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Special Instructions (2/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M (lots of unnecessary cursing, sexy times in later chapters)
Word Count: ~3300
Chapters: One

i’m shocked by the feedback on this ridiculous fic haha, thanks all. for the fans of hot mess emma, ch3 is the chapter for you lol

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones  (and @stubble-sandwich because lbr you pretty much are the reason i didn’t abandon this idea when i was playing around a couple months ago)


Special instructions: would u buy us more beer? like a lot. i will pay u

“Oh my god, Ems, I think Robin and Regina are getting it on in your room.”

She jumped at the sound of Ruby’s voice yelling in her ear over the sound of the music, then let out a whiny groan.

“Gross, on my bed?” she asked, disgusted at the thought of having to wash her linens before sleeping in them. She was buzzed enough to enjoy the atmosphere but not enough to let her friends fuck in her apartment. “Ugh, let me go stop them before I have to light my mattress on fire.”

Her movements were stilted and she stumbled a little as she walked down her hall. Sure enough, her door was shut and a sock hung from the knob. Her fist banged on the wood.

“Don’t you guys fucking dare! Go to your own apartments for this shit or I’m never inviting you over again. This isn’t college,” she shouted. A muffled grunt that sounded sort of like an apology came from the other side and she figured she’d leave and at least give them a few minutes to collect themselves.

“Emma! Where’s the beer?”

The question came from her brother who was currently losing (horrendously) at beer pong to Elsa, who had surprising accuracy for someone who was drunker than most people in the room.

“Uh, we’re out. I was about to go walk to the convenience store around the corner to get some more.”

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A Little Less Sixteen Candles - Part 6 [Final]

[A/N: HERE IT IS! Final chapter! I haven’t fully revised this so it could be riddled with mistakes however if it is guys I am sorry! Okay so just a warning there is some cheese, proper cheese, I love cheese and after all the angst it needed plenty to make up for it! Hope you guys like it, I’m really nervous that build up has totally not been worth it but it’s not going to get much better than this. I feel like maybe I kinda rushed the ending but-]

Word Count: 1950 [In total guys this entire fic was 11060 words long and took up 22 Word page documents, what the hell?!]

Originally posted by bysamoylova

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Don’t make Daddy jealous

I’m going to hell because of this…and I need to bath in holy water

Reader x Christian Yu

Type: smut

Warnings: swearing, rough play, daddy kink

Words count: 2966

Summary: You had to go to your bff bday party instead of spending time with your boyfriend, but the night won’t be as boring as you thought when you’re noticing Christian stalking you in the distance [cannot believe that his pic is totally fitting into this story]

- Christian I can’t go today I told you I have to go to Silvia’s birthday party, I promised her last week.

- Ahh I cannot believe this, finally I’m free a bit but I can’t see you, I really miss you baby girl… - he was whining in the phone and it seems he was grumpy too.

- I promise I will call you after I get back home, okay? I miss you too Christian so so much but I can’t skip this party.

- Okay, you promised me, don’t forget what you said! There will be guys too? – yes, he was definitely whining.

- Of course there will be, we’re going to a club, so …

- Jesus…to where? Fuck… don’t you dare to flirt with someone or let some fucktards to dance with you or or anything… ha?!

- Christian please chill a bit, it’s a lil’ party nothing serious and why would I flirt or dance with another guy when I’ve a smokin’ hot boyfriend?

- Smokin’ hot? Aye babe… he’s definitely lucky for having such a great girl like you!

- Honey I gotta go, I’ll call you when the party is over!

- Take care of yourself or I’m gonna kick your sexy butt!

- You idjit, I will, I love you!

To be honest the last thing you wanted to do is to go to a party, getting drunk and whoosh dumbass guys away, but it was your best friend’s party and you had no other choice. The club was pretty fancy and the VIP section was all your crew’s for tonight. Your bestie was mega-happy and already drunk after half an hour. Not to be a partypooper you also cheered for yourself in your mind and you went to get some drinks. After four gintonics you definitely started to feel the party. However your phone started to buzz and you saw the worried texts from Christian. Trying not to mess up you txted back that you’re fine and stop worrying about you. But it turned out you misspelled your sentences and of course Christian noticed that you’re drunk.

- Y/N, put the fuck down that phone you bitch and come dance with me – Silvia, your bestie yelled at you and rushed you to the dance floor.

After an exhausting hour you two were still dancing and felt like there’s no tomorrow. Especially when you started to dance on the table and singing like true party-queens. Your hair was a mess, your tight black mini-dress was way too up as it should be and also your black lace bra showing a little. Then there was the moment when you noticed Christian in a dark corner with his friends and with a glass of whiskey in his hands. You got caught, you fuckin’ got caught…

- Silv, Christian is here, and I think he’s gonna kill me, don’t look there but he’s sitting in the corner with a couple of his friends and he saw me – you yelled into your friend’s ear.

- Goddammit honey, then we should put on a more heated show than before, you should play with him and I guarantee your night will be hotter than this party – she shouted back to you.

- Are you crazy?! He’s gonna kill me, you can’t imagine how pissed off he will be…

- That’s more fun, trust me and show him that you are the sexiest hoe in this club, shake that booty honey!!!

So you decided to play. You got off of the table and poured another shot. And went to a more crowded area, but you still saw Christian in this distance. From this point the game finally began. There were two guys who were watching you all night with hungry eyes and when you smiled at them they got closer in an instant. They looked really good and they weren’t bad dancers. Now all you had to do was wait to Christian noticing this whole mess. But you knew he was watching you from the start and had to control himself. The bad thing is that you wanted him to lose control and make a move. So you let the two hottie to get closer than should be. When one of them put his hands on your waist and the other was definitely wanted to kiss you here and there, you caught Christian’s death glare and saw him rushing towards you in the crowd.

- You think it’s funny? What the fuck are you doing? Are you playing a game? You two get the fuck outta here until I beat your asses – he was way too mad, but also way too sexy.

He grabbed your wrist and walked you out from the club. When you stared back you saw Silvia sending thumbs-up in the air.

- This silly idiot… tomorrow I have to tell her everything… - you giggled.

While you were waiting for the taxi, you tried to save your ass a bit.

- Christian, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you mad, I drank too much and wasn’t in the right mind.

He turned his head, still grabbing your wrist strong, and whispered in you ear:

- You did this on purpose baby girl, both of us know this and pray for God to be gracious with you from now on, coz when we finally get home I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up.

You got chills. And your whole body got goosebumps too. Plus you felt that guilty pleasure climbing up in your core.

- Christian this is bullshit I didn’t…

- Shut up, just shut up baby girl don’t make the things worse, no fuckin’ words until we get home!

So you didn’t say anything until you two got home…

The stairway was dark and quiet, you barely see anything but somehow you managed to get into your apartment. The second part of the game started.

- Christian are you still mad? Please don’t misunderstand this whole situation I was just… partying, those guys didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t even know them… - you started innocently when he pushed you to the wall, grabbed your wrists and put them above your head.

- Oh stop talking nonsense Y/N, and better stop with this fairytale story too, now you should start thinking how you gonna redeem this mess… - his gaze was no joke that lustfilled eyes didn’t guarantee mercy and he was close. Too close to you, pushing to the wall with all of his weight. And he smelt so good. His fragrance always killed you and you could differentiate this smell from thousands of other parfums. It was his, only his. You decided to play another card.

- Please don’t be mad at me, I will do anything daddy… - you bited your lips and looked into his eyes.

- You lil’ shit… - he kissed you roughly, grabbing your hair with one hand while with the another he was still holding your wrists firmly.

- Daddy is fuckin’ so pissed right now baby, you teased me a lot… - his mouth was all over on you, started from your neck, down to your collarbones and now between your breasts. He let go your wrists, squeezing your butt with both of his hands. You can’t help but let out a moan.

- Christian, please… I want you so badly.

- Oh really? Those two can’t fuck you that good like me, ha? – he didn’t wait for your response when he kissed you again and pulled down the zip on your dress. You were also in a rush unbuttoning his shirt, touching his bare chest, his tattoos, his arms down to his abs until you found his belt and unbuckled it. After that you unbuttoned his pants too, letting it fall while he took off your bra and your panties, a nipple went straight into his mouth, sucking it passionately and caresses the other with his hand, drawing circles and pulling it until both of them were hard. You were a moaning mess, your fingers were digging in his hair wanting more and more.

- Daaad enough, please it’s too much, I can’t… I can’t… - you whined.

- Enough?! Oh honey look, we’re still in the hall, and I didn’t even touch you there yet… hands up like before! – he ordered and you put up your arms. He grabbed your wrists again with one hand, and the another started to wondering between your thights. He kissed you again, biting and sucking on your bottom lip, his tongue twirling everywhere until you moaned into his mouth.

- Baby girl, you’re so wet for me, you’re dripping – he said it teasingly while his fingers went up and down on your folds at a really slow pace. His eyes never lost contact with yours and seeing his wanting-gaze turned you on more.

- Tell me how much you want me baby girl, tell daddy how much you want his cock inside your dripping pussy – his voice was deep and raspy, and his fingers started to move faster and faster on your clit.

- Fuck Christian… I want you, please… I want you inside me, please daddy fuck me I’ll be a good girl just fuck me for the fuck’s sake… - you were in daze, your whole body was about to explode.

- Mmm… my baby you want me this badly? Well, I told you I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up… - he inserted a finger into you, and you just moaned into his neck grabbing his hair.

- Ah Y/N you’re so fuckin’ wet – he pumped his finger in and out at a slow pace, adding another digit and catching up a quick speed.

- Maybe I should taste why are you this wet? Am I this good babe? Tell me… - he purred into your ear sending chills down your body.

- Christian please… I can’t take this anymore, it feels good, it feels sooo good – you mewled.

- Oh no no, the morning is still a bit far away darlin’ you have to bare with me a little more – he smirked at you, letting go of your hands and kneeled down in front of you closing his mouth on your wetness. He was licking your folds up and down, finding your clit and sucking on it while his fingers were pumping in and out. He was always eating you out like a dessert, enjoying it so much.

- Daaad I really can’t take it anymore I’m gonna cum… - you arched your back and moaning loudly.

- Then cum for me babe, moan for me until the neighbors will come over.

This pushed you over the edge, your orgasm washed everything away, you screamed out his name, cursing out loud, while he was still fingering you and licking your pussy until your last pleasure wave ended.

