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“Men #42 with Taehyung x reader( romantic relationship Please?” 

#42: It’s always going to be her 

Al toque prro, te amo men <3 Esta bien pinche CORTOOOOOOO but, es lo que hay. 

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Taehyung loved you, every each part of you. Your thin pretty lips, your small hands, your voice, your laugh, everything. 

Jungkook could see how worried Taehyung was, the maknae gets frustrated because of Taehyung he is always crying for you, ‘where’s Y/N? Is she okay? Why isn’t she taking my calls back?’ He was looking at Taehyung’s eyes, Jungkook couldn’t understand why Taehyung was like that when your name appeared, the way he talks and worried about you. You were Taehyung’s girlfriend, nothing important, or so Jungkook thought. He was trying to figure out why the hell someone could ever want a girlfriend.

He stood in front of Taehyung, with his forehead frowned and with a grimace of disgust on his lips, he took his phone of the bed and point to the hour.

-She was sleeping duh! For god’s sake the time difference Taehyung! – The maknae yelled at his friend. Jungkook, Taehyung and the other members of BTS were in a world tour, obviously his time it’s not the same as yours. – This annoys the hell out of me, seriously. Stop it now. – Now, Taehyung was the only one looking at the maknae’s eyes. – I don’t get why all of you wants girlfriends, they are annoying, and you should just put attention on our job, BTS, not them. It’s just fucking annoying. –

- What are you talking about Jungkook? Y/N?  

- Yes! I’m talking about your girlfriend and Yoongi’s, it just annoys me that you are talking with her on the phone instead of practicing or doing something for the band. – He seemed like a kid when he sat on the bed with his arms closed. Taehyung laughed, and sat beside the maknae. –

- Look Jungkook I have something to tell you., -

-  No, I have something to tell you. - Jungkook turned to see Taehyung, in a way that made Taehyung lose sight of the immature boy that Jungkook seemed to be. – The best thing you and Yoongi could do now, it’s braking up with those girls, they are wasting your time. Focus on us, nothing more. –

-  You know I can’t do that Jungkook, you know how much I love Y/N and Yoongi loves..- Jungkook jumped from the bed, cutting Taehyung from his talk.

- You are such an idiot Taehyung, for fucking god’s sake, you are famous you can get any girl you want, there are tons of girls better than Y/N, and you just have to smile at them to have ‘em in your hands. –

Tae had to accept that what Jungkook said upset him. How could Jungkook speak so of Y/N? Taehyung tried not to get angry with the maknae, instead, he is the one who got up and stared looking into Jungkook’s eyes.

- I’m not going to get mad at you Jungkook, you are my friend and I love you. I know I can get fucking annoying when Y/N it’s with us, or when she doesn’t take my calls back. But understand this Jungkook, It’s always going to be her .. Do not repeat what you said.

 Taehyung took his phone and walked out of the hotel room, leaving Jungkook without any word to say back at him.

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The White Dress.

This story is about my friends MIL, and her wedding. Strap in guys, this is a wild ride in which I did THE THING that got me banned from any of her family functions. (Plus a few threats of dismemberment and bodily harm)

A good friend of mine from university was getting married! They had been a couple since Junior year of college, through her 2 years in the peace corps and currently her return to this continent. 6 years in total. She had been to all manner of family functions and always came back with a strange story about how she thinks her MIL secretly hates her. But she being a very quiet and sweet person pushed those thoughts aside.

Point 1: She is vegetarian and jewish, husband is not. She was invited and went to Christmas dinner and figured she would just eat sides, as well she brought a vegetarian casserole. MIL, after knowing her for THREE years, and being told by husband a few weeks before about not to forget friend doesn’t eat meat…proceeded to put meat in every dish. Friend drank water and ate her casserole the whole night while MIL cried to everyone that friend was so rude for not eating her cooking.

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a friendly reminder that no matter how many bad books we read there’ll always be soc a.k.a the true masterpiece of our time which is like a safe blanket for murder babies and you can throw it over your head and pretend you’re on your way to a big heist or smth equally dangerous (but exciting) :’) and while you’re dreaming of $$$kruge$$$ you might also wanna remember that soc has:

- a bi poc character who didn’t dance around the term hgtawm style and pull some lame explanation out of his ass ala ‘it’s complicated’ but he actually said ‘not just girls’ so yeah confirmed bi poc who’s a KNOWN flirt and everybody praises him for it instead of mocking/shunning him honestly what did we do to deserve jesper fahey
- a disabled gang leader who’s literally thE BADDEST BARREL BOSS TO EVER WALK THE STREETS OF KETTERDAM caw caw bitches (he also has severe ptsd, panic attacks, suffers from traumatic flashbacks and experiences nausea and all kinds of ptsd symptoms everytime he (even accidentally) touches someone but does that limit or stop him in any way?? HELL NO MOFOS here comes kaz brekker with his crow cane and he’s about to whoop some ass better beware)
- a beautiful, amazing, talented, showstopping, spectacular, never the same woc who is basically?? everyone’s treasure, heart, love, most cherished person ever, role model, etc. etc. and it’s only right tbh inej ghafa owns my entire heart and i’d gladly give it to her over and over again if that would make her smile. she’s been sold into slavery (mentions/hints of prostitution which only adds to her bravery and strength thank you very much) when she was 14 but she managed to leave the past behind her and remain INCREDIBLY kind and humble despite all the shit she’s been through?? there is no character i adore, respect and love more than inej (okay maybe there is and inej calls her sankta alina b y e)
- a CANONICALLY. FAT. FEMALE CHARACTER WHO’S JUST!!! AMAZING. BREATHTAKING. HEART-STOPPING (literally). a true inspiration to us all who was also held captive when she was younger, trained by the mighty (goddess on earth) zoya nazyalensky, held captive again - this time by a gross ass, fanatic ass fjerdan nazi soldier/leader and lemme tell you she didn’t even lose her appetite. BOI she wasn’t even fazed. she couldn’t find a single fuck to give & she was determined to move on but she was plagued by guilt so she came back to save/help the boy who helped HER so she’s not just a pretty face and she’s so?? badass and smart and funny and fierce and she’s so fucking PROUD of every roll and curve on her body i could actually cry?? nina zenik, an actual muse for young girls/readers. nina zenik, life & wife goals
- a smol (very smol but also kind of a sinnamon roll tbqh? he aspires to be one anyway) angelic boy who comes from a TERRIBLY abusive home bc his father is an actual piece of shit and humiliated him all his life bc wylan couldn’t read. well guess what joke’s on van eck senior bc my boy, my CANONICALLY GAY SON, is smarter than him and his entire sorry lot and he’s gonna take over the world one day, you just wait. also just wants to make things go boom boom POW (usually regarding explosives but also applies to jesper a.k.a THE MOST PERFECT, CARING, WONDERFUL BF EVER)
- a big yellow tulip also known as matthias helvar. so matthias is that boy who helped nina escape the clutches of his scary boss and he’s the actual literal embodiment of the grumpy cat. but!!! he undergoes the biggest character development of all imo bc he manages to change for the better (bit by bit, brick by brick) and let me tell you that’s COMMENDABLE. like listen this is a young man who’s been brainwashed into hating everything nina & the rest of kaz’s merry band of misfits stand for. he’s been taught nothing but hate hate and more hate and he manages to turn his back on those prejudices and he opened up so much and we got to see so much more of him in ck and we learned that he’s super kind and sweet and giving, and he’s so pure and wonderful and amazing. he also loves nina zenik A LOT which is smth i can get behind and relate to 100000%
- last but not least kuwei, who’s not ~an official~ member of kaz’s vip club (pity pity pity) but. he’s a gay poc (asian!!! the same as tamar&tolya from tgt so please don’t whitewash him, it’s unacceptable) who’s sassy but kind of laid back at the same time and his favourite pastime is to just chill in the back and pretend he’s not listening/doesn’t know the lingo but guess what?? boy is like an international spy bc he understands more than he lets on. he also lost his father (which kind of turned him into a living prize bc everybody wanted him for his knowledge & chemistry skills, like he could probably cook up a deadly virus in three minutes if he was feeling inspired that day - which never happened but still. it’s good to have options) and yet never complained about anything and he just let that drama unroll like 👀👂 I HATE DRAMA 🎧🔍📝 overall deserved better

Searingly Sweet (Marichat/Adrienette)

What do you do when one of paris’ most superlatively handsome heros comes knocking on your balcony door? You would panic first, right? Like, what does he want; why is he here; should I prepare something? Any and all those thoughts might run through your head I’m guessing. But what does Marinette Dupain-Cheng do when a certain leather-clad feline comes a knocking?

