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i just, i really loved her outfit in garnet’s universe like. pls gimme that sports bra and body suit tied around the waist ✨👌✨

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Let's Voltron #96 -- Bex Taylor-Klaus -- that one part's transcript (starts at 25:50)
  • Mark: The next one is from BluelightningBug: "I have a question for the lovely Bex. Would you be willing to give your interpretation of Pidge's relationship with each of the Paladins, Allura, and Coran? How does she regard each person and which relationships are you most excited to see developed further?"
  • Bex: I think that the Keith/Pidge relationship is the the most underrated friendship on the show.
  • Mark: Oh wow.
  • Bex: Yeah!
  • Mark: Yeah, I think you're right!
  • Bex: Yeah, I think they get along really well, and there's need to talk about it 'cause it's just so...peaceful between them. And then they work well together; they were the first team, to, work well in the food goo fight,
  • Mark: Yeah.
  • Bex: They...they've never clashed. Like, they secretly absolutely ADORE each other.
  • Mark: Wow.
  • Bex: But it' doesn't need to be talked about because they just work well together, and, that's all that matters to them. That's how they click.
  • Mark: Cool! Is there anything you're excited to see developed further?
  • Bex: I'd like to see, 'cause I think Pidge kind of views Keith as, like...he's a little bit more "robotic" to her, and that's why they click well is just like he follows his method and that's...that's why they work well together is ' her, he's almost mechanical, in what he thinks.
  • Mark: Right.
  • Bex: And so I think that's, it'd be cool to have their relationship blossom into something a little bit more emotional. Y'know. I mean--I don't mean like shipping it. I don't mean like an EMOTIONAL relationship like that, I mean emotional friendship.
  • Mark: Okay. That's cool.


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Hey, I am not really a shipper but I am interested in your opinion about NaruHina (sorry if u already talked about them I started following you recently) I personally don't have a problem with them being a couple, but they still look kind of forced to me. And I mean Naruto's part, since we don't really see his "love" towards her it's more like "I will love her bcs she loves me" So it would be cool if u care to explain it a bit, bcs you are awesome, and I know you will have answer. SryForWeirdAsk

The thing is, people tend to say that it was forced because Naruto was apparently guilt tripped by the genjutsu into loving Hinata back because it made him realise how much Hinata had loved him all this time, but that’s not the case.

Yes, it showed him her feelings, but the main purpose of the genjutsu was to get Naruto to understand the difference between material love and romantic love, and in the process, help him to understand the nature of the feelings that he had already been developing for Hinata shortly following the War’s conclusion.

This is the reason why we were shown the parallels of Naruto saying how he loves Ramen, and then saying how he loves Hinata:

Because to Naruto, they essentially meant the same thing, but to everyone else, what he was saying meant two entirely different things, and the genjutsu was helping him see what Ino, Sakura and everyone else could see apart from him.

This was again reiterated during another scene in that genjutsu, where Sakura conversed with both Hinata and Naruto regarding the latter’s density when it came to distinguishing between materialistic and romantic affections:

But by the end Naruto understood. He understood how deeply Hinata loved him, he understood how her love for him was far different to someone’s love of worldly possessions or food, and most importantly, he now understood that what he was beginning to feel for her was different to his love for ramen. It wasn’t a case of Naruto loving her simply because she loved him; it was about Naruto realising not only the true nature of Hinata’s love for him, and how long she had harboured those feelings for, but it was also about him discovering the essence of his own growing feelings:

That’s what the genjutsu was for. It helped him realise how deeply Hinata loved him, that’s true. But it’s main purpose was always to help Naruto distinguish between his own types of feelings. To help him understand how his growing affections for Hinata were different from his everlasting love for ramen.

{ halloween prompts }

hey, garden hoes!!! since it’s the beautiful month of october, n since it’s one of my favourite settings 2 write abt, i thought i’d organize some spook fest prompts!! i feel like this would be a chill thing i can edit between work n school, n since they would be abt a drabble’s length, i wouldn’t feel pressured 2 create some 12k masterpiece.

ANYWHO, here are 10 phrases + 10 settings u can request for ur bias!! pls list the svt member n both prompt number’s if u want 2 be counted!! thnks!!


1. “okay, fine, take my jacket. you’re lucky i love you.”

2. “maybe you’ll feel better if you hold my hand?”

3. “i should get a kiss for having to go through that.”

4. “are you really afraid right now? okay, c’mere.”

5. “hey, you’re awake! oh yeah, you kinda fainted on me back there.”

6. “i think there’s some whipped cream on my lip that needs fixing.”

7. “i’m not saying i’m scared but can you please sleep in my bed tonight?”

8. “if i get this, we go on a date.”

9. “your ears are sticking up! oh my god, oh my god, use my hat!” (wolf!au)

10. “ow! i think your fangs just cut my lip.” (vampire!au)


1. drive-in horror movie.

2. haunted house.

3. carnival.

4. thunderstorm.

5. pumpkin patch.

6. corn maze.

7. abandoned building.

8. forest bonfire.

9. halloween party.

10. coffee shop.

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Guess I can join the pining over ur best friend train w/ rich n mike, I am so gay 4 my bestie, but like idk if she's even into girls and I wouldn't wanna ruin the friendship

//Don’t worry anon the ‘Pining For Ur Bff’ club has cookie and blankets they accept u with open arms!


그대의 우주, 그대의별
외로운 그 안의 나
Your universe, your stars
I embraced into his lonely heart

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when editing that dumb rosemary wedding but with watercoolers thing i took a Closer look at roxy, and i always though she was like yelling or wooing or something with her hands cupped around her mouth like a megaphone, but now that i took a closer look it seems like her head is tilted down so ??? holy shit shes crying thats so fucking sweet??