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You Are The Only One I Want

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin/Reader (She/Her)

Category: Angst, with a little fluff at the end

Words: 2025

Warnings: Swearing, food mentioned, violence mentioned, Eggsy is a little bit beaten up, a little bit of fighting, mention of pain pills

Prompts: “You deserve better.” & “Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

Summary: Eggsy comes home from a rough mission feeling like he is not good enough for his girlfriend.

A/N’s: Wow! So, this is the first reader insert fic that I have ever written. It also happens to be the first thing I’ve ever written that I’ve let anybody read, so please go easy on me. I’d love some constructive criticism, if anyone has any ideas on how I could make my writing any better. Thanks!  I hope you all enjoy.

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             Eggsy hesitated to even go home that night. Part of him wanted to find somewhere else to stay for the night, his mum’s or Roxy’s. His last mission had been rough. He was beaten, bruised, and bloody. This wouldn’t be the first time he had come home to her like this. At this point he knew that she was probably used to it, that she maybe even expected it most nights and he hated that. He hated making her upset or fearful for him. He hated that when he was on a mission, she was stuck home, alone and worrying about his safety. But more than anything, he hated the fact that he was what caused her distress.

             It wasn’t until he reached their apartment building that he realized where his post mission debrief walk had taken him. While completely lost in thought he had made his way back to her. Right back to his incredible Y/N. Right back to the woman he was so helplessly in love with. Even when he was internally debating coming home or not he still found his way back to the girl he considered to be his entire world. ‘I’m never gonna be able to stay away from her.’ He shook his head at this thought.  Eggsy knew that he couldn’t keep doing this to her. He didn’t want to keep doing this to her.

              The brunette continues to stand outside of their building for a few more minutes, just allowing himself a chance to sort out his thoughts. He doesn’t know how long he ended up standing out there. It was not until a man staring down at his cell phone almost knocked him over that he finally decided that it was time to face the music. Taking one last deep breath he walks into the small building, heading straight for the elevator and hitting the button for his floor.

             As he walks down the hallway to their apartment, he sends a small smile to the single mother who lives down the hall and offers to help her bring her groceries inside but she declines with a kind smile and a simple ‘No thanks’. Eggsy stares down at the floor as he continues to walk, slightly disappointed that his plan to procrastinate the conversation he was about to have had failed.  He genuinely didn’t think that his heart could beat any faster than it already was but he is quickly proven wrong once he makes it to the end of the hall and finds himself standing in front of their door.

             The first thing he notices once he steps inside is the sweet smell of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. The familiar scent is almost able to bring a smile to his somber looking face. Y/N always made the delicious treats when she had some spare time before he came home. She had once told him that it was an old family recipe and that her mother always made them for her when she was having a rough day as a kid. A sigh escapes his lips as he hears her footsteps coming down the hall to their bedroom.  He is barely able to set down his bag before she is pulling him into a tight hug. “You’re home! I missed you while you were gone babe!” She says with such relief in her voice that it almost breaks his heart.

             “Hi beautiful. I missed you too.” He replies as he slowly pulls back from her hug to look down at his sweet girlfriend. Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun with a few pieces hanging loose around her face and at the back of her neck and she is already in pajamas. A pair of fluffy polka-dot socks are on her feet. She looks adorable (like always). She gives him a warm smile, but it starts to fade when she notices the gloomy look on his face.

             “What’s wrong Eggy?”

             The old nickname still manages to make him smile. An old reminder of simpler times when they were first introduced and she had – much like many other people he had met – misheard his name. He places a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking into the living room and sitting on their couch. He motions for her to come sit down next to him and takes one more deep breath before he finally begins to say what has been stuck in his mind since his mission ended.

             “I hate making you worry about me.” He’s barely started and the look on her face is already enough to make him want to shut up. The e/c eyed girl sitting next to him looks confused and worried, which makes what he is trying to do so much harder because this, this is exactly what he is trying to stop from happening again. The entire point of what he is saying, what he is doing was to stop himself from making her nervous anymore. He closes his eyes for a second and reminds himself of what has been going through his mind for hours, of all the times he came home and she had bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep. Or of the texts he would get from her, late at night when he was away on a mission. The ones that said things like ‘I hope you’re getting some sleep baby, but I’m still up and I just wanted to check in. Love you.’ or ‘I know you can’t tell me about what’s going on with the mission, but please tell me that you’re doing ok at least.’.

             Eggsy reopens his eyes, but this time instead of looking at her, into her kind eyes, he looks away, towards the coffee table where he sees the plate of her freshly baked cookies and his body completely deflates.  His normally cocky demeanor has been replaced with one of hesitance and resignation. His shoulders are slumped and his jaw is clenched. “You shouldn’t have to spend so much time wondering if I’m gonna come home or not. You shouldn’t be stuck awake all night because you’re thinking about what kind of danger I might be in on my missions.” He glances at the floor next to the couch as he says this and notices JB sitting there with his head tilted to the side, just staring at him, as if he too was wondering what the fuck Eggsy was doing, “I mean fuck sweetheart, you are so incredible, way too good for me. You deserve somebody who can provide you with some sense of stability. Someone who you can count on to come home to you every night. I see how exhausted you are when I get home from a mission and just when you start to get rested again, I get called away. I can’t keep doing this to you.”

             Sometime around when he had said that she was too good for him the h/c haired girl had started slowly shaking her head, looking at him in what he could only describe as pure horror. Before he could continue talking she cut him off, “Eggsy stop! I don’t care about any of that stuff! I know you can’t tell me much about your missions, but I can tell enough to know that what you do is incredibly important. You go out there and you put yourself in danger to protect other people. I will never ever be angry at you for that, for how brave that makes you baby. I would choose you over some normal picket fence life any day. It’s not even a question.”

             For the first time in minutes Eggsy looks up at her, into her e/c eyes. He is no longer able to continue to try to stay strong and Y/N can see the tears in his green eyes. Letting out a deep breath he mumbles, barely loud enough to hear, “You deserve better.”

             At this the normally collected girl bolts out of her seat next to him and throws her hands in the air before crying out, “You know what! Maybe I do, but even if that is somehow true I don’t want better! I want you!” She takes a deep breath and lowers herself to a kneeling position in front of him and gently places her hands on his knees, “I don’t care what kind of baggage comes along with you. I will gladly put up with any of it if it means that I still get to be with you and cuddle with you and love you! I love you Eggsy and I can’t stand the idea of not being your girl anymore. So please, if you genuinely believe that I would in any way be better off without you then do whatever the hell you have to get that thought out of your head!”

               The boy on the couch stares down at her and lets out a sob before collapsing forward onto the floor next to her. He clumsily pulls her towards him and hides his face into the curve of her shoulder and she carefully maneuvers herself into his lap and wraps her arms around him and for the first time since he got home she is able to truly take him in. She notices the bruises running along his cheek bones and the one surrounding his left eye. She can only imagine the bruises that lay under his suit which is now getting wrinkled by their position. After a moment, she carefully pulls away from him and rubs her thumb over his split lip.

             “Now babe please, you’re hurt. Just sit down and let me take care of you.”

             He nods while staring into her eyes and allows then both to stand up. He sits down on the couch while she rubs her hand carefully over his face one more time before she walks into the kitchen and grabs a few ice packs as well as some pain meds and water. Once he has taken the pills she sends him to get changed into some comfier clothing and grabs them both a glass of milk before sitting down on the couch and turning on the tv. She puts on some random sitcom while she waits for him to come back and finally allows herself to process everything that has just happened.

             When Eggsy walks back into the room she is just staring at the coffee table, completely lost in her own thoughts and he has to call out her name to get the girl to look up at him. He had changed into an old sweater and some sweatpants. When she does finally look up at him, he looks concerned and she gives him a small smile to let him know that she is ok before moving over slightly so that he can sit down next to her. Once he is comfortable on the couch beside her, she hands him the ice packs and the milk before reaching forward and grabbing the plate of cookies. They each grab a few and he places his arm on the couch behind her head, allowing the girl to rest against his side. He smiles after he takes his first bite of cookie and kisses her on the forehead, quietly telling her how much he loves her and her cookies.

             “I’m glad,” she says before joking, “I make them with love.”

             He chuckles. They spend the next few hours on the couch and they eventually end up laying down, him behind her, stomach and chest pressed up against her back. As the night goes on and they both begin to get sleepier and sleepier he begins to rub his hand up and down her arm. Just as she begins to drift off she turns her head to look at him and says, quietly, “You are right about me being terrified to lose you during a mission, but what scares me even more is the idea that you might leave me voluntarily.”

             He presses a kiss to her nose and gently tells her, “Don’t worry love. I ain’t going anywhere. I promise.”

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She was the girl who was there for everyone when they needed someone to talk to. Someone they could count on, but when she needed someone, she had no one. She had to cry to herself silently, so no one would hear her falling apart. The little hope that she had left was vanishing along with the last tears she had. Those tears going into the empty pill bottles that she had taken 10 minutes before. No one cared. No one would miss her. She would never get married. Never get a job. Never be successful. What’s the point of living if everything goes to waste? She’s just another nobody. And with the last tear she took her last breath. Goodbye.

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Let’s have a cold calm look at the plot holes this storyline has. shall we?

A “woman of the world” which we’re meant to believe Rebecca is would be on birth control of some description.

If she happened not to be, she would have taken the morning after pill, after her one night stand with Robert. Unless she was trying to trap him.

The consent thing IS dodgy and it worries me that Emmerdale don’t seem to want to address that.