She gets pissed…cause duh, right?

And it wasn’t even like she was pissed at him exactly. It was more just that he happened to appear at the apex of her shitty day. Every single client the 23 year old had that afternoon was completely and utterly shitty human beings. And she gets it, a lot of schools in the area were picking up the american custom of having end of the year dances, for socializing and shit. But if she had to hear another shitty 17 year old complain about how the applique on her dress doesn’t absolutely “shimmer” in the moonlight and how the dress doesn’t make her ASS look like that american rapper Nicki Minaj’s (Which by the way if you’re gonna use french in your stage name PICK A REAL FRENCH WORD). She was ACTUALLY going to cut someone.

So it wasn’t his fault that he happened to knock on the balcony door to her apartment. Also wasn’t his fault that she happened to be in the middle of her 3rd alteration of the SAME dress at the time. But that didn’t stop her from viciously slamming open her door, rage blazing in her eyes.

“WHAT?” She roared

Her attitude instantly vanished, however, as Chat Noir collapsed into her arms. She grabbed onto his waist to keep him upright but his harsh hiss kept her hands at bay. She felt a wetness on her hand, it wasn’t raining out so it couldn’t be good. She looked down and sure enough Chat had contracted a sizeable cut above his hip and in different places along his torso.

“Holy shit!” was all she could really comment “Adrien, what happened!?”

They had long since found out each other’s identity. 21st birthdays mixed with intimate truth or dare and too many margaritas will do that kind of thing to you. But the lucky part was that nothing ever really changed for them. If anything, it made their civilian lives that much easier. Now, if anything went wrong they knew exactly where to go for safety.

Guess this was one of those times huh?

“Mari” Chat groaned out pitifully, body slumped over her petite frame

She didn’t allow him to say anything else as she carefully helped him onto the couch. She laid him down gently and rushed to get a bowl and some cool water. Returning back he didn’t look too good, hair matted from sweat and eyes squeezed shut in pain. She gingerly picked up his head and laid it in her lap. She pressed the wet cloth to his biggest cut and pressed down, shushing him softly to soothe his pain.

She looked into his eyes for an explanation “What happened? Was it a really bad akuma?”. Her heart only sank as he remained silent.

“Oh god it was, wasn’t it? Fuck, if I wasn’t so swamped with work I could’ve been there for you. You wouldn’t be like this. Adrien I’m so sorry” He lifted his hand and gently stroked her cheek. A gentle smile graced his features and she felt like bursting into tears that very moment.

“Please don’t cry, Mari” He said, his voice warmer than a summer’s breeze “I didn’t lose to an akuma. Just to a very old cat and a very sturdy tree.”

At first it didn’t click, she was far too wrapped up in her guilt ridden emotions. But then, ever so slowly, the words sunk in further and further

“Could you say that again for me please?” She said a little too sweetly “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly”

“Oh! I just said that these cuts are from me saving a pretty old cat from a tree” He scratched his head bashfully “old beast was not too appreciative and scratched me up pretty good and the tree kinda finished the job”

She stood up abruptly, knocking chat off the couch and onto the floor.

“Noooo” Chat whined as she stormed off “Don’t leave me here to perish in the cold!”

A blanket, quite unceremoniously, pelted him in the face “BUNDLE UP BITCH”

“Someone’s got their chiffon in a knot” He pouted “what? You missed your monthly ‘designer’s digest’ issue?”

Marinette sat back on the couch wordlessly, only speaking to ask him to drop his transformation so she could patch him up. Her speech was so…professional that he dropped it immediately, worried that he might’ve pushed her buttons a little too hard.

“Hey Mari, you know I was only kidding right?” this silent treatment was a bit of a first for him, he hadn’t meant to offend her, only poke at her a little “I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. I really am sorry”

He tried putting on his best sad face, nudging his head into her in the hopes that it’d melt her heart enough to forgive him. She sighed and put his head back into her lap.

“I’m not mad chat.” She said, preparing a disinfectant cloth “there’d be no point in that”

He breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn’t totally convinced but at least she wasn’t gonna kick him out of the house

“That being said, you tear up the shirt I made you. Sooooo, you deserve this entirely”

Adrien’s eyes shot open wide as a stinging, searing pain shot through his whole side. He moved to shoot up in his seat but, surprisingly, Marinette was pretty strong and held him down, giggling the entire time. A disinfectant cloth slapped to the cut would teach him a lesson or two


“I know right? You must be so sorry for playing with my emotions and tearing up that shirt aren’t you?”


“That’s interesting cause, see, that doesn’t sound like an ‘I’m sorry’ to me”


“And you’re still screaming. I do have neighbors you know”

Adrien gritted his teeth as he tried to bear the burning sensation traveling all through his body “I’m sorry for tearing up the shirt and playing with your emotions even though I did nothing of the sort

She pressed down on the cut harder


She took pity on his poor soul and finally released him. He rolled back onto the floor and scattered away behind her curtains


Marinette was hardly perturbed “1.) I checked the bottle before-hand it was gonna sting regardless of what I did and 2.) you still have like 8 more lives, you’re fine”

Adrien was now in full pout mode “I’m not an actual cat you know. The american phrase ‘YOLO’ does actually apply to me”

“You’re so dramatic” she laughed. Scooting over on the furthest side of the couch, she stretched out her arms to lure him back to the sofa. He turned from her, refusing to even acknowledge her offer.

“Oh come on, kitty. I still have to wrap up your other cuts before they get infected”

He wrapped the curtains further up on his body “Better than dying from the shock of the pain!”

She rolled her eyes “I promise I’ll be gentler this time. And, I’ll make sure to tell you when the sting is coming”

He eyed her cautiously, coming out from behind the curtains and inching closer “I want free cuddles the rest of the night”

She sighed “fine, whatever you want”. It was like telling him he’d won the lotto, his perfect white teeth gleaming in a cheshire like grin. Adrien tossed himself on the couch, instantly slipping up her body and snuggling closely to her chest.

“You are so unbelievably spoiled you know”

“You know I think I can still feel the pain of the disinfectant. I wonder why?”

She laughed warmly and let him stay there for a while.

There was no way to really describe the relationship they had. On the one hand they were definitely friends; they had the occasional coffee meet-up with Alya and Nino, popped in on one another if they had a bad day and, duh, saved one another from certain death every now and again. They could go out and see other people, sure, but then they did things like this. Cuddle times where they just stayed silent and share body heat, sleeping in the same bed because one couldn’t be bothered to stay up enough to make the trek home, and even spending whole weekends just vegging out at home watching Totally Spies reruns on TV. It was a weird set up but if you asked Marinette if she would change anything, not a single second would be unmissed.

“Ok mon minou, let’s get you patched up before I have to clean your blood off my couch…again”

He begrudgingly agreed and left her warm hold, sitting with legs crossed and patiently awaited her medical care. She returned back with her famous “Chat almost died today” first aid kit and something thin and white sticking out from between her lips. It caught the blonde’s attention and his feline instincts began to flare up again. Nevertheless, he sat still,only moving to remove his shirt and give her space to wrap his body in bandages.

“There, all done” She said, ever so slightly proud of her work “You were a very good patient this time around kitty. Usually you’re so squirmish”

Even as she scritched his favorite spot behind his ear adrien still couldn’t get his mind off of whatever was occupying his lady’s mouth

“Uh Adrien? You ok?” She said waving a hand in front of his eyes. He blinked back to reality and smiled apologetically

“Sorry Mari guess I’m a little distracted” He laughed nervously. She shrugged it off as no big deal and left to warm up some leftovers for him.

