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The Great Gatsby Dreamcast-

(Currently, I’m kind of obsessed with The Great Gatsby now since I read it my English class, LOVED IT! I also loved both the 1974 version and 2013 version, and the soundtrack is really good too. Anyway, I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t some sort of musical adaption to this amazing book, so being the musical theatre nerd that I am, I decided to do some dreamcasting)

Jeremy Jordan as Nick Carraway

Aaron Tveit as Jay Gatsby (I feel like he could pull off any role that Leonardo DiCaprio has ever played)

Laura Osnes as Daisy Buchanan (Come on she would perfect for this role and I kinda wanna hear her pull off Daisy’s “charming voice.”)

Phillipa Soo as Jordan Baker

Ramin Karimloo as Tom Buchanan

Sierra Boggess as Myrtle Wilson

Nick Cordero as George Wilson

Tom Wopat as Meyer Wolfsheim

Some thoughts on the Watson marriage

First of all, upfront: I believe Mary and John sincerely loved each other and were genuinely trying to make their relationship work. But clearly, at least on some levels, it was not working, and I want to play armchair marriage counsellor for a bit and look at why.

So, obviously, the first major misstep in their marriage is Mary lying about her history and identity, and then shooting John’s best friend to protect her secret.  Why didn’t she just tell him who she was from the beginning? 

MARY: John can’t ever know that I lied to him. It would break him and I would lose him forever.

She was terrified that he wouldn’t love her if he found out about her past.  What might have given her that idea?  What messages was John sending her that his love was conditional on her being ordinary, sweet, and safe?

In some ways, John’s behavior after he finds out the truth proves her fears unjustified.  Though he struggles for a while, he doesn’t leave her, and he makes a renewed commitment to their relationship.  So far so good.  But look at what he says to her:

JOHN: The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future … are my privilege. It’s all I have to say. It’s all I need to know.

It’s a very romantic moment, and clearly well-intentioned. And Mary is grateful for his forgiveness, and agrees to move forward with him.  But there’s a mixed message hidden in John’s statement.  In throwing away the thumb drive unread, he’s confirming her suspicion that he can’t love the person she was in the past, only the persona she has created.  

MARY: You don’t even know my name.
JOHN: Is ‘Mary Watson’ good enough for you?

Here again – it’s a lovely and romantic sentiment, but even as Mary was thrilled to accept his forgiveness, she must have gotten the message that Mary Watson is acceptable, but her history as Rosamund is not.  That could only have heightened her sense of insecurity in the relationship.  It would have been a much more generous gesture on John’s part if he had simply asked her name at that moment, instead of shoving it into the closet of things we must never speak of.

In TST, John acts surprised that Mary is still keeping secrets from him, but what choice did he give her?  He basically told her there’s this whole part of her life that he doesn’t want to hear about.  

And when he does catch her in her lies, John tries to be understanding, but he makes another small mistake with big repercussions:

JOHN: Mary, I may not be a very good man, but I think I’m a bit better than you give me credit for, most of the time.

I think what he means is that he’s not as judgmental as she thinks – she doesn’t need to hide from him, because he would support her even in difficult times.  But by phrasing it in terms of him being “good”, he also unintentionally reminds her that she is not good.  This is a difference between them in her mind: he is good and she is bad.  

MARY: You’re always a good man, John. I’ve never doubted that. You never judge; you never complain. I don’t deserve you.

She seems here to be accepting his claim that he won’t judge her. But in saying that she doesn’t deserve him, she’s highlighting the fact that he makes her feel lesser, which makes her insecure and leads her to lie and misrepresent herself in order to seem “good” enough for him.  

Once they get back home, she states this problem again, even more clearly:

MARY: You don’t make it easy, do you?
JOHN: What d’you mean?
MARY: Well, being … being so perfect.

Unmistakably, she is trying to tell him how hurt she is by the roles they’ve unwittingly assigned each other: Perfect John and Bad Mary.  And at last, it seems like John gets it. Before they’re interrupted, he starts to tell her about his affair in an effort to reassure Mary that neither of them is perfect.  It feels like the best chance they have for a fresh start based on a better understanding of and respect for each other as real, flawed people.

Then, sadly, Mary dies before they are able to hash this out. And one of the most tragic elements of her death scene is this:

MARY: Being Mary Watson was the only life worth living.

Mary wants to leave their relationship on the best note possible, but it breaks my heart that even with her dying breaths, she feels the best way to do this is to deny the “bad Rosamund” that John always seemed to be rejecting, and present herself as the “good Mary” that she believed John wanted her to be.