- That’s my baby girl – he kissed you with his plumped lips letting you taste yourself. You hooked your legs around his hips and he took you in the bedroom and dropped you on the bed. You sat up immediately, watching him taking off his boxers. He was so hard and sexy as fuck, you gulped and licked your lips while he started to jerk himself up more, his fingers running slowly on his length, looking deeply into your eyes. Without any words he moved closer to you, touching your lips with his throbbing cock. You wanted to suck him badly, you were literally drooling.

- Aye, babe you want me this much? – he let his tip into your mouth. You started to lick him, twirling your tongue around him, earning a hiss.

- Christian, please I want you in my mouth… don’t do this to me – you begged him with no shame.

- Mm you were so so bad to me today babe, what should I do with you, ha? – he kissed you with passion, gathering your hair into a ponytail. And he put his cock in your mouth. He started to roll his hips, moving his member in and out while his hand was holding your hair. He tasted so good, your mouth was full with him. You had no control in your movements he was harsh, fucking your mouth mercilessly almost choking on him but you didn’t mind, you were still burning for him, your pussy aching for some skinship. Also his deep moans turned you on more, seeing his wavering abs, his sweaty chest and arms made your womanhood even more wet.

- Fuck, baby girl you’re so good, but I can’t take this anymore – he clenched his teeth, moving out quickly, really close to cum but he didn’t… he was testing his limits.

- Turn around honey, turn around for daddy – he said, and you did as he told.

His cock was eager to find your entrance, pushing it deeply into your core, stretching you out and fill you completely.

- Shit, babe you’re so tight and wet for me, you feel so good – he was pounding into you roughly, one hand on your waist and one hand pulling your hair. You can’t help but moan with all your heart, shouting out his name over and over.

- Fuck Y/N, if you continue this loud mess I can’t hold myself back for too long – but you also couldn’t hold back yourself, his thrusts were getting deeper and deeper bringing your next orgasm close. You arched your back, grabbing his thights, while he was covering your mouth and started to rub your clit.

- Ah babe I’m so close, fuck I can’t hold back, you’re so wet, I wanna cum all over on your tits baby girl – his husky voice filled your ear pushing towards your edge, when he took out himself, turned you around and came on your breasts. He spreaded his cum with his cock on your nipples, putting his thumb into your mouth and you sucked it while watched his rosy and sweaty face.

- I’m sorry baby, I didn’t plan this way, maybe I need some fuel to refill my energy – he went to your drawer getting some wet tissues.

- You know Y/N, you look utterly sexy like this – he was wiping up the mess, after that he kissed you softly, carressing your hair.

- But my girl didn’t get everything before because of me, come on princess spread those legs for daddy – he went down on you but he was much more softer and sensual this time.

You put your feet on his shoulders, spreading your legs allowing him to eat you out again. He loved licking your pussy in every way possible, your moans fuelled him as his tongue got faster on your clit.

- Cum for me honey, I wanna hear you scream – you didn’t know how you always managed to cum to his order but with Christian everything was possible. He held your waist in place, still sucking on your wetness until you ride out your high.

- Good girl, but I’m afraid I can’t let you sleep yet – you looked down and it seemed he refilled that energy somewhere already.

He moved you to the center of the bed, laying you down and hovering over you. He kissed your lips, and slipped into you slowly. You bit your lips from the overpowering sensation, your womanhood was totally destroyed by him. However you loved the feeling when you were full with him, feeling every inch of him inside of you.

He looked into your eyes with love, quiet moans coming from his mouth. His forehead was on yours, when you kissed him and dig in his hair. He was moving at a stable pace, adding deep thrusts frequently. You were so in love with this sensual Christian, the only goal of his was to please you no matter what. He started to massage your clit, giving sloppy kisses on your neck and you felt you’re getting closer and closer again. You were holding onto his shoulders tight, your nails digging into his skin probably causing bruises because of the overhelming stimulation. He quickened his movements to catch up with you.

- Christian, I’m… I’m coming… oh God you feel so good…, fuck Christian… - you tightened your walls around him, pushing him over the edge, while you also felt your pulsating orgasm giving you nothing but trembling thighs and body. You screamed out his name, your hand clenched with his until he collapsed on you breathing heavily and pulled himself out of you. You kissed his head, carressing his back and he tried to catch his breath rolling to the side.

- Y/N this was so fuckin’ good, I love you baby girl.

- I love you too Christian. But to be honest you destroyed my pussy, so no woohoo at least for a week.

- Are you serious?! – he popped up from the bed quickly and looked at you with puppy eyes.

- You bastard I only mean sex to you, ha?! – you kicked towards him jokingly.

- Slow down, lil’ girl I’m gonna hug you to death and cuddle you until you fall asleep, but before lemme close the curtains it’s already too bright outside – he raised his eyebrow and winked at you.

With your last drop of energy you threw a pillow towards him.



They​ ​had​ ​been​ ​out​ ​in​ ​space​ ​for​ ​months​ ​and​ ​it​ ​was​ ​only​ ​the​ ​beginning​ ​when​ ​Allura​ ​would​ ​raise​ ​the​ ​alarm​ ​testing​ ​their​ ​speed.​ ​An alarm​ ​out​ ​of​ ​the​ ​blue​ ​wasn't​ ​unusual​ ​but​ ​it​ ​was​ ​still​ ​a​ ​shock.​ ​Which​ ​was​ ​why​ ​the​ ​Paladins​ ​were​ ​now​ ​in​ ​the​ ​control​ ​room​ ​in​ ​their​ ​pajamas​ ​all except​ ​for​ ​Lance​ ​who​ ​compared​ ​to​ ​the​ ​first​ ​run​ ​was​ ​in​ ​full​ ​Armor​ ​ready​ ​to​ ​go.​ ​“Allura​ ​what’s​ ​going​ ​on?”​ ​she​ ​raises​ ​an​ ​eyebrow​ ​at​ ​Shiro​ ​“​ ​I should​ ​be​ ​asking​ ​you​ ​that.​ ​What​ ​happened​ ​yesterday​ ​was​ ​unacceptable​ ​after​ ​forming​ ​Voltron​ ​for​ ​so​ ​long​ ​why​ ​couldn’t​ ​you​ ​now?”​ ​None​ ​of​ ​them answered​ ​surreptitiously​ ​glancing​ ​at​ ​Lance​ ​who​ ​was​ ​standing​ ​tense.​ ​

Allura​ ​notices,​ ​she​ ​always​ ​does,​ ​“Lance​ ​what​ ​did​ ​you​ ​do”​ ​He​ ​looked​ ​up​ ​at her​ ​shocked​ ​“Me?”​ ​​ ​“I​ ​mean​ ​it’s​ ​obvious​ ​everyone’s​ ​looking​ ​at​ ​you​ ​what​ ​did​ ​you​ ​do?’​ ​His​ ​heart​ ​sunk​ ​he​ ​was​ ​trying​ ​so​ ​hard​ ​to​ ​be​ ​good​ ​“I​ ​didn’t do​ ​anything​ ​I’ve​ ​been​ ​good…”​ ​His​ ​voice​ ​breaks​ ​and​ ​he​ ​quickly​ ​glances​ ​at​ ​the​ ​Alphas​ ​neither​ ​of​ ​them​ ​give​ ​him​ ​any​ ​confirmation​ ​that​ ​he​ ​has been.​ ​Pidge​ ​and​ ​Hunk​ ​fidget​ ​“He​ ​didn’t​ ​do​ ​anything​ ​Princess,​ ​he’s​ ​been​ ​good​ ​ol’​ ​Lance.​ ​If​ ​anything​ ​it's​ ​Shiro​ ​and​ ​Keith.”​ ​Keith​ ​gives​ ​the Yellow​ ​Paladin​ ​a​ ​sharp​ ​look​ ​“Me?​ ​I’ve​ ​done​ ​nothing”​ ​

Pidge​ ​rounds​ ​on​ ​him all her pent up frustration​ finally exploding​“Thats’​ ​exactly​ ​it​ ​you’ve​ ​both​ ​done,​ ​nothing.​ ​And​ ​as​ ​much​ ​as​ ​you​ ​want to​ ​deny​ ​it​ ​Keith​ ​we’re​ ​a​ ​pack​ ​and​ ​what​ ​you​ ​did​ ​what​ ​you​ ​both​ ​did​ ​was​ ​super​ ​fucked.”​ ​Lance​ ​looks​ ​panicked​ ​“Don’t​ ​fight”​ ​Hes​ ​not​ ​heard​ ​the argument​ ​already​ ​escalating​ ​​ ​“As​ ​if​ ​you​ ​two​ are​ ​any​ ​better​ ​you​ ​took​ ​apart​ his ​burrow.”​ ​​ ​This​ ​is​ ​news​ ​to​ ​Lance​ ​and​ ​he​ ​jerks​ ​looking​ ​at​ ​them.​​ ​They​ ​really​ ​didn’t​ ​want​ ​him​ ​here​ ​did​ ​they?​ ​All​ ​this​ ​time​ ​hes​ ​been​ ​trying​ ​to​ ​help​ ​trying​ ​to​ ​get​ ​things​ ​back​ ​to the​ ​way​ ​it​ ​was,​ ​was​ ​useless.​ ​He​ ​could​ ​laugh​ ​but​ ​that​ ​would​ ​just​ ​make​ ​him​ ​cry.​ ​He​ ​settles​ ​for​ ​an​ ​uneasy​ ​chuckle​ ​which​ ​is​ ​much​ ​more​ ​jarring than​ ​anything​ ​he​ ​could​ ​have​ ​done.​ ​“We​ ​need​ ​our​ ​blankets​ ​back​ ​Lance​ ​sorry​ ​we​ ​didn’t​ ​tell​ ​you.”​ ​​ ​He​ ​shakes​ ​his​ ​head​ ​and​ ​grins​ ​the​ ​fakest​ ​grin​ ​you could​ ​imagine​ ​even​ ​a​ ​baby​ ​could​ ​see​ ​that.​ ​“No​ ​sweat​ ​guys​ ​I​ ​shouldn’t​ ​have​ ​taken​ ​them​ ​in​ ​the​ ​first​ ​place.”​ ​He​ ​looks​ ​at​ ​the​ ​Princess​ ​an​ ​odd​ ​glint in​ ​his​ ​eye.​ ​“I’m​ ​sorry​ ​It​ ​is​ ​my​ ​fault,​ ​I’ll​ ​work​ ​harder​ ​I​ ​promise​ ​next​ ​fight​ ​we’ll​ ​form​ ​Voltron.”​ ​​ ​She​ ​doesn’t​ ​look​ ​convinced​ ​maybe​ ​even​ ​more confused​ ​than​ ​she​ ​was​ ​when than before​ ​the​ ​fight​ ​started.​ ​“Now​ ​if​ ​you​ ​don’t​ ​mind,​ ​I’m​ ​going​ ​to​ ​catch​ ​up​ ​on​ ​my​ ​beauty​ ​sleep.​ ​You​ ​don’t​ ​get​ ​sexiest​ ​man​ ​of the​ ​year​ staying awake all the time.​ ​​ ​And​ ​hes​ ​walking​ ​out​ ​as​ ​cocky​ ​as​ ​only​ ​Lance​ ​could​ ​pull​ ​off. 


so for the remaining Top Five ask meme posts, i’ve decided to consolidate into a series of three huge posts instead of destroying people’s dashes with replies.  for a series of fun, ridiculous headcanons, follow the readmore!

