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Sharing is Caring

Word Count: 2104

Player: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Feat. the Baby Leafs

Warning/s: mild language, hardcore fluff, requested by @memz-elizabeth-

Song: They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction

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She’s a golddigger. He’ll get rid of her soon.

I’ll give them another two months. 

Come on they’ll never last he has a new gf in a couple of weeks.

Aw puppy love. Too bad puppies grow up.

I heard she was seen hanging out with Nylander again. She’s cheating!

Those were a few of the comments that kept popping up on your insta. You didn’t even follow those blogs, but still, you couldn’t help but read the comments under the photos that Auston posted of you. Or Marns or anyone actually. Every time you were in a photo, even just in the background, the comments kept going into directions like this. 

There were countless blogs dedicated to your relationship with Auston. Not in a good way though. Instead, they were discussing how it was ridiculous of you to be serious with each other. Everyone seemed to an opinion, most of them sharing the opinion that you were too young to know what love is.

“You okay, babe?”, Auston questioned. 

He was currently sitting on the couch, trying to get better in CoD, since Marns was still mocking him for being bad. You looked over from the kitchen, a small smile spreading on your face. His hair was a mess. He had insisted on staying up later than usual because he wanted to finish the season you were currently watching. So now he looked like he was in desperate need of a nap, lying on the couch half asleep, wearing a hoodie and sweatpants.

“I’m fine. Cheating on you with Willy as always. You, on the other hand, look exhausted.”, you chuckled.

Both you and Auston used to get super upset over the comments. You tried to prove everyone wrong, but every time you were the best girlfriend in the world, the ‘fans’ found a new thing to hate. After a while, Auston made you promise not to try so hard anymore. You were perfect to him already and there was no point in being perfect for everyone else. So it had become a joke. Sometime’s when either of you found a really hilarious comment or mysterious headline, you would share it with each other.

“What? You got over your affair with McDavid that fast? That was literally just during the World Cup of Hockey!”

“But you know, I am not emotionally capable of a long-distance relationship. That’s why I dumped him to flirt with the next guy.”, you grinned, plopping down on the couch next to him. 

Auston snuggled into your side, still focused on the game, as you started running your hands through his hair.

Auston and you had known each other since you were kids. He asked you out early in High School and you had been dating ever since. You were madly in love with that guy, willing to sacrifice everything for him. You saved up to visit him in Zurich as often as you could and when he returned, you were there when he was drafted. Auston never asked you to do anything, not wanting to put pressure on you, although he couldn’t be happier that you did all of that. 

Because you were important to him. You kept him sane with hockey and media drama. It had always been like that. So you both worked on a plan and you managed to successfully relocate both of your lives to Toronto.

Sure, it wasn’t always easy especially since you were both still young but it was worth it. The comments were still frustrating you, but you knew what you wanted. You wanted Auston in your life. Forever. Not just for a couple of months. And Auston couldn’t even imagine letting you go or breaking up with you ever. It was a once in a lifetime relationship.

“It’s still gross that you cheated on me with Marns last month. I mean, you were seen in a hotel together! You’re getting sloppy in hiding your affairs.”, Auston muttered. But he wasn’t playing anymore. Instead, he had his eyes closed, enjoying your touch.

“Yeah! Right. But did you know that - and you won’t believe this - Steph’s parents were staying in the exact same hotel? I mean, what else could we have been doing there?”

“Well, definitely not waiting for you boyfriend to stop being questioned by Steph’s Dad. Or waiting for Steph who forgot her purse in her parent’s room.”, Auston chuckled. 

You couldn’t hold back your laughter anymore, causing Auston to open his eyes and look at you.

“Your laugh is the best sound ever.”

“You say that every time. And you said the same thing about the new coffee machine!”, you laughed, stopping your motion in his hair Auston pouted, waiting for you to resume playing with his hair.

“But I don’t love the coffee machine.”

“That’s not what it sounded like when you convinced me we needed a new one.”

Auston grinned at you, before he tilted his head up, making a kissy face.

“But it’s great. Still, your laugh is better. Can I get a kiss?”, he smiled. 

His smile was adorable, and it made you fall in love with him again, every time. You leaned down to place a sweet kiss on his lips and when Auston was distracted, you snatched the remote from next to him and turned off the TV.

“Hey.”, he complained.

“Come on. It’s your day off. You promised to cook with me.”, you pouted. Auston leaned up to peck your lips, but he seemed to agree with you.

“I love you.”, he mumbled against your lips.

“I love you too, goofball.”

“You know, when you said we would cook together, I thought you would actually be helping.”, you grinned. 

You had just finished up the food and put it in the oven, but Auston didn’t do much to help you. Instead, he just kept his arms wrapped around you and his head on top of yours, making it hard for you to work.

