat.  “Ready,” she seemed to whisper forcefully to herself as well as to her sister who took her in with wide, trusting eyes.

“Remember what Uncle Louis said,” Harry broke out of his daze and had turned around himself, his eyes now wide with adoration for his children.

“We’re gonna smash it,” They both said fiercely.  You smiled right before Harry opened his door in pursuit of your little girl sitting behind him.  Following his lead, you exited the passenger seat before opening the door to see the curious expression of your daughter, just three seconds younger than your other daughter.

You pushed back a dark brown curl, a mirror of yours, on her fragile head and unbuckled her, helping her down from the tall Range Rover.

There were a couple of fat tears slowing leaking out of your eyes by the time you and Harry had made your way back to the black Range Rover.  Harry walked you over to your side, as he usually did in order to open the door for you.  But instead of doing his usual, he pushed you softly back against the cool door right before lifting his muscled arms to box you in on either side of your head.  You sniffed lightly, now out of sight of your children.

“Haz, the paps,” you warned as you blinked the stale tears back slowly.  You two had picked this particular school, as it was a popular choice for the kids of celebrities, and paparazzi had restrictions here, but you were always very cautious.

“Kitten….”  Harry breathed out before ducking his head in your neck.  His long hair tickled the sides of your neck as he placed a small chaste kiss right underneath your ear.  It took everything in you to keep from shivering, and yet you could feel his lips turn up in a satisfied smirk.

You raised your hands up and rested your palms against his strong chest, suddenly feeling the emotions that had been building up for the past couple of days resurface.  “Kitten…” Harry hummed again, indicating he wanted a response from you.  He stepped impossibly closer to you and you let your head fall back against the window of the Range Rover, your thick brown curls protecting you from the cool surface.

“Yes, Haz,” you gazed up at the clear blue of the sky as you felt his warm tongue slowly heat your neck in a small kitten lick.

“I’m so ready to make love to you, Y/N,” he groaned before pressing himself on you with need.  “I can barely stand it, baby.”  He groaned into your ear, making your breath catch in your throat as you reached up on your tiptoes to be just a smudge taller and better align yourself with him.

With quick movements Harry grasped your neck lightly in one large hand and brought his lips down upon yours.  His lips were impossibly warm and with every small flick of his tongue you grew hotter and hotter.  You let out a feminine moan into his mouth, and with his other hand he pulled your torso flush against his, bending over you slightly to deepen the kiss.

“Harry,” you whined into his mouth as you felt him press up against you, causing your core to throb with need.  You felt Harry groan loudly before pulling away from you, effectively breaking your passionate kiss and leaving you flustered underneath your brown skin.

“Let’s go,” Harry said assertively, pulling you away from the door and opening it in the same breath. His eyes had darkened once more and his face had tightened in a serious manner.  Catching your eye, his gaze softened a bit, but the lustful glint in them was recognizable.

He stayed on your side until you were safely buckled in, and it only took him a moment to get to the driver’s side with his long strides.  Once in the vehicle, he gave you a heated look that caused your eyes to widen with excitement.  You had missed this Harry.

You hadn’t realized you had been staring at the gentle slope of Harry’s lips until they curved into a smirk that showcased a section of his white teeth.

“Trust me, love, I want you too,” He said under his breath as he adjusted himself in his seat, no doubt uncomfortable due to his growing member making a tent in his pants.  You let out a small whine, knowing you still had about ten minutes until the two of you would reach your large home, and somehow it felt like it would be forever.

“What’s the matter, kitten,” Harry asked, turning his head slightly to see your frustrated face, flush with uncontained excitement.  It felt like your whole body was hot with need and you couldn’t stop your core from throbbing out, it increasing when Harry put his large hand on your bare knee.

“I need you,” you said breathlessly, trying to breathe in a contained manner, but failing as Harry cut his eyes at you warningly.  Your dark brown eyes watched as Harry’s face grew pensive in thought, his eyebrows coming together.

He nodded to himself before he addressed you with an authoritative tone that nearly had you melting.

“Listen, Y/N.  I’m going to help you out, because I don’t want my kitten to be frustrated.  But you will listen to me, okay?”

You nodded eagerly, your curls bouncing around your head as you did so.

“No sudden movements either, alright?” Harry cleared up for you as you raised your eyebrows at him in question.  Before you could ask what he was talking about, his hand slid up your warm thigh and straight to your center.  You bit back a cry as Harry chuckled.  You were impossibly wet.

“My baby is so ready for me,” he murmured to himself, his eyes straight forward, his left hand still fixed on the steering wheel.

