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a man and his kitten

Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

The Little Things

I had to redo this one. I think it sounds better in present tense. It’s my first attempt at fluff instead of smut.

Also, as far as tags go, I’ve just been typing in each letter of the alphabet and clicking on the Supernatural blogs that show up. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but I don’t know how yet. And if you don’t want to be tagged, I will cut that shit out. This is all just super new to me. 😊


It’s the little things that do it to him. Those little things that keep her on his brain nearly all the time.

It’s the way she answers the phone as an FBI supervisor, taking over the “new Bobby” role with confidence, barking out commands with sexy, assured authority.

It’s the way she is always so careless about physical affection, as if it comes easy to her, as if she grew up loving and being loved. She throws herself onto Dean’s lap while they’re having a rare, relaxing night in. Or puts her feet in his lap and wiggles her toes suggestively, smiling innocently and waiting for him to take the hint and massage her. She flings her arms around his neck from behind while he does research, just to give him a hug and tell him he’s loved. She says, “I love you, friend” constantly. Everything is so natural with her. He starts to feel like it’s normal, like he deserves the happiness she lavishes him with.

It’s the way she offers to do his laundry or clean up the after-dinner dishes for him and for Sam, no strings attached. Not trying to make them owe her one, just because she wants to show her boys some kindness. Because she knows they’ve seen far too little of it.

It’s the way she pays attention to all his and Sam’s likes and dislikes so she can have surprises waiting for them when they return home from a hunt. His favorite pie, Sam’s favorite salad dressing, their favorite beer. She pays attention.

It’s the way she dances around like a crazy person in the bunker when she thinks no one is watching, singing off-key and having no natural rhythm at all.

It’s the way she laughs with her entire body when he or Sam say something even remotely humorous. Dean has never honestly thought of himself as a funny person, but she makes him feel like he could do stand-up comedy. Her laughter is music and it’s Dean’s favorite song.

It’s the way she falls asleep at the table looking over the lore with Sam, drool pooling out of her mouth, her eyebrows scrunched up in worry, still looking completely adorable.

It’s the way she has to wear three pairs of fuzzy socks around the bunker because her feet get cold too quickly on the marble floors and she hates wearing shoes at home.

It’s the way she launches herself into his arms when they walk in the door. Always him first, Sam second, like he’s special to her. And she always kisses him on the cheeks and tells him how much she’s missed him. He loves the feel of those soft, plump lips on his skin.

It’s the way her voice drops to a sultry whisper when she’s sleepy, before she’s had her coffee in the morning. It’s the way she’s still so goddamn adorable, even when she’s cranky.

It’s the way she sighs softly when she’s stretching, her tank top rising up to just under her breasts, her taut tummy on display, making him wonder if she’s doing it on purpose, if she wants him to look. He wonders if she’d make those happy, sexy noises in bed with him.

It’s the way she sometimes snorts when she laughs and the way she cries when she’s pissed. People take her tears for weakness, but Dean knows her well enough by now to get out of the line of fire when her eyes well up.

It’s the way she comes to sleep with him in his bed sometimes when she gets cold or the nightmares get to be too bad. And the way she rubs her feet together next to his, trying to get warmth back into her icy toes because she refuses to sleep in anything but panties and one of his tee shirts. “I like my legs free,” she always says. He does too.

It’s the way she is sunshine in the lives of two men who’ve seen an overwhelming amount of darkness. It’s the way she’s able to be encouraging and positive even after she watched her family get ripped apart by a vengeful spirit, even after she had to uproot her entire life and come live sequestered in some hundred-year-old bunker with men she barely knew. It’s the way she immediately trusted and felt safe with them, despite all she’s been through, despite the heartache she carries with her always.

It’s the way she seems to know that Dean is falling head over heels in love with her, but she neither stops it nor encourages it. It’s the way she seems to just be waiting for him to get over his bullshit and have his happily ever after with her. On his terms, when he’s ready.

It’s her patience and charm, her encouragement, her smiles…

It’s her. For Dean, it will always be her.

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Language of Flowers

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written by: S | @kinetic-elaboration

prompt: ‘Flower shop AU Prompt: Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says ‘How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?’ for @treehousesandpoohbears

word count: 1783

Bellamy Blake, small town florist, is used to sharing in the big moments of his customers’ lives. He’s seen them through everything from first date jitters to the stages of grief. But this–Clarke Griffin storming into his shop, furious, asking for a hate bouquet–is still something of a surprise.

Two weeks ago, at the Bi-Monthly Downtown Arkadia Small Business Association meeting, Luna, from the nature store on the corner, looked at him very seriously, took his hands in hers, and told him that he had been a warrior in another life. “A brave warrior-king,” she said. 

Yeah, okay. Maybe in another life.  

In this life, Bellamy’s just a guy who knows a ton about flowers. 


Because he knows flowers, and because Arkadia is the sort of small hamlet where people greet each other by name on the street, Bellamy also knows everyone’s business. He knows about every engagement, wedding, baby shower, and funeral. He knows which high school kids are going to prom together. He keeps records on his more forgetful customers’ anniversaries. And when someone screws up and actually feels bad about it, Bellamy knows about that, too, because nothing says I’m sorry like a purple hyacinth bouquet. 

The people who come into his little shop are sometimes ecstatic, sometimes despondent, often nervous. They’re not usually angry, though. Even less often are they absolutely furious. So when Clarke Griffin stomps in, shoving the door open so roughly that even the friendly tinkle of the welcome bell sounds agitated, slams a twenty down on the countertop, and asks, “How I do passively-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” it’s a bit of a surprise. 

He stares at her for a long moment, and pauses in arranging the daisies in Harper McIntyre’s get-well-soon bouquet. “It sounds to me like you want to aggressively say 'fuck you’ in flower." 

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Trimberly - jealous Kim and maybe a little bit of angst

You got it! 


Tommy Oliver.

New kid. Tall. Brunette. Green eyed (appropriately). Surprisingly Popular (suspicious - no new kid had a right to be popular). Green Ranger (very suspicious). Tomboy. Straight-A Student (so why detention??? Also suspicious).

And the absolute bane of Kimberly Hart’s existence. 

The moment Tommy had arrived in detention, Kim had smelled trouble. Because not only was Tommy gorgeous, not only was Tommy funny, and athletic, and intelligent. 

Not only was Tommy Oliver basically perfect in the cut-throat adolescent world of High School, but Tommy Oliver was charming. Kim hated charming people. She especially hated them right now. Because right now, Tommy fucking Oliver was flirting with Trini. What’s worse? Trini was giggling. And blushing

And Kim couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. 

She’d been flirting (haha see what she did there? Pathetic) with the idea of asking Trini out for months. And really, who wouldn’t? Trini was damn near perfect. She was kind and intelligent and funny and absolutely gorgeous. 

And she was far too good for Kimberly Hart.

She was too good for the ex-cheerleader who was this close to being labeled a sex offender. She was too good for the girl who got so defensive over her own actions, she punched her ex-sort-of-not-really-boyfriend so hard without powers that he’d lost a tooth. She was too good for the girl who was so emotionally stunted she’d kept them all from morphing until Billy had died.

