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Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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Okay but- Sabine and Ezra undercover mission together.

On the radio: Today is Interntional men’s day

My mum: What on earth for??

Me: Idk…I guess they can have their day?? 

 Mum: No thanks. They’ve had their thousands of years. 

 Me: Damn mum. 


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charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞



The Gemini female is interesting, versatile and intelligent. It is impossible to guess what kind of woman she is at first sight, she is far to elusive and dual. The curiosity she evokes is almost deadly, she will enjoy the misery of your chase. This femme is impossible to predict, it’s hard to keep her attention - if you don’t captivate her, she will not be afraid to leave you. Most will never come up to scratch a Gemini woman’s standards, her mind is first class. She is truly enchanting, and a real challenge for all those who dare to dare to approach her. Femme fatales of this sign are not shy of keeping theirlove interests on a string until they have her approval. The combination of her charm, wit and eloquence is a fine game of seduction she will not be shy of using. 


“Her smile stings a heart, her words create an echo, enchanting to his earsA poison of desire, a canvas of picturesque scenery,she was the quintessential beauty, that burns in sight” Libra women are worth more their weight in gold - undeniably feminine and ethereal, they are the zodiac’s Aphrodite. Libra femmes are charming and flirty, able to sweep absolutely anything off their feet with a flash of a smile and a bat of an eyelash. She is calm, collected, poised and everybody’s darling; with a fine eye for beauty and the arts.


Mystery still remains the irresistible lure that few people can ignore. Try as they might, these femmes can’t help being mysterious, and they love it. But it’s no mystery to them what they want or why. Jealousy, possessiveness and emotional scenes, which others seem to consider to be signs of devotion, are alien to her independent, free-spirited nature. They do not pay much attention to what impression they will leave on others; their aloofness is a beacon of curiosity others can’t help but follow.

Still on a semi hiatus but I had some time this weekend to do a little drawing! Believe it or not, I didn’t realize how much her design looked like Rapunzel’s until it was too late.

Her name is Percie.

Companions reacting to a pregnant Sole going into labor in the middle of no where.

AN: Oh I’ve got a thing for romanced companions ones :D Thank you for the request! Because of this I now know what to do if a woman (or me for that matter) is about to gonna give birth in the middle of nowhere or in a car or sth. I’m learning some life skills here! ;) PS: the first ones got a bit long I tried to kinda restrain myself after those to avoid tldr but man this ask is technically fanfic/oneshot material.

Sole’s eyes widened. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She figured she could make it back to Diamond city in time to give birth to this kid and settle down there for a while… take it easy. Clearly she had been mistaken. This baby was coming and nothing was going to stop it. She looked over at her companion, who was still oblivious to what was happening, and pointed at a very, very shabby looking hut-like thing in the distance. “Let’s check that out.”  She figured that was exactly how far she was still going to get. As soon as they closed the door behind them she hunched over, stumbled over to the remnants of a bed and grabbed on to the upper arm of her companion. She looked him straight in the eye. “ Looks like this baby isn’t waiting around for the due date. I’m having this baby. Now. “ 

“ Oh dear! Okay, it’s happening! Let’s… let’s get you comfortable, Mum!” Codsworth put on a brave face and tried his best to keep his cool but could not for the life of him hide his panic (or excitement, Sole wasn’t entirely sure) in the slightest. Sure, he wasn’t exactly programmed to help bringing children into the world but he was sure that they would manage, after all “it is a beautiful and natural part of life, mum”. His peptalk, including those exact words, served more to soothe himself than to soothe Sole,
“Codsworth I appreciate you wanting to make me feel better but let’s focus on this tiny human getting out safely rather than on peptalking me, please?”
“ Certainly! Oh, it will be such a beautiful child! I bet it’ll have your eyes,Mum.” 
“ Codsworth… I’m in a lot of pain.”
“ Err… right. What should I do?” 
“ Get out water, some clean cloth or clothing to wrap this kid in, anything helpful.” Another contraction hit her. “ Right. Now.”   Codsworth tried to hide that he felt at a loss considering he had no clue on how to proceed next. In between contractions, Sole just told him what to do next as he meticulously followed her every instruction. He hated that he couldn’t help her with the pain but it’d have to do. 

Danse stayed remarkably calm and got out of his power armor. Sole kept his eyes on him. Sure, she hadn’t expected him to be the kind to go  frantic but he was far too calm… did he think she was kidding or something? “ I’m not joking.”
“ I am aware of that. There is no need for concern. Breathe in, breathe out and relax.I won’t let anything happen to you or this baby.”
 “Danse, I know for a fact that ‘how to be a midwife’ is not part of the Brotherhood’s training process.” 
Danse smiled, she didn’t think she’d ever seen him more in love with her than in that moment. “  Ensuring that you are prepared for the mission you will embark on is part of the training. I made sure I was well-informed  and therefore know precisely what to do. Our only concern is potential complications.” Sole’s stomach turned at the idea of that being a possibility and regretted not listening when he had urged her to just lay low and stop travelling around sooner.  He took some clean cloth, water, a stim pack, a pipet… out of his backpack and took his top off. Sole’s tried to smile but the pain made it difficult.  “Danse… I appreciate the distraction but …”
“ We need to keep this child warm, body heat is ideal. I presumed you are in enough discomfort already however you can certainly opt to use your own body heat.” Sole grimaced. Yeah, she was in enough discomfort already indeed.
“ No thanks. “ He got a blanked out and put it over her after helping her out of her pants, presumeably to keep her warm. 
“  You might have to breastfeed the child as it will lessen the bleeding due to the hormones.” She smiled at Danse. “Thanks for having my back.” 
Danse gave her a reassuring smile and brushed some hair out of her face as gently as possible. “ Thank you for being the love of my life and giving me a family. Hang in there Sole, you’re going to be allright. Both of you. I will protect you, no matter what. Both you and our child. “

 MacCready seemed to be lost in thought. “ Don’t just stand there, now what do we do?”  He sat down beside her.
“ We don’t have time to get you to a doctor so we’re gonna have to make do with whatever we’ve got here. But hey, how hard can it be right?”
“ You have no idea.”
“ Right, sorry. Lucy made it very clear to me that it wasn’t easy when she had Duncan. The things she yelled at me, I thought I’d pull back a bloody stump considering how hard she squeezed my hand. I’ve only seen it and even I felt traumatised. I mean, damn what you women do is way more badass than anything that I…“
“ Yeah, real comforting there, MacCready.”
“ *ahum* Anyway I think I’ve got this.” He grabbed a somewhat clean shirt from his duffel bag and started ripping it up after putting his coat underneath Sole. The house may have come with a bed but clean sheets were something else entirely.“ You’ve still got some purified water, right?” He looked through her stuff and lifted the bottle. ‘Found it!’
“ I appreciate you trying to stay calm but I doubt having watched it once makes you any more of a midwife than me.” 
“ Someone once told me the second kid is easier though?”
Sole groaned and shot him a vicious look. “Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it.”
“ Okay, you’ve got this. I’ve got you. This baby is gonna be come out you’ll forget about all the bad stuff. Start with those puffy breathy things.”
“ Puffy breathy things?”
“ ‘C mon you know what I mean. ”  
MacCready focussed on her, showing to be much calmer than she was. However she noticed some tears welling up in his eyes. 
“ You’re gonna be fine. “ He grabbed her hand while she was still puffing. 
“ It’s always nice to see you this emotional, MacCready. “ She was expecting an excuse, from the dusty place to a full-blown twig in his eye. Perhaps onion-cutting ninja’s for the occasion.
“  I’m about to see my second child. This …  This is a big deal all right? You’ve done so much for me. You’ve given my son his life back, you’ve given me my life back and now you’re bringing another one into this world. And I get to raise them with you. Damnit Sole, I love you.”
“ No cursing.” She squeezed his hand at another contraction. 
“ Yeah you’re gonna have to let go cause I gotta get there now though.”


“ Ohkay… well I used to be a nurse once upon a time, all the doctor’s fancied me… probably because of the blonde wig and my long legs. “
“ Deacon, this is really not the time.”
“ I could be telling you the same thing.” She shot him the kind of look that made him count his lucky stars for her currently not being capable of fighting him because she would’ve handed him his ass. She hissed at him; “Look I know humor is your way of dealing with stressful situations and usually I am all for it. But not. Now.”
Deacon couldn’t supress a wide grin. “Well I helped get it in there I suppose I can help gettin’ it out.”
“ I swear if you’re gonna keep blurting out ‘funny’ shit you’re gonna make me a single mother.” Deacon was still smiling.
“ That would be a crying shame, especially because you would be dealing with the crying. Actually, maybe that’s preferable, then I get some peace and quiet.’
“ Really, Deacon? That’s your reaction? Don’t you think it’s a bit early for bad dad jokes?” 
“ No. Panic. I would say panic is my reaction. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Feel better knowing that? What do you suggest we do?” 
“ Get some things ready and please, please don’t do the fake being hurt thing when I yell insults at you because my sense of self-control is at an all-time low.”
“ Gotcha, By the way, you’re doing great, keep up the pushing.” 
Sole groaned. “Less peptalk more getting your kid out because just like their dad it loves to get me stressed out.” 
“ Aww, they take after me already.”
“ Deacon, shut the hell up and get my pants off.” He opened his mouth again when Sole yelled ‘NO innuendoes.”

