shes so amazing i cant

fake ah crew lindsay “wild card with a stupid amount of good luck” jones who somehow always manages to hit her mark without ever meaning to through odd angles and from nearly impossible positions. everyone in los santos is terrified of how incredibly accurate she is and wondering how long it took her to train to be that perfect. meanwhile geoff shakes his head and says “you’ve never practiced a day in your life, have u” and lindsay grins and goes “nope!”

lindsay who trips on the sidewalk late one night and sends a throwing a knife flying only for it to land dead center in some assassins chest, michael waving his arms madly as he helps her up, screaming “HOW! JUST HOW!? HOW ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE” while lindsay laughs her ass off. lindsay who chucks grenades so close to her crew members that magically bounce away at the right time and explode in the middle of a huge cluster of cops surrounding them and everyones like “you were trying to kill us!!” and lindsay totally bullshitting like "i knew that would happen!”

i just want to say i love @chaerismatic nd @sonuwoo nd @stan-the-best-stan-monsta-x so much u guys r the 💓💓👼💓💓🌹 cutest nd ily <333

as much as lena would hate to admit it, she’s absolutely terrified of d/oomf/ist.  she’s not used to being scared perse, but the fight with df was completely different for her.  lena’s an impulsive attacker that uses her dissociation to her advantage. she isn’t used to fighting someone as strategically advanced as df is and the moment he managed to rip off her accelerator ruined her.  the feeling of blinking in and out of dimensions and the feeling of not being human anymore completely swept over her.  lena wants to feel human.  she likes being able to know that she can touch, hear, feel, sense and EXIST.  df completely took all that away from her in a matter of seconds.  lena despises talking about it and brushes it off as another learning matter for herself but the truth is that she’s afraid of her emotions slipping past her facade.  lena doesn’t like showing fear and will do anything to hide it, that’s honestly why my lena doesn’t want anything to do with df or remotely speak about him - it gives her paranoia.

” london with my parents was great, but i’m glad to be back home in new york. the only thing i will miss is Sink The Pink, possibly the best nightclub i’ve gone to. “

u kno whats cool ? thinking abt how my gf is gonna do so much w her life and go to so many places nd do so many amazing things and shes gonna be so happy in the future nd thinking abt that ? warms my heart? shes gonna go to new zealand nd properly feel a part of the culture nd learn all abt it nd live in it nd shes gonna go to beaches nd swim in the sea when its warm nd sunny nd shes gonna learn even more abt history nd read abt it all the time nd tell me abt all her favs nd teach me things nd im gonna b Impressed as usual and shes gonna learn new languages nd get fluent in french nd we’re gonna go to france nd not just france but so many places we’re gonna go to all of her history places nd castles nd probably check them off a huge fuckin list every time she goes to one nd so many good things r gonna happen to her I cant wait