  1. Playboy Nikiforov will cheat on Yuuri with the entire Russian Hockey team, and Yuuri will come crying to him and eat katsudon piroshky in his bed and Yurio will be allowed to brush the bangs out of his eyes as they lay facing each other, knees knocking together.  “You can stay as long as you want,” Yurio would say.  (Except Victor is incredibly devoted to Yuuri, and the Russian hockey team only has eyes for Yuuri anyway.)
  2. Victor dies from a Terrible Disease.  In his last conscious moments, he grabs Yurio by the hand.  “Take care of Yuuri,” he says. “He’s always loved you.”  “I will,” Yurio responds, unplugging the life support.
  3. “Yurio, the way you landed that quintuple axel jump after only two weeks of practicing, despite it being physically improbable makes me super hot,” Yuuri says, pushing him against the rough edge of the lockers.  “Please, take me now, take me now and wrap your well-toned and physically superior legs around me.”
  4. Victor Nikiforov decides to make a deal with an angel to see a reality where he’s never been born, where Yurio and Katsudon got together instead, and he sees how happy Katsudon is to be constantly challenged and sexually satisfied by Yurio he completely fades from existence.
  5. Yuuri showing up at his hotel room at three in the morning. His eyes are red.  His smile is shy, but real.  “Yuri,” he says, and the way that Yuuri says his name, his real name, is so open and meaningful.  “You’ve always been—I’ve always—“ Yuuri in his mind has said, but never finished.  Yuri’s never let it get past that.  It hurts too much.

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All the boys

Dan is forced to go to the strip club for a birthday and he unexpectedly has eyes for one of the girls working there 

Warning: smutttt

inspired by this 

Dan’s POV:

“Dan come on it’s gonna be fun” Phil told me through my bedroom door which I had locked for the purpose of Phil not being able to drag me there. “Since when did you find stuff like this fun Phil” I retorted
“Dan you know I don’t but its just manners we show up” 
“Phil we’re gonna be surrounded by thirty year old horny men being pervs” I groaned 
“Dan just get ready you don’t have to talk just stay on your phone” 
“ugh fine but you owe me” I compromised getting up from my bed. 

I lazily chucked on some black skinny jeans and a black button up, not caring if I looked like shit, I didn’t want to be there and they probably knew it too. 
It was Joe’s birthday and Caspar had decided to take Joe to a strip club to celebrate. A fucking strip club. And they decided that it would be a good idea to invite Phil and I. If you’ve talked to us for more than five minutes, you’d know we’re not strip club people, heck if you’ve even looked at us. 

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olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 1375 || more fics

summary: Oliver is a fan of Felicity’s white and red dress (for @muslimsmoak)
a/n: more shameless smut yay

Oliver walked into the almost empty bunker and immediately paused when he reached Felicity’s desk. She was wearing a dress that resembled a white top and red skirt. The skirt was long or longer than a lot of her dresses and skirts. The thing was tight and rested just at her knee, showing leg but also making her ass more pronounced. It didn’t help that she was bent over the desk. He had to bite down on his lower lip. When she turned to greet him the rest of her clothing was revealed. There was something about the outfit that just did it for him. It was modest and yet it was still so sexy. Especially that peek-a-boo hole in the top, only being kept together by some black cord.

“You’re staring,” she said in a sing-song voice.

He could have just waved it off or apologized, but instead he let a smirk form on his lips and said, “I couldn’t help myself.”

“Is that so?” she stood completely, placing her hands on her hips, “And here I thought you were the king of control,” she teased.

He rolled his eyes and stepped forward, “When have I ever been able to control myself around you?”

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a few weeks

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and there’s nothing I’d like more than to take my wife to a nice hotel, and get her all dressed up in the sexiest dress she owns and then let her go down to the bar for drinks and come down later only to find her flirting with the guys who have been buying her drinks. I’d sit there at the bar trying to hide the fact that my cock is rock solid watching her hit on other guys and watching them trying to get a glimpse of her tits each time she bends over, or the guys behind her staring at her perfect ass. It would get harder and harder to control myself the drunker she got and the more she opened up and teased the guys at the bar.

As the night progresses I can see her whisper in the guys ear that she’s ready to go back to our room, and as she heads upstairs I get a text on my phone telling me how wet her pussy is and how much she wants to unzip this guys pants and see how hard she’s gotten him. She then sends me a picture of the sexy panties that she’s decided to wear for this event and I can tell that she let the guy in the elevator take the picture. I’m then specifically given instructions to stay at the bar for another 30 minutes, then I’m to immediately pay my tab and come directly to our room.

As I get to the room, and fumble to get the door unlocked I can hear moans coming from inside the room which just leads to more excitement on my part. My cock is already so stiff and painful that I can’t take it anymore. When I finally get the door open, I’m greeted with the image of my wife wearing the sexy red and black teddy I bought for her and she’s on the bed stroking and sucking the cock of the guy from the bar. Her beautiful ass is in the air so I walk over and slide my fingers across her pussy lips which are soaked at this point. As she continues to suck his cock, she reaches back and her hands brushes over mine and I hear her let out a moan as if she’s never felt my cock so hard. It turns her on so much that she takes his cock out of her mouth and turns to unzip my pants and pulls mine out of my pants and just as she goes to wrap her lips around my shaft, he slides his dick deep inside her pussy causing her to moan louder than she’s ever moaned before. I reach down and run my fingers through her hair and slide my cock into her mouth. The guy behind her continues to pump her as she’s sucking and stroking me……

anonymous asked:

How many children do you think elorcan would have ? What would they look like and what would there powers be ? Also names ? tysm your the bees knees my friend !! 🐝🐝🐝

u just touched my heart anon

- Definitely 3. Marion is the first and then it’s a pair of boy twins. Fenrys and Connall have an absolute field day when they find out. The twins names are Cal and Leo after Elide’s dad and also they really liked the sound of the name Leo. 

-Marion has black hair and onyx eyes just like her mom and is a round chubby baby that loves to crawl everywhere…except she can’t crawl very fast so she always tries to follow everyone around on her own and then eventually someone takes pity on her and carries her.

-She’s also just constantly happy?? No mood swings or anything but she’s also quite reclusive and quiet like Elide was as a kid and Aelin and Aedion always recognize this and feel so happy.

-Has daddy wrapped around her finger along with the rest of the cadre. 

-Leo and Cal take after their dad in looks and manners. Quiet and not as friendly as Marion and just always so grumpy??? Thankfully its not the crying and screaming type of grumpy but their tiny brows are furrowed in confusion at all palace functions like excuse me?? why have i been woken up today?? what is the use of this?? why are peOPLE TOUCHING US GODDAMMIT!!!   

-Marion looks after them…for a while until she gets distracted by a butterfly.

BONUS: The sight of Lorcan with a baby in each arm and one sitting on his shoulders is the cutest and the sexiest thing Elide has ever seen (and all the girls in markets too until she snaps at them)

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I was hoping we could get the DA:I companions and li's reaction to the first time they see the Inquisitor without their arm? Thank you. btw this blog is awesome.

Cassandra: She knew it was coming to this. She knew it was their life or the mark and likely their arm, and it was gone. Still, she’d be lying if it didn’t strike her odd the first few times she sees the arm is missing. She offers her sympathy to them, and her heart aches with pity when she sees them upset or struggling with tasks that were once easy. If Romanced: She’s relieved to know that he will live, albeit with the loss of the arm, and she knows that he’s in for a difficult transition. She’s determined to help him through this and be there no matter what, and calmly reassures him that she will be there to help.

Blackwall: The man stares for a moment before heaving a great sigh and sitting beside the Inquisitor. He asks how they’re feeling, and he tries his best to reassure them, though words can do little. Part of him is relieved to see it go, if it means they live. He’s relatively calm about it. If Romanced: She’s shaking and stressed, and he wants to help. He never thought he’d be relieved to have his lover lose a limb, but he was– he wasn’t going to lose her. He asks if there’s anything he can do, and she tells him just to stay with her. So he does.

Iron Bull: He knew it was going to have to go, and he’s not at all thrown off by seeing it gone. “Don’t worry, Boss,” he tries to reassure, “you can still kick plenty of ass with one hand. Besides, we’re both all right, now. That mark can’t hurt you anymore.” He buys them as many drinks as they want, and keeps an eye out for them the rest of his time there. If Romanced: He holds his Kadan tight, never wanting to let go. They’re visibly upset, but all he feels is relief and worry for their stress levels. He spends a long time with them laying in his arms, just stroking the back. “It’ll be okay, Kadan,” he tries to soothe, “you’re still the strongest, sexiest, most amazing person I know.”

Sera: Normally, people would be shocked or dismayed to see their friend’s arm missing, but all she feels is complete and utter relief to see it gone. It’s not hurting them anymore, and it’s far better to lose an arm than a life. When the Herald expresses dismay, she’s quick to reassure them. “I know this shite’s not easy, but I’m glad that ruddy old mark is gone. I’m just sorry you had to lose the arm, too.” If Romanced: She’s doubly relieved to see her wife’s arm and the mark upon it gone. “You’re going to live, Wifey,” she whispers to her, “we’re gonna live happily ever after. Fenny’s gonna have arrows up his arsehole to make sure of that.” She stays with her through her grief and pain and holds her tight.

Varric: “Shit.” He wishes he hadn’t uttered the word, because the Herald looks away in shame. Immediately feeling guilty, he hurries to them and tries to rectify the situation. “Hey, don’t take it that way, I didn’t mean–” He groans. “I’m glad you’re alive. I’m just sorry it came to this. Listen, if you ever need anything, I– you let me know, alright?”

Cole: “It doesn’t hurt anymore, but it does differently.” he remarks sadly. “I am sorry. None of us think less of you. Some even think more. So brave, so strong, I’m glad they’re still here. It hurts, but you will heal. You always do.” He brings them all manner of trinkets or sweets, whatever the Herald likes, in attempts to cheer them up.