Victoria would not have been able to guess Rebecca was pregnant that soon after the “deed.” Yes, the woman in question may have suspected, but not a friendly stranger.

Victoria would not have kept a used pregnancy test in her handbag for half a week. She’s a chef for God’s sake, um hygiene?

Rebecca would not have gone romantically near a man who “forced” her into an abortion. There is no way she would have slept with him again, unless an abortion was what she wanted too.

Rebecca’s family’s rich. This weepy victim act I don’t buy. If she wants to be a single mother, it’s not like she has the usual problems of having no way to support herself.

Again, if Rebecca was emotionally distraught over one unplanned baby in the past, she would make DOUBLY sure she was on birth control.

Condoms fail. She can’t know it’s Roberts for certain.

Robert would not have missed Aaron’s appointment for anything, if Aaron wanted him there. The whole point of this Robert bad boy thing is that he’s protecting the one thing that matters to him, Aaron and his life.

Robert has over the past 18 months or so proved he cant lie to Aaron for long or convincingly, and we’re meant to believe he’d realistically hide something so huge?

Aaron’s not a stupid man, he knew there was something up when Robert visited the prison. He knows something happened.

We don’t care about Rebecca, because we’ve been given nothing to care about.

I cant believe this next one needs saying, but Robert didn’t rape her, this is not all Robert’s fault. Again, Rebecca is not the victim here, she’s at least 50% responsible, and you can weigh that more in her favour because of Robert’s obvious drunken state.

Not a plot hole exactly, but my God this has been so predictable so far.

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s late and Rebecca pisses me off.

I love you, Nathan Prescott

Prompt: (y/n) finds Nathan bleeding in the hallway after Warren beat him up and there a price to pay. She makes sure of it, because no one fucks with her Nathan.

Genre: Angst?, fluff

(Y/n) sighed and checked her phone. She had just sent yet another text to her boyfriend, and he hasn’t even read it. Usually, when he didn’t respond to her it meant one of two things. Nathan was mad her for whatever fucking reason he came up with in that head of his, which she hoped wasn’t the case, or he was having another one of his breakdowns, which she really hoped wasn’t the case. She even made sure that he had taken all of his pills before she left, so if all was as it was supposed to be he wouldn’t be hearing those god awful voices. Hell, she helped dose out pills for the rest of day, and the rest of the week. She just couldn’t stand the thought of those voices getting to him. Well, getting to him more than they already had.

She glanced at the time and decided that she better just go to the boy’s dorm to check on him. She picked up her new camera, the one Nathan had bought her as a gift just a few days ago, and placed the strap around her neck. She pushed herself off of the ground and looked at the rest of her friends. “Guys, i’m going to go head over to Nathan’s. Text me if you need anything.” She smiled at them and Victoria smirked in return.

“Remember to use protection, (y/n). As absolutely gorgeous as your babies would totes be, I am far too young to be an aunt.” Hayden along with Courtney and Taylor laughed, but (y/n) simply shook her head with a smile. “Fucking shut it, Vic; but you’re right. Our babies would be fucking gorgeous. Seriously though, catch you guys later.” The smile on (y/n)’s quickly started to fade the closer she got to her destination. She popped her knuckles and decided that she better start to mentally prepare for whatever she was going to be walking into.

If the reason was one of the two she was thinking of, she was fuck either way for a little while. Best case scenario she’d walk into a pissed of Prescott’s room where he’d probably scream at her for half an hour and she would have to figure out why. However, with the camera around her neck that time would probably be cut in half. He loved seeing her in his gifts. Partially because she rarely ever would allow him to buy her anything (something Nathan both loved and hated), and because he was insecure. Always thinking some other guy was going to steal her away from him. It always calmed him down she showed she was still his.

Worst case scenario Nathan would be having one of his episodes again. (Y/n) prayed to about ever god she could think of for him to not be in one of those. She didn’t think she could handle seeing him with a razor blade in his hand and crimson lines on his wrists, or his arms again. His life was already fucked up enough and he didn’t need anymore reminders of that on his body. She also couldn’t imagine him accidentally cutting too deep forcing her to live in a world without him.

Her pace increased to a jog and she felt the colder than usual air nip at her cheeks. “God damn it, Nathan. Please just have fallen asleep.” She thought to herself. Her throat felt dry and she could feel her heart pounding against her chest. She was so focused on getting up the steps to get to him she didn’t see the group in front of her until she crashed into them.

“I am so,- wait. Chloe? What the hell are you doing here?” (Y/n) demanded, her arms crossing over her chest. “Now i’ll be damned. Little miss traitor (Y/n) still remembers my name. This her Mad Max. She is the one that I told you about. The one banging that psycho Prescott.”

“Watch your fucking mouth, Price. Don’t call him that.” (Y/n) spat as her eyes narrowed.

“Or what, huh? Gonna get that punk ass boyfriend of yours to tell his daddy on us? Well i’m already expelled so I don’t give a damn. Or are you just going to walk away again like you did when you abandoned me and Rachel?”

“I didn’t abandon anyone, Chloe. I just started dating the person that I love. Rachel was fine with it Chloe, the only person who had a damn problem with it was you. I would have loved to help you pay whatever the fuck you needed to pay, but instead of coming to me like a friend you broke my trust and hurt the person I care more about than anyone at that last party. So do me a favor, and get the hell out of my way so I can go see him.”

She pushed past the blue haired girl but before she could go through the doors, someone grabbed her arm. She spun around and looked at the person stopping her from seeing her Nathan. “What the hell do you want, Max?”

“(Y/n), he drugged Chloe at that last part. He is a monster. She told me everythi-”

“Did she also tell you that she flushed all of his pills down the nearest toilet so he couldn’t get to them that night? Or that she spiked his drink with molly and god knows what else to get him so fucked up he had to lean on her to get home because he couldn’t even walk right on his own? Just so she could steal all the money she needed to pay off the drug dealer that, spoiler alert, Rachel enjoyed fucking more than you? She didn’t, did she? The only monster here is Chloe, taking advantage of and trying to steal from the mentally fucking ill because she is a selfish and irresponsible bitch. So fuck off Max, and take your boy toy, and that lying whore with you.”

She stormed past them and into the hallway. The blood that was still boiling within her froze with what she say. There was her Nathan, lying on the ground, bruised, bloodied and beaten. She rushed over to him and dropped to her knees. “Oh my god, Nathan.” He was crying and shaking floor. (Y/N) gently placed her hands on his cheeks and brought his head up to rest in her lap. “Nathan, please look at me baby.” His watery eyes cracked for a moment to register who was in front of him. As he did, the water works seemed to start back up all over again.

He hid his face by tightly pressing it into (Y/n)’s stomach and hands were clutching at any material he could on her. “(Y/n) i’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. Everybody hates me, they hate me.” He sobbed into her. The tears and the blood mixed, leaving a stain on her light green shirt that would probably never come out. She ran a hand through his hair and did her best to comfort him. “Shh, Nathan that isn’t true. I don’t hate you, Vic doesn’t hate you. We both love you so much, baby. She doesn’t call you her brother for no reason.”

(Y/n)’s words didn’t seem to help much though as he continued to repeat those words over and over again. She let him stay like that for a good ten minutes before she told him she was going to take him to his room. She pulled him to his feet and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and hers around his thin frame. The height difference made the walk a bit awkward, but they managed to make it. She pushed the door open and they stumbled in and she placed her camera on his desk. After she shut and locked the door behind her (Y/n) allowed them to collapse on his bed. Nathan was on top of her, face hidden away in her chest, and arms wrapped around her much like they were earlier. His eyes finally started to dry but her hands continued to rub soothing patterns on his back.

“Who did this?”
“That bitch Caulfield’s whimpy ass boyfriend.” (Y/n)’s jaw clenched. Until now, the girl Victoria dubbed the ‘selfie-ho of Blackwell Academy’ hand never really been on her radar, neither had the boy that followed her around like a lost puppy. Now however, both of them were at the top of her shit list with Chloe. If there was one thing that you didn’t fuck with of  (Y/n)’s, it was her boyfriend. She saw red, and she felt the anger bubbling up inside of her. She took a deep breath and reached over for her boyfriend’s headphones.

“Here, put these on. You should probably get some rest.” He agreed and she slipped them over his ears. She pressed play on his whale song recording.  She waited until he finally drifted off to sleep to pull her phone out of her pocket. She clicked on her messages and started typing.

You: Vic, I need you to come to Nates asap, Bring your keys to get in, doors locked and he is asleep on top of me.

Vic: Damn, (Y/n). Pretty kinky, don’t u think? Not really into Nate like that,,,

You: This isn’t a fucking joke, V. Nate is hurt.

Vic: Fuck, okay, Leaving now,

In just a few minutes (Y/n) heard the lock starting to turn. Victoria quietly came in the room and eased the door back shut. She took a seat on Nathan’s couch and looked at her friend in concern. “What the hell happened, (Y/n)?”
“Something that I am about to take care of. I need you to stay here in case he wakes up and needs something. Okay?”
“Yeah, anything (Y/n).” The girl carefully slipped out from underneath her boyfriend and leaned down to give him a kiss on his head. “(Y/n), are you sure you don’t need Hayden, or someone to go with you?”

“Yeah, Vic, i’m sure.” She walked to the door and was halfway through before she looked back. “Before I go, would you happen to know where our resident selfie whore and her boy toy are?”

