shes still wonderful whatever her colors are

This whole “controversy” over Gal Gadot’s “Israeli ties” Is so stupid. She was born in Israel. She was REQUIRED to perform two years of military service. She served as a COMBAT TRAINER. that does not necessarily = killing innocent palestenians. She also wasnt “in the war” whatever that means. And yes, she doesnt like terrorists just like everyone else.

You can be an intersectional feminist and still like her.

i like Gal Gadot a lot. I am a muslim woman. Her nationality is not going to change my opinion of her. My opinions about the Israeli government’s politics are irrelevant. her weapons training only amplifies my respect for her as a “badass woman of color.” Afaik she is not an islamophobe or even really a zionist. She is wonder woman and i am very excited to have her.

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Light fluff of Cal and Kandros???

If you insist (she said, as her rubber arm was effortlessly twisted).


After the day he’d had, it took one full drink–and not a weak one at that–and most of a second for Tiran to stop running scenarios and worrying about strike teams and regretting poor decisions. Sending Quebec out on the kett thing? Bad. It was only pure luck and maybe some damn watchful Spirits that had gotten them all back alive, and he was pretty sure they’d need to be retired, leaving a gap in his roster he didn’t know how he’d fill at such short notice. 

Maybe two drinks wasn’t going to be enough.

Drinks or no drinks, he still glanced at his omni-tool every time it vibrated, and winced at the ever-increasing list of notifications all, of course, marked ASAP or Urgent! or Immediate Reply Requested.

He didn’t quite groan when he looked up from the last perfect sip of his relaxation in a cup and found Cal Ryder standing beside his table. At least she wasn’t in armor; armor would most certainly have translated to Immediate Reply Requested. She shifted from one foot to the other, and he thought her expression was supposed to be a human smile but it mostly just looked pained.

“Hi,” she said. “Uh. Sorry to bother you? I was just… here? And I was wondering if we could, um, talk?”

He sighed. “No rest for the Pathfinder, I guess. What do you need, Ryder?”

She blinked at him. Her eyes were almost the same color as his; he’d never noticed that before. He almost managed to convince himself it was the second drink that made him stare a little too long and a little too hard, nearly missing her reply entirely.

“Oh. Actually. It wasn’t about APEX. Or work. Or Pathfinding. I promise. Vetra said I should just–well. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to bother you.” Even the flickering, colored lights from the dance floor behind her couldn’t mask the way she blushed beneath her freckles. She ducked her head, her loose hair falling to cover half her face. He had the strangest urge to push it out of the way. Maybe let his hand linger.

Tiran chuckled to cover his own discomfiture. “Well, if it’s not work, it’s no bother. By all means, pull up a seat. Drink?”

“Yes, please,” she said, slipping into the seat opposite him. One hand–one strange, human hand with all its fingers–toyed absently with the fabric wound around her neck. “Whatever Dutch makes is fine.”

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Gorditos - Night Five

            Brad had been doing his duty as the Official ZWM Assistant for a couple of days now, and in fact, it was getting easier and easier. Yesterday, the machine created a mountain of ice cream just like the one served to customers, only this one was a brilliant orange. Brad had made quick work of it, and was still amazed at just how much he could enjoy and taste in such small amounts of time. It made him feel kind of powerful.

             Tonight was going to be a slow one, he had a feeling. The machine was only about halfway full at this point, and stuff was getting thrown in it only every so often. Things got to the point where, even though he knew he had a substantial meal waiting for him after work, he still felt tempted to have a little something beforehand. Of course, there was the very real threat that the seat of his pants might just bust open completely.

