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do you ever think about how nadia woke up without any memories of the past several years and had to rule alone, about how much courage she has to face that and try to get answers when it physically causes her pain?

do you think about how intelligent she is to have in only a few months figured out important details surrounding lucio’s death without revealing her memory loss?

or about how she tries to provide the apprentice with whatever they could want while they’re at the palace, how she wants to share her love of fashion and help the apprentice look nice? and how if they prefer their old clothes, she’s receptive to their preferences because she really wants to make sure they’re comfortable?

or about how she loves to tease? how she admires the apprentice when they’re being bold or defiant and appreciates them treating her like they would anyone else?

Her and Rick go through some really interesting realizations in season 7.  (…) But when she thinks she’s lost him in a very quick second in episode 12, she just crumbles. I think that was really shocking and horrifying to her, and then the realization that that could happen and imagining that happening in that way (…), she could have lost him. It wasn’t even in a battle. So that really freaked her out, but the realization that he gave her — he empowered her, and that’s what’s really powerful is that they empower each other. But the idea of, we’re doing this for something bigger than ourselves is this next place that she’s gotten to. So yes she’s deeply connected, as that moment exposed, even to herself. She’s evolved into being so much more alive. Her losses before, she deadened and became very one-woman army. But now this sort of loss, she can’t even compute absorbing it. And so it really was about him regalvanizing her to understand, this is not about us. It’s about the future we’re trying to build. And we have to keep our eyes on that

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