“Main campus. They have something to do with this?”
“He did do it. What’s his name.”
“Warren Graham. He is going to be sorry, so is that bitch Max.”
“Got it V, see you in a little bit.”

(Y/n) walked quickly, her hands already balled up into fists. She spotted them, laughing it up in the parking lot. She was never really one for violence, but they crossed the line first, not her. She made her way up behind them, and then she tapped on his shoulder. “Warren Graham?” She asked in her sweetest voice.
“Yes?’ he replied and started to turn his head. That’s when she hit him square in the jaw as hard as she could without him expecting it. All it took was that one punch, and he was down.

“What the fuck, (Y/n)!” Chloe yelled pushing her back.
“That is what that son of a bitch gets for Nathan!” She yelled, pushing her back.
“Nathan fucking deserved it-”
“And how you feel if someone did that to Rachel even if she did deserve it Chloe? Huh? You’d flip the fuck out just like me.” Max stepped in between them and yelled at them to stop.

“Don’t fucking touch me, Caulfield.” She pushed the girl’s arm off of her, and when she did that it caused a phone to fall out of her bag. Nathan’s phone. She quickly snatched it up in her hands, and looked at the two.

“If you two ever come near Nathan again, I swear to god you’ll regret it for the rest of your miserable lives.” She spat, before turning to leave and once again make her way to her boyfriend’s dorm.

“Why didn’t you rewind, Max?”
“Because you lied to me, Chloe. That is what happened at the last party, isn’t it?”
“Save it.”


(Y/n) took one last deep breath before she walked into his room once again. He was still asleep. Good. She said goodbye to Victoria and settled back down next to him, smoothing his hair back. She hoped Chloe had finally gotten the hint. She wrapped her arms around his borderline to thin frame and held him close. She needed to start making him eat more, but that was an issue for another day. “I love you, Nathan Prescott.” With one final kiss she drifted off into the sweet escape of sleep.

fight for me

((I hope this isn’t weird, but your post gave me the idea. I’m not a great writer but hopefully you like it.))

Heather Mcnamara spit out the last of the pills she had taken on the bathroom floor. With tears in her eyes, she looked at Veronica, sitting next to her on the cold tiles. Heather Duke was such a bitch. She wasn’t any better than Heather Chandler, maybe she was worse. Heather Mcnamara hadn’t ever really thought about suicide before Heather Chandler drank drain cleaner, but she didn’t encourage it, like Heather Duke. It wasn’t fair. Why did Heather Duke get to be in charge? It wasn’t like she was any prettier than Heather Mcnamara, or Veronica, for that matter. Veronica, as Heather Mcnamara was noticing, had such big eyes. Clear skin, too. She didn’t know what Heather Duke was talking about when she said Veronica was fat, that was so out of left field. Obviously, Heather Mcnamara always knew Veronica was technically hot since she started hanging with the Heathers, otherwise it would never be allowed to happen. But it was only there, on the floor, when she saw that Veronica was beautiful. 

Veronica leaned forward, gently moving Heather Mcnamara’s hair out of her face. Veronica was smart, she had been her whole life. Smart enough to know that any feelings she’d been having for the girl in front of her were just happening because her brain wanted her to stop any and all feelings for JD. Heather Mcnamara was just a distraction. Or…was she? Veronica’s feelings for Heather Mcnamara were so different than her feelings for JD were. With JD, everything was rushed, powerful, scary. With Heather Mcnamara? It was the opposite. Her feelings were soft, tender, loving. She felt protective. Veronica had taken the stark difference to mean that her feelings for Heather Mcnamara weren’t real, but maybe they meant something different. Maybe they meant that Heather Mcnamara had the goodness that JD lacked. Maybe they could be happy. 

Veronica was totally taken off guard by the lips that suddenly were kissing hers. Heather Mcnamara’s lips were so soft, nothing like JD’s at all. Veronica, after a second of hesitation, kissed back. 

Heather Mcnamara pulled back, slowly, after a few seconds. A bittersweet smile came over her face. She was happy to have kissed Veronica, but she still had to face everyone outside. Heather Duke would never let her live her confession down. But maybe with Veronica, she could survive it. 

“Veronica?” She asked, in a voice that sounded almost shy, compared to her usual tone. 

“Yeah?” Veronica was looking in her eyes, totally attentive. 

“Will you fight for me?”

Drop Ship Nightmares

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Request:  Can I have a oneshot where it set in season one when Murphy tries to hang Bellamy. Everything is the same instead the reader also gets taken. Whether she’s already in the drop ship or runs in at the last moment? The reader and Bellamy are dating and Murphy stares threatening her and doing things to in front of Bellamy to piss him off?

Word count: 2,950

A/N: I LOVED writing this one. If you loved reading it, you can leave feedback here!

The doors opened and Bellamy Blake was thrown into the crowded drop ship with the rest of the 100, including his girlfriend Y/n. She searched his eyes questioningly, but he avoided making eye contact. The guards threw him into a seat and left the ship, when the ship began to take off. Bellamy, not strapped into a chair flew up to the ceiling like the other boys who unbuckled themselves. When they landed, all were dead. Y/n unbuckled her seat belt and went to Bellamy’s lifeless body. She rolled it over, and saw his beaten and bloodied face.

Y/n woke up from the dream with a start. Her breathing was ragged and heavy, and she had sweat rolling down her face. She frantically searched the room but it was too dark to see anything. She could feel sheets beneath her and covers over her bare legs. Next to her lay the love of her life, Bellamy Blake, who had been woken up by Y/n’s sudden movement.

“What’s wrong, my love?” He asked groggily. “Another bad dream?” He wrapped a comforting arm over her shoulders and rubbed gently.  

Y/n nodded, “Except it was you this time.” These types of dreams have been happening more and more as tensions between the 100 rose. Actually, ever since they came to the ground. It was the exact same scenario, except it was usually Y/n lying dead on the floor.

“Maybe it’s a sign you care more about me than yourself.” He whispered, kissing her shoulder. He was attempting to make her feel better, but wasn’t succeeding. Usually, the only thing that calmed her down was the river by the drop ship. “Do you need to walk?”

Y/n glanced down to her watch which read 3 AM. She groaned, “No, it’s fine.” She turned her head so Bellamy could kiss the tip of her nose. “I’m fine. Sorry for waking you.”

“Never apologize. Try to get some sleep, love.”

“I love you.” She kissed him lightly as she lay back down on the pillow.

“Love you too, babe.” He wrapped an arm around her waist and puller her close. She felt protected in his arms and couldn’t help the way her chest ached. After all, she was part of the reason Bellamy tried to get on the drop ship in the first place. If she hadn’t taken those pills for her mom or tried to steal food for Bellamy’s mother when she was pregnant with Octavia, Y/n wouldn’t be here, Octavia wouldn’t be here, and Bellamy wouldn’t be here.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbled. She knew he wouldn’t hear due to his slow heart rate and steady breathing. Slowly, she drifted to a light, dream free sleep.

Y/n woke that morning, Bellamy no longer at her side. She sat up and wiped the sleep from her eyes. She glanced around the room and noted Bellamy’s missing clothes. She deduced that he was on watch already, hours before his actual shift began. Her watch read 10 AM, which meant her shift on watch wouldn’t start of a couple of hours.

She decided to go to the river, to clear her head a bit since she couldn’t get the dream she had out of her head. She changed into the one pair of clothes she had and threw Bellamy’s jacket on too. She stepped outside the tent to an overcast sky and chilly air. There was a sense of foreboding in the air, almost like the world could sense her unease. It felt like some kind of universal foreshadowing.

Bellamy stood against the main entrance, talking to Miller about something Raven was working on. Miller laughed at a joke Bellamy told, and Bellamy smiled in response. Y/n felt her heart flutter slightly; Bellamy’s smile was a rare occurrence, but when it happened, she felt like the sun was breaking through the clouds. His smile helped ease the unsettled feeling in her chest.

“Y/n, you’re up!” Bellamy shouted over to her. She smiled and walked over to him. He gave her a light peck on the lips. He pulled away and searched her eyes. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Still can’t shake the feeling that something awful is about to happen, though.”

Miller sarcastically replied, “It’s the ground. Something bad is always about it happen.”

“Not helpful, Miller.” Bellamy said.

“It’s true, just not helpful.” She chuckled, giving Miller’s shoulder a playful punch. She turned back to Bellamy, “I’m gonna go to the river for a bit…clear my head.”

“Want me to come with you?” Bellamy asked. Y/n noted the worry laced in his voice. A smile tugged at her lips at his sincere tone.

Y/n shook her head and gave a light grin. “I’ll be fine. I’ll be back in time for my shift. Just keep an eye out for anything funky, okay?” He nodded and they exchanged another kiss before parting ways.

The river bed looked exactly like the pictures in the textbook they used for her Earth Skills class: beautiful green grass, fully bloomed flowers, rushing blue waters, and an overall feeling of calm. The only difference was the two-headed dear, which got its second head because of the radiation. Y/n was used to the odd creatures at this point, and thought nothing of it as it grazed the field behind her. Y/n sat on the edge of the sandy river bed and put her feet in the shallow water. The water was chilly, much like the air. She pulled Bellamy’s jacket closer and shivered slightly.

In a lot of ways, the water helped remind Y/n that she was grounded, literally. They had water on the Ark, obviously, but it was different feeling solid ground beneath it. It also helped to know she wasn’t on a tiny floating ship in the middle of space.

