shes so small but shes like 5

How to Write Realistic kid!fic

I’ve been researching kid!fic on Ao3 to sort of figure out thresholds since my latest fic features a toddler. Inevitably, she pulls focus in the scenes she’s in, so I’ve been reading fics that feature kids to see how they balance it. However, in my research, I’ve discovered that most people have absolutely no idea how kids work. Especially until they’re about 5-6 years old. Might I offer some tips as a parent of a 5 year-old?

Infant Development Categories:

These are the categories development is measured that you have to consider differently throughout your child’s development. 

Social: how the kid responds people
Small motor: also called “fine motor” skills. Small muscle movements like reaching, grabbing, holding, etc. Dexterity and the like.
Large motor: big muscle groups. Walking, crawling, rolling over, lifting the head, etc.
Language: verbal expression. This is measured by how well the kid understands sometimes more than how well the kid can express. 

The First Year:

The first year of life is a Big Fucking Deal for kids. They develop more rapidly than almost any other time. Here’s a basic list (i.e. the big bullet points) of milestones, though keep in mind that most kids develop some skills early and others late. It’s all normal. Most kids even out and all hit “normal ranges” during their toddler years.

can stare at close objects/faces, turns head, cries when upset

starts to look for the source of sounds, stares at faces when spoken to, has distinguishing cries (different for bored, hungry, tired, soiled), responds to familiar voices

raises head, holds objects, bobble-head when held upright, smiles, begins to take notice of unfamiliar people/places

hand-eye coordination starts (reaching for stuff but missing), sits with proper support, can bear some weight on legs, laughs, babbles, rolls, can lift head well.

rolls from front to back, can sometimes grab things reached for, starts to play with/suck on own feet and hands, begins protesting food/toys being taken away, can differentiate between familiar people and strangers, starting to vocalize vowel sounds.

probable teething (chews and bites), has more complex vocalizations, can bear most weight on legs, can hold a bottle, can eat baby cereals, recognizes parents (as opposed to friends vs. strangers; they’ll know “who’s mama? who’s dada?” and the like)

can sit alone, bangs toys and other things, responds to name, babbles in imitation of language, develops taste preferences, can bear full weight.

may start to protest clothes, can stand holding on to furniture, can make more complex noises like “dada, mama,” understands simple commands like, “no,” but frequently won’t obey.

starts to develop left or right handedness, can pull to standing, starts to want to “help” with chores/shopping/cleaning.

learns object permanence, learns and says words with understanding (yes, no, bye, hi, mom, dad, toy, etc.), engages in shared play, recognizes favorite books and toys

can walk without assistance, can solve simple problems (like finding and digging a lost toy out from under the bed), begins the “terrible twos” (throwing tantrums or crying when frustrated, begins to sort toys by color/shape/design, etc.

begins to show clinginess when in new places, can walk holding hands, says a handful of words with meaning, can imitate familiar sounds that aren’t words (car engines, barking, meowing, etc.)

General Tips for Toddlers and Beyond:

The biggest thing to note is that socialization plays a huge role in development during the toddler years until school age. You will notice a HUGE difference in a 4-5 year-old who has been in daycare/preschool/whatever than a child who has been more socially isolated. Over time, these skills even out in school, but a kid who has not been socialized in pre-school or play groups will not be as emotionally mature or academically skilled as those who have. Children entering pre-school for the first time may be less skilled at conflict management, sharing, writing, counting, emotional control than children who have been in these settings since they were younger.

You SHOULD keep the kid you’re writing about ahead in some areas and behind in others. Every child is different. However, scale is key. Your 2 year old isn’t going to be reading Dante. Your 3 month-old isn’t going to be walking. However, your 5 month-old could be standing, and your 3 year-old could be reading some basic books alone.

When in doubt, there are a tons of resources on the internet. Look at them and gauge the skills your kid would have. Or ask a parent. You probably know a few here on Tumblr, at least. Most of us are more than willing to tell you if the kid in your fic is realistic or not. 