Without blinking an eye he moved your lace panties to the side and found your clit, subsiding the throbbing at your center, but making your need increase tenfold.  The truth was, Harry knew you like the back of his hand, and your body blossomed underneath his touch like the most beautiful rosebud.

You threw your head back against the head rest as he continued rubbing you, and you felt moisture begin to collect between your legs.  Just as you were about to complain, Harry slid a long finger in you, pumping it easily in and out.

“Jesus,” he gritted out between his teeth as he tried his hardest to focus on the road and not your body or his growing member.

“Tell me how it feels,” he commanded just as he slipped a second finger in, stretching you slightly and causing a deep moan to tear itself from your plump lips.

“So good, Haz.  Please don’t stop,” you begged, screwing your eyes shut when he hit that certain spot that made you nearly fall apart.  Your legs were beginning to shake as he relentlessly continued to rub and enter you, and you let out a sharp cry as you felt yourself nearing your orgasm.

“You’ll finish when I tell you,” Harry gritted through his teeth, not ceasing his movements; he was barely holding on himself.

“Haz, I can’t,” Your hand, on its own accord, quickly grabbed his wrist, hoping to cease his movements, but he was too strong and too determined.

“Y/N,” Your name rolling off his tongue coupled with his fingers still rubbing and entering you caused you to tighten around his fingers, making Harry’s face nearly crumble with need.

“We’re three minutes out,” he said quietly, his face strained and his voice tight.

You rubbed at your face with your free left hand as Harry curled his fingers in you causing your mouth to slacken and drop open in a silent scream.  He continued to pump his fingers in you, but what nearly made you come was his relentless rubbing on your clit.  His gruff fingers on such a gentle part of your body made you weak; it felt a million times better than your own dainty fingers.

“As soon as we get home I’m taking you,” Harry spoke gruffly, and you could tell he was using all his strength to not touch himself to the quiet moans falling from your lips.

“I’m going to lay you out, and then give you what you need,” he continued, his voice taking on an entranced manner.  His fingers flexed in you and you let out another sharp cry in pleasure.

You could feel your orgasm building more and more, the pressure between your legs practically unbearable, and yet Harry didn’t stop.

“Harry, please,” you begged for your release, your tone distraught with need.  Your eyes were tightly shut and you felt the small beads of sweat gather at your hairline as you fought off your release as your chest moved up and down in quick movements.

“Let go, kitten.”

All you needed were his words.  You saw stars behind your eyelids as you felt your body tighten and then go slack, your body being hit with wave after wave of pleasure.

“Omygod,” you whimpered quietly as you tightened your jaw before it slackened.  Your breath caught in your throat and you opened your eyes as you rode out your orgasm, feeling yourself tighten and release around Harry’s large fingers.

With hooded eyes you looked over to Harry to see his hand grasping his crotch roughly, moving every couple of seconds against it, his head thrown back and his eyes screwed shut.  You let out a deep breath as you looked around you and realized you were in the driveway of your magnificent home.

Still breathing deeply, you called out to your husband.

“Haz, let’s go inside.”

“Fuck yes.”

It was hard to describe, but the two of you were in a trance as you both made your way through the house in pursuit of your bedroom.  You were barely in the doorway when Harry grabbed your waist and turned you around, immediately attaching his warm lips to your own.

There was pure desperation and longing on his lips as he backed you up, your lips still attached and moving together in sweet synchronization.

You felt the back of your knees hit your mattress and you fell back quickly.  Not feeling Harry’s weight over you, you opened your eyes and grew confused as you saw him standing over you, his face stern and pensive.  He was thinking again.

“I want this to be more romantic.”

“Huh?”  You questioned, your mind too muddled with desire to think straight.

“We’re not uni kids looking for a quick shag,” he explained softly.  “Here, undress and I’ll be right back, yea?”

You sat up on your elbows, shaking your head as you watched your husband leave the room in a rush. You didn’t know why you were surprised. He was a romantic at heart, and you knew deep down that you would appreciate this moment more if you went along with him.

You had undressed and changed into your favorite silk number, lounging casually on the pillows of the bed when Harry sauntered back in, his hands full with multiple small candles. You watched lovingly as he set them around the room before closing the curtains and turning off the lights.

Your bedroom was immediately thrown into a hazy state, lit only by the multiple candles; the ambiance made completely sensual.  You sat up and raised an eyebrow at your husband, giving him a genuine smile as he made his way to you, his eyes raking over you.

“Well you look ravishing,” he gave you an impish grin that caused your heart to lurch and your body to grow hot.  You tried to hide your smile but failed when Harry reached you, slowly laying over you as he crawled onto the bed.