So no, Kim wasn’t good enough for Trini. But she wasn’t positive Tommy Oliver was either.

“You trying out your laser vision again, princess?” 

Zach’s amused drawl broke through her staring contest with the back of Tommy’s head. 

“Huh? We don’t have laser vision, doofus.” 

“Well you’re definitely trying to melt the back of poor Tommy’s head. What did she ever do to you, huh?” 

Kim glanced away just as Tommy shifted to reveal a surprisingly bashful Trini. 


Kim sighed. Sometimes she thought the only one in their group who didn’t know about her pathetic crush on the Yellow Ranger was Trini herself. 

“Yeah.” What else was there to say? She didn’t have a chance with Trini, she knew that. And Tommy really was a good sort. Mostly. And hey if she could make Trini smile like that, who was Kim to get in the way? No one, that’s who. 

She feels Zach’s gaze on her, but she refuses to look up. She doesn’t want to see the pity in his eyes. She doesn’t see the thoughtfulness in his gaze, or the way his eyes flick between Trini’s furtive looks in Kim’s direction, and Kim’s hunched shoulders.


Trini slid next to Zach in their English class with and grunted out some form of greeting as she rested her head on top of her folded arms. She had a massive headache and really just wanted to do some yoga on her rock. She was not looking forward to debating Shakespeare for the umpteenth time this year with a bunch of pimply hormonal teens.

“’Sup, Crazy Girl.”


“Got a headache?” 


“Got anything to do with a certain green friend of ours?”

Head tilt, murderous glare.

Students were settling into their seats as the teacher wrote their assignments on the board, and told them to choose partners to go over the next Act of Hamlet. Zach payed the rest of them no mind.

“Funny thing, I think Kim’s got a headache for the same exact reason.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, it speaks!”

“Shut up idiot.”

“Ouch. Words hurt, you know”

“You don’t have enough brain cells to be offended by my awesome snark.”

“Damn, fine. I won’t tell you what Kim said earlier when Tommy was all over you.” 

“What the fuck, Zach.”

Zach buried his nose in Shakespeare and ignored Trini’s glare. Finally, she rolled her eyes. 

“Fine, o amazing Black Ranger. I only insult your awesomeness because I cannot even dream to match it. Alright? Just tell me already!”

Zach smirked. “Someone’s eager. And just how much Shakespeare have you been reading, Trinity?”

She kicked his shin under the table, hard.

“Call me Trinity again and you’ll wish Rita was back.”

“Ok, ok, jesus, leave my bones intact, Crazy Girl! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but - and I say this with all possibly love - but damn girl you’re oblivious. Even Jason figured it out, and you know that’s saying something.”

“Figured what out?” Trini was getting more confused by the second, and it wasn’t helping her headache in the slightest. If Zach didn’t get to his point soon, she’d punch him and deal with going to the principal’s office happily.

“Kim’s got a gigantic gay crush on you, Trini.”

Trini blinked. “Huh?”

It was Zach’s turn to roll his eyes. 

“Girl, the only thing that even comes close to your crush on Kim, is her crush on you. We both know Tommy just likes to flirt - especially with you, because you blush so easily when a pretty girl is paying attention to you -”

Trini kicked his shin again with a hissed “Hey!”

“ - Ow! What? It’s the truth! Anyway, I don’t think Kim’s realized that Tommy’s flirting is harmless when it comes to you. I mean hey we all know she’s got the hots for the hottest member of the team. Moi.”

Another kick. “Ow! I’m going to the police. This abuse is just unwarranted.”

“Zach, for fucks sake, please get to the point.”

“I thought I had? What’s that glare for? You need me to spell it out? Kim. Was. Jealous. Kim. Likes. You. Idiot. No accounting for taste, but - HEY!”

“Zach, Trini, is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

“No, Ms. Morris we were just, uh, having a disagreement over the meaning of a passage.”

Watching Zachary Kwan trying to appear innocent was not a pretty sight, but luckily, their teacher just rolled her eyes and moved on.

“What did I say about the kicking?? Jeez. And here I am, trying to help you out. Some friend you are.”

“Aww poor wittle baby. Suck it up, bitch.” 

Trini was quiet for a moment, thinking. 

“You’re not pulling my leg? Kim’s really into me?”

“Dude you’re like, Wynonna Earp level oblivious.”

“I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.”

“Definitely an insult.” 


Tommy’s next flirting target two days later, ironically, was Kim. 

Their training session for the day had ended, and they were all relaxing and nursing various bruises and scrapes under the coolness coming from the lake above the pit. Trini, observing Tommy’s flirting process, personally thought that the award for Wynonna Earp obliviousness should go to Kim, who hadn’t realized yet that Tommy had been flirting with her for the past half hour.

Trini had conducted her own experiments over the past two days to see if Zach was just insane or if his claim held any merit. She’d found, to her surprise, that he might, in fact, in some weird twist of fate, be right, and she’d been trying all morning to come up with a way to ask her fellow ranger out. 

And then Tommy had butted in, and Zach had been smirking at her for the past half hour, and winking every time Tommy said something even remotely suggestive. Now, glancing from Kim to Zach one more time, he waggled his eyebrows and tilted his head in a clear dare. Trini Alverado was not one to ever back down from a dare.

Taking a fortifying breath, she left her perch atop one of the rocks in the pit and stalked over to Kim and Tommy. Kim brightened at the sight of her, giving Trini butterflies, and Tommy’s eyes took on a mischievous gleam. 

“Hey, Tommy. Kim, I’m really sorry about this.”

Kim looked confused, and Tommy looked amused. 

“For what?” They voiced the query at the same time. 

Taking another breath, Trini grabbed Kim’s wrist and pulled the taller girl down so she could press her lips to Kim’s.

She could hear Zach’s whoop of laughter, Billy’s clapping, and Jason’s cheering in the background as she felt Kim’s startled exhale of breath against her face. A tentative hand threaded itself through her hair as she felt Kim move closer to her, press more firmly into her lips, and heard Tommy’s quiet chuckle next to them.

She pulled away from Kim, a small smirk on her lips and took a few steps backwards.

“We should do that again some time, if you’re interested.”

With a thrust from her legs, she propelled herself through the lake, hoping Kim wouldn’t be too far behind.

Companions reacting to a pregnant Sole going into labor in the middle of no where.

AN: Oh I’ve got a thing for romanced companions ones :D Thank you for the request! Because of this I now know what to do if a woman (or me for that matter) is about to gonna give birth in the middle of nowhere or in a car or sth. I’m learning some life skills here! ;) PS: the first ones got a bit long I tried to kinda restrain myself after those to avoid tldr but man this ask is technically fanfic/oneshot material.

