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Its by SnowySapphire.
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Let's Voltron #96 -- Bex Taylor-Klaus -- that one part's transcript (starts at 25:50)
  • Mark: The next one is from BluelightningBug: "I have a question for the lovely Bex. Would you be willing to give your interpretation of Pidge's relationship with each of the Paladins, Allura, and Coran? How does she regard each person and which relationships are you most excited to see developed further?"
  • Bex: I think that the Keith/Pidge relationship is the the most underrated friendship on the show.
  • Mark: Oh wow.
  • Bex: Yeah!
  • Mark: Yeah, I think you're right!
  • Bex: Yeah, I think they get along really well, and there's need to talk about it 'cause it's just so...peaceful between them. And then they work well together; they were the first team, to, work well in the food goo fight,
  • Mark: Yeah.
  • Bex: They...they've never clashed. Like, they secretly absolutely ADORE each other.
  • Mark: Wow.
  • Bex: But it' doesn't need to be talked about because they just work well together, and, that's all that matters to them. That's how they click.
  • Mark: Cool! Is there anything you're excited to see developed further?
  • Bex: I'd like to see, 'cause I think Pidge kind of views Keith as, like...he's a little bit more "robotic" to her, and that's why they click well is just like he follows his method and that's...that's why they work well together is ' her, he's almost mechanical, in what he thinks.
  • Mark: Right.
  • Bex: And so I think that's, it'd be cool to have their relationship blossom into something a little bit more emotional. Y'know. I mean--I don't mean like shipping it. I don't mean like an EMOTIONAL relationship like that, I mean emotional friendship.
  • Mark: Okay. That's cool.

omfgo like. i went to a 4/20 party yda and got talking to the prettiest babe and she shared a lot of hair tips with me but we didn’t talk for long cuz i had the munchies and left to get pizza

turns out we didn’t even get each other’s names/numbers but somehow?? she??? sent me a fb request???? like,,,,how the shit did she find me???????? was i the victim of light-stalking,,,,is she like,,,,,,,,interested??????

mbti as things my dad has said

ESTJ: In case u forgot, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday

ISTJ: What is it like inside a womb

ESFJ: Santa isn’t occult he is science

ISFJ: I would call him Erasmus Lionheart II, after Erasmus Lionheart I

ENTP: I like ur haircut. It is ‘salty bae’. Hahahahahaha

INTP: That is discrimination against the bald community

ENFP: Meninist sheep are himp

INFP: I’m not gay bc everyone has a crush on Captain Kirk. Even u

ESTP: She’s like Satan but cool Satan

ISTP:  Why are u so weird

ESFP: *yelling* The Sneetches is the best Doctor Seuss book stop yelling 

ISFP: What the consarnit 

INFJ: I told u there was a pic of Amy Schumer in the bin nobody ever believes me nOT EVEN U

ENFJ: Who leaves their child on an island as a joke whO DOES THAT

INTJ: Why does he even need a story chair to tell stories

ENTJ: Nick Hiss Socks 


I’m not very good at making comics so excuse the bad quality // I tried to shorten it a bit, but I guess it’s still a bit long huh //

So Asahi has a lot of baby Eevees because he takes care of pretty much any Pokemon he finds, and sometimes some of these Pokemon end up finding good new trainers! So of course I ended up having this idea pff // Ace will evolve into a Jolteon btw :3c

Maybe the idea is a little cheesy but // pff I can’t help it. This comic is supposed to happen before the “story” begins in this AU `v´ The Pokemon equivalent of a first year Noya forming a closer bond with second year Asahi, who ends up becoming his double battle partner later on~ :3c Asahi at this point still hasn’t become an actual breeder, and is referred to as “ace trainer” for being good at battles, as his Pokemon are always well taken-care of, in which case he is a power house to be recognized by his buddies. Though he doesn’t really have much confidence in himself as a trainer. Noya however sees great potential in him, and gets to the habit of visitting the place where he cares for his Pokemon - and stray Pokemon he helps out of the streets, because what a good guy right~ Details on the whole story will come up soon hopefully, I really want to work on this `v´ for now have a little cheesy comic explaining how Noya got a Pokemon again, because yes.

Wow I think I write a lot on these Pokemon AU captions // Sorry I get too excited ;v; But I hope y’all are enjoying the ideas I share!

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this just in, adam adopts a sandy brown lil cat when he goes away to college. he names her triscuit and she’s tiny and very affectionate. she likes to curl up on his lap when he’s doing homework and enjoys playing with his hair to wake him up in the mornings

I can’t believe people actually spend more than 400$ for a vip package

when u realize ur muse isn’t the bees knees any more