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One thing I’ve always loved about Power Rangers is the colour swapping AUs. Imagine, 

Sweet and perfect Billy with the pink pterodactyl?! Jason with the sabretooth? All six foot of him packed into the cockpit of a silent predator? The tiny and fierce Trini with the bulky mastodon tank?! Kim, who’s swift and clever with the lively Triceratops? Zack the fearless mama’s boy leading the team with the tyrannosaurus rex? Colour swap au. 

Or do we go further with this switch-a-roo and swap their backstories along with their colours? Trini - that weird outsider girl - whose not only being the black ranger but she’s caring about her sick mom, despite being so damn frustrated with herself because she cannot express who she is. Jason being at constant odds with his parents, as this weird blonde kid nobody knows, that occasionally speaks up to correct someone or offer odd sage advice? Zack, the former team captain and hotshot of the Angel Grove tigers who’s disappointed his mother over a stupid prank.

Just imagine

Plus badass black and blue girlfriends with alien war machines? I’m down. Sweet colourful boyfriends with these sleek machine animals? I’m down. Zack is double  captain; ranger captain and ship captain for Trimberly and Bison. I’m down. 

So down for a ranger colour swap au. 

edit; there are so many possibilities with this au, so many possible combinations (red ranger kim, blue ranger trini, black ranger jason, yellow ranger billy, pink ranger zack as another example) go forth my friends, go forth and prosper! 

  • Shungiku Nakamura, Author of Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: You know what trope I enjoy a lot? Unrequited love.
  • Usami, Hiroki, Sumi, Ijuin, Yuu, and Yokozawa: We know.
Girls Night Part 4

: Girls Night-Part 4

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    

Pairing: Dean x Reader (first date)

Warnings: maybe a curse or two-first date awkwardness (if that’s a warning)

Word Count: 1479

A/N: Okay-so I’ve said it before, I really think that Dean would be super awkward and fidgety if he was going on an actual date. Especially, if this date was with someone he liked for more than just a booty call. First date fidgets are real-think antique boat scene from S12 ;)

Teaching class Friday evening helped to keep Y/N’s mind off of the impending date. But, as soon as she started to get changed, the butterflies came back, causing her heart and thoughts to race.

They didn’t really know each other well, but that was the point of a date right? Should they have texted or talked on the phone a few times? Should she have asked Jody for more information?

Dating was so frustrating!

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“Humne jitna chillaaya, na, utne mein toh parbat bhi apne jageh se sadak jaata! Par aap? Aise aalsi chirote ho, wahin ki wahin khade rahe! Waise, chalti train ke darwaaze pe kaun khada rehta hai?”
“Chalti train se dhakka kaun maarta hai?”
“Toh kaa karte?! Humare paas bas wohi raasta tha.”
“Toh aise kaam karti kyun ho?”
Ek jhaap pe deewar pe…sat jaaibe.”
“Mujhe bas itna pata hai ki mujhe iss waqt Dilli mein hona chahiye tha, aur main iss jungle mein phans chuka hoon! Pata nahi kahan hoon main!”
“You –!”
“Aap hi ne toh – Arrey! Ab kahan chale?!”
“Jahannum mein jaa raha hoon! Chalogi saath mein?”
“Yehi hai kya, aas paas? Aye, Hippie! Aye, Jatadhari Hippie!”

Why is it so hard to convince someone to just cut ties with their creepy, abusive, manipulative ex? I have not one, but two friends in similar situations and no matter what I say, no matter how much their exes are still stressing them out, they keep talking to them.

Guys no. Stop. Block the ex. On facebook, on tumblr, on skype, everywhere, just block them, avoid them if you can. Pretend that they died. Don’t open up yourself for more manipulation, don’t make it possible for them to hurt you again. Move on with your life and don’t let your ex hang over it like a massive, toxic shadow.


favorite character meme: seven scenes [1/7]

Pitch Perfect 3 wishlist

most of the things I’m listing are Chloe related because I am somewhat biased, she’s my favorite character.

