shes so cute sobs

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kuroyama

A/N: let the record state that i hate @kidovna because she’s the one that’s making me ship this omg why is it so cute

“Why’re you smiling like that?,” Kenma asks, nose crinkling in distaste. “It looks gross.”

“Rude!,” Kuroo huffs, trying to soften his smile and failing miserably. He can’t help it though- he really is almost grossly happy.

“So?,” Kenma prods, eyes shifting back to the game console in his hands.

“So what?”

“Why are you smiling so creepily?”

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Ok but hear me out. When Jon is preparing to leave the Wall in BotS he says “They killed me Edd, my own brothers!” Which made me remember a big part of why Jon wanted to join the Night’s Watch was that he wanted to be part of something, an equal member of something, which was a feeling he never truly got in Winterfell where he was always the outsider no matter that most of his siblings and his father loved him with all their hearts.

But after dedicating his life to the NW and truly doing what he thought was best, he’s been betrayed by his “brothers” in the worst possible way. And now he can’t stand to be at the Wall another minute. These people aren’t his brothers. He doesn’t belong here. 

So now we have Jon once again feeling like he doesn’t have a place in the world, he doesn’t have a family or a place to call home. He doesn’t really have a plan for where to go beyond “South”, or what to do with his life besides “get warm.”

Literally two seconds later, Sansa comes back into his life and suddenly he has a purpose again. And more then that he finally has a family - a true family - and together they take back their home.

Sansa gives him everything he’s been looking for - a true family, and a true home. And she makes it even sweeter by repeatedly telling him and showing him that she thinks of him as a true Stark, which is literally all this child has ever wanted. He’s even named King in the North! 

He finally knows where he’s meant to be. He finally has a place where he truly belongs. And it’s because of Sansa.

And I think that’s beautiful. 

And this is why the spoilers annoy the hell out of me because wtf Jon you just got home and this is where you belong and you’re just LEAVING?!