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wonder woman thoughts *spoilers*

-Little diana is so fucking cute omg!!
-this scenery and everything is so beautiful wow
-Meeting Chris Pine aka steve holy fuck he is so hot i missed him on the big screen
-diana is so badass yes queen
-this fight is so stressful omfg
-Fuck the patriarchy lmao men ruin everything!!!!
-that lasso yes around steve trevor mmm even more yes he’s so cute and funny my sweet american man ugh
-Dr poison can fuck right off
-Look at daddy destroying that german base fuck he’s so hot
-Men are easily corrupted!!!! Bish ur not wrong
-YES BITCH scale that fucking wall and get that sword
-“Who will i b if i stay” QUEEEEN COMING TO SAVE US ALL
-“There are men who can stop him” “Im the man who can” YES SLAY U DONT NEED A MAN
-LOL this interaction on the boat…U dont sleep w women?
-Omg they’re Sleepin together this is cute af
-I was sculpted from Clay… thats neat LMFAO
-I Understand the Pleasures of flesh lmao omg
For Pleasure men are unnecessary… hahaha i love this
-Gal is so fucking mesmerizing wow so gorg
-She’s so cute in the real world
-Etta holding the shield and sword lmfao i love the comedic elements
-She doesnt take any shit from anybody i love her telling those old men off
-YOU WERE LYING??? LmFao they’re so cute i can’t
-“I am bothfrightened n aroused” me fucking too
-May we get what we want may we get what we need but may we never get what we deserve… same
-no mansland… but we got a woman to KILL IT
-I HAVE NO WORDS except yes bitch!!!! That whole fight sequence was amazing omfg what a badass queen i was cheering the whole time i lit up and chris pine helping her yes boo youre doing amazing sweetie
-You know, you did this…. we* did this omg they’re a we and now they’re dancing fuck!!!
-Shes so beautiful when she smiles/in general they’re so relieved and happy rn
-Ugh chris pine is so fuckin sexy, still thinking abt his naked body
-Omg r they gna fuck this is like her first kiss wat
-Chris’ German accent lmfao
-The village being gassed omg im crying
-MY Queen is pissED YES
-ITS not about what you deserve its what about what you believe
-She is shook Af… me too diana
-I knew he was fucking bad omg that old bitch I’m shook this dude is Ares!!! Hes real!!! Damn
-Shes the godliller not some sword!!!queen!!!
-Omfg is steve gonna die??? NOO WHY MY BABY PLS daddy NO
-He gave her his watch IM CRYING FUCK actual tears
-CMON BITCH U GOT THIS!!! I cant believe this old fuck is ares wtf
-HUMANS ARE SO MUCH MORE… ugh i love her
-I cant believe hes fucking dead im not okay this memorial is killing me i’m crying my sweet beautiful good steve trevor that pic is so adorable wtf i love him
-Love trumps hate!!!… yes OKAY THIS MOVIE WAS PHENOMENAL this is definitely what the dc universe needed to bring in back to life holy shit she is a goddess and chris pine is daddy this movie and the action and the premise and the destruction of all patriarchal values
-10/10 recommend… if u read this all lets be friends bc thank u for using ur time to read my thoughts xo until next movie I presume

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Oooooh Philinda + kissing pls and thank you

(SORRY this is so late im terrible!! or tbh college is terrible so like what can u do

i really hope you like it tho and pls don’t stop sending these to me, i love em, i promise!!)

He wondered if it’d feel the same.

But he wasn’t sure if he had the right to wonder. He’d drank the Haig with someone else. He hadn’t realized it wasn’t really her for far too long. He’d let his feelings get in the way of one of his most important duties: to protect her.

Yes, she was completely badass. He knew she could take on the entire world in a heartbeat.

But she couldn’t always protect herself.

So, he’d taken that as his mission. But he’d failed. He’d failed her. He’d failed her in Bahrain. He hadn’t been able to save her from Aida the first time. Or the second. 

He’d failed and he’d let her down. He had no business wondering if kissing the real May would feel the same as kissing the fake one. Or if kissing the real May would even be an option.

He’d failed her and he had no right to wonder. Or to have dreams about it. Or to look at her lips and think about it. 

So he tried not to. He really, really tried.

And he failed that too.

She hated that she didn’t know what he was thinking. She usually did. She’d learned his tells, she’d learned how he functioned. But there were times when he’d pull away from her and she’d have no idea why. Or, she knew why. He was hiding something from her. But what? And why?

No idea.

She was supposed to know him. She was supposed to know him and everything important there was to know about him so she’d be able to protect him. She hated when he purposefully kept her out of the loop, when he kept her at arms length.

Hated, hated, hated it.