Gage’s eyes widened… “ Come again? This is some sort of bad joke right? Here?” 
Sole shook their head. “ Not the kind of thing I joke about.” Sole doubled over, hand on her belly, at another contraction. “Some help’d be nice”
He sighed and picked her up. “ Well shit boss, I’m not prepared for this.”
“ Should’ve thought about that before you got me knocked up Gage.”
He smiled a little.“ That’s what you get for always taking what you want I guess.” 
“ Oh please, if you had taken anything without my say-so you wouldn’t be breathin’ anymore. For now you’re gonna have to take off that armour and make sure you get this kid out safely.” Gage sighed. “I didn’t sign up for the getting it out part.” 
“ And I didn’t sign up for defeating your Overseer with a squirt gun, shit happens. We need to get this child out safely.”
The look on Gage’s face shifted as he got out some clean water. Shit, what else did he need for this. Sole noticed.
“ Wait… is that concern Gage?”
“ I… No.”
“ It actually easy, that I’d live the day to see this.”
“ This is my kid too ya know. I don’t want it to have the kind of fucked up life I’ve had, but it’d be a good start if it comes out kicking and screaming. But cause someone refused to stay put I’ve gotta help you get my kid out.”
“  Say whatever you want, I’ve found a soft spot in that cold cold heart anyway.“ Sole winked before another contraction plastered a look of pain on her face again.
“ I’ll guide ya through it Gage. But I can’t hold your hand through this cause  you’re gonna need them. So get something to put this baby on.” She decided that the last thing she had to do now is get insecure, wouldn’t help either of ‘em.
“Damn boss, you’re somethin’ else. Fuck it, let’s do this.”


“ Looks like this kid takes after their dad, life’s to the fast and the rebellious. “
“ Yeah, high five it when it gets out but help me first.” Hancock looked rather happy until he noticed just how much pain Sole was in.
“ You alright?” Sole looked at them. If looks could kill…
“ And people say there are no stupid questions.” She folded double, grabbing at her abdomen. “ This hurts like hell.” He guided her to the bed and let her lay down on it. 
“ I’d give ya some chems but that’d be bad for the baby.”
“ No kidding, I’m not having any of that filth now regardless Hancock.”
“ Guess we can’t make it to Diamond City anymore? I was looking forward to finding out whether they’d really let me in with you by my side, me being the father and all that.”
“ Hancock, focus. No small talk. I could use some help getting my pants off.” 
“ Ah, just what you said when we conceived the little one. Good times.” Hancock winked. Sole would laugh if the contractions weren’t hurting quite as much as they were. “
“ Alright… let’s fuck this shit up.” Sole slit her eyes. “Let’s fuck this shit up? Seriously? Look I know you’re a man and all but I speak from experience when I say this is not that easy.”
“ You’ve been dating a me for a while now darling, in comparison this is gonna be a freakin’ breeze. You’re a fucking superhero and I love you. Now, lay back, push and let’s hope this baby gets their looks from mommy.” 

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Maxson didn’t waste any time and picked her up. He put her down on the bed gently and seemed extremely calm. 
“ Maxson, are you even processing what I just said?” 
“ I know precisely what I am doing and  yes I have. We have this under control.”
Sole groaned in pain. “ Speak for yourself … the pain is getting worse.”
Maxson got out a wide array of things he needed to deliver the baby .
“ You do what I tell you what I tell you and there ought to be no issues.”
Sole scoffed. “Sure, cause you know all about babies. Maxson, with all do respect, this is not exactly the same as commanding an army.”  
 Sole clenched her teeth and dug her nails into what was left of the matress on the bed before screaming out. Maxson rushed over and for a moment his facade cracked, he was worried about her, brushing some hair out of her face.
 “ Are you alright?” 
Sole grimaced. “ Hardly. What happened to having everything under control?” 
“ Our child will be safe, it’s you I am concerned about.”
“ What makes you so sure Maxson?” 
“ I asked Cade what I would need to help you deliver this child if he wasn’t nearby. I have prepared for this potentially happening and have all the required equipment at the ready.” Sole screamed again, he grabbed her hand. 
“ I swear I will protect you and this child. I will send a message to the Brotherhood after this and they will come pick us up in a ventibird. And then you will rest.” Sole grinned. “Never listened before.”
“ I’ll lock you up if I have to, I care more about your safety than about some missions.”
“ You mean you love me more than the Brotherhood? That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.” She screamed again and grabbed his hand, he didn’t even flinch as she squeezed as hard as she could.
“ I love you and this child more than anything. Now focus on doing this. You are my goddamn Sentinel for a damn good reason, you can do anything. That includes this. Just… whatever you do stay with me.” 

 “I really don’t think this is the time. I mean…”
Sole grimaced. “ I don’t think this kid cares about whether it’s the time for it.”
Kent supported Sole and put her on the bed.  “ Are you sure we can’t make it to Diamond City?”
“ On the list of things not even the Silver Shroud can do: delaying childbirth.”  Kent looked around nervously. “Okay… okay. What should I do.”
“ Stop looking so panicked for starters? Just do as I say and this will be fine.”

“ We’re having this baby now? Really?” Preston could hardly hide the happiness and excitement on his face when it dawned on him that the circumstances were hardly ideal for someone to give birth. He looked around. They were in a small shack in the middle of nowhere… panic crept up on him. He looked at Sole who seemed very busy with putting on a brave face but he knew when someone was scared. He picked her up, knowing he had to be the strong one. She had enough on her mind now. “ I got you. This baby is going to be fine.” He gently put her down on the bed in the hut. 
“ I was hoping for better circumstances but at least it isn’t raining, right?”  He held her hand. 
“ This is not the first time I’ve helped someone getting a baby out in the world by the way.” Sole laughed a little, very faintly because of the pain. 
“ You mean you’ve got a bunch of kids running around?”  He laughed and brushed some hair out of her face and helped her take off her pants and get a little more comfortable. “ No, but we do a lot in the Commonwealth. There was once a pregnant lady among the people we saved. The stress made her go into labour sooner than expected. But the baby pulled through.” Knowing that he had done this kind of thing before soothed her  a little.
“ I’m going to look for things we can use. Some clean cloth, water,… You’re going to have to take your top off too I’m afraid. Saved the mother. The child’s grandmother was with us and she told us it could stop the bleeding faster. I’ll get you a blanked though.” Sole nodded. 
“ You’re going to be okay. I promise.”

Nick immediately focused on getting Sole calm and comfortable on the cot in the hut. “ Listen to me, kid. You can do this. We’re going to get this baby out safely do you hear me?” Sole nodded, still biting down on her lower teeth.
“ I guess it’s gonna have to come out somehow.” She smiled a little but still looked panicked. What if something went wrong? They first thought there were complications with Shaun’s birth as well but it quickly turned out to be a false alarm, she might not be as lucky this time.
“ The first thing you need to do is slow your breathing, relax.”
“ Easy for you to say.” The pain of the contractions wasn’t getting much better. He took off his coat and put it underneath Sole.
“ That’s gonna be messed up if this kid when the baby comes out Nick. Blood doesn’t wash out easily.”
“ Do you honestly think I give a damn? This is our child. I’m going to try to get you comfortable.” He did as much as he could to make Sole lay down in a comfortable position.
“ It’s not my comfort I’m worried about.” Nick sat down next to her and grabbed her by the back of her neck until his forehead touched hers. “ First of all; I love you. Second; when I say push you’ll have to push. I will support the baby’s head and make sure they’re breathing, okay?” Sole nodded. Nick planted a kiss on her lips. “ Everything is going to be alright. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I will not lose you or this baby”

Sturges’ eyes widened. “Oh… okay, no need to panic we can do this.” Sole grimaced. “ I’m not so sure about that.” 
“ Hey this is nature, you’ll be fine. I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you or to our baby.” He smiled at her in such a proud way that her heart melted a little. 
“ This is not exactly how I wanted things to go down sturges.”
“ Hey, look at me alright? You’ve got this. You’re a badass, I’ve seen you save so many people and survive against all odds, even if you can’t properly install a tap. This baby is going to conquer the world with a mom like you. Everything’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna get something to wrap the baby into, okay? Lay down and try that breathing thing.” He walked to his backpack but immediately walked back over to her and brushed some hair out of her face. “ I forgot to say one more thing… I love you.”

“ The nearest point we can transport to the Institute is 5 minutes away. I suggest we start moving.”
“ I’m not gonna make it there.”
“ You are.” He lifted Sole up and carried her to the place they were supposed to be. X6 seemed to be convinced he had it all under control although he looked more stressed than Sole had ever seen him. He barely managed to get Sole to a point where she could be transported to the Institute and once there started yelling orders at each and every doctor. As they frowned at him for presuming he, as a synth, had the audacity to doing so Sole yelled that he was officially her second and would be obeyed. Especially in these circumstances.
He continued his orders and Sole noticed a hint of a smile. Someone stood beside her and urged her to calm her breathing to delay the birth a little. X6 soon sat beside her, holding her hand.
“ I’d hardly considered you the sentimental type.” 
“ I am aware of the fact that squeezing someone’s hand aids them in getting the focus off the pain to some extent.” With her next contraction she squeezed again, hard. Part of her didn’t give a damn but she looked at X6 regardless, trying to figure out if she hadn’t hurt him.
“ I can take it. Do whatever you need to do.”