Y/n closed her eyes and allowed her other senses to take over. The feel of the grass and water, the smell of fresh earth, the sound of tress rustling all helped remind her that this was real and the ground was real. The dream was not real- snap. Y/n opened her eyes and jumped up from her seated position. She eyed the darkness between the trees, searching for movement. She strained her ears to try to hear something, but couldn’t.

“Must have been an animal…” She whispered to herself, trying to make herself feel better. She turned back to the water and took a deep breath in.

A hand covered her mouth before she could breathe out. She screamed into the muffled hand. The person threw a bag over her head, making the beautiful scene before her disappear. The person wrapped an arm around her waist and hoisted her over their shoulder. She kicked and trashed to give the person a hard time when they hissed, “Stop struggling. This’ll be a lot easier if you stop.” Y/n recognized the voice, but couldn’t place the owner. Her blood ran cold when she felt a needle dig into her leg. She tried to cry out, but whatever was in the syringe was making her brain and body go limp.

“If Jasper isn’t a good enough bargaining piece for you, Bellamy, I know someone who will be…” Murphy said. Bellamy’s skin ran cold and a panic rushed over his body. He searched Octavia and Raven’s eyes for a sign of what he was talking about. He never would have thought Murphy was talking about her, “Doll, you wanna say something to Prince Charming?” The walkie-talkie cut out and when it turned back on, Bellamy could hear panicked breathing.

“Oh fuck off Murphy.” Y/n spat. Bellamy could practically hear her eye roll. His mind went into over gear, thinking of all the things that could be going wrong in that moment, thinking of all the things Murphy could have done to her.
“Murphy, I swear to God if you hurt-” Bellamy started.

“Calm down, Blake. Get in here and I won’t have to hurt her.”

They came up with a plan; Bellamy wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work but he had to get in there and make sure Y/n was okay. Raven was going to find a way to open the drop ship door, so everyone could get in and help if needed. Murphy would open the drop ship door long enough for Bellamy to get inside and take Jasper’s place.

Y/n still had a bag over her head, so she had no idea what Murphy was doing to Jasper. She could only hear his grunts and groans and Murphy’s dumb comments. She could feel the cold ground of the drop ship, the ties around her arms and legs, and the blood trickling from her head wound. She heard Murphy bargaining with Bellamy, ordering him to switch places with Jasper.

“Bell, don’t. He’s all talk. He won’t do anything.” Y/n yelled, hoping Murphy still had a hand on the talk button.

Murphy laughed and pulled the bag off her head. “You hear that, Prince Charming? Your girl’s feisty. Too bad she’s wrong.” He dug the knife into Y/n’s stomach. She growled in pain, but refused to scream. “Oh, she’s strong too.”

“Murphy, I’ll come in if you leave her alone and let Jasper go.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal, prince.” Murphy hissed.

“Find some way to open the drop ship from the outside.” Bellamy ordered Raven as he sat the walkie-talkie down and headed to the drop ship.

“Bellamy, don’t! Please! You don’t know what he’ll do to you!” Octavia pleaded, stepping in front of him.

“I can’t stay out here and wait. She’s in there Octavia. It’s my job to protect her.” Bellamy searched his sister’s pleading eyes before pulling her into a hug. “I’ll be careful. Help Raven, okay?” He let her go and finished his walk to the drop ship. His hand clenched and unclenched as he attempted to calm himself down. He pounded on the door and shouted for Murphy to let him in.

Murphy opened the drop ship door, and began closing it before Bellamy was fully inside and Jasper outside. Bellamy’s eyes searched the room and they landed on Y/n’s tear-filled ones. Murphy had removed the bag over her eyes at some point, so Bellamy could see the full extent of the damage done. Her arms were tied around a pole and her legs were tied together. Her forehead was caked with blood and her shirt was stained with fresh blood from where Murphy stabbed her. Bellamy could feel his rage boiling as he turned his attention to Murphy. His eye was bruised and his nose looked broken. If Bellamy weren’t pissed and scared, he’d laugh at how Y/n tried to fight back.

“What do you want to say? You want me to apologize?” Bellamy asked. He kept glancing over at Y/n, who had now let her tears flow freely. Murphy lifted his gun and pointed it at Bellamy. Bellamy jumped and held his hands up, “I’m sorry.”

Murphy chuckled, “You hear that princess? He’s sorry. No Bellamy, you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t want you to say anything. I want you to feel what I felt, and then I want you to die.”

It was then that Bellamy noticed the seatbelt noose hanging from the rafter. Bellamy swallowed the lump in his throat. “Murphy, please don’t do this,” Y/n begged as Bellamy got on top of a stool.

“Put it over your head.” He said, ignoring Y/n’s cries.

“Murphy, if you do this, they will kill you. You’ll have no way of getting out of here.” Bellamy looked past Murphy and at Y/n as she spoke those words. In her eyes was pure fear. Bellamy could feel his heart stop at the sight.

“A risk I’m willing to take. Now, put it over your head or I won’t hesitate to put a bullet in your little girlfriend’s head.” Murphy screamed, causing Bellamy to jump. He looked back at Y/n, at her shaking her head and her terrified expression. He mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ before throwing the makeshift noose over his head.

“You happy now?” Bellamy snapped.

“Not quite…” He pulled the rope, causing Bellamy’s body to lift slightly off the stool. He coughed as the rope pressed into his throat.

“Murphy, you’ve made your point. Please!” Y/n begged. Murphy smiled and bit his lip playfully, cynically.

“See Doll, I can’t do that. Because your little prince here…well, he’s got everyone fooled. They think he’s some kind of leader.” Murphy squatted so he was face to face with Y/n. She shot daggers at him with her eyes, but it didn’t seem to faze Murphy. He cupped her cheek and it took everything in Y/n to not flinch under his touch.

“Don’t touch her Murphy or I swear to God!” Bellamy yelled, thrashing his legs to distract him.

Murphy rolled his eyes and laughed, “That old line again? What are you going to do if I did? You gonna hurt me some more? Punish me? You may have everyone else fooled,” He was back at the rope, ready to pull it more at one wrong word, “but you’re a coward. I learned that the day you kicked out the crate from beneath me.”

“It’s what the people wanted Murphy! You were a bully, you terrorized people!” Y/n spat, hoping he’d loosen his grip on the rope.

“Y/n, stop.” Bellamy pleaded, his eyes shining with unshed tears. “Murphy,” He continued, “I should have stopped them, I know.”

Murphy pulled his lips into a contempt smile, “Yeah well it’s a little late for that.”

As Murphy continued his tyrant, Y/n was searching for a way out. She had been methodically working her hands out of the ties Murphy put on her, and was almost there, but she still needed a way out. She was zoning out of the conversation as she concentrated on what to do next. “…kill your grounder-pounder little sister or maybe your princess.” Y/n’s ears perked at the mention of Octavia. Bellamy kicked again, almost striking Murphy in the chest. Murphy, even more pissed than before, grabbed the rope and pulled it some more so Bellamy was on the tips of his toes.

A shock came from below the ship and all three heard Raven yelp in surprise. Murphy shot at the floor, hoping to hit Raven, when his gun clicked with the familiar sound of an empty chamber. Y/n saw this as her moment. She worked her way completely out of the ropes and quickly untied the ones around her legs. She launched herself at Murphy as he turned around, and knocked him square in the jaw. He stumbled backwards and looked at Y/n with such rage, she felt genuinely scared for her life.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” He hissed as he kicked the stool out from under Bellamy. He was now suspended in the air, managing only to provide himself air by tugging at the material around his neck. Y/n grabbed Murphy’s discarded gun and hit him in the back of the head with the butt of the gun. He stumbled back again.

“You little!” He screamed furiously when the door of the drop ship opened. Jasper and Octavia rushed into the drop ship, their guns and swords at the ready. Murphy panicked and rushed up the ladder to the second floor. Jasper followed after him.

“Bellamy!” Octavia shouted and rushed over to her brother’s hanging body. Y/n snapped out of her confused state and ran over to help the siblings. Octavia used her sword to cut the rope. Bellamy’s body landed on the floor loudly. He coughed and sputtered, rubbing his neck as he tried to calm his breathing. Y/n rushed to his side and pulled the noose off his neck. She threw the noose across the room, almost as if being near it would cause him pain. She wiped tears from her eyes and secretly hated that she was crying, but was so thankful that he was okay. Jasper was okay. They all were okay.

“He got away.” Jasper informed them. His exasperation and anger was practically palatable.

“It’s okay. The grounders can have him.” Octavia replied, leaving Bellamy’s side to tell the others the news.

Bellamy clutched Y/n’s hand in his, thumbing her soft skin. He noted the relief in her eyes, but also the fear. “Hey, I’m okay.” He wiped the tears from her eyes. She leaned into the touch and closed her eyes, simply enjoying the closeness.

“I know.” She sighed, only now realizing the pain in her abdomen.

“You’re hurt.” Bellamy sat up and placed a hand on the space above the cut.

“We both need to go to medical I guess.” She laughed half-heartedly, motioning to his neck. He pulled her up from the ground and wrapped an arm around her waist to help her up. He stared at her.

“What?” She chuckled, blushing at the way he was looking at her.

“You were right about you’re feeling that something was going to happen.”

“Must be psychic or something.” 

“I love you. A lot.” He smiled, his face reddening too.

“I know.” She stood on her tip toes, ignoring the pain in her stomach, and gave him a much needed kiss. He cupped her face in his hand again and leaned into the kiss. The kiss left both of them breathless, but it was a breathless that both of them could get used to.