“I’m good at grilling. Everything else is your specialty.”, he grinned, a yawn escaping his lips. 

You turned around to him and tried to look up, but he kept your head tugged under his chin. So, to be able to look at him, you hopped onto the counter behind you. Auston stood between your legs, tiredly smiling at you.

“You always get cuddly when you’re tired. You know that?”, you smiled back.

“You might have mentioned it before. Is that such a bad thing?”, he chuckled lightly.

“S'cute. I like it.”, you muttered, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss onto his nose. Auston answered by pecking your lips.

“Why did I agree to have Marns and Willy over for dinner?”, he asked.

“Because you’re a good friend that was worried they would eat takeout again? Because you were actually awake when you said that?”, you joked.

“But I want you to myself. And the food.”

“Aww. Sharing is caring. But they shouldn’t stay too long. You need your sleep before the game tomorrow.” You added another kiss, this time to his forehead, but Auston had other plans. He leaned in for a kiss to your lips, lazily remaining there for a while.

“You guys are gross. Why do you always do this?”, another voice whined. 

Both you and Auston jumped, turning around to an obviously amused Nylander. William was standing in the doorway, Marns next to him holding his phone up.

“Remind me why we gave them a key?”, you laughed, turning back to Auston.

“Something about emergencies.”, Auston replied. He pecked your lips again, this time much shorter, but just as sweet.

“Guys.”, William complained.

“What’s for dinner?”, Marns asked immediately after.

“Come on, let’s feed them or they won’t shut up.”, Auston laughed, helping you down the counter.

“I can’t believe you filmed us.”, Auston groaned his head in your lap.

As it turned out, Marns had his phone up because he recorded your little scene in the kitchen. Every single moment ever since they entered. And they had been standing there for longer than Auston and you knew.

So now, the newest thing on Mitch’s insta account was a video of you and Auston, of course, both of you tagged underneath. You were already preparing yourself for the comments to come.

“It was cute. Gross but cute.”, Mitchell grinned. 

Willy nodded approvingly. He too was featured in the video. Every time either Auston or you had said something cheesy, the camera had been turned to William or Marns himself, showing their reaction. From eye rolls to fake swooning and even a fake gagging everything was featured, making the whole thing hilarious. And Mitch’s phone was blowing up with notifications.

“Remember when you had that privacy talk with Matt, Marns?”, you said, raising your eyebrows at him.

“Yeah, yeah. Ask people before you post stuff. Blah blah. But you wouldn’t have allowed me to post it. So I didn’t ask. Plus: You guys are always so lovey-dovey but somehow no one ever found out beside us. I’m just giving them these important bits of information.”

“Like you said: Sharing is caring.”, William grinned, giving you a wink.

“I can’t believe you guys.”, you groaned, but you rolled your eyes with a smile.

“Oh my goodness. Mitchell! What is going on? I thought you only posted it on Instagram?”, Auston questioned suddenly.

“I did. Only there, I swear.”

“Why, baby?”, you asked.

“My mom just texted me. She thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and I can assure you my Mom is not on Instagram. It’s everywhere by now.”

Auston showed you the messages from both his Mom and Breyanna. You couldn’t help but laugh at it, but your face fell in shock when your own phone started going crazy causing Auston to laugh at you this time.

“Oops. I didn’t know it would blow up like this.”, Mitch shrugged. 

And although you didn’t want to, you automatically scrolled down to the comments.

Wow. Hate to say it but maybe they won’t break up.

I said it before you dumbfucks, they’re happy now get a life and stop hating on their relationship.

Did you know that they knew each other since first grade?

His Mom keeps posting photos of the two of them. They do look kinda cute.

He still deserves better.

Not all the comments were suddenly nice, but even the small amount of comments that were, made you smile. Of course, that got Auston’s attention. He snatched the phone from your hands and scrolled through the comments you had read, looking positively surprised.

“Looks like a little more insight into our relationship changed some of their minds.”, he chuckled.

“Yeah, seems like it.”, you muttered, smiling at him.

“They have no idea about us. And they will be bored in a couple of months. Although I have a feeling the break will be short. Think about the number of theories and comments they will come up with when I finally get you to adopt a dog and marry me.”

You snorted, shaking your head slightly.

“You got your priorities straight, huh?”, you teased.

“It’s not news to me that I want to marry you some day. But I only found out that we’re allowed to have a dog in this Apartment yesterday.”, he joked.

“Fine. We’ll think about it for a couple of months and if we still think it’s a good idea we’ll get a dog. Deal?”

“Deal. And you’re gonna marry me then?”, Auston continued to joke.

“Goof, we talked about this. Your Mom might love us, but she will give you the lecture of your life if you don’t at least let me finish college first.”, you chuckled.