Solas: He almost looks back at them as he walks away. He knew what it would look like. He knew what he did to them, and he regrets that they had to suffer this for their accident. But there’s nothing left to do for them, he tries to reassure himself, it’s what’s necessary. Somehow the words ring hallow. If Romanced: Numerous times, he’s torn, and wants to turn back and forget everything. He could use magic to give her a new arm. They could live in blissful harmony, forgetting everything. He chokes back a sob as he finally drags himself through the eluvian, deciding upon his duty.

Dorian: He pauses for just a moment before huffing out a small sigh and a frown as they self-consciously rub the remainder of their arm. He sits by them, and they look up to him, fighting back tears. If they need to cry, he holds them and tries to murmur reassurances. “You’re still beautiful. You always will be. I’ll do some research; maybe I can find you a prosthetic. If not, you’ll make it through this. You always do.” he says earnestly. If Romanced: He doesn’t want to leave. He wants to stay with him forever and tell him it’ll be okay. They’ll make sure the future is safe for both of them together. “You are the most beautiful, strongest man in the world, amatus,” he soothes in an almost-whisper, “and no matter what, we will always be together.”

Vivienne: There is no shock or even mild surprise. She knew this was going to happen if they survived from the moment she saw them at the Winter Palace. The mark had to go. She gently reassures them that many great leaders had missing limbs, and it never stopped them from being great or doing their duty. She orders a tailor to fix all of their clothing (she offers to pay) and takes them to another spa day– she managed to pull some strings, and they need it.

Josephine: Her heart sinks when she seems them despairing over the loss. She drops everything to try to comfort them, and she tries to reassure them however she can. “Inquisitor, I… I’m so sorry.” she mourns. “None of us think less of you, I assure you. We will survive, with you at our side. Let me know if there’s anything you need.” If Romanced: She holds them tight, never wanting to let go. They’re alive, and still with her. If they seem distressed over the loss, or embarrassed to ask for help, she quickly reassures them that she doesn’t mind in the least, and neither does any other friends of theirs. With a gentle kiss and a squeezing of their good hand, they know it’ll be okay.

Cullen: The man just does his best to reassure the Inquisitor that he, along with everyone else, is there for them. He’s not surprised, just worried. To their surprise, he manages to find them a mabari puppy, to help them in their trials. For the first time in perhaps days, they smile. If Romanced: She seems so embarrassed, so ashamed, when she needs help with things like cutting food or hair care, and requires his help. When he notices, he kisses her and holds her in an embrace. “Listen to me,” he whispers soothingly, “you will never, ever be a burden to me. You helped me when I needed it. Let me help you now. I want nothing more than to be with you, my beloved, beautiful wife, now and forever.”

Leliana: Like Vivienne, there is no shock; just pity. She has her agents running double time for any and all information on Solas– he would pay for this. In the meanwhile, she reassures them that it would be okay– they’re still capable with or without the mark. Together they could still stop the madness threatening to overtake the world. “Just remember,” she says, “the dawn will come.”

CYOSTODA - Part 5: Y/N Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader
Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.
Word Count: 
2200ish (wordy4lyfe! It goes quick)

Summary:  Sam hits you with an easy truth, but Leah wants to know more, and Y/N ends up daring Dean 

Warnings: None really, sexual innuendos, and being in Dean’s lap ;)

See @littlegreenplasticsoldier‘s Master Mess

The road so far..

@littlegreenplasticsoldierPart 1

@gemini75eeyorePart 2

@deandoesthingstomePart 3

@rizlowwritessortof​  Part 4

You’re blushing, and you’re all getting giggly, and this suddenly seems like the best idea anyone’s ever had. “So, whose turn is it? Is it my turn?”

Sam gets that evil, seductive smirk on his face again as he nods. “Oh, yeah, Y/N. It’s your turn. So, what’s it gonna be? Truth or dare?”

With the whiskey making a nice, warm run through your body, combined with the revelation you’ve been a possible source of a few Winchester wet dreams, you hold tightly to the extra courage it’s given you and mirror his evil, seductive smirk back at him as you mull it over. “Well, as tempted as I am to want your dare, after those barefaced admissions, I’m gonna bet you…” pausing briefly, you glance at Dean making sure you’ve got his full attention before looking back to Sam, “…are curious to know, do I give the two finger salute to you? Or do I think of Dean over there when I need to check my oil?” Looking over to Dean again, his eyebrows lift in interest, lips pulling into a smirk when you throw him a playful little wink for your play on words. “Or maybe, I’m finger dippin’ to the two of you at the same time? So hit me with it, truth. What do ya wanna to know?” You internally high five yourself for the choice of words and slide the smirk back into place.

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Two Can Play That Game

The coldness of the sheet only reminds Harry that he’s by himself. So he lies there, thinking about how good it would feel just to have someone there. He just needs a cuddle. Oh, Y/N is always up for a cuddle, she happens to be his favorite kind of cuddle. If anyone would be there for him, it’s her. The two shared an undeniable connection, a bond that was probably weird to others. They were fully aware of their flirtatious actions and physical attraction to one another. They both craved any kind of attention from each other. He would run to hers if she needed a simple hug. He sits up in bed, rubbing his eyes before he dials her number. He feels guilty when he noticed the grogginess of her ‘Hello’.

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Blue Kryptonite - Karamel One Shot

“So, Rhonda broke her arm and Kevin has the flu, and they asked me to replace them for three days, thai means working from 10 to 12, lunch, then 1 to either midnight or 2 am.. but I don’t know if I should, like there’s a lot of dangerous aliens outside, and I want to help you!”
“Mon-El, I’m not by myself, Alex, J'onn and even James can help me, you should go, I mean if it’s not too exhausting for you.”
“Hey! I’m a superhero! I can handle some extra turns, blondie.”
“Oh right, mr. Valor.” He held Kara in his arms, swinging a little.
“I like when you say it.”
“Yeah.” She kissed him quickly, “Anyway I’m gonna go now, my bartender duties are calling.”
He kissed her cheek and ran out the door. Kara sighed, she’s gonna miss her partner a lot. But of course she was Supergirl, she wouldn’t stop at home sighing and boring herself to death; Kara decided to write a few articles about the fire that Supergirl stopped the day before, and the newborn child that Valor saved in that burning apartment. She wrote a good amount until the DEO called her in: she explained to J'onn why Mon-El couldn’t come so he told Pam to note that for his paycheck. “Hey, sissy!”
“Hey, Kara! Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, sure, why did you ask?”
“First, you never call me ‘Sissy’, second, you’re crinkling right now.”
“I’m no-” she touched her forehead “-damn it!”
“Spill whatever is going on in your mind.”
“It’s..probably silly..but I’m afraid I’ll miss Mon-El too much these’s the first time we’re separating since he’s moved in with me, and I’m used to having him around all day..don’t laugh, please!” Kara pouted and Alex smiled back at her.
“I won’t laugh, Maggie completely changed my idea of 'too silly or too cheesy’. Just prepare something for when he comes home, or just keep yourself busy and you won’t even realize that three days have passed.”
“Mmh, okay..I’ll find something. Thanks, Alex.”
“Did you find the restaurant for the reception?”
“Kara, I think it’s too soon for this conversation, we got engaged just a few months ago!”
“Hey! I’m your MAID OF HONOR! I need everything to be perfect.” Kara crossed her arms on her chest.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re way more invested than I am.” The two girls started laughing, until Winn called them, there was an emergency near the mall.

As soon as Kara walked home, she dropped herself on the couch, tired like never before: she checked her phone, finding a text from his boyfriend: 'I miss you already..xx" She smiled at the screen, 'I miss you too, you have no idea.’
Kara started cooking Mon-El’s favourite meal, waiting for him to come home, and maybe watch something together and cuddle. Another beep rang in the room, about 30 minutes later, Mon-El wrote 'Babe I don’t think I can make it for dinner, I’m so so sorry..’
'It’s okay, we’ll see each other after dinner then. :)’
She was upset, but she was the one who told him to work extra turns: since Mon-El worked at the alien bar, she saw a new side of him, more responsible and mature, she found that really attractive, but most of all, Kara was proud of who he’d become. She ate both his dish and hers, yet she was somehow hungry: she picked a rom-com to watch on Netflix in the meantime. The movie was called Serendipity, and it was about two people who were meant to be together, because it was written in their destinies: when the two lovers found each other after years, she started crying, “It’s not that emotional!” but she kept sobbing until she fell asleep on the couch.
Mon-El walked home around 2 am, he found his lover hugging a pillow, deep into her slumber; smiling, he picked her up bridal-style and laid her down under the blankets, before kissing her forehead goodnight. Mon-El changed into his pyjama and fell asleep hugging his little spoon.

'good morning beautiful, I’m so sorry I came home at 2 am last night, I made you hashbrowns, if they’re too cold, just do your trick :) i love you - mon-el’
Kara found the post-it on the table, next to her plate: she heated up the hashbrowns and sighed, sipping her coffee. She was at CatCo for the whole morning, trying to focus on her articles only. She decided to stop by the alien bar for lunch.
“Kara, hey! I didn’t expect to see you.” Mon-El leaned over to kiss her, “how are you?” he was cleaning a few glasses.
“I was missing you a little too much, I guess. Did you have lunch already? I brought sandwiches.”
“I was just about to, thank you.” She grinned widely at her man.
“Nothing, you’re just really cute.” Kara bit her sandwich, “Can’t I admire my boyfriend? ”
“Of course you can. I saw you fell asleep with the tv on, what did you watch?”
“Oh, I watched a beautiful movie, it’s called Serendipity and you really need to watch it! It’s about a boy and a girl meeting in a shop, leaving their numbers on a book and a– basically she thinks that if they’re meant to be together, they’ll meet again and– oh no.” She was already tearing up at the thought of that ending when her earcom started beeping. “Alex, what’s wrong? Oh okay, I’m on my way.”
“They need Supergirl, don’t they?”
“Yuuuup..I’ll see you later.” She pecked his lips, before running outside the bar and unbottoning her shirt.
An alien was attacking a school bus with his laser eyes and all the kids were struggling, hiding under their seats, Supergirl shielded the bus, standing in front of the hostile alien and punched and kicked him with all her anger, that dude interrupted her quality time with Mon-El after all, until he was exhausted. The children behind her started cheering on the superhero, and Kara felt an overwhelming wave of pride and happiness taking over her heart.
That night, she decided to light up some candles, curl her hair and wear her sexiest babydoll: she felt prettier, but she was sure that Mon-El was the one who would’ve appreciated this more. She had an insane need of strawberries in that moment: Kara got so mad when she found out that there weren’t any, that she left a dent on the fridge. “Alex, can you bring me strawberries, pleeeeeeeaase?”
“It’s 11 pm, Kara, there’s no one open right now!”
“That’s why I asked you! I know you have them! Please!”
“Kara, are- are you crying?”
“No, I’m- Haha! Okay, I think I am after all. Please bring me strawberries!”
Alex sighed, a little confused, on the other side of the phone, “Okay, I’m coming.”

