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Alessia Cara doing musical impressions with Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon - Kate McKinnon 21.02.2014

Kate mentions that her mom tries to pitch her ideas for SNL sketches!


Sole Party 2.0

Day 2-The party has started and your sole just arrived! What are they wearing? How was their arrival and what did they bring?

Since Gene is quite into fashion she’d go out to buy any nice dresses for these occasions(if she can, kinda hard a little now in the wasteland lol). 

Gene takes a bit to get ready since she likes to fix her hair and such, but will take even longer to get supplies. She has the idea to go and grab a lot of nuka colas and find any leftover holotapes containing different music. At least to bring more variety in songs rather than simply listening to the radio. Codsworth helps her around with gathering everything and they go on their way to the party!

Piper went ahead to go to the party and have idle chit chat while waiting. And Hancock, don’t judge. If Gene wants to bring all these things for the party then let her be! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was late getting all the chems for the party to himself though….