You tilted your head up to him and he caught your lips with his once more.  The two of you moved slowly against each other, so rushed before, but now finding that the two of you had all the time in the world.

“Mmmmmm,” Harry hummed against you as you felt him smile against your lips.  With gentle movements he removed your bra, immediately palming your sizable globes in his hands.  You moaned lightly, deepening the kiss as you brought your hands up to the sides of his face.

Harry pulled back from you to find his favorite spot on your neck, nibbling and sucking, spurred on by your moans of pleasure.  You let out a contented sigh as your arms moved down to circle loosely around his neck and bring him impossibly closer.

At your movements he playfully squeezed your left breast in his large hand and you tilted your head back in pleasure.  Harry took advantage of such a movement and continued to leave open mouth kisses along your neck.

“So beautiful,” he murmured against your light brown skin.  In moments like these you felt completely loved.  Bare and vulnerable, you were at the whims of Harry and yet you knew he would take care of you, because you knew just how deep his love for you was.

“Haz,” you whispered his name like a secret caress.  He pulled back and you loosened your arms from around his neck so that he could look down on you.  You saw yourself in his green eyes and smiled at your flushed form.  You looked like the embodiment of a woman; strong and supple, sweet and open; all for Harry.

He gave you a crooked smile before nuzzling himself back in your neck.  Feeling Harry’s body flush against yours and with his sweet kisses on your neck, you began to grow hot, and you felt your core tighten, causing your knees to squeeze together.

Breathlessly, you brought your hands down to the hem of your husband’s dark shirt, placing your palms against his toned abdomen and feeling him suck in at the feeling.  Your other hand wandered up to his long, dark hair and you raked your hand through it, effectively bringing his head up so that you could nibble at the shell of his ear.

“Take it off,” you breathed, wanting the feel of your skin against his.  It took him barely a second—Harry was unusually talented at taking off clothes faster than most—and you giggled as he fixed you with a naughty stare after he threw his shirt over his head.

With a gentleness he only reserved for you, he captured your lips with his once more, bringing his body down even more over yours.  You sighed into the kiss as you felt his body and before you realized, you felt the pressure of his hand against your panties once more.  Needing to feel his touch against you fully, you quickly reached down to take the now damp clothing off, and afterward placed your hand over Harry’s throbbing crotch.

He let out a deep groan that reverberated through his chest and stimulated your body.

“Haz,” you breathed, “please take me…”

He groaned louder before reaching down to take off his pants, his boxers following suit.

Upon the sight of your husband’s naked body you began to breathe hard, feeling hot in your own skin, and a familiar wetness between your legs.

“Let me suck it for a while,” you asked politely, feeling your mouth grow heavy with need.  Harry’s face lit up and you quickly twisted so that you were now on top of him.  You felt his member right near your entrance, and you wanted so badly to ride him in that moment, but you knew it would feel better if you gave it ample lube.

Scooting down with a smirk on your face, you took his large member in your hand before laying a small kiss on the pink tip.  He hissed through his teeth at the feeling and you smiled as his eyes became hooded.

Without any preliminaries you bent down and took his tip in your mouth, running your tongue around it in small, wet circles.  You could feel his member jump in your hand, and you brought your other hand up to massage his taut stomach.

Still tonguing his head, you rolled your lips in before going down a bit so that you could feel his heaviness on your tongue.  The feeling of his abs and the feeling of him on your tongue caused you to moan heavily and Harry cried out in pleasure.

“Kitten, you feel so good.” His hand raked up your curls from around your head as he moaned out his favorite pet name for you.

You let his cock fall out your mouth with a pop as you pumped him in your hand.  You looked up through your lashes at him and fidgeted as you saw his face scrunched up in unbelievable pleasure.

You put your lips back around his large cock and let it slide down your throat, slightly gagging, but not allowing yourself to fully choke.  You hollowed your cheeks and bobbed your head to the sound of Harry’s deep groans.

“Fuck, Y/N!! Fuck!”

You felt tears prick your eyes and you bobbed once more, feeling his member throb, before coming back up.

“I need you now,” Harry exclaimed as his chest heavily rose and fell.

Before you were able to say anything he twisted the both of you over so that he was now on top of you, and you met his green eyes, dilated almost completely.

“I love you so much, Y/N….”

He reached down to guide his way into you and you felt the familiar sting of entry, but Harry inched his way in carefully so as not to hurt you.

The both of you moaned together, and Harry dropped his head to your shoulder, his muscles in his arms rippling with small spasms as he filled you to the hilt.

“Oh god,” you moaned. Harry was large, and you never seemed to get used to it no matter how many times the two of you made love.

