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We aren’t sure how they do it, but the dream theif will leave you a note about what you dreamed about the night they stole from you, and leave glitter scattered where your item once was

Arabellas rival! Her name is Nox, and shes just your average run of the mill wanted criminal with superpowers (she belongs to me and @pumpk1npie

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Wanted to finally draw my World Guardian’s blood family- from left to right, her father, Alburn, her mother, Ilona, her elder brother, Terrell, and then herself as a teenager.

inktober day thirteen: teeming

aaaa i know i’m late but i’ll probably catch up tomorrow. i’ve used my old, sort of trippy to-go style with water-based pens


That’s one of my best friends, she’s incredibly talented and she makes these things seem so easy….when actually they are super complex and I couldn’t draw them in a year!
If you like her you can follow her on youtube and florealpolla on Instagram and Facebook. She draws a lot of different things, all lovely ❤️ 

Oh, and she’s florealpolla on etsy too and… Trust me, you want to visit her page, you’ll want to buy everything! There are stickers and mirrors and…ok, I’ll stop. ( Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock, Avengers, The Hobbit, Supernatural, Merlin ….just to name a few well known fandoms)


Just a few examples:

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If ur gonna shit on Halsey for being too “”“wannabe edgy”“” I better not see you stanning the 1975 or the arctic monkeys or any other male dominated indie act in need of rehab & a shower. If you don’t like her music that’s sick great for you you’re allowed that but she literally gets persecuted for singing about and offering a female perspective to the same tired topics these Edgelords have been getting praise about for years and I’m tired just let her live


On the note of ugly Good Omens covers, I present to you: the Japanese edition of Good Omens, featuring our beloved characters, octopus and lobster.