He was pretty sure she was mad at him. He didn’t know why, but it made everything a whole lot easier. He’d always been bad at pretending around her. Somehow, she always knew. So he had to keep her away.

But he missed her. He hadn’t had her for so long, and now she was here and he still couldn’t have her. Because he just had to have been so damn stupid. Because he just had to love her the wrong way.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

He was sitting at his desk, trying to figure out their next move and trying not to miss her, when Daisy rushed in.

“May… There’s something…”

She was pale and looked terrified, her breath short in her throat. 

“I don’t know what’s happening, she just collapsed and…”

“Where?” His voice was surprisingly steady for someone who’d just gotten a knife through the heart. Or it felt like he had, anyway.

“The medbay, Simmons was checking her when she just collapsed and-”

He was already out the door.

When he arrived, she was laying on an examination table and she wasn’t moving. Neither was his heart.

Simmons looked up as he barged through the door, but then she’d turned all her attention back to May. She put a needle in her arm and her fingers gently and affectionately stroked her skin.

“She’s ok.” she said, smiling, relief clear on her face. “She’s dehydrated and completely exhausted, but she’s fine. Just needs some rest.”

He breathed again.

Simmons continued. “I want to get her to a bed, she needs to sleep now and-”

“I’ll do it.”

Jemma and Daisy looked at him, then at each other. He could’ve sworn they’d shared a little smile.

“That’s fine, Sir.” 

He went to the table and scooped her up in his arms, grabbing the pole with the dripping bag with his free hand. Her body felt warm against his and he took a tighter grip around her shoulder and torso. He told himself it was so she wouldn’t fall, but in reality, he just felt a strong need to hold her.

She woke up with a hand in her own. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet, but she knew it was him. Her heart felt light. He still cared.

“Please be ok, Melinda. Please…” 

He sounded so vulnerable and her heart ached. 

She still hadn’t opened her eyes and she took long, steady breaths, pretending to be asleep.

“You need to take care of yourself. I need you to be ok at all times, you hear me?”

His voice was so affectionate she almost let herself believe that he did more than care.

His thumb kept stroking her hand and her whole body warmed at the touch.

“I’m so sorry. I’ve let you down. I tried to keep you safe, to be objective enough to keep you safe, but that just lead me to letting you down even more because I can’t be objective because I kissed the LMD and I love-” 

His breath hitched in his throat.

She opened her eyes and sat up. 

“What did you just say?”

He stared at her, absolutely dumbfounded, horror written all over his face. “I… I…” he tired. “I didn’t know you were awake…”

She wasn’t even really listening. Her heart was beating loudly in her chest. “You kissed fake me?” She stared at him with fire that was raging in her whole damn body at this point. “You kissed her?!

He put up his hands, trying to calm her with a soft voice. “Yes, yes, I know and I’m really sorry but right now you have to calm down, please wait with giving me the shit I so rightly deserve until you’ve gotten back your strength, ok?”

She gave him another angry look. That piece of… 

She took some breaths, trying to gather herself. Then she looked at him again. “You kissed her.”

His head was hanging, his face looked flushed and he wouldn’t look at her. “Yes.” He cleared his throat and began to talk faster. “I didn’t know she wasn’t you and there was a moment and she leaned in and I just thought that maybe that meant that you felt something … So… I just…” He looked at her again, truly ashamed. “I’m so sorry.”

She furrowed her brows. “You didn’t know she wasn’t me?”

He looked confused. “What? Of course I didn’t know, why would I have kissed her if I didn’t think it was y-” He stopped himself. “You think I’d kiss her knowing it wasn’t you? Why would I do that?” 

“Because” she shrugged, “you wanted to know what it’d feel like but didn’t want to take any of the consequences.” She locked eyes with him. “A kiss would change everything.”

“Yes.” He breathed, a long breath, almost a sigh. “I wanted it to change everything.”

She felt tears welling up. She was exhausted and heartbroken and tired, just so damn tired.

He looked at her, horrified, again. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Why did you choose to do it when she was me, then? Is it because I’m so closed off and too robotic or-”

He shook his head, violently, and grabbed her hand. “No. You hear me? No.”

He squeezed her hand. “I did it because she dared to, because she could act like there wouldn’t be any consequences. And-” He looked sad again. “I needed that push.”

“Because you wouldn’t want to deal with the consequences?”

“No.” he answered, softly and quietly. “Because I’ve never been sure if you would.”

She looked down, not being able to meet his eyes. “I don’t know.” Her heart was breaking and damn, damn, damn her fake copy for being so careless, for so blindly going after what she wanted, for forcing her, actual her, to have this conversation right now. She felt a tear travel against her cheek and she didn’t even care. “I don’t know if I would.”

