shes saying its so nice to meet you

Doctor Who Sentence Starters

“Years of time and space, I never met anyone who wasn’t important.”


“Imagine if I met someone named Alonso! Then I could say, Allonsy Alonso!

“I suppose if it’s my last chance to say it. {NAME}.”

“Can I just say, travellin’ with you, I love it.”

“Her name was… {NAME}.”

“I made my choice long ago, and I’m never gonna leave you.”

“How long are you going to stay with me?”


“Nice to meet you {NAME}, run for your life!”

“I’m talking to a twig.”

“She’s gonna smack ya if ya keep calling her ‘she’.”

“Stitch this mate!”

“All of time and space, you watch us run!”

“Everything has its time, and everything ends.”

“Some days are special, some days are so so blessed, that when the wind stands fair and {NAME} comes to call… Everybody lives.”


“Oh, I need more days like this.”

“What about you {NAME}? What the hell are you turnin’ into?”

“You’re not mating with me sunshine! You’re just a long streak of nothin’!”

“Why don’t you ask her for yourself?”

“Next stop, everywhere.”

“I’ve only got one life, I could spend it with you. If you want.”

“Will I ever see you again?”

“I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye.”

“… I love you.”

“Quite right too.”

“I could save the world, but lose you.”

“I just want to say you were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.”

“I create myself.”

“You are tiny.”

“Lots of planets have a north!”

“Think how you look to them… All… Pink and yellow.”

“I love a happy medium.”

“Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.”

“You have no plan.”

“And doesn’t that just scare you to death?”

“I name you the destroyer of worlds!”

“Oh my god he found you.”

“Funny old life I lead.”

“Better with two.”

“There’s me.”

“Come on tightwad, chips are on me!”

“We’re falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world. And, if we let go….”

“Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”


“Stop bleepin’ me!”

“It’s them aliens again!”

“You are… the most wonderful man/woman/person, and I don’t want you to die!”

“Take the gun, please!”

“I forgive you.”

“I’d be proud you know, if you were my dad.”

“He doesn’t like goodbyes.”

“I’ve met cat people, you’re nothing like them.”

“I bet you’re going to have a great year!”

“I don’t want to go.”

A Harley rider eating in a restaurant is checking out a gorgeous redhead. Suddenly she sneezes and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket. The biker reaches up, snatches it out of the air, and hands it back to her. “I am so embarrassed,” the woman says. “Please join me for dinner." They enjoy a wonderful meal together and afterwards she invites him to the theatre, followed by drinks. She pays for everything. Then she asks him to her place for a nightcap, and to stay for breakfast. The next morning the guy is amazed. "Are you this nice to every biker you meet?” he asks. “Not usually,” she replies. “But you just happened to catch my eye.”

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Hey, y'all! My birthday is April 28! I would really love something fluffy. Really into fake relationships at the moment. Any rating will do! :)

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Happy Birthday @booksrockmyface! We hope you’re having a fantastic day and just to make it extra sweet, @finnicko-loves-anniec has crafted an extra delicious slice of Everlark, just for you!

“Out!” The door hit her in the shoulder as she pulled it open. Katniss ignored the pain. “I said out!”

Gale brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, his fingertips skimming along her cheek as he did so. She pushed his hand away. “Come on, babe, let’s talk about this.”

“You can ‘talk about this’ with your other babe.” Katniss hated air quotes with a passion. Right now, she hated him enough to ignore that. “I said out.”

She heard a door squeak down the hall. Lazy shits in management had promised to fix that months ago. Katniss glared at the man who had dared to poke his head into the hallway. “Not you, Mellark. You stay in.” He didn’t budge. Was nobody listening to her today?

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Childhood Memories - Stiles Stilinski

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Requested: Hi! I just wanted to ask if you could write a Stiles imagine where the reader (female) and Stiles are togheter and she meets the Sheriff for the first time? And the reader is pretty nervous in the beginning but then becomes comfortable because the sheriff is really nice and he think its amazing that his son have found such an amazing girlfriend? And can the sheriff say something that embarres Stiles but the reader just thinks it’s fun and adorable? Thank you so much, and I love your writings!

Summary: (Y/N) has dinner with Noah Stilinski who shares many embarrassing stories about Stiles, only for Stiles to become embarrassed when he finds out. 

“Stiles, where are you?” I yell in a hushed whisper through my phone as I see the absence of Stiles’ Jeep out the front of his house. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)! I’m on my way home. I’ll only be like 20 to 30 minutes. Just go and sit down in my room or something. Dad should be there to let you in. Gotta go, love you!” 

“Stiles, don’t you da-” I was cut off by a beep, telling me that Stiles had hung up. “Ok breathe, (Y/N).” I whisper to myself as I knock on the door. I’ve never met Stiles’ dad before and to be honest I was terrified. He was the sheriff after all. I quickly knock on the door begging for it to be over already. After a few seconds the door opens and there stands Stiles’ dad. 

“Hello… and you are?”

“I’m Stiles’ girlfriend. I’m so sorry, I thought he’d be here but he said just to come anyway.”

“Oh, (Y/N)! Come in, come in.” He moves out the way and lets the door fling open. “Have you had anything to eat? I’ve just cooked up some brilliant microwave lasagna.” He jokes. 

“As tempting as that sounds, sir, I’m afraid I filled up on two minute noodles.” I chuckled. 

“Its Noah. You don’t have to call me sir.” He smiles, “Well, would you like a drink?”

“I’ll just have some water, thank you.” He brings me back a glass and I sit down at the table with him as he feasts on his lasagna. 

“So, (Y/N). How did you and Stiles end up together?” 

“I’m surprised he hasn’t told you! He was leaving these notes in my locker that had cute messages just saying things like he hoped I had a nice day or something along those lines and I caught him doing it one day. He completely freaked out and was stuttering and so I actually ended up asking him out.” I giggle, sipping from my glass. 

“Sounds like Stiles. You know, he probably won’t like me telling you this but when he was younger he used to carry this little action figure around and used it to speak to people when he was nervous. Like in a ventriloquist kind of way. Helped him get over his nerves, but obviously not completely. But, I’m happy for him. You seem like quite a nice girl.” 

“That’s adorable! And thank you. Honestly, I was so scared to meet you. I was afraid you might not like me and stuff but now that I’ve met you I realise that anyone with as great of a son as Stiles must be great too.” I smile. “Any other embarrassing stories?” I quickly bring the mood back to a more lighthearted one. 

The front door slams closed and in walks Stiles looking flustered. He walks over and kisses me on the lips before taking his coat off. 

“I’m so sorry, babe. Scott had an issue.” Stiles said bluntly and grabs a can out of the fridge. 

“Hi?” Mr Stilinski says after Stiles walks right by him. 

“Hey dad. Ooh, lasagna.” Stiles hugs his dad and then grabs a mouthful before realising that its cold and spitting it out. 

“It’d be warm if you were home on time.” Noah stated sarcastically. “It’s okay though, (Y/N) and I had some great conversations.” He chuckled. 

“About what? Dad?” Stiles looked almost fearful that I’d been scared off by the stories. 

“Can you show me which action figure it was?” I asked Stiles, giggling. 

“Wha- Dad!”

“It’s ok Stiles, it’s adorable.” I stand up and place my glass in the sink. “Thank you Noah for accompanying me and telling me such amazing stories, but I’m exhausted. And I have story relics to find. Goodnight!” I smile and follow Stiles to his room. 

Hey guys! Sorry, I got this out a lot later than I expected to but I was volunteering all weekend and was sick the last couple of days but I’m back! 

Undercover (2/?)

Summary: You haven’t been on a mission in months, you stay behind your desk at SHIELD headquarters a lot recently.  When Fury calls you for an important undercover  mission, well, you cant really tell him no , can you? You just wish you knew what you were getting yourself into beforehand.

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader (kinda)

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness 

Marvel MasterList

Undercover MasterList

                                                     Chapter Two

     It takes you a minute to snap out of your shock, but then you quickly follow behind Steve.  As you step In the house, you scan your new surroundings. You slowly walk around the TV room,  your eyes going to the line of pictures on the mantel of the fireplace.  Each one sent a wave of warmth in you , every picture is of you and Steve. The wedding photo of you two dancing is what your eyes are stuck on.  Damn, who ever made these is seriously talented! Part of you is jealous, wishing that what the pictures portray could be real. The other part of you , the more sensibly side, is reminding you that you are in fact on a mission .

You hear footsteps from behind you , and you can feel Steves body heat radiating off him .

  The house isn’t bugged, Captain.” you say as you turn to face your new husband.

He nods,  a blush creeps over his cheeks as he begins speaking, “ Ill never understand how they could make these pictures so real.” he says, his eyes going to the wedding picture .

“ Who ever did it is very gifted,that kind of technology is still a mystery to me too. I’m Y/n , by the way.” There is a small hint of awkwardness between the two of you , but you don’t expect anything less. He shakes your hand, your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest at the contact. I need to control myself, this is for business, not pleasure.

You clear your throat, “ Want to fill me in on exactly what I’m walking into?”

  He nods, sitting on the couch , gesturing for you to join . You take the seat next to him.

Steve spends the next hour explaining details. You two are newlyweds, that just moved here to start your life together. There is a retirement party being thrown for a Sergeant at the station in a week, and families are expected to be there.  It would be suspicious if you didn’t attend, risking blowing this mission is not an option; that’s why you are here.  You aren’t here just to play arm candy for him though , you are to get close with the others families to see if theres any hint as to who is HYDRA .  Steve also informs you that  A lot of these men have government ties, the chance that their ties are also Hydra is high . The last thing this country needs is anymore Hydra agents in government positions.

