shes so pretty and i love her

So this was actually a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. I have two outcomes this could have, and the ending depends on the reader’s interpretation. I did have another alternate ending that I could post I guess if y’all are interested.

Anyway, this was mine and @natmidd ‘s take on Shang falling in love with Mulan before he knew she was a girl, pretty much these two posts right here resulted in this piece. I hope you like it! 


“When did you realize that you were in love with me?”

She asked that while we ate under the cherry blossom tree in the yard. I sipped at my tea and pondered her question. I couldn’t lie to her.

“I fell in love with Ping first, but you’re Ping so I love you too.”

She dropped her chopsticks, the rice scattered on the blanket. I saw her looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She asked, “What about when you fell in love with Mulan?” Her tone was careful, tentative, like it was she was in enemy territory.

“It was anger first, but then relief at the thought that I could love Ping and Mulan at the same time.”

Mulan turned to look at me, her brows scrunched together like she didn’t know whether to be hurt or upset. I couldn’t bring myself to meet her gaze. I looked down and fiddled with the blossom in my hands. Her eyes tracked my every movement and I lifted my hand to smell the delicate flower. China’s pride and joy, just like she is, my pride and joy. She is to be my wife soon, but will I love her as I love Ping?

“It sounds like you’re only marrying me because you think I’m still Ping.”

And there it was. The anger laced in her voice. The hurt. She turns her body to face me completely, telling me that this outing no longer has the romance that she wanted.

“I don’t think you’re still Ping, Mulan. I know that you’re a woman, I know that you love me, and I know that you lied to save your father. I know that he was only a lie.”

She placed her hands on her hips. She wanted to say something, but I could not turn to look at her because I know she’ll be disappointed in me.


Her voice was so gentle and she was pleading, just like he did…just like she did when I threatened to throw her out of the camp. My hand clenches and the blossom is crushed. My mind shouts for me to let the mangled flower go. But I can’t. Just like I can’t look her in the eye and tell her that I love Ping, and I love her because how else could I keep him?

“Shang please look at me.”

My neck cramped from tense muscles as I turned my head to face her. Her face was determined, she was so brave, yet so feminine. The way her hair was done up into a bun that so closely resembled his, her face painted to make her skin look paler, her lips redder and plush. She was a beautiful woman and I am touched that she has chosen me as her husband.

“I…I love you Mulan, but you aren’t my first love.” I hear myself finishing my thought out loud, but she needed to hear it and I couldn’t will myself to stop. “I had to learn to love you…”

When I didn’t need to learn to love Ping.

Her tiny hands poke out of large sleeves. She bit her lips and moved closer toward me. I watched as she turned to rest on the bark of the tree with me.

“Do you remember what I said to you in the mountains?”

“When you came back to tell us about the Huns.” My voice was low.

“I told you ‘You said you’d trust Ping. Why is Mulan any different?’”

“You did.”

She grew quiet and for a moment, it was just the sound of the branches in the gentle spring wind shaking more of its blossoms on us and our ruined lunch.

“Was that your way of telling me?”

I didn’t respond. She looked dejected but put her soldier face on. I turned to look at the landscape in front of us, she was looking up at the sky.

“I remember, not long after I became the Hero of China, you were distracted. We were sitting here and you were cleaning your sword.” Her tone sounded far away, and her eyes were wide and unblinking as she lost herself in the memory. I winced as I recalled the same memory.

“I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to scare the great General Li Shang, so I thought that I might act like a messenger boy. But…when I said your name you turned around with the brightest of smiles on your face…you opened your mouth to say his name but when you saw me there was…almost a look of disappointment…like you missed Ping.”

Whatever I thought to say didn’t matter, because she kept talking. Her eyes grew glassy and her voice was shaky as she spoke.

“That night I still thought about it, the way you looked so overjoyed to see him, and how you reacted as if I delivered the news of his death. I guess, in a way I did kill him. You were…infuriated when you found out I was a woman. After the Huns, I only thought of it as a way for you to save face in front of the troops and your advisor, we got along so well just prior to my reveal and I could see the hints of love in your eyes, in your smile, in your voice. And because I loved you already I forgot….”  

