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some shoe headcanons about 1-a and some other characters loosely based on a post from @mhafacebook and a discord convo i’m in

  • tsuyu adores crocs and owns 3 pairs: classic green ones, white ones, and a pair of crocs sandals. she has a handful of pins that you put in the holes since samidare gives a bunch to her for her birthday every year
  • denki has heelies- they never seem to leave his feet. he can often be found skating down the hallways of yuuei, sunglasses covering his eyes as he shoots finger guns to everyone
  • aoyama wears twinkle toes exclusively (and sometimes nice leather shoes if he’s going out). his favorite pair are chucks with rainbow laces
  • bakugou secretly collects basketball shoes- his favorite company is nike
  • jirou is definitely a vans/converse gal. she has those classic checkerboard vans and black high tops, which she wears the most often, but she has a bunch of limited edition vans at home.
  • sero also wears crocs, though it’s more for the meme than comfort. his favorite pair are lightning mcqueen ones 
  • mina loves funky shoes! they can range from a pair of beat-up sneakers from the thrift store to those light-up hightops they sell at the mall: as long as they look cool to her she’ll wear them.
  • todoroki is a socks and sandals guy. he doesn’t see a problem with it, though aoyama calls him “a fashion disaster”
  • monoma wears sperrys like the terrible child he is. no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • shinsou is actually a fashion god when he’s not in school (my friend and i have another hc where he’s a popular instagrammer but never shows his face), so he has a decent collection of shoes. his favorite pair are just a basic pair of red sneakers since they’re the most comfortable.

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PEOPLE,PEOPLE,PEOPLE, FIRST!!!!! ANIA DOESNT DRAW PJ'S DAYCARE, LOOK AT HER THUMBNAIL "Drawn by Blogthegreatrouge" NOT BY ANIA DA PEASANT, SECOND STAPH TELLING HER WHAT TO DO, SHE HAS A LIFE TOO!!, SHES NOT A ROBOT, THAT WILL DO WHATEVER YOU TELL HER TOO, SO PLEASE PEOPLE SHUSH!!!, you need to see that everyone needs their break, so does Ania, she has her limits sooooo Shush with all the drawing requests and stuff, Thank you (Sorry, i need to get that out of my system)

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A Fresh Bouquet Chapter 13, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Reborn into the world of Harry Potter, Poppy Evans has only one goal; make sure she's not the only magical Evans alive by 1982. And maybe save that smug Potter while she's at it. Regulus Black didn't fit into the equation; he wasn't suppose to be so distracting. A Mature SI fic

The fireplace in the backroom ignites but he can’t find the energy to be too bothered by his aunt effectively storming out on him. He has, after all, bigger and more important things to spend his time thinking over.

Yet, he still finds himself thinking of Evans, still puzzling over the conundrum of blood when he should be focused on taking Riddle out.

It doesn’t matter that the only woman who has ever interested him is no longer off limits.

No, that’s not quite the way to put it. She’d never been ‘off limits’ to begin with; it was more than just his silly prejudice, a mindset forced upon him from a young age, that stopped things from continuing further than they did.

Given the current political climate, his family background, announcing themselves as a couple would have been suicidal a move. In the very least, he can thank the pureblood agenda for that.

To be honest I believe one of the major reasons the Julie didn’t incorporate wlw into SKAM, as disappointing as it is, is because she had to limit the seasons from 9 to 4, I’m more than positive that if she had more time and given opportunity she would’ve been able to give representation to a lesbian/bi/pan/+ woman or women. If she were to build onto Vilde/Eva/ any of the rest of the girl squad through Sana’s season I know people would complain that the focus on the girl(s) was rushed or that the entirety of the situation took away from Sana’s story, which it would have. We don’t know what Julie had in mind for any of the characters other than what she had told, there were strong wlw tendencies between the girl squad and for people to say that Julie hates wlw couples is kind of disappointing. We don’t know what the next couple of seasons had in store for us but I’m sure Julie would’ve built more lgbt representation throughout it.


lgbtq meme: 6 gay/lesbian characters » elena alvarez, one day at a time

When I think about love, I see myself someday loving a woman.


Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all:
                                      to see life as it is and not as it should be.


Jasmine Tookes wearing the $3 million, 450 carat Fantasy Bra at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in Paris, November 30th, 2016


Sense8 | You Want a War?

Have you ever been to Paris? Good! Because I want it to be just for us.

Normani doing what she does best, seeking out any camera when a 25 mile radius


you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you