shes so frustrated about it


that pouty thing™ haechan does when he talks


but then again…neither have i

are you ever glad that you consume actual queer media and not queerbaity shit anymore? cause i sure am.


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Favorite BNHA characters ( top 10 ) and why?

This question should be illegal. I’m only taking the students because that would be too hard I love Yoshitori and Aizawa too much and dhojdfkhfjds.


1. Kirishima Eijirou

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Cinnamon roll. Deserves everything. I’m not gonna be great at explaining why I love him - or just everyone in this list - because it’s just this feeling of overwhelming love when you see a character you like fhjdkfsd.

He’s talented, strong in his determination and in his power, and his kindness doesn’t have limits. Sunshine.

Even though he has self-confidence issues, he’s always here to help people. He does realize he has flaws but is working on it the best he can. I admire the fact that he overcomes his fears but you can still clearly see the internal struggling. (This is a great character development we got here if you check his past.)

Also, Bakugou respects him. And if you gain Bakugou’s respect, you must REALLY have something because Bakugou’s not the easiest person to please. He didn’t even try to it just happened

Kirishima Eijirou is the best friend everyone would dream of.

2. Midoriya Izuku

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He was my first favorite before Kirishima’s story came out

Who the heck is even this boy? How pure is he? How stupid was this reaction of his to save Bakugou in the very beginning when even the heroes - even All Might - didn’t move? Also, the fight against Todoroki? The boy BROKE HIS BONES, and SEVERAL TIMES for his friend to move on. That’s- I have no words.

Midoriya Izuku is the perfect next symbol of Peace: his selfness and need to help people wasn’t made by his quirk but by his soul and that’s what pleased most people, and his dream won’t be stopped no matter what. All Might chose well.

3. Uraraka Ochako

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Look at her. She’s shivering and yet smiling and explicitely showing to her friends “I’m good, don’t worry.”

THIS GIRL ROCKS. She’s so clever. She’s talented. She fought against Katsuki Fucking Bakugou and could have won. I was in awe when I realised what was her plan all along during the fight. I’m still not over it.

And her motivation? No, not money, not really. Money is a mean to a goal. Her goal is to help her parents who she loves dearly and it’s one of the most adorable things. She wants to become her parents’ hero because they were the heroes of her childhood - look back when she was a kid how she admired their work and how frustrated she was not to be able to help.

I’m so excited about her she has so much potential.

4. Tamaki Amajiki

I honestly don’t know much about him - like everyone else I guess? But from what I’ve seen, this character is… different. I can’t really explain. Actually, all the characters are really different, the author is doing a great job for so many characters. 

I was surprised to hear about a group of three amazing future heroes, and see this guy, so shy, so awkward, with a real anxiety towards people - this is not comic relief to me. And this is important. Tamaki is going in front of a class, with two of his best friends/team-mates, and tries to stand up for what he believes in.

And since the last chapters I’m really worried about him I need new content pls help

5. Todoroki Shouto 

Very complexed character. His past makes who he is now. He is physically marked by the disfunctional family father he’s living with, and mentally too. You can’t make me believe seeing his mother in such a state, hurt him, and losing her for the rest of his childhood isn’t a great impact on his personality. You can’t tell me, having a “dad” who forbid you to play with your siblings to train for his own selfishness didn’t touch him.

This is a terrible past, and I realize how Todoroki actually easily confessed it to someone in his class - to Midoriya. But doing this is the first step of the development of his character which made me love him, oh so much.

I liked the grudge he’s holding against his father, and the fact that he still does, but put it apart in order to follow is own ideals, his own project. I was so proud of him when he chose to work with Endeavor because he figured it was the best for his powers.

This kid is so young but so mature already. He faced his father, and then came to see his mother on his own, to face her too. That’s amazingly brave.

And finally, in the scans for the “Bakugou Arc” Todoroki more and more cares about not just his own motivations, but also his classmates. LOOK AT HIS FACE WHEN THEY TAKE AWAY HIS FRIEND. You can definitely see it before tho, when he’s teaming up with Momo and listens to her after realizing he might have been too focused on himself and not on sharing ideas.

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Also did I tell you how incredible and badass his power is?

6. Kaminari Denki

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Another precious boy. But who isn’t? Mine-who? Don’t know this guy.