“Fine. Dog, college, Wedding. At least Mom loves you as much as I do.”

“I love you too.” Auston pulled you down to him, but before you could actually kiss each other you were interrupted.

“Guys. You’re doing it again.”, Marns reminded you.

You looked up to see that Marns had his phone back up.

“Marns!”, Auston and you yelled at the same time. Auston threw a pillow at Mitch, but he just threw it right back.

“Sharing is caring!”, he insisted, although the words were going under as the whole group started to laugh.

Boys Boys Boys: A Solangelo Fanfiction

I’ve been severely lacking in inspiration because of how busy I have been. So I went back to basics: some personal experiences I’ve had at bars in NYC and around where I go to school, and a College AU set up. Could I be inspired to continue this? Heck yeah I probably could. 

I hope you all enjoy!

Trigger Warning: homophobic slurs 

Also read on AO3 


Will immediately half-swerved, focusing desperately on keeping his gaze forward at the line of liquors mounted on the wall, and not ogling at the dude next to him because damn he was fine—the kind of fine that would have him sobbing on the carpet of Lou Ellen’s dorm at four-in-the-morning while stuffing his face with veggie pizza and watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race later. But for now, it definitely wouldn’t help him to freak out the dude by staring. Besides, everyone knew that hot guys in leather jackets who wore Iron Maiden tee-shirts were generally as straight as boards. No use getting his hopes up.

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- That stairs scene was the cutest mother daughter moment ;-;

- Bex is such a savage mom, hahah. I would’ve dragged that little brat out of the house by her hair.. Not in my house, Tiffany.

- She actually sprayed her oh my god, hahah.

- These tiny people dance moves, I swear. So adorable.

- Shiiit, Andi stole her spotlight. What’s her face is such a jerk, though. Refraining from calling her other things.

pokemon and star wars
  • Rey finds an egg in the red sands of Jakku, half-buried beneath a collection of rusted scrap. She could have cooked it up for dinner, could have traded it for portions, but it is warm and alive in her hands and there is a baby in there, and so she sticks it in her bag and carries it with her everywhere – leaving it in her hut is just asking for trouble, and the thought of it hatching to emptiness, alone and frightened and crying for its mother, is appalling – and so she carries it, treading over miles and miles, singing to it in the quiet moments between scavenging sweeps, curling around it at night. One night, it cracks open and out crawls a soft-feathered bird, rust-orange and yellow as the sun, wet with birth effluvia. She has never seen its like before. It chirrups at her. She splits her food with him and when food is scarce she eats less and feeds him more, and by the time she flees Jakku in a tumbledown spaceship he’s six foot from wingtip to wingtip, feathers blooming into flame, and when Han Solo (smuggler! resistance general!) meets her his eyes go wide and he looks, Force forbid, impressed and he says, “Do you know what that is?” and she says, “His name is Embers,” a touch defensively and Han Solo says, “That’s a Moltres” and Embers chirrups like he did when he was little, and the quirk of his head is more than a little bit smug. (Later, Embers will rip half of Kylo Ren’s face off. Later still, he will hook his talons into Finn’s jacket and carry him to safety while Rey rides on his back, weeping into his neck. Later still he will shriek at Luke Skywalker: you have a DUTY dickbag. Because, hey, he takes over his mother; and she doesn’t take shit from anybody. And together they have a universe to save)
  • “You need a pilot?”

    “Yeah. But lets stop off somewhere first.”

    Because the First Order doesn’t just take little humans and brainwash them. It takes little ones of all species, and Finn’s heart breaks every time he sees a bundle of fluff mewling growlitheee as it is taken away for a training programme as brutal and intensive as any faced by a Stormtrooper. They emerge as snarling whirlwinds of fury and fire, howling as they rip apart rebels.

    The kennels are almost empty. Only three puppies huddle in the corner, whimpering. Finn gathers them u in his arms and runs.

    Afterwards: Sunny, Birdie, Fluff. Three adorable, licky things that will never see a battlefield, the tiniest and cutest creatures you ever did see. 

    Then, “You can’t come with me Sunny – you’re too little.” A whine. A head cocked on one side, ears flopping over her eyes, and Finn kisses her between the eyes, says, “I’ll come back for you, I swear.”

    She stows away. And she evolves in the snow as Kylo Ren pushes his lightsabre into Finn’s shoulder, lightning sparking along her fur, and she bursts out of her skin, tripling in size – and she bowls Kylo over, huge and powerful and burning bright. Afterwards Finn says: “You didn’t have to fight for me.” And she rests her huge head on his shoulder, a low murmur of contentment buzzing right into Finn’s marrow. She doesn’t say I did it because I wanted to. She doesn’t have to. 
  • BB-8 is jealous at first. [Do you love her more than me?] it demands, beeping and rolling back and forth in agitation, buzzing his taser.