Adrien watched her with childlike curiosity, he didn’t wanna be a real bother to her but it killed him not knowing what it was that was in her mouth. Even still, he hesitated on bringing it up, choosing instead to stuff his face with honey mustard glazed chicken and pasta.

It was maybe 20 minutes into their third episode when Adrien just stretched himself out flat onto her lap. She remarked on his keen ability to make “make himself at home” but it only went in one ear and out another as he watched her cheek poke out with the offending object.

He poked it

She switched it to the other side

He poked it again

She sat it in the middle while looking at him with a strange look on her face

He didn’t even notice as his long fingers kept poking around her face, expecting to flush it out from behind her lips

“Adrien!” She commanded, swatting his hands away “Will you please stop tha-”

“My lady, what is in your mouth?”

The question came out so abruptly that it caught her completely by surprise. She blinked confusedly at him. There was not a hint of joking attitude in his eyes so she took it out.

“It’s just a lollipop. See?” she placed it back over her tongue, sucking on it hard “Nothing special. Cherry flavor I think”

Adrien didn’t exactly know what to feel. Yes, he got the answer he’d been looking for but, at the same time, a cherry lollipop? Really?

“Why didn’t you say you got one?” He fussed

“Why do you care? Kitty, it’s just candy”

He didn’t really have a witty retort to that so he kept silent, rolling over in her lap and facing the TV. Marinette assumed he’d finally gave up so she settled back in her seat.

“I want one”

She groaned, rubbing her temples soothingly

“No, Kitty you may not have one”

Adrien poked out his bottom lip “Why not, you have one”

“Ok, And?”

“Where do you keep them?”

“If I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret stash would it?”

He almost took offense to that “Why would you keep it a secret from me? Do you not trust me?”

“To not eat all my candy without me knowing? No”

“I’d replace it”

“Adrien the last time you ‘replaced’ my candy stash it ended up being more expensive than my rent”

He pulled her into a face squishing hug “Maaari let me have one”

She struggled to push away him away, he was stupidly strong when he wants something “No dammit let me go!”

Adrien finally released her and suddenly stood up. If she didn’t know any better she would’ve assumed that she got the hint. But, sadly, she did and, without remorse, glared him down.

“Chaton, don’t you fucking dare”

He shot out of the living room and into the bedroom down the hall. She chased after him, knowing exactly where he was going and for what. Just as she suspected, Adrien was making quick work of her room, sifting between the sheets and crawling beneath the bed.

“Quit it you fucking sugar addict!”

“Let me have my fix and I will!”


“Then the hunt continues!”

Her room was becoming an utter mess. Clothes were being tossed everywhere, it was like a horror movie. She forced him into a corner to maybe try and talk things out somewhat civilly but the blonde bastard just carefully scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, breaking out from the corner to just fuck up her room even more.

They were on the floor now, huffing and wheezing as they tried to catch their breath. Adrien looked everywhere, the sheets, under the bed, in the closet. He even took the ultimate risk and went through her drawers (The kick to his gut proved that that wasn’t too good of an idea). But still no sweets for a little blonde boy named Adrien

“Please tell me you quit” She huffed out

“It’s not fair” he whined “all I wanted was something sweet”

“I just fed you”

“Dessert is an important part of every meal”

He clambered up onto his feet and stumbled back, knocking into the wall behind him. There was a clamor from the top of Marinette’s closet. She prayed that he didn’t hear it….it was a stupid prayer let’s be real here.

“Hey Marinette”

“Yes Adrien”

“What’s in your closet”

“You looked in there yourself…nothing”

She didn’t dare move from the floor as he stared her down

“If I go over there right this very second, you’re not gonna move”

“I see no reason to do so”

The millisecond he moved toward that closet door she raced in between him and the doorway. A dark smile stretched across his lips. He moved in close and she could hear his heartbeat in her ears. He leaned down, his breath tickling her ears.

His voice made her knees weak “It’s in there, isn’t it my lady”

She sucked on her cherry blowpop harder and harder as she shook her head vigorously

“Then what did I hear in the closet. If it’s not what I’m looking for then what’s there to worry about?”

Her eyes looked everywhere but his own vibrant green ones. He knew what that tone of voice did to her and did it anyway.

Adrien snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her away from the door. His stares were so paralyzing she couldn’t say that she even noticed. They walked over to the bed and gently pushed her onto its soft sheets. He climbed atop of her, smoothing his hands across her skin

“Be a good girl and stay here, ok?”

This man could’ve told her to commit murder and all she’d need was a spoon and a name

He moved back over to the closet and rooted around its dark shelves. Eventually he noticed that the side wall was uneven. Sure enough, when he pressed down on it the panel fell away to a secret hole in the wall, complete with its own neatly painted shoe box.

“Hello my sweet”

He was a kitten on christmas coming out from that closet. Pressed close to his chest the box clearly said ‘Keep out, especially you kitty!” but he couldn’t care less, soon he would indulge himself in a sugar sweet paradise.


Or at least he would if she didn’t break out of her lust induced trance

He bolted out of the room, eyes darting left and right for any kind of hiding space. Alas, it was no use. Marinette had him stuck in the kitchen corner with nowhere left to run. She took a cautious step toward him and he grabbed the first thing he could, a deluxe chocolate bar that she’d been saving for a super shitty day

Much like this one actually

“S-stop! Kitty, just leave the box on the counter”

“Fine! I’ll just take the chocolate bar then”


He tore off the label, never once taking his eyes off hers

“Put it. Down”

A corner of the aluminum wrapping hit the floor and her mind went into a blind panic. He was really gonna eat it if she didn’t come up with something!

He opened his mouth comically wide and brought it to his teeth


And as he brought his teeth closer together for bite she decided that she had no choice

Marinette ripped the candy from her mouth and pressed her body roughly against his, grabbing a fistful of his hair and bringing their lips together.

That alone would be seared into his subconscious for the rest of his life but what followed would follow him for as long as time stood.

Cherries, the syrupy sweet taste of artificial cherries flooded his tastebuds as her tongue slipped between his lips and into every corner of his mouth. His mind couldn’t take it to the point where he just dropped the box in his hands altogether, grabbing tightly onto her hips and savoring the flavor as much as he could.

But as soon as it started, it ended. She backed away from him, face redder than the candy in her hand.

“Never touch my stash again”

He tried to speak but she shoved the red sucker into his cheeks

“And I’m sure you’ve probably earned that”

She gathered up her box and walked out the kitchen, grumbling something about ‘Stupid cats’ and ‘putting it in a safe next time’

Adrien’s favorite flavor used to be chocolate

He was fairly certain that’s not the case anymore.

We're okay.

Betty had a way about her, something in her warm green eyes that made every single thing that came out of her mouth make sense. Every time she spoke he believed her. She wouldn’t lie, she wouldn’t hurt him. So when she told him he was okay, he had no choice but to believe her.

He could still remember the first time, those two words had come out of her pretty little heart shaped mouth. He had been six years old and was playing in the sandbox at recess, his favorite action figure destroying the sandcastle he had built, Archie was off somewhere getting a drink from the water fountain when Reggie Mantle approached Jughead, an ugly smirk on his adolescent face.

“What are you doing jerkhead?” Reggie had laughed, reaching for the toy

“It’s Jughead” he pouted pulling his G.I Joe out of the grumpy boys reach.

“Well I say it’s jerkhead and I want your doll.”

Jughead and Reggie fought and tugged on the little army man, before Reggies eyes lit up and he released the doll, sending it flying into Jugheads face, the edge of its head smashing directly into his nose. He could see the blood streaming out and he wanted to cry.

Reggies eyes got wide and he almost looked sorry before he ran off “you wanted it back” he shouted over his shoulder. Jughead was panicking, there was so much blood and he felt the tears well in his eyes,
suddenly a pretty blonde girl with a light blue flowery dress was kneeling in front of him and digging in her backpack

“That Reggie Mantle is such a butt face, I saw him throw that toy at you.” She pulled out a tiny pink pack of tissues and with her little six year old fingers she tilted his head back a little, placing the tissue under his nose and holding it over him.

