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a man and his kitten


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞


bi five: sophie winters (far from you by tess sharpe)

“That can’t be an excuse. There can’t be any excuses. Every single therapist you’ve sent me to will tell you that. I’m an addict. I’ll always be an addict. Just like I’ll always be crippled. And you’ve never been okay with either. I am. It took me a long time but I am.”


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

Be gentle, far more than you could ever know, for She is precious and should be cherished.

Be kind, far beyond what you are even capable of, for She will be so thoughtful that you may find your heart grows beautiful things in her presents.

Be loving, far past what you think is suitable, for She will kiss the wounds you forgot and it will cause you to overflow, and only love will be able to hold what pours out of you.

Be more, for She deserves more than what you can give and still you must be all these things because She is precious and more than you ever could dream of.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Things I would have told myself long ago
The Legend of “Miss L. Toe”

For @chikach00 This is such a late Christmas exchange, but I really hope you like it!

Mira gasped lightly, shock etched on her face, and Natsu frowned at her from across the bar.  “Don’t tell me you’ve never heard the legend of Miss L. Toe, Natsu!”  Natsu scoffed, taking a swig of whatever drink Cana had pushed at him.

“No, actually, I haven’t.  Who would have some kinda weird name like that anyways?” He rolled his eyes and Mira bit her lip as she began to smile.  “Who has a name like Toe?”

“Well, the story goes that Miss L. Toe was a beautiful maiden in a far off kingdom.  She was kind and loving and had an exceptional connection with nature.  Many men lusted after her, but her sole purpose in life to aid any living being in need.” Natsu looked at Mira skeptically, but she continued. “Well, one day she fell terribly ill and after months of suffering, she succumbed to a magical illness.  Everyone was rightfully distraught, and many people turned up to the kingdom she was in for her funeral.  However, the night before she was to be laid to rest, her body mysteriously vanished, and in its place were dozens of clusters of green leaves with bright red berries on them.”

“And…  Okay, that’s sad.” Natsu offered, a little puzzled, and Mira rolled her eyes.

“Do you know what plant was left in her place?” Mira asked and Natsu sat there, his lips parted slightly, and a blank stare on his face.


“They didn’t either, so they named it mistletoe after the fair maiden!” Mira smiled as she revealed the name and Natsu scoffed.

“And what was the point of this story?”

“Well, as the legend goes, around Christmas time, people hang mistletoe in doorways and ceilings so that when two people, who love each other as much as Miss L. Toe loved nature, pass underneath it, they can give proper respect to her with a sign of affection.” Mira explained and Natsu still was uncertain what the barmaid was getting at.

“Um…  Okay?” Natsu sipped his mug and Mira sighed and shook her head slightly.

“Do you see all of the little bundles of leaves and red berries that are placed around the guild hall?” She asked, motioning around where they were sitting.  Natsu glanced around where his guild mates were laughing and talking or drinking, and noticed that, as Mira had said, there were bunches of green leaves and red berries.  As Alzack and Bisca passed underneath a bunch, they giggled and kissed each other before moving on.  Natsu felt his face heat having witnessed their intimate moment, and turned back to Mira.

“Okay, yeah, I see, but I don’t understand what this whole legend is about.”

“Well, the rest of the legend says that, if you pass underneath the mistletoe with someone that you have feelings for, and you don’t kiss them, they’ll end up with a magical illness that could kill them.”  Mira ended, her sweet voice far too cheery for the tone of the story.

“What!  That’s awful!” Natsu exclaimed and Mira nodded her head seriously.

“Indeed it is, you should heed this legend, Natsu.”  Mira advised and Natsu nodded his head and backed away from the bar.

“O-okay, Mira, thanks!  I’m gonna go hangout for a bit…”  Natsu trailed off, confusion and horror rolling off of him.

“That was mean, big sis.” Lisanna’s voice sounded behind her, and Mira turned to see her younger sister giggling.  “Though I do have to say that you are a great storyteller on the spot.”  Mira bowed slightly making Lisanna laugh harder.