             Brad had been trying to ignore the fact that his role as the store compactor was having a serious, and obvious, effect on his figure, but it was difficult. His physique was still rather sporty – he had strong arms and powerful legs, but just about everything else was now joined by a few inches of soft, plush blubber. His stomach had always had a little pooch, and now it was rounding out into a handsome little gut. His strong chest now sported soft, tender breasts that could fit in the palm of your hand, and then some. He didn’t like admitting just how fat his ass always had been, but now it just wasn’t hideable. It must have stuck out a good half foot behind the poor boy, his pants ready to burst at any time. All in all he looked like he was at least fifty pounds heavier than he’d been on Monday. He was still very handsome, with his chubby cheeks only setting off his lovely brown eyes and beautiful smile even more. Apple noticed all of this, of course.

             The two of them closed together most nights, since Apple went to the university as well. She was a bit mousey, but cute – her thick glasses framed beautiful, curled lashes, and her smile would fill a room. Still, she was something of a wallflower at times, even as the star of her own life. Brad appreciated how understanding she had been with his recent ‘developments’.

“Maybe I’m imagining her glancing at me from time to time…” he thought as fries sizzled beneath their heat lamp on the fry station where Brad was manned tonight. Apple was the Queen of the drive-thru – she was fast,  friendly and, when need be, fierce.

“Maybe she really is.” His internal monologue questioned. “She’s so cute, too.” Being on the rugby team allowed Brad a lot of outlet for his need to bond with guys, but in truth he had always preferred the company of women. Apple was easy to talk to, and she never really seemed to get heated over anything, even the angriest of customers. Brad had seen her close to the lab buildings on campus and knew that she was an aspiring biologist, but little beyond that. The timer brought Brad back to reality as he dumped a ladle of hot fries into the salting trough, licking his lips a little at the delicious smell of it all. He’d always had a taste for the food here but lately he’d been craving it like nothing else – sometimes in the middle of the night.

Waddling over to the ZWM, Brad felt a somewhat familiar feeling stirring inside him as the metallic grunts of the machinery filled his ears. He wondered what he would get tonight. Apple had been especially interested in the construction of the machine, something Brad didn’t know anything about. It all just looked like complicated wire arrangements. Still, perhaps  it was Apple’s interest in miniscule, calculated subjects that made her so curious. Whatever it was, she gave a small start as the machine gave one cacophonous blare, then started chugging almost silently as  the same fries that Brad had been cooking up earlier came rushing down the chute – only they looked twice the size, and were the color of the inside of a kiwi.

“Whoa…” Apple looked nearly as entranced by the new food as she had the first time she witnessed the machine at work. Brad rubbed his stomach a bit, realizing just how hungry he was. It was starting to affect the rest of his life, but when things got tough he tried to remember his waived tuition and board he was earning. This was worth it. Right?

Brad started to eat. Earlier in the week he had still been eating in a fairly normal way, but now he had begun shoveling the masses of florescent food into his mouth without much regard, his breathing becoming laborious. Apple watched a bit transfixed, but still intent to observe. She had noticed Brad’s softening body and found it rather difficult to hide her attraction to him.

After the fries had all but been inhaled by Brad, whose belly now only wore a few inches of shirt up top, looked pretty satisfied with himself, eyes almost a bit glassy after his mini binge.

             Then the soda started.

             Like a waterfall, soda began springing forth from the canister. Reaching himself up just a bit, Brad managed to hook himself onto the lip of the pipe, sucking up what looked like soda that shimmered like a night sky. Brad stood with his knees buckled, cheeks completely filled with the luscious soda pop, drinking and drinking. Apple looked almost as trace-like, simple gazing intently at Brad as he inflated with carbonation and sugar. He had a blissful look on his face, eyes closed tight above fattening cheeks.

             Finally, things stopped. This time it took a few minutes before Brad could actually talk. He stood dumbfounded for at least a minute after the stream of soda had stopped, unsure of what his life’s purpose was now. He milled around for a little bit, sometimes muttering nothings to himself, both hands working hard at massaging his overstuffed stomach. His belly button created a cavernous crease that was getting dangerously close to touching Brad’s knees. Eventually he let out several thick belches before finally seeming back to his normal self.