He leaned his forehead against hers, completely forgetting about the blood. He wiped it off his forehead with his sleeve and laughed, “I guess we should get you to medical.”

secrets held in our hearts

prompt: The way you said “I love you.” 

29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey.

for @stiles-saved-me I hope you enjoy this established!stydia drabble :) sorry it took a bit !

Lydia pulls into his driveway and sees that his bedroom window is open, and the lights are off. But if she cranes her neck, she can see his laptop open, the light from the screen obnoxiously bright in the darkness.

She sits in her car, arguing with herself for several minutes, until she finally turns off the ignition and gets out of the car.

Lydia glances back at her phone as she approaches the Stilinski house, digging with her other hand in her purse for the spare key. She’d sent him a text not ten minutes ago: You awake?

Mere seconds later, she’d gotten her boyfriend’s response; the laughing with tears emoji.

She took that to mean she could come over.

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CS Halloweek: Between Now and Nether :: Chapter 1

Title:  Between Now and Nether by @artistic-writer

Summary: On their way to a Nolan Charity Gala, tragedy befalls Emma and Killian who is given just seven days to set things right.  Can he make Emma believe and escape the Nether before he is lost forever?

Rating: T+

A/N: Please don’t be put off by what happens in this chapter!  I PROMISE it gets better!  This was written for CS Halloweek : Spirits & Traditions.

Huge thanks to @hollyethecurious @kmomof4 @winterbaby89 @rouhn and @wordsmith-storyweaver for your advice and suggestions.  This fic would just be so much worse without you guys! <3

Also, I made the most obscure fanart for this fic lol  It is basically an excuse to show Killian getting dresed up as I didn’t want to give anything away!


“Swan, are you ready yet?” Killian huffed, straightening out the collar of his crisp, white shirt and fiddling with the cufflinks at his wrists.

“Almost!” Emma called from the bathroom, her voice a little shaky, her nervousness hidden by a tiny cough at the end of her words.

“We have to go!” Killian called back, tugging his bowtie slightly to the left a bit with a frown. These damn things were sent to test him, he was sure of it. He wasn’t sure how many of David and Mary Margaret’s Charity Gala’s they had attended, but one thing he could always count on was they would be late because of the time it took his lovely girlfriend to prepare.

There was no need for all of her makeup, he had told her many times before because she was beautiful just the way she was. A natural light curl to her blonde, shoulder length hair and the smooth texture of her skin was stunning, and he never fathomed why she would ever want to cover it. Her radiant smile was amazing and never needed lipstick of any sort to accent its perfection, but time and time again, Emma brushed off his compliments and insisted she could never attend one of her brother’s gala’s in ‘sweatpants and one of his t-shirts’.

Killian wouldn’t mind. She looked beautiful in everything she wore, especially his clothes.

Killian tugged at the elasticated straps holding up his suit pants, arranging them more comfortably. He eyed his reflection as he threw his arms into his jacket sleeves, tugging at the cuffs of his shirt that poked out of the ends. Smoothing his hands over the fine, Italian suit he paused when his hand bumped into the lump in his inner pocket. Invisible from the outside, Killian had stashed the velveteen box away from Emma for nearly a month, plotting with his soon to be brother in law about how to finally ask Emma to marry him.

Tonight was the night. In a room full of people, fuelled by the buzz of fine wine and live music all around them, Killian would drop down to one knee and ask her. He had never been terrified of anything more in his entire life.

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PMS Fem Sheith Thoughts

I don’t know why, but these thoughts occurred to me and wouldn’t go away until I wrote them down.

  • Keith is a crier on PMS and hates it. She’s fully aware that it’s just the mood swings and that makes it worse.
  • Shiro has been on the pill for years and they will be taken from her cold dead fingers. Before the pill, she knew her period was about to start because she would blow up at somebody the day before every single month.
  • Shiro tried to convince Keith to get on the pill, but while Keith agreed it was a good idea, she would always forget to actually ask her doctor about it.
  • Shiro had a birth control implant with a year life span before going to space, because no way in hell was she going to deal with that mess in zero g.
  • Keith’s hormones have actually evened out a lot during the year Shiro was lost. It’s still a bit touch and go, but she hasn’t felt the urge to break down in front of the team once a month.
  • Altean’s don’t have periods. So instead of being helpful, Allura is horrified when Keith and Shiro go looking for pads while on the Castle. “You’re bleeding from where!” “Are you certain you don’t need the cryo pod?”
  • Coran actually ends up being more helpful. He has more experience with aliens and has heard of similar things happening to other species. Not only does he help find something that will work as pads, he also works with the Castle’s medical systems to whip up something that should work the same as Earth birth control.

Chantilly Lace: She’s gone now.

Merlot: She seems nice.

Chantilly Lace: She is, but that isn’t the problem.

Merlot: I should probably go.

Chantilly Lace: Please stay. I don’t think I could explain how lonely it is here.

Merlot: I guess I could stay for a while. You know, if your mother doesn’t mind. 

Chantilly Lace: She’s most certainly taken her sleeping pills now. She will be out till morning.

Spencer Hastings is A.D

First in order to prove that Spencer Hastings is A.D I must state she is extremely smart. The only person other then Mona who would be smart enough to make the electronic game board. Whenever someone is working on something, such as Caleb working on computers Spencer always asks questions. It looks like she’s doing it cause she’s curious however maybe she was asking so she could learn more to use it against others.

Also Spencer really likes old things. Old books or plays. AD always plays old music. Plus Spencer loves to read. AD uses a lot of poems as references.

I also want to look at the time jump.

When Spencer left rosewood in the five year jump she was the only one that really held on to the past. All the other girls went their own ways. All the girls had broken up with their boyfriends/girlfriends, and although Spencer did break up with Toby she hadn’t moved on with someone random and new, such as Hanna or Aria. Instead Spencer randomly bumps into Caleb (Hannas ex!) and starts dating him? Maybe she set it up on purpose. She could either have wanted to keep the people of Rosewood close to her or she have kept him around because he’s very techy. He could’ve been unknowingly helping her the whole time. She could’ve been watching what and how he does his computer work, which allows her to learn more.

Once she does return to Rosewood she’s the only one who didn’t try to leave. Hanna returned to New York to try working again. Aria left in the middle of the investigation to go to work. Emily was only a bartender so whatever. But spencer worked for like a law firm. Big job guys. But she never once tried to return to work. Yes I understand she had to be there for her mom, but she was still employed in Washington. When the other girls were worried about returning to work Spencer didn’t seem to care at all. She was content with staying in town as long as possible. Staying in town, and keeping the girls in town will allow the game to continue. Maybe she wanted to stay so she could continue the game.

I also want to point out Spencer is never shy of doing anything, especially if it’s illegal. However in the recent episodes the police were looking to her as being the killer but they needed the bar receipt to prove it. Usually in the past this wouldn’t stop Spencer, she would’ve broken into the hotel herself and destroyed the receipt herself. Instead Hanna and Caleb do it. That’s not like Spencer. She and Aria (team Sparia!) would have gotten it done with no hesitation.

So I think this goes one of two ways. Spencer either has split personality or she has a twin. Now everyone has been one the twin train for a long time. So I thought I might add that in as maybe a possibility.

If we are talking about the possibility of twins then I think Bethany young could be Spencer’s twin. The doctor who delivered Mary Drakes (who we all know now is Spencer’s birth mom) baby he said “I dealt with two of her babies”. Not pregnancies. Babies! Yes he could’ve delivered Cece, but if he did why did he say babies instead of pregnancies. The two babies could have been spencer and Bethany. Furthermore Jessica, Marys sister, used to visit Bethany in the insane asylum. She’s demanded in the past that Bethany call her aunt Jessie. Aunt! If Bethany was Mary’s daughter then Jessica really would be her aunt! Plus Bethany got pissed at Jessica cause she found out she was dating her dad. We alllll know Jessica had an affair with Spencer’s father. If Spencer’s dad was really Bethany’s dad then that would explain both the aunt and the affair.

On a side note I truly do believe Spencer’s father is her birth dad. When she was born it was truly easy for the Hastings to adopt her. Usually the court try’s to place babies with family but for whatever reason Jessica was unable to adopt Spencer like she did Cece. If the courts did decide to place the baby with family who better then the aunt but the actual father?

Anyways back to the Bethany Young being the twin. If we really want to follow how things went in the books Bethany and Spencer could’ve switched places at some point. The real Spencer, who befriended the girls when they were young could’ve been shoved into the hole and killed by Bethany, then she happily took Spencer’s place. I think this is a bit of a stretch but some people may really see some truth in this

Also in the episode when Hanna got kidnapped she had a dream of seeing Spencer. And at first I would say maybe it is Spencer, however if you look closely her hair was cut differently, she didn’t have bangs yet. Back when Allison was believed to be dead Hanna often “dreamed” of seeing her. But as it turned out she really was seeing Allison. Considering Hanna tends to dream about people who are really there maybe this “dream” she was actually seeing Spencer’s twin. And I want to point out in the scene Spencer sang Hanna to sleep, it’s the same song that Mary sings when she believes Spencer is dying. But Spencer wasn’t raised by Mary, so why sing that song? Maybe the twin was, so she sang the song she grew up hearing.

To top the twin thing off Ezra goes to the airport, in about two episodes ago and he sees Spencer there with Wren. However she’s suddenly no longer wearing the coat she was in earlier and when she sees Ezra she starts talking really fast almost nervously. She even goes as far to ask Ezra not to say anything to anyone. Maybe because if he did someone will realize Spencer was in two places at once?! Spencer’s twin was with Wren!