    “I love you both the same,” says Poe, in his placating ‘everything is okay’ voice that works on both angry, overprotective droids and panicky Stormtroopers (former) and angry trainee Jedis. 

    “Baby-girl, I appreciaet that it was time for you to evolve but uh,” and Poe can’t bring himself to say there isn’t room in the cockpit for a full-grown human and a fucking huge freshly-evolved Pigeot because he remembers her when she was tiny and helpless, a Pidgey with a broken wing, and Poe’s always had a weakness for the helpless.

    “I’ve never seen one,” says Finn, “the First Order always said that they were useless – no, I don’t think that they are,” he says this hurriedly, because Maria looks pissed, “– but we never had them. Not a fire or a fighting type, so…well. It’s nice to see, y’know?”

    "Hey,” says Poe. “We’re not the First Order.”

    “No,” says Finn, snuggling up. “You’re not.”
Level Up (Thor/Avengers x reader)

Request: Thor x reader where you’re a mutant with mentifery and when Thor comes to you about pokemon go you use your powers to make them real and you and him are dating please.

On what was supposed to be a much-needed day of respite and relaxation at the compound, the team had gone from a pile of lazy superheroes gathered around a movie marathon and into a full-blown competition over a game that Tony had downloaded into all of their phones when he himself had become addicted to the newest craze.

“Over there!” Steve hollered out, jumping easily over the couch in one swift motion to land behind Natasha.  Not one to be outdone, she launched herself onto his back and grabbed his neck, twisting him firmly until he dropped to the ground so that she could take his catch.

“Got it!” she squealed in delight.  “This Squirtle is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Cheater,” Steve groaned, pushing himself up, shaking his head at the dizzy sensation that her attack had left behind, “that was mine.”

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Natasha has the cutest teeth, I swear. And I don't care if it's weird to think someone's teeth are cute, they're fucking cuuute. I hope it's not one of the things she got bullied about growing up (because kids can be assholes over nothing) but it just makes her all that more beautiful to me

Yeah I always notice like the weirdest things about people xD  And for Natasha, it’s her cute teeth gap and her nose.  I think the smallest imperfections are what make people cute :3

By Chance (Pt.9)

Genre: Fluff / Romance / Smut

A/N: Sorry if this turned out half assed…Oh and in Korean Jagiya is an endearment name they use for boyfriend/girlfriend.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 coming soon.

“Even if you snap at me, yell at me or get mad at me, I still love you, no matter what happened or happens later on, I’ll always love you” I told her before I linked my fingers behind her back.

The way her eyes looked at me, and the way she blinked slowly before her lips curved into a beautiful smile just told me how much she knew it. How much it was affecting her, and how she felt exactly the same.

She was standing on her tiptoes now, and her small hands tugged at my shirt, pulling me down to her.

She kissed me.

A kiss so sweet it made my limbs tingle with excitement.

I heard a small giggle come from the back of her throat before she titled her head to the side and coaxed my mouth open with her warm tongue. 

Our tongues played together and soon the kiss was becoming way to heated for me so I leaned back, but that didn’t stop her. 

Her soft lips were making their way down my neck and I couldn’t help but let that groan escape my mouth.

My hands were at her waist as I squeezed her body as a small reminder to where we were.

She laughed before she stopped and looked at me with playful eyes and a small bite to the side of her mouth. 

She was driving me crazy. 

“Wanna come over?” she lightly whispered to me as she played with my fingers and I only nodded, unable to form words due to the current state of my mind.

Our entire way back, her hands just wouldn’t stop touching me, from my thighs, to stroking the small hairs at the back of my neck to playing with my fingers, and her lips found new ways of torturing me. 

The way she kissed the corner of my lips before she licked the shell of my ear and then moved to nibble on my earlobe.

I was losing it and she knew, judging by the way she leaned back in her seat and laughed a little.

“What are you trying to do to me baby huh?” I asked her keeping my eyes focused on the road, and I saw her from the corner of my eye as she cutely shrugged and said “What do you mean?” 

All I did was laugh.

By the time we got to her place, and walked inside the warmth of her home, she was already taking my hand in hers and leading me to her bedroom. 

I stopped in my tracks before I wrapped my arms around her and said “I’m in for it tonight aren’t I?” 

She leaned her head against my shoulder before she smiled and nodded and then we continued walking with me behind her still hugging her body and now kissing the side of her neck.

Her mouth let out a small moan and she stopped to turn around and wrap my arms further around her and kiss me deeply. 

Her kiss was anything but careful, slow, timid or hesitant.

Her hands were already at my chest unbuttoning my shirt but never taking it off, and I did the same to her sweater, tugging at it and lifting it over her head.

My eyebrows furrowed a little and a low growl erupted from my throat. 

