shes sorta evil

  • Snow: You called me down?
  • Principal: Yes, have a seat. I just have a few concerns about your lesson plans...particularly about why all of them seem to involve birds.
  • Snow: Isn't it great? They're getting the best bird-based education in the country.
  • Principal: How could you possibly know that?
  • Snow: By the time they graduate, they'll be fluent in 12 dialects of sparrow.
  • Principal: How about a language actually in the curriculum like Spanish or French?
  • Snow: Sparrow is very useful!
  • Principal: If you're a princess turned bandit on the run from an evil queen. We're trying to prepare these kids for--
  • Snow: Were you about to say "the real world"?
  • Principal: I'll see myself out.
Request! TMNT x Bisexual Reader.

Leo is a little surprised after finding out that you’re bisexual, as you had never spoken of it before. You would be a little bit shy about the topic, but open up after a bit.
You were busy going through your closet when Leo came over to see you. Your old papers and notebooks surrounded you as you went through old boxes.
“Hey, you.”
You looked up and smiled at your boyfriend.
“Hey, I didn’t know you were coming over.”
“I can see that…”
He looked around your messy room when a bright green notebook caught his eye. He picked it up and looked at you for your permission and you nodded.
“It’s from a couple of years ago I think.”
He opened the book and flipped through it, reading a entry or two when he paused.
“You had a girlfriend?”
“Yeah…Is that…weird?”
“No, I just didn’t know that you’re bisexual. Why didn’t you tell me?“
“Sometimes people treat me differently when they find out about my sexuality. It hurts more when it’s someone I care about. I guess I just wanted to find out if you would be okay with it before I told you.”
“Y/N, I’m not that kind of person. It doesn’t matter what gender attracts you, in the end you chose me.”
You smiled and nodded.
"You okay?” he asked.
“I’m…happy.” You replied.
He’d be supportive and be there to talk about it.

Raph wasn’t really surprised when you came out to him.
I mean, it wasn’t like you hide the fact that you were bisexual, it was a bit obvious. You just didn’t talk about it a lot.
He finally decided to ask you about it while you were hanging out at your place.
“Why don’t ya ever talk about you bein’ bi? Cause I don’t have a problem with it or nothin’…”
You shook your head and said
“It’s not you, babe. I just grew up in one of those small, really religious towns and when people found out that I was bisexual…things got bad for me. I guess because of the way I was treated, I learned to just not talk about it.”
“I’m sorry. About whatever happened there.”
“Don’t be. It’s not like you were the one harassing me in grocery store.”
Knowing that you had been treated in a terrible manner, simply because of something so small, would make Raph angry. But he would also know that he can’t change the way people think.
The best thing he could really do is support you.

Donnie isn’t a judgemental person but knows that others are, so he would understand that you didn’t come out right away.
“You okay, dove?”
You had been sitting around with an odd look on your face and after about an hour, Donnie had to talk to you.
“You look a bit upset. Is something wrong?”
“Not really…I was just wondering.”
“About what?”
“Would it be a problem if I was into girls? Like, would it bother you?”
Donnie put down his pen and said
“No, no. Of course not…”
“It’s just, I’ve always liked everyone I guess. But I never really thought about what to call myself.”
“Do you think you know now?” Donnie asked.
“I think I’m bi.”
Donnie nodded and said
“We are what we are. You can’t change your attraction anymore then I can change my species.”
You smiled at your boyfriend, your eyes bright.
“Have I told you that I love you lately?”
Donnie has a lot of emotional issues of his own, so I imagine him to be incredibly supportive of everyone. Especially his princess.

Mikey had no idea that you were bi, even though you had hinted at it before.
“Mikey, can we talk?”
He paused his video game and patted he bed.
“Have a seat, Babycakes. Whatta need from Mc Mikey?”
You sat down and looked up a him.
“It’s just…my ex came to my place today to get some old stuff and it kind of shook me up. So I just wanted to talk to you.”
“What he’d do?” Mikey asked carefully.
You took a moment before saying
“My ex is a girl. She just…came over and started yelling about something. Calling me nasty stuff…she’s sorta awful.”
“Sorta? She sounds evil.”
“You don’t have a problem that I like girls?” You asked.
Mikey shook his head and said
“I don’t judge people based on that stuff. I judge ‘em on how they treat their lovers and their babies, Y/N. You wanna talk about your ex?”
You nodded and he pulled you into a hug.
“Talk away, baby girl. I’m right here.”

In the end, all the turtles would support you and care for you just the same way. Because in the end, Love is Love.