Sole’s eyes widened. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She figured she could make it back to Diamond city in time to give birth to this kid and settle down there for a while… take it easy. Clearly she had been mistaken. This baby was coming and nothing was going to stop it. She looked over at her companion, who was still oblivious to what was happening, and pointed at a very, very shabby looking hut-like thing in the distance. “Let’s check that out.”  She figured that was exactly how far she was still going to get. As soon as they closed the door behind them she hunched over, stumbled over to the remnants of a bed and grabbed on to the upper arm of her companion. She looked him straight in the eye. “ Looks like this baby isn’t waiting around for the due date. I’m having this baby. Now. “ 

“ Oh dear! Okay, it’s happening! Let’s… let’s get you comfortable, Mum!” Codsworth put on a brave face and tried his best to keep his cool but could not for the life of him hide his panic (or excitement, Sole wasn’t entirely sure) in the slightest. Sure, he wasn’t exactly programmed to help bringing children into the world but he was sure that they would manage, after all “it is a beautiful and natural part of life, mum”. His peptalk, including those exact words, served more to soothe himself than to soothe Sole,
“Codsworth I appreciate you wanting to make me feel better but let’s focus on this tiny human getting out safely rather than on peptalking me, please?”
“ Certainly! Oh, it will be such a beautiful child! I bet it’ll have your eyes,Mum.” 
“ Codsworth… I’m in a lot of pain.”
“ Err… right. What should I do?” 
“ Get out water, some clean cloth or clothing to wrap this kid in, anything helpful.” Another contraction hit her. “ Right. Now.”   Codsworth tried to hide that he felt at a loss considering he had no clue on how to proceed next. In between contractions, Sole just told him what to do next as he meticulously followed her every instruction. He hated that he couldn’t help her with the pain but it’d have to do. 

Danse stayed remarkably calm and got out of his power armor. Sole kept his eyes on him. Sure, she hadn’t expected him to be the kind to go  frantic but he was far too calm… did he think she was kidding or something? “ I’m not joking.”
“ I am aware of that. There is no need for concern. Breathe in, breathe out and relax.I won’t let anything happen to you or this baby.”
 “Danse, I know for a fact that ‘how to be a midwife’ is not part of the Brotherhood’s training process.” 
Danse smiled, she didn’t think she’d ever seen him more in love with her than in that moment. “  Ensuring that you are prepared for the mission you will embark on is part of the training. I made sure I was well-informed  and therefore know precisely what to do. Our only concern is potential complications.” Sole’s stomach turned at the idea of that being a possibility and regretted not listening when he had urged her to just lay low and stop travelling around sooner.  He took some clean cloth, water, a stim pack, a pipet… out of his backpack and took his top off. Sole’s tried to smile but the pain made it difficult.  “Danse… I appreciate the distraction but …”
“ We need to keep this child warm, body heat is ideal. I presumed you are in enough discomfort already however you can certainly opt to use your own body heat.” Sole grimaced. Yeah, she was in enough discomfort already indeed.
“ No thanks. “ He got a blanked out and put it over her after helping her out of her pants, presumeably to keep her warm. 
“  You might have to breastfeed the child as it will lessen the bleeding due to the hormones.” She smiled at Danse. “Thanks for having my back.” 
Danse gave her a reassuring smile and brushed some hair out of her face as gently as possible. “ Thank you for being the love of my life and giving me a family. Hang in there Sole, you’re going to be allright. Both of you. I will protect you, no matter what. Both you and our child. “

 MacCready seemed to be lost in thought. “ Don’t just stand there, now what do we do?”  He sat down beside her.
“ We don’t have time to get you to a doctor so we’re gonna have to make do with whatever we’ve got here. But hey, how hard can it be right?”
“ You have no idea.”
“ Right, sorry. Lucy made it very clear to me that it wasn’t easy when she had Duncan. The things she yelled at me, I thought I’d pull back a bloody stump considering how hard she squeezed my hand. I’ve only seen it and even I felt traumatised. I mean, damn what you women do is way more badass than anything that I…“
“ Yeah, real comforting there, MacCready.”
“ *ahum* Anyway I think I’ve got this.” He grabbed a somewhat clean shirt from his duffel bag and started ripping it up after putting his coat underneath Sole. The house may have come with a bed but clean sheets were something else entirely.“ You’ve still got some purified water, right?” He looked through her stuff and lifted the bottle. ‘Found it!’
“ I appreciate you trying to stay calm but I doubt having watched it once makes you any more of a midwife than me.” 
“ Someone once told me the second kid is easier though?”
Sole groaned and shot him a vicious look. “Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.”
“ Okay, you’ve got this. I’ve got you. This baby is gonna be come out you’ll forget about all the bad stuff. Start with those puffy breathy things.”
“ Puffy breathy things?”
“ ‘C mon you know what I mean. ”  
MacCready focussed on her, showing to be much calmer than she was. However she noticed some tears welling up in his eyes. 
“ You’re gonna be fine. “ He grabbed her hand while she was still puffing. 
“ It’s always nice to see you this emotional, MacCready. “ She was expecting an excuse, from the dusty place to a full-blown twig in his eye. Perhaps onion-cutting ninja’s for the occasion.
“  I’m about to see my second child. This …  This is a big deal all right? You’ve done so much for me. You’ve given my son his life back, you’ve given me my life back and now you’re bringing another one into this world. And I get to raise them with you. Damnit Sole, I love you.”
“ No cursing.” She squeezed his hand at another contraction. 
“ Yeah you’re gonna have to let go cause I gotta get there now though.”


“ Ohkay… well I used to be a nurse once upon a time, all the doctor’s fancied me… probably because of the blonde wig and my long legs. “
“ Deacon, this is really not the time.”
“ I could be telling you the same thing.” She shot him the kind of look that made him count his lucky stars for her currently not being capable of fighting him because she would’ve handed him his ass. She hissed at him; “Look I know humor is your way of dealing with stressful situations and usually I am all for it. But not. Now.”
Deacon couldn’t supress a wide grin. “Well I helped get it in there I suppose I can help gettin’ it out.”
“ I swear if you’re gonna keep blurting out ‘funny’ shit you’re gonna make me a single mother.” Deacon was still smiling.
“ That would be a crying shame, especially because you would be dealing with the crying. Actually, maybe that’s preferable, then I get some peace and quiet.’
“ Really, Deacon? That’s your reaction? Don’t you think it’s a bit early for bad dad jokes?” 
“ No. Panic. I would say panic is my reaction. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Feel better knowing that? What do you suggest we do?” 
“ Get some things ready and please, please don’t do the fake being hurt thing when I yell insults at you because my sense of self-control is at an all-time low.”
“ Gotcha, By the way, you’re doing great, keep up the pushing.” 
Sole groaned. “Less peptalk more getting your kid out because just like their dad it loves to get me stressed out.” 
“ Aww, they take after me already.”
“ Deacon, shut the hell up and get my pants off.” He opened his mouth again when Sole yelled ‘NO innuendoes.”

