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Something that I feel is under-explored is the fact that Jack is a queer history major. And he went to a very LGBTQ friendly college.

Basically imagine Jack being forever annoyed when people assume that historical figures were straight.

So, with the wonderful help of my dear irl bff @ohsobittle, let me tell you a story. (seriously follow her she’s The Best and we are essentially a matched set)

  • it really all just starts when they Jack is a little tipsy and hanging out with The Boys and Bitty (of course). Bitty is the DD for the night.
  • “Y’know, John Laurens was really cute.” “Who?” “John Laurens. Alexander Hamilton’s boyfriend.” “….what?”
  • (Bitty is on Jack duty. tipsy Jack will probably wander off and go try to teach a class if left unsupervised.)
  • “No seriously John Laurens was really cute. And so was Alexander. You know his eyes were actually /violet/? Like. Bittle. You don’t understand. Pull up a picture.”
  • (Shitty points out that Jack isn’t usually into gingers and Jack throws a pillow at him)
  • “no but he was described as having a peaches and cream complexion like what the fuck”
  • and then of course Holster is like “I didn’t know they were in love” and Jack is like “oh my god their letters, man, their LETTERS”
  • *cue theme music and History Shit With Jack Zimmermann* (credit to ohsobittle for that one)

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First Time

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Request: “Hi! I have a request for a newt x reader where newt is showing her his creatures for the first time and as they go around to all the exhibits he’s nervous about what she’ll think and all the fluffiness!!! Also could there be a cute Bowtruckle ambush?”

Authors Note: Thank you  @oakdragon253 ​ for requesting!!! I’m not sure how I feel about this one, really messy, not as fluffy as I had hoped for but oh well!! P.S thank you so so much for almost 400 followers uMmm???? You are all absolute legends 

Word Count: 1492

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Are you a fan of light-hearted and cute magical girl shows? Go watch Little Witch Academia!

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For those of you that don’t know, Little Witch Academia is a series of original OVAs produced by Studio Trigger (Kiznaiver, Kill La Kill, Space Patrol Luluco), so as expected, it has some pretty damn good animation.

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It follows the life of Atsuko Kagari, a young girl who, despite not being born from a witch family, was inspired to enroll into Luna Nova Magical Academy after watching a magic show of her idol, Shiny Chariot. Along the way she meets and befriends 2 witch girls, Sucy and Lotte.

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Trigger just recently released a full TV series based on the OVAs, and episode 1 is already out!!

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Little Witch Academia is cute, goofy, beautiful, and extremely fun. Go check it out!

Better Left Unspoken (dad!Harry)

A/N- Took about 15 minutes or so. Nothing too grand, but it’s cute.

Summary: Just a drabble about Harry, his daughter, and naps.


Imagine Harry’s little girl being a bit stubborn when it comes to going to sleep… 

It happens when she’s watching TV from his bed—way past her nap time, that is. Small arms tucked behind her head and hooded eyes following the peculiar characters. Because ‘Just ten more minutes, daddy!’ had been enough to make him give into her. Now that, that time was up, it was time for him to retrieve her. 

What he wasn’t expecting was a weak kick to the stomach as he moved to pick her up. 

“Oi!” He rubs the spot. “What’d my tummy do t'deserve tha’?” 

Her giggles turn into squeals when he easily takes both of her ankles into one hand. All of her attempts at freedom are in vain. “S'time for your nap, bug.” He lets go of her with an amused smile on his face. 

Her eyebrows pinch together. “But, daddy,” she whines. “M'not even tired.” 

“You are, bug. I can see it in those eyes of yours. And if mummy comes home and you’re not in bed, m'gonna get an earful. Daddy doesn’t wanna get in trouble.” Before she has the chance to stop him, he’s fitting his hands under her arms and lifting her from the bed. 

They’re halfway down the hallway before she speaks again. “You’re a big meanie pants,” she grumbles into his shoulder.

He gives a thoughtful hum. “Guess you don’t want ice cream when you wake up then. Mummy and I will have t'go get some ourselves. You can stay here an’ eat a bowl o’ lettuce,” he teases, wiggling his finger into her side.

She squirms and tries not to laugh. “Fine. I don’t care about ice cream anyways.” It was obvious that she was putting on an act. 

“Okay. Good.” He shrugs. 

After pulling the covers back, he sets her on the bed and presses a soft kiss to her hairline. She crawls underneath them with her lip pulled between her teeth in deep regret. More than anything, she wanted to reel her words back in like fish. They were better left unspoken. 