And the thing is, I don’t think John ever intended her to feel that way.  He wears a conventional veneer, but Sherlock is right – deep down, John wanted to be with someone as dangerous and morally grey as he is.  He initially thought he wanted perfect Mary, but he really fell in love with the more complicated Rosamund underneath.

And yet, even though he loved her, forgave her, and respected her for the most part, a part of him was still angry and resentful over Mary’s betrayal, and I think he unconsciously picked on her for it in these subtle ways.  

Which is understandable, if not ideal.  But what *really* saddens me is what John says at the end of TLD:

JOHN: I’m not the man you thought I was; I’m not that guy. I never could be. But that’s the point. That’s the whole point. Who you thought I was… is the man who I want to be.

No, John, no!  He’s so close here, but then he gets it so wrong.  Mary doesn’t want you to be that perfect man she thought you were! Mary thought that dude was kind of a jerk!  And she was right, honestly.  What Mary was trying to tell you is, that man is sanctimonious, patronizing, and judgmental.  DON’T BE THAT GUY.  No one likes that guy, least of all Mary.  

Mary didn’t want a “good man”, she wanted a partner in crime. Someone who understood her and respected her – ALL of her, not just the pretty and well-behaved bits.  At your best, John, you were that partner, but at your worst, you were a superior, scolding, hypocritical prig.

I’m not sure, but I think (I hope?) this is what Sherlock’s getting at during this exchange:

SHERLOCK: It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling, from time to time, that we might all just be human.
JOHN: Even you?
SHERLOCK: No. Even you.

The lesson John needs to learn is not to be a better man for the perfect, imaginary version of Mary in his head, but to be kinder and more accepting and empathetic to the real, flawed person Mary actually was.  And to honor her memory, perhaps be kinder and more accepting and empathetic to people like her – including himself.

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I think Zuko was more introverted, but when you see him as a child, he was much more chipper and upbeat. If you read about kids, or experience it yourself or witness it firsthand, you can see that 9/10, kids who have been abused are very withdrawn and socially anxious and a bit awkward because of the anxiety. Not to mention how he was raised in a palace. I was severely abused as a child too and I am the same way as Zuko. Ehasz did his research on behaviors of abuse victims. :( <3

same anon that was abused: I like also how with Katara, Zuko really opened up and overcame his social anxieties because there was a real, intimate trust there. With Mai, he’s still submissive and withdrawn emotionally from his abuse. Every abused kid knows there will be a a social difficulty with peers and has felt it themselves. Mai took advantage of Zuko at a vulnerable spot and Zuko’s thirst for love and childhood reminisce. Katara built him up from it, made him feel stronger and more loved

First of all, I am so sorry to hear that you were severely abused. That is awful. And you are absolutely right that Ehasz did his research and that Zuko’s portrayal is very authentic for a victim of child abuse. His character is so fascinating. His anxiety and introversion are both very realistic and you can see how he was severely affected by his upbringing, including the isolation. Thank you for your perspective, by the way. As a victim of abuse, you have a very valid criticism of Maiko and you have every right to be unhappy with how Zuko’s relationship was depicted given that he is also an abuse victim.

I got the same sense as you. With Mai, he said nothing. He looked upset and would not face her. Then they kissed. But he did not kiss her in the same way with Jin. He let her kiss him. There is a big difference. He did not object, because he is submissive. He is a victim of abuse and he has a hard time standing up for himself and expressing his feelings. People use this kiss as a sign of his feelings for Mai, but they are missing the subtle dynamic that was being depicted. Aaron Ehasz wrote this episode and he wanted to show that Zuko is passive and unassertive because he has been so victimized and he is vulnerable. This scene was NOT a romantic moment at all. It was actually a very abusive one.

Mai completely takes advantage of his submissiveness. She orders him around at the party, and gets very angry when he tries to talk about his past. As soon as he got home from war, she wants him to cater to her. She only seems happy when she is indulging in the perks of him being a prince. He seems so desperate for any kind of affection that he puts up with suppressing all of his feelings and plays a role, because she only likes the “perfect prince” Zuko and he is so lonely. She likes fruit tarts and palanquin rides, but she acts extremely dismissive when anything serious about his life comes up. He finally cannot take it anymore, and he withdraws and will not tell her how he really feels. This is the romance that Bryke thought was healthy and cute.