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. “Okay , so the house is the only safe zone as of right now. Everywhere else, our cover is up . You know what that entails, right ?“ you shyly ask .

 "uhm I - yes ma'am .  We have to act like a real married couple. Hand holding, kissing- ”

“ You sure you can keep up with the PDA ?” you tease . Steves cheeks turn pink, his eyes crinkling as he shoots you a goofy smile.

“ Don’t worry , I wont get too handsy. Maybe ” you wink as the last word leaves your lips. You didn’t think it was possible, but hes blushing even harder. This is going to be interesting.

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    You spend the rest of that day learning more about your covers, memorizing all the details you could about Chris Smith .  When its time for bed, Steve tries to take the couch .   What a gentleman .

” You know, if we want to sell the part we should start getting comfortable around each other Steve. You’re sleeping in the bed, no arguments.“

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He didn’t try to argue , he agreed with your point.  You follow behind him as he guides you to the master bedroom, which is a lot bigger than you thought itd be. It was very spacious, with a giant bed placed against the back  wall. The walls are grey , yellow accents placed around the room. You feel oddly at home already .  You both agree to sleep in what you’re most comfortable in ; leaving Steve in nothing but flannel pants , & you in a baggy tee& underwear. 

   When you finally collapse into bed, Steve stays more than an arms length away . Has he ever shared a bed before?

” i don’t bite Steve, you don’t have to lay all the way over there.“  you joke .

 He shuffles closer, but still not close enough .  He is not making this easy .  You bite the bullet, scooting yourself back until your ass is against him. You hear him gasp at the contact, making you slyly smile.  

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” you okay with this?“ you softly ask, not wanting to push him too far .

” yeah “ he releases a loud sigh , he lightly drapes his arm over your waist, testing the waters to see how you’ ll react. When you don’t flinch, he properly rests his arm over you , his hand grazing your bare thigh .

” Good night Steve.“ you mumble, letting your eyes slip closed .

” Good night, wife.“ you feel him smile against your hair, your lips twitch up as you finally drift asleep.

   The doorbell jolts you both out of your sleep, you send Steve a ‘wtf’ look before he rolls out of bed , throwing on a t shirt and sliding a gun into the back waistline of his pants. He’s out of the room before your feet hit the ground . Your scitter into the bathroom, shedding your tee and sliding into the silk robe that is hanging on the back of the door. You tie it around you , then  grab your pockey knife from the bathroom drawer and slip  it into your pocket in case. You bolt from the room, but as you approach the front room you hear an additional voice that you cant recognize.

” I was in the neighborhood, thought id drop by so i could finally meet your wife Smith! You cant hide her forever!“ the voice teases. Who ever this man is sounds harmless, but you know not to judge a book by its cover.

Steve goes to speak , but you interrupt . Putting forth your best innocent voice,

” Sweetheart, what- Oh , hello .“ you say shyly, pulling your robe tighter against your body .

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” You didn’t tell us she was this beautiful man!“ the man says, slapping Steve on the shoulder. You watch the blush rise on Steves face when he sees you ,The robe was short and black, hitting you  about mid thigh so it showcases your legs perfectly.

You giggle as you shake the mans hand,

” I’m , Peter . You must be the famous Anne,its nice to finally meet you.“ he says with a smile.

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” Its nice to meet you too Peter! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else at the party next week .“ you say as you move to Steve side , interlocking your hands as soon as your close enough .

"  You don’t have to wait that long sweetheart, me & my wife are having a bonfire tonight . Some of our neighbors, along with co workers will be there! Give you two a chance to meet new people other than our co workers pal. ” He says , elbowing Steve in the ribs.  Oh crap, we need an excuse. I’m not ready! I was banking on having a week to prepare more before having to be in this situation! Your smile doesn’t leave your face as your internal panic increase . Little did you know Steve was worrying as well .   Before Steve can politely decline the offer, Peter adds,

“ I’m not taking no as an answer. We’ve all been dying to meet Anne,  we’ll see you 7 !” he says as he walks out . 

Well shit .

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I might keep you


Memeber:Namjoon, Ravi


A/n: Daddy Namjoon is a religion. Don’t get me started on this one.


Breath. Three deep breaths. Y/N you can do it. It is only a work placement. You look like a child. You are a child. You became legal two freakin weeks ago. Fuck it. Honestly. I’m nervous. Okay. This elevator is going fast. Too fast. I have to go through my notes once again. What can they ask me? What is my degree? If I had been on other placements? What languages do I know?  God…they can even ask me which number are the correct ones for the lottery and I should know.

Who are you? You are Y/N. You are a candidate for work placement in one of the biggest corporations in the world. The CEO is a man called Kim Namjoon. The third heir of the company. Not many people have seen him,but those who have say he is beyond handsome and beyond scary. They tell stories on the newspaper how he doesn’t speak much but when he does he has the voice of the devil,with hints of desire and sparkles of want. All female full time employees are always wearing short pencil skirts and heels in order to try to attract the young heir. But he doesn’t buy it. God, is he a virgin? One of those romantic guys that keeps himself for the girl of his dreams? Or maybe he is one of the Dom’s? One of those that will secretly touch his girl under the table during a conference. Or maybe he likes being submissive,but can’t let it show because he is an important figure? You decide.

Okay enough Y/N. Too much thinking. Back to the important questions. Take a sip from the Green Tea your mother made you this morning in order to feel fresh and ready to be the best part-time employee.

You can’t say that I feel very fresh. Last night I had to sleep and be a blooming flower in the morning,but no! I decided to read smut fictions about my hoped future boss on Tumblr. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do the night before an intreview. It’s a stupid decision.

But I found out interesting things. He has fan clubs. You can say he is as popular as any other star. Every item he has touched and left behind goes on for sale and the prices people pay are ridicules. Each and every fan club speculates how Namjoon really looks. When you read that some fanclubs even think he is the Lord Commander of the Vampires you should know it’s time to sleep.

“Floor 114" This is it. Keep yourself collected. You can do this Y/N. You only have to survive through an interview. Nothing special.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator my eyes were greeted by many women in guess what…pencil skirts and heels. All of them had long straighten hair as if they were freakin clones. Almost all of them. One girl,not much older than me, looked not in her place. Like me. But she was stunning. A beautiful girl of color. If I was a man you can bet she was everything I look for in a woman. Unlike the blond clones with straighten hair,she had a flawless afro. It made her stand out in a good way. She had no heels ,just like me, she was with white Vans. They probably were really white once,but like all shoes they weren’t so white anymore. But so were mine red Converse. And just like me she was looking around as if she was in the wrong place. I knew I had to have her in my life. This was destiny. Walking towards her and I sat nervously next to her. When she noticed me a look of relief spread across her features. “We don’t look like we belong here.” she amiled at me “I was about to say it. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said bringing out my most cheerful voice. “I’m Corin. It’s also really nice to meet you.” her natural plump lips became one even warmer smile.“You have an amazing hair. I have always wanted to do an afro,but it’s not appropriate. I don’t want to anger anyone or someone to think that I’m disrespectful towards their tradions.” “This is really nice of yours. I really like your hair too. Its so straight and it’s obvious unlike theirs that is natural.” we both blushed and giggled because compliments and talking about the other candidates isn’t something you do on a work placement interview. I think. “Can I see your resume?” we both said at the same time. And that evolved in more giggles. “Of course. Here.” we said together again this time laughing loud. Some clones turned to look at us but found out we had absolute no interest in them whatsoever and continued doing whatever they were doing.

Let me tell you,she had an amaizng resume. So good that I almost felt miserable about mine. We talked more and I really liked her and I think she liked me. We changed numbers and even made plans for a nice brunch next week where we can talk more. Suddenly we started talking about Kim Namjoon. She told me that he has a brother. An older brother. “If I ever want to meet someone is probably him. They say he is just as badass as his younger brother. The Kim brothers are partners in crime. The black sheeps of the Kim family. But for whatever reason their grandfather left everything, the whole empire to them. No one,even their own parents weren’t happy with that decision. But no one could do anything about it because the will stated that the heirs of Kim corp. are the Kim brothers. They are both cold and scary,because of their past and the people they lost.” All night I read about the Kims but I haven’t read this. It was in no tabloid or forum. Nowhere. “Corin,how do you know that?” she only smiled sad “My mother. She had been working for the Kims for a long time. Truth is I’m here because my mother asked Mrs.Kim  to let me on the final list. Mrs.Kim and my mother have a very good relationship and Mrs.Kim had always taken care of me.” “So that means you have seen the brothers.” “No. I haven’t. They don’t live with their parents and everytime they did come to the house Mrs. Kim has told me to go in my room because things down there may get ugly. And most of the time they did. Every time one of the brothers was in the house a fight was inevitable. So I never saw them. But I know their voices like I know this” and she showed me her right hand" is my right hand. From all the shouting in the house I know whose voice is who’s. The raspy low one is Wonsik,the older brother. The low rich load one is Namjoon,the younger one.“

The doors of the elevator opened and a handsome man not older than twenty six stepped into the room. "He is…unusual.” I said looking at my new friend. “Maybe he is a designer or something.” I would’ve guessed so too. The man had a strong red bleached hair with small golden rings attached to it. He was wearing a light blue suit with absolutely nothing underneath. On his chest,fingers and ankles tattoos were coloring his skin. The whole situation was finished with floral Gucci sneakers and that was it. He had only a unreadable look in his eyes and nothing else was there on his handsome features. “Bad weather. Bad morning.” “Was this supposed tob be Good morning because in human language we say…” I whispered in Corins ear “Kim Wonsik."she said scared"Kim Wonsik…wait,what?” my head snapped. “Y/N. This is Kim Wonsik. The older Kim.”

