shes super cool and cute but is so badass

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hi! I wanted your opinion. do you think veronica can be played by a curvy girl? I'm not traditionally skinny but I have the range and acting repertoire for Veronica and was just called back to play the role. would you watch a slightly overweight Veronica and still believe she's worthy of popularity and a super cute boy with whom she kills people? I'm feeling insecure and anxious about this. Thanks!

Totally! Veronica’s a badass who doesn’t give a damn what people think of her. Sure, she wants to be popular with the Heathers, but only so people will stop bothering her. And I think it’d be really cool if the Heathers accepted an overweight girl into their clique.

dinahbabs high school AU go
•Dinah and babs , in high school, super cool cute girls who r v badass
•but they kinda run with different crowds right
•babs runs the school radio or smth
•Dinah is like in a punk band and she’s a tough girl™ but she has jock friends and stuff (cough Ollie cough)
•the school has a thing where u can talk abt ur band and they’ll play a song of urs on the morning radio if it’s deemed Ok
•dinah’s like holy fuck guys I’m entering us
•so she goes up 2 the school radio place to give the cd
•she finds her bisexual ass ASTOUNDED by the cute and bored looking radio host
•they strike up a conversation while Dinah is filling out the form •they kinda just take a liking to each other u know it’s a perfect fit
•babs calls her up again later in the week to talk abt her cd- literally just an excuse to see her oh my god she is like dying over this blond enigma with the fingerless gloves and the dark lipstick grin and the voice of an angry angel
•but this is babs she’s cool she’s always Cool so she u know makes any excuse possible 2 see her again. Cool. V slick. I mean it’s not any better on dinah’s part she just couldn’t think of an excuse to go back up there
•so they kinda end up talking abt literally everything but the cd👀👀👀 real smooth
•Dinah convinces her to come to her band’s show
•babs is usually busy what with keeping everyone’s life together but Dinah kinda helps her relax and be free for a little while
•Fast forward like a week they’re best friends now but they’re best friends who r low key flirting with each other All Of The Time
•something involving dinah’s jacket happens, babs wears it and it’s emotional and cute
•So she’s wearing it and they’re hanging out beside dinah’s motorcycle
•dinah’s sitting on the hood of someone’s car cause she’s a rebel and barbara is sitting beside her in her chair and they’re both giggling cause they just did something against the rules idk what
•babs has her hair loose and she’s wearing dinah’s jacket and her cheeks are pink from exhilaration and dinah’s losing her mind she"s so cute
•they r now kissing neither of them know how they got there but it’s soft and sweet and loving and really really good
•Now they’re dating but not much changes they still do best friend things but they do it while holding hands and stealing kisses
•Dinah’s song makes it on the radio
•And so does every song she writes about babs after that

When BTS has a crush on you...

To the kind Anon that requested how BTS would react if you were an intern at a hospital and they were smitten by you, I wasn’t too sure how you wanted me to write it so I narrowed it down to how the boys would act like when they like you, I hope this is okay for you! If not, then just request another one!

Jin: He would be super upfront in my opinion, like at first he’d be super shy but then again Jin is handsome a'f lol who the heck in their right mind would reject this princess? It’d take him a couple of days to work up the courage to talk to you, he’d approach asking you something casual like, “How are you?” Or “Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around here before.” But, in all honestly, you’d probably find out that he liked you from him babying you always trying to buy you food and check on you when you weren’t feeling well.

Yoongi: Even though Yoongi is like a badass and all about “sweg” I feel like he’d be super shy! It would be so cute, his face would get super red every time you walked past him at work and smiled or waved at him. He’d quickly turn away every single time you were near him because he wouldn’t want you to see him “lose his cool” but in the end, eventually, I feel like Yoongi would get super frustrated and complain to Jin Eomma or something saying “Why doesn’t she notice me? I’m so cool,” and eventually walk up to her trying to be all chill and he’d probably slip and fall or say something very stupid but you’d giggle about it cause Yoongi is adorable a'f.

Hobi: He would be super friendly, and I mean EXTREMELY friendly. He’d talk to you ALL. THE. TIME. Always bugging you and playfully teasing you. He’d always help you and be like, “Y/N, I got this,” whenever you were lifting something heavy and he’d try and show you how strong and slick he was. But I can also imagine him being super clumsy as well, maybe even kind of a diva if you don’t notice him.

RapMon: Out of all of the boys, I feel like Namjoon would be the first to tell you his feelings. He would smile his little cute adorable dimple smile and you’d instantly fall for it (cause who tf wouldn’t?). Lol no, but like really. Namjoon would be super gentle and nice and extra sweet to you, whenever he saw you smile at him he’d smile shyly, his hand rubbing the back of his hair as he kept his head down.

Jimin: He would be kind of similar to J-Hope honestly, it would vary between him trying to act cool like Yoongi *cough* flexing his muscles *cough* or just being super shy. He’d act all super loud and over dramatic whenever you were around to see if he’d get your attention. I don’t think Jimin would approach you first, you’d probably have to start the conversation with him. But whenever you did he’d do his little eye smile and stutter when he talked.

