shes so mad right no


the fact that leslie is getting mad about ben not being treated right by his hometown when she rarely (if ever) gets really mad about the way pawnee treats her is…i just love her so much and i wish she could see how great she is

I’m very disapointed that the fandom haven’t already made this joke yet and that I needed to do it myself.

But here you have it, a very chilled Eclipsa. Uh, by the way, this may be considered spoiler-ish? so yeah, watch out for that….
But if you’re reading this then you’re probably already seen the spoiler, so… whoops?

I will never be over the way their conflict in this episode was resolved…

Mon-El straight up said that he was an ass and admitted that she was right and he was wrong without any prompting whatsoever. And conceded that her way of handling things was better and more effective. Plus, Rather than being upset or angry that she stepped on his heart and tricked him, he’s impressed. (all while having just been supposedly rejected by her)

One of my favorite things about him is that - even if it takes him a minute sometimes - he’s always cool with accepting his mistakes and faults and admitting when he’s wrong. He knew he had screwed up and that she had every right to be mad at him so he didn’t try to push her to forgive him or anything like that. He was there to apologize and tell her that he saw his mistakes, he saw the position he had put her in and he knew that it wasn’t right for him to do that.

Honestly, I don’t want a perfect character that never makes mistakes. I want a flawed character who can own up to it when they see where they have faltered. A character who listens to the people around them and doesn’t write off what they say for the sake of what they want. Like I said - it may take him a minute but he always gets there.

Also him acknowledging that things were easier when he was an asshat was actually a good thing. Because it’s him pointing out that he doesn’t see things or feel the same way about things as he did before.

Thinking about the next chapter and everything, I think the worst part of it is that Mutsuki went to :re for Touka. He has the picture, he knows where that person is, and he suspects that Kaneki might be there BECAUSE of Touka. Mutsuki doesn’t know that :re is more than just Touka’s coffee shop, Kaneki has other friends there, friends he knows since he became a ghoul. But Mutsuki might think he’s there because he has a crush on her. The fact that he arrived and Kaneki was there, just as he suspected… :re, the place where Touka lives… it’s gonna be a mess. Once Mutsuki sees Touka, he will feel tremendously jealous. I’m not sure if Kaneki was the one closing the shop, but I feel like Touka will come back like “hey, Kaneki, are you done? can we leave now?” and Mutsuki suddenly sees her appearing and calling him like that and hoooly fuck, I don’t trust Mutsuki’s reaction at all.


alana is complaining to me about a guest in her zoo tycoon game that was throwing a fit about not being next to a bathroom or atm machine even though he was apparently right next to both. she got so mad at him and the idea of him storming out of her zoo and going home that she picked him up and dropped him in the tiger exhibit. don’t let @striders run a zoo.

I work in a kids clothing store and so naturally we also have small toys and things aimed at kids so they can endlessly pester their parents to add more things to the pile. Anyway, one day we were having a big sale and the sweetest girl (couldn’t have been more than 7) came up to check the price of this one selfie stick microphone hybrid. And it came up to about $30. The little girl thanks me and runs off, about 5 minutes later she comes back over with a $50 bill and says “I think this is enough” and so I ring her up. We’re not allowed to keep $50s in the register so we have a safe that scans it and keeps it in there.
About 2 seconds after I put the $50 in the safe, where I cannot get it out, her mother comes over and says “Never mind she’s not getting that”. I tell the mother that since I had already put the $50 through that I would have to finish the transaction and then start a return right after. She looked mad, but said ok. So I handed her the change from the first purchase and I start processing the return, she then gives me the dirtiest look and says to me “You’re allowed sell to minors?” And I look at her and say “Yeah, kids come in here without their parents a lot.” And the look on her face was like if I had just cursed her out. She then told her daughter “You’re not allowed to buy anything, you’re too young.”
Eventually we get to the end of the return and the company has a policy where they need to know certain information to prevent fraud and stuff, and when I asked for the information this woman got all offended telling me that for her first name I could put “M” and then got even more angry when I said “No ma'am, I need your full name.” I apologized and told her it was company policy but she was still pissed at me. The worst thing though. Is parents do this ALL the time, even when it’s the kids own money. Long story short, parents are terrible.

Bringer of Storms, Destroyer of worlds.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Genevieve
Word count : 1,930
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 3 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

At work, Jared didn’t let himself get too close to you. He skirted past Jensen’s questions, changing the subject without being obvious as much as he could.

During free time in Vancouver, he spent what he could getting to know River. He’d told you after an afternoon of pizza and movies while you ran errands, that he hoped his other kids grew up to be as wild and carefree as River had. He loved his sense of humor, loved how he smiled through anything, and always looked for the good in a situation. Loved his quick wit that was beyond his years. And you loved that Jared was so taken with his son.