“I’m Betty Cooper, I know you can’t really talk but that’s okay, because I already know you’re Jughead Jones, you’re Archie’s friend, he’s my neighbor.” Quickly lifting the napkin she took a peek at his nose and smiled satisfied

“That wasn’t so bad, quicker than most nose bleeds! You’ve got one tough nose.” She smiled softly and giggled, balling the tissue up and putting it in her used up brown paper bag.
Jughead just stared at her, he couldn’t believe what had just happened, an old tear betrayed him and fell down his cheek.

Little Betty Cooper brushed a finger over his cheek and smiled so sweetly he felt his heart ache

“You’re okay.”

With that she skipped away and headed over to play with Kevin Keller.

That hadn’t been the last time she had uttered those words to him in times of stress.

The day his mother left, he had borrowed Fred Andrews ladder and climbed the Beautiful Blondes window, tear stained cheeks and missing beanie she had held him in her bed as he cried, rubbing his back and whispering softly in his ear. Later that night as he was climbing out her window, all cried out and filled with Betty’s infamous “Broken Heart Brownies” she had wrapped a hand around his wrist and looked him straight in the eyes.

“You’re okay.”

He simply nodded, just like had that first time.

And then there was the time that he had confessed his true feelings for his gorgeous best friend through a kiss in her bedroom after an insane weekend.

He had been a bundle of nerves, pulling away, his chest pounding and fingers shaking at the thought of losing his best friend over his own selfish behavior
But she had just placed her forehead against his and smiled

“Hey, you’re okay.” And captured his lips with her own.

So that brought them to today, walking through the trailer park, his fathers dark secret revealed by his own best friend, the anxiety he felt at having to explain his families choices, the fear he felt at losing Betty over something he couldn’t control.

But she was there, beside him, assuring him that it didn’t matter, telling him she believed in him, and after he had brought her in for a searing love filled kiss she had breathlessly pulled away and he smiled, whispering against her lips in utter relief

“We’re okay.”

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Batfam babysitting Mar'i headcannons? Pretty please

-I can imagine Jason being really good with small kids, like he knows exactly how to get a kid to stop crying when everyone else had failed to stop the incessant wailing, so he’d be really good with Mar’i when she’s a baby

-Bruce would always take Mar’i to the park when he had to babysit her and so there are tons of tabloid photos of Bruce pushing a stroller with a content little Mar’i all bundled up inside

-Tim would be better with Mar’i once she could talk and he would make up all sorts of stories to tell her. He would do all of the silly voices and tell of the brave knight princess Mar’i who saved King Richard from the clutches of the dreaded bat-dragon that was mad at him for breaking (another) vase

-Damian wouldn’t be left around Mar’i alone; it’s not that Dick didn’t trust him to watch Mar’i, he just didn’t want her to learn how to throw knives before she could speak on the off chance that she could accidentally kill herself 

-Steph and Cass would have tea parties with Mar’i once she gets into the typical princess stage where they would make cookies (and wreck the kitchen to the dismay of poor Alfred) and set up a table and drag the boys into joining them. Then they would paint nails, the boys’ nails to be specific. Dick totally rocked the bright fuchsia Mar’i chose for him, though Jason was a bit grumbly about the sparkly yellow Steph chose for him (”couldn’t it have been red at least, to stick with the whole “RED hood” thing” “shut up and let me paint your nails”)

-Duke and Damian would teach her how to play video games like Cheese Vikings and the classics. She would eventually become a master at Mortal Kombat under the tutelage of Duke

-basically everyone would have an activity that would keep her occupied and stationary so they could have a rest but still make sure Mar’i is having fun

First and Last Kiss - Jeff Atkins x Reader

(This is not specific to Jeff’s death, just a simple break up- however exactly what happens after is up to you. Angsty. I don’t know why I wrote this I’m so sorry.)


*And I feel your warmth, and it feels like home.*

Jeff gently brushed her hand, increasing the heat from the hot sun.

“Did I tell you how gorgeous you look?” He smiled.

“Yes, a few times.” She giggled. “And I told you that dressing up for a first date is a very important decision.”
They were both sat with their legs out on the grass.

“It’s amazing how much I actually like you. Obviously I did before, or the date wouldn’t be a thing, but now I realise just how perfect you are.” Jeff mused.

“I’m not perfect.” She scoffed.

“Perfect for me.”

Her heart raced as she looked into Jeff’s crystal eyes. The fact that he was actually saying this to her was incomprehensible.

Jeff laced his right hand into her left. Then he slowly began to lean in, brushing hair behind her ear with his other hand. When their lips met, both were ignited with and imperishable flame and knew there and then that the other was the real deal. Their lips sang together like they were made for this very reason, harmonising and complimenting, moving passionately but comfortably, knowing the other was home.



*I keep seeing your face in my dreams. Or maybe they’re my nightmares.*

“Feels like betrayal at its finest.” She gritted her teeth, slight humour coating the edges of her words, hoping he would come out with ‘this is all a joke’.

“That’s because that’s exactly what it was.” His words were like liquid cyanide.

She paused, collecting herself.

“Well I’m impressed. Really, an oscar-worthy performance.” She was hiding her absolute heartbreak under sarcasm and humour, and clapped her hands a couple of times for effect.

Jeff began to plead; “Look, hurting you was the last thing I wanted to do and-”

“But you did. That’s exactly what you did. You lied to me.” She raised her voice.

“I lied because I didn’t want to hurt you!” His voice was straining.

“Well that’s some pretty fucked up logic.” She scoffed, concealing the pain behind it.

“I still care for you, so, so much, I just don’t love you.”

That was the dagger. She knew, he had told her not too long before, but the confirmation was enough to throw her over the edge. Anger turned to despair. She wanted to blame him, to hate him, but she knew she couldn’t. It wasn’t his fault how he felt, and he couldn’t change the fact that she was still stupidly in love with him.

She inhaled deeply. She didn’t want to cry, but at this point she could just see it coming.


“Yes?” He scrunched his eyes together with a pained look on his face.

“Can I- can I please just-” her voice began to break. “Could you give me - one last kiss?” She whispered as her face crumpled up and the first tear fell. “I - I don’t mind if-”

Jeff cupped her face in his hands and nodded, fearing that if he spoke his words would crumble. He leaned in slowly and lightly pressed his lips to hers, savouring all he could of her before she was out of his life.
It was gentle and slow, and tasted like the lyrics of a beautifully sad song.

He could never let her know just how much he loved her, it was better this way.

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RFA + Saeran hcs on taking care of their and MC's child/ren?



  • y’all daughter was pretty quiet
  • He panics whenever he leaves the room for one second because she doesn’t make a sound
  • prays that you come back home so you can watch her
  • Freaks out when she starts crying
  • Calls you to ask what he should do
  • “She either needs to be changed, hungry or tired. If that doesn’t work just talk to her.”
  • The baby wanted attention from her father
  • you didn’t think your husband could get any more cute
  • but when you came home and saw him and your bundle of joy sleeping together on the ground. You thought otherwise.
  • many pictures were taken


  • selfies
  • you swear your daughter is going to love her reflection like her father
  • “Zen I love you and our daughter but stop sending m selfies every two seconds.”
  • He’s pretty good with a child honestly
  • almost like when she starts crying he automatically knows what she wants
  • he tries to practice with her but he ends up cooing at her when she tries to sing to him
  • “I know zen I’ve heard.”
  • He puts sunglasses and a big hat on her head when he has to go somewhere with him, she’s a celebrity too!