Taehyung: THIS BOY WOULD BE SO CRAZY IF HE LIKED YOU. He’d go overboard with doing everything to see if you’d notice. But no really, you’d probably be able to tell that he liked you just from hearing him giggle every time you were near. He’d probably pause and stare at you very seriously with his mouth slightly opened and his eyes wide because he’s stunned by how beautiful you look everyday. Whenever you talked to him he’d laugh and giggle shyly or he’d point to himself asking, “You’re talking to me?” And have a total freak out inside. Tae, I can imagine, would be super clumsy. He’d be falling and slipping or knocking things over accidentally whenever you were in the room, and you’d turn around to see what the ruckus was and he’d know you were looking at him and he’d make awkward eye contact with you before trying to get away because his face is extremely red from embarrassment.

Jungkook: I can imagine our maknae to act similar to Tae as well. But, I could see Kookie trying to act all manly and strong around you because he wants to impress you and he doesn’t want you to see him as a little boy. I could see him clearing his throat and awkwardly trying to speak in a lower pitch than his own because you said that you liked manly men. Every time he approached you and tried to act cool, you’d laugh and pinch his cheeks, going on your tippy toes (because he’s tall as hell) to pat his head and ruffle his hair and he’d probably eventually get fed up with it grabbing your hand and accidentally slipping up about his feelings for you.

The signs as people in school

Aries (m): The boy who always makes jokes about school and people he is  the trouble maker who gets kicked out of the class….. And maybe out of school 

Aries(f): The girl who is paying attention to school, but at the same time listening to her friends conversations. She never has time for jokes she is serious shit in the class. 

Taurus(m): The one guy that is trying to correct everyone, and even when he knows that he is wrong he keeps arguing because he is too stubborn to give up. He is also very funny.

Taurus(f): She is the quiet girl who never talks, and when she does she is like a fire machine. She always dresses her best and most of the time she is right. She may be quiet but she is not shy, she’s just to lazy to put up with your shit.

Gemini(m): That one guys who is super funny and outgoing, he always gets an extra point for knowing everything. He is charming AF. He always brings life to the room.

Gemini(f): This girl is the popular and funny one who is always talking to everyone, thats why she always get’s scolded. One moment she is screaming and seconds later she is flirting with a guy 

Cancer(m): He is the cute lovable guy with a warm heart that all of the girls want most of the time…. as a friend. he is always there for his friends and he is kind of outgoing sometimes.

Cancer(f): The girl who is always doodling in her notebook. She loves social media, and she has a small but very close group of friends who she always talks to. She is also intelligent but she always seems distracted.

Leo(m): The hot guy who is always talking to girls and he always gets their attention. He is super popular and outgoing, he loves to go to parties and make them.

Leo(f): The popular girl that everyone wants to talk to for a strange reason. She always makes parties, people know her because of that. “She is all of that !”

Virgo(m): He is super intelligent and he loves video games. He never talks in class, but when he’s with his friends he is super loud ! He is that one guy who knows everything.

Virgo(f): She is not that talkative in school, but she has very good friends. She could be the most intelligent girl in her class, she knows her stuff. She is the girl with and open mind, but when it comes to knowing about feelings… she zones out.

Libra(m): The most charming guy in school. He is super handsome and all of the girls want to be with him. He never had to work for his popularity, he’s just naturally so fucking awesome!

Libra(f): The cute girl that is super loyal to her friends. She always has her group of girlfriends and she is super cool. She loves parties and she is just super likeable.

Scorpio(m): Peoples first impression of him is  “The quiet Mysterious guy”. He is very mysterious but he is also super hot and very hard to get. He is probably the most mature guy in your school.

Scorpio(f): She is a True badass she has that confidence, she is talented and intelligent. She has a small group of friends but she likes to hang alone sometimes.

Sagittarius(m): That Super funny and active guy who is always joking about everything. He is so honest to everyone, that people sometimes laugh. He loves adventures and challenges.

Sagittarius(f):  She is the one girl who makes everyone laugh, she is independent and she loves sports. She is also very honest and frank with everyone that she meets. Behind every sagittarius girl there is one boy falling in love.

Capricorn(m): At first people may see him as very judgemental of others, and kind of cocky. He is the guy who loves sports and girls more than anything. But his friends know that he is super cool and funny; a true gentleman when he wants to.

Capricorn(f): You may believe that she is that one quiet girl who is judgy, but actually, with her close friends she is reliable and funny. She is also super hot because of that mysterious vibe that she gives.

Aquarius(m): Another class clown, he is super weird and quirky. he always seems to have a story to tell. He has gone through everything and thats what makes him super funny. He is that guy that has one best friend and they’re always making jokes. And a plus ! He is also super intelligent. 

Aquarius(f): She is Very weird and eccentric. She is that girl who is always talking in class. Many guys like her because she is very intelligent and outgoing. She is always looking for someone and something to have fun with.

Pisces(m): He is the sarcastic guy that everyone thinks is hilarious. He may be quiet and mysterious but at the same time he is alway there for a good talk.

Pisces(f): She is the one girl who always laughs. She is super weird and most of the time she speaks her mind out. She has a lot of friends because she is a great listener. She is that one girl who gets along with the guys. She zones out sometimes.