             “Brad…” Apple squeaked. “Do you need a lift home?” She had recovered from the stupor she was put into by Brad’s display of gluttony, and had a concerned look on her face. Brad had regained his composure as well, though he still hunched a bit from the weight in his growing stomach. He felt almost like he was coming down from a high.

             “That would be great.” He urped, realizing just how much food he somehow managed to fit inside of his body. Stuffing himself into his coat, the buttons refused to fasten. When he got home he climbed on the scale and found himself 68 pounds heavier than his morning. Not a single thing still fit him that hung in his closet.

             Maybe it was time for a talk with the boss.

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Cheryl and veronica are bad people who've done bad things but you still prefer the white girl over the woc character. Okay.

l m a o of course you’d say that and try to make me look like a racist. i don’t give a shit about veronica’s skin color, i only care about the fact that she’s a bad friend who does things only when it advantages her, because she’s rich and she thinks she can do whatever the hell she wants. she’s had a wonderful childhood where she got every single thing she wanted, her parents were there for her, she attended a prestigious high school and only came to “a downfall” when she moved to Riverdale. Cheryl Blossom lives in a house where literally everybody hates her - and where her only ally(her brother) was brutally murdered by her own father. Penelope and Clifford Blossom are tyrannic parents who prioritized Jason over her in every aspect of her life, and they didn’t even try to acknowledge her even after his death. They’re mentally AND physically abusive, they force her to act like a stone cold bitch to be “the perfect Blossom” - which keeps her from making any friends - only to reject her when she tries to get affection. she’s stuck between who her parents want her to be and who she really is, and whenever she tries to let her true colors shine through, someone takes advantage of her.

but yeah, none of my business pal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Bellarke au where the world is black and white before you meet your soulmate and then coloured once you meet them? And if your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white? Could I have it from both perspectives please?

I  hear you laugh, I hear you sing (you say you wouldn’t change a single thing)
(A/N I got about halfway through proofreading this and then I was like “fuck it, I’m a lazy pile of trash.” So sorry for any mistakes!


When he first lays eyes on her, and the greys of the dropship become a little bit sharper and that blonde girl in the corner who had been batting her eyes at him since he first got onto this piece of shit spacepod turns out to be a brunette, he knows that he is completely, utterly, and royally fucked.

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feels like the first time [ch. 2]

 author’s note: hey guys! thanks for the kind reviews (: here’s the jay centered chapter as promised! this gets a little dark too as obviously he’s seen a lot but there’s a few things tweaked for this version of au. in this story, he’s still an active soldier just as Erin didn’t actually make it off of the streets and into the police academy. also keep in mind they’re both only in their early twenties. happy reading and let me know what you think! [@halsteadpd]

 It’d been nine months. Nine months of that damn dark and Taliban infested valley, their unit shielded and tucked well away from all the kind and the good and the pleasant of the world. They’d lost a total of seven- he’d kept track in his journal, scribbled it down the instant the rest of them had made a desperate retreat into the debatable safety of camp. Their names, their rank, the names of their wives and sometimes if the devil was greedy enough to snatch away a father even the names of their children. It was in those instances he took a long swig of the bourbon he had stashed under his poor excuse of a pillowcase inside the even poorer excuse of his living quarters, welcoming the slow burn down his throat and the numbness that came along with the liquor because there was one more child who would grow up in a broken family and damn it he didn’t wish that on anyone. 

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Tear them out one by one, we gave you chances, oh so so so many.
She’s kind you know? Much kinder than I am. I had given up on you a while ago but she still tried.
But you don’’t see that now do you? No, no you decided to tape your own mask to her now that you see the repercussions to your unchanging actions.

But you see, dear, I’m used to people gluing false masks to me. I’ve got a lovely collection by now.
So take this marker and I’ll let you write whatever you want, let me add another to the pile.
I wonder what you’ll call me? What color you’ll use? Will you use a language I understand? Will it be one word or a whole book?

Do it, please. It’s really fun! But…
I hope you suffer like she did.