I agree that he opened up to Katara far more and they would have had a much, much better relationship. He was able to talk to her about personal things that he would never tell anyone else. She understood him and as a victim of abuse, this is crucial. And he listened to her, too. He communicated with her more as an enemy during one single scene than he did with his own girlfriend during the whole show, including the comics. He talked about his scar, and his feeling of being “marked”. She offered to heal him. Mai looks bored when the subject of the war meeting comes up and she happily tells him to get over it so they can go back to cuddling. She knows he got his scar there, and she doesn’t care.

Photobooth [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: Not requested. Inspired by that one photo of Lin and Vanessa using the photobooth app thingy. I hope you know what I mean. I was also inspired by In The Heights somewhat so that’s that!

Summary: You had both promised forever.

A/N: I was in the middle of writing fluff when I thought of this idea. I needed to jot it down before I forgot so here it is! If y’all are wondering, I write half of the A/N before and after. I just feel like it’s cool to let y’all know what I’m thinking about and my process of writing is like. Even though I have so many unfinished stories that I don’t remember about because I haven’t seen them in a long time.

Word Count: 1,256


Request Here!

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An open letter to all Supergirl fans...

Before you read, warning, this is a very long open letter to the Supergirl fandom. Please reblog if you agree with me. Also, if any hate is spread on this post, don’t think I will think twice about blocking and possibly reporting you. This post will NOT be a platform or vessel for hate in any way.

Recently, I’ve been looking around Tumblr and I’ve been seeing some serious hate being spread based on some differences of opinions. One thing we all have in common, however, is that we are all Supergirl fans. If you are, please read on.

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I saw the White queen for the first time two days ago and it strikes me that Janet McTeer would be a perfect Jocasta.. she is very tall, beautiful, magnificent blue eyes and she looks like Sam.. so even if I love Sophie and very curious about her works on S3 (Sam's mimetism and more), the cast département could have find an actress who looks really like Sam.. A tall redhead with blue eyes or even they could use contact for Sophie.. sometimes she looks like Sam but with her eyes it's hard to see

I’ll be interested to see more of Sophie. We really only saw her in one episode and she was playing a bit strong with the attitude of finding out who her father is and having that be life consuming to her.

Just took a quick peak at Janet McTeer. Wow! She’s only 55, but looking at some of the photos where she has played an older role, she would be perfect. She is very beautiful and has all the right qualities.

From Drums of Autumn here is a description of Jocasta.

I found her at once, among the people hurrying out of the house and down the walk. I would have known her for a MacKenzie, even if I hadn’t known who she was. She had the bold bones, the broad Viking cheekbones and high, smooth brow of her brothers, Colum and Dougal. And like her nephew, like her great-niece, she had the extraordinary height that marked them all as descendants of one blood. 

A head higher than the bevy of black servants who surrounded her, she floated down the path from the house, hand on the arm of her butler, though a woman less in need of support I had seldom seen. 

She was tall and she was quick, with a firm step at odds with the white of her hair. She might once have been as red as Jamie; her hair still held a tinge of ruddiness, having gone that rich soft white that redheads do, with the buttery patina of an old gold spoon. 

There was a cry from one of the little boys in the vanguard, and two of them broke loose, galloping down the path toward the mooring, where they circled us, yapping like puppies. At first I couldn’t make out a word— it was only as Ian replied jocularly to them that I realized they were shouting in Gaelic. 

I didn’t know whether Jamie had thought what to say or to do upon this first meeting, but in the event, he simply stepped forward, went up to Jocasta MacKenzie, and embraced her, saying, “Aunt— it’s Jamie.” 

It was only as he released her and stepped back that I saw his face, with an expression I had never seen before; something between eagerness, joy, and awe. It occurred to me, with a small jolt of shock, that Jocasta MacKenzie must look very much like her elder sister— Jamie’s mother. 

I thought she might have his deep blue eyes, though I couldn’t tell; they were blurred as she laughed through her tears, holding him by the sleeve, reaching up to touch his cheek, to smooth nonexistent strands of hair from his face. 

“Jamie!” she said, over and over. “Jamie, wee Jamie! Oh, I’m glad ye’ve come, lad!” She reached up once more, and touched his hair, a look of amazement on her face. 

“Blessed Bride, but he’s a giant! You’ll be as tall as my brother Dougal was, at least!” 

The expression of happiness on his face faded slightly at that, but he kept his smile, turning her with him so she faced me. 