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so nine has been up until now very hesitant regarding gender, but ten went ahead and assigned them pronouns. i think this says a lot about ten as a person, but what sticks out to me is this: shes lonely.

we see from her conversation with nancy that they havent spoken in a while - and her phatic small talk tells us that they werent especially close in the first place. she doesnt believe in a god or higher purpose, she holds herself to standards of etiquette and professionalism that everybody else has outgrown. she doesnt care about the weird or extravagant football games - she cant allow herself to indulge in what little ability to explore and experiment humanity has left.

shes old. shes from a time far older than the world shes inherited, and despite all her knowledgeability and expertise, she has no hold or claim over it. shes both vast and powerless - a brilllliant engine of precision and control that has nothing to control. so when she finds something she can control, she does.

thats nine. theyre the first thing, as far as we know, that shes had any kind of ability to influence. so shes assumed the role of their custodian: she had to reassure them that she wasnt their parent because she was certainly acting as much. she attributed them an identity, both for themselves and in relation to her.

while im not saying this imbalance defines their dynamic, nor am i saying theres anything inherently malicious about this, it is one of ten’s most outstanding characteristics that she craves the ability to be responsible for something - to change something.

The Way You Keep Me Guessing: Coco Teacher!AU

@slusheeduck and I are co-authoring this Coco teacher!AU story together, alternating every chapter or so. (AU started by @scribblrhob, also frequently referencing art by @upperstories )

[Part 1: Unexpected Responsibility

Part 2: La Directora

Imelda was still angry with Hector, meaning that when he was late to the welcome-back assembly she couldn’t text him to see where he was. She’d maintained complete radio silence for three months now despite his best efforts and was very proud of herself for it.

But she was also his supervisor and she needed to know if he was going to be late to his own class. Again. So if you thought about it, texting him now wasn’t actually a sign of weakness, but of annoyance. Which was alright.

¡Hector! You are late 4 morning assembly. ¡Vamanos!

Imelda bit her lip after sending the text, locking her phone screen before she could see his old texts.

She looked out over the assembly crowd to the older student’s section, spotting where Señora Gutiérrez was keeping an annoyed eye on Hector’s restless flock of first-period students, as well as her own. If Hector’s students, and more importantly their parents, didn’t adore him so much he’d be on probation by now. The idiota was lucky that his goofy charm seemed to work on everyone.

Well, until he messed up badly enough.

Imelda caught her vice principal watching her with a knowing look and stopped turning her phone over and over in her hands, tucking it in her jacket pocket instead.

She grit her teeth. Ever since Hector “accidentally” informed his entire class that they were seeing each other at the end of last school year, it was all any of the staff talked about. Not in front of her of course, not after she’d ripped apart Señor Alejandro in full view of everyone in the teacher’s lounge, but it was easy to see that the vice principal obviously thought she was texting Hector right now.

Which…she was…but in a strictly professional capacity.

She growled and slipped out her phone again as the assembly wound down, shielding it from the vice principal’s view with her hand. No response from Hector.

Hector. Your class is about to start. Without you. She typed.

He’d been either very brave or very stupid when he’d come by last week for his extra key, having locked himself out of his own apartment. After she’d broken up with him he’d been just intelligent enough to give her the space she needed, only smiling and waving from across the apartment complex when he spotted her.

Well, actually he’d learned to keep his distance after she’d thrown a shoe at him the first time he’d tried approaching her, but he’d gotten smarter after that.

And he’d had a little boy with him last week too, the only reason he hadn’t gotten another boot to the face. Curiosity had been eating her up for the whole week, almost badly enough for her to crack and text to ask him who was foolish enough to make him a babysitter.

Teaching a class was one thing, leaving Hector to actually care for a kid was quite another. She couldn’t even trust him to remember to water a beloved houseplant while she was out of town.

Which she had in fact done before. Only once.

Imelda kept a sharp eye out as the assembly wrapped up. Teachers across the auditorium started shouting as they herded crowds of students out doors and towards their respective classrooms. She stood and strode to the exit, adults and children alike quickly parting to let la directora de la escuela through.

By the time she reached the front office the reberating echo of the class bell had faded and the long linoleum hallways were empty again. She was about to duck into her own office to have a very stern phone call with a particular employee of hers, when she saw a rush of suspiciously furtive movement out of the corner of her eye.

She spun to see Señor Rivera himself attempting to sneak past her, coffee in one hand, towing a young boy along with the other. His ever-present guitar case on his back.

“Rivera.” She barked after him, folding her arms.

Hector froze and slowly turned to face her with a sheepish grin, caught.

“Imelda!” He said, a little too cheerful, “Wow, can I just say you look great this morning? Really, you do. You know I’d love to stay and chat, but I seem to be running a bit late today. I’ve got to hurry over to my class before they think I’ve given up on them before the year’s even started.”

“Who is this?” Imelda said, pointing to the small boy half hiding behind Hector. The same one she’d seen the other day when she hadn’t knocked Hector back down her fire escape.

Hector looked down, eyebrows raising as if noticing he had a shadow for the first time. “Ah! This is my godson Miguel, guitarist extraordinaire and my teaching assistant for the day.”

“When you said he’d be staying with you for a while, I thought you meant the weekend.” Imelda said, her tone becoming much more calm with a child present.

And not just because of his age, Miguel seemed to have that kind of subtly fragile look about him that she had seen far too many times before in her career. Something bad had happened to him, and recently, if her directorial instincts were any good.

“Nope,” Hector said brightly. His careful tone matched the same kind of childproofing as hers as he ruffled the boy’s hair. “Miguelito here’s gonna be with me for a few months, we’ve been having a great time too, haven’t we chamaco?”

The boy shrugged, leaning against Hector’s leg with his hands stuffed in the pockets of his red hoodie.

“Well Miguel, we’re so glad to have you here.” Imelda said with a smile. “I suppose you’re going to be attending school with us then?”

“Tio Hector forgot to sign me up for classes.” Miguel said, looking up at his guardian with a slightly weary look that Imelda could relate to only too well. She was starting to like this kid.

“I was just going to have him hang out with me today and get his paperwork figured out after school.” Hector said, his sheepish look back as he rubbed the back of his head. “It slipped my mind, I apologize for that. It’s funny, I’ve never had to worry about signing up a kid for school before, just about stuffing something useful into their heads once they get here.”

“You mean once you get here.” Imelda said cooly. “You go ahead to your class, I’ll make sure Miguel gets where he’s supposed to be and that his records are processed.”

“Eres un ángel Imelda.” Hector said, smiling with relief. He looked down at Miguel, who was now holding tightly onto his pant leg. “Ay gordito, Imelda’s gonna get you to your own class okay? She won’t bite if you don’t. I’ll catch up with you after school.”

Miguel hesitated, but then nodded and let go of Hector’s pant leg, making his way through the office door Imelda was holding open for him.

“I’ll be right in Miguel, I just need to ask your tio a few questions.” Imelda said before closing the door.

“Hector, what is going on?” She asked, worry coming back into her voice now that they were alone in the hallway. “You never told me you had a nephew.”

Hector sighed heavily, suddenly looking ten years older with fatigue, weighing down what little smile he managed to keep on his face. “His parents both died two weeks ago and I’ve been playing godfather while his family figures out what to do. Sorry about today, he’s not too excited about started a new school and we got a late start this morning. Poor kid’s had his whole world turned upside down. He’s from Santa Cecilia, his records should be in whatever school district covers that town.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Imelda said, her heart breaking for the boy sitting in her office, “I’ll get everything taken care of. You just worry about getting to class, you definitely owe Señora Gutiérrez for covering for you again.”

“Muchas gracias diosa, you’re a real lifesaver.” Hector looked like he wanted to hug her, but the glare he got from using her pet name cooled him just enough to get him moving down the hall instead, waving cheerfully over his shoulder as he trotted away.

Imelda shook her head as she watched him go. Miguel’s situation was making it harder to be angry at Hector and it was annoying her.

“So Miguel, let’s get you set up for school all right?” she said, entering her office and sitting down at her computer. She had to try several times before her old school monitor logged her in, sometimes we wished she could just smash the stupid thing and go back to good-old fashioned filing cabinets. “Can you tell me a little about yourself?”

“Well, I do like music. I’m not really super good yet like Tio Hector was saying, but I am going to grow up and be a famous guitar player.” Miguel said, holding the sides of his seat and kicking his feet in the air as he looked around her office. His gaze fixed on the bowl of tangerines on her desk. “May I have one por favor? Tio Hector never has fruit.”

Now that was definitely something she believed. “Of course, help yourself.”

Miguel eagerly scooted forward on his chair and took a tangerine in each hand, shoving one in his hoodie pocket and tearing at the peel of the other. Imelda watched him attack the fruit out of the corner of her eye as she coaxed her computer to pull up his school records on her screen.