Gage’s eyes widened… “ Come again? This is some sort of bad joke right? Here?” 
Sole shook their head. “ Not the kind of thing I joke about.” Sole doubled over, hand on her belly, at another contraction. “Some help’d be nice”
He sighed and picked her up. “ Well shit boss, I’m not prepared for this.”
“ Should’ve thought about that before you got me knocked up Gage.”
He smiled a little.“ That’s what you get for always taking what you want I guess.” 
“ Oh please, if you had taken anything without my say-so you wouldn’t be breathin’ anymore. For now you’re gonna have to take off that armour and make sure you get this kid out safely.” Gage sighed. “I didn’t sign up for the getting it out part.” 
“ And I didn’t sign up for defeating your Overseer with a squirt gun, shit happens. We need to get this child out safely.”
The look on Gage’s face shifted as he got out some clean water. Shit, what else did he need for this. Sole noticed.
“ Wait… is that concern Gage?”
“ I… No.”
“ It actually easy, that I’d live the day to see this.”
“ This is my kid too ya know. I don’t want it to have the kind of fucked up life I’ve had, but it’d be a good start if it comes out kicking and screaming. But cause someone refused to stay put I’ve gotta help you get my kid out.”
“  Say whatever you want, I’ve found a soft spot in that cold cold heart anyway.“ Sole winked before another contraction plastered a look of pain on her face again.
“ I’ll guide ya through it Gage. But I can’t hold your hand through this cause  you’re gonna need them. So get something to put this baby on.” She decided that the last thing she had to do now is get insecure, wouldn’t help either of ‘em.
“Damn boss, you’re somethin’ else. Fuck it, let’s do this.”


“ Looks like this kid takes after their dad, life’s to the fast and the rebellious. “
“ Yeah, high five it when it gets out but help me first.” Hancock looked rather happy until he noticed just how much pain Sole was in.
“ You alright?” Sole looked at them. If looks could kill…
“ And people say there are no stupid questions.” She folded double, grabbing at her abdomen. “ This hurts like hell.” He guided her to the bed and let her lay down on it. 
“ I’d give ya some chems but that’d be bad for the baby.”
“ No kidding, I’m not having any of that filth now regardless Hancock.”
“ Guess we can’t make it to Diamond City anymore? I was looking forward to finding out whether they’d really let me in with you by my side, me being the father and all that.”
“ Hancock, focus. No small talk. I could use some help getting my pants off.” 
“ Ah, just what you said when we conceived the little one. Good times.” Hancock winked. Sole would laugh if the contractions weren’t hurting quite as much as they were. “
“ Alright… let’s fuck this shit up.” Sole slit her eyes. “Let’s fuck this shit up? Seriously? Look I know you’re a man and all but I speak from experience when I say this is not that easy.”
“ You’ve been dating a me for a while now darling, in comparison this is gonna be a freakin’ breeze. You’re a fucking superhero and I love you. Now, lay back, push and let’s hope this baby gets their looks from mommy.” 

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Maxson didn’t waste any time and picked her up. He put her down on the bed gently and seemed extremely calm. 
“ Maxson, are you even processing what I just said?” 
“ I know precisely what I am doing and  yes I have. We have this under control.”
Sole groaned in pain. “ Speak for yourself … the pain is getting worse.”
Maxson got out a wide array of things he needed to deliver the baby .
“ You do what I tell you what I tell you and there ought to be no issues.”
Sole scoffed. “Sure, cause you know all about babies. Maxson, with all do respect, this is not exactly the same as commanding an army.”  
 Sole clenched her teeth and dug her nails into what was left of the matress on the bed before screaming out. Maxson rushed over and for a moment his facade cracked, he was worried about her, brushing some hair out of her face.
 “ Are you alright?” 
Sole grimaced. “ Hardly. What happened to having everything under control?” 
“ Our child will be safe, it’s you I am concerned about.”
“ What makes you so sure Maxson?” 
“ I asked Cade what I would need to help you deliver this child if he wasn’t nearby. I have prepared for this potentially happening and have all the required equipment at the ready.” Sole screamed again, he grabbed her hand. 
“ I swear I will protect you and this child. I will send a message to the Brotherhood after this and they will come pick us up in a ventibird. And then you will rest.” Sole grinned. “Never listened before.”
“ I’ll lock you up if I have to, I care more about your safety than about some missions.”
“ You mean you love me more than the Brotherhood? That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.” She screamed again and grabbed his hand, he didn’t even flinch as she squeezed as hard as she could.
“ I love you and this child more than anything. Now focus on doing this. You are my goddamn Sentinel for a damn good reason, you can do anything. That includes this. Just… whatever you do stay with me.” 

 “I really don’t think this is the time. I mean…”
Sole grimaced. “ I don’t think this kid cares about whether it’s the time for it.”
Kent supported Sole and put her on the bed.  “ Are you sure we can’t make it to Diamond City?”
“ On the list of things not even the Silver Shroud can do: delaying childbirth.”  Kent looked around nervously. “Okay… okay. What should I do.”
“ Stop looking so panicked for starters? Just do as I say and this will be fine.”

“ We’re having this baby now? Really?” Preston could hardly hide the happiness and excitement on his face when it dawned on him that the circumstances were hardly ideal for someone to give birth. He looked around. They were in a small shack in the middle of nowhere… panic crept up on him. He looked at Sole who seemed very busy with putting on a brave face but he knew when someone was scared. He picked her up, knowing he had to be the strong one. She had enough on her mind now. “ I got you. This baby is going to be fine.” He gently put her down on the bed in the hut. 
“ I was hoping for better circumstances but at least it isn’t raining, right?”  He held her hand. 
“ This is not the first time I’ve helped someone getting a baby out in the world by the way.” Sole laughed a little, very faintly because of the pain. 
“ You mean you’ve got a bunch of kids running around?”  He laughed and brushed some hair out of her face and helped her take off her pants and get a little more comfortable. “ No, but we do a lot in the Commonwealth. There was once a pregnant lady among the people we saved. The stress made her go into labour sooner than expected. But the baby pulled through.” Knowing that he had done this kind of thing before soothed her  a little.
“ I’m going to look for things we can use. Some clean cloth, water,… You’re going to have to take your top off too I’m afraid. Saved the mother. The child’s grandmother was with us and she told us it could stop the bleeding faster. I’ll get you a blanked though.” Sole nodded. 
“ You’re going to be okay. I promise.”

Nick immediately focused on getting Sole calm and comfortable on the cot in the hut. “ Listen to me, kid. You can do this. We’re going to get this baby out safely do you hear me?” Sole nodded, still biting down on her lower teeth.
“ I guess it’s gonna have to come out somehow.” She smiled a little but still looked panicked. What if something went wrong? They first thought there were complications with Shaun’s birth as well but it quickly turned out to be a false alarm, she might not be as lucky this time.
“ The first thing you need to do is slow your breathing, relax.”
“ Easy for you to say.” The pain of the contractions wasn’t getting much better. He took off his coat and put it underneath Sole.
“ That’s gonna be messed up if this kid when the baby comes out Nick. Blood doesn’t wash out easily.”
“ Do you honestly think I give a damn? This is our child. I’m going to try to get you comfortable.” He did as much as he could to make Sole lay down in a comfortable position.
“ It’s not my comfort I’m worried about.” Nick sat down next to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck until his forehead touched hers. “ First of all; I love you. Second; when I say push you’ll have to push. I will support the baby’s head and make sure they’re breathing, okay?” Sole nodded. Nick planted a kiss on her lips. “ Everything is going to be alright. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I will not lose you or this baby”

Sturges’ eyes widened. “Oh… okay, no need to panic we can do this.” Sole grimaced. “ I’m not so sure about that.” 
“ Hey this is nature, you’ll be fine. I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you or to our baby.” He smiled at her in such a proud way that her heart melted a little. 
“ This is not exactly how I wanted things to go down sturges.”
“ Hey, look at me alright? You’ve got this. You’re a badass, I’ve seen you save so many people and survive against all odds, even if you can’t properly install a tap. This baby is going to conquer the world with a mom like you. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna get something to wrap the baby into, okay? Lay down and try that breathing thing.” He walked to his backpack but immediately walked back over to her and brushed some hair out of her face. “ I forgot to say one more thing… I love you.”