She inhaled and dabbed under her eyes to not ruin her makeup from tears.

“I forgot that I was Ping.”

What could I say to her? She had every right to be upset. She tried so hard to be a good woman, to try and settle down, even after she became an icon to China.

“Mulan, I love you, but I can’t love you like I loved Ping.”

She looked dazed, her eyes were puffy and her nose was red even though she did not cry. She turned to me and looked at me like I was her general again.

“I love you too Shang, and I’m sorry that you fell for my lie. But I don’t want you to love me like Ping. I want you to love me as Mulan.”

“And what if I can’t do that?” I asked, only a breath away from tears myself.

She smiled, there was no tightness to it, no sense of malice or ill intent. She looked at me like I was still the love of her life. I smiled back, but it hurt to do so. She kissed my cheek.

We didn’t say much after.


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This is an appreciation post! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends!

omg thank u babe!!! <3

im not putting this under a cut bc y'all should read this n experience the love ok thank u have a wonderful day my peaches ily

small simblrs:

  • @winterbjorn - she is one of the sweetest simblrs and one of my favs!!! omg and her sims are sosososo cute (even if she is alpha….jkjkjkjk)
  • @nervous—subject - her story is 2 good and imo 2 underrated??? the editing is a+ too, so soft and pretty omg
  • @tinybittoxic - how could i not mention my babe???? her legacy + im a lover challenge is just TOO good n not 2 mention her legacy actually made me tear up??? me/??? whose heart is made of stone???
  • @bericlain - literally in love w/ her sims n her legacy. followed bc of her april fools joke that had me in tears for at least an hr, have had no regrets sense
  • @simgerale - one of the biggest hype wingmen on simblr??? and sos osososo nice??? im still here 4 a simgerale fan club @granitesfall where u at
  • @granitesfall - i lov. just look @ their legacy. you will lov too

honestly like there are so many lil simblrs i wanna put here?!?!?! bc i love u all so much?!?!?!?! i may not like everythin bc the mobile app on my phone sux and thats when i do most of my lurkin but trust me babes i see what ur doing and i am Loving It

most active followers

  • @cat-nerd-sims - idk im in love w/ her and every time i see her blow up my notifications it makes me so happy. if u dont follow her, im sry but ur wrong. her legacy is a+ and her editing is a+ and she is a+
  • @momobunniisims - i can always tell when momo is on tumblr bc she’s always blowing up my notifications w/ likes n replies of love n motivation!!!! she was one of my first followers back when i started my simblr and she has supported me every step of the way???? i love her and u should too
  • @bratsims - almost the same w/ momo, brat is my Babe n i have loved her since the day i followed her and she followed me??? and she has always supported all of my attempts at legacies and my horrible sim edits and just???? seeing her legacy blow up and get the recognition it deserves has literally made me SO HAPPY and she is the absolute sweetest?? i love u brat!!!!

non-mutual blogs

honestly there are just so many simblrs i wanna include on all of these lists but??!?!?!? it would be 2 much and i dont wanna annoy everyone w/ these tags???? but pls just remember that i love all of u very much!!!!!!!

You Dumbass! // Archie Andrews

I was thinking.. maybe something like the reader has had feelings for Arch for years now and everybody (even him) pretty much knows it but she’s done with his shit bc whenever he leaves a girl (or a girl leaves him) she’s expecting him to finally notice her, but he never does and moves on to someone else. So one day someone asks her on a date and she accepts and they have fun and all but then Arch gets jealous and they fight.

Thank you @sweetvengeancee for this request, you say it’s a bad but I think otherwise. Keep sending in requests and feedback please! I wanna know what you think of these!


People say that love is easy, but they were wrong.

I’ve been in love with Archie Andrews since I could remember. We’d been best friends since we were little, but my feelings grew over time for the beautiful auburn haired boy and I couldn’t keep them hidden, at least, not from my friends.

Betty, Ronnie, Jughead and Kevin all knew about my romantic feelings for him. Hell, everyone knew about my feelings for him.

Except him.