“Did you have breakfast today?” She asked, not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

“Yeah, a hot pocket.” Miguel said around a slice of tangerine. “Hector eats a lot of fast food, and frozen stuff.”

Imelda sigh was long enough that it turned into turn into a sort of growl at the end.

Hector was not a bad person, he was actually the sweetest and kindest man she’d ever met, but that didn’t change the fact that he was sometimes a clueless bachelor and that growing children needed more than just emotional support. They needed structure and dependability. And real food for breakfast.

“Muchas gracias.” The boy said, smiling as he dropped the peel in her trash can.

Imelda nodded, smiling back as she saved his records file to process later. He was so polite, not something that she saw every day. “Alright Miguel, you’ll be with Señora Marrón today, you’ll really like her class. And I don’t suppose Hector packed you a lunch?”

“I don’t think so.” Miguel said, scratching the back of his head in exactly the way Hector did when he was embarrassed. Did they know they both did that? “He’s really great, he just forgets stuff sometimes.”

“Well, that’s alright,” Imelda said quickly, not wanting him to feel awkward. “I’ll tell the cafeteria workers that you get a free lunch today as a welcome present to our school.”

“Gracias! You’re pretty cool for a directora.” Miguel said brightly.

“Well, thank you.” Imelda said, chuckling as she logged out of her computer and stood. “Plus we’re neighbors now since I’m only a few doors down from you, I think that counts for something.”

Miguel chatted the whole way to his new classroom, his confidence having apparently been bought with fresh fruit. There was no denying how adorable he was, one of the sweetest boys she’d probably ever met, and she’d met quite a few.

By the time she dropped him off at class Imelda felt ready to do anything to protect the boy, even more so than she usually did for her students. Yes, probably partly because Hector was his guardian, but really everything about Miguel’s situation was pulling on her heartstrings. If only there was some way she to make sure Hector didn’t accidentally kill Miguel by malnutrition.

Well, there actually was an easy way to do just that, but that would mean swallowing a very large chunk of her pride.

She tried to dismiss the plan slowly forming in her head, but by the time she reached her office it had gone from her brain’s polite suggestion to a promise of guilt if she didn’t act on it.

Imelda closed her office door behind her and groaned, closing her eyes and leaning her head against the door. She really didn’t want to visit Hector. She’d been doing so good keeping distance between them, even despite his best efforts.

The image of Miguel eagerly tearing into his tangerine sprang to mind and she growled at herself. She was a strong, independent woman. If there was an adorably polite orphan in danger of excessive junk-food living a few doors down that she could help, then she sure wasn’t going to let her own pride prevent her from doing whatever she could to help him.

All she had to do was make sure Hector understood that she was visiting for Miguel’s sake. Not his.

Which was definitely and completely the truth.

[Read Part 3: Skipping Class]


I’ve got more chapters coming in the next couple days, @slusheeduck and I will be co-authoring this story (alternating chapters) so be sure to follow us to get them as soon as they are posted. :)



Criin |  ◎夏○

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red ink

Originally posted by kkuks

vampire!jjk x reader. fluff. 3.3k words. i should start writing someone else other than jungkook tbh.

Sadly, Jungkook isn’t aware of how attractive he looks.

Jungkook first caught whiff of her through the steam of the hot chocolate that burns his tongue.

He remembers it tasting so much sweeter. He remembers her back to him. He remembers the graceful glide of her pen on blank paper. He remembers the ding of the bell every time a customer enters.

It’s his first time sitting down in the restaurant, a secret sanctuary for blood thirsty fellow like him which he found out through Taehyung. He feels much more rejuvenated knowing he can ask for drops of blood on his drink without anyone shooting him weird looks.

Jungkook takes another sip, blowing a sigh to the cup on his lips as he swallow. He looks around him, the tables covered in satin white which people occupy, the clinking of cups and plates as some moves them. He wonders just how many of these people here are like him.

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Colors Showing

Upon meeting Hwang Minhyun, the CEO of vampire-run company Empire, you’re intimidated by his cold nature and enormous levels of success. As the only human working at Empire, you’re bound to get yourself in a few sticky situations, but you’d never guessed that you’d be falling for your boss.

  • for anon who requested vampire!minhyun
  • in the same universe as moonstone
  • warnings for drinking blood

“Ah, no, no, no, no,” you groaned, bouncing on the balls of your feet, periodically glancing at your watch as though it would make time slow. “Today’s the worst day for this to happen.”

You were currently on the bus in morning traffic, and your job interview for the biggest shot in your life was in 10 minutes. You were half an hour away.

The bus inched slowly through the thick traffic, drawing closer and closer to your destination. By the time you were able to finally extract yourself from the crowd on the bus, you were ten minutes late to your interview. When you raced onto the elevator of the huge skyscraper that housed Empire and Co, you were fifteen minutes late. By the time you dashed to the receptionist desk, hair messy and breathing hard, you were twenty minutes late to your job interview for salesperson at Empire and Co, one of the largest corporations in the world.

“Name?” The receptionist asked, not even looking up as her perfectly manicured nails tapped away on the keyboard.

“(y/n) (y/l/n),” you said breathlessly, doing your best to smooth down your suit jacket.

The receptionist looked up sharply, nose wrinkled as she made eye contact with you. Her eyes turned a slight tinted red, as she handed you a visitor badge, her cold, elegant fingers brushing against yours.

You did your best to ignore her stare as you made your way to the conference room where the interviews were being held, pushing the door open tentatively.

“Who is it?” A male voice asked sharply, and you stumbled inside, straightening up quickly as you scanned the room. There were five males in total, four of them sitting in folding chairs, and the fifth standing in front of them. His presence was commanding, and you’d recognize those sharp cheekbones and piercing eyes anywhere—Hwang Minhyun.

“I’m (y/n), one of the applicants,” you managed to stammer out, hurrying inside to take the final seat at the back of the conference room.

“You’re late,” Minhyun drawled, eyes pinning you down as though you were a lowly bug.

“It won’t happen again,” you rushed to say, half-bowing from your seat. One of the other applicants turned in his seat and faced you, scoffing. His crimson irises made your blood run cold as you realized just what kind of situation you’d gotten yourself into. Empire was known for being an almost exclusively vampire-run corporation. You were one of the few humans brave enough to even apply for a job there, and it was honestly a miracle that you’d secured an interview at all.

“Now, as I was explaining,” Minhyun began pacing back and forth in front of the room, hands clasped behind his back, “we’re looking to expand our market. We need a salesperson who thinks quickly on their feet, is innovative, and a problem-solver.” You perked up at that—those were definitely words that you’d used on your resume. “This interview will be conducted in two segments. The first half will be the group interview—obviously, I’ll be asking you all questions. Feel free to answer them if you feel comfortable, and if you do not, I won’t pressure you. The second half will be a more hands-on project. I’ll be giving each of you an information packet, and will expect a detailed report on it. You’ll be giving those to me at the end of this interview.”

You nodded to yourself—you could totally do this. All it would take is a little concentration and hard work.

“So, first question,” Minhyun said with an eerily charming smile, eyes darting down to the paper in front of him. “What strengths do you possess that will benefit this company?”

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When He Realized He Loves You

A/N - The preferences are gonna be connected with each other. So if you wanna understand what I’m talking about, you gotta read the previous ones. And sorry, they’re long lol.


He wasn’t certain up to a point where he felt the fear of losing her over someone. He has always been oblivious of such feelings, although he felt something for a certain Ravenclaw, he didn’t know whether it was love. His feelings in such a case was very visible to everyone, and Y/N like everyone, definitely noticed it. She waited for him to notice her for a very long time and eventually gave up and in the Fifth Year he finally noticed her but it was still very clear how he felt for Cho and after Cedric’s death, how they bonded. Over the course of time Harry failed to realize her contribution and love for their friendship, for him.

So once again, Y/N gave her hopes up and decided to move on, and being on the fifth year, she sure did receive some proposals when Harry wasn’t around, or in other words, was spending time with Cho. She didn’t think twice about this but she knew it was time she did something for herself.

As expected, Y/N soon got a boyfriend who was in the Quidditch team, loving but a bit loose when it came to how to be in front of certain people. She spent a lot of time with him and Harry didn’t fail to notice that. Only then he realized something big was missing from his life, how she was always there for him. He felt a strange urge to choke him to death whenever her so-called boyfriend was around her. When confronted about why he acted so strange around him, he realized his feeling of jealousy. Hermione was ofcourse very much aware of that and made him see what he really wanted.

Bonus - He imagined himself kissing Y/N and in a way understood his love for her. (Lol sorry for the way it ended. I didn’t know how to say he was in love sorry.)

Draco Malfoy:

His love for Y/N was definitely something unique. Starting from his family’s reputation to carrying on the ‘date a pureblood Slytherin’ rule, he didn’t get much time to think about this but he surely observed the difference of his behavior in front of, let’s say everyone else, and when he was with her. When he noticed this, he realized had feelings for her and he knew it very well. But was conflicted to talk about it since he has to keep secrets about his family and in no way Y/N will like about his family’s plan or rather about their doings.