“ The nearest point we can transport to the Institute is 5 minutes away. I suggest we start moving.”
“ I’m not gonna make it there.”
“ You are.” He lifted Sole up and carried her to the place they were supposed to be. X6 seemed to be convinced he had it all under control although he looked more stressed than Sole had ever seen him. He barely managed to get Sole to a point where she could be transported to the Institute and once there started yelling orders at each and every doctor. As they frowned at him for presuming he, as a synth, had the audacity to doing so Sole yelled that he was officially her second and would be obeyed. Especially in these circumstances.
He continued his orders and Sole noticed a hint of a smile. Someone stood beside her and urged her to calm her breathing to delay the birth a little. X6 soon sat beside her, holding her hand.
“ I’d hardly considered you the sentimental type.” 
“ I am aware of the fact that squeezing someone’s hand aids them in getting the focus off the pain to some extent.” With her next contraction she squeezed again, hard. Part of her didn’t give a damn but she looked at X6 regardless, trying to figure out if she hadn’t hurt him.
“ I can take it. Do whatever you need to do.”

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an answer to why people hate on Star('s flaws)

venturing a guess here

but it’s because a lot of people want to have their cake and eat it too (in addition to the standard misogyny)

they want a protagonist who is basically perfect yet who faces challenges and obstacles and grows from them

Except that if a protagonist is perfect, or close to it, then how can they face real challenges or obstacles? Because they should succeed with either little effort, or little lasting negative consequences/ramifications, and that means there’s no real chance for character growth because the protagonist didn’t have to do or learn anything because she’s already perfect

Star is incredibly far from perfect. She’s kind and loving and good-intentioned, but she’s also selfish and doesn’t think about the consequences. And these real-life character flaws common in many people (especially teenagers) have really bad ramifications given that Star has a ton of responsibility placed on her.

But because we have the 3rd person view, where we see a lot of things the cast of the show can’t, we think “well Star should’ve done this or felt like this, etc.” because we aren’t as invested in the situation as Star, and we have much more knowledge and the benefit of hindsight.

The Pine Tree

A/N: Heyyy guys long time no see? Yes, writing this latest chapter was like wresting a rattlesnake while balancing a few ceramic plates on top of my head, but here it is! Plus I already started working on the new one, so hopefully it’ll be out relatively soon. In the meantime, enjoy this small detour before the plot rears its ugly head again. 

Au by @doodledrawsthings, based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

“Hey, who’s the new guy? He’s kinda cute.”

Dipper tore his eyes away from the book he was reading to stare at Wendy in mute horror. She was glancing from the corner of her eye at Bill, who had taken the opportunity to rearrange all the snow globes on the shelves as a petty way to spite Grunkle Stan. Why they even let Bill into the gift shop was anyone’s guess. So far, all he managed to do was to scare away customers and give everyone a headache. No one recognized him so far, which was a good thing, but most of these people were just passing through the town anyway, and had no idea about the disaster that took place last summer.

Wendy had just come back from a hiking vacation with her family, and since nobody expected her to be back so soon, they had no idea what to do with Bill. Dipper assumed they would have to tell her eventually, seeing how she was a regular employee, and was definitely smart enough to connect the dots by herself at some point. Better to warn her ahead of time than to wait until she dragged in an exorcist or something. Not that Dipper though it would work. At all.

But Hearing his past crush call the devil in disguise “cute” was something vaguely traumatic. And it showed, because Wendy suddenly looked concerned. “Hey Dipper, are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen Stan in his underwear again.”

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[Femslash February]: Asleep

lol that it’s only day 2 and im already late with this >.>

Day 2: Asleep (Chlonette)

Words: 2133

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Snow] [Next: Rescue]

The first time Chloe stayed after school to study in the library, she found Marinette sleeping over her books at a study table near the windows. 

Lycée turned out to be a lot harder than Chloe had thought, and trying to keep up with all of her homework without getting frustrated and forgoing it completely was almost impossible. It led to her bringing in half-finished homework assignments or not bringing in any assignments at all since it happened that Sabrina wasn’t in any of her classes this year. Her teachers packed her up with review sheets and extra homework every single day, and she had to use the hour study sessions at the end of every day to finish up all her work before she went home. It was absolutely deplorable stuff, but even her father was putting his foot down about it, which meant she really had no choice this time around. 

She was dragging her feet to the library and looking for a seat when she found Marinette at a study table all by herself. 

Chloe raised a brow. She didn’t really see Marinette much anymore. They were on completely different bac tracks and they were in completely different classes for any subjects they did share. She did occasionally see Marinette in the halls as they walked to their respective classes, but putting in the energy to mess with her was a lot harder now. It wasn’t the same now that they barely saw each other. 

But, apparently Marinette also stayed for the study blocks after school. And apparently she wasn’t faring too well. 

Chloe put her books on a chair two down from where Marinette was sitting. She was passed out on top of her tablet, and her right hand was still clutching the pen she was using to mark up the book they must have been reading for her French Literature class. Chloe reached over to check the page they were on and realized that Marinette was almost as far behind in the book as Chloe was. 

Huh. And she always thought that Marinette was a studious little thing. 

If Marinette was here, it was probably because she needed to be, and Chloe had far too much studying to get done to even bother with being petty. She poked Marinette in the forehead until she jerked up in her chair and rubbed at the cheek that was pressed against her tablet. She turned her head and groggily blinked up at Chloe. “What are you doing here?”

“Same as you probably,” Chloe replied. She shoved Marinette’s book closer to her. “Come on. I don’t need your snoring distracting me.” 

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When He Realized He Loves You

A/N - The preferences are gonna be connected with each other. So if you wanna understand what I’m talking about, you gotta read the previous ones. And sorry, they’re long lol.


He wasn’t certain up to a point where he felt the fear of losing her over someone. He has always been oblivious of such feelings, although he felt something for a certain Ravenclaw, he didn’t know whether it was love. His feelings in such a case was very visible to everyone, and Y/N like everyone, definitely noticed it. She waited for him to notice her for a very long time and eventually gave up and in the Fifth Year he finally noticed her but it was still very clear how he felt for Cho and after Cedric’s death, how they bonded. Over the course of time Harry failed to realize her contribution and love for their friendship, for him.

So once again, Y/N gave her hopes up and decided to move on, and being on the fifth year, she sure did receive some proposals when Harry wasn’t around, or in other words, was spending time with Cho. She didn’t think twice about this but she knew it was time she did something for herself.