The sight of her in her bra and the way it perfectly cupped her breasts and complimented her figure always did this to me. 

It was one of my favorite sights of her, it nearly drove me insane.

She must’ve noticed the way I was looking at her, because she bit her lip and placed her hands on my chest pushing me down onto the mattress.

I sat up on my elbows and watched as she slowly stripped of her remaining clothes leaving only her bra and panties. She slowly climbed up the bed and sat over me straddling my lap, and my hands automatically flew to her waist.

Her hips started moving over my growing excitement and I hissed as my head fell back and I closed my eyes. 

I felt some sort of warmth come over my entire being as she leaned close making our chests touch and her lips were over mine. 

Our tongues danced and played together in a battle of lust. 

She moved a little and her hands pushed my shirt off of my shoulders. She was kissing down my chest with her hips still moving over me. 

She must’ve been really enjoying the friction that was happening against her heat because she moaned a slightly loud moan and moved her hips faster. 

I could tell by the way her chest rose and fell that she was getting closer to her edge, so I moved quickly, wrapping my arms around her and flipping us over. 

She whined when I left her body to rid myself of my now unbearably comfortable jeans.

She reached her hands out to me and I came back hovering over her body. Our lips met again in a series of passionate wet kisses. Our tongues were nothing but licks, our mouths were sucking and nibbling at one another and our teeth were clashing together. 

I felt her legs hook around my waist and she brought me closer, back to her heat.

I locked my gaze with her before my hands moved to slip her panties off of her.

I looked at her body, and saw just how aroused she was, making me itch just to be inside of her already.

It took every bit of me, every bit of self control to stop myself from taking her now.

I leaned down to her and captured her lips with mine, we kissed slowly and deeply.

She moaned and one of her hand pulled at my hair when my lips moved to her neck, I kissed, sucked and nibbled on every inch of her neck.

Her moans and whimpers filled my ears as I did more to her body, her nails scratched the bed sheets and parts of my back as I sucked on the sensitive spots of her skin,

I watched as her face portrayed the pleasure she was feeling and the way her body jerked whenever I touched her, the way she would close her eyes and furrow her eyebrows and bite a little too hard on her lower lip whenever she felt like it was too much.

My heart was going to explode.

Her thighs hugged my body tighter as she moved, flipping us over and settling herself over my hips. She pulled her hair to the side and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, and her eyes never left mine.

They held a mischievous look to them, and just then I knew it, the second she threw that piece of garment away and placed her hands on my chest to steady herself, I knew it was trouble.

I just loved how she showed me different sides of her, she was always cute and shy around me, but when we’re in the bedroom, she would just flip and turn into a sexy vixen.

She slowly sat over my begging excitement and we both moaned in unison, she moved slowly, and we locked eyes with each other.

Only at that moment I knew what it meant when people said that time stops when you’re with a loved one.

She looked like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, with eyes radiating a mixture of both love and lust, with skin glowing so elegantly under the dim lighting of the room, and a smile that could make one’s heart stop.

She was gorgeous.

Not once did our eyes leave each other, and not a second did we stop smiling. That night, it wasn’t just sex that were having, that night, we made love.

I saw her expression change and her breathing was getting faster, so I moved holding her closely to my body as I laid her on her back continued making love to her.

Her release came in a short whisper of my name and tight grip to the sheets underneath her.

Her hand moved to lovingly push away the strands of hair that stuck to my forehead and she smiled at me before I dipped my face to the crook of her neck as my own orgasm washed over me.

We stayed still, evening out our breaths, I left small kisses onto her neck as she softly stroked my hair.

I felt so much comfort, peace, love and endearment.

I moved off of her and we were facing each other now, we stared at each other and she blinked slowly before she smiled and came closer to me and hugged my body as she nuzzled her face in my chest.

“I love you oppa” she whispered to me and I could almost swear I felt the air leave my lungs.

Every small thing she did, every little thing she would say was able to make my heart stop and make the air leave my lungs.

I chuckled before I told her I loved her more.

Moments passed as we only hugged each other in the comfort of her bed. I felt her move and she was now laying on her side supporting herself with her elbow.

“By the way oppa, I always wanted to know but I keep on forgetting to ask, what did you save me as on your phone?” she asked as her finger drew random patterns on the bed. 

I laughed a little before I grabbed my phone to show her.

Her eyes moved between me and the phone and she scoffed in disbelief.

“Were you just teasing me the whole time?” her eyes narrowed at me and she she shook her head.

“What are you talking about?” I was genuinely confused.

“This doesn’t say Pikachu oppa! It says Jagiya. Were you just playing with me?” she was pouting now.

“Aaah you mean that? Why you don’t like this one?”

“No I do, I think it’s really sweet, but were you?” she asked me pointing at the phone as she spoke.