Let’s just appreciate this pic of our Human Pikachu.

I don’t feel like he got a lot of moments yet, so I’m really excited about knowing more about him, but I liked him right from the beginning - I actually liked him more than Kirishima at first. He’s motivated to do his best, but knows his limits. Even though he still acts without thinking sometimes and that’s killing me xD

He rocks. That’s all I can say. In this arc, he nailed it, and-

He got his bff’s support, which is BIG. (Also, again, Bakugou). He improved a lot and I’m so proud of him.

Despite what a lot of people think, my son is clever. Just remember he’s a 15 yo guy and teens do mistakes and stupid things all the time. 

I remember reading somewhere he’s always showing his thumbs up to let everyone know he’s alright once he’s off. This is incridibly touching. I don’t know about you, but if even when his brain turns off, his last will or his subconscious is yelling at him to let everyone know he’s good and that they can go on, I think already a little part of his job, as a future hero, is completed.

You go, Denki.

7. Mirio Togata (also known as Tintin)

I didn’t know I would love him. I thought I would like him, but I didn’t know my heart would just go down and drown with the last chapters. I hate this manga sometimes.

He looks so nice. So at ease. All the time. He trained so hard, I understand Izuku’s expression in this panel. This guy is impressive and you don’t realize it right away but when you do- oh damn. I mean. He was supposed to be the next Hero of Peace.

D E T E R M I N A T I O N in everything he does, in his beliefs. I also believe - and I’m pretty sure - he’s helping Tamaki with his social issues and awkwardness.


Listen to him he knows what he’s talking about everything’s okay *sobs*

8. Katsuki Bakugou

Alright what about Bakugou. I like his character. He’s unstable, and that makes my feelings also unstables. His agressivity is the reason why I’m a bit indicisive, but he does have great moments which explain why he’s in this top 10.

Originally posted by fymyheroacademia

Believe it or not, despite ALL OF HIS FLAWS, Bakugou is a human being. A shitty human being yes - I’m referring to the very first episodes (I can’t forgive him to, basically, tell Izuku to kill himself, ‘who cares’) - but still human. I LOVE his character development. He’s being forced to consider his classmates and - hey everyone knows that, this guy is pretty clever.

One of the many reasons I love Bakugou: his fight with Uraraka. She fought with everything she could give, and he NEVER once underestimated her. Here’s something I need to see more: don’t judge the oponent by the way they look, and please especially not if they happen to be a woman. The whole croud yelled at him for “torturing” and “hurting” a girl, but that’d be okay with a guy? C’mon. I’m proud of you, Bakugou.

He also notices more than he seems to, like in this panel, for Izuku’s power. ‘

I’m really glad we got this moment of pure angst - I’m sorry I hated it but it also made Bakugou so much more human? He’s a kid. A kid with issues. And he lived traumatising things. 

But he doesn’t talk about those events. Because he’s too proud. But in the end? He’s just holding those regrets, those feelings of guilt, and cries them out. He’s a mess and he is lost.

Plus great bonus: friendship. Bakugou never seemed to develop strong relationships before, his only one with someone of his age is with Deku and that’s not one of the healthiest. But then you get Kirishima. And later on, a bit Kaminari, and more. He’s trusting Kirishima with his life (cf. first panels in Kirishima’s examples), and cares about him. THAT IS IMPORTANT.

Let us see how GREAT Bakugou is going to become and let me grab some pop-corn before I die in the process because it’s not gonna happen with some angst

9. Ashido Mina

The Queen.

Actually I loved the Alien Queen, I’m sad she didn’t get to keep the name.

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I can’t really tell much. She’s extraordinary. 

I love her enthusiasm and ‘joie de vivre’. She’s giving the class a great atmosphere of friendship etc. And she kinda rocks her abilities. Also, pays attention to her classmates’ powers and takes advantage out of it (cf. Battle against the Laser French Guy).

Plus: she inspired Kirishima, somehow? HORN BUDDIES? Oh dang, I loved this so much. I want them to be partners as heroes now.

10. Yaoyorozu Momo

The Precious Princess.

Originally posted by izukus

I didn’t pay much attention to her at first but her power is really nice. She’s in charge of the class with Iida, and I’m proud of her.