Every time he’d get with a girl, he’d end up broken hearted, I’d hope he’d finally notice my feelings for him, it never happen, then he’d find another girl. It was a continuous cycle and it had recently just happened with Valerie.

I honestly was fed up with the bullshit of waiting around. I knew I shouldn’t, but he was just such a good person, he was just blinded by his own ego.

Damn him for getting attractive over the summer.

I walked to my locker, putting in the combination and opening it. I sighed, staring at a photo of Archie and I at Pop’s which Betty took. We were laughing about something random, but Betty managed to capture the moment. I ran my fingers over the photo before grabbing out my books for my next class.

‘Y/N Y/L/N,’ I jumped a little, catching the sight of Trev Brown leaning against the locker next to mine. 'Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.’

'No that’s okay,’ I chuckled, shutting my locker. 'What’s up?’

'I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight? At Pop’s? I’ve been wanting to ask you all week but I haven’t had the chance.’

I pondered for a minute. I can’t keep waiting around for Archie forever, plus, Trev was a nice guy. 'Sure, I’d love too. Meet you there at 7?’

Trev grinned, nodding his head. 'Yeah, sure. I’ll uh, see you then.’ He smiled, walking away from me down the hallway.

'Um…’ I turned around to find Kevin and Ronnie completely confused on what just happened. 'What about-’

'Archie?’ I sighed, walking in between them down the hallway to our next class. 'Guys, he’ll never see me that way. Plus, he’s not over Valerie. Maybe it wasn’t suppose to be and I’m okay it…I think.’

'No! You can’t give up! He’s just a dumbass who can’t see it!’ Ronnie exclaimed, 'We’ll help.’

'No!’ I pointed my finger at her, 'You won’t, he lost his chance and I’ve been asked out on a date, I’m going.’

'Where are you going?’ I turned my head to see Archie in front of us, stopping the three of us in the hallway.

'Y/N’s got a date,’ Ronnie smirked, placing a hand on my shoulder, 'with Trev Brown.’ I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what she was doing.

'It was probably the most adorable thing you’d ever see.’ Kevin gushed.

'Oh - well, good for you then.’ Archie gave a small smile. 'Have fun.’

'Yeah, I will.’ I replied.


The date with Trev so far was going amazing. He was kind, sweet and caring. He also had a great sense of humour. Bonding over milkshakes was what I hoped to do with…Archie.

God damn that boy.

'Wait,’ I asked laugh, 'so what you’re trying to tell me is that actually happened to Chuck?’

'Yeah, he’s an absolute idiot.’ Trev laughed. The door dinged open as my smile dropped, seeing Archie walking in with Jughead. I groaned, running my hands over my face. 'What’s wrong?’ Trev asked, turning around to see Archie. 'Aren’t you and Archie like, best friends?’

'Yeah, but he knew I was coming here.’ I muttered. Archie and Jughead walked over to our table, Archie giving Trev a look. 'Archie, Jughead, what are you doing here?’

'Just for food. What are you kids doing?’ I sighed, feeling annoyance bubble up inside me.

'You know what I’m doing. I told you today that I was going on a date. You probably forgot since you’re still obsessing over Valerie.’ Archie turned his glare to me resting his hands on the table.

'We’ll go somewhere else away from here.’ Jughead interjected, grabbing Archie and pulling him away from our booth. I sighed, closing my eyes in annoyance.

'I’m sorry about that Trev, he’s just-’

'You like him, don’t you?’ Trev interrupted, a knowing smile on his face. I squinted my eyes at him in confusion.

'How did you?…’

'I thought you’d say no because of him. Everyone can see you’re in love with him.’ I put my head down, sighing in defeat. 'Hey, don’t feel bad. We can still be good friends.’ He placed his hand over mine for reassurance. 'But, go get Archie before someone else does.’ I chuckled at him, finally ready to admit feelings.

'Thank you, Trev, for a good night.’ I smiled, standing up to give him a hug good bye. 'I’ll see you at school.’ I waved, sitting back down in the booth and drinking the rest of my milkshake.

I saw the familiar auburn hair sit in front of me. I crossed my arms over my chest, glaring at him. 'What?’

'What the hell is your problem?’