Final Words:

Remember that this is just a generalization. There’s a wide scale of normal, though most children fall onto the scale for most things. And this doesn’t touch at all on developmental delays, disabilities, genetic disorders, or anything else. However, there are thousands of resources easily found online for tips about those.

And as always, my askbox is always open if you have specific questions that I might be able to answer for you!
Bloomtale - Chapter 5 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 5 is up!!!  This one is long! I love long chapters ;D

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Small Feet

Request: “Could you do a Pan imagine were y/n is like 5 when she gets to Neverland and he treats her like his little girl and protects her and then he lets her go but she ends up coming back to the island and is older and he falls in love with her.”

“Sorry for taking so long with this, but here you go, hope you enjoy it!” - Tiger Lily. <3

Small Feet

Peter watched the shadow lower a small girl into the clearing. “It’s a girl.” He said and eyed the shadow which blue eyes sparkled. The girl dropped to the ground and landed on feet which were embraced by black shoes. She was wearing a purple dress, and she tried to steady herself on her short legs.
She grinned playfully and spun around to see her surroundings, Peter’s eyebrows shot up. He watched her with great interest. Felix came into the clearing. “What…” He gawped. “Oh my, she’s so cute!” He squealed and jumped forward to lift her up. Peter watched her y/c/h dance when Felix spun her around and she giggled when he settled her down again, eyes gleaming.
Peter went over to her and kneeled down in front of her. “Hello, Love.” He said while smiling, looking up at her.

   “Hello…” She replied with a cheeky smile and Peter chuckled, his green eyes twinkling.

   “Welcome to Neverland,” Peter said and held out a hand. “My little lost girl.”

Her name was y/n. She was absolutely adorable and the lost boys treated her like a princess. Whenever you saw Peter you saw her come walking hand in hand with him and he showed her all the beautiful places in Neverland, even some of the scary ones, loving how she clung herself to his leg when she felt scared. Felix got the honor of taking care of her when Peter had other things to do. He taught her how to read, which Peter actually wasn’t that good at, and helped her braid flowers into her hair. Peter joined in, but it always ended up with the two boys staring at the mess they have made of her hair and then they tried to find a way to fix it. Once it ended up with them having to give her a haircut. They found out that short hair suited her, it went to her chin and Peter found joy in ruffling it up.

The day came when she missed her parents dearly, and Peter watched her cry into his lap with a pained expression as he realized that meant he would have to take her home. He grabbed her small hands in that moment and looked into her y/c eyes and bit his lip. “Promise me something then, y/n. Promise to come back when you’re older, when you feel ready for more adventures, you come back to me.”

 Y/n had smiled and cupped Peter’s face with her hands. “I promise.”

Years passed and Peter spent his days remembering his little girl and feeling lonely whenever he sat on his bed in the morning, remembering how she had run in too early and awoken him. Though as about 10 years in the other world’s time passed, he had forgotten her face only remembering the color of her eyes and her hair and slightly remembering her voice. Peter was currently walking with Felix, talking through some more serious matters when suddenly a lost boy came running down the path.

   “Why are you running this fast, Curly?” Peter asked with a raised brow, he and Felix watching the boy catch his breath.

   “A girl…” He got out through pants. “The shadow… has brought… a girl… to-” he inhaled deeply. “To Neverland.” Then he collapsed and Felix grabbed him. “Oh god…” Curly gasped and looked up at Peter but found his sight empty of him. “Wait. Where did he go?”

 Felix looked up at saw only jungle around him. “I have a feeling of who the girl might be.” He said and stood letting go of Curly who fell to the ground with a bump.


Peter froze in the spot when he entered the camp and saw a tall girl with now long y/c hair and a nervous smile on her pink lips. It was her. It was y/n. She had come back to him.

   “Princess?” Felix asked breathlessly when he entered the clearing as well, looking at her with a surprised expression.

 The girl smiled. “I’m back.” She said and opened her arms. Felix ran over and wrapped his arms around her, spinning her around in circles like he did when she arrived, this time with a small grunt since she was much heavier than she was when only 5. He set her down and grinned down at her. “You look beautiful, y/n.” He said and turned around to face Peter who had come closer. He kneeled down like he had done before and y/n chuckled.