If a minute ago I looked him like he was some psycho,now he looked scary. He was indeed scary now. A hand grabbed mine and I saw Corin shaking trying to hold onto something. I squeezed her hand trying to smile. “Corin,it’s okay. He…”“You don’t know him. I have heard him. Although Wonsik is less scarier than Namjoon,he isn’t weaker than him. Between the two Wonsik is the body and action. Namjoon is the brain. Wonsik is more reckless.”“I have the names of 50 girls in this list. You are fighting as you know for 5 work placements in total. The 5 choosen will be assigned in different departments by us the CEOs ourself. Since I want to finish faster…” and he stopped dead in his sentence. Following where he was looking I ended up looking where I hoped he wasn’t looking - at Corin. He was looking at her like she was some ghost,like a child that after years of searching found his toy. She stopped shaking and was just looking scared. Wonsik smirked and looked away. “Corin what happend?” “I don’t know and I don’t want to. Y/N I’m afraid.” “So am I. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you. I’m here.”

“Line in five rows of ten. I have no time for joking around.“ Wonsik voice spread across the almost quite room. This was a command,no a "if you may do it”. With Corin’s hand in mine I stood us both up and holding her tightly we stood next to each other.“Someone from my team will start calling you in…Namjoon,what a pleasant surprise,little brother.” Everyone looked at the elevator where a breathtaking man was standing. Tall and scary. Dirty blond hair was slicked back so that black mesmerizing eyes could kill. A beautiful red choker decorated his neck. The muscular body was attempted to be hidden behind a black suit matched with fitted suit pants that outlined his perfect thighs. Under the suit jacket there was a black shirt with exactly three unbuttoned buttons. People are probably afraid to walk when he walks because dust may fall on his…five thousand three hundred and sixty four dollar Alexander McQueen shoes,don’t ask how I know this. Without saying anything he stepped in the room and like robots the rows split in the middle making an aisle for the intimidating man to walk on with his minions. He gave off the vibe of fear and sexual tension,while women made the air thick with arousal. He stood next to his brother and and know the picture was just plain the death of me. Two pairs of unreadable eyes. Everyones eyes in the room were glued to the ground from fear. Where ever the brothers looked the tension hanging on each of our shoulders became even heavier. 

“Tell me you are kidding.” everyone were right. If the devil had a voice this was going to be it. It was a low yet loud voice just as Corin said. If he wanted me to sin only a sentence should roll on his sinful lips and it was going to be enough to make me do whatever he wanted.“I tought we agreed that for the work placement we want good looking women not…people like her."his head only nodded in the direction of Corin or at that time I thought so. The blond clones giggled all together trying to appeal to Kim Namjoon. Corin was looking at the ground refusing to look up. She was holding my hand tightly and tears started to roll from her eyes. This was a grave mistake Kim Namjoon. I’m killing you and your freakin placement because you hurt a girl that was so nice and the only thing she wants is to call her mother and to tell her efforts finally gave fruit. I was someone who hated to see others hurt and she was visibly hurt. Oh I don’t care who you are Kim Namjoon. You just angered the goddess of Human rights. Angry,my head snapped up full of confidence. My eyes could kill if they could.

"And what exactly is wrong with her Mr. Mighty CEO?!” I snapped and the giggles abruptly stopped. As if no one was there. Mr. Kims head slowly turned in my direction looking me straight in the eyes. In any other moment I would’ve peed myself from fear but not now. Not right now. Right now I was stronger than him.“You will excuse me,but she is stunning. Unlike the bleached blonde clones at least she is different. So am I as I see. Should we all wear pencil skirts and heels to please you your mighty Highnesses? My hair is also brown. Oh no. Should I bleach it blonde? If you can’t see the potential of people with amazing resumes like hers you are not worth my or even less hers time,brain or effort. So excuse me while I turn my red Converse and get out of here. With "Her”. An actual intelligent human being. Goodbye.“ Without saying anything and still holding our hands we walked through the blond tall clones.</p> <p>When I turned my head around just before we leave so I could see his reaction before I leave this freakin place forever.A smirk is everything I saw. A freakin smirk. He was looking at me like I am an interesting species that he haven’t seen or heard about. His thumb slowly rubbed his plump lips as if he was thinking what to say. I was holding Corin and was ready to storm out,but this look. This look was lurking me back. It was telling me to stay still and to wait. Like a good girl."What’s your name?” is what he asked me. From everything you could’ve said. You say…What’s your name. "Y/N. My name is Y/N. Does it matter?“I said not looking away from his eyes. I just couldn’t."Yes it does. Wonsik,there are four places open from this moment on. She comes with me. Ms. Y/N lead the way. And bu the way I wasn’t talking about Corin. Corin,say hi to mother.” What? “No Namjoon. You do it yourself.” After all they know each other. Turning my back to Kim Namjoon I looked at Corin. “You told me you haven’t seen them. Why did you lie?” “There are things family can’t share Y/N so lie is the answer then. I’m sorry. But things are too complicated for someone who I met today.” Warm breath warmed my neck. Namjoon was so close to me the heat coming from him was warming my back. A low “You can let go of her now.” is what I heard and soon a big hand catched mine swiftly and I let go of Corin’s hand. “Let’s go. Big brother,I believe you will take care of things here.” A loud “You bet I will.” was heard before Namjoon dragged me in the elevator and pulled out a golden card ehich he swipped on the logo of the company and the elevator started moving.

No talking. Just breathing and the sound of my fast beating heart. I was scared. Where ever we were going I couldn’t escape. Whatever he wanted to say I should listen. “Now you are quiet.” the statement died in the silence. “Why are you not saying anything?” you shouldn’t answer Y/N. Don’t lurk yourself in this trap. He wants you to speak. The hell,I came here to become part-time employee. What did I get myself into? “Mr.Kim you arrived your destination. Destination-your main office.” The fuck were you?! Where did this voice came from. The robo voice from the elevator doesn’t sound like this. “An unauthorized face in the office sir.” he lowly chuckled. “She is with me Gidian. Thank you for the warning. Come on little one. My office is better than the elevator.” Ah right. Y/N get out of the elevator. Slowly,don’t look too rushed. Don’t be intimidated by him although he walks so confident and he is so tall and his back look like a work of God even behind the suit. You horny bitch. Stay in the line of being scared,not horny. Scared. Remember,afraid. Not horny.

His office did really look nice. He had a fireplace with a big couch with few big old books wrapped in leather lying next to the sofa on a small black wooden table on the left. On the right he had a big monitor on a pitch black wall. And in the front he had a really big black mahogany desk with a leather I will say throne more than a chair. Maybe the Vampire theory isn’t so crazy now that I see his office. “Come. Where do you want to talk? On the couch or the desk? Gidian,clean my schedule for the next hour.” he was a prince. A dark prince. “Desk. Couch is too…intimate.” I answered,trying to put the fear down my throat,to sound proud and confident.“He laughed. A real laugh. Not faked smile or a smirk. And all of a sudden the laugh died and a smirk took its place. "What are you? You throw a fit in the middle of an employee recruitment. Then you confront me. You don’t flinch unlike others. And red Converse,seriously?” his tone was a satin drenched with sex. Why? Why the stupid smuts damn it? My head is full with all the things he could do to me right now and no one will know about it. All the places he can take me on and no one will find about it. Damn you hormones. I have had sex once in my life and strangely it didn’t hurt as much as I was worried. But with all the smuts I have read, I am a sex encyclopedia.

I found my voice after looking at him for what felt like an eternity. “I really like my Converse. They’re a present from my mother. Do they bother you,sir?” Something in him snapped for a second. He looked like a bewildered animal. For the first time he looked away from me. Lowly,almost deadly I heard his voice. “Work for me. Not as a part-timer. As a full time employee. Work for me. Only for me.”

He wanted me to work? After all I did? After I confront him infront of his minions and everyone else. After acting like a fool? “Why?” “I do things differently. You are different and I like that.” Namjoon circled his desk and walked to me. Although I wanted to run away,somewhere far away, I didn’t. Soon he was too close.“You are not scared. But I have the desire to make you.” one of his hands chained itself behind my back pulling me even closer. To wear a tennis skirt wasn’t the best decision now. So was coming here too. But Kim Namjoon smelled of a nice full of flavors parfume. Up close his smirk wasn’t scary. It was sexy. “You see little one,I love being the winner,the master. And you try to confront me. It’s fun. I want to have fun. I will keep you. Close to me.” his lips were moving and on my mind was just how they stop talking and put themselves to use to heal mine.“So that when I finally break you I will claim you as mine. But for now…” “Kim Namjoon,kiss me."dead in his sentence I watched as the scariest and mysterious man on Earth snapped and his eyes became grave black and his voice was the sin of every man. "Earn it. Work for me. Step by step I will satisfy whatever need you have for me. This is a one time deal,little one. Take it or leave from where you came."My mind. It stopped working rationally at the age of five. Why think wisely now? "I’ll do it. I’ll work for you. Now kiss me.” if it was possible his grip became even tighter. Our breaths were meddling in one. I looked away from Namjoon and stared at his chest waiting for him to say whatever. “Patience little one. I’ll give you everything you want and need. But patience.” my voice was a low whisper against his strong body.“Patience is also earned Kim Namjoon. Right now,I have none. I don’t know why am I so brave today,bu appreciate it and kiss me.” There he was,the bewildered animal,the final straw of self-control he had. His other hand roughly pulled my face towards his making our lips one whole. We were Legos. Perfect pieces put together. His lips moved slowly but surely. Aware that no matter how much I talked,he was the commander of my turned legal two weeks ago self. The moment finished fast and soon there wasn’t fluffy lips on mine anymore.