Wedding Dress

Summary: You are nervous that Kyungsoo won’t be okay with you not wanting a traditional wedding dress.
Member: Kyungsoo x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,299 Words

I honestly have seen a few weddings where the bride wore a pants suit. I think they can look really beautiful. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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The sound of your phone ringing on the bedside table dragged you out of your sweet dreams like the beak of a bird pulling a squirming worm out of the dirt. You groaned, not wanting to abandon the dream you were having. You couldn’t really remember what the dream had been about, but you knew that it was a good dream because of the warmth it filled you with the moment you woke up. You flipped over on the bed, reaching over the empty space where your boyfriend normally was, and picked up your phone. “Hello?” You asked reluctantly. It wasn’t until you heard your mom’s voice on the other end that you perked up a bit. “Oh, hi mom, what’s up?” You asked her sweetly. Your tone still held a bit of the rough edge that it usually possessed after just waking.

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How I Deal with Despair

Bringin this back cause apparently once was not enough.

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Hide yo WIfe: (Take your pick)

Hide yo Kids: (Take em all. Don’t forget to take precious Ryota bby too)

Cause Despair be taking EVERYBODY OUT

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And I know I’ve said before that Juzo was the type to sacrifice the world for someone he loved but…I didn’t mean it like this!!! Even if he wasn’t aware of the future consequences, Juzo chose YOU over the whole wide WORLD Munakata. That is one insane kinda love. Srsly sir, I hope this truth will find you and that when it finds you, it will hit you….hard (cue more anguished screaming). But Juzo…Ohhhh that poor man…..even at his most humiliated moment (that will haunt him all through Future Arc and up to his death as well) he has managed to become a 5 word meme to the audience and/or the scapegoat for the ensuing tragedy of Junko…….again. For a character, he has achieved many remarkable accomplishments.

And finally, Izuru….Don’t get me wrong, every scene with Chiaki was painful and yes when the 2 finally met it was heart-wrenching for me too but at the same time the other part of my brain couldn’t help but think

As the famous saying goes….People die when they are killed!!….. Sweetie, if you were so curious to hear what the girl had to say, you could’ve at least done something to help her talk more easily….I mean for the sake of hope this plot I’m not even asking you to save her life but….really? This is my brain folks. Half sobbing in despair and half doing whatever this post is (coping).

So I think I discovered one reason why I can never skip the opening of this series (No it’s not the brainwashing I promise). It’s that last part where she does this

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Even though I’ve seen this sequence more than 20 times, for some reason there’s always that feeling of suspense as she’s walking and when you see her stop and start to turn around you wonder if something is going to be different this time. Did the opening colors change again? It seems paler than last time. Is Chiaki still gonna be there? Oh yeah there she is. Is she gonna be okay? What if they changed her? Will she smile? Oh thank God she smiled!! Sigh of relief and proceed to get your heart torn out with the new episode. But omg, next week……what if they do something to that part now that she’s…you know…..T_T

My last bet is gonna have to ride on my 1st and Forever Fave Kirigiri. She’s finally shaken off the suspicious tagalongs and she’s already escaped dying twice (according to and on account of Juzo) so 3rd time’s the charm right? Wasn’t that one of the episode titles? Like Kodaka….Chisa is no longer wife potential, Chiaki no longer wife potential, Juzo couldn’t even enter the ring for this category, gimme 1 good waifu…..

Ahem! Let us take a moment to commemorate this week as a significant moment in the history of Danganronpa (AKA When all the Waifus died). Welp! At this rate I can’t wait to see what 91 Days and Tokyo Ghoul has in store for me this week! Gotta get me some of dat despairful twisted tragedy :D :D :D


Christmas season’s over but the winter breeze seemed to linger for a longer while. It was the perfect weather to cuddle in bed and more but Elmo and Julie decided to take a walk by the lake near her house. The sun was about to set and the cool wind was blowing lightly, sending shivers to their bones.