“I thank you!  Though I was a bit worried he wouldn’t get it…  He was having a bit of trouble.”  Lisanna sighed out a chuckle and smiled at Mira.

“Poor Lucy…”

Lucy was having a great time at Fairy Tail’s annual Christmas party.  Things were rowdy, as usual, but she wouldn’t have it any other way, it just wouldn’t be Fairy Tail if someone wasn’t barrel surfing or drunk…  Or both.  Lucy’s cheeks were pink from the alcohol Cana had insisted she take, and she was having a great time laughing with Levy who was currently laughing, again, at the expense of Gajeel and his lack of eyebrows.

“B-but who just doesn’t have eyebrows?” Levy was in hysterics having drank a bit too much, and Gajeel frowned down at her.

“Hey, who let you have all of this, eh?”  Gajeel grunted and snatched Levy’s cup out of her hands making her protest.  “Shouldn’t you be watching her?”  Gajeel questioned Lucy and she put up her hands in front of her.

“Hey, she’s all yours, I’m not her babysitter!” Lucy smirked and pivoted away from the pair walking towards the bar.  At the same time, Natsu was walking away from the bar, looking rather flustered.  Neither one of them were paying much attention until the collided with each other, spilling their respective drinks onto their shirts.

“Ah, shit!  Who the-  Oh, hey Lucy!” Natsu grinned brightly down at her, and Lucy frowned at her chest as the liquid left a stain on her beige sweater.

“Natsu!” Lucy protested and then sighed.  “What were you doing?”

“Oh, just talking to Mira.” Natsu shrugged and gulped down what was left in his cup.  “You?”

“Just talking with Gajeel and Lev-  Oh…”  Lucy broke off as she caught sight of what was above them.  Her cheeks burned and Natsu’s eyes snapped up to where she was looking.  “This is awk-” Lucy was cut off as she felt Natsu’s lips on hers.  His kiss was rough, much rougher than she had imagined, but it was Natsu kissing her.  It wasn’t bad at all, even though he was kissing her hard, it felt sentimental and meaningful.  Wait, Natsu is kissing me?!

“N-Natsu!”  Lucy pulled away, albeit, regrettably, and stared at her best friend.  “W-what the hell?”

“I-it was- Mira told me- I-I, okay!”  Natsu stammered, his face redder than ever and he was more flustered than Lucy had ever seen him before.

“You don’t just-!”

“I know!”  Natsu practically gasped for breath, and Lucy stared at him wide eyed.  “Mira told me abou this legend about this lady with the name Toe…”  Natsu started vaguely.


“This lady, Miss L. Toe!  She died and when she died her body turned into mistle-whatever, that!”  Natsu thrust a figure up at the mistletoe hanging above their heads from the rafter.  “A-and Mira said that, if you go under the plant with someone you have strong feelings for, and you don’t kiss them, they can die of a magical illness!”  Natsu fretted and Lucy let out a sigh.

“It’s fake.”  She stated and Natsu looked at her questioningly.


“Fake.  The story, it’s fake.  Miss L. Toe?  Doesn’t it sound familiar?”  Lucy asked and Natsu frowned.  “You know, mistletoe?   And she just happened to turn into mistletoe?”

“W-well the kingdom named the plant after her…”  Natsu’s voice faltered and Lucy giggled.

“You fell for that?” Lucy laughed and Natsu scowled.  “H-hey, wait did you say people with strong feelings…?” Lucy trailed off, her face burning.

“Uh, n-no…” Natsu stammered, avoiding Lucy’s gaze.

“D-do you have feelings for me?”

“I just didn’t want you to die, Lucy, you should be thanking me!”

“I wouldn’t die!  It’s not even real!  Even if it was, I would only die if you have feelings for me!” Lucy retorted and Natsu frowned down at her.

“Yeah, well so what if I do?  Is it a crime to kiss someone?  If anything, it was a crime of passion!”  Natsu shot back and Lucy’s cheeks burned, and she couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

“Well, hold on come her for a second.” Lucy beckoned him closer to her and when he was close enough she pulled him down for another quick kiss.  She felt embarrassed for being so bold, and Natsu looked stunned, not saying anything.