It was in the fourth year that he realized it. And she tried her best to hide her feelings as well, waiting for him to ask her to Yule Ball. But her hopes were crushed when she heard Pansy giggle in excitement that Draco asked her. Although she had deep feelings for him, she had her self respect. So she accepted to go with George. He wasn’t happy about this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Both knew what they wanted. But again, it’s easier said than done.

Ron Weasley:

This brat is so stupid I swear to god. Even after spending so much time with Ron, Y/N couldn’t do anything except flirting (which he rarely understood and even if he did he either blushed or laughed it off) or hugging him. That’s the only kind of way she had to express her feelings, because even if she did confess to him, the love will not really be LOVE if he didn’t understand his own feelings. But Ron being Ron, didn’t understand the body language and was stupid as ever. He was never the kind of guy who would understand these little things. It took time, it did, but eventually he realized his love for her, and she knew he would, like everyone did. He realized he actually adored those things that he thought annoyed him the most, and that wasn’t irritating at all. It was like a daily routine that made him complete. And it was definitely in the Second Wizarding War when he realized she did not have the mindset to annoy him anymore, everything seemed confusing, painful and lost to her.

Fred Weasley:

He knew it. Spending time with Y/N was always fun and she made sure that all the pranks they played were flawless, or atleast she tried. And when Lee Jordan asked them why they didn’t flirt with her, George just laughed and said, “I never saw her that way really.” Meanwhile Fred just sat there confused as to why he didn’t flirt. It wasn’t also like he didn’t want to. So later to get his answers, when he tried, he realized that she was the only girl he felt hesitated to flirt with. Or rather, if I say, she wasn’t a girl who was for flirting or winking from far away. She was the kind of girl who was meant to be loved.

George Weasley:

If you ask who George blushed around, Y/N was the right answer. After spending some time in Hogsmeade together, they stuck around each other. Not like they were always with each other but the one where whenever they passed, they made sure to do their signature handshake, which Fred found shocking, considering he never did that with him.

I know, it wasn’t anything like him, but there he stood, staring at her from the distance once again. And this time, accidentally or not, Y/N didn’t need to throw a paper ball at him in class.

Cedric Diggory:

Mr. Diggory was surprisingly different from what Y/N experienced before. He was not only sweet but caring too. He was surely manly and when it came to Quidditch or stuffs like that but he was so different when they were alone, um, in the library. You could say when it came to meet Y/N, his Hufflepuff traits were so visible to the people around. 

Cedric was very much surprised when he realized he was head over heels over this girl, who wasn’t swooning over him. It would’ve been easier for him to impress her if she did hung around with him and flirted with him quite often. But damn, she was hard as ever. While Cedric continued struggling his way in her heart, she kept it closed, keeping in mind her first encounter with Diggory.

Oliver Wood:

Oliver was not very surprised to realize his love for Y/N, because both of them knew they have something for each other. But the whole school was extremely taken aback when they really saw what was actually happening. Their feelings grew strong day by day, after they started talking with each other for the Quidditch team selection. Wood realized his love for her when he once caught his 'competitive friend’ secretly taking lessons and concentrating more on her flying skills, giving her best in this. At first he did misunderstand her by thinking that she was very desperate to prove herself better than him. He tried his best to ignore her for the following days.

But oneday, he saw her struggling to keep herself on her broomstick and heard her say, “Oh, I’m doing this for Wood. I mean, being his friend the least I could do to keep his reputation is improving my flying skills. He is obviously embarrassed.”

He felt very guilty to think so wrong of her.

“You don’t need to force yourself into something you’re not in order to be my friend.” He yelled, coming out of his hiding spot, “Everyone has their weaknesses." Like you’re mine.


No Inhibitions

I wanna follow where she goes, I think 
about her and she knows it.
Oh, I’ve been shaking, I love it when you go
crazy. You take all my inhibitions. 
You take me places that tear up
my reputation, manipulate my decisions.
Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far. 
I know we’d be alright. If you were by my side and we 
stumbled in the dark, I know we’d be alright.

Tom had been lucky enough to meet [Y/N]. It had been at a party in downtown San Francisco, everyone under the sun was invited to that party. It was wild. People were stumbling through rooms, slurring their words, crawling down the stairs, slinging liquor around, and the music had been so loud, Tom could feel it in his bones every time his heart would beat. 

After some drinks were in his system, he came across the pretty singer lounging on the balcony. With all the liquid courage he had consumed, it was easy to talk to her and when they decided to meet up days later on sober accords, it was even better. 

She had shown him around her home. Took him to places he would have never seen or even bothered to go to. [Y/N] was a different kind of person with a different kind of life, and he enjoyed every bit of it. She was a singer, someone who took great pride in music and made it her life. [Y/N] knew all the best places to go for someone who had never experienced that kind of thing. He had a fun ride that week he stayed in San Francisco. Part of him, never wanting to leave and the other part wanting to take her with him back to London. Take her to his home, show her his kind of life. But with her about to embark on her first ever world tour, he knew he couldn’t. 

It had been a months since the two of them had last seen each other but it had only been a few days since they last spoke. They kept in touch, him finding parts of him he never knew about when he was talking with her. [Y/N] was a wild child and he loved it. She had no limitations and saw the world as her oyster. Tom really liked that about her, her ability to just do what she wanted because no one could tell her otherwise. She wasn’t afraid of anything.

[Y/N] didn’t care what the media thought of her or what kind of consequences her actions would have. She lived in the now. It was exhilarating to be involved with someone like that. All she did care about were her fans and what they thought of her. [Y/N] never wanted to disappoint her fans but just like Tom, they loved that she was carefree and erratic. 

“Very convenient that you live so close to home.” [Y/N] commented as Tom led her into his apartment. She looked around, chuckling to herself. It was obvious that a guy lived here. Not that it was messy but the lack of decor and reason gave it away. 

Tom gave a nervous chuckle, “Yeah, mum found it and I thought why the hell not.” He walked towards his kitchen, “Want a beer? I was actually going to move to Los Angeles.”  

[Y/N] gave him a dazzling smile, the kind of smile that would cause him to lose his train of thought if he were to be in the middle of a conversation with someone else. “You know I do.” Following him, she thanked him when he gave her a bottle. “And that would have been easier than a ten hour flight. We could meet in less than two hours by plane.” 

Sipping on his own, he smiled. “I know but London’s my home, you know? Speaking of which how are you liking London?” Tom was ecstatic that she was finally done with her ninety-four day tour. And he was especially happy that she decided to fly out to London to give it a chance. He had talked it up so much and [Y/N] had only spent a few days in it during her tour that she wanted to experience it more. So, she enlisted in the best tour guide there was. 

Shrugging, she took a sip. “It’s alright.” Flashing him another one of those smiles, she followed him to his couch. Taking a seat on the opposite end, she pivoted towards him. “But, I can see the appeal.” 

Tom pretended to feel offended, “London is the best, way better than your San Francisco.” 

“We will see about that.” She laughed.

Tom was about to respond but received multiple text messages. Reaching into his pocket, he juggled his beer and his phone. Opening the texts, he internally groaned at them. Just before they had gone to his apartment, he had stopped by his parents home to introduce [Y/N], really to Tessa, but also his family. They ended up staying for dinner even though he had tried to stress that he was going to take [Y/N] to his favorite pub. 

[Y/N] quirked a brow, “You okay? Look like you’re reading something bad.” 

Tom gave a nervous chuckle, “What? Oh, no. Nothing bad.” Shoving his phone back into his pocket, he shook his head, “It’s nothing, not bad. Uh, just my family texting me…about you, that’s all.” 

Smirking, “About me? Should I run for the hills?” [Y/N] wouldn’t deny that how she was portrayed in the media was a wild child. If she was on the outside looking at herself, she’d be a little weary. But, she always held herself to be respectful and kind. 

He shook his head, laughing. Looking at his beer bottle, he sighed. “Actually, no. Quite the opposite.” 

This time, her brow quirked in curiosity. “The opposite? Most people think I’m reckless.” 

Sucking in air, he debated if he should reveal what the messages were saying. Tilting his head back and forth, he just went for it. “Nah, my mum really likes you. I think she likes that you’re determined and spontaneous.” Looking back down at his bottle, he started to peel the label. “She told me that I should take you on a date…..” 

“A date, hm?” [Y/N] murmured with a bit of humor in her words. 

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “And dad agrees.” 

Sipping on her beer some more, she chuckled. “The dreaded what are we to each other conversation hasn’t even come up and I’m already pre-approved.” She winked. [Y/N] wouldn’t lie about it but she did find Tom to be rather desirable. Far from the kind that she usually gravitated towards, usually the bad boys that used her. [Y/N] had a thing for bad boys, accents, and brains. Tom wasn’t necessarily a bad boy but he was an actor, it wouldn’t surprise her to find him in that kind of role eventually and her to go crazy. But, he had an accent and from what she had learned from their friendship was that he was incredibly smart as well. 

“That’s rare, you know.” Tom pointed out. “Usually my parents find at least one thing that they don’t like about the girls I’ve brought home.” 

“Give them time, I’m a book of flaws.” She muttered. 

“I don’t know,” Tom answered, “You’re pretty popular out here in London. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if my parents knew all about you.” 

“Yikes.” [Y/N] chuckled. Bringing the bottle to her lips, she shrugged. “Although, dating you wouldn’t be bad.” 