I think this can also go with the split personality. Maybe the reasons she’s surprised and nervous is because it isn’t the true Spencer out but only her other personality.

Now I want us to talk about Wren for a moment.

Wren suddenly appears at the airport out of no where? No one truly meets getting off the plane for drinks. Realistically what would’ve happened is Spencer come pick him up then take him somewhere else. They could’ve gone to a bar or restaurant. Instead they stay at the airport. You only stay to have drinks at the airport if you’re waiting for your flight to be called for boarding. The plane hadn’t just landed. It was going to take off!

Plus Wren is a doctor. It’s been admitted Alison is pregnant through an operation. Dr Rollins was revealed to not be a doctor at all. He couldn’t have done the operation. However Dr. Wren could. And who would he come back to do the operation if someone asked? Spencer!

Now I want to take a look back at the possibility of a split personality.

Back in season 1 Wren and Spencer kiss out of no where. Maybe Wren kisses her because either A. He mixed her up with her twin or B. Her other personality flirted with him and maybe kisses him in the past. So now he thinks it’s okay.

She spent time in Radley. Her mental instabilities got to the point where she needed meds. However eventually she got addicted and had to be taken off. Maybe the pills were for her split personality. In that case if she was taken of the pills due to addictions then her split personality could have got out of control.

Then also whenever Spencer does planning and uncovering stuff one song plays in the background. It’s called sail and one lyric goes “blame it on my A.D.D.” Like seriously?! A.D?! And it goes “this is how I show my love. I made it in my mind because”. Made it in her mind? The split personality is all in her mind, which would explain the lyric. And the personality does all this stuff maybe because she truly thinks she’s doing something out of love.

The spilt personality also would explain why Spencer acts so surprised. Whenever something goes on she is shocked. Even though it’s her doing it she doesn’t remember cause it’s another personality.

I also want to point out A.D seems to have a soft spot for Aria, at least that’s what everybody says. I have just one word to say to that… Sparia. Out of the four girls. The one who is the closest to Aria is Spencer. This could explain why there’s the soft spot for Aria.

I know there’s a lot of suspects and a lot of possibilities but I truly am leaning towards Spencer. For whatever reasons I think it’s her. I’m also positive it was Wren who did the operation on Alison.

What do you guys think? Do you believe Spencer is A.D?


A ‘what if’ au that may possibly get me kicked 👀👀

Note: Depression

Everything’s muddled, dark. He can’t see anything; can’t hear anything.

It’s cold. He shivers, curling in on himself, making himself small.

He tries to breathe. He almost doesn’t have the strength to.

In. Out. In. Out.

It’s still dark.

He closes his eyes. And hopes he won’t open them again.

“Hey.” A whisper, soft and close. “Hey, Aomine.”


“Wake up, you idiot.” A hand atop his head, ruffling through his hair, gentle and warm. A sweet, fond voice calling his name.

He blinks awake, disoriented, and the first thing he sees are a bright smile and fiery red eyes. “Who – ?”

“I brought you food,” the man says with a grin as he stands up from the bed.


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Decisions, Decisions (Part 8 - FINAL)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content, angst, fighting…?

Word Count: 4385

Note: Beta’d and edited by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13 imagine

Thank you all for the love and support for this fic. I had a blast writing it and I loved reading responses and reactions. For those that wanted alternate endings, I did think of that, but I feel that this ending should make everyone happy - I hope! :)

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child. Texts are in italics

Tags: @wordacadabra   @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays @cocosierra94  @staceycasey123 @lucianightwolker @tacohead13 @queen–valeskaxx  @demongodess


James arrived at the hospital just in time to see you get wheeled into the ICU, a nurse stopping him when he tried to follow you.

“I can’t let you follow her right now, Mr., but if you come with me I will show you to a secluded waiting area,” she offered with a calm voice.

As much as he wanted to fight her, he knew it would do no good. He sat down in the small room, separated from the busy hallway only by a glass wall. He didn’t know what to do now. His heart was hammering in his chest, his head spinning a million miles an hour, his suit still wet from when he lifted your lifeless form from the water. God. That image of you, lifeless in his arms, that was something that would haunt him for a long time.  

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My Boys Drabbles - Morning Sickness

Thank you so much @jia911 ​, you were awesome as always!

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

An anon asked for Amelia alone with Thomas and Lucas while having a case of morning sickness when she was pregnant with the twins 

@cizavilation asked for pregnant Amelia watching Owen playing with their son outside a trailer.

  • Timeline:

This story sets amidst part 4 of Hawaii Trip

My Boys Drabbles – Morning Sickness

Amelia held onto the back of a chair, stopping for a second as she felt the familiar sensation of nausea assaulting her. She had just taken the pill her obstetrician had prescribed but until it finally kicked in, the surgeon knew she would endure long minutes of discomfort.

Closing her eyes at the same time she took a deep breath, Amelia tried her hardest to stay calm and wait until it passed. It shouldn’t be this hard at this point, but unfortunately, it still was. She was eleven weeks pregnant with twins and unlike in her previous pregnancies, Amelia was going through hell with an unpleasant case of excessive morning sickness.

Even though the nausea was worse in the morning, at times it could linger throughout the entire day. Because of it, Amelia was having a hard time keeping up a healthy appetite. At the start of her pre natal care, her obstetrician had showed concern for the fact that she had lost a couple of pounds. Now even though she’d stopped losing weight, the surgeon knew that since she should be eating for three, it was time to start putting on some pounds and her only hope was that at the end of the first trimester that constant feeling of sickness would finally stop.

“Guys…” Amelia’s voice was hoarse as she tried to overcome that awful nauseating sensation at the same time she felt the start of a throbbing headache. Lucas and Thomas were just a few feet away from her in the living room, bickering about a toy. “Please, stop fighting.”

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In which Neil had Aspergers and Andrew finds out. Only because Neil runs out of medication

It’s one of Neil’s semester meetings with Betsy. Neil has taken after Aaron now and and so him and Beaty are having a silent stare down. This only lasts a few minutes before Betsy pulls out a small slip of paper, offering Neil and a small but unconvincing smile.

“Neil, you have Aspergers, don’t you?”

It’s so blunt for Betsy that Neil has to blink a few times to steel himself. He only gives a nod in return, his eyes strained on the slip of paper Betsy is holding. He knows what it is and yet she still says it aloud anyways. Typical Betsy.

“This is a prescription I received from the FBI. Being as now that you’re officially a real person all former documentation was gathered to see what you needed and mostly ‘delete’ your past lives. As your counselor I was given this and your contact prescriptions, save you should actually come to need them one day.”

She waits patiently for Neil to respond and when he doesn’t she looks down at the paper and sighs.

“Six different pills. Taken every morning, daily. Do you still have plenty?”

“Yes” Neil lies.

“Does Andrew know?”

Neil stares at her and she gets the hint. She goes to say something, probably that he should tell Andrew that he can’t function properly, but Neil chooses to look at the clock and sees that Betsy’s time is up. He gives her a nods as a sarcastic thanks and all but runs from the room.

He can’t go to Betsy. He can’t go to Andrew. It’s been three weeks since his meeting with Betsy and he’s now sitting with six empty pill bottles in his hands. Neil’s glares at them and prompts them to fill themselves with whispered curses. They remain empty and Neil sighs. He’s been off his meds for a few days on occasion and it shouldn’t bother him to go with out them. Obviously Neil will be fine.

Except he’s not.

It takes three days. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. On Wednesday when Andrew wakes up to get ready for his weekly session with Betsy Neil rolls out of bed with him. He wasn’t sleeping so it wasn’t that hard to persuade himself to get up. He follows after Andrew, who gives him a slightly raised brow but doesn’t question it. He has to speed up his routine so they get there on time and that causes his hands to twitch a bit, but that’s not too bad.

Then Andrew is ready to go and Neil still has to make coffee. He has to make coffee. It’s his routine. He has to.

The coffee is pouring into the pot when Andrew get inpatient.

“Neil.” It’s all he says, but there’s a very slight edge of irritation in his voice. Neil wills the coffee to pour faster. It’s in the pot and Neil picks it up to pour into his cup.

His hands slips and the boiling coffee spills on his hand a bit.

He watches it burn his hand and doesn’t move. He stares at it for a good minute before very slowly saying ‘ow’.

He walks to the sink and dumps the coffee in his hand into the sink. He pours some into his cup and watches it cool for all but thirty second until Andrew’s gaze on the back of his head gets to heavy and he chugs down the burning coffee.

He slings his fox backpack over his shoulder (Matt and Dan had insisted with all the books he carried) and the soft thump it makes hitting his back has his thought turning back to the fact that this is not his routine. His hands twitch more.

He goes past Andrew to the door, flicking Andrew only the slightest of glances before he’s already at the stairway.

The drive to Betsy’s work is silent.

Betsy seems only slightly surprised when Neil walks in with Andrew but it only makes Neil want her to be more surprised. Neil and Andrew get comfortable on the couch with a few inches between them. Comfortable being Andrew laid back and stretched out, Neil on the edge of his cushion, head down, hands fiddling with fingers between his legs.

Both Betsy and Andrew watch Neil and wait.

After about ten minutes Andrew says his name, only once, and Neil is reaching into his bag. He pulls out a ziplock bag and takes it to Betsy’s desk, laying it there before returning to the couch. Andrew stares at the bag with Betsy and Neil stares at the ground.