“W-what, why-”

“I had to save you from dying, idiot.” Lucy scoffed and rolled her eyes confidently, though she knew her embarrassment was plastered on her face in the form of a blush.

“Oh…  Wait, doesn’t that mean you-!” Natsu called after her as she walked past him towards the bar.

“Merry Christmas, Natsu.” Lucy turned behind her and winked.  She was going to have a very embarrassed and stern talk with Mira…

She was the kind of girl
you didn’t put in a box.
She’d suffocate at the first signs
of entrapment and she’d run, far.
She’s the kind of girl that flows
just as easily as a coastal wind
and she’s the kind of girl
you never expect anything from.
If she wants to kiss you, kiss her,
and if she runs, let her run,
but don’t hold her in your hand
and don’t ask her a lot of questions.
But most of all, don’t ask her to stay.
This question scares her.
She’s the kind of girl who just is,
on a whim, a breeze,
a here and now
and no where to be found.
She’s nobody’s but her own
and she’s someone you must love
from a distance
until she is ready to love you up close,
and even then, you must understand
that she is her own,
and that she is in charge.
& I love her for this.
—  & I love her for this
Thoughts on what to expect in chapter 19 and on jieun

I’m honestly going to be really sad if bum ends up killing jieun and surprised? Because 1. It’s going to mean that bum is going on a straight downward slide to being sangwoo’s puppet and he’s given up and 2. It just feels like a cop-out in terms of writing. She’s had several chapters and we even know her backstory. She mirrors bum in her attraction to the seemingly kind sangwoo, but she’s (as far as we know) had a much better life and is mentally healthy. Even though she’s forced into the situation, she can provide bum with an alternate perspective on his situation. He’s avoided running away at certain times because sangwoo is the closest thing he’s had to kindness in his life. He needs someone NOW, at this incredibly critical moment to tell him that what is happening to him, that what sangwoo and everyone has done to him is WRONG and that he is validated. And more than anything, he needs healthy, non abusive companionship.

I can see this ending in a few ways. 1. She gets killed by bum and he sinks into sangwoo’s hold.
2. Bum can’t do it, sangwoo hurts bum for betraying him “on their special day” and kills her himself. Pretty likely.
3. Bum begs sangwoo not to do it, and sangwoo gets the idea to make jieun the new “mom” and bum moves on to the status of boyfriend. Bum tries to keep jieun safe while both of them try to plan to escape sangwoo. (This is SO unlikely but I’m thinking of turning it into some kind of au)

And I know this has been said but jieun is NOT a bitch and she’s NOT a slut. And the fact she’s being persecuted by the disgusting fandom that is saying grotesque things about what they want done to her is sickening, but I can’t say I didn’t expect it. In a “bl” manhwa women get shit all over.
She is acting like a normal young woman with a crush. She’s no saint, and she’s not hyper empathetic. Granted, this group of friends seems to be shallow (as I’m sure sangwoo makes a point to consort with this type of person, given his victims and his real personality vs. his charming persona), which also helps to explain why she didn’t consider bum’s feelings, circumstances, plus she was probably already a little tipsy and irritable at being blown off by her crush.

So can we all stop holding her to higher standards than a fucking stalker and a serial killer??? Jesus how are you all not hurting for this poor girl. I hope she makes it out okay, as unlikely as it is.


Summary: Y/N can’t stop baking. While the rest of the team enjoys the treats, Bucky knows that something deeper is going on.

Bucky x reader. HURT/COMFORT. Fluff. Word count: 1.6 k

TW: anxiety, bruises

The tower was filled with laughter as Bucky walked in, just having returned from a solo mission in Germany. He walked into the lounge to find the team sprawled out on the furniture stuffing their faces with cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and other desserts. He looked over at the counter to see an array of treats—enough to feed the team several times over.