“I have three rules that I expect you to follow. Three. No more than three. One, no heels,pencil skirts or bright lipstick. I hate those things” this was easy. I never liked them anyway.“Two,never call me sir.”“Why?”“Just because. And three and the most important one of them. For you to be always be free for me. Whenever I call or send you a message. I’ll expect you to answer in that exact moment. Whenever I want to see you for you to be able to see me.

 "Welcome in my wolrd,little one”

Chapter 3: Meet the Parents

Lafayette x Reader

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Note: Look I’d say that I’m sorry about the ending but… I’m really not. 

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful.

Word Count:1,763

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Lafayette’s grip on Y/N’s hand tightens as they stand outside the front door of her family home. He’s been putting this off for the past two months, doing everything he can to get out of meeting her parents.

He’s not even sure why he’s been so nervous. He knows that no matter what happens, even if they don’t don’t like him, it won’t change Y/N’s opinion of him.

“Um Gil? If you squeeze any harder I think you’re going to break my hand” Y/N points out, a small grin gracing her lips as she watches her nervous soulmate fidget and shuffle back and forth.

He glances down at their linked hands and quickly drops her hand and stares at her with wide eyes.

“Amour, I’m sorry” he mumbles, looking down at the ground. Y/N reaches up to press a gentle kiss to his cheek.

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All Started With a Song Part 8 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2304

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n-(feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) ok so i hd to repost it bc i forgot to put part 8. im so sorry omg. but this will be last part for a few days. hope you enjoy.


“Oh. My. God.”

“LA is so beautiful, and we haven’t even left the airport!” Alice giggled.

“I am so excited,” you smiled, walking towards the luggage claim.

“What are we doing first?” Olivia asked.

“Checking in at the hotel, then we can find somewhere to have lunch. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect,” she stopped. “Thanks again Y/n/n. It means a lot that you chose me to come with you.”

“Of course Liv, you deserve the world and more. The least I can do is take you on a mini adventure with me,” you smiled.

She pulled you into a hug, muttering another ‘thank you’ into your shoulder.


You guys had some trouble checking in at the hotel.

“What do you mean we don’t have a room?” you sighed.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. There is no room reserved under Y/l/n.” he gave you an unapologetic smile.

You walked away from the counter and called Sabrina.

“Hey girl! How’s LA?”

“It’s nice, but the hotel is saying they don’t have a room for us,” you were trying your hardest not to cry.

“Really? That’s odd. You said my last name right?”

“What? It’s under your name?”

“Oh my gosh, did I not tell you? I’m so sorry!”

You chuckled, “Its okay.”

“To make it up you girls, I’ll take you out to lunch,” she said.

“Sounds good! Meet you in 20.”


You ended up going to In-N-Out, it was the greatest thing you’ve ever had.

“This is so good, why doesn’t London have this?” Olivia moaned into her burger.

“So what are your plans for today?” Sabrina asked, munching on a fry.

“Hmm, I don’t quite know. We were probably just gonna chill at the hotel.” Alice sipped on her drink.

“Well, I know that you two,” she said pointing at Alice and Olivia. “Probably don’t have plans tomorrow while Y/n is with Anth.”

“Not really. We weren’t going to explore LA until Sunday and Monday.”

“I may or may not have scheduled you guys’ spa appointments,” she smiled.

“Really?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah, but if you guys aren’t up for it, I can cancel.”

“Who would turn down a spa day??” Alice laughed.

After lunch you parted ways with Sabrina. The three of you went back to the hotel, had a swim, took lots of pictures, and just had a great time. The girls also helped you practice for tomorrow.

You were really nervous about tomorrow. The last time you went to sing a duet you were humiliated. So who knows how tomorrow will go.


You weren’t supposed to meet Anth until noon, but you were wake by 7. You just couldn’t sleep any longer. You had to get everything ready and make sure it was perfect. You couldn’t be late or early. Everything needed to be planned. You weren’t going to ruin this collab as well.

Though you didn’t exactly ruin the last one.

“Alice, Olivia, I’m going to shower. Please get up, I want breakfast soon.” You said as you grabbed your clothes and headed to the shower.

Throughout the showers, many tears were shed. This was the only time you allowed yourself to cry, about anything you needed to.

You were mainly crying because you hadn’t gotten any answers. It had been almost 2 weeks and he hadn’t even tried to apologize. You let the tears run down your face. What did you do to make him so angry? Why did he hurt you like that? Did he truly forget?

These questions ran through your brain every day. But you only acknowledged them at these times.

After a good 15 minutes of self-pity you got out of the shower. You were careful to make sure your face wasn’t red nor puffy when you left the bathroom.

“Almost ready?” you asked as you dropped the towel in your make-shift pile of dirty clothes.

“Yes, just a few more curls to go,” Olivia said, twirling her curling wand.

“I need to do my eyebrows, then we can go.” Alice said as she grabbed her eyebrow palette and took a seat in front of the mirror.

You three finished getting ready in silence, but it wasn’t weird.


After breakfast you three went back to the hotel. You had made an agreement before you got here that you weren’t going to explore until you had the entire day, cuz you all knew that you’d get sidetracked and be late.

“What time is it?” you asked.

“Ten past ten,” Alice said as she scrolled through Instagram.

“Where are you meeting him?” Olivia asked as she flipped through the channels on TV, stopping on The Notebook.

“In the hotel he’s staying at,” you answered.

“Ooooh his hotel room,” Alice wiggled her eyebrows.

“Ew stop!” you threw a pillow at her. “I don’t see him like that.”

“He’s definitely boyfriend material,” Olivia smirked.

“I don’t even know him!”

“You didn’t know Conor,” said Alice as you glared at her. “Sorry.”

“I just, I just don’t know what I did wrong! Did I say something or not say something. Was I a jerk? Was I too forward? Too clingy? I just don’t understand what I did!” you cried.

“Hey,” Olivia hugged you. “You did nothing wrong. Do you hear me? Nothing. This is not your fault. What happened was completely his fault. And I’m sorry he hasn’t given you answers, but don’t you dare blame yourself.”

“You’re right,” you sniffled. “He’s at fault here, not me.”

“You should post a picture on Instagram to show him what he’s missing.”

“I should.”

You posted a picture of you at the restaurant you went to this morning. Olivia had taken the picture. It was of you holding a cup of tea, you were looking at the camera smiling. You thought you looked amazing, because you did. Your eyes sparkled with joy and your smile was as bright as the sun.

You posted the picture with the caption that said:

the barista judged me for getting tea instead of coffee…

You decided to curl your hair for the video with Anth. So you were sat on the ground in front of the mirror as Alice and Olivia watched The Notebook.

“Oh my god.” Alice gasped.

“What?” you looked at her through the mirror.

“He liked your picture.”

“Who did?” you sat the curling wand down and turned to face your friends.

“Conor did.”


You went to reply when your phone rang.

“Hello?” you stood up and walked out into the hallway.

“Who’s she talking to?” Olivia asked Alice.

“No idea. But this is getting out of hand,” she sighed.

“Conor needs to stop playing her like this.”

“We have to do something.”

“I know, but what?”

“Hey guys,” you said, walking back in. “I’m gonna head out. I’ll see you tonight. Have fun at the spa and don’t do anything stupid!”

You walked out of the hotel and waited for your Uber. The ride there was actually nice.

“So where ya headed?” the older lady asked.

“A friend’s house, we’re going to film a cover for his YouTube channel,” you smiled.

“Exciting. How’s your week been?”

“Honestly? It could have been better, but I’m on vacation so I’m not complaining.”

“Do you want to take about it?”

“Really?” you asked.

“Sweetheart, I have a 14 year old. I’m used to talking them through their problems.”

“There’s this guy, and he was really nice but then he did something really rude and he’s been ignoring me since. All I want to know is what I did wrong,” you sighed.

“Have you tried approaching him?”

“Well, he’s kind of famous. So no.”

“Ah, I see. Well do you want my advice as a stranger or a mom?”


“Okay, well my advice as a stranger is to block him on everything and try to forget what happened. He’s not worth it.”

You chuckled, “And your advice as a mom?”

“Try to talk to him. Don’t ask for an apology, just an explanation. If it’s a dumb one then move on. If it’s reasonable then try to work through it.”

“Wow, thank you so much.”

She parked the car and turned around, “Anytime.”

“Here you go,” you gave her your money and exited the vehicle. Once you were on the side walk you turned around, “your child is one lucky kid.”


The walk to Anth’s room was quiet, which allowed you to think. This is the first time since he liked your picture that you’ve had time to think about it.

How fucking dare he do that?

He had no right.

He ignored you for almost 2 weeks then likes your photo.

You were pissed off. He was playing you, or at least trying to. You weren’t going to fall into his tricks anymore. He was a dick and he didn’t deserve you.

You finally arrived to Anth’s room and knocked.

“Hi, you must be Y/n!” he smiled, embracing you in a hug.

“That’s me,” you laughed.

“I have so many ideas,” he said, leading you into the main room of the loft.

“I’m all ears,” you said as you sat down.

“So since you have a higher voice than me I was thinking we could do a duet that was originally sung by a guy and a girl.”

“I agree, do you have any ideas?”