This surprised him, “What?” 

“Come on, Tom.” She breathed, giving him a smirk. “You’re hot.” She laughed at his facial expression “But let’s be honest, you couldn’t handle me.” 

He rose a brow, “You don’t think I can handle you? I spent four nights in a row drinking myself into oblivion with you.” 

“Oh, Tom.” She sighed, shaking her head. “That’s not what I meant.” Pursing her lips, [Y/N] thought about if she should go into detail. Running her tongue over her teeth, she leaned forward. “What I mean is that, I’m a very intimate person.” Tilting her head, she smirked a little. “Out in public, I might be a little out of control but typically reserved but behind close doors,” leaning back, she snickered. “it’s a whole different world. That is what you couldn’t handle.” 

Tom could feel his insides burning at the thought of what she could be like behind closed doors. Deciding to be a little brave, he shot back with, “How do you know if you haven’t tried?” 

“A little bold, aren’t we?” She commented. 

He shrugged, “You said I couldn’t handle you but I think you’re wrong.” 

“Wrong, huh?” She mused. Taking another swig of her beer, “Alright.” She set down the bottle on his side table before climbing over and sitting in his lap.

“Wha? What are you doing?” Tom stammered.

Smirking a smirk that sent chills down his back, she leaned forward. “I’m about to prove you wrong.”  Without giving Tom a second to register what she meant, she pressed her lips against his. Rocking forward, she nipped his lips before he finally kissed back. It didn’t take long for the heat to build up in their bodies.

Her nails were digging into his shoulders while his were digging into her hips. Tom had never felt a kiss be so exhilarating before. It was a different kind of feeling that he had never felt and it was already too late because he was addicted. A feeling of a grand euphoria pouring out of her lips and into his. He’d bet that kissing [Y/N] was just like taking ecstasy all night. 

Pulling from him, she nipped down his neck and all over his collarbone before going back to where it started. Kissing him for a few more seconds, she chuckled against his lips and pulled away completely. She tore herself away from him and stood up. Walking back to where her beer sat, she snatched it up and took a good swig. “I’ll admit, Holland. I’m a bit impressed by your kissing skills. Who have you been snogging?” 

Tom gave her an amused look, “Ha, ha.” He was still in a bit of a high to really concentrate on scolding her for mocking him. Shaking his head, he tried to clear his fuzzy thoughts. Running a hand over his hair, he muttered out, “Bloody Hell.” 

Plopping down next to him, she leaned her head back. “Too much?” 

Tom rubbed his jaw, glancing over at her. “Not enough, actually.” 

She gave a loose laugh, quirking a brow. “I’m warning you.” Sitting up straight, she looked at him sincerely. “You do not want to get involved with me.” 

“I think I do.” Tom whispered, staring into her eyes. Getting lost in them, wondering what kind of things they’d get themselves into. He wasn’t nervous like he had been with his previous girl friends. Something about [Y/N] was calming with a bit of lust for adventure. 

[Y/N] shook her head, “You really don’t. I’m a mess, Tom. I’m indecisive, a work-a-holic, impulsive, irresponsible, irrational, and slightly neurotic.” She smiled lightly, shaking her head again. “Those aren’t good qualities to have to be worthy of your affection.” 

Tom smiled sincerely, turning, he brought his hands to her face, cradling her worried expression in his hands. “When I’m with you, I feel like I can take over the world. All my insecurities and everything I’ve ever thought badly of myself just disappears. I don’t care if you’re indecisive, impulsive, or irrational. That just makes you, you. And I’m a work-a-holic too, I love my job. Acting is something I want to do forever. And the whole neurotic thing? Well, that can be easily medicated.” Tom smirked, winking after his medicated joke. 

She laughed, “You are insane to justify my bad traits.” 

Tom dropped his hands and pressed his lips together. “I like you, [Y/N]. I do. Life with you sounds great, amazing actually. You’re saying no without giving it a chance.” 

[Y/N] grabbed his hand, “Because I’m trying to spare you from my crazy, chaotic life.” 

“I don’t need sparing, love. I can handle my own. I promise.” 

[Y/N] stared at him for a few minutes, pressing her lips together as well. She couldn’t lie that the connection she had with the Brit was amazing, she missed being with him during her crazy tour days. [Y/N] spent her nights singing, dancing, and drinking. And every single time, she’d have a moment of clarity and miss the one person she told herself not to catch feelings for. 

She lived a fast paced life, it was what she always wanted. [Y/N] wasn’t sure if she had room for a relationship. But, it didn’t mean she didn’t crave it. She wanted both. She wanted him. Sucking in air, she set down her beer, “Fine.” 

“Fine?” Tom questioned. 

Nodding, “Yup. Fine.” She smirked, “You don’t want to heed my warning, Tom. Then okay. Buckle up, love. Loving me will be one hell of a joyride.” Moving in close, she grabbed his chin and crashed her lips against his. Enjoying the moment and relishing that for once aside from pursuing her dream that making this decision would be the best one yet. Pulling apart just long enough for her to whisper against his lips, “Because there’s nothing holding me back.” 

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You’ll Never Be Friends - Theo Raeken

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word count: 4819
summary: the summary is basically the prompt below
warnings: angsstt, swearing, underage drinking, angst, you’ll cry if you listen to the song while reading, angst
a/n: so i listened to this for most of while i was writing it, and thought maybe you’d want to listen too for the effect.

[you’re not friends, you’ll never be friends…

                                                                   you’ll be in love till it kills you both]

For the longest time, you were by yourself.  All of kindergarten, and most of first grade.  That was until the boy who would soon be your best friend moved to town and was put in your class.  The new boy, who you’d learn was named Theo, was about as shy as you were and wasn’t very good at making friends.  When you’d noticed his struggle, you simply sat with him at lunch.  In a matter of minutes the two of you hit it off, and became friends.  

He was your one and only friend, for the three years that he lived in Beacon Hills.  He moved away in the fourth grade, leaving you with nothing but a photo frame of the two of you sitting in the backyard, taken by your mother.

It was by surprise when you were certain you’d seen him again, eight years later when you were in your senior year of high school.  He had casually turned the corner at the school, and you could see him perfectly clear from your locker.

Theo?” You called, taking out your earbuds as you caught his attention.  His jaw dropped open as his eyes landed on you.  To say he was surprised and completely breath taken would be a lie.

“y/n? Oh my god is that you?” You grinned and he did too upon seeing you again, and you jumped up into his arms for a hug.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again” You said before he set you back down.

“Yeah, yeah me either” He sighed, happy to have his best friend back.

Now, a few months later and after the Dread Doctors epidemic had passed, you were hanging out in Theo’s apartment, as you did almost all of your days.  e was currently passed out on the sofa while you were tidying up a little.  It wasn’t even messy, you were really just wandering around, not wanting to go home.

Your mind had trailed off to the recent events that had taken place in Beacon Hills.  The whole while that the Dread Doctors were around, you’d known in Theo’s involvement with them.  You urged him to get out of it, that it was unsafe, but he didn’t listen.  Just told you that they’d sworn to him they’d stay away from you, and that he would finally have a pack, no longer being an omega.

So the night you were taken by the Doctors and experimented on, was a night that angered Theo every time he thought about it.

When he’d walked into the lair, he immediately knew what was going on.  He could smell your scent, coated in absolute fear and terror.  He ran straight into the experimentation room, finding you strapped down to a metal table.

“Th-Theo” You cried for him, and he tore the restraints off of your body angrily.

“What’d they- oh god what’d they do to you?” He asked, gently placing his hands over your bloodied and bruised cheeks.

“They- they took me” You stammered.  “My wrists, they did stuff to my wrists” You told him, and he looked down to your arms, seeing an intricate design of cuts over them.

“Oh god- no no no no no y/n..” His features contorted in what you recognized as pain and anger and sadness, all mixed together.

“Get me out…” You begged quietly.  “Get me out of here”

And there was no hesitation as he scooped you up into his arms and carried you out to his truck, driving you straight home.  He didn’t work with the Doctors again after that.

You looked down at your bare arms, seeing the same scars that had been there since that night about two months ago.  As scared and hurt as you were that night, you weren’t angry with him.  After all, he’d come and rescued you, not to mention the thousands of times he’s apologized since then.  Though now he tried not to mention anything about it, and neither had you.

And as far as you knew, you never gained any kind of powers from these scars which was good seeing that everyone who did ended up being killed by the Doctors anyways.

You turned around, looking at your friend who was sleeping on his sofa, a Biology text book open and lying on his chest.  You smiled gently and wandered over to him, picking up the book and sticking a post it note in the page he left off on, just in case.  Then grabbing a throw blanket and tossing it over his body.  But the action woke him up.


“Sorry, I was trying not to wake you” You said quietly, adjusting the blanket.  He just shook his head, and tugged on your wrist.

“Lay with me” He prompted, and you tilted your head to the side in silent question.  “Just lay with me” He said again, and this time you gave in, lying down on the couch and letting him pull the blanket over the both of you.

“This isn’t as comfortable as bed” You said, but once his arms wrapped around you and you settled your head against his chest, you found it to be just as good.