“Auntie, may I present my wife? This is Claire.” 

She put out a hand at once, beaming, and I took it between my own, feeling a small pang of recognition at the long, strong fingers; though her knuckles were slightly knobbed with age, her skin was soft and the feel of her grip was unnervingly like Brianna’s. 

“I am so glad to meet ye, my dear,” she said, and drew me close to kiss my cheek. The scent of mint and verbena wafted strongly from her dress, and I felt oddly moved, as though I had suddenly come under the protection of some beneficent deity. 

“So beautiful!” she said admiringly, long fingers stroking the sleeve of my dress. 

“Thank you,” I said, but Ian and Fergus were coming up to be introduced in their turn. She greeted them both with embraces and endearments, laughing as Fergus kissed her hand in his best French manner. 

“Come,” she said, breaking away at last, and wiping at her wet cheeks with the back of a hand. “Do come in, my dearies, and take a dish of tea, and some food. Ye’ll be famished, no doubt, after such a journey. Ulysses!” She turned, seeking, and her butler stepped forward, bowing low.

love me love me even if it’ll kill me

All I want is Budo and Ayano ending up together. Ayano gets her ‘senpai’ and Budo get’s his perfect girl…a little too perfect.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jenna marbles never fails to make me cry because she's such a great person who you can tell is so accepting and loving of all types of people and she has never cared about anything other than being happy and that's so admirable and beautiful and i would love to grow up and be like her. she gets a lot of shit for the way she looks and acts in her videos but she is never hurting anybody and if she does on accident she's always so quick to apologize and learn from it. her relationship with julien is so real and pure and you can see how happy they make each other. she never thought her youtube career would go anywhere but now she can do literally whatever she wants in life because she's hilarious and is 100% herself all the time and people love her for it. i just really wanna be like jenna marbles because she has never had the world all figured out and she knows she never will and she doesn't just accept that, she embraces it and is so honest with herself and other people. she's not a perfect person obviously but i think she's one of the main role models in my life at this moment in time

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon x Reader

Word Count:6.347

Warnings: Swearing

A/N:Yes, the Tiffany is Tiffany from Girls Generation lol. She seemed perfect for this role especially in the future. Jimin is Jimin Park from 15&. I don’t think I’ve written anything as long as this chapter yet so I’m pretty proud:D (p.s. Namjoon is kind of a jerk in this series)

The gif doesn’t belong to me. Credit to the owner:)

“You are dismissed.” your professor said, waving your class off.4

You got up and walked to the door, leaving others to do as they pleased before leaving. You made your way to the cafeteria, hoping to see Tiffany there. You found her, greeted her with a hug, and left the building in search of a good lunch. You found yourselves talking about everything, you were best friends after all. You found a way to make a conversation out of the smallest, most insignificant details. You finally arrived at a café that Tiffany suggested.

“The cutest guys visit here.” she squealed before walking in.

“And I care because?” you scoffed.

“Because you haven’t gone out with one like, ever.”

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miyakokurono  asked:

Hey, are the requests still open? If so could I get a request plz. Where MC and Echo girl get into a fight (physical or not u choose) because Echo was making fun if Zen and calling him weak/pathetic and also messed up 10x on a scene they changed just so echo would get it right(Zen was doing great) and MC has had enough. So how would Zen stop the fight/clam MC down and how would he react to it? (This is when MC is Zen's manager) Also I love your blog. 💞

damnnnn I have never liked Echo Girl but seeing this makes me hate her even more xD
enjoy this one-shot of a totally badass MC
and thank you so much ^^

words: 791

Zen was offered to be the lead male role in the musical ‘Men Over Flowers’. He was so excited to finally get into a highly anticipated musical until it was announced that Echo Girl was the lead female actress. MC told him that it was okay if he wanted to back out and the management would understand, but Zen didn’t want to give up his role. He had been waiting far too long for this opportunity to simply not take it. MC did warn him that things might get too complicated but Zen said it would be fine. He assured MC he won’t let Echo Girl in his way.

Being Zen’s manager, that was all MC had to take note of - not let Echo Girl disrupt Zen’s career again. But as Zen’s wife, there were tons of things MC had to worry about. She knew Echo Girl was far from done with her revenge and MC had a very strong feeling Echo Girl had something up her sleeve.

For the first script-reading session, the production company had wanted both Zen and Echo Girl to come down to the studio to rehearse the first scene together. When MC got the news, she was reluctant to let Zen go but that was selfish of her. She told Zen that she wouldn’t get angry or overreact but she couldn’t make any promises.

