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My Nashville Secret Sessions Story

So, let me tell you the story of a magical day in life. One month ago today, was THE best day of my life! On October 22nd, I received a DM from @taylornation inviting me to a special event.

The following Monday, I get the phone call to be invited to Nashville, and told my mom about it. Traveling on my own was going to be hard. The night i came home from work, my mom and i spent 2 hours trying to book a flight and a hotel. My dad gave me his blessing to go alone.

Fast forward to Wednesday, October 25th. Bags packed, and ready to fly out to Nashville on my own. Then I get to Nashville, and it’s such a beautiful city. Got to my hotel I proceed to go to a special location and I met up with some of my Swiftie friends including @allisonbell24 @40yroldtswiftie @nashvegasswift@jessicaswiftie1989 @vic-swift@screamingiminlovewithyou @broswiftie@badbloodmadmadlove @whisperingswift@taylorslistofexlovers@13imfinallyclean13 @gonnabelievethem @swiftieem @tasyoungreckless @taylorswiftiswhatsup@banker-by-day–swiftie-by-night@new-romantics-swift@silent-screamswildest-dreams@dancingindaydreams@thexyswift13 @notiikethis @tryoncallinmebaby @kelsalaine21 @josephswiftie @allthingstaylorr @reputationsecretsessions @castle-of-brick @wanderingswiftie @crimsonredpaintswift @welcometoloft89 @a-swift-state-of-mind @tswaggie13 @likeimbrandnew @pringles-swift @thisnightisswift and we decided to take pictures and it was a magical moment.

Then we’re taken to another area of the location where we check in and it was a big group to be around! Then the TN team takes us down to the front where these buses are waiting for us. On the bus ride, we had a sing along with some of Taylor’s songs.

We get to Taylor’s house and it was a sight to behold. All these snacks were laid out and we proceeded to chow down. Then, Scott and Andrea, Taylor’s dad and mom, respectively, appear and everyone loses their mind! We walk into the house and it’s so beautiful! All of a sudden, THE ONE AND ONLY @taylorswift walks in and we all screamed our heads off! Not only that, she had her best friend Abigail there too! We had a good time and there was one point where Taylor punched me in the face and she asked me if i needed an ice pack, but I was cool with that. Then, we all had a private meet and greet with her. I talked to her about my first concert experience seeing her and how Love Story was my first song I had heard from her. Taylor was so sweet and she let me hold her Grammy while we took a picture together. We shared hugs and that was that.

Now, 1 month later to the day, the memory of that night has never left me. This was a moment that I will never forget. Thank you Taylor & Taylor Nation for your generous hospitality in Nashville and I’m so grateful and honored to have been part of that amazing experience!