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Scumbag Aunt ripped off my Grandma for years, I put my nose in her business and had the IRS financially ruin her.

This is going to be long, so TL; DR; Aunt screwed over my Grandma for years, I put my nose in her business, got parents wise on the fraud and eventually reported her to the IRS. The long dick of the IRS bankrupted her and her husband and now they are destitute and too old to work. 

This happened about 5 years ago. My Grandma was getting old, late 80s/early 90s. She had one wish, to not die in a senior home. Easily done as my Grandpa sold some assets way back when, then invested the money and let it ride for 30+ years; he never touched it and collected a pension.

Way back when my Grandpa died, (about 10 years before this), my Grandma appointed my dad, this shitty aunt and my uncle as the Trustees of the trust. Basically the trusted advisors for her and her care for the foreseeable future. All was well in the beginning, then my dad (Willy) moved further away and couldn’t take care of the day to day upkeep as the Trustee and to see that my grandma was ok. My aunt (Rebecca) told her that she and my uncle (Fred, who lived in Arizona) could take over and all would be fine. It was fine for a while.

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Enough is Enough

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,067

Warnings: slight panic attack, language, asshole Dean 

Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader lives with the brothers at the bunker & Dean is always a jerk to her & then one day she has a panic attack & then fluff ensues…

Summary: Reader has lived & hunted with the boys for 3 years & usually puts up with Dean being a dick pretty well. One night, she can’t take anymore and has a panic attack.

A/N: Enjoy!! Feedback greatly appreciated!! And thank you to @mamapeterson for just reading over this before I posted it lol wasn’t too confident on it tbh but I hope y’all like it!!

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"I'm not your blind date but you came over and I was eating alone so I went with it and now you're calling me by a different name" AU

I found this prompt on a Tumblr blog but I accidentally deleted the post and now I can’t find the prompt anymore

Lena was sitting alone. She twirled the neck of the wine glass in her left hand, her phone in her right as she responded to work emails. Jess kicked her out of the office almost an hour ago, going on about how she shouldn’t be working on her birthday and she deserved one day off for herself. Problem is Lena always had days to herself. Her days were always “her” days if she didn’t have anyone to share them with. She looked down at the red rose on the table before her, Jess’ gift to her, and let herself smile slightly. Jess was a good assistant, she meant well, and she seemed to care when no one else did.

So that’s why she listened and came here to this restaurant when she really wanted to finish responding to her emails and get a head start on tomorrow’s project. The place wasn’t the fanciest she’s been, but she wasn’t about to go to one of the high-class places she frequented when she didn’t have a date. It was nice enough: low lighting, decent wine selection, and she got a small booth in the back so no one would bother her. Her plan was to come out, grab a quick bite, and then finish work at home.

She was so focused on her phone that she hadn’t noticed the woman walk up to her booth. There was a small tap on her shoulder then, and she was slightly annoyed that anyone would interrupt her when she purposely picked this booth to avoid being bothered. She turned to look up quickly, an annoyed “Can I help you?” on the tip of her tongue, when she came face-to-face with a literal angel, the words dying before they formed. Her jaw went slack as she took in the stunning being before her.

The woman had the bluest eyes Lena had ever seen, even under the minimal lighting of the place and the black rimmed glasses she wore. Her hair fell in soft golden waves, across the shoulders of her beige jacket and blue top. She had a pair of black pants that hugged her hips and a nice pair of boots to match. She looked dressed up, yet still casual, and it suddenly made Lena feel self-conscious about the tight fitting black dress and tight ponytail she wore.

“It was supposed to be yellow,” the woman said, pointing at the flower on the table.

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tbh I’m starting to get sorta iffy about Allura piloting a lion because it seems like Shiro’s gonna come back and pilot again and like I feel like I’d be more pissed if they put Allura in a lion and then took her out?? I think I’d rather the castle get an update via Slav and Allura get a bunch of cool magical weapons and kick ass and run the alliance and be the commander without being in a lion instead of having her pilot and then taking it away when Shiro comes back

Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

Originally posted by buckybass

It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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7th Year Discoveries | Sirius Black Part 1

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request:  Hello! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where in the begging of their seventh year, Reader cuts her hair in her shoulders and Sirius lets his beard grown and they are like “Boody hell I can’t handle my feelings anymore!” “Fuck he/she is so pretty what do I do?” please???