Betsy pulls out the six pill bottles and sorts the into a straight line. She study them for a bit before speaking.

“You ran out three days ago.”

Andrew is still beside Neil, and when Neil finally drags his gaze from the floor to Andrews face he feels guilty. Andrews face is blank but his arched eyebrow speaks confusion and demands an explanation.

Neil is afraid. If Andrew’s knows he’ll leave. If he doesn’t he’ll leave. He doesn’t want Andrew to leave. He says as much to Betsy. Andrew very slowly reaches out a hand to wrap around behind Neil’s neck. Grounding him.

“I told you to stay and that you weren’t going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere. Now ask.”

Neil feel so many emotions. He’s body is a firework, all his nerves firing, his brain telling him 'he’s going to say no’.

“Please stay.”


Then Neil is crying jut barely. Two years make it out before he quells his emotions enough to nod at Andrew’s response. Then he turns and nods at Betsy. She begins explaining.

“Neil has Major Aspergers, Andrew.”

Neil’s nerves should be dead by how much he’s on edge and afraid of Andrew’s response. It’s killing him inside. But only Andrew blinks a few times before looking at the pill bottles then at Neil.

Neil flinches away from his gaze. He knows Andrew has been around Aaron enough to know what Aspergers is, even if him and Aaron still don’t get along. Andrew beckons Betsy to continue.

“Some Aspergers is minor, but for Neil it’s not so. For Aspergers by itself there is usually only one pill taken. However, Aspergers often has… 'side effects’ you could say. The other five pills Neil take are to help with those side effects.”

She pulls one bottle away. The Aspergers only bottle. She starts to list the others and pulls them away as well, explaining to Andrew.

“Anxiety comes with Aspergers. People with Aspergers tend to have a set routine. Going outside that routine can lead to twitches and panic attacks.”

The look Andrew sends Neil says he is remembering this morning.

“ADHD can also come with Aspergers. This is when people can’t sit still for too long, or they always have to be doing something. Like exy.” Betsy gives Neil a small smile at the gentle prod and Neil only squeezes his hands tighter.

“Next is insomnia. Not being able to sleep or just being awake because you can’t shut off your brain. This can also be caused by nightmares.” Andrew already knows what insomnia is and simply nods.

Betsy looks carefully at Andrew and even more so at Neil before she says the next one. Neil knows it’s coming and tenses. Andrew notices and it distracts him enough that he’s caught off guard by the next 'side effect’.

“Depression is another 'side effect’, especially, after not sleeping and so much pressure from anxiety.” She says it slowly as to not push either of them too far.

Andrew is frozen cold stone, and Neil won’t look up from his hands which are white from squeezing so hard. Andrew whispers a quiet 'yes or no’ to which Neil can barely nod to. But Andrew only puts him hand over Neil’s so gently their barely touching. Neil sighs quietly, but when Andrew’s pinky touches his wrist in a silent question the tears well up again.

“Not since I was 12.”

Andrew’s hand is stretched so tight Neil is afraid the skin may break. He needs to calm him, needs to let Andrew know he can tell him about it, but not here.

“Later,” is all Neil can say. Andrew understands and warily eyes the last bottle.

Betsy taps it before dragging it back to the others. “This one is not always related to Aspergers, but it still affects Neil. It’s eating disorder pills.”

Andrew is quiet and Neil knows he’s scanning his memory. Neil had an apple Sunday and managed to eat a small bowl of soup and noodles. No dinner. Monday Neil had an apple and told the Foxes he would eat at home, heated up the Mac and cheese, took one bite, and threw it all down the trash. He left the dirty dish in the sink for Andrew to see. Andrew realizes this now. Tuesday Neil did not eat an apple and his only meal was coffee with Renee, which he told Andrew was an actual a lunch with food. Andrew also realizes this now.

Andrew’s hand is now tight around Neil’s but not painful. He’s worried and he wants to help Neil. He swallows then nods slowly at Betsy. He turns to Neil.

Neil can’t look at Andrew. He can’t. He can’t. He can’t.He cant. hecant. hecanthecantcantca-

Andrew’s hand is behind his neck, tugging his hair slightly, pulling him back to reality. Neil is crying and he can’t stop. Andrew says his name and Neil is sobbing. A quite 'yes or no’ spills from his lips to which Andrew responses by pulling Neil close, draping Neil’s legs over his, and holding him so gently it only makes Neil cry more. But it’s not from sadness. It’s from the fact that Andrew still wants him. Andrew is upset that this hurts him, that he hurts himself. That Andrew wants to help.

It’s the softest, quietest thing Neil has ever heard from Andrew’s mouth when he raises the percentage to 306%. Neil chokes. This morning it was 256%. It raised 50% because that’s how worried and caring Andrew was. It wasn’t the 'I love you’ the Foxes were betting on but it made Neil cry nonetheless.

They stay on Betsy’s couch while she goes to get Neil’s prescriptions filled, and when she returns she hands them to Andrew, giving Neil and apologetic smile. He doesn’t need it. He’s glad Andrew has them.

They return to Fox Tower and stay locked in their dorm for the day, ignoring all the Foxes. Kevin doesn’t even knock or yell once at the locked door or them not practicing. Neil guesses Andrew settled it.

The next morning Andrew hands Neil six pills and a glass of water with breakfast. Neil swallows them and after a quiet 'yes or no’, Neil starts a good day.

Voices - Roman Godfrey Imagine

Authors Note: I thought I would finish this story, and post it on here, so I feel like someone have heard this story/memory, since it is very dear to me. It is partially inspired by real events.

WARNING: Talk of hearing voices, and delusions. The word fuck is also mentioned once or twice! Mild smut maybe…

June 1st 2016, 8am

She looked onto the bottle, feeling the cold of the kitchen floor under her feet. Just like she had done every morning for the past 6 months. On the bottle it said ‘Abilify’, she sighed as she stared at the label, and started scratching it off. Some of the other bottles in the cabinet in front of her read ‘Satraline”, and ‘Melatonin”, they all had half scratched off labels, and a dusty look to them, she thought.

“Y/N, have you taken your pills yet? Breakfast’s ready out here”, Roman, your boyfriend yelled from the garden. It was a sunny day outside, with only a few clouds on the sky. That you could see out of the kitchen window. Almost as if the bottle had send an electric shock through her fingers, she dropped it. Luckily none of the pills spilled out, and she quickly picked it up, and put it back into the cabinet. I can last another day not taking them, she thought to herself as she went out to eat her breakfast.

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Bird Set Free - part IV


A/N: Hello lovely people! Finally I got some time to write again! I’m so so so so sorry for letting you wait for so long! It was quite challenging to process the story, as I started it before season 14 and the canon storyline made quite a different turn than I expected. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this part! I’m always happy about comments and tips! At the beginning I added a few passages from the last part to rememer, how it ended (since it was a million years ago :))


~ Owen ~

He suddenly blamed himself for not trying to walk in her shoes to understand her. He loved her. Even though they’d never said it directly, he knew that Amelia loved him as well. Only fear would interfere with those strong feelings. And he had stumbled blatantly over them by just selfishly thinking of nothing but himself and how he wouldn’t get to be a father again.

In that moment, Owen knew he had messed up.



What was she supposed to be doing? Just forgive Owen and subdue to his expectations? No, out of question. Talk to him and tell him her whole story? Maybe. But right now, nothing seemed more right than to stay there in that fucked up bar, revelling in that anonymity and downing the three pills of oxy with scotch. She did what felt right, guided her hand to her mouth and took a large sip of the dark liquid, feeling the burning heat in her throat.

In that moment, Amelia knew she had messed up. Again.



“Thank God, you’re here.”

Owen opened the door and was so relieved to find Amelia standing in front of him. After he’d searched every possible place at the hospital for her to no avail, he’d driven home to wait and eventually calling the police, if she wouldn’t show up.

His relief soon vanished, as he realized what state she was in. Her frame was lumped forward and her eyes that were drawn to the floor were bloodshot. “What’s wrong??”

She slowly looked up at him and her face contorted. “I screwed things up.” She slurred before stumbling forward, when another wave of nausea hit her. Owen quickly caught her, before she fell into the house entrance. Carefully he guided her in, and closed the door behind them with his foot. He laid her down on the couch, as he had just done a few days ago, when she had fainted. “I screw everything up. All the time. Told you so!” Even though her eyes opened again, they were not focused. Owen had trouble understanding her words as she mumbled them through nearly closed lips. Alarmed he reached into the pocket of her leather jacket, just to find his fear confirmed: a small pillbox. Empty.

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13. You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

I’ll kiss your lips again.

She was gonna get Claire back. What they had– no one could take that away. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. She was gonna see Claire again, she was gonna see the sunshine. Everything was dark now. Not for much longer.

She peered through the blinds on the window. Surrounded. She was surrounded. Fucking S.W.A.T. had showed up. Cops. Cops. This was all their fault, really. Claire was scared of them, scared that they were gonna catch her and lock her away, just because she robbed some places with Bea. She was scared they were gonna give her the chair (even though they didn’t even use the electric chair anymore), just because they she shot that guy in the minimart (even though he didn’t matter). If Claire hadn’t been scared of the cops, maybe she wouldn’t have locked the bathroom door behind her and taken a few pills too many. Maybe she wouldn’t have killed herself and left Bea to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart– shattered mind, if she was honest with herself. Yeah, Claire had been afraid, and Bea had thought that was dumb, but now it was Bea who was gonna end up locked away for life– who was she kidding, gonna end up strapped to a gurney with a tube sticking out of each arm.