As expected, Y/N soon got a boyfriend who was in the Quidditch team, loving but a bit loose when it came to how to be in front of certain people. She spent a lot of time with him and Harry didn’t fail to notice that. Only then he realized something big was missing from his life, how she was always there for him. He felt a strange urge to choke him to death whenever her so-called boyfriend was around her. When confronted about why he acted so strange around him, he realized his feeling of jealousy. Hermione was ofcourse very much aware of that and made him see what he really wanted.

Bonus - He imagined himself kissing Y/N and in a way understood his love for her. (Lol sorry for the way it ended. I didn’t know how to say he was in love sorry.)

Draco Malfoy:

His love for Y/N was definitely something unique. Starting from his family’s reputation to carrying on the ‘date a pureblood Slytherin’ rule, he didn’t get much time to think about this but he surely observed the difference of his behavior in front of, let’s say everyone else, and when he was with her. When he noticed this, he realized had feelings for her and he knew it very well. But was conflicted to talk about it since he has to keep secrets about his family and in no way Y/N will like about his family’s plan or rather about their doings.

It was in the fourth year that he realized it. And she tried her best to hide her feelings as well, waiting for him to ask her to Yule Ball. But her hopes were crushed when she heard Pansy giggle in excitement that Draco asked her. Although she had deep feelings for him, she had her self respect. So she accepted to go with George. He wasn’t happy about this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Both knew what they wanted. But again, it’s easier said than done.

Ron Weasley:

This brat is so stupid I swear to god. Even after spending so much time with Ron, Y/N couldn’t do anything except flirting (which he rarely understood and even if he did he either blushed or laughed it off) or hugging him. That’s the only kind of way she had to express her feelings, because even if she did confess to him, the love will not really be LOVE if he didn’t understand his own feelings. But Ron being Ron, didn’t understand the body language and was stupid as ever. He was never the kind of guy who would understand these little things. It took time, it did, but eventually he realized his love for her, and she knew he would, like everyone did. He realized he actually adored those things that he thought annoyed him the most, and that wasn’t irritating at all. It was like a daily routine that made him complete. And it was definitely in the Second Wizarding War when he realized she did not have the mindset to annoy him anymore, everything seemed confusing, painful and lost to her.

Fred Weasley:

He knew it. Spending time with Y/N was always fun and she made sure that all the pranks they played were flawless, or atleast she tried. And when Lee Jordan asked them why they didn’t flirt with her, George just laughed and said, “I never saw her that way really.” Meanwhile Fred just sat there confused as to why he didn’t flirt. It wasn’t also like he didn’t want to. So later to get his answers, when he tried, he realized that she was the only girl he felt hesitated to flirt with. Or rather, if I say, she wasn’t a girl who was for flirting or winking from far away. She was the kind of girl who was meant to be loved.

George Weasley:

If you ask who George blushed around, Y/N was the right answer. After spending some time in Hogsmeade together, they stuck around each other. Not like they were always with each other but the one where whenever they passed, they made sure to do their signature handshake, which Fred found shocking, considering he never did that with him.

I know, it wasn’t anything like him, but there he stood, staring at her from the distance once again. And this time, accidentally or not, Y/N didn’t need to throw a paper ball at him in class.

Cedric Diggory:

Mr. Diggory was surprisingly different from what Y/N experienced before. He was not only sweet but caring too. He was surely manly and when it came to Quidditch or stuffs like that but he was so different when they were alone, um, in the library. You could say when it came to meet Y/N, his Hufflepuff traits were so visible to the people around. 

Cedric was very much surprised when he realized he was head over heels over this girl, who wasn’t swooning over him. It would’ve been easier for him to impress her if she did hung around with him and flirted with him quite often. But damn, she was hard as ever. While Cedric continued struggling his way in her heart, she kept it closed, keeping in mind her first encounter with Diggory.

Oliver Wood:

Oliver was not very surprised to realize his love for Y/N, because both of them knew they have something for each other. But the whole school was extremely taken aback when they really saw what was actually happening. Their feelings grew strong day by day, after they started talking with each other for the Quidditch team selection. Wood realized his love for her when he once caught his 'competitive friend’ secretly taking lessons and concentrating more on her flying skills, giving her best in this. At first he did misunderstand her by thinking that she was very desperate to prove herself better than him. He tried his best to ignore her for the following days.

But oneday, he saw her struggling to keep herself on her broomstick and heard her say, “Oh, I’m doing this for Wood. I mean, being his friend the least I could do to keep his reputation is improving my flying skills. He is obviously embarrassed.”

He felt very guilty to think so wrong of her.

“You don’t need to force yourself into something you’re not in order to be my friend.” He yelled, coming out of his hiding spot, “Everyone has their weaknesses." Like you’re mine.


The Signs as I know them Pt. 2  (Virgo boy perspective)
  • Aries: I havnen't known him for too long, but he's really funny and pretty out there. Likes screamo music and wear s somewhat emo clothes, but they're not black. Light skin ,auburn brown hair and slight freckles.
  • Taurus: She's really athletic and sporty. I didn't like her when I first met her but now she's pretty cool. She isn't a good secret keeper. We have this thing where we hug a lot because she's not feeling good emotionally or something like that. Hair is always dyed, somewhat tan skin, clear expressions.
  • Gemini: So artistically talented. She draws mermaids and is amazing at watercolor painting. Really chill, and mostly introverted. We'll be talking and she'll say something so funny out of nowhere and it takes me by surprise (in a good way). Tall, really light features, serious face.
  • Cancer: One of the sweetest people I know. Gives me hugs all the time and she's so nice. Bubbly and mostly happy. People are mean to her for no reason though which kills me on the inside. Stopped caring for people altogether. Tan skin, brown thick hair. Lit up eyes.
  • Leo: She looks kind of mean from far away but super nice once you get to know her. Watch out if you get on her bad side though! Talks and laughs a lot. Smiles and talks enthusiastically. Somewhat tall but not short. Nice smile.
  • Virgo: Really booksmart and gets lovesick quite easily. We have a lot in common and appreciate those things. We give each other great advice and help each other out when we're not feeling well. Kind of bristly when you first meet her but she's pretty nice once you know her. Short, dark features.
  • Libra: She seems like she hates the rest of the world, but she really just hates school. Brutally honest about everything and everyone, but really funny. Smiles a lot and is all about gossip. Is really nice to teachers and is pretty smart. A little tall but not short, expressive eyes.
  • Scorpio: DRAMATIC. He overreacts about every little situation and it gets a little annoying. Not as bad if you actually have a conversation with him though. Does nice things for people but can be really mean for no reason.
  • Dark features, fast movements.
  • Sagittarius: New this year to our school, she's really funny and we talk a lot on the bus. Doesn't need people to survive in a social setting and is perfectly fine alone. Into memes and all that kind of stuff and has a strong sense of morals. Light skin, dark hair, somewhat short.
  • Capricorn: I think he was born responsible to be honest. Got a job at 14 and loves to work. He was really polite when he first met me and he somewhat opened up to me. Me and my friend were being really petty to him though and I felt bad about it but they're super close so I also don't. Tall, straight nose, slow walk.
  • Aquarius: Can play a few different instruments, has some social struggles. She and I both kind of hate the world and have pretty good talks. She's pretty crazy once you get to know her and it's pretty cool. Smooth skin, thin, observant eyes.
  • Pisces: We've been there for each other emotionally. (I think it's the whole opposites thing but idk). When she was afraid to do something I kept encouraging her and good things came from it. She's a really nice person and loves music. She knows two languages. Black hair, tall, athletic.
Spicy Mustard for the Fancy