He nodded. “I understand, I’m not expecting anything and-”

“I love you.” 

He stared at her. His eyes were big, his jaw hanging to the floor and she would laugh if the situation wasn’t so… not laughable.

“I love you,” she continued, quickly so she wouldn’t chicken out halfway through, “but you died.” She bit her lip, hard, to keep the tears in and took another breath, “you died once and then you almost died again and I can’t…” Her heart and her eyes were turning into liquid now. “I can’t let myself fully love you and then lose you, I just can’t lose you, I can’t…”

“Hey, hey, hey…” He stood up from the chair he’d been sitting in and sat down at the bed beside her. He put one hand on her arm and used the other to delicately wipe away her tears with his fingers. “I’m scared too. I’m terrified. That’s what happens when you love someone.”

His hand stopped on her cheek and she smiled through the tears. “You love me?”

He let the hand on her arm travel up to the nape of her neck. “Of course I do.”

She let herself rest into his touch and closed her eyes. They sat like that, silently, together, for a long time.

She grabbed him and pulled him to her, their foreheads touching. She leaned closer. He absentmindedly licked his lips and she smiled inside. When their lips touched, it was everything and nothing liked she’d imagined all at once. 

He opened up, inviting her in, and she took the bait. She breathed into him and her hands were on his neck, his hands were in her hair, his lips were soft and firm at the same time and she let herself want. She finally let herself want.

When they pulled away, he was slightly panting. “That was just…” He looked at her. “Wow.” She wanted to laugh. “Better than her?” He nodded, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah. Definitely.”

He looked at her, becoming serious. “Scared of the consequences?”

She nodded.

He nodded back. “Yeah, me too.”

Then they kissed again.

I re-watched fury road and decided to make A List of Things I Love, it got a bit long but herE WE GO GIRLS:

  • Furiosa tearing up as she is driving, just before she goes off road
  • The ladies doing graffiti in their room before they escape fuck yeah vandalism im kidding dont vandalise stuff thats bad but the ladies were Making A Point ok
  • Miss Giddy standing up to Joe like hell yeah girl u tell him 
  • The flame throwers lmao ok who goes into a war like situation and is like “you know what this already adrenaline-filled, dangerous situation needs? Flame throwers. That’s what.”
  • “Also we need a guy suspended by bungee chord to play guitar. His guitar will also be a flame thrower”
  • Max being super bitter about them taking his stuff i feel u max i feel u 
  • Furiosa shedding a tear before the sandstorm scene like is she thinking about how she knows there is No Going Back now she Will Be Killed? but then nah Ace comes up and is all “why can’t you go back? what did you do?” and you can see her resolve harden and she is all fuck yes lets get to the green place and fucking punches him in the face and fangs it
  • Angharad looks super hella mad during like the entire scene with max pointing the gun and ordering them around i dont blame u babe
  • Furiosa tackling Max and just going to town on his faCE 
  • Dag tossing the bolt cutters to Furiosa without hesitation
  • Dag trying to get involved with the fight but Cheedo holding her back and Dag is just like let me fiGHT HIM 
  • Where did the ladies get the binoculars from??????????? like when they r looking at the gastown boys they just appear??????? u ladies r magic and i love it 
  • Max using the door to get out to fix the fuel pod but climbing back in through the window why max 
  • Dag biting nux
  • All of the ladies jump to help Furiosa when Nux attacks her 
  • Angharad throwing Nux out of the rig and Max is all ???wat is goin on fam????? 
  • hella sick bike tricks man 
  • Angharad leaning out the rig to protect Furiosa and Capable and Toast holding Angharad and Cheedo holding onto Capable and all 4 of them Glaring At Joe u go defy the man 
  • All of the ladies yelling at Max to go back for Angharad and Furiosa being SAD ;-;
  • Cheedo running back and looking like a virgin bride but then u get a close up look and all her makeup is smeared and running and it conflicts with that image of purity which is in my opinion really good directing bc Cheedo is said to be the only one that Joe hasn’t forced himself on
  • Dag saying “wring your hands and tear your hair but you’re not going back to him” its so catchy say it out loud 
  • Furiosa being super protective of all the girls and wanting them to stay together 
  • “mcfeasting”
  • Doof Warrior gets a spotlight for night time guitar thrashing lmao 
  • if you’re playing in the mud and i’m playing in the mud then whO’S DRIVING THE RIG???????????????
  • Max running to the rig then noping and running back to his tree for safety 
  • Max hugging the tree to help keep it upright u r doing a great job max im proud of u 
  • Furiosa pushing the rig i am convinced that it was Furiosa pushing and Furiosa pushing alone that got the rig moving again
  • The Vulvalini’s entrance, badass babes on bikes
  • Furiosa finding her family again honestly it gets me every time i tear up and my throat closes up and i jus t 
  • “this is our Furiosa”
  • From this point on im just crying ok Furiosa remembering the gesture and her face, our ladies and the many mothers all laughing and joking with each other, the many mothers giving each of the ladies clothes and accessories, keeper of the seeds and Dag interacting and bonding, Furiosa and the others offering Max a bike and a place with them. im just so emotional about this ok.
  • “we go back?” “yeah” “i thought you weren’t insane anymore” ok Dag u r precious but dont be rude ok Max is just trying to help
  • Keeper of the Seeds going “kaboom” and making the hand gesture and Dag does it at the same time ok they r best frens 
  • “it feels like hope” and Max and Furiosa just staring at Nux like way to drop the ball nux now they know u were listening to their conversation
  • Doof Warrior w his lil umbrella sleepin and then bein like aw shit whats happenin do i gotta play i better play 
  • Toast with her lil music box and Dag prying and after Toast asks what she’s doing it pans over to Keeper and she has this smirk on her face and i juST 
  • “One man, one bullet” a good life motto 
  • Capable leaning out the rig to see whats goin on when Max is climbing up to go cut the harpoon lines lmao pls dont do that capable u could get hurt
  • Toast asking Keeper if she is hurt and saying that she thinks she’s hurt to the others and Dag grabbing the Bag of Seeds for her and sitting with her i just y r u doing this 2 me y must u take the people i love away from me 
  • Furiosa climbing onto the gigahorse and she has no energy and is in so much pain but goddamn it she is going to do it to protect her lil fam
  • Cheedo knowing that Rictus would go to get her if the option presented itself, rather than Furiosa, so she was like lol ok so im gonna trick u so i can go help my gal
  • Rictus grabs Dag and then one of the Vulvalini is like no and SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE and then he hits her back and then one other the other Vulvalini gal sees that and is like nOT TODAY SON and starts screaming and goes to help her galpal out 
  • Furiosa fighting the prime imperator like just that whole scene 
  • [hisses] [screams]
  • The Vulvalini who shoots @ Rictus and hits his air tank and is like “dang might have to change the motto to ‘one man, occasionally 2 bullets’”
  • Furiosa sliding along the side of the car all bloody and bruised and determined 
  • Toast spitting on Joe’s dead body yes
  • all the ladies looking out for each other and making sure they are safe and helping each other im all about gals helping gals
  • Cheedo asking why Furiosa is wheezing and then when our Vulvalini biker gal explains she looks like she is about to burst into tears
  • in fact, Toast and Capable are crying 
  • :-)
  • Dag and the ladies helping Max to save Furiosa
  • everyone calling Furiosas name and chanting ‘let them up’ and then the war pups r like lol lets do it 
  • Furiosa holding Capable as they ascend 