“I just don’t wanna sleep by myself” He mumbled, and you hummed.


Because I’m having nightmares, he thought.  Because every time I shut my eyes I see my sister ripping my heart out, and worse.  Ripping your heart out.  But he didn’t say anything, just held you close and focused on the sound of your steady and soothing heartbeat.  He he relaxed upon hearing melodic sound, and you did soon as well from the warmth of being wrapped up in him.

“I just want you to lay with me” He said, and you wrapped a leg in between his so you wouldn’t fall off of the couch.  Sure, you knew the truth, you knew he was having night terrors.

You could see it in the way he would zone out, his eyes glazing over as he thought about whatever it was that haunted his dreams.  You could hear it in his voice when he called you in the middle of the night, just cause he wanted to ‘check in’ or ‘hear your voice’.  But you never pushed the subject.  And tried not to let him realize that you knew the truth.

“Okay” You whispered, your hands resting against his shoulders as your eyes fluttered shut.  “It’s okay” You mumbled before falling asleep against him.

You were sat at the library at school, working on homework that was due in a  few hours that you procrastinated on.  An awful habit, you already knew.  It was mostly quiet, so you got most of your work done and still had twenty minutes of free period to spare before you had to go to class.

“Hey” A voice drew you from your working, and you looked up to see a boy you’d never seen before standing next to your seat.

“Hello” You said and gave him a genuine smile.  “You need help with something?” He opened his mouth, but no words came out.  You sat with a raised brow in amusement to his speechlessness.  “You alright?”

“Yeah-yeah I am” He stumbled.  You took his silence and gave yourself a moment to look him over.  You figured he was a sophomore, he looked a little younger than you.  But he had tousled red hair and freckles that dotted over his nose and across his cheeks on pale skin.  You liked the way his green eyes reminded you of Theo’s.

“You sure?” You giggled, and he smiled slightly, beginning to stop his flustering.

“Yeah see there’s this.. this party that Lydia Martin’s throwing” You nodded, knowing the banshee that he was speaking of.  You weren’t necessarily friends, but you got along fine.  “And uh- uh I’ve seen you around here a lot you’re in the library often” You nodded again.

“I’m a bit of a procrastinator” You told him, gesturing to all the worksheets in front of you, and he licked over his lips nervously.

“Uh anyways I- I was wondering if you’d want to go with me” Your lips parted in surprise, the question taking you completely off guard.

“Like-like a date? You’re asking me out?” You asked, your voice bewildered as you stared at him with wide eyes.

This had never happened before.  You’d never been asked out, hell you didn’t think anyone would even notice you.

“Scram kid” You heard a voice and turned around to see Theo walking to your table, sitting across from you.  And before you could give the boy your answer, he ran off out of fear of the senior that looked like he could snap him in half.

“Theo!” You hissed angrily at him.  “He was asking me out!”

“Yeah, and the kid’s fifteen, he’s a freshman” The chimera replied, already taking one of your homework sheets and beginning to do it for you.

“Yeah well-well don’t think that doing my homework’s gonna make me feel better” You grumbled, and he chuckled as he went through the page with ease.

“No, but the party tonight will be fun enough that you’ll forget all about your frustration with me” You rolled your eyes, and didn’t speak to him the rest of the time you spent at the library.

Later that night you found yourself standing against the wall in the Martin’s living room.  A red cup of beer that was almost gone in your hand.  You didn’t even like beer, it tasted awful on your tongue but you needed something to numb your anxiety from being here, and the loneliness of standing there by yourself.  There were people everywhere, dancing to the blasting music, drinking their worries away, grinding against each other, and a few who just stood and talked with cups in their hands.

You were certain that this was a waste of time.  Theo was supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago, and you didn’t like being at Lydia’s by yourself.  The whole McCall pack was here of course, and they weren’t quite fond of you, or Theo.  Except for Kira, you often found her saying hi to you in the hallway, sitting with you in class, asking you about your day.  She seemed sweet, so you never really pushed her away.

You could see her from where you stood, dancing romantically with Scott to a dirty song.  You couldn’t help but smile to yourself at the way they worked so adorably together.

Stiles and Lydia were dancing and drinking together too, but you mostly steered clear of them.  Lydia was nice, as far as kindness goes. She never really bothered you, and you kept the neutral peace with her.  Stiles on the other hand… well he hated Theo with a burning passion.  Had since the beginning of the year when he’d moved back to Beacon Hills.  And since you and Theo were joined at the hip, you figured that the pale boy wouldn’t take much of a liking to you either.  Because of Stiles and Lydia’s closeness as well, all four of you just stayed as clear away from each other as humanly (and not so humanly) possible.

You tugged the sleeves of your sweater down over your wrists unconsciously.  A habit you had ever since your wrists were sliced open and your skin was scarred with what looked like crop circles.  Sure, people had seen before but never thought much of it or questioned you about it.  Only Theo, and the McCall pack knew the truth.  And you, of course.  You were the only one forever burdened with the memory.

“Hey why’re you being a loner?” Kira asked, dancing slightly as she came up to you.  You gave her a shocked look, but mostly since she was alone, and her bodyguard of a boyfriend was nowhere near her.

“Oh uh-uh I’m waiting for someone” You said, looking from her dark almond shaped eyes to your nearly empty cup.  She nodded, trading cups with you, and giving you another one full of beer.

“Theo?” She pondered, and you didn’t have to answer for her to know she was right.

“Uh, why’d you take my-”

“So that my friends think I drank something, and so that you have liquid frown-be-gone” She said, giving you a big sweet smile.

“Oh… thanks” You said quietly.

“y/n can I ask you a question?” The kitsune asked, and you nodded.

“Yeah-yeah sure”

“Why do you run away from us?” Your brows shot up, taken back by the question.  “I mean, it’s not like we’re gonna attack you if you sit with us at lunch” She said with a small giggle.

“I just.. I spend my time with Theo” You said, shaking your head.  “I don’t want any trouble” You told her, tracing your fingers over the rim of your cup.  Kira’s eyes trained on your arm, where the loose sleeve had fallen back enough for her to see the markings on your skin.  She frowned, but looked back at you again.  You took a long drink from your cup, trying to avoid the awkward silence that had fallen between you.

“You love him” She thought aloud, and you choked on your alcohol.  “Oh-! Oh I’m sorry I thought you knew-”

“Knew? What? No, no of course not he’s my best friend” Kira giggled behind her hand, and nodded her head.

“Yeah okay” She said, clearly not believing you.

“Um… I’m gonna head to the bathroom” You said, awkwardly pointing towards the stairs of the large house.  “I’ll… I’ll see you later?” Kira nodded, giving a small wave as you began to go your separate ways.

“Annyeong y/n” She said in an accent and language you didn’t recognize or understand, but figure it meant goodbye.  

You made a run for the stairs, and when you got to the bathroom, you locked yourself in it.

When Theo arrived, feeling rushed since he was far later than he’d told you he’d be, he tried to pick up your scent.  In hopes of quickly finding you and apologizing as soon as he could.  He could tell you’d been here, but it was very faint, and he couldn’t quite tell where you were.

Just as he’d made his way to the kitchen, he immediately caught the eye of Stiles.  The last person that he wanted to run into.  But it was too late, because both him, his banshee girlfriend(?) and Kira, the thunder kitsune had all seen him come in.

“Theo!” Kira called, and waved him over.  He looked at her with a very, very confused look on his face.  But Lydia waved him over too, so now he was stuck having to approach them.

“Um, hi?” He phrased it like a question, and Lydia gave him one of the solo cups on the counter.

“Hello” Kira spoke again in her bubbly tone.  “Looking for y/n? She’s in the bathroom, she’ll be back soon” She spoke so fast he was surprised that he heard everything she’d told him.

“Alright… thanks” He said cautiously.

“Look man I’m not dancing around it” Stiles spoke up, and Lydia sighed, hanging her head in her hand.  “Just don’t hurt y/n any more than you already have” Theo shook his head, his brows cinching in confusion.

“I’m sorry?” He asked, a slight of irritation evident in his voice.

“We don’t care whatever happens with you two, we trust her” Lydia said in a kinder tone.  “We know there’s something… there” She said, and again Theo was stuck wondering just what the hell they were talking about.

“We like her” Kira said.  “She’s someone that we.. we watch over when things here get weird” She added.  “And we know you do too-”

“Of course I do, she’s my best friend” Kira laughed, rolling her eyes.

“You two are so cute” She said, and before he could ask again what she meant, Lydia spoke up.

“You aren’t friends” She said, shaking her head as she smiled at him.  “You’ll never be friends.  You’ll be in love till it kills you both”

Coming from the banshee, Theo felt a chill go down his spine.

“Like I said, she’s just been sitting in the upstairs bathroom for like.. ten minutes” Kira told him, and he ran a hand through his hair before turning around to go after her.

But he turned back, looking at the three people he thought would ignore him (or kill him in his sleep)

“I’m not gonna hurt her” He said, and all three spoke at the same time.

“I know” Kira said softly.

“You won’t” Lydia spoke like she’d seen their future together.

“Sure” Stiles said, not too sure what to make of Theo quite yet.