  • you both adopted twins! thank god they aren’t identical
  • Jaehee has everything down to the point when she takes care of them
  • tries to keep them on a good schedule 
  • Jaehee please they are 1 year olds..
  • Best mother. Talk shit about her kids you get hit into the next century.
  • Very loving. When alone she will baby talk to them, and ask them questions about simple things.
  • Likes to keep you updated on things that the babies do
  • “Mc our kids are trying to form words!”
  • fangirls over how cute they are


  • His pride and joy
  • he has no clue how to take care of his son
  • he actually calls you every few minutes to figure out what to do.
  • but he actually tries to do something before calling
  • “Mc I tried to calm him down with Elizabeth 3rd and a bottle but he won’t stop crying.”
  • “Maybe he wants to play with you! Take some of his toys and play with him in the living room. He likes the blocks the most.”
  • He tries to take pictures but we all know that he can’t
  • well, until he took one single perfect picture of his son sleeping with Elizabeth 3rd curled up at his head
  • He CRIED
  • that photo is copied and framed 


  • When he found out you was having twin girls he flipped
  • yes the seven having twins thing is overdone but I can see a twin having twins is pretty possible 
  • He makes them their own one of a kind toys that doesn’t fucking spit fire
  • He actually tries to teach them how to hack
  • it ends up with the girls bashing the keyboard while seven cries
  • He makes an effort to take care of them better than his bitch ass mother
  • Fun dad
  • He pokes their noses and watched them stick their tongue out at him
  • Those girls are a family meme

V(Not requested but I wanna add hiM)

  • He got the fucking surgery so he can see his son
  • He cried alot
  • “Jihyun are you ok? Do you want me to take him?”
  • “Mc i’m so happy that we have a handsome baby boy. I’m so happy that I can see our boy grow up and make us proud.”
  • Takes many pictures when left alone with him
  • He’s kinda a pushover kind of dad
  • He let’s the boy get away with stuff
  • so natural with this boy???
  • You can’t believe it????


  • He stares at his daughter a lot
  • that “Your going to be just like HER.” thing lingers in his mind a lot
  • very surprised that he now has a little person to take care of
  • touches her to see if he’s dreaming
  • he relies on you alot to help him since….you know
  • He’s good with protecting her from Saeyoung
  • You can see that he’s going to do the same thing when she gets old enough to date
  • Saeran likes to take hourly naps with her. He puts her next to him (on her back cause he learned that it’s not a good thing to let an infant lay on their stomach for long) and he lays next to her and falls into a peaceful sleep
  • you think it’s adorable while he’ll never admit to it

more texts for you bitches [pt 2]

angsty af texts

[text]: I’m not talking about this with you anymore I am so mad
[text]: So you decide to treat me better AFTER you break up with me…yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Lay off.
[text]: FYI telling a person to calm down is about the LEAST productive thing one could do!
[text]: Do you seriously have that little respect for me?
[text]: You’re a piece of shit.
[text]: Take a hint – I want nothing to do with you.
[text]: I hate that bitch.
[text]: I don’t think this is how you treat someone you love
[text]: You have to take me back. Please.
[text]: I don’t like to leave loose ends and I realized I needed to live up to my own problems and insecurities.
[text]: It’s like you didn’t even realize what you said was immensely fucked up.
[text]: I also broke up with my [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other] tonight
[text]: What does it say about my self-esteem if I continue this?
[text]: I just don’t really feel like being your secret.
[text]: I just feel like no matter what I say it’s not correct
[wrong number text]: I think I’m gonna break up with [your muse]…I’m done.
[wrong number text]: [Your muse] just pissed me off so much.

flirty af texts

[text] Well, let me fuck you while I make potatoes. It’s every girl’s dream.
[text]: I’m sorry I asked to make out with you last night
[text]: So you don’t remember asking if you could kiss me?
[text]: Is it gay if I had sex with a guy during a threesome?
[text]: You have to love more than my vagina to be boyfriend material
[text]: I get nervous saying so in person, but I thought you were pretty adorable
[text]: Good morning. It’s [your muse’s name], the cutie you met on Tinder.
[text]: If we’re both single by the time we’re 30, let’s elope.
[text]: You’re not single, are you?
[text]: I want to have sex in my car again before I put the car seat back in
[text]: Here’s an unsolicited pic of my tits, because you almost died last night.
[text]: Speaking of lightening speed, he ate me out while I was watching The Flash. If that’s not winning at life idk what is
[text]: Hey so I was thinking, would you like to grab a drink this weekend?
[text]: We just had sex in the shed while having a conversation about cheeseburgers…so that’s how my Thursday is going
[wrong number text]: Do you think [your muse] would say yes if I asked them out for drinks?
[wrong number text]: Holy crap [your muse] is fucking hot
[wrong number text]: To quote Rachel Green, [your muse] is so pretty, I could cry
[wrong number text]: I could never talk to [your muse] … [he/she/they] is so cute I’d be so embarrassed.

friendship af texts

[text]: You didn’t choose the taco life. The taco life chose you.
[text]: Your Snapchat story was solely footage of stray cats and whiskey shots
[text]: I’m eating pizza in the bathtub
[text]: I got high with a cute stranger. But [he/she/they] has a [boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other]. Sad.
[text]: Dude [he/she/they] must have been cute to get you to smoke with [him/her/them]!
[text]: If he’s into you and he’s got a girlfriend, what does that say about his character?
[text]: I’ve been out with this guy twice and no kiss!
[text]: I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around
[text]: Anyone coming over I expect to be here by 8. There’s cake.
[text]: I’m masturdating. Going out alone! For fun.
[text]: Is it rude to send him a “Happy Birthday I Hope You Finally Get an STD” text?
[text]: Some guy tried to give me a high five out here and when I denied him he called me ugly
[text]: Please stop putting yourself down I hate when you talk badly about yourself
[text]: If you’re having problems, don’t worry about mine. You’re your own priority.
[text]: You should just dump [him/her/them] and move on.
[text]: I’ve had so many people in like the past week tell me they were closing on or saving for a house…I’m just like, have fun with that
[text]: You might have a house but I just spent hundreds of dollars on highlights so who’s really winning here
[text]: He was so cute, it was a shame it didn’t work out. I loved his face and his penis
[text]: You also look amazing in that pic I can’t stop looking at it lmao
[text]: As soon as I saw [he/she/they] asked me out for drinks, I was like aw fuck
[text]: Your mom is drunk at the bar

Out Dancing

Requests: “Hey! I was listening to the song When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge and thought it would give a great story of Newt X Reader. As I love your writing, I thought you could write, but if you can not I’ll understand.❤” AND “Hi, M! I have a request, if its not too much trouble, i was wondering if i could get a newt x reader where newt’s jealous? The story could be anything you want, i just want me some jealous newt, he’d be so adorable! Slight angst and lots of fluff? Hope you have a wonderful day♥️”

Word Count: 3,399

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous and @dont-give-a-bother also tagging @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt’s eyes nearly fall out of his head when you walk out of the bedroom with Queenie. You don’t notice the red blush winding up his cheeks and filling his entire face, and he’s grateful for Queenie’s conversation with you. He can barely tear his eyes from the crimson number you slipped into, from the way the intricate beading wraps around you to the frills that swish with every swaying step you take. Crimson gloves run from your hands to your elbows, hiding more skin than that dress does. He gulps when he looks at the hem drifting only to the middle of your thighs.

Blinking, he pinches his arm. Queenie giggles at his face when he feels her root around his mind. Forcing his gaze from you, he looks at her, more subtle in her flowing olive dress. It hangs off her shoulders with thin straps, dipping in the most perfect places, gems shining on the left side of the chest and cascading down to her hip bone.

She cocks an eyebrow. “Like what you see, honey?”

It takes Newt a moment to form a sentence when you turn your beautiful eyes on him. “You’re radiant.”

“Just me?” Queenie purses her lips to hide her mischievous smile.

Newt’s heart hammers when he looks at you. Not only does the dress expose your collarbones, but it shows off your shoulders, too, letting the heavy crimson earrings Queenie lent you graze the skin usually hidden by your normal outfits. His eyes drift from there to your lips, plump, turned a vivid red by Queenie’s makeup, completely kissable.

“You are breathtaking, as always.” Newt says, swallowing and forcing as natural a smile he can create to his face.

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Imagine Chris getting the first flight back to you.