“Hey, what’s with all the treats? Did Tony buy out a bakery or what?” Bucky asked Steve. While licking frosting off of his fingertips, Steve said “Nope. Y/N has gone on some kind of baking rampage. She’s gone to the store twice so far to get more flour. Not sure why she’s doing it, but I’m not complaining—these cupcakes are amazing! You’re a lucky fella, Buck—your girlfriend is one heck of a baker!” Bucky closed his eyes and exhaled loudly. “I know why she’s doing it.” Bucky muttered as he walked toward the kitchen.

When he walked in, Bucky saw that the kitchen was a disaster. Flour and sugar covered the counters, the sink was full of dirty mixing bowls and spoons, a sea of cookies was spread out on cooling racks, and the ticking of three separate cooking timers rang through the kitchen as Y/N stood there rolling out dough on the counter. She was wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt, with her hair in a ponytail. Her purple apron was covered with smears of flour and cake batter. “What are you doing?” asked Bucky, even though he knew her answer would only be a smokescreen. He knew that she only baked when she was feeling stressed or anxious because she found it therapeutic, but for her to be baking this much, it must be pretty bad this time. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m trying to roll out this pie dough but I can’t get it right.” said Y/N without even looking up. She continued rolling the dough as Bucky slowly walked toward her. “So, how was—“ Bucky was cut off by the ringing of a cooking timer before he could finish his sentence. “Hold that thought!” said Y/N as she reached for the timer. “Ok, the cow-shaped timer is for the red velvet cupcakes, the piggy timer is for the peanut butter cookies, and the little chicken is for the chocolate chip cookies…I think. Can you hand me that oven mitt? The piggy is ringing so I’ve gotta take the peanut butter cookies out of the oven.” Bucky grabbed the bright pink oven mitt sitting on the counter, and when Y/N turned to take it from him he saw that she had a dark bruise running from just above her left eye all the way down her cheek. “She must’ve had a mission go south. That’s got to be why she’s so upset.” Bucky thought to himself.

Y/N turned off the pig timer, pulled the cookies out of the oven, placed them on a cooling rack, and immediately went back to rolling the pie dough. The smell of peanut butter filled the room as Bucky watched her. “Want some help?” asked Bucky. He knew nothing about baking, but wanted to spend some time with Y/N, and be there for her, even if she didn’t realize exactly why he was there. “Sure,” she replied. “See that piping bag over there? That frosting is for the devil’s food cupcakes. They should be cool by now, so go ahead and frost them while I try to get this damn dough right.” “It looks okay to me,” Bucky said with a little hesitation. “What’s wrong with it?” Y/N threw the rolling pin down on the counter and nervously put her flour-dusted hands on her head. “EVERY TIME I ROLL IT OUT, I SCREW IT UP. IT WON’T ROLL OUT BIG ENOUGH TO COVER THE WHOLE PIE BUT THEN I TRY TO FIX IT AND I MAKE IT TOO THIN AND I’VE BEEN DOING IT OVER AND OVER FOR AN HOUR AND I CAN’T GET IT RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT AND I JUST CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!” she yelled, not in anger but rather in sadness. She broke down in tears and sat on the kitchen floor sobbing, covering her face with her hands. Bucky sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder.

“It’s okay, Y/N. It happens to all of us—sometimes missions don’t go the way we’d like them too. If you want to talk about it, I’ll always listen. If not, that’s fine too. I can frost cupcakes. They probably won’t be very pretty, but I can give it a go. Anything for you.” She took her hands off of her face and leaned into Bucky’s chest. He wrapped his other arm around her and held her close until finished crying it out. He knew that sometimes she just needed a good cry to get it all out, and all she needed him to do was be there. She took a deep breath and looked up at him. “Thank you.” she whimpered softly. Bucky replied with a warm “I love you,” which Y/N answered with a kiss, and next thing they knew Y/N was sitting in Bucky’s lap and they were passionately making out.

