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Down the Rabbit Hole


Amy was always curious as a child, and it had always gotten her into quite a bit of trouble. But sadly, the world typically expects one to grow out of their childish curiosity by the time one gets to Amy’s age, but the young woman had never lost that spark.

That’s how she ended up falling down this rabbit hole.

It’s dark mostly except for the strange figures she sees in passing as she tumbles, head over heels down, down, down, and down until she stops. Amy sits up rubbing her head and wondering how she could’ve fallen quite this far without going splat, but she supposes she ought to just be pleasantly surprised she’s still alive.

Amy looks around the small room she’s found herself in and at the many, many doors she has to choose from that lead out of this little place where she’s busted an Amy-sized hole in the ceiling. After a while, she picks the one that tickles her fancy and steps through into a wonderful garden, all walled up with high stone walls that loom far above her head. The door clicks shut behind her, and when Amy reaches back to check it, she finds it locked.

“Oh bother,” she whispers to herself before moving on. There’s the pungent scent of rich earth and growing things, of flowers’ perfume and fresh, spring air. Amy follows an overgrown path to the heart of the garden where the flowers grow as big as trees and seem to watch her as she walks by underneath. After a while, she hears the faint sound of someone singing, and she slowly approaches a man garbed in blue sitting on a large mushroom and smoking from a pipe.

“Um, hello?” Amy calls up to him. “Can you help me? I’m afraid I’ve gotten myself lost.”

The singing man looks down at her, and Amy jumps when she realizes that his eyes are glowing blue. “Who are you?”

“I-I’m…” But Amy is so stunned that she cannot answer him.

“We’re you not listening, you dim-witted child? I said, who. Are. You?” The man asks, enunciating each word carefully as if Amy somehow did not hear his booming voice the first time.

“Well, I’m Amy Nelson. And just who are you?” she asks, crossing her arms over her chest in defiance.

The man, almost hidden through the blue smoke, glares down at her. “I am Google, and I guard this forest from stupid wanderers such as yourself who might get lost here.”

Amy glances around at the enormous flowers towering above her head. “A forest? It started out as a garden when I first got here… Tell me, Google, did the flowers get bigger? Or did I shrink?”

Google’s eyes flash. “Yes.”

Amy makes a face. “Well, that’s more than less than unhelpful.” She turns around and looks at the path she’s been following. After the young man’s mushroom, it breaks into several branching paths. “Google, which direction should I take if I want to find my way back home?”

His eyes flash again. “I’d suggest giving up now.”

“Oh! You’re completely useless!” Amy throws her hands in the air before placing them firmly on her hips and tapping her foot. “Fine. Just fine. I’ll find my own way, if that’s what it takes.”

“That’s what it takes,” Google tells her, monotone.

Amy gives Google one last glare over her shoulder before setting off down one of the pathways at random. Soon the garden turned forest becomes darker and darker until Amy can just barely see the path before her. It isn’t until she’s sure that she can’t take another step for fear of losing the path that she notices the glowing smile reflecting at her in the dark.

“Lose something?”

Amy gasps and takes a few steps away from the figure. “I-I seem to have lost my way. I’m trying to get home, you see, but the problem is, I have no idea how to get there.”

“Oh,” he steps closer, still evading Amy’s gaze as he says, “well, if you don’t know where you’re headed, then it really doesn’t matter which way you go!” Suddenly his face appears close to Amy’s, and she can see a face that looks much like Google’s, only his eyes aren’t glowing blue. They are framed by glasses. “Bim Trimmer, at your service, milady! How may I help you?”

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Hello! I had a dream today and I thought it would be cool if you could write a drablle about it lol it goes like this, Melody kissing Nathaniel for surprise even though she knows that he has a girlfriend, plus Candy sees them without knowing the entire context of the situation. (I love drama can you tell? lol) thank you for your time <3

I am sooooo sorry this took so long. I finally found time to write it up. I hope I did it justice. Please enjoy!

MCL: Melody’s Mistake

Nathaniel and Melody were going through some paperwork and reorganizing files per the principal’s request. They had stayed after school to complete the project, and it had been over two hours since the rest of the school cleared out. Nathaniel wanted to finish so he go home and feed White before talking to Candy on the phone. He would have liked to walk her home, but duty calls.

Melody was more than happy to spend time alone with Nathaniel, but she was still unnerved around him. Especially after the news came out of him and Candy dating. Melody was heart broken and angry and didn’t understand. It was eating away at her as they spent more time together, even though they weren’t talking much.

At this point they were nearing finishing the files and Melody took a deep breath and decided to ask him what she wanted know….what she needed to know.

Melody: “Nathaniel….”

Nathaniel: “Hmmm?”

He didn’t raise his head to look at her, staying focused as he rearranged papers in a stack.

Melody: “I need to know something…..why Candy?”

He stopped at this and looked up at her, somewhat confused.

Nathaniel: “What? What do you mean why Candy?”

Melody: “You’ve rejected me, but you chose Candy. Why?”

He gave her a somber look.

Nathaniel: “Melody….”

Her face contorted into something between annoyance and sadness.

Melody: “I need to know. Why do you like her? Is it her looks? How she gets so involved in other people’s business? What is it you like so much? I…I need to know! Why her and not me?”

Nathaniel: “Melody, I like everything about Candy. And this conversation is making me rather uncomfortable. You and I are friends…or at least we’re supposed to be…”

She kept looking at him, waiting for more. He sighed and gave in when he realized she wanted him to continue.

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