“Alex!” Kara immediately jumped, hugging her sister a little too much; her shirt got wet in a matter of seconds.
“What’s wrong?”
“Where are my strawberries?”
“Here. Why are you crying?”
“Mon-El said he’s working until 2 tonight. It’s Saturday..” Her tears fell on her cheeks again, she grabbed the box of strawberries and sat on the couch.
“Well, from the way you look, I would say that you were preparing a surprise for him..but it’s not a big deal! Stop crying, c'mon.” Alex sat next to her little sister.
“I can’t.. I can’t.”
“Kara.. I think there’s something wrong with you. Were you near some kind of..modified kryptonite?”
“No, no, I don’t think so.”
“How many times did you cry these days?”
“I watched a movie last night and I cried until I fell asleep, then this morning I went to the bar to see Mon-El, and I was getting emotional again while explaining him the plot..When I saved those kids I-”
“Okay, this is too much even for you; tomorrow I’m gonna do some tests on you.”
“Okay.. What if I touched something that made me too sensitive? What if I’m not bulletproof anymore? What if- oh no, here we go again.”
Alex got up to get some wine in the fridge, until she noticed the dents. “Kara, what’s this?”
“Oh..I accidentally did that..when I found out there were-”
“No strawberries?”
“No strawberries.”

“Kara, I’m about to check the results, are you on your way? Okay, see you later.”

“Okay, what did you find out? Is it a blue kryptonite? Am I okay? How do I cure this?”
“Kara uhm, I- I don’t know how to say it–”
“Am I dying?” Kara yelled anxiously, already crying again.
“Kara you’re not dying, you’re PREGNANT!”
“I’M WHAT?” Her voice was high pitched, she immediately covered her mouth with her hands, completely shocked.
“Oh Rao, oh Rao, oh Rao, what do I do? What do I do? What is Mon-El gonna do? I have a baby inside of me? In my stomach? I think I’m gonna pass out.” Kara blurted everything out without taking a breath, she sat down, next to her sister, who didn’t know what to say.
“I think you should–” The blonde’s phone started ringing. “It’s Mon-El.” She inhaled a deep breath and replied his call. “Hey.”
“I have a good news, I’m coming home earlier, around 9! I can’t wait to see you!”
“That’s great! I- I have something to tell you tonight as well..see you tonight.”
“Love you.”
“Love you more.”

“So, you’re telling him tonight?”
“I guess..”
“Before anything do you feel?”
“I don’t know.. My head is just a big mess right now: I don’t know if I’m ready. A baby is.. A baby. It’s a big deal.”
“Yeah.. Are you more afraid of having a baby or.. His reaction? Have you ever discussed this possibility?”
“Yeah, never too seriously but yeah, we said that we both wanted to have children one day, but we never expected that day to arrive so soon..”
“Well, this is positive, isn’t it? Mon-El didn’t exclude a baby from his future. Before worrying too much, talk to him, and we’ll see the rest after that.” Alex kissed her cheek, finally making Kara smile. “You’re right..but please Alex, don’t tell anyone, not even Maggie. Pinky promise?”
“Pinky promise.”

“Finally home.” Mon-El walked through the door, ready to hold his girlfriend after what felt like an eternity.
“Hi babe,” she hugged him tightly, “let’s eat! How was your day? Is Kevin back?”
“Yeah finally, these days have been really tiring, I missed kicking alien butts with you.”
“Me too..” Kara chuckled, “luckily there weren’t many aliens to take down, so you didn’t miss out on much.”
After dinner, they cuddled on the couch talking about everything and nothing, she almost forgot what she had to tell him.
Kara stood up, holding a pillow in her arms; “Mon-El, listen..these past few days, I’ve felt a little remember when I almost cried explaining the movie’s plot to you?”
“Yeah, that was weird but, I didn’t judge you because I know how passionate you are over movies.”
“And I love you for that. But like I was saying, I didn’t feel right..” Mon-El’s forehead wrinkled with worry. “Is everything okay, Kara?”
“Alex did some tests, and she found out that I’m..pregnant.”
“You’re what?” His mouth opened in shock just like hers did a few hours before.
“I’m pregnant.” Kara covered her eyes. “Are you upset? Please say something, I can’t handle this anymore.”
“Upset? Are you kidding me? Why would I be upset if you’ve just given me the best news ever?” Mon-El stood up and picked Kara up, “Rao, I’m so happy right now!”
“Really? I was so nervous because I thought you didn’t want this! Now-now I can’t stop smiling.” Mon-El gave her multiple kisses all over her face, “I love you so much, Kara.”
“I love you too, Mon-El.”
“I can’t believe that this is happening..” He looked down on her stomach, smiling, his eyes were full of tears already. “Why did you think that I didn’t want this?” He stared into her eyes with so much love and awe.
“Because the only time we’ve discussed this, we said that we wanted it to happen in the future..but not a near future.”
“I said it because we didn’t have rush, but I would’ve loved it whenever it would’ve arrived, as long as it was with you. From the beginning I knew that I wanted you and only you in my future, I couldn’t wish for a better mom for my child.”
“We’re really having a baby..”
“We’re having a baby.” Their faces were a mix of shock, happiness, disbelief, love. They couldn’t stop smiling and kissing.

When it was time to sleep, Kara kept staring at the ceiling.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I’m just thinking about this little bean.” She smiled.
“Yeah and.. I couldn’t help but think if I’ll be a good mother. We’re not normal people, we are superheroes, we have enemies, we have a world to protect.”
“We can’t spend a lifetime worrying about what could happen. What did you tell me three days ago?”
“What did I tell you?”
“You’re not by yourself. You have Alex, J'onn, and even James: and that was only about the superheroing part. You also have Winn, Lena, Maggie, your earth mother Eliza..You’ll be a great mom. You’ve had good parenting figure for your whole life; I should be the one who doubts his capabilities of being a good dad.. You’ve met them, unfortunately. I grew up with maids and teachers, they were busy destroying Daxam’s society and I didn’t have a normal childhood.”
Kara cupped his face, “Hey, you’re not your parents. You are a different person, a much better person. You’ll be a great dad. We’ll be okay.”
“Thank you, Kara.”
“No, thank you. For everything, thank you for being always here for me, for the past two years.”
“My pleasure.” He kissed her forehead and caressed her head.
“Goodnight..and goodnight.” Mon-El’s hand stroked his girlfriend’s stomach, feeling like all his dreams were coming true: he couldn’t ask for a better miracle to happen to him.

I know it’s really boring and there’s a few mistakes but i had to write something 😅😂😂 let me know what you think in my inbox or in the reblogs, thank you. ❤❤❤

Overreacting *Stiles Smut*

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Rating: M (Mature

Warning: Smut

 *I hope you guys like it!!! :)*

3 weeks. 3 weeks of stiles completely ignoring his tasks as a boyfriend. 3 weeks of constant bickering. 3 weeks since I’ve had any kind of sexual contact with him and I’m struggling. Currently I’m packing to go to Mexico. A fucking 27-hour drive in a car with Stiles, and the rest of the pack. Normally I wouldn’t be affected by the lack of contact with Stiles but for some reason its eating at me and I’m guessing its bothering him too because he’s been acting like a complete dick.

“(Y/N) can you hurry the fuck up god” I heard him scream from the bottom of the stairs. I fought the urge to make some smart ass comment and continued to show random necessities into my bag. Water, food, gum, condoms (Because you never know), Extra clothes for me and stiles, Hair ties and so on. I ran down stairs once I was done and almost everyone was here except Lydia.

“Fucking Finally, come on we have to go get Lydia.” Stiles grabbed my bag and threw it in the Jeep. Kira gave me a small smile before climbing in the back seat. I sat up front and instantly plugged in my headphones. This was going to be a long ride.

We got to Lydia’s place in less than 10 minutes and stiles practically jumped out of the jeep to open the door for her to get in. Okay Then… After I saw how wide his smile was when he saw her, my brain went into overdrive. Maybe he wasn’t just sexually frustrated, maybe he just genuinely doesn’t have feelings for me anymore, or maybe he’s just bored. So many reasons were running through my mind I actually got a headache. I was so lost in my own world I didn’t even realize we started driving again. My eyes flickered to the rear view mirror and I saw that Malia was already looking at me. She gave me a soft smile, which I kindly returned. I guess she could smell whatever emotion I was feeling. I wonder how Kira does it, it must be so hard to hide what she’s feeling from Scott. My eyes wandered over to Stiles who’s face held a smile. I followed his eyes only to see that he was looking at Lydia. Oh what a surprise.

Deep down I know Lydia wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, and neither would Stiles. I was never one to get jealous. I always understood that Stiles had multiple female friends and it never bothered me. Mostly because I was the one he was sleeping next to at night. But my insecurities were setting in and I was gnawing at my bottom lip as I processed, or tried to process all of these ideas running through my head. Did I push him away? Was he not happy with me? What did I do? I must’ve done something. Did he realize something in the past few weeks? Did his feelings for Lydia never leave? Stiles reassured me multiple times that he still loved Lydia but not the way he loved me. He cared for her but that was it. It was different now. My chest started feeling heavy and there was a familiar ache in my heart. An ache I never wanted to feel again. The worst part is I know I’m probably overreacting but I can’t help it. I’m a “Spaz” and I read too much into every situation. Once I start I can’t stop. A hand on my shoulder Is what brought me out of my thoughts. I glanced at it hoping it was Stiles but I was wrong.

“Yeah Liam?” My voice came out softer than I expected, I sounded so fragile it made me cringe. Scotts eyes snapped over to me. “You okay (Y/N)?” his face held genuine concern. But he was always concerned about everything. Scott honestly had a heart of gold and we needed more people like him in the world.  I coughed and nodded. “Yeah I’m good, what did you need Liam?” He looked at me nervously and if I’m honest it made me nervous. What the hell did this kid want? “Don’t kill me, but I’m thirsty” I looked at him for a couple of seconds before I started laughing. Like full on laughing, “You looked so scared because you wanted some of my water? Really?” He smiled shyly and I reached into my backpack pulling out a bottle. “There you can have it, I have plenty” He smiled and took it from my hands. I focused on the outside again with a small smile on my face. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any better.