Pairing: Philip x Reader (Jefferson’s daughter)
Warnings: just cute Philip, and very casual swearing probably
Word Count: 1,572
Request/Summany: Spicy Mustard jokes from Philip Hamilton used as a diss, but then during Jefferson’s speech, turns it into a pick up line on you, the eldest Jefferson daughter
For: @ask-thomass-jefferson and @ask-liza-schuyler and @hamillspam
Extra: Anthony had his last show last night and I couldn’t resists this after I saw this starter for a dash rp. It was too good to resist. I’m still laughing.. spicy mustard. This is also @ask-thomass-jefferson ‘s fault. He started this monstrosity. 


You weren’t very happy, mostly because of your father’s unhappiness at who they were placed at a table with at the Congressional banquet. You had sat down next to your father at a table with the Hamiltons. Your father had always had a large distaste for the family. The mother, Eliza Hamilton, seemed to be kind enough. She was gentle and loving, and made you miss your own mother. But the large freckle of a child that was a year older than you was nothing but a slight annoyance. He never took anything seriously. Nothing. It had gotten on your last nerve the last time you were seated with the Hamilton family. He was cute in his own charming way, sure, but he still was nothing but much of annoyance to you. Sometimes he had his moments that made you question your opinion, but for now it was on the wall between annoyance and hold my hand in the odd school child kind of way.

Your father and Mr. Hamilton exchanged a business-like handshake, both clearly not in the mood for the other. We would have to sit with them all night, and neither me nor my father were ready for the harassment from Hamilton. You couldn’t help but catch Philip’s eye, the smirk on his face growing wider by the second. You very openly held your hand out to Mrs. Hamilton. She gave you a large smile.

“We don’t hand shake, my dear. Hugs all around,” she said softly, pulling you into a gentle hug. You couldn’t help but smile at the contact. Eliza was by far your favorite Hamilton. She was beyond kind and mannerly. You hugged her back gently before looking at Philip, your smile instantly fading.

“Where’s my hug, y/n?,” he asked, clearly joking, but there was a hint of how much of a joke it wasn’t in his voice. You rolled your eyes as you held your hand out to him, expecting a small shake. His large hand gently slid into yours, but he didn’t shake it. You watched as he slowly turned your hand, leaning down as he maintained eye contact, pressing his lips to the back of your hand. Alexander Hamilton let out a slight laugh of retort as your father sat there looking unamused. His hazel eyes held yours as he pulled away slightly. This boy was everything you didn’t want, but to say he wasn’t appealing to you in a way was an outright lie. Your breath caught in your chest as he watched you. You gently pulled your hand from his, taking your seat next to your father. Everyone else got situated, and as the two children of the founding father’s, you ended up sitting next to each other at the back of the table. Naturally. It was starting to not bother you.

You two stayed quiet for the most part, listening to your fathers converse as mannerly as possible. Your father was trying hard to maintain his composure at the lude jokes that came from Hamilton’s mouth. Philip was staying quiet, more quiet than usual. He seemed to just be drawing the whole time. His dark curls fell against his freckled face as his fingers drew the outlining of an elegant bird. You couldn’t help but appreciate him when he was calm. You couldn’t help but appreciate how carefully his fingers moved against the paper. The servers had come and brought the first course to you, Philip quickly pushing his drawings out of the way. Your father wasn’t very kind to any of the servers, but Philip seemed to have been raised other wise. He apologized for himself being in the way with a soft smile. The smile pulled at the corner of his eyes causing them to wrinkle slightly.

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“The only crime to see a spike in Sweden in the last year is hate crimes again Muslims”

Get this liar xenophobic racist apologist, Jedediah Bila, off air. 

Fair representation? She’s normalizing mass spread lies, gaslighting, and fascism, and defending utter islamophobia. Whoopi is far too kind to her, she doesn’t deserve that kind of respect or platform.

On top of being a defender of hate, unjust prosecution, and mental pollution, she LITERALLY tries bringing up more FALSE statistics. 

Big Brother

Anon Prompt: “Hey! Could I get a jugx sister!reader where he finds out she’s having a hard time at school with the other kids and has been for awhile but she didn’t want him to worry about her or look at her as weak, and then he finds her getting picked on by a football player and he goes off on them?”

A/N: You sure can!

Sometimes you hated the fact that your Mom had taken Jellybean with her instead of you and Jughead; leaving you with your alcoholic father.

It broke your heart that you were left behind but you knew you had to stay for Jughead, who had decided to take care of F.P and make sure he was okay while your Mom made sure Jellybean was safe.
You were family and that’s what you did, you stayed together no matter what.

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So I saw Lindsay Ellis’s recent-as-of-late-March-2017 video about Beauty and the Beast (the original film, not the remake) and I took issue with the fact that in the end her biggest criticism of the film was that Belle didn’t really have a story arc - that she begins the narrative essentially self-actualized, knowing herself and what she wants and needs, but that she ends it ditching “adventure” for “love”. I’ve heard this argument before, and while I can’t exactly dispute it (because frankly the film is short and has a large cast and has to cram a lot of things into a relatively tiny runtime) I do think it’s somewhat shortsighted.

According to “Belle (Reprise)”, our heroine wants something pretty simple - she wants “adventure in the great wide somewhere”. But she doesn’t stop there - she immediately makes the jump from merely wanting to leave to wanting someone who understands her. She’s lonely in her small town, not because she hates the people around her but because she feels isolated. She doesn’t conform to either the social expectations of her class or her gender, and she’s ostracized for it - adventure, for her, is a means of escape to a world where she feels valued. (This is all subtext, of course, but BatB is heavy on subtext) “I want so much more than they’ve got planned” is, in my opinion, the most honest line Belle has in any of her songs - her goal isn’t Leave Home And See The World, it’s Be Myself And Be Valued For It Without Being Held To Social Expectations That Hurt Me Because I Can’t Meet Them. And her character arc is about realizing that she doesn’t have to go off someplace far away to get what she wants - her kindness, and her grace, and her personal strength are meaningful anywhere and can make real changes. (I’m reminded of how I used to think that I had to be a She-Ra-esque Strong Independent Warrior Woman, because “fighting” for me was representative of “being valued for who I am”, but that’s essentially beside the point)

Belle and the Beast/Adam are both outcasts - Adam because, well, he spent puberty as a literal giant rage monster, and Belle because she’s noticeably different from her neighbors. And they find one another and bond not out of some expectation that they ought to fall in love but because they respect one another - he values her intellect and her interests, and she sees beyond his emotional extremes. And it’s this relationship that gives them each strength to stick it out - to improve, and to help their communities. The two of them get Gaston out of the picture, which was in my opinion painfully necessary because he was probably the reason no one in town was willing to listen to Maurice, who was quite useful as an innovator and inventor, and they’re able to use what they’ve learned about themselves to better the world they’re living in. By the end of the film neither of them want to run away anymore - they don’t have to. And honestly I think that’s a way more satisfying arc than anyone gives it credit for.