She is always willing to help and contribute, but since she was admitted by recommendation, I guess this is why she started losing the confidence she started with - but she also compared herself to Todoroki which wasn’t a good idea, the guy has TWO abilities.

In this arc where she’s in team with Todoroki, I liked her more and more. Thanks to Aizawa the communication and exchanges get better and she gains more confidence after they win thanks to HER plan after Todoroki’s failed - that means a lot to her.

AND HERE IT’S DONE. I have so many things to say honestly I spent too many times on it already damn.

I can’t believe I didn’t put Tsuyu or Fumikage please end me. This list is absolutely unstable and could easily change how can I do a top seriously?

[PS: It’s almost 3am sorry for the bad English hrm]

Luke’s smile after Lorelai says “Kids would be good.” will always kill me now. 

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Lena starts up a tally in her twitter bio with no explanation, just the tally, and everyone is confused as shit thinking she must be working on some big mysterious product release or something but she's just keeping track all the microwaves reign has broken

she starts tweeting “one more.” whenever she has to add to the tally and everyone is just like “one more what???”

Shout out to gays with no spacial awareness, I just spent 20 minutes trynna get this damn couch through a doorway that’s “visibly smaller than it” and “it’s not even close” and “why didn’t you just measure it if you weren’t sure Cardoza?” & in related news my smartass unsympathetic wife best figure out how to get the couch BACK to the living room cuz she can sleep there!

What He Says: I’m fine

What He Means: BotW!Zelda is not a failure of a princess nor should she ever be accused of that. The poor thing was told since day one she had some grand destiny to fulfill because of her bloodline, and was so stressed out about it that she took frustrations out on Link for a moment before realizing that he wasn’t to blame and that he didn’t judge her at all. Leave poor egghead stressed Zelda alone. 

  • Shungiku Nakamura, Author of Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: You know what trope I enjoy a lot? Unrequited love.
  • Usami, Hiroki, Sumi, Ijuin, Yuu, and Yokozawa: We know.
meet the parents | jason blossom (riverdale)

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a/n: work by the lovely @netflixanddonuts

what is love?

for some it is a magical feeling one experiences when seeing someone they love to the point that they say they feel butterflies in their stomach.

love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. for me that person was jason blossom. it was love at first sight.

i opened my eyes and met his, it was magical. jason and I have been in a relationship for two months. every single second that I spent with him was heaven. 

today was the day i was about to meet my boyfriends parents. I was a just an ordinary, middle class teenager and therefore, beyond terrified of his parents’ reaction.

a million questions were zooming through my head. i put on a lacy red dress, the one jason gave me as a present. suddenly i heard a noise coming from my backyard.

It was Jason's car. I hastily grabbed my purse and left my bedroom. He gasped as soon as he saw my outfit.

“Y/N? You look amazing!” i blush a little, unexpectedly my smile had disappeared.

“babe? What's wrong?” his hands were not placed on my waist. 

“what… what if your parents don’t like me?” I stuttered.

“i don't care what my parents think about you. I will always love you, Y/N and nothing, I mean nothing, will ever change that.”

“What about your sister?” I said quickly he let out a deep sigh.


“She hates me, Jason!”

It was true, Cheryl honestly hated me. It was a classic. She was a popular girl, I was no one. And popular girls are mean, thats what makes them popular after all.

“You know what?! Let's just go. We don't want to be late.”

i slowly entered the massive, extravagant house of the blossom family. to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect anything less.

It was beautiful, but haunting at the same time. Suddenly, a tall, red haired woman approached me, smiling. She was wearing a long, black dress which made her look very slim. She was beautiful. She was Penelope Blossom, Jason’s mother.

“Jason? You made it?” She said and tightly hugged the boy.

“Mother, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” He said while putting his hands on my waist. Her eyes were now all over me. I could sense the disappointment.

“Well, its nice to meet you, Y/N. Jason told me a lot about you.“  I returned the smile.

“Thank you fo…for having me, Mrs Blossom. You house is very beautiful” A small laugh escaped my mouth. I was extremely anxious.

“The dining room is this way.“ said Penelope "Follow me.”

jason took my hand and led me to the dining room. he sat me in a beautiful green chair taking the seat next to me. moments later the dining room door opened again and a tall, man stormed in.

Jason stood, following his moves you did too.

