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Not All Spirits Are Good

There is a redheaded spirit that has been bothering me since I was around 11. She has tried to open portals to the astral and would pull my hair and scratch me. I banished her from my house. She still follows me around town sometimes when my companions aren’t with me, or I am having a bad patch with my sheilds. She has an odd facination with my hair going so far as to pull out chunks of it. I have told her to leave. She refuses. She has hurt my pets. She has hurt me.

Not all spirits are good. Spirit work is not always flowery and nice. Please set up protections for your self.

LIL FOLLOW FOREVER             BC LAZY yes hello, Lulu is here and she wants to thank everybody WHO STILL FOLLOW ME and deal with my crap especially @madeforhell lmao still gonna spam u anyway this is my thanks, post and love to all the amazing ppl out there who try their best.

 best nerds

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so i just called the lady who interviewed me and she wants to do a follow up interview,,,,

I made this drawing of Flowey at school. I was not planning on posting it because you can tell where I messed up and the picture isn’t 100% accurate (I didn’t use a reference while drawing this) but you know what? I’m done being scared of people judging me or thinking that my art is terrible. The only way to get better is to keep trying, so this is me trying. I feel like I need to thank @madd-nerdgirl because she not only followed me (I’m still freaking out from that) but also encouraged me to post my art here. So, I know it looks terrible, but here’s a drawing of everyone’s favorite demon flower.

“what does he look like?” she asks. 

his eyes are good books, his palms are libraries. his ribs are vaulted greenhouse ceilings and a forest underneath. his smile is a present you didn’t know you wanted. his freckles are clover patches. his arms are clean warm bedsheets. his fingers are acoustic guitar strings. his back is an open field with a picnic already laid out in the heather. his knuckles are drunken poetry.

fuck, i love him, all of it, everything. 

When your OTP is someone you follow's NOTP and your trying to scroll down past the hate like

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This girl who sat next to me in my biotech class in high school still follows me on instagram and she likes all my posts and i wonder wtf she thinks when im like “cosplay test of this lil boy” cos shes totally normal and not into weeb shit

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

also shout out to @psui for making one of my all time favorite pictures

the year 2030, 14 years later…..

justin: you know? i just think…that sometimes maybe she’s! she knows she wants me! selena wants me! i wrote a million songs for her..isn’t that enough? i crushed her self asteem by cheating on her and accused her of using me for attention but damn! that bitch needs to calm. down. like lyrics aren’t enough for her? greedy bitch, right? and the nerve! she got married! she got MARRIED! when i still exist! insensitive attention seeker. really. i can’t believe her. here i am, available, but she chooses another man over me! i can’t believe her. by the way, did you see her new post? being happy..having fun. i don’t know why i follow her still. like she blocked me 10 times but..i just keep doing it. i love that bitch you know? have you ever felt love for someone? can you relate?

his wife: justin..please..let it go…like..we’re having sex..can we do this another time..this is worse than you moaning out her name everytime…tomorrow, okay?

Going on 5 months now since Kristen Lopez followed me, and she is still following me. 

So, either she hasn’t realized she mistakenly followed me or she doesn’t care or she actually meant to follow me which idk why she would because my twitter is not entertaining I assure you lol

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@hipstersteve JACQUI omg okay i remember when i first met jacqui & she was literally so nice & sweet, & i thought i was honestly not cool enough to be friends w/ her bc she’s an angel??? also she always recs the best books to read <3

@sighbucky ok so im looking at natalie’s desktop theme rn & im LIVING for the seb gif that’s on her sidebar. also im p sure she loves bucky & cries abt him as much as i do so im glad someone else understands my pain. her blog overall is so NICE and i love it sm <33 20/10 would recommend. 

@iamnotsebastianstan okok tbh im still in shock that brianna follows me bc she’s such an awesome person & her blog literally is G O A L S. also she makes the best textposts about seb and i relate to all of them??? she’s hilarious & sweet & im glad we’re mutuals <3

Ok so mad kudos to @loloniu because I really like this blog for learning Tongan. And when I read this bit, I srsly couldn’t believe my eyes - like who names their kid ‘foot injury/face’??? so I went over to my mom for clarification. She was like yup, that’s 100% true 😂 and now not only have I learned something new, my mom is also happy that im making an effort to learn tongan lol

Doing that “Tumblr friends” post I realized someone I planned to tag as my friend has not only unfollowed me but blocked me as well. Fuck. She still follows me on Instagram and Twitter though. Ugh this is why I don’t reveal my feelings to people. Every fucking time.