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50 Questions - Ruby Slater


1) Age?
In the story, she’s probably still only in her mid-thirties. (she has Pippa when she was 18/19 and Pippa is about 16 by this point)
2) Gender?
3) Romantic/Sexual Orientation?
4) Height?
5) Race?
6) What do they look like? (i.e, hair color, eye color, etc).
Large green eyes, plump lips, freckles (editing means they don’t show up as well :(), soft wavy brown hair
7) Any disabilities?
8) Is there a meaning to their name?
I just thought it was a pretty name :P
9) What makes them, them?
Her bright smile, stubbornness and caring heart.
10) What do they want to be when they grow up/what do they want to do with their lives?
Ruby actually wanted to be a singer. Alas, that never happened.

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I turned around.
What?! She- she-
I shook my head.
“What do you want?”
“Nothing. I’m only wondering why you have two drinks in the restroom.”
“None of your fucking business, get lost lady.”
“Lady? I’m hardly a lady.”
Pfft. Whatever bitch, just get the fuck out. It’s none of your business.”
“Oh but I’m more involved than you understand, bitch.”
“You did not fucking talk to me like that! You-!”
“I did, and I’ll do it again. Don’t speak to anyone, let alone me, that way.”
She walked over to the sink right next to me. Even though she looked like some sci-fi reject she still scared me a bit. I couldn’t let her see that.
I took a breath in. “Okay fuck. Just leave me alone.”

Whatever, I did what I needed to do. I grabbed the drinks and started making my way out.
“You should reconsider-”
“Fuck off, you’re a freak. Have you taken a look in the mirror?”  I walked out.

Ok last endverse!Cas wasn’t so great and I still have Down to Agincourt feels, so here’s another.