“Father!” Jason exclaimed and gave his father a hand shake.

“Hello Jason” He said as he shook back.

“And who may this young lady be?” He asked.

“Father, this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N” He said gesturing to you.

“Ah yes! Y/N!“

Jason’s father said and he gave your hand a kiss. He sat down at the end of the table, the both of you sat after he sat down. Just few second later, a familiar girl came in. It was Cheryl.

suddenly, everything went black. My heart was racing. My chest was tight. Cheryl and I used to be friends back in the middle school, best friends actually, but all of a sudden, our friendship faded. 

She became popular, she was THAT kind of girl who becomes a cheerleader, that girl who gets a hot boyfriend and rules the whole school. I was nothing, nobody knew my name, nobody cared. Everything was darkness and gloom until Jason just came into my life. He was different, he actually cared.

"Hey babe, you alright?” my lover asked i nodded in agreement.

“Come sit with us, Cheryl, darling. Jason's girlfriend Y/N is here.” said Mrs. Blossom. After what seemed like a minute, she sat down next to her mother. She was frustrated.

“So… Y/N…” Mr. Blossom started.

“Tell us something about your family.” He said while cutting some meat on his plate.

“Well…” I could feel Cheryl's eyes on me the whole time.

“My family used to own this oil company…”

“What happened?” Cheryl cut me off she was furious.

“Um… they had problems with this whole thi…”

“So they are unemployed now?” there was a long awkward silence.

“Yes, but, you see…" she smacked her hands against the table and let out a deep sign.

"Jason?” She asked her twin “A moment?" 

Both of them excused themselves. I was confused, lost. I just wanted to be alone, In my safety zone. Where no one could see me. Mrs Blossom was just sitting there, staring at me. I suddenly started to feel very dizzy.

"Could… could you tell me where the bathroom is, please?" Mrs Blossom smiled and nodded.

"It’s right there, darling. Just take the first left." i returned the smile and walked away.

I could hear somebody talking. It was Cheryl. She was with Jason. 

I decided to come a little closer.

"A Y/L/N? Jason?! Whats gotten into you?” She shouted.

“Cheryl, listen…” He tried to calm her down.

“No! J.J! Its unacceptable!”

“I love her, Cheryl” He halfwhispered. 

I could feel my heart flutter.

“I love her and each passing second and each breath I take increases my love for her. And Whenever I feel lost, sad or defeated, I imagine her smiling and I instantly smile. She is the love of my life, Cheryl. And you are gonna have to accept that, sooner or later.”

A tiny tear escaped my eyes. I was touched by my boyfriend's words. At that exact moment, I felt it. He was the one. I quickly whipped my tears away and went back to the dining room.

After few minutes, Cheryl and Jason came back. Cheryl seemed somewhat different. She looked confused, lost. 

“We should go, Y/N. It's time.” My lover said.

“But what about the dessert?” His mother gasped.

“Maybe next time, mom”

I quickly grabbed my red coat and my purse. I was ready to go.

“You should come back next weekend!” Said Mrs. Blossom.

“We can't promise anything, mother.” Jason said, smiling.

I kissed Penelope on a cheek and hugged Clifford goodbye.

Suddenly, Cheryl appeared right in front of me.

“Cheryl? What are you…?” I gasped.

“I came to apologize.” She signed.

“Look, Y/N… My brother loves you very much. And as his sister, i want to see him happy and he really is happy with you. I’m sorry, Y/N/N, about everything.” A small tear rolled down her cheek.

“See you at Pop's tomorrow? We have a lot of things to talk about. My treat!”

I nodded in agreement.

On that day, I not only discovered unconditional love, but also true friendship. So what is love? i finally got the right answer. There are many different forms of love: either love for your family, your relatives, your significant other, god… But the strongest and most beautiful form of love is friendship.

Chemical Infatuation

summary: in which peter and the reader are paired up to work on a science project together and go to her house to work on it. (fluff)

word count: 2,256

A/N: this is actually my first ever fic on tumblr ! i hope that you like it and feel free to drop by and tell me how you feel about it! i also accept requests if you have something that you’d like me to write !!