One of the people on the ground, a woman, suddenly tried to speak. Bea shot her in the chest, six times. She added one more, just for luck. Not that it was going to help.

Killing. Dying. How far she’d come, how far since that night back in Claire’s house when she smothered Claire’s husband. Claire had never known about that, Bea thought. Claire would forgive her, Bea thought. The husband– he didn’t matter. Claire had loved Bea, not him.

Claire had loved Bea, and Bea had loved Claire, and nobody else had mattered but them. Nobody else–

The AK was out of ammunition. She’d spent the last of it on that woman.

The AK was out of ammunition. The cops didn’t know that.

The AK was out of ammunition. They’d shoot her anyway.

The AK was out of ammunition.


The door opened, and Bea looked out, into the sunshine. She stepped through. Raised her gun, flipped the bird.

It doesn’t matter.

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Letter || Oikawa Tooru

Lately I’ve been thinking
Thinking about what we had

“Iwa-chan…” the setter spoke,


“Why did she do it? Why did she leave me? I thought things were going so well between us…”

“I don’t know. Even (F/N) says that she won’t talk about it. She just avoids the question…”

“Did I not spend enough time with her? Was I too focused on volleyball?”

“No… you two seemed perfect together…”

“If we seemed so perfect, why did she leave?!”

I know it was hard
but it was all we knew

She avoided he gaze. Actually, she avoided everyone’s gaze. She had quickly became the talk of the school. The girl who dumped Oikawa Tooru. Everyone hated her. Except for her one friend and the volleyball team. She could hear everyone’s comments. Their whispers. Calling her a slut, a bitch, an idiot, but the one thing that hurt the most was liar. She was called a liar. Said that she lied about ever feeling anything for him. She wasn’t a liar when she had said that she loves him.

I wish that I could give you what you deserve
‘Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you
Nothing can make me feel like you do

When he had confronted her in the hallway, everyone and everything stopped. Whispers stopped for once since this entire goddamn thing started.

“(Y/N)-Chan…” he said in barely a whisper

“Yes, Oikawa-San?” She replied, emotionless

“What happened? Was I not good enough? I know you deserved better, but what exactly happened? I don’t want to let you go…”

“I’m sorry Oikawa-san, but that’s just how it is sometimes.”

He broke. As soon as those words had left her mouth, he broke. He didn’t care about his reputation. He never did when it came to her. He cried. In front of everyone, he cried. Of course what seemed like millions of fangirls came to his rescue and another million seemed to yell at (Y/N) as she walked away. All Tooru did was brush the fangirls off because nobody compared to her. She was and always had been since the moment he met her, his world. He’d do anything for her. He trusted her with all his heart and she crushed him.

You know there’s no one, I can relate to
I know we won’t find a love that’s so true

Nobody knew that she was also breaking down. She could feel her heart breaking when he cried. As soon as she left that hallway, she ran. She didn’t know where she was running, but she ran. She ended up under a tree. The tree that was away from everything. The tree that everything fell apart under. The tree where they broke up.

She didn’t expect the group to show up so quickly though. They were the reason for the break up, so what was she really expecting.

“You just can’t stay away from him, can you?” The first one spat,

“He talked to me first. He approached me,” she tried to defend

“It doesn’t matter! Just stay away from Tooru and everything will good according to my plan!”

With that she had grab (Y/N)’s hair and pulled, hard. She didn’t care to stop when (Y/N) let out a pained yelp. Just (Y/N)’s luck, nobody was around to help her. She should’ve known something like this would happen. As soon as people saw how Tooru was invested in (Y/N) and volleyball equally, they all began to think that he had changed and if they could get her out of the picture, he’d be as invested in them as he was (Y/N). That’s when the demon bitch who had broken up with him before came around. She was jealous and selfish. She had dated him before and dumped him because he didn’t give her all of his attention. When she found out that he has supposedly changed, she wanted him back. So, as you’d expect a demon bitch to do, she threatened (Y/N). Barely could be a threat to (Y/N) because she didn’t direct threats towards (Y/N), but instead she threatened (Y/N) friends. She had told (Y/N) how she’ll break (F/N) and Iwaizumi up, how she’ll get Oikawa to hate her, how she will ruin all of her friendships if (Y/N) didn’t break up with Tooru. So, of course she broke up with him. (F/N) means too much to her. She couldn’t take Iwa away from her. In all honesty, she loves Tooru. And she missed him. She missed him with everything she has.

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you for me
Together through the storm

There’s nothing like us
There’s nothing like you for me, together

Days got long, tempers got shorter. Oikawa… he snapped at almost everyone. Nobody was the same as her. Girls seemed to confess to him more and more but all he ever did was snap and then then that they’re not like (Y/N) and he would never find someone who made me feel the way (Y/N) did.

Many nights were spent with him hovering over that send button. So many nights did he was to talk to her. She never replied and he feared that she never will reply.

I gave you everything babe
Well, everything I had to give
Girl, why would you push me away?

The night that he pressed send was a blur. It felt like things had crumbled down around him. He has tried to clear his mind, but that only ended in heartbreak. He had taken a walk in the park only to find (Y/N) with his kouhai. Tobio-chan, as the setter liked to call him. Tooru couldn’t figure out if you were smiling or not. All he knew, was that he felt like his shatter heart had been stepped on with stilettos.

“Was I not enough? Or were you just that cold hearted that you had to crush my heart? To think that I actually love(d) you and thought you were different, but I guess not because all you did was push me away. I’m sorry that my all wasn’t enough.”

That was the text. That was the text that broke her. Every wall she had put up to get through the days. They all broke. They shattered. Everything shattered.

Lost in confusion, like an illusion
You know I’m used to making your day

The next day after that text was sent, everyone was talking. He didn’t know for sure what about but he knew it was about him and (Y/N). Had his text gotten out? No. But little did he know what would be the least of his worries.

He hadn’t heard of the news until (F/N) came along. She had unleashed hell on him to the point where multiple people had to hold her back.

“W-what’s going on?”

“What’s going on? WHATS GOING ON? I’ll tell you what’s going on! Because of you and your stupid little text, my best friend is in the hospital. Her mom found her in her room. She had taken almost an entire bottle of sleeping pills. She had to be rushed to the hospital. They still don’t know if she’ll live or not because she isn’t awake yet and they’re not sure if they got all the pills out of her system.”

“Sh-she… tried to…”

He broke down and sprinted to the hospital. He didn’t care anymore, he needed answers. He was confused as to why the text had pushed her that far. He hadn’t known about what people were saying about her, doing to her. He hadn’t known.

When he arrived, he wasn’t allowed to see her. Apparently taking the pills wasn’t the only thing she had done, they just didn’t tell (F/N) that. (Y/N) was in the ICU. They were apparently holding something for Oikawa as everyone expected him to show eventually.

He waited until he was along to lol at the thing. It was a note. As he read it, he couldn’t keep his hands from shaking. It read.

“Dear Tooru,

Feels kinda weird putting Tooru since you’re not mine to call that anymore. Soon enough, you’ll be hers to call that. You were before so why not again, I guess. No matter what they say about it being your fault, it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t (F/N)’s fault, it wasn’t anyone’s fault except for mine. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this I’ll be out of this shithole called life. I really did love you. I loved you even after we were over. I just, couldn’t you know? If I had the chance to explain without being hunted right after, I would’ve explained. You see, there was someone who loved you before I did and you loved her. She wanted you back and was willing to do whatever for you back. Love makes you do crazy things, right? And I believe that people deserve second chances as long as they didn’t majorly screw up their first chance. So I backed down. Maybe one day you’ll find out why it was so important to back down. It just, it wasn’t supposed to end like this. You were supposed to get over me, like everyone does eventually. You were supposed to go back to her. That’s just not how things work, I guess. I really was stupid though. To think that you’d at least defend me somewhat. Usually when we were dating, people saved their comments for when you weren’t around. Now since you were almost never around me, they let all their comments flow. It got to the point where I was pretty sure I could identify people just by the way they called me a slut. Kinda funny. I really got a kick of how much they seemed to think it bothered me or didn’t bother me. World works in a funny way Tooru. I’ve been rambling too long that my hand is getting shaky. My everything is getting shaky. Live your life Tooru. Become a professional volleyball player. Have a good wife. Have a few children. You’d make beautiful children. I wish I could’ve gotten to meet them one day. I know you probably don’t care, but I love you and I always had. Goodbye Tooru.


He lost it. Everyone was to blame. He couldn’t just let everyone get away with it too. That’s why he did go to someone. Everyone’s parents were now aware of how these kids pushed a girl to try and take her own life. The demon bitch never got Tooru as he had known that she threatened (Y/N), even if (Y/N) never said anything.

Nobody could ever replace (Y/N), his true love…

Stop all the Clocks (2/6)

Because returning is only the journey. Pre-season six canon divergence.

Part One here

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Warning: Sexual content.

They had taken to feeding her.

Every morning, without fail, she was greeted to a sumptuous 3-course breakfast by one of her boys. Henry tended to favour waffles, (his favorite) sausage, and hashbrowns. Killian seemed to prefer fruit, an omelet, and toast. (Really, she had to ask who taught him to make Eggs Benedict one day.) Additionally, there was a several-step lunch wrapped up and ready-to-go for her work at the Sheriff’s Station. (There was often a note stuck in the brown paper bag. Henry’s made her tear up and Killian’s often made her blush and hastily hide the message from the inquiring eyes of her father.)

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