“I have one,” he opened his phone and a song began playing. It was ‘Secret Love Song’ by Little Mix.

“I love this song!” you stood up and began singing along as you danced around the living room.

“And I also wrote a rap for it,” he handed you his notes and you read over them.

“Anth, this is amazing!” you read the lyrics, you were in awe of this boy.

“Thanks,” he stood up. “Are you sure it’s not too scandalous?” he asked as he started to set up the lights.

You grabbed the second light and followed his movements, “Why would you think that?”

He gave you a look.

“Oh, that.”


“Did he tell you?”

“No, and you don’t have to.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to know?” you smirked. “It doesn’t bother me anymore.” That wasn’t a complete lie, it still hurt but not as bad.

“Oh thank god, I’ve been dying to know,” he laughed.

So you told the story once more. Explaining what happened, how you felt, how you assumed he felt all while setting up.

“So,” you started, sitting down in front of the camera. “What’s the key to making a cover amazing?”

“All the emotion you feel towards Conor, put it into your singing.”

“All of it?”

“All of it.”


The recording was amazing. Though you did have to do multiple takes due to laughing, getting distracted or crying uncontrollably.

The one thing you loved about Anth is that he didn’t judge you. The first time you cried while recording, he simply stopped the camera and gave you a tissue. He waited until you told him you were ready.

After finally getting all the footage needed you two ordered pizza.

“Would you mind if I invited my friends over?” you asked, as you took a drink of your water.

“I don’t mind, just make sure they don’t post the location.”

“Got it,” you chuckled as you sent Alice a text telling her they could come over.

“Okay,” you started.

“What’s up?” he asked, sitting next to you.

“You know my story, what’s yours?””

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Honestly?” he nodded.

“Why do you think he did it?” you asked shyly.

“I have no clue. You’re an amazing girl and he lucked out.”

“Do you think I did something?”

“The thing with Conor is, he doesn’t know what to do when put into a situation. And half the time, he’ll pick the easy option.”

“That’s the thing though!” you threw your hands up. “I don’t know what situation he was put into.”

“Have you asked him?”

“I was going to, but he unadded me on everything. I took that as a sign to leave him alone.”

There was a knock at the door.

Anth put his hand on your thigh, “I don’t know why he did what he did. Just know, he’s the type of guy that will do anything, and I mean anything to make sure you know he’s sorry.” And with that he got up and answered the door, returning with your two closest friends.

The rest of the night was filled with lots of laughter and good music.

At first it was just videos of you four singing in your loudest voice possible but then it got serious. You got into teams and began battling against each other. So it was fair, Alice and you were on one team while Olivia and Anth on another.

It got super tense when Anth and you were up against each other.

He began rapping which honestly shouldn’t have caught you off guard, but it did. So then you started to sing You & I by One Direction, which caused him to smirk thinking he had won. But when you hit that high note everyone’s jaw dropped.

“Holy shit Y/n.” he gasped.

“Thanks,” you smiled. “Does that mean I win?”

“I’ll say you won if you agree to do another cover with me.”

“I don’t know,” you trailed off. “I’ll have to check my schedule.”

This caused all four of you to burst out laughing.

But then the door knocked.

“Who else did you invite?” Anth asked.

“No one.” You three said in unison.

“I’ll go check, just in case it’s a fan.” You said walking to the door.

When you opened the door you froze. You did not expect to see him of all people.

Conor Maynard was standing right in front of you.


Reaching Out

Member: Ten // NCT U

Genre: Fluff

Words: 1.7k

Summary: She’d daydreamed about reaching out and touching him, but she never thought she’d actually do it. 

A/N: Thank you so much @jacksons-smile (aka my bESTIE) for making the moodboard for me! Ilysm for real :D 

She wanted to touch him.

Not like how most people would think: she just wanted to know what he felt like.

He always sat at the desk in front of her, and every day she daydreamed about reaching out and brushing him with her fingertips. She just wanted to slip her arms around his shoulders, and stroke his cheeks with her palms, and feel him. She knew, though, she would never actually do it.

Well, until that day.

It had been raining for the past week, and today was no different. Dim, gray light spilled through the window panes, and droplets tapped against the glass as if seeking shelter.

She had always loved the rain, but today she hardly paid any mind to the weather.

His hair was messy, like he’d run a hand through it one too many times, and it was slightly damp from the rain.

Oh, how she wanted to touch it. She wondered how soft it was, or how it felt when you ran your fingers through it. He was leaning back in his seat so far that all she had to do was raise her hand and -

Suddenly, she felt the sensation that she’d been imagining for countless weeks: her hands, touching him.

Her body had taken a mind of its own, and she didn’t even realize what she was doing until -

“Excuse me… Um - what are you doing?”

The voice belonged to someone she never thought would talk to her; someone she never dreamed would have a reason to.


His gaze, a blend of curiosity and confusion, was trained on her.

Her eyes widened in horror, and she tore her hand away from his hair with a flushed face.

“I- I- I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your - I never meant to -” Her stammering was cut short by an easy smile curving up his lips.

“You can calm down. I don’t bite, you know.”

Ordinarily, she might’ve responded with a sarcastic jab, but this was Ten. She had harbored a secret crush on Ten for two years, ever since he walked into her school as a shy transfer student from Thailand, and he rendered her almost speechless.

“I- Well, you know… I just…”

He let out a chuckle, twisting in his seat a bit more. “You just wanted to know how soft my luscious hair really is?”



“You’ll have to excuse it, though.” he ignored her response. “It’s still wet from the rain, so it isn’t at its full softness potential.”

Glance downwards. “I… I really didn’t want to - um - touch it,”

“So why did you?” he rested his chin on his palm, cocking his head curiously.

Her face flushed at his straightforward question. “I wasn’t thinking… My hands just kind of - um - acted on their own,” she rubbed her neck self-consciously, avoiding his gaze.

“You know what they say about that,” Ten started, and she glanced up.


“That when your body acts on its own accord, it’s showing your true desires.”

“They… they say that?”

“Well, I say that.”

“Since… when?”

“Fine, you’re right. I admit: I don’t say that. But - how would you know?”

She’d been observing him from afar for ages, but it wasn’t like she could say that. Instead, she just lowered her head.

“What’s your name again?” he inquired. “You’re so quiet, I forgot someone sat behind me.

Was that a compliment or an insult? From what she knew about him, it probably wasn’t either.

So, she offered him a quick smile and shook her head. “It’s nothing,”

“Nice to meet you, Nothing. My name’s Ten,”

A small smile appeared on her face at this comment, and she was suddenly reminded of why she had a crush on him in the first place.

She had always been a quiet girl, sitting in back corners, talking to nobody. Romance wasn’t on her radar, either. She didn’t see the point in liking someone; it was only a distraction.

This had been her mindset until two years ago, when Ten had walked through the doorway and introduced himself as a new student. He was the cutest boy she’d ever seen with her own two eyes, and something in her stomach fluttered.

She had pushed it away for as long as she could, but after a couple months, it was a lost cause.

“So… your real name?” His voice dragged her out of her daze.

“Excuse me,” The teacher’s voice interrupted the two of them, and Ten turned swiftly.


“Do you believe your conversation more important than this lesson?”

There was a beat of hesitation before: “There’s a chance,”

The teacher bit his lip as giggles rippled through the room. “It’s a good thing I like you, Ten. You’d be getting a week of detention if I didn’t,”

Ten snickered, cracking a cheeky smile. “Thank you, Sir.”

The girl behind him let out an inaudible breath of relief and sunk a little further down in her chair.

She was one of those types. The types that loved wandering through libraries, winding in and out of the impossibly tall shelves, fingering the pages of countless books.

The people she found obnoxious never came in the library. On good days it was only her, all alone.

She loved the peace and muffled quiet. She could roam for hours, and not run into a single person, save for the sweet, elderly librarian.

“Found you,” A voice pierced the silence, out of place in her sanctuary.

She jumped, caught off-guard. “Ten,”

He grinned, stepping out from around the corner. “It is I, the savior of worlds.”

“What- what are you doing here?” She questioned. “You never come into the- the library,”

“I thought I’d make a little visit. I heard somewhere that the air in a library can raise your IQ a few points.” He offered a smile. “Don’t mind me. Continue on,”

Blinking uncertainly, she swallowed and looked back down at her book.

Though, with him standing so close by, casting glances in her direction every so often, it was virtually impossible to concentrate.

A minute or so of uncomfortable silence (for her, at least) passed, and he spoke again.

“I know your name,”

Her head shot up.

An amused look crossed his face at her expression. “Ah, um - Doyoung,” he explained.

She sighed. “Of course,”

“What are you reading?”


“Just like your name, right?”

Her eye twitched, and he shot her a cute grin.

“Do you not like me or something?”

“No, that’s not -”

“Or is it that you do like me?”

Her eyes widened. “Excuse me?”

“I’m kidding.” he laughed. “It was a joke. Calm down,”

She eyed him warily, before losing herself in her book again. When she looked up, he was nowhere in sight, and so she wandered further along the shelf.

At the far end of the row, she was distracted from her book once more.


She glanced up to see Ten, mere inches from her face.

She leaped backward, dropping the book and crashing into the bookshelf behind her. “What- what-”

He pursed his lips to keep from laughing and rounded the corner again, taking a few steps closer. “What?”

She sunk to the ground, eyes wide. “Why did you- Why did you do that?”

“You didn’t like it?” he cocked an eyebrow, squatting down in front of her. “You couldn’t have hated it that much,”

“What…? Why?”

“I mean, usually people like it when their crush gets that close.”