   “Welcome home, y/n, my little lost girl.” He said with a crooked smile.

   “I am not little anymore, Peter.” She replied and embraced him with a gleeful laugh.

Y/n had now been there for 14 days and Peter and she had spent a lot of time together like they always did, something was just different when he took her to the scary places of Neverland and she held his hand when she was scared. Something was just different when he took her on a flight above the island holding her hand and looking at her beautiful smiling face.
Peter felt something that he had never done before, and he felt slightly nervous whenever she came close. One evening 5 days later they lay in a clearing amongst flowers and looking up at the red, orange and purple sky, Peter felt the urge to hold her hand and he frowned as he tried to figure out what he was feeling.

   “Peter.” Y/n spoke and Peter turned his head to look at her, she was very close. “Is something wrong?”

 Peter wanted to say yes, but he wasn’t too sure about how he would explain what was wrong after saying yes so he just smiled and told her no.

 Instead y/n looked up at the sky, seeing stars appear clear now. “Well… for me there is something, different.” She said and eyed him nervously, but she looked away when he turned to look at her. “I feel something different.”

 Peter pushed himself up in a sitting position and also a little away from her. Her words scared him. “What do you feel differently about?” He asked and she sat up as well, trying to move closer but he stood up and stepped back.

 Y/n stood up as well and looked at him with a pained expression. “You.”

 Peter looked down at his hands. His stomach felt weird.
  “Listen, Peter, it’s alright if you do not feel the same about me.”

   “What do you call this feeling, you say?” Peter muttered, still not looking at her.

   “Love.” She said with a frown and she eyed him nervously.

   “Then I think… I feel love too.” Peter looked up at her and watched her y/c eyes reflect the evening sky, a small smile appearing on her beautiful face. She chuckled and he did too, both just looking at each other.

 At the edge of the clearing stood Felix and Curly. “What is love?” Curly asked and Felix looked down at him.

   “Something good…” He muttered. “Something great.”


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Tiger Lily. <3


outlander meme: [4/5] episodes

Faith (2x07)

She was beautiful. So small. I could cup her head in the palm of my hand. The ears stuck out just a little. You could see the light through them. And the light through her skin as well. Like the light on a pearl that’s still wet from the sea. Her eyes were closed. No lashes yet. They were slanted a bit, like yours. She had wisps of the most… beautiful copper hair.
The weight of what has happened here is… too much for any one of us to bear alone. The only way we can live with it is to carry it… together.

Chew the crunchiest foods with your mouth open? Scream on speaker phone every day? I hope you enjoy my new keyboard

This one is short, but sweet.  My office is set up to be nice and open.  We are a small office, consisting of 5 people.  My co-worker, who sits closest to me, has the manners of a wild animal.  She never washes her hands, doesn’t cover her mouth when she sneezes, and makes all of the doorknobs smell like cigarettes from her chain smoking.  The worst of her offenses is her noise level.  She talks to her obnoxiously loud daughter every single day on facetime, for at least 20 minutes.  Her daughter and grandchildren live in Scotland so Facetime it is… on speaker.  Those disgusting creatures (daughter included) will belch, fart, scream, laugh, for the entire chat.  They need some Gas-x in their lives.  I have asked her to go outside to talk because I can’t hear my clients, but she said it is too hot and there is nowhere else to talk other than her desk.  Aside from her conversations, my co-worker also chews the crunchiest foods with her mouth open.  Her mouth sounds as though someone is trying to cheese grate rocks.  We have to deal with these things because she has worked here for 30 years and the boss loves her.  She is also a diligent worker bee.    

My revenge is simple.  I went to Frys (local electronic store) and found a new mechanical keyboard.  Now when she answers her phone, or eats her concrete chips, I start mashing away.  CLICK CLACK CLICKITY CLACK CLACK.  I think the negative reinforcement training is working   because today she went to her car to talk to her daughter.  She came back up drenched in sweat.  Success!

edit:  A lot of people think I smell the actual doorknob… I do not.  The smell is transferred to my hand when I open the door.  Sometimes I forget to wash my hand after, and get a nasty whiff when I go to push my glasses up, or scratch my face.  