consider this: at the party this last friday, noora was looking for sana. since sana was busy praying in a room that was kind of far-off, she couldn’t find her. she wanted to ask one of the girls, but they were all busy talking to other people. she then found yousef, who was sitting all alone on a couch, drinking a beer. he was the only one that she could think of that actually knew sana, so she decided to ask him if he’d seen her. she approached him and started talking to him, but didn’t get a very useful answer. sana had been gone for several minutes already, and it had been at least half an hour since he’d last seen her. since he had no one else to talk to, and she obviously didn’t either, they started to have an actual conversation. they naturally started talking about sana, since she’s the only thing they both knew they had in common. noora tells yousef that she met him through the russ buss, and yousef tells noora that he met her through elias. they then talk a bit deeper about sana and since noora is a smart girl, it isn’t very hard for her to figure out that he has feelings for her. so she just casually confronts him about it, saying something like: “so are you and sana just friends, or is there something else going on between the two of you?”. yousef can’t help but blushing and answers with something like: “i don’t know, actually”. the conversation goes on, and yousef probably tells her a bit too much. a), because noora has a very calming vibe that makes you feel like you can trust her, and b) there’s been alcohol involved. and some of the things he tells her really indicates in sana liking yousef back… 
and that’s how noora finds out about sana and yousef. explaining why she definitely seemed to know at thing or two about a thing or two when she talked to sana, and it also explains why yousef was smiling so big when talking to her.
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Ellen Pompeo on Female Directors, Motherhood & Politics | Variety
By Elizabeth Wagmeister

After 13 seasons, “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo made her directorial debut on this week’s episode of the long-running medical drama.

What took so long? Well, Pompeo is busy.

She’s been at the top of the call sheet on the ABC juggernaut since its premiere in 2005, and she balances leading “Grey’s Anatomy” with her other full time job: being a mother to three young children at home.

“I’m already there really a lot of hours. Directing is even more hours. The idea of spending more time there really has never appealed to me. So basically that’s it,” Pompeo tells Variety when asked why she waited until the middle of Season 13 to sit in the director’s chair. She adds, “As far as creativity on ‘Grey’s,’ you’re kind of trapped in a hospital and there’s only so much you can do, so I wasn’t that excited about it creatively.”

Pompeo says she was convinced to direct partly because of Debbie Allen, who is in charge of appointing all of the episodic directors on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and also because of her evolution on the series, thanks to creator Shonda Rhimes allowing her to learn from the sidelines about directing, producing, and storytelling, in addition to acting.

“We never can tell the way we’ll evolve — emotionally or spiritually or creatively, you never know how you’ll evolve and what will interest you creatively,” Pompeo explains. “The show has had a lot of changes and that’s precisely how the show keeps going because it does continue to change. People change, the cast, behind the scenes, the writers, everything changes. So the circumstances just changed, and when Debbie asked me to do it this time, I was more open.”

Here, Pompeo talks about her decision to finally direct, plus opens up about work-life balance, the lack of female directors, and the lack of women in politics…

Have Debbie Allen and Shonda Rhimes been asking you to direct for years?
To be honest, no one has ever asked me before. I have a pretty busy home life — I have three kids, and one of the things I’m proudest about is being able to achieve a really healthy balance. Not only do I have a great job on this show that continues to be super successful, but I have a great home life, and I cherish that a lot. I try to devote equal time to both. So no one has ever approached me about it before, and Debbie did and she started last year asking me, and I started saying no, no, no, and then she just kept at it. Debbie Allen doesn’t take no for an answer! I thought about it and everything she said was true — I do know more about the show than more of the directors that come in, so if they can do it, I certainly could. It wasn’t a question of if I could do it; it was a question of, do I want to spend that much more time here?

How much of a time commitment was it for you to direct the episode?
It was a month and I banged it out and I’m really happy that I did it. I’m lucky that I live really close to where I work, and my kids get to come to set and they get to hang out — it’s a very family-friendly set, so I just worked around that challenge by bringing my kids and my family to set all the time.

Was the schedule and time commitment the most challenging part of directing, or did you find anything else to be especially difficult?
I think the most challenging thing is just the sheer hours.

How did you decide which episode you wanted to direct?
I really wanted to direct a script from [writer] Meg Marinis and Shonda was kind enough to grant me that wish. Debbie is in charge of booking the directors so she had to just figure out in the schedule where there was space. We have a good amount of freedom because we have so many in-house directors from Chandra Wilson to Kevin McKidd and Debbie, too. We don’t book the whole season of directors ahead of time, so there were some spaces open, so it was just a matter of what slot was open and there were only a couple of episodes not spoken for, so it was pretty easy to set.

You mentioned some of your cast members who have directed. Did anyone give you advice?
No, not really. I’ve been there so long. I see everybody do it. Sara Fischer, who’s in charge of production for Shondaland and who is a remarkable human being, gave me the best piece of advice, which was to have an answer for everything and to wear sneakers, and I already do that every day [laughing]. I was already all prepared.

There is a lack of female directors in the industry. “Grey’s Anatomy” has so many female directors. Do you think that “Grey’s” is helping to pave the way for female directors?
Shonda Rhimes is definitely walking the walk. I can’t really say enough about her leadership skills and the way she’s running the company and how far she’s come. Her evolution as a leader has been very inspiring to watch. Obviously when we started, she didn’t have any employees and it was her first show and she never had a show before. So with respect to breaking down boundaries and creating an environment for people in-house to learn and create and grow is something that she definitely talks the talk and walks the walk. I don’t know if one show can change the stats and if one show is enough to move the needle with respect to the whole television business, but certainly, our numbers are much more impressive than I’m sure any other show. I doubt there’s another show that hires as many women as we do — which is so weird to me because women are such amazing multi-taskers. Directing is multi-tasking. It’s baffling to me!

It’s also baffling to me that there aren’t more women in politics because running the country is multi-tasking, and women are notoriously better at that than men. It’s so curious to me how we end up in these dynamics. Clearly, our president cannot tweet and do anything at the same time. [Hillary Clinton] can manage her emotion and tweet, all at the same time.

Would you want to direct another episode of “Grey’s”?
I am going to do another one next year. Obviously the challenge for me is I can’t not be in front of the camera. They can write me lighter when I direct. But I would direct a bunch if I could not act as much, but that’s not really an idea that anyone is interested in. Right now, I’m just scheduled to do one next year because they really want me in the show — you know, a lot. And I understand that and it’s fine.

Well, the show is called “Grey’s Anatomy,” after all.
Yeah [laughing]. I would love to direct another show or I’d love to direct a pilot where I could be really creative from the start and conceptualize everything and create a whole entire body of a story. That would be really exciting to me. That comes so easy to me, being on a television show for 13 seasons — I really have learned so much about storytelling and about all sides of it, so it comes pretty easy to me.