Another hour or two and everyone was asleep, Kira was cuddled up under Scott and if I’m honest it made my heart swell. They were too cute. Liam had his head on Malia’s shoulder and Lydia had her head against the window. Even though Stiles barely uttered two words to me this entire ride I fought to stay awake so he wouldn’t feel lonely. It was a long drive and he was the only one driving, I felt bad for him.

“You look tired; you can go to sleep if you want.” I tore my eyes away from my phone and looked up at the boy I hold so close to my heart. “No, no I’m good. I’ll stay up” I managed to get out without making a fool of myself. He chuckled and placed his hand on my thigh, giving it a light squeeze. A wave of emotions ran through me, lust being one of them. I shook them off and reached down grabbing the bag of kisses I brought. Carefully I peeled off the wrapping and popped it in my mouth.

“You feel like sharing?” Stiles asked and I nodded a little to eagerly. I unwrapped one for him and held it up to his lips. He could have just opened his mouth and let me drop it in but no he wraps his lips around my fingers and slowly takes the piece of chocolate into his mouth. Another rush of heat ran through my body and I found myself squeezing my thighs together. What was he doing? Two seconds ago he was all heart eyes over Lydia and now he has his hand on my thigh and is sucking my fingers. Yet again I chose to ignore the feelings and focus on something other than him.

“You’ve been waiting 3 weeks for this (Y/N), are you really going to fight it now?” He whispered, letting his grip on my thigh tighten. I bit my lip and focused my attention outside of the window. “I’ve been a dick ya know? I haven’t been paying proper attention to my girl” My heart doubled in size when he said my girl. “Do you know how hard it is? To have the most beautiful woman on the planet and not be able to satisfy her when she needs it? These last few weeks have been complete hell.” I whimpered softly and relaxed a bit in my seat. “I try so hard to be rude to her, because if I’m not it’s so much harder to keep my hands off her.” His hand slid up my thigh and I praised myself for wearing a dress. “I try to focus on other girls you know? No one can make me feel the way she does, so if I focus on other girls it helps me fight the urge to take her somewhere private and fuck her until she can’t walk.” His voice was low and raspy, I found myself involuntarily spreading my legs apart slightly.

“Stiles…” I whimpered “The pack is right there” He completely ignored my remark and rubbed circles on my inner thigh. He kept inching closer and closer to where I needed him most. “She whimpers my name just like that, when I have her all hot and bothered under me. God I miss having her writhing under me. I miss hearing her moan my name, that by itself can send me over the edge.” Slowly he pushed my panties aside and slid two fingers up and down my slit. I gripped his forearm and bit down on my lip to contain my moans. Part of me is alert because someone could wake up at any time and catch us, and part of me doesn’t care because it’s been so long. “Fuck you’re so wet for me baby” He groaned as he continues rubbing circles on my clit. “I haven’t seen my girl cum in so long, her cheeks get this pink tint to them, and her lips are swollen from all of the kissing and biting. Her hair is all over the place but it makes her look even more sexy. If that was possible. Her eyes flutter close and her mouth forms an “o” shape while she moans out my name and claws at my back. And sometimes when it’s too much for her she’ll bite down on my shoulder and it’s the hottest thing ever. I don’t think I’ve ever told her this but I love waking up and seeing all the marks she left on me.” I’ve never heard him talk this this, and if I’m honest it the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. He slips his middle and ring finger inside of me, pumping them slowly as his thumb circles my clit. “Fuck Stiles… Like that” I moaned out, clamping my hand over my mouth and looking around frantically in case I woke someone up. His eyes stayed on the road the whole time but his lips formed a smirk. “I could make her cum with just my hands, but I think she likes my mouth the most. That’s definitely my favorite part. I haven’t tasted her in so long. It’s gonna be the first thing I do when I get back from Mexico.” I whimpered again and grinded against his fingers. “Promise?” I whispered breathlessly. He tore his eyes away from the road and looked at me. “I promise baby”

His fingers moved faster inside of me and I felt myself going over the edge. He pressed down slightly harder on my clit. He was prolonging my orgasm and I don’t know if I was happy or annoyed about it. “She likes when I do this” He curled his fingers inside of me before pulling them out and slamming them back in. I was a mess in the front seat and there’s no doubt that the care would stink of sex. Even though we actually didn’t have any. “You like that baby? You like when I finger fuck you in a car full of people?” a soft mewl left my mouth and I nodded “You like the fact that I’m gonna make you cum when our best friends are right there?” I was at a loss for words as he pumped his fingers faster and curled them inside of me.

It wasn’t long before I clenched around his fingers and came undone. He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of me as I rode out my high. When I calmed down he pulled his fingers from between my thighs and I watched in awe as he sucked them clean. I leaned back in my seat, panting and fixing my dress. Stiles placed his hand back on my knee and I smiled softly. I tied my hair up and took his hand into my lap, playing with his fingers. The fingers that made me feel so good just a few moments ago.  I brought his hand up to my lips and left soft kisses all over his knuckles. It was a small gesture but it was something he loved. My eyes travelled down to the obvious bulge that formed in his khakis and I bit my lip. Dropping his hand, I unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned over the console.

“Babe what are- “He let out a soft moan as my lips attached onto his neck. “Shhhh baby, you’re gonna wake them up”

“Yeah it’s a little too late for that” I froze, Stiles froze, the entire world froze when we heard Scott talk. I fell back into my seat so fast and Stiles chuckled. “How long were you awake bro?” He asked “I woke up as soon as she leaned over to you” oh thank god, Scott didn’t witness any of our previous actions.

“I’m glad you two are back to normal dude, It’s been crazy for a while and it looked like it was really taking a toll on you guys” Scott said.

“Oh you have no idea” Stiles looked over and winked at me, causing a smile to break out onto my face. Everyone soon woke up and the rest of the drive was filled with laughter and planning. I for one couldn’t get my mind off what happened while they were asleep, and I was looking forward to returning the favor.

All I know now is, I seriously need to stop overreacting.

Wetting in the library

I hope you enjoy this. I definitely enjoyed writing it… :P

Despite spending most of her time in the library, Fiona was no closer to completing her coursework. She worked relentlessly, knowing that in 12 hours time, the work would be handed in and she could finally relax and catch up on her favourite TV shows. The library slowly emptied as it got later and later and darker and darker, until only a handful of people remained sat at the computers, furiously typing away.

The end of the essay was finally in sight, and Fiona felt like she was on a roll. On her fourth cup of coffee now, she’d hit her stride, smashed her way through writer’s block, and was on the home straight. She began to feel like she needed the toilet, but she ignored the urge, determined to get the essay finished. Any sort of break right now could affect her writing and she daren’t stop whilst she was mid flow. Her grades for the last coursework hadn’t been great – she desperately needed to improve this time.

She was also getting pretty desperate for a piss. She finished her coffee and placed the empty cardboard cup next to the other three. It was only then that she realised how much she’d drunk, and she hadn’t been to the toilet for about 6 hours, lost in her essay writing. She ignored the urge and continued to type, frantically flicking through books to find a useful quote.

She tapped her foot as she wrote, and this movement gradually took over her entire leg as she tried to hold back her impending piss. Soon her knees were shaking and she smashed her fingers into the keyboard, nearing the final paragraphs now.

She looked around the library. There was only one other person on her floor – a short, bookish guy who was sat in a corner calmly doing some research. He wasn’t paying her any attention, so she shoved her hand in her crotch and began to type one-handed. She was wearing a short skirt, so was able to push right against her panties – light pink with darker hearts, definitely not her sexiest pair. Her pussy felt warm and she screwed up her eyes as another bout of desperation attacked her.

She felt herself begin to leak a little and her fingers were damp when she brought them away. She realised she wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. She quickly saved her work, and tried to stand up straight, but her painful desperation prevented her, and she attempted to hobble bent double in the direction of the bathroom. As she neared the corner where the bookish guy was sitting, however, her bladder finally gave up the fight and she lost all control.

It was the sound of her piss hitting the floor that she heard first before she’d even realised what was happening. Her knees shook and she stood totally still in shock as she continued to pee. The boy looked up from his book, and his expression was as surprised as hers.

Her panties were soaked and so was the front of her skirt. She wanted to smile in relief as the piss ran down her legs but instead she cringed, mortified at her situation. Still pissing, she began to sink to her knees, embarrassed.

“Are you ok?” the boy asked, putting down his book and coming over to her. Jen had begun to cry now, a mixture of embarrassment and relief, and her shoulders shook as she put her head in her hands, still kneeling in a puddle of her own piss. The boy gently put a hand on her back. “Come on,” he said, “it’s ok. We all have accidents.” She looked up at him through her fingers. He was smiling, and not in a horrible way. It was almost as if he was concerned. He offered her his hand, and helped her to stand. “Did you finish?” he asked.

Jen looked at him, confused, but didn’t speak.

“Your piss. Did you finish your piss?”

Jen felt her cheeks go red. “I think so. I drank a lot of coffee. I swear, I’ve never done anything like this before. God, I’m so embarrassed.”

The boy put his arm around her. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, sweetie,” he said, leading her towards the bathroom. “It happens to all of us. Now, come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up.” He took Jen’s hand, and smiled at her.

TVD 1x19 Review ... tipsyish (heavy on the ish)

1.       Love the way Elena smiles at Stefan.  And how they smile when they kiss.

2.       Also like when Elena says “We’re going to be late” and Stefan is like oh let me grab my stuff, Ill be right behind you, she has a slightly crestfallen expression like, we’re not going to walk in together? But…

3.       Why exactly didn’t John just kill Damon and then tell the town that he was a vampire? Why is this plot elaborate when it doesn’t need to be?

4.       Legit, Damon’s smile is like the Grinch’s.

5.       BONNIE.

6.       That weave is fucking terrible.

7.       “I’m here on behalf of my mother.” “Behalf of or in spite of?” I don’t understand this as a response, it’s supposed to be witty but like … is Damon saying that Anna is here, as in on the world, despite her mother who is “destructive”? Am I just too buzzed to understand the response or is it actually just misplaced? It feels misplaced. It’s going to bother me.

8.       Ofc Bonnie is back and no one is really talking about her grief, like Elena “tries” but Caroline interrupts and is Caroline but when Caroline tries to gauge if Elena will drop out of Miss Mystic, I love that Bonnie has this grin on her face like lol, MF still the same.

9.       Aww, Stefan and Elena hanging up with “I love yous”!

10.   Lol I like how Damon is acting like Stefan stealing blood bags is the only thing that’s compromising their safety in MF as if John, who he tried to kill doesn’t know that he’s a vampire and as if it wasn’t his damn fault that the council was altered to vampires in the town in the first place.