Her face instantly turned bright red. “I don’t kn-know what you mean,”

“I mean,” he said. “I know you like me.”

“I don’t like you,”

“Well, Doyoung says otherwise.”

“Doyoung… Doyoung was lying. He- he does that.”

“I don’t think he was lying,” Ten’s mouth curved up at the edges. “He swore at himself for a good five minutes afterward,”

She swallowed, pressing herself up against the shelf in an attempt to make herself smaller. “I don’t like you,”

“You’re lying,”

“I’m not,”

“You are,”

“I’m not,”

“I bet you’ve daydreamed about kissing me,”

Just as quickly as she’d lost her blush, it re-appeared. “I have not ever done that,”

“You have, haven’t you?” he smirked, resting his chin in his palm. “Cute.”

“I haven’t,” she mumbled, avoiding his eyes.

“I bet you wanna do it for real,”

“I really don’t!”

He plopped down in front of her. “Well, I really do,”

“Wait, what?”

He blinked as if he’d just stated the weather (which, of course, was rainy). “What?”

“You want to- you want to what?”

He scooted a little closer. “I said, I want to kiss you.”

“What… Why? You don’t even-”

“It’s been two years, for God’s sake. Just let me kiss you already,”

“What do you mean by ‘it’s been two years’? Did Doyoung tell you that’s how long I’ve liked you?”

“No,” he shook his head, eyes on hers. “That’s how long I’ve liked you.”

Her mouth fell open, and she was left stunned; speechless.

“So, please,” he started. “Can I kiss you now?”

She responded with a small nod of the head, her face burning, and her mind racing.

Trying not to laugh at her almost scared expression, he shifted onto his knees and reached out a hand. Wrapping it around the back of her neck, he pulled her up against him.

“You’re really red, you know that?” he murmured, smiling.

She blinked, embarrassed. “I can’t help it,”

“I know. I’m just that handsome, aren’t I?”

She let out a small huff, attempting to wriggle out of his grip, but he didn’t let her go. Instead, he pressed his lips to hers. She went still.

His hand slipped down to her cheek, and he smiled into the kiss whenever he felt the heat on her cheeks.

She didn’t have to try and hope she was doing it right, or think about how this was her first kiss. The only thing that she could think of was that she was kissing Ten, and he liked it.

Well, so did she.

The sun had been shining for the past week, and today was no different. Bright, golden light spilled through the window panes, filling the room with a warm glow.

She’d never particularly like sunny periods, but today she hardly paid any mind to the weather.

His hair was messy, like he’d run a hand through it one too many times, and the sunlight made it appear invitingly soft.

Ten leaned back in his chair, resting his head on her desk and sending her an upside-down smile. “You want to touch it, don’t you?”

She bit her lip, trying not to smile. “A little,”

“Don’t lie,”

“Alright,” she sighed. “A lot,”

We are having the boss’s boss in tomorrow and we are going 100mph to make sure the place is clean and presentable. We have like five carts of stuff that all need to go back out on the floor in the course of the next two hours and I am go-go-go on everything. 

But I am also keeping an eye out for anyone who looks lost because its the day before Valentine’s Day and for a number of people this is the first time they ever walk into a craft store. 

And I run into a dude who just looks… baffled.

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yeah….uh… I need a spray paint to dye flowers.”

“Are they real flowers or fake ones?”

“Yeah. I mean real. They’re real ones.”

We only have one brand that can be used like this and I take him to it, but I also read the back to make sure its the right kind because the wrong kind would mean dead flowers. 

“This is the one you’re looking for.”

“Oh cool. Thank you.”

“No problem.” I start walking away. 

“How’s your day going?”

“Uh…. fast.” I’m seriously like an aisle away from him now.

“Oh. That’s good. How long you work here?”

“Uh… three years.” I am now three aisles away. 

“That’s a long time!”


And I’m around the corner because I am in a damn hurry. I get to put a few items away but then I’m called up to the register. The dude comes over to my line. Blah blah blah so we meet again.

“That’s a nice ring you got there.”

“Thanks, I got it in South Dakota.”

“What were you doing there?”

“I was on my way to Montana for a seasonal job.”

“Wow! I’ve been all over, but I’ve never been to Missouri.” I decide not to correct him.

“Its cool. I was living right outside of Yellowstone. Got to go to the park on the weekends. It was neat.”

“I wanna go to France some day.”

“Oh, my girlfriend has been to France. She says Paris is kind of touristy but she liked the historical parts of it.”


“Oh. You have a girlfriend. That’s cool.”

The boy is out the door so fast. 

Now listen. My ring. It is an engagement ring. It is on my engagement ring finger. It is there, mostly, to tell people to fuck off. On the same hand, I wear a rainbow pride bracelet. It is unmistakably a pride bracelet. 

I am also thirty and this dude had to be fresh out of high school. And I was literally running away from him as he was trying to flirt with me. 

All of my body language was ‘I’m too busy, too old, and too gay for you.’ 

And he still tried. I can’t tell if I’m flattered or not. 

Silver Spoon Pt.6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: This part is a little shorter than the previous ones, but still enjoy! :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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Sunday Dinner -Mike Dodds Imagine (SVU/Blue Bloods Crossover)

Pairing: Mike Dodds x Reader 

Word Count: 1245

Request:  Hmm imagine/Drabble for being the youngest Reagan daughter and dating a member of SVU squad? You pick who:)

A/N: SVU has made me angry too many times to count on two hands, but why did they have to play Dodds like that? He would have been so good for the team, like best friends with Carisi and Liv’s new babysitter good. I really miss him.


In only a matter of months, you had fallen in love with Mike Dodds. You never thought it would start that way, considering he was your Sargeant and your fathers constantly butted heads. Though something pulled you two together.

When Mike Dodds showed up in the precinct before anyone else, you knew he was going to be a stickler about rules. His appearance shouted, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ You were a bit worried; SVU is a place where rules are more like guidelines.

“You must be the new guy,” you smiled, extending your hand, “I’m Y/N Reagan.”

“Mike Dodds, it’s nice to meet you.”

You were glad he didn’t acknowledge your last name and just went on to ask about the squad. You told him about the different members, explaining their quirks and who tread lightly with. He seemed to be a really nice guy and he understood the annoyance of having a high-ranking father, so you were automatically rooting for him.

Later that night, you received a call from Eddie, your brother’s partner. She asked if you were interested in a blind date with a guy she grew up with.

“He’s tall, polite, and a cop, just your type.”

“Eddie, I told you I’m done letting you play matchmaker with my love life. Try Erin or maybe I’ll ask Amanda.”

“Y/N, he’s the perfect guy. Just give him a chance and I promise he’ll be exactly what you’ve been looking for.”

“I haven’t been looking that hard,” you sighed, “fine, I’ll go. What’s his name?”

“Yay!! His name is Michael.”

You told her to get some sleep and stop worrying about your love life. You hated dating, especially blind dates, but Eddie loved them. Maybe it was a good thing; free food and an ego boost, if all went well.

You arrived at the restaurant Eddie told you to meet him at, asking the hostess where you could find this Michael guy. She directed you to a table towards the back of the restaurant. The further back you went, the more guilty you felt about agreeing to dinner at such an upscale place.

“Here’s your table,” she smiled.“

Your date stood, turning to you and immediately bowing his head.


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mckennaember  asked:

hi hello I just discovered you and can I say I love youuuu 💙💙 can I make a request where the reader meets Ethan at a convention and she's maybe a bit younger than him? It's like an immediate attraction. Love your writing yeah k byeeee

aww, that’s so nice of you, love!! i love writing!! this sounds super adorable, i really hope you enjoy this. tysm for the request, as always!

Volunteer Convention

Right around the time IndyPopCon rolled around, you’d been signed up as a volunteer photographer for a couple of tables. Because you’d done this in the past for much bigger conventions, you were super excited to have (hopefully) a more intimate experience with some of the creators and their fans. It was always really fun to work with such talented or lucky or creative people, and honestly, it gave you a pretty big smile.

However, you were always a little bit worried, because you looked quite a bit younger than you were. You’re currently 18 (and three fourths!) but everyone who you’ve ever met always says you look about 16, and that youth doesn’t usually make you feel all that confident. Hence the fact that you wear some makeup, try your hardest to cover up all the young and tired eyes, and focus on getting good grades in your college courses. Good thing so many conventions take place over the weekend.

Needless to say, you don’t entirely have a lot of time on your hands. Apparently, a couple of boys were coming to the convention who were pretty popular, and the house was expecting a pretty big turnout. You were thrilled to add a few new shots to your portfolio, considering your current employment is a wedding photographer and special occasions.

Of course, you had your cameras on a constant string of charging and around your neck, preparing for these large lines and silly gimmicks.

The first person you were introduced to was named Ethan.

“Hey, I’m gonna be photographing you and your signings and stuff as long as you’re at the convention. I’ll have a special badge, probably some kind of hat on, and you should be able to recognize me right away. I’m Y/N.” You smile brightly, and his face, a little bit pink as he looks down to your short form, laughs.

“I’m Ethan,” he grins. “I’m a YouTuber, it’s my full-time job and I’m gonna be here with my friends. It’s super fun. I really hope that we can talk some more, though. How old are you?”

Please don’t say he thinks you’re a minor already. Nonetheless, he was more polite than most people talking to you. You’re really short. “I’m almost 19. Why?”

“You’re just really…” he pauses, hearing a security guard calling him over for protocol. You even get a “bodyguard” or someone to keep anybody from grabbing at you or trying to steal anything on your body. “I’m sorry. I’ll catch you really soon, okay?”