They walked hand in hand, tucked in each other’s sides in attempt to dodge the cold. They stopped at the lake’s dock and decided to watch the sunset together as they talked and laughed and kissed until the beautiful moment was interrupted by someone who was jogging around approached them and spoke.

“Hi, Mosey,” he heard a woman’s voice greet him from his left.

He turned to look at the woman he didn’t recognize. “Uh… Hi?”

The woman’s eyes lit up and a smirk formed on the side of her mouth. “Wow, you look so much hotter now than the last time I saw you,” she said seductively.

He noticed Julie at the corner of his eye, looking at him with unreadable expression while he kept his stare on the other woman, trying to remember her. “Ah…”

“We were in bed,” she winked as she said as an explanation when she noticed his confused expression. Then he froze as realization finally hit him hard.

“Oh,” was all that came out from his mouth.

She giggled at his reaction, obviously enjoying his discomfort. “Laters,” she called out as she started to jog away from them.

He swallowed, not really sure on how to proceed with Julie who was speechless during the whole awkward encounter.

“Baby?” He turned to face her but kept his eyes on the ground. “I don’t remember her anymore, I swear.”

“You don’t?”

“Yes, I promise,” he finally looked at her as he answered, wanting to assure her that the woman didn’t mean anything to him at all.

“But I do,” she said with a tone he didn’t know what to make of. “She’s Laine.”

He frowned at her, wondering how could she remember the woman when he couldn’t even remember that he had one night stand with her.

“If I remember correctly, she was the girl you were screwing when you met me,” she said, raising an eyebrow. He cringed at her sentence.

He still couldn’t recall who the woman was but he could clearly remember how he and Julie met, and yep, it involved another woman. So maybe it was the same woman from earlier. It was not the best first meeting but it was definitely an unforgettable one. It was a Friday night in a hotel, Elmo and Julie first met when Julie barged into the wrong hotel room, catching him and Laine in bed doing we-all-know-what. It was all awkward and so embarrassing for both sides but Elmo had never felt more alive until that moment. It was like it was the fate’s way of telling him that it’s time to change. And the rest was history.

He looked at her nervously, searching her face. He smiled at her apologetically then asked, “I’m so sorry… Galit ka ba?”

She just gave him a poker face and when she didn’t answer, he finally looked at her eyes, pleading. “Julie…”

Half a minute passed and she just stared at him impassively. His heart was hammering inside his chest as he mentally punched himself for all the wrong things he had done in the past. He was about to speak again when Julie laughed all of a sudden.

He blinked in surprise as she continued giggling. She narrowed her eyes at him. “Ano ka ba, bakit naman ako magagalit?” She asked playfully.

It was not the reaction he expected but he sighed in relief when she seemed not affected by the incident earlier. Still, Elmo couldn’t shake the feeling of nervousness; sometimes he just didn’t know which way was up with Julie.

“Kasi… Kasi… Hindi ko alam. Basta I’m sorry,” he tried to explain but to no avail. He shifted on his feet nervously. “But I promise you, I’m never going back to be that man again.”

She sighed before answering, “I know. I trust you.” Julie smiled her only-for-Elmo-smile so he knew that they were really okay.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you expect me to earn it,” he countered with a dubious expression.

“Moe, it’s all in the past,” she took his hand as she spoke. “You’re not that guy, anymore. You’ve changed. You should give yourself more credit, you know.”

Elmo knew she’s right, but Julie couldn’t actually blame him. He had been a dick before they met; screwing every girl who would have him (which was half of the female population), drinking himself to death and smoking until his lungs burn. But if it’s any consolation, he hadn’t done drugs yet. Still, he knew he was possibly the worst person a girl would ever love, much less Julie.

When he met her, the world he thought he was living in black and white suddenly burst into colors. It was in that moment when he realized that there was more to life than sex and booze. And he wanted that “more” with her. He wanted to be good, even better, for her. So he changed for her, chased her and courted her. By some miracle, she loved him back. And he would lie every night before he sleeps, wondering whatever he did right to deserve her.