“Daddy,” she murmurs, as he secures the sheets around her. 

“Yeah, bug?”

She lets out a sigh.

“I do care about ice cream. And I don’t wanna eat lettuce. I was just kidding,” she starts, sounding defeated. “Can I go with you and mommy?” 

He chuckles. “Sure you can, bug. I was jus’ messin’ with you,” he admits. “Wouldn’t leave you here all alone.” 

She smiles in relief, dimples appearing on her cheeks. “I love you, daddy,” she says.

He leans down to press a kiss to her cheek. “Love you more, bug.”

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed. There is more stuff soon to come. 😊

First post! I sold off my old town which was bittersweet - I didn’t know it would be worth so much. So mayor Cricket has strolled into her town, Walnut, with more bells than she knows how to handle. This blog is going to be all about animal crossing, with a bunch of drawings ((by me.)) My town isn’t much, yet, but I’ll show progress pictures and cute stuff along the way : ) If you’re a ACNL blog and follow, I’ll follow back <3 also - who else started a new town since Welcome Amiibo? Feels good : )

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Hey Ash! I was wondering if you or your followers could help me find a fic a read a while back and can't find: it's a bakery au where Percy works at a place called Sally's Bakery and Annabeth comes in on her birthday and they fall in love and it's super cute... but I can't find it anywhere! Thank you! Ily!

that sounds like something @percyyoulittleshit wrote, so definitely go check out her stuff, she’s super sweet like the best baked goods (✿◠‿◠)

Oo boy I haven’t posted in a while!

The Follower Raffle prize for the very graceful and patient @eshidu of their LoZ OC Fado, whom you can find here: @fadoavocado. She’s a cute character with a fun blog, plus her creator is super sweet - go check eshidu and Fado out!

Thanks so much for being so patient while I was dealing with school. Hope you like it!

Tea and Confessions

“Tea and Confessions”

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,693

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Warnings: Mental Health (talk of self harming, anxiety, and depression)

Summary:  Reader is part of the Avengers. She has only been with them for a few months, and is still getting used to it. She was alone for a long time, and tends to freak out around groups. After a particularly difficult time, she decides go to a cafe. She doesn’t tell anyone where she is going, but Bucky sees her leave. He decides to follow her. He stays and keeps her company/lets her vent. Cuteness ensues.

Author’s Note: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to take the time and thank @goodnightwife for being my beta reader and helping me edit and bounce ideas off.

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

<3 - 


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    Being accepted into the Avengers was something you never thought possible. Yes you had some special abilities, but it was nothing compared to Wanda, Tony, or a certain metallic super soldier that you’ve developed feelings for. Your entire life consisted of being pushed to the side, or told to stay quiet to not seem like a possible threat. This made you into who you are today: A young woman who is still figuring out her powers, but is also stuck seeing herself as an annoyance. 

    As much as you appreciated everything the group has done and continues to do for you, sometimes it gets too much. You aren’t used to being around so many people all the time, and while you had your own room, that wasn’t enough sometimes. All of the talk about missions and training and whatever they were up to was overwhelming.

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movies .

“This will never get done,” she whines, pushing her laptop away. “It’s not fucking fair to assign a ten page paper two nights before it’s due.”

Shawn watches on with a water bottle up to his lips, back against the kitchen counter. A sweatshirt hangs from his broad shoulders while athletic shorts swish around his knees, a beat up pair of Nikes halfway on his feet. “What’s it on?” he questions, walking over to lean down so their heads are level, one arm steadying on the table while the other lands on her shoulder, thumb rubbing just below the collar of her shirt. Typed page after typed page with miniscule words swim in his vision, giving him a headache. He blinks a couple times and then wipes at his eyes. “Jesus Christ, make the font bigger. Can barely read it.”

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domestic Hollstein is cute but consider:

post-s3 Hollstein having adventures

they do have a knack for finding trouble, and Laura never can resist a challenge. Carmilla goes along because she’d follow this tiny dork and her hero complex to the ends of the earth. 

