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Could you so #35 for Shallura, please and thanks?

And now… back to fluff! (I know people have been asking for angst, and I will do The Angst, but I’m trying to be flexible lol)

35. “If you make one more terrible pun, I will literally stab you.”

Shiro didn’t know Alteans could really get sick, until Allura retreated to her room for three days, groaning and complaining.

“She’s got a bad case of the nelts,” Coran explained. “Makes the old shape-shifting act up a little bit!”

Which explained why she was… blue. The mice let him into her room, where she lay in a heap of pillows, sniffling and looking down in the dumps.

“How are you feeling, Princess?” Shiro asked.

“Grumpy.” She pouted adorably. “I’m so tired! And my head aches so much!”

He really shouldn’t, because even on her sickbed she could probably thrown him across the room, but the opening was too good to ignore.

“So I guess you could say… you’re feeling a little blue?”

“Was that a joke?” The look she shot him would have been more intimidating if she hadn’t suddenly sneezed. Her nose morphed into something rounder and flatter, and a purple moustache appeared above her lip.

“I’m just trying to lighten the mood.” Shiro grinned. “I moustache-you if you need anything.”

She threw a pillow at his head, but he ducked it easily and plopped down on the end of the bed.

“Relax, Allura. Who “nose” how long you’ll be stuck in here.”

As he said it, he reached out to bop her nose. She glared at him.

“If you make one more terrible pun, I will literally stab you,” she said.

“I don’t believe you. You love my puns.”

He smiles at her, and this time, when her cheeks turn red, it has nothing to do with shapeshifting.

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