All of a sudden, they were interrupted by Tony saying “Good Lord people! Why did you have to desecrate the kitchen?! Get a room—like literally leave and go to another room. Ridiculous.” Before they could reply, another one of the kitchen timers started ringing. Bucky and Y/N turned to each other and started laughing as they stood up. Y/N removed the remaining treats from the oven and set them on the counter. She and Bucky took all of the treats that were on the cooling racks and put them on plates to take out to the lounge to add to the dessert table. They walked into the room, and when they turned around to put down the plates, the rest of the team burst out in laughter. Not knowing the cause, Y/N and Bucky turned around. “What’s so funny?” asked Bucky. Nat was laughing so hard she was crying, but managed to squeak out the words “handprint” and “Bucky.” Y/N told Bucky to turn around, and she realized right away why they were laughing. There were flour handprints all over the back of Bucky’s black shirt, as well as a perfect flour handprint on the ass of Bucky’s jeans, obvious indicators of the make-out session they just had in the kitchen. Y/N couldn’t help but giggle as she explained to Bucky why he was the butt of the joke.

“Don’t you DARE sit on the furniture like that! Either of you!” shouted Tony from the other side of the room. Steve and Nat volunteered to clean the kitchen as a thank you for all of the goodies, and Y/N and Bucky accepted their offer. They each went back to their rooms to change and wash the flour off of their hands, and met back up in the lounge. They snuggled next to each other on one of the couches, each with a warm cookie in hand. “So, what movie are we watching?” Y/N asked. Sam cleared his throat and jokingly said “We figured we’d pop in one of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies and slowly fall into diabetic comas from all of the sugar you fed us today.” “Sounds good to me.” replied Y/N. Wanda put the movie in, and halfway through ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” everyone fell asleep, tummies full.

Y/N woke up as the credits were rolling. She was snuggled cozily in Bucky’s strong arms and looked up to see him smiling at her. “How long have you been watching me sleep, you little creeper?” she said teasingly. “Not long,” he replied. “It’s just that you always look so peaceful when you’re sleeping. You are so beautiful, Y/N.” Y/N rolled her eyes and said “C’mon Buck, you don’t have to lie to me. My face looks like I was hit by a train. I know the bruises are bad—you don’t have to try to make me feel better about it.” He looked at her with a confused expression on his face and said “Y/N, I’m not lying. I would think you were beautiful if you were bright green with orange polka dots. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, bruise or not, and I love you with all my heart.” He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead as a sweet smile grew on her face. “Bucky, you’re the best. I love you, too.” She then nuzzled her face into his chest and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, Y/N and Bucky woke up on the couch. The rest of the team was gone except for Sam, who was hovering over the dessert table shoving cookies into his mouth. “Isn’t it a little early for sweets, Sam?” Y/N asked with a giggle. “Hey,” Sam replied in all seriousness, “these cookies have raisins. Raisins come from grapes. Grapes are a fruit, and fruit is breakfast, so no, it isn’t too early for sweets. Now quit hogging the couch—there’s a ‘Jurassic Park’ marathon on today and I wanna be comfy.” Bucky turned to Y/N and said “Well, Sweetheart, that’s probably our cue to get up.” The two of them got up off the couch and dragged themselves to the kitchen, where they ate breakfast and laughed together whenever they heard Sam yelling at the TV about velociraptors.

This is an OC of mine as far as I got with the drawing. It’s the ultimate puppeteer. She usually hides herself in a giant puppet haha. But it’s not like she’s making er real appearence a secret, it’s just like she’s ‘living’ the whole puppet thing. So she comes out for eating, beathing etc. She also has a lot of small puppets with her who sometimes talk for her. She’s just this kind of stereotype. I don’t know much else so far lmao But I think she could possibly turn puppets into murder weapons. If she wants. Who knows. I think she’s a chill person so she actually wouldn’t.

marinette dupain cheng is the most precious child to have ever graced our presence and we don’t deserve her. 

marinette dupain cheng feels so much and loves so much and cares so much for the people in her life. 

marinette dupain cheng goes out of her way to comfort classmates and cheer them on and make them feel loved. 

marinette dupain cheng is selfish and reckless and impulsive at times but she recognizes her faults and she fixes her mistakes. 

marinette dupain cheng is a fifteen year old girl who loves a boy and she has every right to feel jealous or petty or whatever negative emotion might cloud her judgment. 

marinette dupain cheng apologizes when she goes too far because at her very core she is kind and selfless. 

marinette dupain cheng was brave enough to accept her miraculous even when she doubted herself and is brave enough now to give it up to protect the boy she loves and her city. 

marinette dupain cheng is the best thing to happen to us and she must be protected.