Looking at her right now, Julie smiling softly at him, he already knew. “I love you… So much.”

“I know,” she answered confidently as she turned her back to him. He then wrapped his arms on her waist from behind and nuzzled her neck through her hair. “Do you regret your past, though?”

As he took in her scent, he thought about her question for a moment before he answered. “Yes and no.”

“Really, huh?” She answered as she leaned back on him and placed her hands over his arms.

“You know, I realized that you’d have to do a couple wrongs so you’d know if you finally did something right for the first time,” he whispered to her ear then he felt her shiver. He smiled at the effect he had on her.

When she didn’t react, he pulled one of his hands back to reach for his pocket. He then spoke again, “And of all the wrong decisions that I’ve made, being with you was the only thing I’m sure of that I got right.”

“And here I thought I’ve made the worst decision in my life for loving you,” Julie laughed as she joked. He heard her sniff so he figured she might be crying a little. She then turned her face to him so she could plant a sweet kiss on his lips. “I love you,” she whispered back.

He reached for her right hand and toyed with it. “Promise?”

“Yes,” she answered in a heartbeat.

“Do you want us to be together, like forever?”

“Of course.”

“To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse…” He was reciting the words ever so slowly when she joined him.

“…For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part,” Julie recited as she giggled at his words. “Seriously, Moe? Kabisado mo talaga yan?”

“I do,” he answered firmly. “Well?”

“Of course, I do.”

“Are you sure?”


“Good.” Elmo then swiftly slipped a ring to her finger then asked, “Will you marry me, then?”

Then Julie froze and he swear he felt the goosebumps that crept up to her arms. She just stood there, her back was still on him. Elmo wasn’t even sure if she was still breathing because her body went completely still.

“Oh.. OH. MY. GOD,” she breathed after what seemed like forever.

He chuckled at her reaction. “Nope, it’s just me, baby.” He knew it was not the best proposal but it was the perfect moment to pop the question he had been dying to ask since the day he realized he loved her.

“Oh my God!!!” She exclaimed as she finally turned to him. Her eyes were wide and her mouth agape. “Moe?!”


“How could you just propose like that?!” Julie asked, obviously freaking out. She brought her right hand in front of them and stared at the ring. “The vows went first before the proposal!”

He laughed out loud at her antics then shrugged, pulling her by the waist and caging her in a tight embrace. “Where’s my answer?”

“It’s not the most romantic proposal ever but it’s perfect. Everything is, when I’m with you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in, kissing him passionately. “Yes,” she breathed.

And from there on, he knew that whatever comes after, it will fall into place as long as they were together.

“Daryl, what color do you associate with me? Green might be obvious, but…”

He blinked at her. So slowly it was as if the act was laborious. In fact, it was. He was so tired; so, so tired from the last few months of anguishing. From his grieving period. And though his ever purpley bruised eyes seemed to kick up their healing speed at her resurrection, his vision often still seemed as blurry to him as when his eyes were drowning in all those tears before she found them. Even so, he couldn’t keep them off her now that she was back. He was petrified to close them and be swallowed back into a new dimension. You see, he couldn’t go to sleep, because what if that was really waking up?

Unconsciously he leaned closer to her touch, to the cool moist towel she softly patted to his socket bone. Deliriously yet as gentle as always, he grasped her wrist, pausing the soft ministrations of her hand. He sighed while she held her breath and his puffed out against her scars from forever ago. Everything about him was subdued and though she could never fully comprehend his elation with whatever words or motions he’d fumbled to express since their reunion, she locked her gaze with his. That stare. She could surely still read that, couldn’t she?

“Beth…” He stopped and she could tell they were both wondering if he even needed to continue, but he’d learned just recently, the hardest way, that you regret what you don’t say out loud,

“Beth… you’re every color to me.”