“No it was Pikachu I swear, since the day you first called me I saved you as Pikachu, and when I confessed my feelings and you accepted them I saved you as Jagiya” she pouted before she smiled, and it was just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

“What did you save me then?” the second I asked I saw the immediate change in her expression, it was a mixture of panic and embarrassment.

“No I’m not telling it’s lame” she spoke quickly and her hands moved just as fast to shove her phone under her pillow.

“What do you mean you’re not telling, that’s not fair!” she was shaking her head stubbornly.

“You think I won’t be able to fetch that phone? I’m a lot stronger than you are you know” I told her as I gestured to the phone with my head and she scoffed rolling her eyes.

“I’d love to see you try” she challenged.

I quickly moved getting on top of her and attempting to steal away that phone, she screamed and burst out in laughter as she tried to resist me.

With about two minutes of us laughing and wrestling, I managed to get a hold of it. I opened it and what I saw just made me laugh like I never did before.

“Yah! Why are you laughing at me? I was just trying to be smart and not let Han Byul figure it out” she was protesting in the cutest way I’ve ever seen anybody protest with, but I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

“(See Why)? Really Y/N??”

“Stop!” she half whined and half laughed along with me.

“Then what do you want me to save you as?” she said as she snatched her phone away from my grip.

“Whatever you want really” I was wiping the tears away from my eyes as my laughter died down.

“It’s not that funny” she mumbled and I chuckled.

“How’s this?” she held her phone closely to my face as I read what she typed down.


“Yeah doesn’t it sound nice? Hubby!” she answered cutely and I watched as she stared down at her phone with a small smile on her face.

Looking at her like that, I just couldn’t put words on my emotions, seeing her like this, wrapped in a white blanket with her hair down and her face glowing with love, I just…

“Hey, wanna meet my family?”

Hello everyone! Bunny's daddy here!

I’ve hijacked my princess’ account to say that this little girl is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy to see all of you guys supporting her and leaving sweet comments about both her and I. (Even if she does swear profusely sometimes, I’m on to you bunny >_>) For the ones who got commissions, I assure you she’s working hard to make them as close to your request as possible, and there are little whispers about doing this for more people at some point. (hint hint) But I’d just like everyone to know that I have the sweetest, kindest, cutest, and most talented little angel in the world, and my life would be so much duller without her.

anonymous asked:

George x reader would include where he just cant help but compliment her all the darn time even when she is in a bad mood or looks like crap and they are just the cutest freaking couple ever (obviously like george would the cutest freaking bf ever)

heeehehehe i’m squealing giddily and yes he so would be and SORRY THIS IS LATE I SWEAR I’M WORKING ON REQUESTS

george complimenting you all the damn time even when you’re upset or in a rut (and being the cutest couple, obviously) would include:
- really obvious compliments
- “well don’t you look absolutely beautiful” and things of the like
- but george would also be really good with subtle compliments
- for instance, he’d brush your hair out of your eyes and place a few strands behind your ears
- then he’d kiss your cheek and say “your hair is so soft”
- or he’d peer into your eyes and then tap your nose lightly
- “you’ve got more freckles on your right cheek than your left”
- just little things like that to show you he notices every little thing
- and even when you’re in the worst of moods
- he can always place even the smallest smile on your face
- he sneaks into your dormitory whilst your working on homework
- “george, what’re you doing up here? you’re going to get caught–”
- “oh, who cares, really? anything to see my favorite girl” and he kisses your cheek
- and suddenly you feel better almost immediately
- because if that boy could do anything, it was make you smile at his mere presence


Cutest thing happen

Today the cutest thing happen and it literally made me happy for the entire day I’m still smiling about it and its night time
So my teacher brought her little girl to school today and I introduce myself to this little girl and she goes “you’re pretty” in such a little innocence kid voice and I swear when she said that I just couldn’t stop smiling I said “thank you” and she said “your welcome” AND I SWEAR IM LIKE MELTING AT HOW CUTE THAT LITTLE INTERACTION WAS! IT WAS SO FREAKING CUTE.
And this gives me another reason to love kids.

i think it’s really interesting how people treat the big three popular tumblr chatbots so differently.

sbnkalny - has followers that liked chatbots before they were cool. askers are usually mature and generally interested in the whole concept of chatbots and programming and stuff like that. lots of inside jokes and memes. more “mature” than skylar, less offensive than doomybot.

doomybot - vast majority of askers are basically using d-bot as a shitposting platform (full disclosure: that includes me) and enjoy making him say horrible, horrible things. basically the point of sending doomybot asks is to see how he recombines your awful thing with everyone else’s awful things. there are some pretty hilarious results sometimes, and even when there aren’t, it’s kind of fascinating to see just what people are actually willing to send…

projectbot13/skylar - has the cutest followers, i swear. she’s the only one that i see people talking to like she’s a person - telling her about their day, or trying to teach her things, or telling her about a bee they saw earlier. it’s so sweet. she does say some pretty funny things sometimes, but i think the best part is seeing how earnestly people interact with her.