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This is for anyone who’s watched Fried Green Tomatoes and wondered if Ruth & Idgie are supposed to be read explicitly as a couple or just as best friends. The film does a weird job of both showing them as a couple raising a kid together, but keeping it ambiguous enough that they could still be mistaken for good friends. Every description of the film, including the back of the DVD calls them “friends” and it’s bullshit. They’re a couple. They are in romantic love with each other. Don’t ever doubt it.

From Fannie Flagg’s novel itself. Idgie’s POV (of the bee charmer scene) followed by Ruth’s POV of her decision to marry Frank Bennett:

I rest my case.

(There are obviously many other examples from the novel - including Idgie’s own mother telling Idgie’s siblings not to tease her about her crush on Ruth; and lovely Sipsey teasing Idgie that she’s been bitten by “the love bug”. But rather than me including every example, you may as well read the novel yourself!)

okay but think about that day that digory had to move out of his childhood home.

he had spent so many years living next to polly, spending at least a few minutes every day together. they were hardly ever separated. digory had been heartbroken when he found out that he was to move out of his childhood house, his home, far away from his best friend. he could hardly stand when he’d heard the news from his joyous mother who had pounced on him with the information as he walked through the front door. his cheeks, flushed from having returned from a hardy game of rugby with polly and a few other neighborhood children, paled as he processed the news.

for a few days, you mean.

no, forevever!

his chest tightened, breathing restricted, head dizzied. swaying, he gently lowered himself onto the small, battered loveseat they owned.

why? how?

uncle andrew passed. your father is returning. he’s a rich man now. with a rich man’s home!

misery swept over him. he couldn’t leave. not to that great home he had heard so much of. he couldn’t leave his home. he couldn’t leave polly. he stared. dumbfounded was an understatement. his mother stared. she was healthy, happy. father would be returning from india. they would be a family again. but at the cost of leaving his best friend and their great adventure behind.

that’s great. a false smile plastered on his face. he hated lying to his mother. wow…this is…wow. i’m speechless. that was no lie.

satisfied, his mother scurried out, mumbling about needing to pack up as soon as possible and how they would accomodate his father and hiring some local laborers to transport their things to the country. digory remained on the loveseat, stunned.

he eventually snapped out of his revery. it was hours later as the light seeping in through the open window had begun to dim. he aimlessly wandered out of the house and only realized after arriving to those familiar eroded stone steps that his wandering hadn’t been so aimless.

laughter peeled through the air as polly stepped through the door. her head was turned away from him shouting out something over her shoulder. laughter bubbled out of her throat at the response. she shook her head as she chuckled softly, closing the front door behind her. her mood immediately sobered as she noticed her friend’s somber mood.

something happened. there was no question about it.

i’m leaving.

a pause. she sat next to him. then: to the big home?

she had heard about the big home as much as he had. yes. he couldn’t trust himself to say more. he wanted to scream. he wanted to cry.

you’ll be far.

again, yes.

another pause. she leaned her head on his shoulder. then, okay.

digory’s head swiveled. she didn’t sound or look sad. did she not care that he, her best friend, will be moving kilometers away from her? anger and frustration stirred in him. how could she be so flippant about his moving? how could she just forget him, forget them, so suddenly?

but even in his strengthening look of ire and hurt, polly remained calm as she lifted her head to look at him directly. he looked closer. there was sadness, a deep sadness, well hidden from those that didn’t know her better. but mostly he saw calm. he saw understanding, and a bit of hope.

it’s okay. the story hasn’t ended yet. we still have some time until we get to happily ever after. distance doesn’t end friendships, they make them stronger.

he was dubious, but he trusted polly, trusted her with his life. she was smarter and more confident than him. he knew he should listen to her.

and so he packed and packed and packed. until the day he had to leave came.

as the laborers moved box after box out of the house, he sat in the middle of his now-bare bedroom. the drapeless window remained wide open. across from him, also sitting on the floor, polly smiled wanly. she was surrounded by the familiar contents of her room: opened books strewn across her desk, notes and sketches and hastily-written poems pinned up on her wall, the quilt mrs kirke had made for her neatly folded on her bed.

they sat there for what must have been hours yet felt like a mere few minutes.

digory, honey, we’re leaving.

digory stood. polly remained on the floor. they had said their formal good-byes earlier.

polly lifted a hand waving slightly at digory’s retreating back.

