shes so cutie pie

I was a Bajoran, although I always wanted to be Starfleet. At the end they let me wear the costume, but then I lost it! I got promoted, it’s still not meaningful to me (joking) - I wanted the Starfleet uniform. Rene would always say to me, “Nana, you know this isn’t really REAL, right?” The promotion was exciting for me, whenever I got to sit in the captain’s chair, it was like YES. Rene was always kind of perplexed by my lack of grounding in that field.
—  Nana Visitor - (YouTube)
19th of May 2016 (b)

You make the boys smile.
Especially when you blink at one
I bet he
would like to get tea
with you some time.
Because you’re pretty and your voice sounds
as if you’d ring the chime.
And you
throw kindness around
like confetti.

If you seem to always be in a hurry these days, like me, here, stop for a moment and look at some adorable baby feet because baby feet are the cutest. <3

The little girl in the picture is not a baby anymore, actually, she’s two, but THE FEETS BABY FEETS.

anonymous asked:

ok but i yelled when i heard danneel's voice, i dont remember hearing it lately and im just like? jensen you are /so/ lucky do you know that?? also the screen is so small but danneel's smile just lights everything up. her hair looks super red or maybe its the light but i love the color and her brows are goals. and look at how jensen looks at the phone *clutches heart*

Doesn’t her hair look blondish a little? I don’t know it’s probably the light BUT GODDAMN IT I WAS ON THE FLOOR WHEN I HEARD HER VOICE! Didn’t think we would hear it so clearly on the video! And she was waving too! What a sweet little cutie pie. Ahhhhh so damn blessed i feel like i’m living in a dream

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mushu-oppa! who are your favourite singers in the competition?

  • hello there young grey face..!! my favourite include kim jonghyun for males because his voice is so touching, it makes me want to cry and tear up because you can tell he’s singing his soul out. his voice range is super awesome too!! 
  • there’s kim jiyeon, she’s a cutie pie.. super adorable and that girl has so much potential, i hope she knows that.. but i get this feeling she’s super shy. 
  • byun baekhyun will never be off from my list, tell me grey face—how often do you hear the name bacon around? especially when his vocals are crispy and juicy.. like bacon itself. god damn!!
  •  let’s not forget wendy, that girl can sing yo yo. she’s also a great writer and can rearrange songs, i love me some original pieces!! 

i like the rappers and dancers this season though.. hm, better than the singers~

moxie0x asked:

Will Tetora ever find love? (She's such a cutie pie I hate to see her so isloated)

Ow, I don’t think so, I guess she’s too crazy to love anyone romantically. Maybe she will find a new moiraill some day but for the moment, she’s too mad and confused :_)

(Or maybe, she will discover that her last moirail is currently alive in a sprite form haha)

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what do you love the most about rosa?

“I love everything about Rosa, I do. But I probably love how she’s the only one who doesn’t think I can’t do anything, you know? She tells it like it is but she doesn’t stop me and she supports me so I appreciate her for that. My little cutie pie,”

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♥ taehjin

Send me a ♥ + a URL and I’ll list 5 things I like about them.

@taehjin <33

  1. a literal sister to me tbh
  2. how she sometimes randomly messages me rly cute stuff and IM CAUGHT OFF GUARD AND I SUDDENLY FEEL SO LOVED GOSH BLESS HER SHE’S SO CUTE
  3. an actual cutie pie you can literally talk to her about anything
  4. she’s so supportive and an amazing friend <3
  5. offers some rly good advices bjadbaf

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I meant Eurovision songs but that's alright hahaha. Like your song taste

oh my god i’m sorry [hides in shame]

i REALLY loved austria (she was such a cutie pie and i love french so), armenia fucking slayed, malta, israel was so, so good and i liked australia’s song (HEY, THEY WERE REALLY GOOD INDEED) and i loved ukraine’s song as well, i’m really happy they won!