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so what is zombies run?? pls explain I want it

its like
this fitness app
you put headphones in and do ur thing

and its set in a zombie apocalypse
you’re ‘runner 5′ you come and deliver supplies to this little place called abel township
you’re mute and were involved in a helicopter crash but you kinda find out a little more about that fairly quickly

and its technically meant for running but you can walk it if you’re unfit like me
you can play music while you’re doing it and the app either lowers the music or pauses it when a transmission comes in
transmissions are from the main character you hear over the comms which is sam yao he’s the sweetest cinnamon roll of them all
sometimes there are other characters like maxine the town doctor and runner 8 whos badass and threatens to kill you a couple of times but she cool she cool
anwyay you get sent out on missions (which are usually about half an hour long)
theres another bigger town called new canton but fuck them honestly
canon queer relationship between women doctors?????? YAS
u can headcanon ur heart out with the characters designs n shit bc since its just audio you dont really get much description-wise (except so far i know sam is at least half chinese)

you get supplies and stuff during the missions + you use them in the app to build up abel township ahhhh

you can set it to either track you by gps, how far u go per km, or put in your stride and it measures it from that
you can also set it so during missions you can get chased by zombies? like it’ll go ZOMBIES 50 METERS and u gotta speed up and i think you might hear zombie noises but im not 100% sure about that

you can get the free version which gives you the first 4 missions free and then lets you unlock a new mission each week

and you can pay for the full membership monthly which i think is like $4nzd or do an annual payment which is about $28nzd
which unlocks your stats and a bunch of other stuff but most importantly gives you access to all the missions theyve got out which is over 200+ of them

it has a really good plotline??? i love all the characters so far daang
its actually gotten me to exercise????  it gets points for that alone i hate running and usually dont like going out for walks either but im actually so keen im looking for time i can go out and do more missions this tells u how great it is