A/N: Part 4! Ughhh, so much angst. Damn you, brain. Whhhhyyyyy? On a brighter note, how cute was Seb and Ava trying to save the day? (Talk about best friends for life.) You can read the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’, ‘Little Ways Away - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

The line cut off and the dial tone droned; Chris stood there stunned with the phone still pressed to his ear. What had just happened? How did things go so wrong, so fast? His hand dropped to his side in defeat as his thumb ended the call on his end. He looked around his vicinity; he watched the strangers on the street, looking for someone- a sign, something- anything to tell him he was dreaming, that you didn’t just break up with him. You didn’t break up with him, you couldn’t have. The two of you had a life to live out together- there was a plan to follow, a destiny to fulfill…This was never part of that plan, he wasn’t meant to lose you. What had he done? Why did he call? Why did he say what he didn’t mean? There were a million questions that he wanted an answer to, but the most prominent one, begging for an immediate answer was “can I get her back?”

“Taxi!” Chris called as he held out an arm. He knew what would happen if he left without saying a word; he knew if he didn’t get back before he was due to film his next scene- Kevin, the Russo brothers, and his cast would have a fit; he knew all that, but he also knew none of it mattered if you were no longer a part of his life. “Hey, taxi!” He yelled again, catching the attention of a passing cabbie who sensed his urgency and pulled up in front of him.

“Chris!” Sebastian caught Chris getting into a cab as he came out of the bar the rest of the cast and crew were in. “Chris!” He called and jogged a few steps, trying to stop the cab that was pulling away from the curb. “Chris, wait!” He yelled and waved into the rear view mirror, but the cab was already on its way to the airport. “Where the hell are you going, man? You’ve still got my phone.” He mumbled to himself, pulling Chris’ phone out of his pocket to see that Chris had texted before he could call. “Y/N broke up with me,” he read under his breath then gasped, “what? I need to go sort things out, I’ll get your phone back to you later,” he continued then sighed. “I don’t care about my phone, just fix your relationship before it’s too late.” He wanted to text that back, but he didn’t knowing Chris was going through enough. He slipped Chris’ phone back into his pocket and returned to the bar to explain his best friend’s situation to the executive producer.

Chris found himself looking at your number, his thumb hovered over the call button. He knew if he called you now- even without his number- you’d just ignore his call; you were going to ignore all calls. He needed to see you in person, he needed to deal with this whole situation in person. He turned off Sebastian’s phone to rid himself of the temptation and just focused on what he was going to say to you when he got back to Los Angeles.

Sebastian’s pocket started buzzing before he could re-enter the bar, he narrowed his eyes as he pulled out Chris’ phone; ‘Ava’ popped up on the screen. Now he knew who Ava was because both you and Chris had told him a few times about your best friend and how she was a huge fan, but this wasn’t his phone. He stared at it for a little while more, then decided to answer hoping he could join forces with your best friend to help bring the two of you back together.

“Chris, oh my God!” Ava started rambling the second Sebastian picked up. “What the fuck just happened?” She asked and he wished he knew. “Y/N just left for work, but I’m pretty sure she’s crying in the stairwell- Are you okay?” He tried to talk, but she continued before he could. “Of course you’re not, she’s not either. I hope you do know you’re not actually broken up, so don’t go hook up with a stranger to spite her because that will actually end the relationship. Are you even there? Can you please say-”

“Not Chris,” Sebastian cut Ava off and her breath hitched in her throat because she recognized his voice. “He borrowed my phone and left his with me. He’s headed for the airport now to go back to LA to talk to Y/N, so I think we can relax.” Ava didn’t know what to say, she was still a little starstruck by Sebastian. Unlike you, this was the first time she’d spoken to a celebrity other than Chris; it made things more difficult because she had a bit of a crush on Sebastian. “Are you still there? Can you please say something?”

“Um- sorry, I’m here.” Ava cleared her throat, strengthening her shaky voice. “He’s on his way back?” She quizzed then smiled when she heard Sebastian noise confirmation. “Oh, thank God. I was freaking out, it’d be such a waste if they didn’t live happily ever after. I’ve never seen two people so happy together, their love is a love worth fighting for.”

“It is,” Sebastian nodded in agreement. “Which is why you’re going to have to keep an eye on Y/N until Chris gets there, make sure she doesn’t do anything she’ll regret. I know she’s not the type, but she’ll definitely attract guys who think she’s a damsel in distress. We don’t want any more misunderstandings and unnecessary complications, things are already messy enough.”

“I keep telling them to talk, but they don’t listen.” Ava sighed. “They always wait until the last minute when things are messy to sort it out. Do you even know how they got together? It was like a freaking movie, had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to rip all my hair out.” Sebastian laughed and Ava smiled, “anyway, it was really nice talking to you. I’m such a huge fan, I’m definitely going to scream into a pillow when I hang up.”

“It was nice talking to you too, Ava,” Sebastian smiled. “You take care of those crazy kids and I’m sure we’ll get to meet at their wedding.” Ava chuckled. “I should go, I gotta go do my job as Cap’s right hand man and save his ass.” Ava laughed then covered her mouth when she realized she was laughing too loudly. “He’s lucky Kevin’s rooting for him and Y/N, otherwise he’s going to be in a lot of trouble.”

“You’re a good friend.”

“So are you,” Sebastian replied then hung up, leaving Ava to do exactly as she’d told him; she screamed into a pillow. She looked up, laughing when she realized she’d scared Dodger. First, her best friend befriends then dates Chris Evans; second, Chris Evans’ adorable dog comes and lives with the two of you; now, she’d spoken to Sebastian Stan. If things weren’t so complicated between said best friend and Chris Evans, she’d be a lot happier.

The door opened and she turned, frowning when she saw you walk in. It’d only been half an hour since you left, so you must’ve changed your mind about going to work. You didn’t even throw a glance her and Dodger’s way as you walked to your bedroom, closing the door behind you. You’d texted Jack telling him you couldn’t make it, and was going to get a cab down to LAX to get a last minute flight out to Atlanta. You couldn’t just let Chris go like that, you needed to apologize and fix things before it was too late. All of it happened because of you, he didn’t do anything wrong; you were the one at fault. You had money, enough for a flight to Atlanta because that was what you’d been saving for with all your extra shifts. The original plan, however, was for you to fly down for to surprise Chris for his birthday- not this.

You stripped yourself from your work clothes and changed into your best red dress- the one you’d worn on your very first date with him. You wiped your tears, applied on some makeup, then fixed your hair. By the time you were done, you didn’t look like a girl who’d just spent half an hour crying in the stairwell. You slipped on your black heels and your trench coat, then stuffed your passport, wallet, and phone into a clutch before you walked back out.

“Whoa,” Ava breathed when she saw you; she was definitely worried about where you were going looking like that. “Um- what are you doing?” She asked, but you ignored her. “Y/N?” She followed you as you made your way to the front door. “Why are you so dressed up? Y/N-” she grabbed your elbow before you could leave and you stopped, but didn’t turn around. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going out, Ava,” you told her in a vague tone. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be back. Just- in a few days,” you mumbled under your breath and Ava grew incredibly concerned. “Relax,” you told her and she frowned, wondering just how she was meant to do that. “Take care of Dodger until I get back? There are some things I need to sort out before I know where he’s going to stay.”

“He’s not going anywhere because you and Chris-”

“I’ll talk to you later,” you pulled your elbow out of her grip then left before she could say anything else. You knew she would run after you so you rushed down the flight of stairs, hoping she would chase if she couldn’t see you. And she didn’t chase, but she did call after you; she didn’t know if you could hear her, but she had to try.

“Chris is coming to LA!”

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Part 5A

Secrets And Lies - Four

Reid x reader

There’s quite a big time skip.

In the six years that passed by, Y/N’s life changed drastically.