He’s very sincere and genuine, and honestly, you love it. He’s really cute, and you can’t help but admire the constellations of acne on his cheeks and how pretty his eyes are and how even though some may see endless imperfections, every feature on his face seems incredibly complimentary to another.

Ethan is honestly your favorite to photograph, too. Because even when he sees you, he doesn’t pose, he just keeps the natural movement going and makes for a really cute photo-op. His hair is always somewhat tousled and his shirts always wrinkle just perfectly, the light practically bouncing off of his smile-ready teeth.

You really do admire him, and spend the first night in the hotel room watching some of his videos. Nobody told you he was hilarious, too. That’s obviously an added bonus to how adorable he is.

The following morning, Ethan had arrived before you had. “Good morning!” He chirped, and offered you a coffee he bought this morning. That was sweet of him; at least he didn’t treat you like an intern.

“Good morning,” you laugh back, “you’ve already given me some great photographs. I have your email to send a bunch of them to you. Would you mind if I used any of them for my personal portfolio? I know it’s sort of a big question, but-”

“I don’t have any problems with it. They’re your photos, I just happen to be the subject of them. You can do whatever you want.”

You two exchange jokes, smiles, and on your end, photos, all day. He only leaves for short periods of time, normally for lunch. He’s always determined to have people get to meet him, and to not rush anybody through the line. You can tell by his face that he’s consistently happy, and mostly energetic. Sometimes he’ll mellow out for an hour, and it’s these periods when you get the most photogenic pictures of Ethan.

He’s truly beautiful.

“Hey, Y/N!” He yells a couple hours into the day. “Did you eat anything yet?”

“I’m not usually that hungry in the mornings, actually. Why?”

“Take this,” and he offers you a muffin from the large tray of food behind him. Apparently, his fans like to gift him quite a bit of food. You nibble through it bit by bit.

It’s about 5:30 when you finally eat the rest of your muffin as a dessert after tacos and sushi (an interesting combo). On the napkin it was set on is a phone number, and the name “Ethan”.

You squeal giddily in your hotel room, and make it your mission to give him the biggest hug after adding his contact and texting him for several hours.

You’re pleasantly surprised to find that he hugs you just as tightly.

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anonymous asked:

Dare you to talk about how much you love Rachel

I love her ??? So much ??? Like literally I don’t look at other girls ??? Or flirt ?? Or want ??

I literally only want her tbh and she’s so lovely ?? She’s so soft and sweet and I love talking to her on the phone and hearing her voice but I also love making her laugh and making her smile it’s literally my goal every time we talk

AND WHEN WE TALKED ON THE PHONE ON SUNDAY I WAS LIKE “babe I’m getting a dog in like two months!!!”
And she was like “so you’re more excited about getting a dog than meeting me?”


anonymous asked:

This is the anon who asked for recs bc she was sad, thanks so much!! If you had anymore recs for some sid geno meet cutes that would be great!! Or just a nice fluffy au

Meet cutes and fluffy AUs, eh? Let me see…

burnin’ up for you, by hapakitsune

You Had Me At Hello, by agirlnamedfia

Call Me (Maybe), by agirlnamedfia

Sidney’s Strawberry Stand, by itsacoup

What Remains, by elisera

Say My Name and its timestamp oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness, by CloudCover (RainyForecast)

Keep Calm and Marry On, by cammeh

Miscommuni-cake-tion, by sheyrenawyrsabane

this year, by ohtempora

how sweet it is, by vlieger

The Truth About Cats, Dogs and Penguins, by Hils

when the sun came up we had no place to hide, by magneticwave

if you love someone, by cathedralhearts

Paws of Life, by ladyblahblah

Hope you enjoy!

Did Annie REALLY have feelings for Eren?

So theres tons of fan theories and head cannons and aus that say Annie likes Eren or they have some sort of relationship, but none really support it with any evidence to confirm or deny this. So lets take a look at why Annie may or may not have had some sort of feelings for one another.

We can start with why they DO have feelings for each other.

Its very clear Annie is use to being the lone wolf. She doesn’t interact with anyone, even Reiner and Bert, her titan team mates. This changes however once she meets Eren. When Eren fights her, she expects t0 just kick his ass and move on. However, shes very surprised to find that Eren compliments her and is amazed at how good she is. Never in her life, even with her father, has Annie been complimented about her skills. Shes taken back and even more impressed when Eren uses her moves against Jean.

We actually see Annie smile for once, and its because of Eren. Say what you want, but first impressions are everything, and Eren has given her a lasting first impression, being one of the only people to make her smile and compliment her.

And then she offers to teach him the move personally. Sure this could just be her being nice, but its become sort of a trope or cliché when someone says they’ll show their crush how to do something personally, it hints towards some kind of romantic feelings. But this is just the beginning of their meeting, so lets keep going through and manga and anime.

Its heavily implied that Annie and Eren spent a lot of time together during their training. More so then usual actually. The fact that Annies stance and movements are embedded into Erens muscle memory, even in Titan form, shows exactly how much time they spent together training. This, pluis the fact when Mikasa was looking for Eren during the battle of Trost, she went to Annie for his wearabouts. Showing that she expects Annie to be aware of where Eren is because they were always tpgether training. 

Now, everyone knows Eren is sort of clueless about girls, as he was the only one, along with Hitch, who didn’t realize Hitch liked Marlo whent hey talked to him about it. Hes clueless about girls. So im sure he wouldn’t have even noticed if Annie was flirting with him or liked him in anyway. But I think he did maybe have a LITTLE more feelings then her then just respect, as Mikasa explains that perhaps the reason Eren cant transform to fight him is because of some sort of feelings towards her. Mikasa looks very jealous when she says this, implying that feeling is a romantic feeling, and Eren just doesn’t realize it. After all, Mikasa has been jealous of Annie before, and we see it during training.

Mikasa is clearly aware of Annie’s intentions and decides to intervine because everyone in the world knows Mikasa loves Eren and all that jazz. So shes testing Annie. Sort of like a “Oh are you just teaching him because you like him? If not, train me too” Two alpha females fighting over a guy. Notice how pissed off Annie is that Mikasa is stepping in? Silly in a show like Attack on Titan, but remember theyre all still teenagers, so stuff like this can clearly happen.

Also during Eren and Annies fight in the woods, Annie looks clearly upset at the facy Eren was so enraged by her, he transformed just to kill her. I don’t think Annie wanted to fight Eren, she wanted to capture him and probably explain herself later. But when Eren transforms she looks visibly shaken.

Also during the fight, she keeps holding back. When she killed the Survey Corp members, she crushed them with ease, not even breaking a sweat. She tore through every one of them. Yet when she fights Erem, that same speed, precision and deadliness is gone. Eventually she takes out his titan form and captures him, but it took her way longer then we know it could have to take him out. Same is said during the Battle of Stohess. Eventually she just decides “Fuck it” and goes all out to escape, but it didn’t start out like that.

Now for reasons she might not like Eren. She could have just been teaching him because she finally has a friend who likes fighting and admires her for what she does. Their relationship could be completely platonic. People saying the reason Annie is crying is because she lost Eren I think its bs. Shes crying  because multiple times she almost escaped. IN the forrest, she almost captured Eren. In Stohess, she almost escaped. She was so close until she was finally brought down by Mikasa. So I rule that out imedeatly. Many say that the fact she even fought Eren in the first place disproves all notions that she might have feelings for him but im on the border with that one.

I guess in the end, because its not THAT important to the story, it wasn’t made a big deal of and isn’t mentioned that often, and is left for the reader to decide. It may serve some purpose later but well have to wait and see about that.

Now, im for sure an ErenxAnnie shipper, so maybe this is a biased review, but theres more evidence placed in the manga and show to prove that there was SOMETHING there, but again, its not essential to the story so it wasn’t expanded upon. But these scenes I mentioned were put in the story for a reason, and it wasn’t an accident, so I do believe that in the end, Annie did have atleast some romantic feelings for Eren, and Eren had slight feelings for Annie, but maybe just want aware of it.

UPDATE: In the Attack on Titan Junior High, a show where they play on funny character stereotypes, such as Connie being stupid, Ymir and Historia being lesbians, and Mikasa being an annoying mother figure to Eren, they also included an episode about Eren and Annie, and Armin even said Annie, Mikasa, and Eren are probably going to end up in a love triangle. So its clear that the ErenxAnnie relationship is on their minds. Sure its a little spin off, but it pulls from existing tropes and content from the original show so I think this helps support the idea of ErenxAnnie

Kissed in Action - James McAvoy x Reader

Request by @sexymackstan <3

warnings: none

summary: Working with a known actor has its perks. Being friends with one even more so. You start worrying about your career when it turns out you want to spend the rest of your life with said person, 


The professional environment of a film set has its effects on actors. Sharing this special experience with someone as kind, humble and genuinely hilarious as your co-star James was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Your agent calling you to tell you that you had gotten a supporting role for the sequel of this critically acclaimed movie was definitely one of the highlights of your career.

You were cast in few movies before but this role was definitely one of the bigger ones. 

The production company had sent you the first drafts of the script a few weeks in advance. 

You arrived at this fancy hotel where the first table read was about to take place. Your agent couldn’t make it so you were on your own. You obviously didn’t know anybody. Walking around awkwardly shaking strangers hands, introducing yourself over and over again worrying that pretty much no one knew you were part of the cast let alone having heard of your name. 

After you had been offered coffee for the hundredth time you looked around to see any other cast members. In the corner of your eye you spotted the director of the movie. She seemed like a nice lady so you decided to approach her. 

