shes so cutie pie

Chelia~ Gift for the sweetie @faelise ❤️

Sorry for the late :,D I really don’t know what draw for youuuu, (I wanted to draw some ship, but argh I sucks with couples ;___;) So I choose Chelia bc she is is such a cutie pie like you ❤️ And I tried original style, it takes more, but hope you like it ^^

And awwww thank you so much for everything ;\\; I love talk with you! You are always so cute and nice and I love you art! ❤️ (follow her btw :3)

anonymous asked:

I think the reason why I, a SNS shipper, like Sarada is because she is very real. Her family isn't perfect, everyone expects her to do great, she feels lost etc. And the way she shows her emotions (happiness, anger, sadness e.g. crying, love) was all so well demonstrated. I also feel like Sarada it's easy to put yourself in her shoes and understand what she's feeling. It's sad to see what direction the studio and new mangaka are trying to push her in.

Yeah, I could relate to Sarada so much and wanted her to succeed because she is a cutie pie, but the direction they pushed her into is one that I hate, tremendously so. And it’s gotten worse since then, may I add.

[She is reportedly saying “I cannot help it…! That guy…!”]

This panel is an example of what they’re doing to her. Besides the fact that she should’ve abandoned the village for good, she is oversexualised and used as fanservice for paedophiles. I am beyond disappointed and disgusted, to say the least.