  1. BRITANNY SNOW IS IN IT. This is the most important.
  2. I would love to know about Chloe’s family life because in her fight with Beca she sounded so fragile and emotional, especially when she said “this has been my family for the past 7 years,” why is she so attached to these girls. Just makes me think that she feels alone, maybe doesn’t have a family or the one she has isn’t very loving or supportive? I would just love to know more about Chloe. 
  3. I hope that Beca finally realizes her feelings for Chloe. I feel like one of the reasons Beca is a little short (mean) with Chloe at times is because she’s in denial about what she feels, not just because she was stressed out about life after college. She was so frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t contain her infatuation with Komissar that I can see her feelings for Chloe being a reason why she was rude to her at times (I mean she did it to Jesse so it’s not unreasonable). I just don’t want her to be mean to Chloe again :(
  4. I want more focus on the relationships between the Bellas because PP2 lacked that. I feel like the sequel focused more on the music and the plot than on the girls.
  5. This might be an unpopular opinion. I love fat Amy but I’d be okay with slightly less of her in the next movie. Maybe give Stacie, Cynthia Rose, or Lily some of that attention. Stacie had like one or two lines in PP2, that’s not okay imo. 
  6. Let Chloe sing more, she’s got a really nice voice. Let her show it off a little more. 
  7. Give Beca and Chloe more meaningful moments. Not just because of Bechloe but because we are supposed to believe that they have a bond. Like, let them have a sweet and touching conversation (similar to the one Beca had with fat Amy in PP2). 
  8. Can Chloe be a middle school or high school choir teacher. She helps kids build their confidence, she helps the oddballs because she sees herself in them, and maybe in the final musical performance we can see her kids be a part of it. (this is very headcanony but I really want her to be teaching kids to sing like she said she wanted). 
  9. Beca is a DJ part time, and working at the record company.
  10. Bumper and fat Amy are married.
Morning rage

Woke up super early, got Jay up and meds and changed and vented and dressed, got Ditto up and in the shower. Took Ditto to school (25 minutes away) and got there just in time. Went inside to request his IEP (hopefully coming later) and figure out how to give them his meds.

Was going to hang out and read in a parking lot before dropping Jay off, but didn’t end up having time. Rushed to Jay’s mom’s where the nurse let us into the building. Knocked for 20 minutes and no answer. Called her boyfriend who said she was there. Gave up and came back home with Jay and nurse.

Called the CW to explain what happened in case mom contacts her. Unlikely, since mom still doesn’t have a phone. CW said mom does that to her all the time - sleeps in and ignores the door.

Ugh. I’m so frustrated. She complains about how she’s ready to have Jay full time and why is everyone dragging their feet - and yet she can’t do the three (relatively easy) things required for her to get him back. She ignores calls and doesn’t open the door. I just don’t know what else to do for her. She doesn’t seem to realize that every time she messes up, it gets written down as evidence that she can’t be a parent.

tenrose shippers of tumblr- you know, it’s possible that you could ship tenrose WITHOUT shitting on martha jones’ character. there’s a thought.

My wife makes me so happy and makes me laugh so much. Sometimes I wonder if I make her as happy as he makes me.

I’m more in love with her mind than I am with her body.. Dont get me wrong, she is mad sexy… But the way she talks about music and the classes she’s taking is just incredible. The way she’s so passionate about something and even when she gets frustrated about something, thats why i love her the most. The way she gets lost in things and lets me get lost with her, its beautiful… Because her mind is even sexier than her body.
—  Oko Ninjah

a series of unlikely crossovers

{ @sheeranwrites }

Fucking figures that this would happen. “Here - I have to go.” Audra mumbled quickly, tossing way more money at the driver than was deserved for the short drive from her theater to a spot down the street. She cursed as she walked down the cluttered streets of New York City, her heels clutched tightly in her hands after pulling them off to move faster. As lovely and glamorous as this city could be at times, the traffic was enough to make her want to pull every last blonde hair from her head out of frustration. Since when did she care so much about meeting a fuck buddy for lunch? If that’s even what this was…hell, she didn’t know what this was. All she knew was she couldn’t afford to be late again for another meet up with Emma. It already felt like she was walking a thin line with the girl and maybe Audra wasn’t ready to let one of the only constants in her life go just yet. “Fuck - sorry, I’m here. Traffic was horrible.” She breathed out while stooping to slip her red heels back onto tired feet before taking a seat across from the annoyed looking brunette. 