As soon as they arrived at the studio, MC already regretted it. Seeing Echo Girl’s face early in the morning made her feel sick. Echo Girl didn’t change at all. Her face was still bitchy and her voice was still as annoying. Okay, MC, be professional. MC gave her nicest smile she could manage and greeted Echo Girl but all she got was her greasy hair in MC’s face. If Zen hadn’t pulled her back, she would’ve definitely said a snarky remark.

While Zen was practicing his own lines, MC watched the stage area from the audience seats. She was positive Zen would definitely nail his lines flawlessly because he was the perfect fit for the role. She couldn’t wait to watch his stage but unfortunately she had to watch Echo Girl say her lines as well. The session begun and straight away, Echo Girl was causing trouble. The first time she messed up, she blamed the bright stage lights which distracted her. Then, she messed up again, criticising the writer instead. Her list of excuses kept going on and on and the producers finally decide to change her lines to suit her better. This meant that some of Zen’s lines had to be cut and adjusted as well. MC was definitely not happy about it because Zen was doing absolutely wonderful. MC’s patience was running out very quickly but she still kept her calm for Zen’s sake.

But all hell broke loose when Echo Girl messed up big time on one of her easy lines and blamed Zen. She called Zen ‘pathetic’ for ruining the ‘perfect’ scene. She was being too unreasonable when she scolded Zen to take out her anger, just because she got mad for not being able to deliver her lines properly. MC, being unable to watch any longer, went straight up on the stage to confront her. MC wasn’t having any more bullshit but Echo Girl didn’t want to back down either.

Zen was just surprised at the whole situation. MC and Echo Girl were arguing back and forth and Zen had no idea what to do. Until, Echo Girl started being more physical. Not only did she push MC, she slapped her face hard. Zen stepped in immediately to stop the nonsense. Zen had never expected Echo Girl to be this crazy after pulling the scandal stunt not too long ago. There were no words that could describe how angry Zen felt. Echo Girl was not getting her way of things nor was she going to get away. 

“You can disrupt the whole practice and I wouldn’t even care. But you dare hurt my wife. You better apologise or I’ll tear down your entire career and make sure you never step foot in the entertainment industry ever.”

If that didn’t give Echo Girl the chills, it definitely did for MC. No one had ever heard Zen’s threatening voice before. And thankfully, Echo Girl got the message and mumbled an apology before running off in tears. Zen turned back to MC and helped her up.

“I’m sorry you got hurt because of me. I promise she’ll never be near you anymore.”

MC couldn’t help but hug him. As long as Zen never had to work with Echo Girl again, it’s fine by MC. Although getting slapped by Echo Girl hurt a lot, it was worth it.

My personal review of Beauty and the Beast! Man the feels!! (NO spoilers)

Just finished watching “Beauty and the Beast” and it was like seeing it again for the first time … really indescribable feels!
Every scene, every costume, every character, everything perfect … I read so many negative comments on the choice of Emma Watson as Belle, but instead guys, I’ve found her just PERFECT! She IS really Belle! She’s born for that role!
Luke Evans & Josh Gad also were PERFECT as Gaston&LeFou, the latter can be said is the character who most evolved than the Classic and I liked it! Loved every their scene and Gaston’s performance … man how I loved that performance (together w/Be our guest and the dance scene)!! Oh and, btw, amazing chemistry between the two!
Last but absolutely not least a great Dan Stevens as Beast/Adam, from the initial flawed to end up in his inner change. Every movement expressed fantastically and impeccably!
And what about the others ?! Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Kelvin Kline (Maurice), Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Audra McDonald (Mrs. Wardrobe), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette) impeccable from start to finish!
Btw Emma you seriously are a perfect Mrs. Potts exactly like Angela Lansbury, at that time, was … I’m sure she’s proud of how u portrayed the character❤
Alan Menken between the old musics and songs that we already know, imprinted in our hearts, and the “new entries” drags us even more in the magic!
Side note: as said before chemistry between Josh&Luke is undeniable but, to say that, the chemistry is amazing between just all the cast🌹
Moral of the story I cried without any dignity, especially in the end, but this movie has brought out many memories and made me realize, even more, why this is my favorite fairytale and why every time I fall in love with it always more❤
So thank you from the bottom of my heart💖

Theory: “Rika was the first MC”

There is a Theory in the fandom of Mystic Messenger [and perhaps less known] is in which it says that Rika was the previous MC. How can it be this possible? 
Rika was someone who played so many times in Jumin, Yoosung and V route, but she decided to do the last route with V and after that she could not restart again, because of this, her data was lost and remained as another character of the history. Because she played a lot of times on those three routes, she was closer to them as a character (Jumin’s best friend), (Yoosung’s cousin) and (girlfriend of V, because she was on the route from which she could no longer leave).
Her data were corrupted and could no longer be MC, which is why her role was given as an antagonist character with the creation of Mint Eye, which is practically the same as the RFA, to create a party, to make happy everyone.