Boy Meets “___”

Here’s a quick thought about the latest Boku No Hero chapter. Who is this girl, Eri?

I think the better question is, what is she?

Let’s just take another look at her.

Her attire seems minimalistic - rags and wrapping. Like a patient in a hospital, but the frayed gown indicates a level of mistreatment. So my thoughts are such - she’s an experiment of some kind. Hell I’ll even go so far as to say she’s a Noumu.

Well, think of the chapter title. It ain’t “Boy meets girl”, like you’d expect. It’s literally “Boy meets    “

Boy meets Blank. Why the blank? No need for blank if Eri is a girl. Either Eri is actually a boy - or she’s neither - not male, female, or human. 

For now, I can’t say too much more about Eri - only that she looks suspiciously like a young Kemi, whose blood was used by Toga and who has gone missing. We also know Toga has Deku’s blood - Could Eri be some weird kind of amalgamation of the two as some experiment?

Well, regardless, I doubt Overhaul really made a mistake - while I think Eri is genuine in her thoughts and pleas for help, I also think she’s part of a plan - after all, four chapters ago Overhaul stressed the importance of a plan.

So, be on your guard, I guess. This “bumping into Deku” stuff all seems a bit too convenient to be what it looks like.

speaking of spoilery rants, I think I accidentally flirted with Liam one too many times because just now, when we were Dukes of Hazzard-ing it on Voeld, he admitted to deliberately positioning himself close to Ellie so he can be the one to protect her squishy tech-sniper ass (and lbr I about died right then and there because boy that’s so sweet???!?!??)

buddy boy, pal, darling, sweetie pie, I love you very much and I’ll definitely make a Ryder who’s going to smooch your pretty face next but… this one is a raging homosexual

I’m sorry it’s just the player who’s into you not the character

it’s not you it’s me

(pls love me)

Holtzmann will throw herself into a fire to save her friends, her machines even. But she's terrified of storms.

She doesn’t show it - at least, she tries not to.
Something about the electric energy in the air, the hollow ache in her bones, it makes her skin buzz. She feels out of control. And for all her wildness, all her spontaneity, she thrives off of control. It’s just a different kind of control - one far removed from the kind Erin might bask in.

Lightning flashes and she flinches. Because she can’t harness it.

Thunder claps and she thinks about the sound of a bad foster parent she once had angrily punching the wall.

The lights flicker and she thinks, “don’t leave me here alone don’t leave me here alone”

Alone with her thoughts.

Alone. No. She can’t stand it.

Without the warm grip of her tools, the hum of blessed light, without blasting music or her laughing friends, without even the comfort of the Internet -

She’s left with just her mind. The way it goes blank and races in turns. The way she doesn’t know what to do with it when it crumbles and burns.

Jillian Holtzmann is afraid of storms. Because she is a beautiful, powerful storm herself. If only she could figure that out.

Steven Universe S1E7 “Bubble Buddies” - Afterthoughts

This episode felt really refreshing after the horror in the last two, i’m very glad the show is starting to get emotional because i like to cry over cartoons.

Connie’s unlike any character we’ve seen so far, she’s pretty quiet and seems really kind and smart, i’ve noticed the show has continuity, which is an amazing thing, and there’s a high chance Connie might appear sometime again. I really hope that’s going to be soon, because i feel like she’s going to be a really interesting character to explore and i’d love to see more of her. We didn’t get a Steven x Connie kiss but well, there’s still hope. I’m looking forward to seeing their friendship grow, even in a platonic way.

I rate “Bubble Buddies” a solid 8/10, thanks for reading the liveblog, see you tomorrow.