'My problem? What the hell is your problem?’ I snapped. 'You’ve been acting all mopey since Valerie. When are you going to admit it? You screwed up! You can’t even see the right person in front of you!’

'Me? What about you! You’re going on a date with Trev Brown? You’ve never spoken to him!’

I scoffed at him. 'At least he had the guts to ask me on a date, Archie. I’m sorry that I don’t get as much attention as you with your new ego.’ I stood up, grabbing my hand bag.

I gave a final look to Jughead who watched our argument play out, walking out of Pop’s. I stormed over near my car, opening it up.

'Don’t walk away when I’m trying to talk to you!’ Archie called out, following me.

'What do you want to hear, Archie’ I turned around, stopping my escapade, 'Why are you getting angry of someone else asking me out on a date?’

'Because…he’s not good for you, Y/N!’

'Oh, for god sakes! That’s not good enough!’

'Why are you getting angry at me?’

'Because I love you, you dumbass!’ I exclaimed, panting a little.

I just admitted I loved him.

Oh dear god.

'You…you what?’ Archie asked, stumped. He stepped closer, causing me to almost hold my breath.

'I - I love you. Watching you go from girl to girl, getting heart broken then coming to me to fix it…how could you not see me right in front of you?’ I asked, feeling my eyes water.

Archie took another step closer to me, his gal figure towering over mine as he started down at me with those gorgeous eyes of his.

'Why didn’t say this earlier?’

'What do you-’

He grabbed my face, pulling me in for our lips to finally touch. I gasped, Archie taking my breath away completely. He made my knees feel weak and my heart race, it was just the way I imagined it.

We both pulled away, both of us breathless. 'Well, I didn’t see that coming.’ I joked, hearing Archie chuckle.

'I’m glad it did.’ He smiled, pulling me in for another kiss.

Hope everyone’s night had been a good one. My night, can best be described as a shit sandwich. I started it out with a beautiful sunny evening. I took my book and walked in the sun up to place I’ve only stopped into once, and loved the lighting, so figured I’d work for the night. I then get a text from a friend asking me to come meet up with her because she was with another friend of mine. The text was basically, “I’m with your friend, help.” My reply was basically, “I get it, be right there.”

So, I arrive to a group that half have been drinking since noon and the rest are pretty much there. I re-meet a new friend of a friend because he was too hammered tonight to remember meeting me last night. I meet a new friend of the friend that asked me to come out that was fine when we met, but then just became confrontational and bitchy. So, that was fun.

Most of them finally bailed, including friend two, hammered guy, and bitchy girl, so I figured I’d ditch friend one and take my book somewhere else. I’m back to my peace again and wondering why I even bother going out with friends. I mean, I know I should, and often enjoying doing so, but I guess sometimes it can end up being something you would have been better off not being a part of.

Thus the shit sandwich of a night. It was two moments of pure peace and bliss, with a thick spreading of shit right in the middle of it.

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I LOVE THEM SO MU oh, brutal honesty.

Well, they’re both pretty fucked up really? Dinah helped Babs open up and be less controlling and paranoid and manipulative but she’s still Babs. And while becoming Oracle’s agent helped Dinah reclaim her sense of agency, that also made her kind of codependent. She calls Barbara on a lot of shit - but also ultimately lets her get away with a lot of shit. 

The best example to me is Helena realising that Barbara has manipulated both of them, and while Dinah is furious that Helena is hurt, she never once addresses Barbara’s strategy with her

Because it worked. Because they’re partners now. 

Then there are the issues they both share, like putting heroism far above personal stability and contentment. Defining themselves by the good they can do. Blaming themselves for every loss. They’re not alone in these things, which helps a lot, but in the end they’re enabling each other. 

Even when it comes to things they don’t actually approve of - like Dinah training with Shiva, or Barbara keeping that blackmail. They know, but they don’t say anything, not for a long time. 

That kind of devotion can to a two-edged sword, is what I’m saying. On the whole they do bring out the best in each other; they’re better together, happier together. But they’re still two flawed, traumatised people just doing their best to survive and make the world better. 

[Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it]

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I know I already did one but people are doing kids and I love kids and so can I get a head canon of Sam trying to do makeup/nails with his daughter.

He’s down. He is here for tea parties, princess dress up, and every other make over.

“Are you gonna make daddy pretty? Yeah, okay well I’m gonna tell you gold brings out my eyes, so be sure you do me right”

Mom is just in the back watching and giggling. When it’s his turn to put her make up on it starts of a little rough and she makes fun of him for sucking, but after so many princess parties he gets good at it. And mom has two beautiful princesses in her home and it is glorious. 

When his daughter gets upset about him taking off the nail polish he decides to just keep it on. The team tries to give him hard time about it but he just shrugs, “Ya’ll just jealous I got the best nail artist ever. Stop hating.”


IF YOU WERE HERE THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF THIS BLOG YOU MIGHT REMEMBER THIS FACE!!! It belongs to all-mystic-messenger who is now deeeeleted (I know at least half of you loved her headcanons, not as much as I did, of course, cause I’m #1) but since I do get messages asking about her from time to time, I wanna show you this pretty pretty pretty face to let everyone know she’s doing veeeerrryyyyy well and is VERYYYYY HAPPYYYY!!!!!! So there is no need to worry~ isn’t she cute? I loves her LOTS FOREVER~ - Mod 606

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which final lair do you think would make me cry the most, being a person who is completely phantom biased

You can try my list of favorite ‘Final Lair’ scenes here, though fair warning - I’m not Phantom-biased, I’m Christine-biased, so most of my attention is on her.

I would also recommend these two:

  • Michael Crawford, Dale Kristien, Steve Barton - Crawford’s weepy, repeated “I love you” are pretty heart-wrenching, as is the fact that Dale Kristien is clearly sympathizing as well. Even the beginning of his “You alone can make my song take flight” sounds like it’s wobbling from emotion.
  • Ivan Ozhogin, Mercedesz Csampai, Eugeny Zaycev - This was Mercedesz Csampai’s last show as Christine. She lost the ring she was meant to return to the Phantom, and so she kisses his hands instead.

Decided it redraw and redesign one of my old characters I made at school in 2011.

Her name is “Maria Candilth” 

Originally she was some dumb Dead Space Oc but I’ve been wanting to remake her and put her in the universe with Chezzy, Agent, And all the gang. 

She’s one of Agents old Partners that she worked with for years. There buddies and are still at it! Both her and Agent are big heads in the “Secret Super Service” company.

Agent commands small units and will sometimes be sent out when needed by the HIGH HIGH folks of the Agency.

While Maria has been assigned to be the President. She is the first Cyborg President and she does a pretty good job being one.


She’s sorta like a super sentai cyborg hero. I got this idea from watching Concrete Revolutio. 

She’s very popular too! The kids love her so thats great PR! 

They nicknamed her “Gold Iron President Maria” 

Hope you enjoy Maria! I really like how this redraw and redesign came out. 

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Favorite Raven costume?


Okay, I love the leotard from the cartoon and DCAU, I DO.


I’m a sucker for the modern twist on her classic look. 

It’s got a similar style to her NTT outfit, it’s pretty sexy but not overstated, and the boots are a definite plus, imo. Not to mention, the cape. Definitely my personal favourite design. (This is from Johns’ run, if anyone is wondering). 

Her leotard would be a close second.

N52 is definitely at the very bottom (why the ever living fuck is she a bird? I am so sick of this birb shit in literally everything Raven related, ffs, LET IT GO. It looks like she rolled around in glue and bird feathers and it’s just DUMB) and, thanks to Pham’s atrocity, I’m not particularly crazy about her Rebirth costume, either. Maybe if Meyers were still drawing her (as it was his concept), but as of now, meh. 

Honourable mention is the DC Bombshells number. CUUUUTE.

Thanks for the ask! :D

Lego Batman Movie was tons of fun. I love movies that are satirical but in a loving way (okay, I love Batman but, my God, have these movies franchises been stupid numerous times!) and LBM did a really good job at poking fun but in a clever way.

I loved the voice acting, the animation was so freaking cool, the soundtrack… look… that’s my style of music, okay?