But Rika could not allow it to be replaced, For this, when she’s creating the other organization, she wanted to take the other members of the RFA with her, one of the reasons she washed Saeran’s Brain, It was because she could not stay with Seven (since he is the “True Route”) and because of that she took his brother, also explains why everyone in the RFA loved her.
She stayed with Rika’s name because she knows she would not be MC anymore, and it was because she could never go back to her previous one, her mind began to collapse, wishing for a perfect world in which she looked like The savior, as was her role originally as MC, as the savior of the RFA.


A VERY HAPPY (if early … for her) 22nd (😭😭😭) BIRTHDAY TO DODIE! She’s so perfect and such an important role model to young people and talks about so many important issues in such a calm and helpful way and writes such beautiful songs and I just love her okay? 😍😭😍😭😍😭 all right, it’s midnight so i should probably sleep. Goodnight 👋👋👋

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She was absolutely stunning and perfect in her role in “Roman Holiday,” 1953. She had a kind of aura around her, as if she were born to play the part (of a princess). I called my agent, George Chasin, and told him I wanted her to have co-star billing, because it was obvious to me that she was going to be a big star and maybe win the Academy Award. Chasin gave me an argument… and I said, ‘Look, George, just do it! It’s really the princess’ story.’ And I thought, ‘She’s so terrific in this and I’m going to look like a jackass if it says “Gregory Peck in ‘Roman Holiday.’” It was absolutely clear to me that equal billing was the way it ought to be. — Gregory Peck ( October 8, 1989 )

Cancer x Capricorn (F x M)

Originally posted by v-a-m-p-i-r-e--d-i-a-r-i-e-s

This pairing is personally, so admirable and appealing to me. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. These two sister signs are lovely together because you’re putting the mother with the father, two pieces of a whole is complete. Nothing compares to how rewarding a sister sign pairing can be, but be careful because it also can be disastrous. What can make you may be potent enough to break you, always remember that and never forget it.

I’m assuming though if you’re reading this you already got the taste of that elixir, or you’re just curious. Capricorns are allured to Cancers, like if they are a siren (just like how all sister sign pairing works). There’s so much that’s similar about you two, but different that you guys fulfill the missing piece in each other’s puzzle. A Capricorn is very reserved and hustles, he stresses and he goes forward without looking back. The Cancer does too, but with emotion and past memories following her as she walks forward. He shows her to look at the future, and she teaches him to reminisce.

They both find a perfect home with each other and the perfect roles, she has a dominant partner that perhaps she has craved. Someone who will take care of her but value her. He can look at her as if she’s the sun when she’s the moon. Because to him, she shines just as brightly. He gets someone who he can rely on, someone who will take out a softer side in him and soften the ridged corners he tries to show. He’ll make her laugh with his sarcasm and own humor, and other days irritate her a little. She’ll warm his soul in a way they never thought the moon could, and other days her moodiness can perhaps drive him crazy. They just don’t realize, they both can have their mood swings. They need reassurance, both of them do.

As lovely as I made it sound, every pairing has a draw backs and I feel like I won’t be able to point out so much because I said so much good. A Capricorn needs someone who takes out a light and soft emotional side of him, like a Pisces, Taurus, and of course a Cancer would. Or any match as it depends (my personal opinion of course). At the same time, she can get tired of his…workaholic tendencies. She needs more reassurance then him and quality time, she needs someone who can provide but never put their home and relationship last. She wants it all together, nothing greater or maybe for their relationship to be greater, who knows. She can perhaps find him harsh at times, and he can get maybe overwhelmed with a moodiness that a water sign can hold (because it’s a little different from an earth sign). Nonetheless, these aren’t big differences but many issues can always occur with any pairing. They’re both independent but they need each other all at once, so when they’re together fairy dust sprinkles over them and there is glamour in their life. Everything seems better and they feel complete~