But back home in Texas, it was different. He had assured Gen that there was nothing between you and him, but as far as she knew, your son was just that. Your son. He never mentioned River to her. Never brought it up after the phone call. She had called to talk to Jensen about it, to ease her worries. “They barely talk at work. Sometimes she sits with us to eat, but as far as I know, that’s it.”

“Thanks Jensen.”

He chuckled softly. “I get it. Don’t worry, okay. He loves you more than anything.”

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til the stars go blue | everyone tries to pick up the pieces after robert’s breakdown

Ao3 link

It’s raining when Robert gets discharged. Of course it is, what else would it do?

Vic picks him up. Her eyes are worried and she’s chewing her lip. Robert can’t blame her, he knows what he looks like, worn paper thin and fraying around the edges.

“You alright?” she asks.

Robert gives her a look. He’s not really, but he’s alive. That’ll have to do for now.

They’re quiet in the car, just the sound of rain and the wipers thumping. He watches Vic open her mouth to say something six times before she find the words.

“Are they sure you’re okay to come home? You still seem pretty out of it.”

Robert nods. He is. He can feel the person he used to be but it’s like a coat that doesn’t fit right, he can’t seem to put it back on.

“I’ll be fine,” he tells her.

He can see her frown, not convinced. Robert wishes he didn’t feel the same way.

They’re quiet for a while longer before she cracks again.

“Aaron wanted to come,” she says, voice bright. False. “I told him you asked me to come on my own but he’s waiting for you at home.”

It’s like an ice bath, like being back in that lake. Robert can’t breathe right. “I can’t face him. Not yet.”

“What? Robert he loves you. He’s been worried sick, especially when you wouldn’t let anyone visit.”

Robert doesn’t want Aaron to worry about him. He doesn’t want Aaron to think about him at all.

He doesn’t say anything in the end, can’t make his mouth work.

They stop at a red light and she looks over at him, hands at ten and two like dad taught them. “You know I love you right?” she asks. “You know that, don’t you?”

Robert nods. He can’t feel it, but rationally he knows she has to love him at least half as much as he loves her. That’s more than enough.

He rests his head against the window when they pull off, suddenly exhausted. Watches it rain.

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From CEO to homeless

Ju Kyung had come to the office in search on his phone, because he no matter how much he hates to admit it, he was clumsy. He always left his things everywhere he goes. He could practically hear his mother shouting at how lucky he is to still have his head attached to his body everytime he lost something. Ju Kyung sighed keying in the pass code and pushing the glass door to the studio. He was surprised however to find his CEO lying down on the sofa, a frown on his lips as his face glowed from the light of his screen.

He looked up and greeted Ju Kyung solemnly.

“What are you doing here hyung?” Ju Kyung asked, a mixture of surprised and amusement.

Amused because, he looked sad lying there on the couch or really; homeless. Surprised because, he had declined to go out dinner with him and the other guys for his girlfriend. He only rolled his eyes in reply and continued on scrolling down his phone, probably going through Instagram. Ju Kyung noticed the broken-hearted song playing on the background, what he would suspect a reflection of how his CEO feels.

“You’re sleeping here?”


“I thought you were-”

“Yeah well I got kicked out.”

“Kicked out?”

“Yeah, fucking kicked out of my own fucking house.”

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Kill 'Em with Kindness...

This woman was super pissed that I wouldn’t approve the pumps for her (“You should post something on the pumps ‘cause I could have waited forever for you!”) and so instead of lashing out at it, I continued being nice and it pissed her off MORE.

What is she gonna say? “She was being nice, so I’m so mad!” Lmao, RIGHT!

Shu Headcanon (Other Woman Edition)