Theo just nodded, and made his way towards the staircase in search of you.  Before he went up, he shot a glance back to the three he’d just spoken with, seeing, and hearing, them already in a different conversation.  He wondered if they knew.  Wondered if they’d seen the way he looked at you, or if the supernatural beings in the McCall pack had heard the way his heartbeat changes when you’re around.

He wondered if Lydia really did know about his future, if that was something she could do.  And he wondered if the future he had before him, had you in it.

You were enjoying your silence, sitting in the bathtub with the shower curtain pulled to seclude you even further.  You had finished your second beer, chugging it down in frustration, which only earned you a horrid flavor in your mouth and a headache.  When all you’d needed was to be a bit buzzed to make it through the night.

You weren’t really sure how long you’d been in the bathroom, but since you’d closed the door, no one had tried to get in, and you certainly didn’t try to get out.  In fact, you figured you would just pass out right here in Lydia Martin’s bathroom.  And judging by the parties she’d thrown in the past, you figured it wouldn’t be the first time it had happened.

The soft knocks on the door made you jump slightly, and stay silent.  If someone came in, you were hid behind the flower plastic shower curtain and no one would know you were even in there.

“y/n? I know you’re in there” Theo called.


Come in” You mumbled, but knew he could hear you fine.  The doorknob squeaked as it turned slowly, and you heard him shut the door behind him when he came in, drowning out the sound of laughter and party music as soon as it shut.  Making it an outside muffle again.

“Are you..?” He trailed off with his question, pulling back the curtain and revealing you, answering his own inquiry.  “Now what’re you doing up in here?” He asked, stepping into the tub, and pulling back the curtain again.  You pulled your knees up close to your chest as he sat across from you, in the same position.  His arms laying over his knees and fingers linking together as he studied you.  “You’re sad” He said bluntly.

“I’m drunk” You corrected.

“A little, but I can smell your chemo signals, and you’re sad” He replied easily, and you mentally cursed this ability of his.  “You wanna tell me why?” He asked, eyes flickering from where you’d set your red cup on the corner edge of the tub.

“Because I’m alone” You sighed, and set your chin on your knees.  He caught the way your hands tightened around your ankles.

You looked beautiful tonight, so casually gorgeous.  In light skinny jeans and a sweater, with short heeled boots that you wore often to make you taller than you are.

“Alright, come here” He beckoned you with his hand, prompting you to come sit against him.  But you shook your head.  Theo gave you a look of surprise.

“You’re the reason I was stuck all alone tonight” You told him, wanting to be frustrated, but really you were just sad, and let down.  “First of all, it wouldn’t have even mattered if you showed up if you’d just let me go with that… that kid who I didn’t even catch the name of” You said, looking up at him with round and sorrowful eyes.  “But since you scared him off, I was stuck waiting on you, for half an hour” You let out a small sigh, and stared down at your feet.

“y/n…” Theo hated this feeling, the guilt that would crash over him from hurting you, from letting you down.  “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have taunted that guy to leave you alone, and I shouldn’t have been late to get here” He reached out for your hands, pulling them from yourself, and bring you closer to him.  You gave in, turning around so you could sit between his legs with your back against his chest.  You relaxed against him, breathing out through your nose.  “I’m so sorry” He said, wrapping one arm your middle, and the other hand running up and down your arm.

“Why were you even late?” You asked quietly.  “What held you up?”

Does he answer the question honestly? Or lie?

“Nothing, just lost track of time” He sighed, closing his eyes as he set his chin on the top of your head.  You closed your eyes, snuggling yourself against him.  “I’m sorry y/n”

“I know” You whispered, and he looked down, his eyes catching the pattern on your wrist, and more guilt filled within him.

“You’re not alone, okay? Promise you won’t ever feel alone again” You didn’t say anything, unsure of how you could promise such a thing.  “And the next time you even think that you are… please just think of me, because I’m always here.  You’re stuck with me” He poked at your side and then your cheek, earning a smile and little wiggle of your body upon the ticklish feeling.

“I promise” You finally answered, taking his hand so he’d stop poking it.  He let you hold onto his hand, not wanting to pull away from you.  Neither of you really said anything, he just held your body in one arm, and your hand in the other.

After a long time passed, you were nearly asleep, and he decided it was time to take you home.

“Alright y/n, let’s get going” He carefully stood up, and moved in front of you.  You held your arms up, and his hands planted on your sides, lifting you up with ease.  You wrapped your arms around his neck, and legs around his waist as you laid your head on his shoulder, already trying to get some rest.

“I’m sleepy” You mumbled as he planted his one hand under your legs and the other against your back to keep you held against him.  

“I know sweetheart you’ll be home soon” He hummed, stepping out of the tub and carefully opening the door without dropping you.  You nuzzled your nose into his neck, breathing in his scent.

“You smell like aftershave” You mused in a quiet but happy tone.  Theo took you down each step of the house carefully and slowly.

“I did shave after school” He replied, and you smiled.

“I like it” You said, filling your nostrils again with the delicious scent.  When he got to the front door, he quickened his actions to leave this party.  You were beginning to fall asleep.  You were breathing steadily and softly, and your heart beat was at a steady and relaxed against his chest.

When he opened the passenger door to his truck, he set you in the seat gently, and had to pull your limbs off of him.  He chuckled as your hands still clutched the material of his shirt, but he delicately pried your fingers out of the fist you’d made.  He buckled you in, and your hands wound around the seat belt, holding onto it and snuggling your head against the seat.  Theo smiled to himself before closing the door slowly, making sure you wouldn’t be hit by it when it shut.

The drove home was silent as you were in a peaceful and quiet, but not sleeping state.  And he didn’t want to bother you as you daydreamed.

When he arrived at your house, he unbuckled you and carried you in his arms bridal style.  You stayed in silence, even as you wrapped your arms loosely around his neck, and buried yourself against him.

“I love you” You mumbled.

It was so soft, so fragile and so spontaneous, he didn’t know if you’d meant to say it out loud or not.  He was silent still as he opened your front door and brought you inside.

“You don’t have to say it back” You said, and Theo looked down at you, but your eyes were shut as you rested.  “I already know it” He watched as your lips upturned in a small and adorable smile.  He nearly tripped going up your stairs but caught his balance before he could.

“How- what-what makes you say all that now?” He asked, as gently as he could keep his voice.

“A weird talk with Kira honestly” You yawned, still keeping your eyes shut and head positioned against his chest.  “And I always… sorta figured” You told him.

The guilt from earlier came creeping back to him, but he brought you to your room and set you in bed.  He took your shoes off and set them on the floor by your dresser, then pulled the blankets over top of you.

“Sleep well y/n” He said softly, and placed a feather light kiss on the crown of your head.  You smiled as he caressed your cheek softly, and fell asleep before he’d even pulled away from you.

He dug his hand into his pocket, and retrieved a folded piece of paper, setting it on your nightstand.  Right next to the picture from when you were children.

“I love you so much” He said quietly to your sleeping form, before leaving your room, and heading downstairs.

You opened your eyes when you heard your door shut, fumbling for the paper you’d heard him set next to your bed.  You opened it quickly and scanned over the words.

y/n, in the year that I’ve had you back, I’ve done nothing but betray you, and hurt you, and put you in a danger that i struggle to protect you from.

As I write this, i’m already late to meet you tonight, and i’m sorry for that, but it’s important that i tell you before you find out on your own

I have to leave.  I can’t stay here any longer, I have to serve my punishment with the skin walkers.  I’ll be alright, don’t worry about me.  I’ve known for a while that my time in Beacons Hills was running out, and I’ve been spending every second I could so that when I left, I’d feel satisfied with my time with you.

But during the days spent together, I realized I’d never be satisfied, and that the more time I spent with you, I was only letting you down out of my own selfishness of wanting you.

And I’ll always want you, I know that, you probably know it, anyone with eyes knows it.  But I can’t stay, as much as I want to, for you.

I just want you to know that everything I’ve done, was for you.  Both for the better and worse.  I’ve lied, and hidden things from you, resulting in you getting hurt, and I can’t live with it anymore.

It’s high time I pay my dues, and comply with the skin walkers.

I love you, and if there comes a time I return, I’ll find you first.  I promise.

- Theo

You were crying, as you gripped onto the paper and sprinted out of your room, almost falling down the stairs in your rushed and clumsy panic, you went to your front door, whipping it open , just in time to see he’d pulled out of your driveway, and was driving down the road.

“No no no you can’t leave” You mumbled as you ran to the end of your driveway in the dark.  Bits of gravel dug into your bare feet, surely leaving small bruises and cuts but you couldn’t care about that right now.

You stood in the middle of the empty, dimly lit street, his letter still in your hand, and watching as his truck drove further, and further away.

“You said not to feel lonely, to think of you” You cried, sinking down onto your knees.  “But what am I supposed to do if you’re gone?”

so long story short i heard that prompt (you’re not friends you’ll never be friends, youll be in love till it kills you both) last night when i was sinding down and ready to sleep.  but then it just stuck in my head and i kept pissing about it to @taegdcl1018​ (my wife) because i just couldn’t get it out of my head.  so i got myself to writing at two in the morning so i could put it to good use.

it was supposed to be a drabble but i got a little obsessed… sorry

xoxo ~ jordie