shes so amazing i cant

fake ah crew lindsay “wild card with a stupid amount of good luck” jones who somehow always manages to hit her mark without ever meaning to through odd angles and from nearly impossible positions. everyone in los santos is terrified of how incredibly accurate she is and wondering how long it took her to train to be that perfect. meanwhile geoff shakes his head and says “you’ve never practiced a day in your life, have u” and lindsay grins and goes “nope!”

lindsay who trips on the sidewalk late one night and sends a throwing a knife flying only for it to land dead center in some assassins chest, michael waving his arms madly as he helps her up, screaming “HOW! JUST HOW!? HOW ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE” while lindsay laughs her ass off. lindsay who chucks grenades so close to her crew members that magically bounce away at the right time and explode in the middle of a huge cluster of cops surrounding them and everyones like “you were trying to kill us!!” and lindsay totally bullshitting like "i knew that would happen!”


J-MIN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!

I completely forgot to talk about this but we had school gala last night and it was A M A Z I N G!!!!

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my crush is a girl called madi, shes so beautiful i mean REALLY REALLY beautiful, shes a sun lesbian and whenever i see the sun i think of her, she makes me really happy, and i wish i could spend my life with her, shes so amazing, i cant explain how i feel about her well enough. but i really care about her and i want her to be happy, even if we cant be together

the sun baby from the teletubbies is actually your child jsyk