11.   Why do they keep making a big deal of Pearl and Katherine being best friends? Like there really is no significance to that.

12.   One of my favourite SE dances! They are so goofy! This is so adorable.

13.   Literally never see Elena this goofy with Damon.

14.   Even in Bonnie’s grief, she has to say she won’t put Elena in a situation where she has to choose sides. Can’t even let her be angry and resentful and sad freely.

15.   I kind of like Anna’s butterfly earrings.

16.   I would expect the MMF pageant to have its own hair stylist but I guess not.

17.   I just realized they’re playing a string version of “Clocks” in the background when everyone is getting ready at the pageant.

18.   Now I want to listen to Clocks. It also reminds me of that Peter Pan trailer.

19.   I think I got a glimmer of Old Elena in her exchange with Amber because Amber is anxious and freaking out about being the centre of attention and Elena is all “oh do you want privacy so you can change?” but when Amber opts for air, Elena has this smirk/grimace on her face.

20.   LOL so Damon and Elena actually had NO scenes together for 21 minutes and 25 seconds, they’ve barely interacted this ENTIRE season, it actually isn’t that much of a love triangle when they’re BARELY together but oh yes, 1x19 the EPIC DE episode, the EPIC DE scene that is SO contrived.

21.   This entire thing just reminds me of Stefan’s very valid point in season 8 when he’s like so you could’ve helped me, you could’ve tried to look for me but you chose to dance with Elena instead except of course him dancing with Elena is like … she hasn’t done anything for you to do this, Damon, it only makes sense if you’re trying to stick it to Stefan, which is what this entire episode is about. He constantly talks about how Stefan is drinking human blood but doesn’t actually do anything to help him then he goes to Elena and is basically like so your boyfriend isn’t Mr. Perfect anymore and then he chooses to dance with her instead of being a decent brother. Trash.

22.   Laugh my MOTHERFUCKING ASS off to that anon who said Paul was a terrible actor. That agitation and anxiety and high and lows and desperation and guilt in this ONE scene with Amber is fucking everything.

23.   “That’s the first time I felt it. How sexy he was.” Really? Because you look like you’re about to throw up, my girl.

24.   I used to give them the MF dance but it’s actually not that sexy/charged of a dance it just so happens to be the sexiest/most charged dance of the DE dynamic, which isn’t the same thing at all. Like Nina’s trying to bring it with her eyes but Ian has no presence, he’s just squinting his eyebrows.

25.   And she has that little grin and I’m like …  I guess? There isn’t anything particularly special about this dance though, but like whatever, let’s make something out of literally nothing because it’s the Delena way.

26.   Blood on shards of mirror doesn’t automatically mean vampires, but whatever.

27.   Out of control, addicted, spiralling Stefan is mid-feed but he hears Elena’s voice and he stops feeding. This is an example of showing not telling.

28.   Also I get that Bonnie wanted to stop Stefan from possibly hurting Amber so that’s why she used her magic to stop him but legit if it were me and I was supposed to have the rage that Bonnie had, I would just make Stefan finish Damon off and then incapacitate him later.

29.   Stefan and Elena’s second “You shouldn’t be here”

30.   DE fans like to compare this scene to the compulsion scene that Damon fails in season 4 because when Stefan says, “Why would you risk it?” she says “Because I did this” and when Elena has faith that Damon will fight the compulsion he says, “Why because Stefan did?” and she says “Because I love you, because you love me” but here is the thing about context, Elena has repeatedly said that she loves Stefan in this scene without saying I love you. “You shouldn’t be here.” “I know.” “All you did is expose me to who I really am.” “No, you can’t scare me off.” If it was simply a matter of her feeling guilty then she wouldn’t have to be the one in the room, it could’ve been Damon. She says “because this is my fault” because she’s devastated that her blood started his downward spiral and psychological break, this entire scene is about love and their love conquers this part of Stefan’s life. Damon said sorry and sped away.

31.   “Stefan, I’m not going to give up on you, I BELIEVE in you” I just realized that when Elena confronts Stefan about the blood at the pageant he says, “Elena, I thought you believed in me…” and she’s showing him that she does. Makes this scene ALL THE BETTER.

32.   Even the way she strokes his hair as he’s spiralling downward, that physical need to comfort him through his pain. Lmfao, DE could never. SC could never.

33.   And the way she tries not to cry before stabbing him with vervain.

Thanks for reading! I was vaguely tipsy in the beginning and quite sober by the end.

Is Only Fair...

Characters/Pairings: Female!Reader x Mechanic!Sam Winchester, Castiel x Dean Winchester (Destiel mentioned)

Word count: 4519 (Is kinda long -insert TWSS joke here)

Warnings: Smut - rough sex, manhandling, unprotected intercourse (always use condoms!), oral (male receiving- gagging), slight dirty talk, slight anal talk, and I don’t know what else…

A/N: this is my entry for the lovely Saxxy September Writing Challenge @saxxxology​ Prompts: 1- Mechanic, 2- ‘You caught me.’ 3- Really rough sex, (I still don’t know about the ‘really’).

Thanks to my gorgeous BETAS: @lovemesomepie85@asgardianvamp21 and Saxxy herself, as well as all the people who offered their help!

Tags at the end of the fic! Gifs are not mine.

[Feedback is highly appreciated!]

Originally posted by little-winchester-boo

Your name: submit What is this?

Y/N presses the dark button with the number 16 and it lightens up immidiately, she sighs as the metallic doors close catching her reflection staring back at her.

“Way to start the weekend.” She speaks as it was another person and not herself. The floor trembles under her feet and the elevator starts moving.

Y/N knows she should be used to it by now but still she brace herself on the small raining at the far wall and stares at her own face in the mirror, shaking her head at her own idiocy.

He elevator stops before her destination and she curses under her breath, she hates when other people get in with her, it makes it worse somehow.

She looks back in front, not wanting to look like the scary-cay she is and watches as Castiel from accounts gets in.

“Hi, Y/N.” And her stomach knots again as the metal box quakes, and she thinks of something else  in order to take her mind out of it.

“Hey, Cas?” - Yes, Cas is a guy… He’d known this kind of stuff.

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Another submission

From timandbrenda69

A First for Us…

Brenda and I had finished packing the last few items we had left in our old house and we headed north to our new home. It was a long trip. We had left the kids at home and we made this weekend trip by ourselves.

Whenever Brenda is in a playful mood, she will flash me in our car. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I really enjoy it. As we arrived at the outskirts of Pocatello, I told her how much I had enjoyed it any time she would let me get a glimpse of her luscious breasts when we are driving. She smiled and said, “Is that right?” I said, “Yeah”. She then unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her beautiful breasts for me to enjoy.

I smiled and gently brushed her breasts and nipples. They are so soft and tender and warm. I enjoyed the view and the thought that she was doing this for me. She smiled back and gave a little wiggle. We both smiled at each other and enjoyed the excitement of the occasion. We were both in an amorous mood. Her breasts are a great sight to enjoy on a long ride, or any occasion for that matter. I was no longer tired of driving.

We drove on for about another 28 miles to Idaho Falls and made a stop for gas and a snack. I started to gas up the car, while Brenda went into the store. I was filling up the car with gas when I remembered that Brenda had had her blouse unbuttoned and her breasts out, and I did not remember her buttoning it. I started to get a semi hard-on thinking about it while I was cleaning the front windshield. I kept an eye on the doors waiting to see if she had remembered. I had almost finished washing the window when she came walking out. She had a large Cheshire cat smile and her blouse was still unbuttoned. I figured that she had just forgotten about the blouse, but with that smile, maybe not.

I smiled a great big smile and enjoyed the view of her luscious breasts and cleavage. We got in the car and I asked her if she knew she had not buttoned up from flashing me. She said that she knew and thought it would be sexy to leave it and see what would happen. Hmmmm… That caught my attention!

I was really aroused now! I asked her to tell all the details, what had happened. She said that as she was walking in, a breeze blew her blouse open as a guy was walking beside her. He just looked and smiled. A smiling police officer opened the door for her as she entered the store. She ordered two small pizzas and chatted with the guy making them while she waited. She was there and available for the viewing and enjoying. She then paid for pizzas and drinks and opened the door to go out to the car.

When she opened the door, I was watching. She was watching to see if I would notice. Hoping that I would notice what she had done for me. There was no problem there, our eyes met as she opened the door. Wow! What a thrill! I was really turned on!

We were driving on the freeway as she was telling me all about what had happened and I was as hard as a brick and I told her so. I told her that this was the sexiest thing she had ever done and I was excited and loved every bit of it! I thanked her for being so sexy. She was really turned on and said it was very sexy to her and that she really enjoyed it also.

She then unbuttoned her blouse all the way, pulled it totally open. “Ahhh” she said and gave them a little shake and squeeze. She smiled a big smile and winked at me as if to say, “There you go! They are out and staying out!” Now she had me harder than I have ever been, and I was just throbbing. “Wahoo Big Time,” is all I could say! I thought to myself, “It don’t get any better than this!” Brenda’s breasts just looked so fantastic and the trip in and out of the store and all that had happened was great! Very arousing!

Then she said, “I have always wanted to do something, but never had the chance and everything work out.” She then got up and reached back between the seats and unzipped a bag. She returned to the seat with two dildo vibrators in hand. Off came her jeans and panties. She had the very large vibrator up between her legs in no time. Her legs were spread as wide as they could go on the dashboard. She had the other dildo on her clit and she was pumping for all she was worth. She got a nice rhythm going and was oughing and ahhing and just really getting into it.

In the mean time, my jaw dropped! My eyes almost popped out of my head! Wow! My dick was so hard it could of cut diamonds. What a Fantastic Surprise!

This was a first! Nothing like this had ever happened, and it was just amazing. Folks on both sides of the freeway had a great view of two luscious breasts and her pussy was wide open and humming to beat the band! She said, “This is a great position and angle,” and rolled her eyes and said “hmmm…”! The two vibrators were doing their thing and she was on one major high just pumping, feeling, oughing and ahhing and really really enjoying herself. I folded her blouse under so I could enjoy seeing her breasts and pussy. I could not believe my eyes! I just drank it all in! I was savoring this Big Time! It was Absolutely Fabulous! I was stoked and hard and just enjoying every moment, sight, sound, smell and feel of it all. I could not believe this was happening! I just rubbed my hard-on as she was enjoying herself and what she was doing for me and herself. There were no inhibitions. No worry about anyone else. If anyone else happened to see her and enjoy her, more power to them, if they didn’t, that was their loss.