“God, kitten.  You fit me so well,” he moaned out to you from beneath the tendrils of hair that had fallen over his face.  You breathed deeply as you felt the heavy pressure in your abdomen that caused a sharp pleasure in your core.  Before you could complain you felt Harry begin to move in slow, measured movements.

The feeling of being filled by Harry was so delectably satisfying.  Hearing the slap of your skin against his added to the intimacy, and you let out breathy moans as he found his rhythm.

“Fuck,” Harry groaned out as he continued to pump in and out of you.   You lifted up your left leg to wrap around Harry’s torso and you yelled out in pleasure at the feeling.  He seemed to hit your spot so much better and he felt so much deeper that you could only moan out your pleasure in soft cries every time he hit your g spot.

Harry began to lick your neck once more before sucking on it and you felt your body warm and yourself clench around him.

“Y/N!!”  Harry cried out, no doubt the feeling of you around his cock nearly driving him insane.  You were beginning to pant softly as Harry continued, his large member creating indescribable pleasure as he entered you then exited only to enter you once more.

With needy hands he grasped your wide hips, pushing them down onto the comforter of your mattress as he leaned more of his weight into you.  With his mouth attached to your neck, his weight holding you down, and his cock driving in and out of you, you felt like the perfect prisoner underneath him. Such an idea spurred you on and you cried out as Harry exited you to rub his tip in slow, wet circles around your most sensitive part.  He reached down to guide himself and you squeezed your eyes shut as you felt yourself nearing your release.

“Kitten, you feel that? How wet you are?”  Harry breathed out to you amongst gasps of pleasure.

“Yes, Haz, omygod!”

You began to feel a moan lodge itself in your throat as you wriggled underneath your husband. Needing to feel you wrapped around him once more, he pushed back into you with a grunt that went straight to your core.

His constant sucking on your neck coupled with the feeling that he was bringing to your core nearly drove you insane.  You began to feel the unmistakable feeling that preceded your release and you grabbed Harry’s shoulders, slick with sweat, to help anchor yourself.

“Harry,” you moaned out, your voice thick.  

Your husband placed one last kiss right underneath your ear and you clenched around him, shaking at the feeling.  Harry pulled back so that he could see your face, your eyes squeezed shut and your mouth slightly open with your wild curls around you; a perfect vision of pleasure. Addicted to the sight he slid his hands up to your small abdomen for better leverage as he pumped in and out of you with a quickness that hinted at his nearing release.

“Oh, God, baby….Yes!”

The room was quiet except for the dueling moans leaving the both of your mouths and the radiant slap of skin against skin.  You couldn’t stop the small whines of pleasure exiting your mouth as Harry gritted his teeth, needing to feel all of you wrapped around him.

“Eyes, Y/N.”  Harry bit out between his teeth, sweat building on his brow.

Immediately at his request you opened your eyes in a heady daze and locked eyes with him, seeing how they dilated almost so completely that they were black.  There was a look of desperation on his face and small tendrils of hair were glued to the sides of his face with sweat.

He was pumping in and out of you so hard that you could feel his balls slap against you, and it felt like all your senses were being put in overdrive.

You saw as his eyes widened with vulnerability right as his nose began to flare.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he murmured to you.

Spurred on by his words you felt the first wave of your release hit you, causing your body to clench around him and your eyes to widen considerably.  You had to fight everything in you to not close your eyes and ride out your orgasm, so that you could see Harry’s eyes when he came. There was something so addicting about watching him.

Harry let out a large breath as he felt your release.  You knew the second that his occurred right before you felt it in you.

His beautiful green eyes widened before becoming hooded, a trance like quality going over them like a curtain.  In his eyes you seemed to see galaxies with bursting stars and enchanting possibilities.

Part of your high was seeing him ride out his, and you watched with fascination as his eyes came back from dilation, all in the span of seconds.

Blinking, he fell on top of you with a huff, and you felt the pressure in your abdomen soften.  You let out a delighted sigh as you wiped droplets of sweat off your forehead.

“Wanna take a bath with me,” he mumbled sleepily to you, his words being absorbed by the mattress.

You giggled from underneath him and the feeling of him still inside you.

“Of course, Haz,” you brought your hand up to rest on his damp hair, watching how your beautiful wedding ring gleamed in the little light that the candles yielded.

“This room smells like sex,” Harry chuckled, his face still buried past your shoulder.

You slapped at his hair in a playful manner, knowing that it did, but not needing him to announce that.

With a contented breath you smiled just as Harry exited you and got up to walk to the bathroom, throwing you a wink over his shoulder.  You admired his form, following him with your eyes.  You listened as he began to run a bath, and you smiled to yourself.