Useful to You - “ALBATROSS”

A/N: Just wanted to thank everyone who’s stuck with this fic.  I know the subject matter isn’t easy…so thanks for hanging in there and reviewing/reblogging.  If you’re still in it, let me know that, too!  Thank you ^_^

“…Ah! Well a-day! What evil looks
Had I from old and young!
Instead of the cross, the albatross
About my neck was hung…
…We drifted o'er the harbour-bar,
And I with sobs did pray—
O let me be awake, my God!
Or let me sleep away…”  
~ From The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Michonne went to the bathroom, cleaning herself up.  Legs still wobbly, she laughed.  

Until she looked in the mirror.

She caught herself smiling, and realized she hadn’t done so in a long while.  And it was because of him.  He made her laugh; made her happy. Michonne exhaled, looking down as she washed her hands.

‘Don’t think too much about it; don’t think. Don’t think…’

Except all she could do was think about it.  She thought that if she stayed away…if only she could stay away…

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A Star On The Side Of The Road (2)

A/N: This is part two of the AU fic request where Barry ends up assisting Iris by a roadside whilst completely unaware she’s actually quite famous.

It now has a title thanks to a lovely anon and is also being updated on Ao3 for anyone struggling to read on the tumblr app.

Read Part One here.



Barry’s eyes flew open just in time, the smile instantly dropping from his face.

He wasn’t exactly sure how he did it, but he somehow thankfully managed to swerve (quite recklessly) at the last minute; just narrowly missing the frightened young woman standing in the middle of his usually empty road. The awful sound of screeching tires and unison screaming was enough to instantly sober his sleepy mind, forcing the young surgeon into that hyper-aware state he experienced every time he entered the OR.

“Shit.” Barry said shakily as he came to a standstill. Now more awake than ever, his blood pulsed through his veins to reach every inch of his needy body; his every cell suddenly very attached to this not-so-shit-anymore life.

Still intensely gripping at his steering wheel, he breathed heavily trying to control the delayed panic that was now beginning set in. Reflecting on what would have happened had he not braked properly (at least one serious fatality), Barry felt another rush of gratitude, this time for the apparent emptiness of his nauseous stomach. Trembling hands now nervously clutching at his surprisingly vomit-free shirt, he even felt grateful for the stressful eight hour emergency surgery today that put him off eating in the first place.

I’m okay. I’m actually okay.”

Barry repeated the words like a mantra until he realized there was another person whose welfare he hadn’t considered up until this moment.  

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The Moth Watcher (Carmilla/Laura)

“So, that night. Was it going to be a real outing?” Laura questioned.

Three days they had barely talked, and when they did, it was about The Plan. Otherwise, Carmilla wasn’t in the room. Night after night, she’d disappear until the five of them grouped together at midnight for Intel updates. Yet here she was, popping into the room for her CD player. Ancient, that thing.

Carmilla slid her headphones down to her neck. Even if there were screams and chaos in an entire town, she could probably still hear Laura’s distinct, sweet voice. Brows raised at Laura nonetheless, arms tense. Bones, sore. There were still marks from the ropes, and her skin was slowly regaining its neutral tone.

Carmilla cleared her throat, and raised her chin higher. “I would give you the satisfaction of clarity, my dear, but you made a puppet show out of my last heart-to-heart. And before that, you kept me captive.”

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vii. bifurcation


Cora, dear, I finally got my hands on your firstborn. Never thought I’d find her, did you? Now I know why. She’s the most powerful sorceress I’ve ever encountered, even more powerful than you. Stunning in every way.

Regina folds the letter again, dropping it into her pocket as her mind, unbidden, echoes the words again and again. The most powerful sorceress I’ve ever encountered. She’s read this letter before, been inspired and driven by it, and it hadn’t been about her, after all.

Zelena is her sister, and with that knowledge comes a surge of sorrow and fear that she doesn’t expect. She leans against the wall of her father’s crypt and wonders, for a moment, dreams of a sister to grow up with and whisper secrets to and to protect and be protected by–

A sister to kill, who wants only to destroy her. 

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