shes the cutest i love her so much

I cannot believe tonight happened like genuinely everything I’ve ever wanted happened tonight. Taylor is the CUTEST little bean her dancing made me so happy and she’s so kind and she took time with EVERYONE no one was rushed she made sure everyone got their time and she was so excited about the album you guys you can just SEE how happy she is and I love her so much I can’t believe I just met the girl who saved my life.

This is Penelope, the opossum at the zoo where I work l, sitting in her “weight bucket” so we can keep track of how much she weighs. She is a very good girl.

That is all. I hope this beautiful opossum made your day a little better.

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

I really…. I love Taylor Swift so much and after tonight everything I’ve ever thought about her was just validated. She’s the kindest and the cutest thing ever she is my (not so) small bean and I adore her with every fiber of my being.


lgbtq meme: 6 gay/lesbian characters » elena alvarez, one day at a time

When I think about love, I see myself someday loving a woman.

Help my wife says “you and me” anytime she sees two things that are connected or similar, whether it’s two cereal pieces that are still connect or two roly-polies on the ground and it’s the cutest thing! I love her so much