At the lake cabin she called Aaron and told him to proceed with her transfer papers, requesting he fast track them if possible. She explained to him that she still had two weeks of vacation time on top of the two she was already taking and that she’d be running them together. If she couldn’t be transferred away in those four weeks, she’d regretfully not be returning and would find another job elsewhere, she had some savings to tide her over. Hotch probed, but all she’d tell him was that there were some personal issues at work that would cause her judgement to be strongly impaired and that she wouldn’t be able to focus on the tasks at hand whilst she remained on that team. She didn’t need to say much more, Aaron understood. He called her at the end of the first week, explaining that a post was available at the field office in Florida, she could start in four weeks. She’d take it.

JJ stayed with her for the first week and was a godsend. She and Henry proved to be a massive distraction during the day and at night, Y/N and Jennifer would drink wine and talk. Occasionally she’d cry, but mostly she’d laugh, extremely thankful that she had a friend like her.

Y/N stayed on at the lake for another few days before driving the distance to Florida where she quickly found an apartment to rent. With the help of JJ, she had her belongings shipped out there without ever having to return home. She still never heard from Reid. Messages came from every other member of the team but not from him. It was only once she’d moved into to her new home and been in her new post for three weeks, that she heard from Spencer, in the form of a letter. Recognising his scrawl, she found a metal trash can, took the letter and the can into the small garden she was lucky enough to have, and burnt it. She didn’t want to hear his excuses, not now.

Four weeks into her new job and she was dealt a huge blow. She collapsed in the field, had to be rushed into hospital to be checked out. The outcome of the tests?

Y/N was pregnant. Around fourteen weeks the Doctor estimated. And there was only one person who could have been the father.

Y/N hadn’t known what to do. She didn’t believe it at first, making the Doctor do multiple tests. Yes she’d put on a little bit of weight recently but she’d put that down to all the takeout she was eating. After six tests revealed that she was indeed pregnant, she gave in and accepted it, going home to cry.

Abortion wasn’t an option for her, she couldn’t bring herself to do that. And she knew that she couldn’t carry a child for nine months just to hand it over to someone else. So she resolved herself to her fate. She was going to have Spencer’s child. Y/N called the only person she could think of to talk to about this. Jennifer.

“You’re…. Pregnant? Shit…. ”

Which was pretty much how Y/N felt right now, but there was something else in JJ’s voice.

“About fourteen weeks. And it’s Reid’s.”

“Are you planning on telling him?”

“I… I don’t know.”

They had conversations over and over for the next few months until one night, when Y/N was around seven months gone, she decided she was going to tell him. She called JJ to let her know.

“Y/N… I wanted to tell you this in person, and I was hoping to wait until next weekend when I coming down to see you but I think you need to know now. Spencer made an announcement to us all yesterday, him and Georgia are getting married. She’s twelve weeks pregnant.”

Y/N dropped the glass she’d been holding, wincing as it shattered on the floor.

“Y/N…. Are you still there?”

“I’m here… I just… Fuck.”

JJ came to see her as planned and the two friends talked in depth about the choices she had. The one thing she had decided very firmly on was that Spencer was NOT going to know, not now that he was getting married with another child on the way. JJ had tried to talk her around to telling him as she had been doing all throughout the pregnancy, in the end though, she accepted Y/N’s decision, knowing she’d support her friend no matter what. Keeping this from Spencer was a big ask, but she’d do it.

Another decision the pair had come to early on in the revelations of impending motherhood was that Y/N would scale back her work with the FBI. She’d need to take time off with the baby anyway, but she wouldn’t be able to do field work whilst being a single mother with no family in the area. Instead, they made some phone calls to the local university’s and colleges. Y/N had the relevant qualifications in Criminal Psychology to be able to teach it and after a few meetings and interviews, they found a post for her which would be made available once she was ready to go back to work after having the baby.

Through a family loss, Y/N found herself around fifty thousand dollars better off. Her grandfather passed away, and had been sitting on a sizeable nest egg which was to be split between his five grandchildren. As sad as Y/N had been, the money would go a long way to making a difference and would help her to employ a part time nanny for when she went back to work. It also went towards moving apartments again, to a tiny two bed not far from the university where she’d be working. Once her family had found out about her pregnancy, they all implored her to move back to Virginia, but Y/N was having none of it. She was settled, she told them. She liked Florida. And for the most part, she was telling the truth.

In the September Y/N pushed out a baby girl into the world. JJ rushed to be with her but missed the birth itself, arriving a few hours after to meet her god daughter, Ella Jennifer Y/L/N.

“She’s beautiful,” JJ had cooed as she held the tiny bundle in her arms.

And she was. Neither of them commented on how much she looked like Spencer already. Something that only continued to become more and more apparent the older the child grew.

Fifteen weeks after Ella had been born, Y/N got the phone call from JJ. Georgia had given birth, also to a baby girl. Elizabeth Diana Reid or Ellie as they’d nicknamed her. Y/N had almost laughed at the two names, Ella and Ellie born just under four months apart. And from the photo that JJ had reluctantly sent her, the two girls might as well have been twins. She was saddened, knowing that her daughter had a half sister out there in the world that she was never likely to know. But that was the way things had to be.

Ella grew and so did Y/N as a person. It was strange being a mom at first but it soon became a role she relished. Yes it was hard work, but it was also extremely rewarding. As expected given who her father was, she was very advanced for her age. Y/N’s parents were always amazed every time she bought her to visit, as was JJ.

“She’s amazing,” her blonde friend told her as Ella played with Henry.

“Probably no different to Ellie.. ” Y/N had replied, earning a stern look from JJ.

“Hey… I love both of these little girls because of who their dad is. But Ella is extra special to me because of who her mom is, okay?”


“He asks about you, you know. Every time he knows I’ve seen you, he asks how you are.”

“And what do you tell him?”

“That you’re happy.”

Y/N nodded. “Is he… Happy?”

Jennifer thought carefully before answering. “He’s happy being a dad. He loves it, and he’s great… Shit, I’m sorry.” Y/N put her hand on her friends arm, indicating it was okay and to go on.

“He’s not happy with her though, I don’t think. Not as happy as he could have been with you. And from what I’ve seen of Gee, I don’t think she’s happy either. It’s a shame it’s wound up like this.”

It was a shame, because there was a child involved, two children technically, one growing up without a dad. But Y/N couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of satisfaction that Spencer wasn’t happy.


“Are you happy to be back?” JJ asked her, looking around the small house that she and Will had helped unpack.

Ella was five and a half, and six months ago Y/N had been told that her dad was sick. Terminally ill. Her mom begged her to move home and after months of deliberation, Y/N had decided that she would. Virginia was a big place and the district she’d chosen to live in, was far enough away from where Spencer and Georgia lived. In theory, they should never have to cross paths. Her job was a slight problem, as the FBI agents often gave talks and lectures at the various schools around the state, but she’d made her boss aware of a possible conflict and he’d promised to make her aware of any upcoming visits so she could plan accordingly.

“Yes and no. Virginia is home for me, but Florida is home for Ella. And I’m nervous… I shouldn’t be, but I just keep thinking what if… ”

JJ understood her worries and placated her with the same reasoning she had used for the last six months. “You were just as likely to to run into him in Florida than you are here. We had fifteen cases in that state over the past five years, two of them near to where you lived. You know this, you’ll be fine.”

And for the first five months, it was fine. Until one day during the school break, she’d taken Ella to a park near to her parents home. Y/N sat watching her daughter playing with another young girl. Ella made friends so easily, she was such a happy child and Y/N smiled as she looked on.

When it came time to go home, Y/N called for her daughter, wandering over to where she was playing when she didn’t respond. As she got closer, she noted the other girl, how familar she seemed which was impossible.

“Ella… Time to go, baby.”

Both girls looked up at her and it was then that Y/N saw it. The other girl had Spencer’s eyes and mouth, there was no denying it.

“Mommy, can my new friend Ellie come for tea one day?”

“Maybe…. Come on, it’s time to go. Say goodbye to your friend.”

Y/N looked away from the other girl, silently urging her daughter to hurry up and wondering what the hell Spencer’s other daughter was doing in this part of the city. Then she vaguely recalled that Georgia had a sister that lived nearby.

Ella stood, wiping the sand from her skirt and running to her mother, slipping her hand into hers.

