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My Little who is Bi polar and possible has schizophrenia, apparently sewed string to her arm. Like how Jouzo does from Tokyo Ghoul. She and I are in a long distance relationship meaning I can't stop her from doing things like that. She has a needle problem (she likes to pierce her hands with metal needles), and one of our rules was that she was not allowed to play with needles. What in the actual fuck do I do?

I’ve never heard or read any one do this before .

Be more strict (as in make sure she doesn’t harm herself in any way)
, praise her if she does anything right and I mean anything and like go full out on praising but no sarcasm.
Send her a super cute stuffie for being such a good girl
Make sure you don’t scold her much , take baby steps
You gotta think about what you say to her , don’t be too rude or disappointed in her. I think that’s what it’s going to set her needle thingy off.
Tell her to go to the doctors or a therapist but don’t say it outwardly , it might affect her.
Try to get her to talk or give her some other habit that she can do
Don’t let her watch gruesome/gory animes
Have her be in little space most of the time
Suggest cute animes that have no violence whatsoever.
Make sure she doesn’t watch anything scary
You guys can watch Disney movies together by (I think that’s how you spell it 😅)
In a way keep in a cute little space bubble.

I hope this helps
I also have no idea what I’m talking about but I think it’s best if you reach a professional 😅
Also, you’re a great , loving and caring daddy
Thank you for asking and hope for an update😊

  • thin girl: all i do is eat pizza and smoke weed and play video games
  • everyone: god... she is The Dream Girl... so cute and Unique... shes not like the other girls who only eat salads, shes Real
  • fat girl: i like pizza too
  • everyone: wow... consider being healthy maybe? disgusting

we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


Ya’ll been hitting me with that good lesbian pidge content so i’m gonna put more out there too.

• Pidge gets sUPER flustered around girls!!
• She’s only 14 and not super experienced?? So whenever a cute girl even talks to her she gets shy and blushy
• She isn’t super ready to start dating just yet but she just likes to remind everyone “man i love girls and i’m just!! A big lesbian! Just to remind everyone here!!”
• *rips off her sweater* “LESBIANS FOR LOCHNESS”
• When pidge gets a crush its super obvious to figure it out.
• She gets clumsy around them and messes up her words and probably accidentally broke one of her devices while talking to them.
• When everyone else finds out Pidge has a crush on someone they all flip out because “oh my god!! Our little sis has a crush!!”
• Lance would try to give her some flirting tips, but knowing Pidge, she obviously rejects that
• Lance: “oh my god do you wanna hear some advice?”
• Pidge: “I’d rather take my chances”
• Also pidge: “please i’m like 100x better at flirting with you, i could get 10 girlfriends in a week without your help!” *nervous laughter*
• Hunk would tease her but also give her some cliché advice that you hear in every show/movie
• Hunk: “ooo I knew you had a girlfriend”
• Hunk: “just be yoursel-”
• Pidge: “hunk I appreciate that but i’ve already heard that from like everything. Ever.”
• Keith: “i don’t know what else to say so…” *thumbs up* “good luck”
• Pidge: “wow thanks”
• Shiro would actually probably give her solid advice
• Shiro, *jokingly*: “if you want to succeed… don’t listen to lance’s advice about anything”
• Lance: “haven’t i been the only one who actually got kissed by a cute alien girl?”
• Pidge *softly*: “fuck, you’re right”
• Pidge also lowkey is jealous of Lance’s confidence around girls
• She just wishes she could be better socially tbh like she’s getting there but also- have you seen girls???

Thanks for reading please @ voltron fandom gimme that good lesbian pidge headcanons, art and fanfics.

luna wearing ginny’s quidditch jersey which leads to luna falling in love with ginny’s quidditch jersey because it’s all soft from ginny wearing it so much and it smells like her && the sleeves are too long so she pulls them over her hands and makes sweater paws, ginny is extremely conflicted because she’s kinda fond of that jersey (like, just a smidge) and she wants it back but luna looks so cute in it and keeps coming up to give her hugs and it really is soft and ginny doesn’t know what 2 do 


i wanted a bby bones but then the crew happened. (aos pls cast a bby bones)

I really like Tulip as a protagonist for several reasons.

  • She’s a girl for a change, in an industry with too many male protagonists
  • She’s clever and mature, unlike a lot of protagonists who tend to be on the naive side
  • She’s not selfless and heroic and it’s not seen as a character flaw. Her desires to help herself and her situations don’t hinder her ability to also help others when help is needed
  • She’s cute. I like her character design
  • She’s very relatable. She acts in the way I would act in a situation like that, and I can understand where she’s coming from
  • Her voice is great.

lena “Total Gay Disaster™” luthor stopping at a small diner in the middle of fucking NOWHERE on the way back from a conference and seeing kara danvers waitressing and like Fucking Losing It™. lena is just too fucking gay for this cute ass Ray Of Sunshine. she fucking like,,, completely cancels all of her plans for a month and stays in the motel right next door just so she can eat at this run-down diner every night.

binch only brought one change of clothes too so OF COURSE kara notices this beautiful lady sitting in her section during every shift. of Course. girl’s wearing the tightest fucking pencil skirt every night. Of Course She Notices. lena can’t even formulate a sentence around kara so she just eats whatever the special is because she likes the way kara talks about the special. like furiously nodding every time kara brings up the daily special. the special is eggs every fucking day and lena HATES eggs but wont say anything because of the smile kara gives her when she places the food in front of her.

and then finally, FINALLY, kara figures out that lena’s Trying Her Best to woo her and she just fucking loses it. like who tf does this fancy ass girl think she is. kara wouldve said yes the FIRST TIME SHE CAME IN. kara just decides to leave her number on the receipt the next time. the rest is History.