I have been thinking about getting a dog for my anxiety and such for a while, but my apartment didn’t have enough room. Now that I’m back at my parent’s I spoke to my therapist about it and decided to float the idea by them. Initially it went well but then it devolved into them basically picking what dog I could potentially get and it’s so frustrating. I found a really nice 2 year old terrier mix that seems super mellow but my family is weary because they don’t think she’s cute. I got super overwhelmed and anxious by them yelling at me to look at puppies and I just shut down completely… then they told me to stop being anxious. 

I just want a dog that will make me get out of the house, but that will also keep me company and have a nice, calm demeanor. I don’t know why this instantly turned into a conversation about what THEY want. 

///end rant

What do I do if she constantly complains to me about her boyfriend and tells me she feels like we met at the wrong time. If I can tell that she has strong feelings for her man, but he keeps letting her down by being jealous and controlling. She rolls her eyes everytime she mentions him. She refers to him as scrooge to me. But she always makes a comment of apology about making him seem so awful. She needs to vent her frustration and can’t to anyone because she doesn’t want people in her life to hate him. So when we are around each other she vents to me because she knows I won’t pressure her to leave him. I just tell the truth regardless if It doesn’t benefit me and I understand how hard it is. Do I go for her? Do I suffer with my desire just so she can vent her frustration? Its hard caring about somebody so much that you sacrifice your heart desire to be what they feel they need you to be. Especially when you know you can be what they actually need. I posted this here because it’s the only social media we don’t follow one another on. She’s special. She sees me. She makes my day better. The ven though our friendship is strictly plutonic its fulfilling. She says the things to me I need to hear. She notices my ambition and my sacrifices. She motivates me in a subtle way. The way your boss telling you you did a good job today can make it easier to show up the next day. Arghhhhhh. Being a good friend is fucking agonizing sometimes.

anonymous asked:

Do you have some arieto headcanons you can share? im deep in arieto hell bc 86 THANK YOU!!

aahh! same, anon ; A ; thanks for asking, i’m not sure that the timelines match up but – here are some i’ve been mulling over!

when they’re formulating their plans, they hang out at the shrine where they first met; later, it serves as a secure and private meeting spot.

in the very beginning, eto spends a lot of time ranting furiously, about everything; arima just listens and gives the occasional “I see.”

eto gets really annoyed by arima’s quiet, so arima starts asking questions when she talks. eventually, even that begins to frustrate her so she refuses to talk about herself, even when he asks. finally, he begins quietly unspooling details about his own life too.

after that. something changes. they spend a lot of time talking to each other about their lives and compare their abilities and experiences, and it’s v cathartic because neither of them have ever had a person to listen and really, truly get it.

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i wonder how pb is gonna react to having basically magic powers now? she’s always been so against calling stuff ‘magic’ because it’s an irresponsible attitude to have, you should recognise it as science and quantify it and understand it cause otherwise you’re being reckless. a lot of pb’s arc is motivated by understanding and controlling and labeling something as ‘magic’ means relinquishing your control.

now serious scientist pb can shoot candy out of her hand while making fart noises. i’d say she’s going to be tinkering and analysing and experimenting until she has the whole thing figured out and can not only control it but also explain it. she won’t rest with the explanation that ‘there have just always been elementals, this is just A Thing to accept’. and honestly i dunno what she’s gonna find, if there IS a root cause for elementals or what. and if she goes tinkering too much she might lose the power or break it in some way, which could upset whatever balance we currently have. it’s exciting!!

by the end of wizards only fools, pb is genuinely amazed by the cold spell and it looks like she doesn’t know how to explain it with science. the show itself seems to take the angle that sometimes there ARE just fantastic magical things you can’t explain away with science. if the show is taking that stance and pb is gonna go experimenting with the elemental powers trying to understand it (since there’s no way she’d let something this powerful and important and unknowable INSIDE HERSELF go unexamined), i think she’ll end up messing with forces she shouldn’t and it’ll end badly. IT’S EXCITING this is all exciting i luv it