Y/N turned, ready to walk away only to be greeted by another woman blocking her path. The woman took a look at Ella and then back up to Y/N, her eyes widening.

“Well we need to talk,” were the first words that Georgia Reid spoke to her.

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos) of

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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parallels everywhere

TG: penetration                                  TG:re X

Penetration chapter is one of my faves. Even I shipped them like since episode one, It was just a pairing I like. But with this chapter it was more what Kaneki learn about himself through Touka. she was just savage af telling him that SHE doesn´t belong TO anyone to protect (it´s her fav phrase).

She was worried about his path, but also angry becuase he was a friking liar.

TG: why did you have to change           TG:re Why are you crying?

This got me right away when I saw the question. 

Look how this is pretty different, and if this is not development, I don´t know what it is.

when Touka was hitting him and calling him trash, she was so sad about Kaneki been so different. She missed the guy he used to be. She didn’t even like the dorky guy, but it has been become a good friend to trust, and then he just change.

She did´t know what they did to him, so she could not help him, he didn´t what help anyway. 

But the other cuestion daaaaamn. She is now accepting him just the way he is, and how he looks. She now knows he will be honest with his feelings. She knows everything!

TG: I wonder why (I changed?)                     TG:re why? well (Am I… happy?)

This contrast is too much. TG Kaneki is questioning his true self (why am I like this?) He just heard the most harsh and truly words for a girl that goes all the way around for the right thing. Am I doing the rigth things? Do I have a propose? why indeed?. Then we know he went with the gang and dissolve the movement, to start new ( becuase he wanted to think what was he doing and if it was woth it?), but shit happens….

But this chapter, he ask himself why is he crying?,( I would like to know too). Well, he likes to cry, but the last time he cried was with Akira because he is lonely, than with Hide (lonely like a bunny :C) and then Touka. Tears of something that is nostalgic, sad, happy. But this is different, because is love what he feels, and he is like “why? well…”, something that he just doesn’t mind right now and just embraced Touka.

So let´s see if tis parallels are still going, becuase they look the same, but at the same time very opposite

have u ever seen a woman that’s so beautiful that youve started to cry?

look at Joey Shepard!! it’s even more amazing than i could have imagined and omg @orokay is a freakin wizard and i can’t thank her enough :’))


Sui/Han at a Team VISA 2018 Winter Olympics signing ceremony, 4/25

Photos by @藻藻AlgaeZzz. Video clips by @新浪冰雪.

Part 1 - Wenjing & Cong thank the audience for supporting them

Part 2 - Playing a clip about Sui/Han’s career, injury, and World title

Part 3

Q: Who is the “teacher” in their partnership? Wenjing says they are a team and they are the same, they both learn and work hard to improve themselves. Though she was stuck in the hospital for a few months, Han Cong continued to train and run ahead. After she came back she thought, oh, he’s way ahead of me now, and then she had to run extra hard to catch up. In pairs skating, both partners have to reach the same level, and scores are given based on the weakest element. It’s very important to get both partners to the same level so they train and learn everything together - though she might still be the slightly weaker partner right now. Cong says pretty much the same thing.

Q: Have they ever bought/received gifts for/from each other when something momentous happened? Wenjing: Yes, but she doesn’t remember right now (everyone laughs). At an event this season she saw a ukelele and thought it was really pretty, then Cong bought one for her. She doesn’t even really like it, she just thought it was pretty, so this gift sticks out in her memory.

Q: Has Han Cong ever given a gift that he put a lot of thought/emotion into? Cong: Not really. One time they were competing at (2015) 4CC in Korea (Interviewer: “I bet this was the 4CC you won.”) Actually, they placed 4th that time (everyone laughs). One of their spins was invalidated and they felt very disappointed, so they went out and bought matching bags. It encouraged them and gave them the feeling that they would do better at Worlds that season. VISA cards support them everywhere in the world (everyone laughs).

Part 4

Sui/Han talk about staying in Helsinki for 2 days after Worlds to meet the presidents of China and Finland. They were very honored by the experience.

Q: What have they been doing lately? Wenjing: They just came back from Canada the day before, where they were getting new choreography and preparing for the new season.

Q: What is their new music? Wenjing: They have picked out new music but it’s a secret for now.

Q: Is the music more Western or Chinese? Wenjing: It’s a secret.

Q: Why did they choose “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Wenjing: Last year they made a very big decision (to get surgery). Since 2012 the ligaments in her feet have been broken and some of the bone was also shattered. She has been bearing it for years because she loves skating and really wants to continue, even though it hurts. Before the surgery she was really struggling and their results were not very good. But because they had these results, they are standing here today.

Q: How did Han Cong feel while waiting for Wenjing’s surgery to end? Cong: The surgery wasn’t supposed to last very long, but it ended up 2-3 hours longer than expected. He was waiting there along with Wenjing’s mother and all the Team China leaders. When they pushed Wenjing out her face was white and she was smiling, “It’s finally over, I could hear them grinding my bones.” Wenjing: Before they gave her more anesthetics she could “taste” the saw grinding at her bones, there was a burning taste. It was pretty scary, she was crying nonstop the first hour, laughing deliriously the second, and she can’t remember the third hour so she probably fell asleep.

Part 5

Wenjing says she doesn’t understand money very well, she just swipes her credit card and leaves the bills to her mom (everyone laughs).

Asked to say something to their partner: Wenjing is thankful for meeting Han Cong on her figure skating journey. When she was little and didn’t really understand the world, he was like a locomotive pulling her ahead. Though she now has her own goals and knows what she needs to do, there are still times she’s uncertain, and during those times he is like a lamp shining on her and helping her go in a better direction. She thanks him for staying by her side all these years, no matter what they went through, they walked through pain and hardships together. This year is their 10th year of partnership, when she was in Canada she sent out a weibo message about it. This is their first 10 years and they received their first present, their first World title. In their next 10 years she hopes they will achieve even better results.

Cong: Wenjing in his heart is an incredibly strong, determined girl. She’s more amazing than all other girls. In these 10 years, especially the previous year, she suffered such a serious injury, went through the torture of surgery and rehab. Compared to others she had very little time to train, but in this time she was able to regain a level that allowed them to win the World Championships. She has given far more effort than him, suffered through far more pain than him. He hopes the future will hold no more pain for her, and in order to win more titles, they will continue to work hard together.

  • Tony: The first time my dad caught me looking at one of those magazines, he got really upset.
  • Thor: Why?
  • Tony: Well, I guess parents don’t like knowing their kids look at that kind of stuff. That’s why they tell them they’ll go to hell or go blind. But my dad...He didn’t believe in that stuff, so my dad said “Tony, when you, you know, it uh, expends energy, both in the climax and in the daily reproduction of sperm, so if you do it a lot, it adds up, and it shortens your life span, and that’s why, on average, males have shorter life spans, because know.”
  • Thor: So you were scared of death?
  • Tony: Yeah. I, I was pretty upset. And then my mom saw that I was crying, so she said this ridiculous thing. She said that she was 40, and I was 11 and if I masturbated enough, I could catch up to her, and that way we could die on the exact same day and never be apart. I think she was trying to be funny, she had a weird sense of humour. And even if she was right, I wouldn’t have been able to jack off fast enough to catch up. She died shortly after.
  • Thor: And so now, when you masturbate you think about your mother.
  • Tony: Ah, Thor, no. That’s weird.
  • Thor: Weird?
  • Tony: Weird is like when you do stuff that nobody else does, so they make fun of you for it. So when I say that I can’t masturbate because it makes me think about my mom, people laugh at you.
  • Thor: But that’s fun. Making people laugh is great.
  • Tony: It’s not, because they call you names like Tuggy Tony and you have to change schools, and it’s, it’s not fun.
  • Thor: Tony, when I masturbate I’m going to think about your mother.
  • Tony: Thor, stop!
  • Thor: But if I think about your mom when I masturbate then you won’t be weird anymore, right?
  • Tony: No, just quit talking!
  • Thor: I’m just trying to help.
  • Tony: Well you’re not!