*Part Two*

You can’t stand it. The kissing and giggling.
The touches and caressing..
It hurts too much.
Shu was yours and only yours!
You would show her!
You had finished gardening and packed up your stuff.
You stop suddenly when you see her wondering around the garden.
The blood boils again.
She pauses now and then to look at the flowers.
Your flowers you had so tenderly looked after.
‘Hum? Oh it you..’ She sighs and looks away as if you are nothing.
You find yourself in a blind madness, she’s a vampire right? She wouldn’t die so easy…
You growl loudly letting out your anger as you slice her throat with the garden shears.
You stand gasping in shock as she kneels holding her pulsing throat. Blood pouring.
You convinced yourself she would be fine. Vampire heal quick and easily.
Running down the corridor you catch yourself in a mirror. Her blood had splattered on you. Damn…did you need help?
But it wasn’t long till you found yourself at his door.
It was dark, he was naked apart from a sheet draped over his lower half.
Only the moonlight showing his beautiful face.
You crawl onto his bed and straddle him.
‘Shu…’ You call him and wipe your tears.
He doesn’t wake, you bend down and kiss him.
His lips move with yours and soon his hands are in your hair.
You groan desperate for him and tear off your panties. He growls as he feels the warm wetness and eases himself into you.
The pain hits first but pleasure soon takes over, your whole body feeling numb with bliss.
'Shu..’ You whisper. 'You’re mine…’
You feel him slow and he finally opens his eyes waking up completely.
His eyes bore into yours, you could read his thoughts. 'What is she doing here?’ 'Where is h/n?’
You don’t move, you just plead back with your eyes.
In that moment Shu has to decide, to push you off rightfully. Or to take you and potentially ruin his relationship with her.
His eyes look you up and down before he draws closer to your lips.
Shu drives deep into you and makes you gasp. Your nails dig into his back as you hold onto him.
He moves fast and desperately. You ride him back and match his pace.
His kisses driving you crazy and his hands holding you tight to him.
Your Shu…
His lips move down your neck to nibble your collarbone.
He pauses.
His eyes are trained on the blood spots on your skin. He hadn’t noticed before..
The wasn’t yours but..? Hers?
His eyes met yours.
Once again you plead, your eyes full with tears already.
He knows what you did…
'Shu..’ You cry.
He stares at you, but his lips meet yours roughly.
You gasp in shock as he moves inside you again. Harder than before.
You feel him hit a spot inside you and after his thrusts you explode and shatter.
Shuddering against him he growls and holds your hips and he cums in you.
You both breathe heavily. Leaning against each other.
'Master!’ A sudden knock on the door.
'What?’ Shu bites out. Holding you against him as he lay you both down.
'H/n..she’s outside! She’s dead! Murdered! Her throat had been slit!’
Shu stroked your hair as you relive that moment. But..she had taken him away…
Your tears felt hot on his skin.
He sighs, 'Then do what you always do. Clean it up.’
It was so cold. No emotions involved whatsoever.
He buries his nose in your hair.
'My y/n has made quite a mess…’
And there it was and how it began.
Your crazy twisted love.

@twatcitytrick a break up is deffo needed!!!! and some of the things rebecca said was true, i hated the tone of voice she was using. i’m surprised aaron’s head hasn’t fucking exploded. he’s always being told how to think, what he should do, how he should feel. he needs a break. he needs help!!!! he needs to take care of himself

So here I am trying to study for my anatomy exam and all I can think about is 

  • Lucifer sitting at the piano
  • Lucifer playing the piano with ALL HIS HEART for the WOMAN HE LOVES
  • Lucifer singing Eternal Flame. FOR CHLOE.
  • Chloe watching Lucifer play the piano
  • Chloe listening to the lyrics he is singing
  • Chloe tearing up a bit because she knows the song is about them, more specifically the way Lucifer feels about her
  • Chloe smiling because she just can’t help herself because SHE LOVES HIM and she knows she can’t stay mad at him

My heart is so full right now. I’m smiling just thinking about this scene. It’s going to be beautiful.

anonymous asked:

Jily snowed into a cabin

Thanks for the prompt! :3 Sorry this is somewhat late, but I hope the length makes up for it!

Time Out

Lily should’ve realised that when her friends proposed a holiday in the Alps it was, indeed, too good to be true. As the car pulled in front of two picturesque lodges and a messy-haired young man came out to greet them, she immediately rounded on Marlene and Sirius.

“What is he doing here?” she hissed.

“His family owns the lodges,” Marlene replied with a shrug. “How else could we afford to come to a place like this?”

“You tricked me!” Lily accused, glaring at Sirius and Marlene.

“We just want to have a nice holiday with everyone,” Remus replied, sounding tired. “But if you have a problem with that I can drive you back to the airport and you can go home.”

Lily bit her lip. “I didn’t mean–”

“Yes you did,” Dorcas cut in, rolling her eyes. “Can’t you two try to get along? For once behave like adults, not like two unruly children.”

An indignant reply already teetered on Lily’s tongue but with some effort, Lily managed to swallow it. She was only getting so mad anyway because Dorcas and Remus were right – it was the painful, bitter kind of truth that sank barbs into her heart and left deep gouges in her pride.

Lily sat still as her friends got out of the car, catching her breath. Perhaps she should try to be civil with Potter. When would she get a chance like this again, to be on a trip with all her friends in such a scenic place? She wasn’t so selfish that she’d ruin this for everyone.

Lily steeled herself and got out of the car, feeling all the guiltier when she noticed how James’ grin faltered as his eyes met hers.

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