One of my major fantasies was just to see Brenda flash another guy. This was way way above and beyond what I had ever hoped for or dreamed of happening. And now, it was happening right now, right before my and anyone else’s eyes. What a major turn on to say the least!

We drove for about 26 miles on the freeway until we came to Rexburg. Cars and trucks were passing and Brenda was just working it and enjoying it for all it was worth. When we entered the town, Brenda came all over the place. She had the most intense orgasm she had ever had. We are talking major eruption here. I was just about creaming in my pants as she was groaning and screaming and gasping, delirious in her pleasure. Everything had worked together to bring her to this major orgasm. In the car, out in the open, no inhibitions, the vibrators, the timing, the gear, the situation, everything was just right. She blew her wad big time and it was a major highlight of our sex lives together!

Brenda looked so radiant after the explosion of her passions. She looked very satisfied and a little exhausted as she sat there in all her glorious resplendent erotic beauty.

She sat there a few moments just relaxing with the two vibrators in her hand.

All this time, while all this was going on, I was wishing that I could just dive between her legs and just eat her creamy pussy. I love to eat her, it is my favorite thing to do. I would eat her anytime and at any place. All she has to do is ask or hint at it and I am there.

Since I was driving, I didn’t have the option of joining in, besides I was really just loving what I was seeing and hearing. As Brenda turned to put the vibrators away, I asked her to hand them to me. I took the large one and placed it in my mouth and sucked her love juice from it. It was too big to get totally in my mouth, so I just licked the rest of it from top to bottom and licked up all the nectar. I then put the other vibrator in my mouth and sucked it dry. Hmmm… they tasted so good! I love the taste and smell of her pussy. It really turns me on. I love to get between her legs and kiss, caress, lick and suck on her clit and everything else between her sweet warm tender thighs. I could spend the night there. She is just delicious! Talk about a Happy Meal! She is it! She is the Meal and I am Happy!

When I had finished drinking all her juices from the vibrators, I handed them back to her and she just smiled and winked at me as to say, “How was that?” I was totally ecstatic!

This was without doubt, the hottest, sexiest, exotic and most erotic day of my life! Wow!

It is a day and experience that we will never forget! We enjoyed the sensuality and sexuality of it all! What a great day! A fulfillment of fantasies for both of us in a major major way!

Man that’s hot. Keep the submissions coming.

Nerdiest Lovers ~TJ Perkins Imagine

Originally posted by dailytjp

TJ x Reader 


It wasn’t that hard to see that you and TJ had something going on between the two of you. One of your friends pointed that you and TJ should just date already. She shipped the two of you but you were afraid to tell him how you felt. You didn’t want to ruin the friendship, he was the cutest nerdiest guy you ever met. 

When he left for the cruiserweight , you had hopes that he would get his wish to be a champion and be on the main roster in the WWE. In his eyes you could see that this was something he really wanted to do. 

“ I’m going to miss you” you mumbled, pouting as you stood with him at the airport. 

“ Don’t do that” he cupped the side of your face, his thumb going to your lips running his thumb over your bottom lip. He thought you were the cutest thing ever. His heart was racing seeing the way you were looking at him, with your wide eyes and pout on your face. He wished he could kiss you right now. 

Wrapping your arms around him,burying your head into his neck breathing in his scent. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tight to him. TJ wished he could take you with him. 

It was getting hard for him.

Pulling away, you cupped his face with your hands brushing your thumbs over his cheeks. 

“ Go get em” a small smile lit on your face, it was weak. You wanted to cry right there and there but held back , swallowing the lump in your throat. He let go of your hand, walking backwards watching you in the distant. 

Closing your eyes, a tear fell down your cheek. TJ watched as you silently cried putting a hand to your mouth, his heart fell into his stomach. He wanted to run back to you hugging you not letting you go. He couldn’t stand seeing you cry. 

TJ and you are best friends growing up, he grew up next to you telling you his dream was to become a professional wrestler. He wanted you to always be by his side, watching him, supporting him just like you did through high school and college. 

He called you his number on girl. 

Although through the years, TJ has been seen different in your eyes. He took your heart, he grew into a gorgeous guy. But you never told him how you felt because you didn’t want to lose him. You’re friendship meant so much to you, if you couldn’t have him then you’d be his best friend through the years even if it hurts watching him look at someone else, hold someone else’s hand, smile at someone else. 

When he had his match in the Cruiserweight, you saw him with the title. It brought tears and amount of happiness you felt for him. First thing TJ did when he ran backstage after his interview, he called you. 

“ Y/N! I did it..” he said. 

“ I am so happy for you TJ. I knew you could, I wish I could be there for you” 

“ Me too” then he hung up on you before face time calling you. When you saw his face pop up, he was smiling at you while holding the purple Cruiserweight title for you to see.

“ It’s purple, nice” giggling, he rolled his eyes knowing it was your favorite color. He looked at the title before looking at you through the phone, he winked saying, “ I can’t wait to see you.” 

“ Soon, maybe”you shrugged sighing, work has been a hassle. They kept you at late hours and you were getting more tired than ever. 

You and TJ stayed talking a little more before he had to go get showered and head back to the hotel. That night he wished you good night sending you a picture of himself while holding a plush toy you hide in his back saying he found it. 

When TJ found the plush toy in his suitcase, he chuckled knowing you put it in there. It was a little dog plush toy that you kept in your room. He kept it with him, hoping one day you’d come see him. 

That day came sooner than expected. The Cruiserweight roster have been put on Raw. They were in LA and you already gotten a ticket to see him. He had no idea that you were coming. 

I miss you so much, TJ texted you. You’re heart melted getting a message from him. He was extremely busy but he made sure he made time to send you a message, a selfie or tag you on twitter. He was so sweet and you wished more and more that you were his girlfriend instead of his best friend. 

You drove up to the arena where RAW was being held, excited to see the look on TJ’s face once he sees you. You got front row tickets, getting out the car you walked towards the arena. 

The closer you got, the more nervous you got. No one knew how much you love TJ, he was your best friend but he meant a lot to you. Biting your lip, you handed your ticket. It was being scanned, your phone buzzed letting you know you had a text.

Getting your phone out while taking the ticket, so many people where. You already went to the bathroom before and grabbed something to eat before coming here. Making your way to your seat, you stopped gasping seeing how big it was. 

It was amazing to be here. Getting to your seat, you glanced at your phone seeing TJ texted you. 

Why haven’t you called me? :( </3 Awe he was upset that you didn’t talk to him today. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to talk to him. You wanted to surprise him, for him to see you in the crowd.

I’m sorry, I will later you texted back with a heart. Right away he send you a blushing emoji with a heart. It was too cute. He was too cute. 

The show started, you stood up putting your phone away watching every match closely. The camera ran by you and you hoped that TJ saw you. You’re phone did buzz, a wide smile appeared on your lips knowing it was him. He saw you backstage. 

When it was time for his match, you screamed throwing your hands up seeing him coming out. TJ scanned the crowd, he did see you backstage and was so excited seeing you here cheering for him. As he walked down the ramp, he turned to see you smiling wide at him.

For you, he broke character rushing to you hugging you before going to the ring. He winked at you, you watched his match closely. Cheering for him, yelling and booing his opponent. 

“ you got this TJ!” you yelled. He heard it, looking at you and nodding his head before he turn the tables on his opponent giving it all he got. As the show came to an end, a security guard made his way over to you.

“ Miss, TJ Perkins requested for you to come backstage” he said to you. “ Okay” you nodded following the security guy backstage. Walking past many superstars and women, you were brought out of your trance when you heard your name being called. 

“ Y/N!” turning your head just in time for the person to crash into you sending you to the ground. You laughed, seeing TJ above you smiling down at you.

“ Hey there” you giggled. He got off you ,letting out a hand for you so you could get up. You grabbed onto his hand, he helped you up before bringing you into his sweaty chest.

“ Ew, TJ your sweaty” “ Oh shush. I am enjoying the moment” you laughed, he was such a goof sometimes. But that was one of the many things you loved about him. 

Pulling away, you looked into your eyes while he looked into yours. It felt like no one else was around. Just you and him. 

“ Damn, she has a nice ass” someone muttered. It was right behind you, TJ looked over your shoulder seeing one of the crew members talking about with the other crew member. TJ pulled you closer to him before telling them, “ Keep your eyes to yourself, thanks. She’s mine” he growled underneath his breath and you swear it was the sexiest thing you ever heard.

Pulling away from him, you arch your eyebrow glancing at him, “ I’m yours?” 

A blush reached his cheek as he rubbed the back of his neck looking elsewhere but you. “ Uh..” was all he had to say, you giggled leaning up kissing his cheek.

“ Go get showered and change, I’ll wait here” He nodded rushing but not before placing a kiss on your forehead. 

It didn’t take him much longer as he came back to get you. He took you to the parking lot where his rental car was, you got into the passenger seat as he drove back to the hotel. 

His room was nice, his room mate wasn’t here yet. 

“ Is it okay if I’m here?” you plopped on his bed as he took off his shoes. 

“ Yeah, I don’t see why not?” you shrugged before bouncing a little as TJ laid down next to you. 

“ Did you enjoy the show?” you nodded. “ You did great out there like always” you turned your head to look at him. He glanced over to you, a strand of hair was in your face so he leaned on his elbow, pushing it away. 

His fingers went to your cheek stroking it. It’s been awhile since he touched your skin. It was soft just like he remembers. He cupped the side of your face, stroke it smiling at you but his smile dropped as his face turned serious. 

He looked down at your lips then to your eyes asking you for permission. You nodded your head. TJ leaned down brushing his nose against yours before brushing his lips against yours. He was hesitant to kiss you. 

You wrapped an arm around his neck bringing him down kissing him softly. His hand went to your neck pulling you so you rolled on top of him. His hands were on your hips before moving to your back rubbing it while he kissed you.

Softly pulling away, you stared into his eyes. They held love in them.

“ TJ…”

“ Y/N” you both said at the same time, you laughed telling him he could go first.

“ Y/N, from the moment I saw you, I wanted to know you. Once I got to know you, I found myself liking you. As our friendship grew my heart was yours from the beginning of it. I am in love with you, I know distance may be hard between us but we can work. I will do anything to have you by my side.. please be mine?” 

“ Of course Perkins, you had my heart since we met. I love you too dork” he leaned up capturing your lips with his, turning over so he was on top now making you squeal into the kiss. 

He pulled away from the kiss brushing his nose against yours, rubbing it giving you an eskimo kiss before he kissed you again mumbling against your lips, “ Mine.” 

You were happy to be his.