Before you could greet her properly she introduced you to the lead actor. Fun fact, you were actually a big fan of his. But you had to act professional. It was your profession after all. To act. So you managed to stay calm while he was looking at you with his blue eyes. 

For a second you felt like everything was slowing down. You stuttered “It-Its a pleasure to meet you Mr. McAvoy.”

His Scottish accent caught you off guard “Ooh Y/N, I must say I’m actually quite a big fan of yours.”


He chuckled which made you realise you had, in fact, just said that out loud “I saw you in that film earlier this week and it was brilliant. I’m really excited to be working with you on this film.”


You were a few weeks into production and things were going better than expected. James and you had actually become great friends instantly. Breaks were being well spent with pranks and laughs. 

Even though most of the scenes weren’t shot in order, the producers left your character’s death scene for your last shooting day. Apparently they thought it would make a better wrap. Said day wasn’t until a few weeks later so you didn’t really think much about it then.


One day you overheard James arguing with one of the executive producers. You weren’t gonna eavesdrop on him but when you heard him mention your name you couldn’t resist. You found out that the argument was about him specifically insisting on you not dying in the movie. Which, quite frankly, was a bit odd. But when you confronted him, he tried to cover it up by saying he just didn’t agree with the way the writers wrote you off and that it was lazy writing to let you go like that. To be fair your ‘death’ actually seemed a bit cliché but you felt like there was more to it than James simply disagreeing with the way they’d ‘kill’ you.


You were doing press for a short film which came out later that week. Exhausted from the several interviews you had given that day you were finally about to give your last one for the day. 

“So, how was it working with heartthrob James McAvoy? His fans are going crazy for him.”

You chuckled “Well, who wouldn’t.” you continued to praise him for what felt like an eternity. At least thats what your publicist told you when she scolded you afterwards. 

But this interview actually got you thinking. You knew there was something between James and yourself. You also knew that you were too afraid to ever admit it. 

But James wasn’t

It suddenly hit you. 

It was actually right there in front of you. 

All this time. 

James had admitted having feelings for you just a few weeks into production, but your self-conscious self thought it was just another one of his many pranks.

You felt like you just had an epiphany.

You rushed to the hotel James was staying at to tell him how you really felt about him.

It all felt so surreal. Like it wasn’t really you doing any of it. Like you were in a movie and it was one of your characters rushing to the love of her life.

You knocked on his door twice feeling like your heart was going to burst out of your chest.

The door opened as a soft voice said 


lara1patito  asked:

Luna looked closely and hrugged like saying "i dont think so" she then moved her hands saying "hey, im Luna, moon in spanish, its nice to meet you, may i know your name?"

“I’m Connor~”

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm the same anon from the lil bro request and I loved it! Al though I kinda feel bad for them now lol.. so.. The same request, but instead of the little brother being mean, he's really nice and trying to be helpful? :3 Only if you want.

Hey again! I liked your previous request and I’m glad you liked the hc, so I thought I’d do this one too! basicly I’m going to write it as if that first situation never happened, so I hope that’s what you were asking. I hope you like it! :3


-both you and Yoosung were super nervous

-you wanted him to meet your little brother

-but you thought you’d be able to be there the entire time

-instead it turns out Yoosung has to babysit him while you’re gone

-Yoosung was super excited AND nervous though

-he really hoped your brother liked him

-”bye” you say, walking out the door after stalling as much as possible

-”so you’re Yoosung then?” the little 5-year-old asked

-”um yea” Yoosung answered awkwardly

-they both just sort of stood there awkwardly for a second

-”do you want something to eat?” Yoosung asked

-he couldn’t think of anything else to say

-”do you have ice cream!”the kid asked excitedly apparently that was an icebreaker

-”yea!” Yoosung said, glad he had started a conversation

-he scooped them each a bowl and they sat down

-”MC really likes you you know!” your brother says

-”I know” Yoosung replies, grinning like an idiot

-and a conversation breaks out

-they talk about you mostly

-when you come back they’re talking about how they would get rid of possible future love interests

-they didn’t notice you walk in until you said something

-”Yoosung you aren’t going to kidnap anyone, why are you talking about how you would pull it off?”

-you’re glad they’re getting along, but your brother didn’t even want to leave

-”but we were just getting to what we would do if any ex boyfriends came back!”

-you honestly can’t believe Yoosung let a 5-year-old talk about that stuff next time maybe you should just ask a real babysitter


-he’s SUPER nervous to meet your little brother

-what would he even do if the kid didn’t like him?

-when you get there you pretty much have to leave right away

-and Zen is left alone with your brother

-”So, you’re Zen then?” the kid asks

-”uh, y-yea” he stutters

-”MC talks a lot about you. I guess that means you must be super nice!”

-Zen is super relieved that the kid didn’t instantly hate him

-Zen assumed he would be protectiive of MC, but apparently not

-”MC talks about you too” he said in effort to make sure the kid definitely liked him

-your brother grinned

-at first their conversation keeps on like this

-but soon they’re talking about Zen

-when you get home, Zen is singing a song to him

-you just wait off to the side until he finishes

-his voice is so beautiful

-as he sings the last note he turns to look at you

-”oh MC, I was just singing your brother a song”

-your brother does NOT want to go home

-”but I want Zen to sing another song!” you want to hear him sing again but you don’t mention it

-you’re extremely glad they got along well

-but you practically have to drag your brother out the door why was he so attached after just one night with Zen?


-Jaehee, frankly, had better things to do then babysit some kid

-but it was your brother so she reluctantly agreed

-she didn’t really like kids and they didn’t like her

-so she figured she just wouldn’t talk to him much

-but when he got there, he seemed to really like her

-even before you left he was talking freely

-”Wow! You’re Jaehee? You’re really tall!” 

-so you walk out the door knowing those two will be fine

-”Yay! I finally get to meet you!”

-Jaehee really wasn’t expecting a 5-year-old to like her so much

-”Um, yes you too” she replies, not sure what to say to him

-”Yea MC talks a lot about you! Hey I like your glasses!” 

-”Yea they’re nice I guess”

-”I told all my friends at school about you!” he went on

-”Did you now?” Jaehee says, suddenly interested

-”Yea they said its weird that you’re a girl”

-”Oh” she replies, disappointed

-”I told them it wasn’t weird at all though. If you love someone you love them right?”

-”exactly!” she said, suddenly feeling much better

-when you came home, they were just talking at the kitchen table

-”Hey guys” you say, cutting into their conversation

-”Hiya MC! Can we stay a little longer?” your brother says

-”No we have to go” you reply, actually kind of sad because they were getting along so well

-also, you couldn’t remember a time your brother had sat still that long since he could walk

-but you leave with your brother in tow

-”Can we come back tomorrow?” he asks

-”Sure” you say, glad your two favorite people like each other how cheesy


-yea he didn’t want to babysit at all

-but you FINALLY convince him after asking for the 100th time

-”ok fine you win!” he said, admitting defeat

-at first he was just going to have one of his guards watch him

-but he decided to at least greet you at the door

-as soon as you left he started to walk away

-”Hey where are you going?” the kid said, stopping him

-”I have to work” Jumin said, annoyed at the interruption

-”but I came here to meet you!”

-you had forgotten to mention it to Jumin 

-but the only reason he was chosen for the job of babysitting was because you wanted them to meet

-”MC always says you’re really nice and stuff” the kid says

-”and I wanted to know more about you!” he continues

-Jumin sighs and decides his work can wait

-”Okay. What do you want to know?”

-”Um, why are you wearing a suit?” your brother says

-Jumin wasn’t really expecting that to be the first question

-but he answers it, and the kid just asks more questions

-so Jumin just sits there talking to the kid until you come home

-”MC! You’re home already?” he says

-then seeing the clock, looks horrified

-”I didn’t realize it was that late, sorry I must go” he says and walks away

-”Goodbye MC!” he says just as he goes into another room really Jumin?

-your brother seems happy though, so you let it go 

-”I like his suit” your brother says

-”Me too” you reply, not really paying attention to the conversation 

-you secretly plan how to get back at him for that exit he made


-Seven can’t wait to meet your brother!

-he loves kids! Plus it’s your brother so bonus!

-as you walk in the door with your brother, Seven immediately starts talking to him

-”Hey there! I’m Seven, how’s it going?” he asks beaming Seven back off

-any other kid would probably be terrified at a stranger talking to them

-but your outgoing brother just starts a normal conversation!

-”I’m good thanks!” he says

-they don’t even really notice you walk out the door

-they talk for a minute. but Seven gets bored even before your brother

-”Hey wanna play a video game”he suggests, knowing he’ll crush the kid

-”Sure, but I get to pick”

-Seven goes all out, but your brother wins somehow?

-when the game is over, Seven just stares, dumbfounded

-”I went easy on you” he says after a second

-even though your brother doesn’t buy that

-after a few more rounds of Seven losing, he folds

-”Ok ok, I hereby declare you the winner” he says, grandly bowing down

-your brother is rewarded with a bag of honey buddha chips

-when you come back, the place is even messier than when you left

-”Seven, what the…” you start, but you can’t even believe your eyes

-there are chips EVERYWHERE

-did a tornado pass through?

-your brother was having a little TOO much fun

-he didn’t want to leave, but you eventually persuaded him with the promise of ice cream

-”Hey, I want ice cream too!” he whines

-he doesn’t let you leave without promising to bring him back some ice cream too

-sometimes you swear Seven is more of a child than the 5-year-old standing next to you

Yay! It’s done! I hope you liked it lol. feel free to send any more requests you want to see me or Elly do!