(also, in her view, 80 years max is less a lifetime and more a last hurrah)

so they wind up zooming around Europe on that ridiculous bike Carmilla insisted on buying. “if I can’t go dangerously fast one way, I’ll do it another, cupcake.” they don’t set out to slay dragons like knights on a quest, but somehow they end up doing their fair share anyway.

some dragons they don’t slay. Rupert was a perfect gentleman and invited them to come for tea whenever they next passed through Wales

they meant to settle down, really they did. there’s a tiny hole-in-the-wall apartment in Paris and a townhouse in New York and a slightly dilapidated castle not far from Silas that Carmilla refuses to answer questions about. anywhere they’re together is home, but these bases of operations jointly share the title. home happened. marriage is on the horizon. somehow, though, the actual “settling” part never really panned out.

not to say they never pause for a bit of domestic bliss

(Laura pads across the kitchen floor, barefoot, wearing a quilted silk robe too old and opulent to be hers. she wanders over to the stove and wraps her arms around the would-be chef’s waist.

“you were muttering incantations in your sleep again.”

Carmilla leans back against her, a smile in her voice as she says, “was I?”

“mm-hm. you should probably give that grimoire a rest.” Laura’s nose wrinkles. “also I’m pretty sure you’re burning the eggs.”

“am not.” but Carmilla slides the pan off the gas burner all the same.)

Laura takes a job at Silas, ignoring the oddly desperate interview and the fact that nobody cares about her age. it’s the only place that doesn’t object if a professor goes missing for weeks when certain planets align, or during every total lunar eclipse. her students certainly never complain.

it’s not exactly the ever-after either of them grew up wanting. but it’s happier than either could have dreamed

NOTE: I was trying to test the queue and scheduling system, but it failed three times, so I’m going to post this now. I beg your pardon if it posts three times following this, and I will delete the extras if it does. Thanks for this prompt BTW, this was a really cute one that was fun!

Cassandra: Knew the Herald was stressed the moment she saw them, but realized it wasn’t entirely about being accused of causing the Breach when a wide-eyed Leliana reports that the Herald is a single parent. Her heart drops when she sees the Herald fussing over their little one, crying in relief, and realizes how hard she had been on this already-stressed single parent. She’s significantly nicer to the Herald as a result, and compliments their child as being cute. She doesn’t know how to act around the little one at first, but they grow on her. She tries not to overload the Herald, seeing as they have enough responsibility as it is.

Iron Bull: Calls the Herald a tamassran and means it. He immediately has respect for them for both trying to save the world and caring so much for their child, whom they shower with love. He suggests finding a wall in which to carve the child’s height markers as they grow, and every time they have a new mark for a new height, he laughs and says that one day, they’ll be as big as he is. If the child is old enough to understand, they find the prospect exciting. If the child is a qunari, he actually means it.

Blackwall: Like Iron Bull, he deeply respects the Herald for how much work they do. He tries to find ways to aid them in any way he can, like building wooden toys or a cot for the child. Once, when the Herald has to go to a long meeting and struggles to find someone to watch the kid, he offers to watch them. They spend the time painting wooden blocks, and his beard and clothes are stained with paint by the end of it, but he doesn’t mind at all. At least the kid’s having fun.

Varric: Finds it endearing, and often visits the little one, who grows to like him quickly. He likes to tell them stories, and if they’re little more than a year old or younger, it doesn’t stop him. If the Herald is under-supplied with things for their child like clothes or toys, he puts in orders through the Merchant Guild for anything they need. When the Herald tries to thank him and pay him back, he refuses any coin. “Just take care of the kid, and yourself, alright? The life of a hero is hard enough as it is.” he says simply.

Sera: Absolutely loves this. She coos and fawns over the little one, who she likes to spoil with goodies she finds. She also is pleased with the Herald for being such a good parent– better than Lady Emmauld. As it turns out, if the Herald has to go to a meeting or something and can’t take the little one, she’s first to volunteer to watch them, and is most often the babysitter. Sera does an excellent job helping look out for the kid, even as some fret what sort of influence she’ll have. She learns to cook just so she can one day teach the kid and the parent, if they don’t know how.

Cole: Can feel how stressed the Herald is, and how worried they can be, and he does his best to reassure them. “You care. You care so much, always, love springs from your heart, always. I can help.” He keeps dangers away from the child, and will always helpfully find the parent when the child is distressed and wants them. He talks to the little one, who can’t ever understand what he’s saying, but they like him anyways. Varric teaches Cole what peek-a-boo is, and Cole thinks it’s the greatest game of all time when the child responds in excitement and laughter when he plays. “Where’s Cole? There he is! They are happy, now.”

Dorian: Has no experience with children, and isn’t sure quite what to do, but he’s nice about it, and voices how charming he thinks it is that the Herald is such a good parent. Better than his, but he doesn’t say that. Eventually, the child asks him to tell them a story when he’s reading, and he obliges, allowing them to crawl into his lap and finds an appropriate story. This becomes a frequent occurrence for the child to fall asleep in his lap and wake up later, gently tucked into bed. After Dorian’s personal quest, the man smiles at the Herald. “Your child doesn’t know how lucky they are to have a parent like you.”