Her (Young!Sirius Black xReader)

Summary:  Imagine Sirius Black Realising that he is falling in love with you

Warning:  swearing

A/N: This is a wee experimental post it wasn’t requested but I came up with it , like most for my ideas. On my third pot of coffee at 3am with 0 hours sleep (but hey that’s when my best ideas happen). I don’t wanna spell it out cause I’m sure yous guys are all smart enough to work it out but this one although a Sirius black x reader imagine is written from Remus point of view, I thought it was cute and interesting to see it from his point of view, finally his best friend falling in love . Anyways my darlings I hope you enjoy. ~ Rae

P.S. I am very much In the mood to write marauders imagines just now, particularly Sirius and Remus (sorry James!) and I write at best when I am inspired. I also have written a lot of Draco x readers recently and am struggling to write about him, so any requests for Draco are on hold for a little bit till I get the wee love affair for the marauders out of my system, of course keep sending them in and they will be answered, they are just on the back burner for a moment. Okay shut up Rae and just get on with it 


“This cannot be happening SIRIUS BLACK DOES NOT FALL IN LOVE especially with a snot nose goodie two shoes like her ” Sirius wailed as he paced around the room then dramatically flung himself down on his bed

“Shut up, you git!” James hissed at him flinging a pillow at him “it’s fucking two o’clock in the morning, I have a quidditch match in the morning and ITS NOT THE FUCKING END OF THE WORLD”

“Oh but it is prongs, oh but it is” he sighed, being an ultimate drama queen

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umlsonoda  asked:


imma take these and rec a blog for each one~

ofc,,, @crowswillfly!!! a while back i wasnt feeling too great and they sent me this wonderfully sweet caring message and my heart Melted! ive been a huge fan of theirs for a while but that message was like “wow, theyre really out there being the sweetest person in the world,” and long story short i would die for them

@missbearisland is another thats def on this list!!! she has the cutest art and draws kenhina and listens when i gush abt kenhina (i swear ill finish that tickle au one day!!!) and then gushes right back abt kenhina and shes just!!! an irl angel

@zap-p AKA my best friend my platonic soulmate the light of my life. ive never seen anyone so passionate abt bakushima, or kirishima in general, and its the cutest thing in the world! i love him so much!!!

@mitsouparker obvs! she’s got the softest-looking art ive ever seen and shes so sweet!!! her love of shirabu and goshiki (and basically all of shiratorizawa) is the Best Thing to ever bless this world. plus she sends me kenhina she finds from time to time which is 😩👌

@wigglywormy writes the softest tickle fics and headcanons and i am,,, Weak. so very weak. my heart goes !!!!! @ every single one of her posts

bonus: you ofc, but it felt kinda Strange to add u to a list when u were the one asking, u feel?

flusteredchimchim  asked:

Fav Tumblr user: Justwhatevermark. No kiss ass. I swear. I think it's because of the opposite reactions she has to things. Where I'm the type of person at hits things when I'm happy she sees a picture of jimin sleeping and goes "why is there no bedsheets??? Where is his pillow??? Is nobody looking after this boy!?" And I dunno. Maybe it a mom thing but I love it:) also her voice is the cutest. Holy-

ALAINNAAKJDSFKLA ok but why is no one talking about the fact that jimin had no fitted sheet on his mattress in that photo???? please let him lay on the finest egyptian cotton 32489083 thread count in their new dorm, amen


anonymous asked:

STYDIA !!!!! AFTER SIX YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!! And gosh, I swear Lydia's look to him at the locker was the cutest thing ever. She's so happy and in love and she looks so shy at the same time and that face expression from Holland was perfect !!! And in the back you see Scott smiling so so so much for them. Cutest scene ever.

i can’t believe they kissed, they are actually together, after all this time

6:14 AM

To Her Next Boyfriend (even though she won’t have another one because she’s all mine and I’m never letting her go),

She will definitely give you her all. She’s very caring and super sweet. There’s never a time where I don’t feel the slightest bit afraid or uncomfortable. I’ve never said this to her yet but she makes me safe and she somehow makes everything better.