You rubbed your hand across your face and pushed back your wild, tangled curls, thinking over the past few days.  You were happily sated, about to take a warm bath with the one you loved, and now a mother of school children.  Your life was so good, and as you heard Harry call out for you, you realized just how lucky you were.


“Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the cool girl.”
-   Amy Elliott Dunne, Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Girls aren’t supposed to be good at getting revenge, and we aren’t even supposed to want it. You know, hide your crazy and start acting like a lady, keep it together even when you fall apart. Something that’s cruelly, stupidly ironic to me is the condescension and derision of “unattractive” female emotions in so-called feminist circles and in this particular case, anger and vengeance and the desire for power, in other words, traditionally masculine sentiments. It’s acceptable and even lauded if we’re weaponizing our femininity with pointy heels and bright red lipstick and winged eyeliner, or performing our anger, the embodiment of self-righteous indignance, but god forbid we express opinions that make people uncomfortable or actually challenge the complacent.

“Holy water cannot help you now/A Thousand armies couldn’t keep me out/I don’t want your money/I don’t want your crown/See I’ve come to burn your kingdom down.”

Game of Thrones has many flaws* as does its source material, A Song of Ice and Fire, but one aspect of society it gets right is the pervasive effect the patriarchy has on the psyches of the women subjected to it. “Seven Devils” scores the trailer for the second season of the series and it’s foreboding to say the least. You’ve got Daenerys Targaryen, a prime example of what happens when you demean, sexually abuse, and emotionally manipulate a young woman: she comes back livid and she brings dragons.  Then you’ve got Arya Stark, another misplaced princess who’s watched her whole family be cut down before her eyes and now is being trained to be a murderous assassin, all by the age of 11. And there’s Cersei Lannister, the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros who’s all sharp edges and icy fire, a victim of marital rape and abuse for 17 years who lashes out to extremes, not caring who she takes down in the process. (I have a Cersei Lannister funkopop doll because she’s extraordinarily strong and as important a representation of femininity as Sansa Stark or Brienne of Tarth since Cersei’s not a bad woman- she’s a bad person. But, she’s absolutely adorable in doll form and her eyebrows are extremely on point. Check it out.)

I’m aware of the importance of staying calm and controlling our anger in day to day situations and of upholding the moral high ground as much as possible but at the same time, it gives me visceral satisfaction to see righteous anger portrayed as an entirely valid expression of womanhood. Good women aren’t supposed to be righteously angry and bitter about what they’ve undergone, they’re not supposed to want to hurt others who have hurt them, because they’re supposed to know better. It’s the idea that we’re supposed to be the Daisy Buchanan, the beautiful little fool, with the starched dresses and long hair and the unconditional devotion and acceptance for those who deign to love us because we don’t deserve it by pure virtue of our construction.

“Seven devils all around you/Seven devils in your house/See I was dead when I woke up this morning/I’ll be dead before the day is done”

To repeatedly hammer a blunt nail, I’m awful at hiding my feelings, but I was never good at being pitiable either. The voyeuristic image of the wounded woman, the pretty, ethereal girl languishing in bed, rendered invalid by virtue of her own ugly mind, and therefore easy to stomach for those who prefer that women be silenced in their negativity, wasn’t ever something I could muster. When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, I didn’t stop washing my hair or wearing pretty dresses: I took a heavy mallet and smashed all the porcelain figures he gave me for birthdays and holidays over the years (it was our tradition). Then, I took a purple pen to all the grammar mistakes in the 20-page love letter he wrote me and set the letter on fire, and unceremoniously burned a stray condom I bought when I was 15 in a giggly fit with my best friend. For the record, the chemicals in the latex are rather flammable.

I don’t believe that anger is inherently conducive to progress but it’s definitely something that exists in all of us, and bottling it up to extremes only to have it erupt at the worst possible time is not a practical plan of action. But it’s a sin isn’t it? The seven deadly sins, the seven devils, are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, and wrath is the first and possibly the openly destructive to the fabric of our society. At the end of the day, it’s really hard to be a good person; I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy and I’m decidedly not always successful at it. But it’s important to try to be as honest as we can with the world and that includes taking into account our anger and sorrow and everything that ultimately acts as a setback to being good people. I don’t believe that petulant righteousness serves any real purpose but genuine candor in all its forms is more valuable than anything else. The devil himself lives inside us all, and I’m going to embrace him because it takes far too much out of me to fight his existence.

*(shameless plug, I’m covering Game of Thrones for the Female Gaze in a few weeks so look out for that)