“I liked Marie. She was taller than most men, proud as a cat, and spoke at least four languages. Many of Imre’s musicians did their best to mimic the latest fashion, hoping to blend in with the nobility, but Marie wore road clothes. Pants you could do a day’s work in, boots you could use to walk twenty miles.

I don’t mean to imply she wore homespun, mind you. She just had no love for fashion or frippery. Her clothes were obviously tailored for her, close fitting and flattering. Tonight she wore burgundy and brown, the colors of her patron, the Lady Jhale.” WMF ch. 5

ok Marie is such a small character, she’s mentioned basically once. But I love her. So I drew her. Also I imagine her playing kind of like lindsey stirling, super happy and having fun, dancing and stuff x

anyways ive been trying to practice in more of a comic-ish style since i normally do like, fine art. so on a whim decided to draw her since she deserves more recognition as an awesome character, (who once knocked a man out for calling her ‘that mouthy fiddler bitch’)

let me tell you a story about my good friend @frostedpuffs

Third(?) day of college french class, i’m hangin out and i hear some ppl talking about Miraculous Ladybug. Being the huge nerd I am, I go talk too. There’s this one girl talkin’ bout plagg. So i’m like “hm, i am an art person. I will do her the art.” So i do it, I do the art. Very small and quick but still the art of plagg. I walk over and give it to her and she’s like ‘oh how cute!’ and we get to talkin. so i’m like ‘hey u got tumblr?’ and she’s like ‘yea im’ frostedpuffs’. and this, my friends, is where i take a minute to reflect on my life choices. i have just given a crummy 5 second doodle to my art/fic idol for ML. someone i’ve been following for A YEAR. i do the suffer. 

but in reality she’s a super nice person and a hUGE NERD and honestly i’m so glad that I did the bad art thing b/c she’s one of my best friends and she makes school tolerable. we go on ridiculous adventures (i am the driving/car friend in our friend group) and do stupid crap and all around have a great time. so shoutout to one of the best people in my life, ty for brightening it with ur existence and being willing to be my friend.

anonymous asked:

ok so realistically, what are the top 10 things you would want to see in season 4? like small moments or big plots

whaT A BIG QUESTION for my tiny irrelevant ass

1. noora being happy because she’s supported and loved by her friends, particularly noora calling/talking to/just chilling with eva after all the SHIT she’s been through it’s the least she deserves

2. vilde getting help with her eating disorder

3. sana being sweet and pure and caring + sana being badassy

4. some kind of resolution regarding emma larzon outing isak?? that was shitty

5. chris making the girls laugh

6. even

7. the boy squad supporting each other

8. evak holding hands/cuddling/being domestic

9. even and linn hanging out

10. eskild interacting with everyone

(This wouldn’t all fit in an ask so I decided to submit it even though there’s no anon option. Fun Fact: I’m the anon with the bad anxiety so hi! (Also I don’t know how that’s a fun fact but it sounded good so I’ll stop rambling now))

Okay so imagine one night their daughter (she’s like 5/6 or so) wakes up and leaves her room to sneak into her parents to discover Joker laying on the couch watching TV because he can’t sleep so she makes it her mission to get him to fall asleep. She brings him a pillow and her favorite blanket and stuffed animal and tucks him in. When that doesn’t work she gets him a glass of warm milk (that J has to heat up because she’s too small to reach the microwave and he doesn’t want her hurting herself). She tucks him back in and he drinks the milk but it still doesn’t work. She gets frustrated and is all “time to bring out the big guns” and runs to her room to fetch her storybook and reads to him (aka kind of making up parts of the story she can’t remember from memory) and she ends up falling asleep on him and J cuddles her and ends up finally falling asleep that’d be SO CUTE :3


awwwwww @islandofmysfittoys that is so adorable! definitely something she would do, she’s a very determined little thing and hellbent on getting her way just like her parents. thank you for sharing this!