“but when i approach women like a gentleman they curve me” ok but have you considered the following:

1) you’re not cute/they just don’t find you attractive

2) you look a hot mess/ you’re not well put together esp. for the occasion you’re trying to pick girls up at

3) you picked the wrong time to try to approach to that particular woman

4) you give off a weird or uncomfortable vibe

5) your approach is corny or just as rude as those assholes you swear she prefers but your head’s too far up your own ass to realize that

I’ve been thinking a lot about how bi!annabeth could actually come into canon and I’ve decided this is how it happens (I may have pulled from my own experience slightly, but only briefly).

  • Annabeth had never considered her sexuality being anything other than straight until she turns 17.
  • She starts to question after realising that she has had too many ‘girl crushes‘ to not be properly attracted to girls, like why she ever thought it straight to feel the same way when a pretty girl comes along as a cute guy is beyond her.
  • She’s dating Percy by this point, and so she feels bad thinking about it, but she figures it doesn’t mean she loves Percy any less?
  • At first, she wanders if she’s a lesbian, but her feelings for Percy are too strong for her to contemplate that for too long (she is pretty sure her attraction is real).
  • She decides to go to Rachel for help, who had recently came out as gay and is now dating Reyna. This is the main reason she is worried, because Rachel used to think she liked Percy too? What if she is lying to herself?
  • Rachel explains that even though she thought she had feelings for Percy, it was down to compulsory heterosexuality, and that when Rachel had really thought about it she had known all along her and percy were platonic (and that she was forcing herself to like him because she was in denial and scared). 
  • This confirms to Annabeth that she hasn’t been stringing Percy along, because no matter how much she tries she cannot stop thinking about him shirtless.
  • She’s scared of what Percy will think, but at the same time she knows Percy, and she knows he would never be horrible about anything (especially stuff like this).
  • He’s the nicest and most understanding person she knows, so she tells him first.
  • She goes to the beach with him later, and at first it’s really hard for her to find the words but soon she explains and says that she doesn’t want it to change anything. Percy immediately jumps to comfort her, saying he would never think she was more likely to cheat, and he understands that, despite her attraction to girls being completely valid, that doesn’t stop her being his girlfriend and loving him.
  • She nearly cries about how supportive she is.
  • She struggles at first, when she thinks girls are cute she doubts herself (thinking she’s gay) and when she thinks guys are cute she doubts herself (thinking she straight), but eventually she finds a comprimise, no matter who she likes at the time, she is always bisexual.
  • She likes to wear the bi pride colours (pink, purple and blue) literally every day. Even if it’s just her bobbles or earrings (or something else small).
  • She manages to get Pecy to go to pride with her, once he also tells her he’s bi a few years later.
  • She does struggle a bit with jealousy about percy being bi at first, but she quickly pushes it away, reprimanding herself. He still loves her, that doesn’t change.
  • They both paint the pride flag on their cheeks (the bi flag on one and the rainbow flag on the other) and they meet loads of really cool people.
  • She is happier than she has ever been now that she can be her complete and authentic self.

Request: Could you write a Bucky x reader one-shot where they are walking in the winter and she wants to hold his metal arm but its cold so he asks tony to add like a mini heater and he says something like “Gotta make sure my girl is cozy”? Thanks! Much appreciated!

A/N: The title… yeah I have no imagination. This request was so cute I just hope I succeeded in making it as cute as possible! Hopefully you’ll like it.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 1,659

Warning(s): fluff, that’s it. fluff

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Almost Slipped

*Me and daddy having dinner with my parents*
Daddy and Mom: *talking about me when I was six*
Mom: She used to watch cartoons all the time, and I would always have to buy her stuffed animals when we went out or she’d throw a tantrum.
Daddy: She still watches cartoons. We watch Steven Universe together all the time.
Mom: How cute. She really is still a kid.
Me: *Blushing like crazy*
Daddy: Well that’s alright. I still love her anyways. *smiles at me* I love you baby girl.
Me: I love you too da-…da-dumb muffin!
Mom:….dumb muffin?
Me:Y-yeah! I’m baby girl, he’s dumb muffin! *nervously sweats*
Daddy: *face palms*

Shy Girl

Prompt: The reader goes unnoticed at the job (not at all the famous type, etc) and she’s really shy but once you get to know her she is really sweet and funny. She likes Baron from the moment she lays eyes on him and so does he but neither believes the other is interested so they don’t do anything to actually get to know each other. Sexual tension and love follows that is too palpable to overlook. Cute and fluffy, maybe smutty.  @hiitsmecharlie This became really long…

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