Solas: Feels pity for the Herald, and some guilt, for them being the recipient of the mark. They have too much on their plate already. Nevertheless, he tries to be helpful, somehow, offering books and advice. He calls their child “da'len.”

Vivienne: Thinks that this is good. The Orlesian nobles will think it ever-so-charming that the Herald of Andraste is a single parent (possibly one to be courted). How quaint. She begins trying to help the Herald with things the child needs, and begins asking about tutors and education for the little one. She keeps finding and recommending things that aid in development and health, wanting to help ensure the child grows to be an intelligent and good person.

Josephine: Almost squeals when she sees the little one. They’re just so cute! She likes to play with the child on occasion, and sometimes has the Herald bring the child to meetings with nobles who have young children of their own. It eases relations, and makes the Herald seem much more able to relate. She does, however, object when the Herald tries doing judgement with the kid asleep in their lap.

Cullen: Surprisingly knows how to act with the child, not fettered at all. He’s good at soothing them when they’re upset, and figuring out what’s wrong if they’re not feeling well. He’s very patient with the Herald and with their child, and finds it sweet that they’re a parent.

Leliana: Acts like a completely different person around the little one. She’s much softer and kinder to the child than adults, and likes to send them gifts. She praises the Herald for working so hard, and finds the little family endearing. Anyone who tries to hurt the child, if it ever happens, is dealt with swiftly and harshly. No mercy for cruelty at all.

Look at this lovely face.

Look at this bright smile.

I keep wondering how people can demonize him and call him abusive… He’s just a caring, cute and nice boy trying to look after a friend who happens to be his love interest.

He probably followed Blake because he thought she would get herself in danger again. He is Team SSSN’s leader, but he left his team to go after Blake. He cares about her a lot.

So let’s stop saying things out of an illogical logic created by people who just want their ship and nothing else. Let’s be happy that somebody is there for Blake. Sun is the closest person to Blake right now. From her friends, he’s probably the only one who has the possibility to make her happy, bacause they are in the same ship(pun intended) and going to the same place.

I’ll protect Sun with all my soul until he stops deserving my protection. What probably won’t be anytime soon.

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Headcanons for Hibari having a cute, hyperactive little sister. I'd say a social butterfly but having Hibari as an older brother would probably make that impossible, because everyone is afraid of him


This is such a cute ask! Gahh~

// Admin Chrome


  • Hibari’s little sister is the type to go up to others and greet them. She will start a conversation about the weirdest of things, but once Hibari catches up to her, the people run off. She hasn’t realized why though.
  • The sight of this bubbly and smiley little girl next to the dark and intimidating Hibari. The contrast is so strong, people have to take pictures to show others.
  • Hibari honestly gets so worried that his little sister is going to be kidnapped by someone for her being so friendly. He always follows her around, making sure no one touches her.
  • I feel like Hibari would be such a siscon. He values family so much.
  • Random hugs all the time. She does such the cutest things that Hibari has to just glomp her out of nowhere.
  • No man shall ever date/marry his sister. No one is good enough for her.
  • His sister tries so hard for Hibari to become like her. She’s worried that he won’t ever have friends, so she tries her hardest to make them for him.
  • Hibari would do anything to keep her light from going out. She’s one of the only sunshines in his life, so he treasures her so much. 
  • His sister would be the one to get Hibari and his s/o together. She was the one who set them up, and got them to become a couple. She has to remind them of that fact whenever they are together.
The Future That Waits

Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: ~7k
Rating: K+ (a party favorite: pottymouth Nico)
Summary:  “Hell yeah, I want to go to where we’re as good as dead.” Fighting! Magic! A courier on a quest! And quite possibly—romance?! Follow Nico Yazawa as she lands herself in more than she bargained for. AU.
Notes: my part in the LLuminati secret santa!! merry christmas eiko ( @nishiklno )! i think it’s cute how excited you get when something interests you!!! so when i saw that i got you, i knew right away that i had to do something with magi nwn

[mood music] [ / AO3]

Nico Yazawa was interrupted by a flying arrow whizzing past her ear. Her body seized instinctively, fear ripping through her system, as her hand felt for any sign of blood. None. She was alive. She breathed, until her mind caught up with the situation.

By then, the entire caravan was in chaos. A coarse voice screeched, “Thieves!”

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