Also thank you for the anxiety request, it really meant a lot for me to write and I’m sure it meant a lot to others to read.

Lucia and Rafael Barba

Lucia is sick of her handsome son being single!

“So,” Barba rolled his eyes, knowing the question that was coming. “Have you met anyone?” She asked.

“Mami.” He sighed.

“Anybody catch your eye?” She asked looking around the small cafe they chose for brunch. “Women? Men?” She asked crossing her arms at his frown.

“No.” He replied flatly.

“Okay, well, I have met a very nice lady around the block from the school.” His mother smiled. “She is a college professor for anthropology, divorced, no kids, she likes to read, likes vanilla latte’s according to her order at the coffee shop, very pretty, about 5 foot maybe six inches in heels, and brunette, she’s very pretty.” She paused.

“However, I also met this nice man, he is quite handsome.” Rafael huffed, but let her go on. “He was in a relationship about 6 months ago, but now he’s happily single. He is blonde and tall probably 6 foot! He is a general practitioner and owns his own practice. He likes to cook and enjoys old movies, musicals, Opera.”

Rafael was always amazed at how much his mother could find out about people. She would dig and dig until she gained all the information she wanted.

“He likes hikes, the outdoors.” Rafael scoffed. “Hey, you should get out more.”

“Mami, I am perfectly fine enjoying my office and work alone.” He replied as the waitress walked up to the table with their food. She gave the usual spiel about asking if they needed everything and enjoy the food. She turned around–

“Excuse me.” Rafael covered his face. “Isn’t my son handsome?” His mother asked and she looked uncomfortable.

“Mami.” He hissed.

“Well?” She asked and Rafael watched as she gazed at him. He was about to tell her she didn’t have to answer.

“Well, yes, he’s very attractive, but I am engaged, so–”

“That’s wonderful! Good for you! Thank you.” The waitress smiled awkwardly and flicked an apologetic look towards Rafael. “See Rafi, she’s young and going to be happily married and you are going to be alone, so you need to find someone!”    

“I am just fine, so thank you, but I will be–”

“Ugh! Rafael Barba I am going to set you up!” She exclaimed stabbing her fork into the omelet on her plate.

Lily Evans Headcanon

We don’t have a canon height for her (and if we actually do then this is an AU) so imagine:

  • Super short Lily Evans.
  • Like 5 feet tall.
  • And let’s say James is around 6 feet.
  • It’s basically the best:
  • James losing Lily in crowds because she’s the height of an average-sized child, and he often has to result in shouting “EVANS” as loud as he can.
  • He usually finds her immediately b/c even though she’s tiny that in no way means that her voice is tiny. And damn, could her responding shout of “POTTER!” wake the the dead (and deafen a small crowd of people).
  • She’s so small, but she has a ferocious temper.
  • She curses like a sailor, and she scolds the boys (mostly Sirius and James) until their ears ring.
  • If you piss her off then you are in for it. B/c she is so scary when she’s angry. She’s smart, and quick, and loud and her red hair looks like fire. Her tongue is so sharp that it would probably be more effective than a knife in a fight (but she can also throw a decent punch (and she has…at James and Sirius…multiple times).
  • She and Sirius fight a lot actually:
  • It’s the playful sort of fighting: sometimes teasingly over James, sometimes b/c Sirius took Lily’s hairbrush or something like that, sometimes because Sirius wasn’t thinking and accidentally did something mean or rude.
  • And they’re both so evenly matched b/c they can curse like they don’t have any other words in their vocabulary, and they can string together sharp, biting remarks at a moment’s notice (though Remus is still better than both of them at the latter).
  •  And in things like snowball or pillow fights they are BRUTAL to each other (”Flower, I am going to crush you.” “You can try, Sirius Black, but magic like that doesn’t even happen for wizards.”)
  • But also: Giant Sirius Black always having Tiny Lily Evan’s back. Him yelling at people for calling her a mudblood and shielding her when creeps walk by. He knows that she’s strong and that she can protect herself, but he knows that some people are just plain mean and nasty, and he would rather be there for her (oh, their friendship, I’m gonna have to do something on that later I think).
  • He’s also the one who either A: parts the crowd so she can walk through/get to the front or B: Carries her on his shoulders
  • (Both tactics are very useful for Quidditch games when she can’t see over people’s heads).
  • James gives her piggyback rides though, and she wraps her arms around his neck, and he just marvels at how light she is.
  • (And then her long hair gets in his face and the novelty wears off, but they’re both laughing so it doesn’t really matter).
  • And James has to lean down to kiss her, and she has to stand on her tiptoes to reach him (sometimes he picks her up instead).
  • James dancing with her: it involves lots of dips and him picking her up and spinning her around while her hair whips everywhere.
  • Him teasingly using her as an armrest.
  • Tiny Lily wearing one of James’ shirts, and it’s basically a dress on her. 
  • Or her wearing one of his sweaters, and the sleeves are waaaay too long for her hands, but she doesn’t mind b/c it’s so big, and comfy, and warm.
  • Lily being the best for cuddling b/c she’s just a little ball of warmth and she fits next to you so perfectly that you don’t even feel cramped (James smiling as she falls asleep with her head on his chest. He runs his fingers through his hair, eyes soft as he listens to her light, bubbling snores)
  • Lily climbing onto the counters when she needs to reach something in the kitchen, and James smirking as he watches her. (Cue Lily shooting a murderous glare in his direction)
  • And her feet barely graze the ground when she’s sitting in chairs, and she can never, ever, reach anything on shelves. (Remus is usually nice enough to help her get things down)
  • Lily looking so innocent and tiny, and then destroying you without a second glance.
  • Lily at her wedding with a cute little tiptoed kiss between her and James, and then him sweeping her+her mass of dress up and pressing his lips to hers. Their slow-dance being adorably awkward b/c of the height difference. (And then Sirius cutting her in and whisking her into something with lots of twirling and jumping)
  • Just Lily being short, and adorable, and badass, yes please
  • Also, Sirius seeing her small, limp body on the floor. The vivid reminder of how young she is and how much she’s lost. Him seeing the woman that he respected and loved torn down into a fragile little girl, dead at the age of 21. And him breaking into tears for a second time because she was so young and pure, and their friend (Peter) tore it all away.
Chew the crunchiest foods with your mouth open? Scream on speaker phone every day?

This one is short, but sweet. My office is set up to be nice and open. We are a small office, consisting of 5 people. My co-worker, who sits closest to me, has the manners of a wild animal. She never washes her hands, doesn’t cover her mouth when she sneezes, and makes all of the doorknobs smell like cigarettes from her chain smoking. The worst of her offenses is her noise level. She talks to her obnoxiously loud daughter every single day on facetime, for at least 20 minutes. Her daughter and grandchildren live in Scotland so Facetime it is… on speaker. Those disgusting creatures (daughter included) will belch, fart, scream, laugh, for the entire chat. They need some Gas-x in their lives. I have asked her to go outside to talk because I can’t hear my clients, but she said it is too hot and there is nowhere else to talk other than her desk. Aside from her conversations, my co-worker also chews the crunchiest foods with her mouth open. Her mouth sounds as though someone is trying to cheese grate rocks. We have to deal with these things because she has worked here for 30 years and the boss loves her. She is also a diligent worker bee.

My revenge is simple. I went to Frys (local electronic store) and found a new mechanical keyboard. Now when she answers her phone, or eats her concrete chips, I start mashing away. CLICK CLACK CLICKITY CLACK CLACK. I think the negative reinforcement training is working because today she went to her car to talk to her daughter. She came back up drenched in sweat. Success!


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Here’s my lady knight, Anaïs. She’s 6′5″, looks like Scully, and is super french. She’s also a lesbian who favors small and super girly ladies ;0 I don’t draw her very much, which is a crime because I love her so much. Im out of school for a bit, so if you got any lesbian characters, send me a ref and I might draw some romantic stuff between them and my baby~ (no nsfw tho lol)