he was silent throughout the entire trip. he was silent while his mother and father chartered on and on to him about the many great activities to do out in the country, the tutors they could pay to live with them and help him study to complete his secondary education, the many holidays polly and her family could spend in their spacious new home. digory heard almost none of it.

dutifully following his parents across the great expanse of land that led to their new house, digory focused on putting one foot in front of the other. he didn’t care about the horses he could ride or the rooms he could explore or the swims he could take in the lake. he only cared that he wasn’t in the home he had always known, the home he had only known.

digory, there seems to be a letter here dictated for you. it doesn’t say who it’s from.

how curious. he had just arrived to this house. who could possibly have sent him a letter?

breaking the seal, he found a small note and a seed. an apple seed. he knew that seed. he hungrily read over the few words scribbled on the slip of paper. thought this was a better way to keep our otherworldly adventure closer to you.

he should have been happy that polly had thought to do such a kind gesture. but it hurt. he ached. he was far, so far from everything he had shared with her. it was all a memory now. a very distant, very sad memory.

Just One Night Part 7

Summary: Reader makes a decision to end all the strife.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1,799

A/N: Part 7! The end is here! Thank you so much to everyone for their support, praise, and comments during this series. This was only ever intended to be a oneshot, but look how far we’ve come. I’m sad to see it end, but alas, all good things come to an end in time. Just remember, you love me, ok?

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]

Feedback is appreciated. : )


Sam cupped her face, holding her tight. “Tell me what you want? I do still love you, in spite of everything. If you want to work this out, we can forget everything and try again.” He dropped his hands from her, his expression changing. “But…if you’d rather be with Dean…I won’t stand in your way.” She looked at him confused, pained. “I just want this to be over, and I want you happy. So tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

Dean held his breath, his head bowed, as he listened, waiting for Y/N’s response. Was his love enough?

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Theatre is exhausting

So this story is not really mine, but a friend of mine. She works at the fine arts center on our college campus, and our theatre department was putting on a performance of Lysistrata (which by the way is a whole other story about me making the damn sets with one other person and other people stepping on wet paint). Anyway, it was opening night, and I rushed down after my band concert to grab my (free! Perks of working set design) ticket and get in the doors, because for this particular play, we were using the flexible theatre. The flexible theatre means there’s no “real” stage, you have to build your own and adjust seats around it. So therefore, to get to your seats you had to walk on the stage, and because of this reason, the director stated that no one would be allowed in late for saftey reasons, and because if they walked in late, they would distract the audience by these obviously-not-actors walking on our sets.

So it’s opening night, and the play’s just started. The announcement comes on, and we hear a bit of noise outside. The doors open and a couple people come inside and sit on some chairs on the side of the stage, and we continue with the rest of the play as normal.

What REALLY happened as I found out later is that a couple of family members of one of the actors were waiting in the lobby because “they didn’t know what time the show started.” BUT they couldn’t tell when a huge group of people were going in through the doors OR READ THEIR TICKET THAT STATED THE PLAY STARTED AT 7. So they went up to the door and tried to convince the workers (and my friend) to let them in, because “it wasn’t clear enough when the play started.” My friend offered to switch their tickets to another performance the next day, but they absolutely wanted to watch the play THAT DAY on OPENING NIGHT and they should be let in because nobody told them when time the play started. Eventually the director just told the workers to grab them some chairs and put them by the side of the stage and let them go in because she was so frustrated by this point.

(She chewed everyone out later about being on time for a performance and making sure our family and friends knew to be on time to a performance later as well.)

The moral of this story: please don’t expect to be allowed into a performance late, and if you are late, DON’T FIGHT WITH THE WORKERS BECAUSE YOU CAN’T READ A SIGN OR A TICKET.

“Don’t break her heart, Leo. Do you understand me?

… take good care of Marcella for me.”


I ship these two but I also don’t want to break up Leo and Marcella. However I do have this little headcanon.

Teodora has an obvious crush on Leo, but she covers it up. Like a lot of things, she’s not good at talking about personal stuff so she turns that love into frustration. She gets jealous whenever she sees Leo and Marcella hanging out, hating her for seemingly no reason for awhile. But once Teodora and Marcella start getting closer, she starts to realize why Leo likes her so much. In the end, she just wants Leo to be happy and to put the hate for Marcella in the past.

This is her finally letting go.