I saw it with Mum and she loved it. She laughed pretty loudly when no one else was laughing (it’s just something she does and i love her for it). And she fangirled heaps when they paid homage to the 1960s Batman (you know - BANG! POW! THWACK!)

I give it 8.5/10 batarangs (only because i thought it dragged a bit at some parts)

Oh… and my FoeTP professed their true love hate for each other… *sniffles* I’m fine…

April 23rd, today, is @problematic-garbage’s birthday, and I have a few things I want to say. I met her a year and a half ago. I thought she was reserved, but hoooo boy I’m glad I was skeptical. She is the most lively, confident, and outstanding person I know. She has amazing people skills and is great at navigating her way through on-the-spot situations and I am amazed. She is so empathetic and caring, to a point where she out-rivals sugar. If I ever feel depressed about something major or something incredibly trivial, she’s there to comfort me and make me feel wonderful. On another note, she is soo pretty and sparkly irl like what? Hacks? Magic? How??? Her hair is so pretty, it’s flowy and soft and curly and it’s fun to play with too. Her laugh and gestures are so natural and they make a conversation flow and much more enjoyable to talk with I love talking to her so much. She’s one of the only people in our friend squad who likes and shares an interest in some fandoms. It’s honestly great having a friend who you can relate with. She introduced me to tumblr, which showed me countless different fandoms and communities, showing me hundreds of people that I can relate with. She’s so talented in writing and talking, I am amazed. Darling, I’m glad you entered my life, because you’re so precious to me and I love you so much. I’m going to be be mundane and socially awkward tomorrow, but that’s okay, since you’ll be there beside me, to make me feel great. I love you so much. Happy birthday love~

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I like one girl a lot but also i'm not her type of girl because she likes pretty girls with a lot of make up and perfect bodies so do i have to change or to move on?

All those types of girls are bullshit, we don’t choose who to love by them. We can fall in love with anybody around. I honestly thought that if my gf likes girls, she likes girls with curvy body type bc she always adored girls like this and I’m a thin stick but she likes me somehow? She says I’m beautiful and everything so i don’t really think this is a thing and you should try to receive her attention

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What if Amelia knows she's pregnant and she doesn't tell Owen before being sure the baby is healthy? Because OK, writers are dragging all the storylines, but it's pretty weird and unlikely that she's not talking to him at all! I mean, in 13x19 they talk as if nothing happened! I understand Amelia's pain, I really do, I love her so so much, but I believe there's more...if she's actually pregnant (and I was sure of it from the beginning) I hope she's acting this way to make sure her baby's fine!

I think so too. I still think Amelia is pregnant and I think she knows. And withdrawing is her way of not dealing with it because she is afraid of what she might find out, but Amelia can’t avoid it forever. I am not sure Amelia would have the serenity to go find out by herself if the baby is okay and is waiting for that to go tell Owen; I think she would be overall scared to find out :/ and that would explain why she is freaking out and acting the way she’s been acting 

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Well for starters, you should really do what YOU’RE comfortable with. Yeah, you both may want lgbtq+ friends but if she’s making you uncomfortable, then you have every right to stop. You could simply tell her that you’re not too sure about meeting, or that you are uncomfortable in doing so. If she keeps pushing, tell her outright that you do not want to. You could explain to her what exactly is making you feel uncomfortable if you want to continue the friendship and hope she understands.

If she keeps persisting, you may have to block her. I know it sounds harsh but really it’s better for you to feel safe. I hope this helps!

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How important are looks to you in a relationship?

i think that attraction is important. it’s important to find yourself attracted to your partner, but i also think it’s important to fall in love with more than just their looks because so much more than their looks can contribute to your attraction to them. my girlfriend is sooo pretty, but i think i find her so beautiful because she gives off light, i feel so calm being with her, she’s my best friend, she makes things easy and i can talk to her about anything. you can find someone attractive, but if they don’t have qualities you’re attracted to, you’re really failing yourself.

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Omg both girls are so pretty but the one with green hair is just so 😍😍😍 i love her and her beautiful fluffy hair

THANKS DUDE she blush!!!!