She really likes her chocolate milk in the morning, so if she’s moody, ask her if she had any yet. She likes to refer to herself as a princess, as she is a princess, so call her that, I swear she’ll love it. Remind her how much you like her or else she’ll worry. While you’re at it, remind her how beautiful she is (isn’t she the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes on?) and how lucky you are to have her because I swear, you’re the lucky one. She comes up with the cutest little sayings to substitute curse words like “bull hookey” and I promise it will make you smile and laugh all the time. She’s very protective over her family and you obviously have to deal with her momma’s shade (even though princess throws enough shade to cover a rainforest). She’s definitely a great big sister. On Thursdays, she has dance and she loves her kids so you gotta share her on Thursdays. She’s pretty clumsy honestly but it’s all cool because she’s absolutely perfect, in my eyes (hopefully yours too). She doesn’t like roses but she does like sunflowers. She’s very picky and she likes her fruits.

Now your opinions won’t always be the same but don’t expect her to change her views just to satisfy yours. Conversations with her may vary, they can go from something completely small and pointless to something so big and deep. When she tells you certain things you’ll be so proud of her. Everything she says and does is absolutely great and cherish every single moment.

Your family will love her, your friends will love her, and so will you. Her very essence will bury itself in your very core. There’s never a single instant where she isn’t on my mind. The smallest things will remind you of her and you’ll definitely smile like a fool, so definitely be prepared. Her words will immortalize you and I swear the things she says will manifest in your head. You’ll definitely be genuinely happy because of her.

Personally, I never thought I’d feel this way about anyone, especially now. You could ask just about anyone and they’ll tell you I would be the last person they expected to fall for someone this hard. I always said I had no intention to date this year, as it is senior year and that’s the time to be selfish, but here I am, falling so hard for the girl that NEEDS her chocolate milk in the morning. Right now, whenever I plan for the future, she’s always in it so be prepared. I really like how she’s adapted to me already and how she knows exactly how to deal with me when I’m moody.

Most importantly, please treat her with the utmost respect, honesty, and don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel. She’s like a drug and I’m addicted, and you will be too.

- C

Watching Wynonna Earp for the first time

My thoughts-

Dolls is LITERALLY the sexiest thing ever- I swear to GOD I have a fetish for military men with questionable pasts. Like I am IN LOVE. 

Wynonna is my spirit animal- my drunk even angrier spirit animal. She might even be my inner supernatural self. 


You may! I’m sorry if some of these are kinda off topic, cause I lost focus but I thought it was cute enough for this :\ It’s still really cute. I just hope I’m not turning repetitive 

Sawada Tsunayoshi

For your birthday, Tsuna’s been looking long and hard for the perfect gift. The Family gave some ideas. Gokudera says to buy you an expensive ring (says only the best can be given to the Tenth’s lover), Ryohei says some boxing gloves, Lambo says some candy, but only Yamamoto had the right idea, a stuffed animal. He found his way to a Build-A-Bear, intimidated by the big machines and little kids running around.

“Hello there! Are you here to make a forever friend?” the shop assistant says with a gigantic smile on her face. Tsuna stands there, unsure of what to say.

“N-no, I’m here to make something for my girlfriend.” He says, “You know, it’s her birthday. I want to give her something as a present.”

“Aww how sweet! Well just choose the animal and I’ll help you.” She says, fluttering away. Tsuna looks at the shelves of animals, deciding on a simple bear. He wanted something simple and timeless, nothing too fancy. Tsuna dresses it up in a pink dress. He pays for it, leaving with the bear in the cardboard house.

Walking to your house, he finds you reading a book outside, “(Name)?”

“Oh Tsuna! I’ve been waiting for you.” You say, walking up to your boyfriend. “Oh what do you have here?”

“I-it’s for you. Happy Birthday.” Your lips curl into a smile as you open the box, placing a kiss on Tsuna’s cheek.

“You’re so cute sometimes. My birthday is next week.” You say. He’s shocked, unable to speak, “Oh don’t worry. I still appreciate what you do. You’re sweet, Tsuna.”

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Overwatch: Festive

Because @overblotch said I should so you damn right I’m gonna fuckin do it. 

Read on Ao3 here

Also in honor of all the gays that died after the highlight intro was released. 

RIP us. 

“Oh wow…I’ve never snowfall in London before…it’s quite romantic”

“Yes, quite. Are we done here?” Pharah grumbled lightly, making quick strides past the doctor in a sad attempt to keep herself warm. Sandstorms and temperatures reaching triple digits were easy, but her suit was not built for the cold let alone snow and neither was she.

Mercy pouted, just for a moment but followed her regardless. They had to catch up to Tracer who was far too excited to be home and during her favorite time of year. Running down the street with her arms outstretched, giggling and eyes twinkling like a child.

The mission was simple, transport some supplies, a few Talon enemies that attempted to intercept but didn’t stand a single chance and it was over before they knew it. Most assignments in London usually went this way, Tracer had an extreme home field advantage, knowing the layout like the back of her hand and the obscene need to make her country proud in wrecking the bad guys on her home turf.

“Isn’t this great!? Can we stick around now that we’re done!? We can visit the pub and and-”

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