You stepped off the platform onto the train, shifting your bag into a more comfortable position on your shoulder before beginning your search for your friends. It was your seventh year at Hogwarts and you were both excited and terrified for everything to come. Mostly you were just excited to see the marauders for the first time since sixth year. You felt your face break into a smile as you approached the familiar voices.

“Hey guys,” you greeted, tossing open the compartment door. The four guys looked up at the sound of your voice.

“Your hair,” James whispered, obviously horrified at your newly short hair. It had been just below your waist before the start of summer, now resting at your shoulders. 

“It got in the way, this is just easier, Peter will scoot over a bit,” you asked, dropping your bag to the floor and taking a seat between him and Remus.

“It’s just a drastic change Y/N, I’m sure James loves it despite his face,” Remus assured you, tossing his chocolate wrapper at James still gaping face.

 You brought a hand up to your mouth, stifling a giggle.You glanced over at Sirius, who sat beside James, for the first time. Your laughter quickly died off as you took in his appearance. He had grown out his hair just a bit, it was longer than yours now, but he seemed to have grown his beard out as well. You felt a blush creep up your face as you took in his new appearance. You quickly adverted your gaze, not wanting to get caught staring and make things awkward. It was going to be a long train ride.

You laid back against the trunk of the tree, a book in your hand. It had been a few days since you arrived and you had decided to take a few moments to yourself. When you heard the all too familiar laughs of the gang, you knew your attempts were futile. Placing your book mark you waited for them to reach you. 

“Y/N love, how’s our favorite girl doing?” Sirius teased as they crossed the yard.

“Just peachy Padfoot, come to ruin my peace and quiet I see,” you rolled your eyes playfully, lifting your book from your lap so he could lay his head down. 

“Me? I would never, now these three I make no promises for,” he smiled up at you as he laid his head down, his smile widening when you began to card your fingers through his hair.

“Oh please you’re the worst of us,” Peter said, taking a seat on the grass. 

“He has a point Pads - oh shit is that Evans?” James started, his attention instantly being stolen as the love of his life walked past. You looked down, sharing a look with Sirius as he ran off to try to make up with her after last year. 

“I have prefect duties, I’ll catch you guys at dinner,” Remus sighed, knowing fully well Lily would be venting to him later. Peter quickly got to his feet, blushing as Remus stared down at him as if waiting for him to follow. 

“What’s up with those two?” You asked Sirius, your fingers still playing with his hair subconsciously. He leaned into your touch, clearing his throat when he realized what he was doing.

“I have no idea,” he rushed, a faint blush on his cheeks. 

“Weird,” you mused, fighting the urge to blush yourself as you admired your friend. “Would you like me to read to you, since you so rudely interrupted?” 

“Go ahead, I lo-” his eyes widened slightly as he caught himself before saying something, quickly coughing to cover it up, “sure, yeah read away Y/N.” 

Sirius POV:

He paced the floor of his dormitory, chewing on his lip as he ran through the events of the last week in his head. First the train, you had always been gorgeous but it was like your beauty had been multiplied over the summer. Then there was the yard, and you had read to him for the first time in so long. It had reminded him how much he missed your voice, letters just weren’t the same. Lastly it was breakfast this morning, when you used the foam from your drink as a mustache to mock his beard and he thought he was going to pass out from how cute you looked. 

“You’re going to walk a hole in the floor,” Remus chided, flipping through his textbook halfheartedly. 

“I think I’m in love with Y/N,” he whispered, mostly to himself.

“Sorry what was that, I couldn’t hear you.”

“I’m in love with Y/N!” He announced, a bright smile on his face. 

“You’re just now realizing this?” Remus asked, judging him very obviously from his spot on his bed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, frowning softly. 

“You haven’t so much as looked at another girl since the start of sixth year, and this year all you’ve done is try to find ways to ‘accidentally’ run into her, it’s not like it was hard to figure out,” Remus scoffed, not lifting his gaze from the book.

Sirius felt his heart sink. Had he really been that obvious? About feelings he himself wasn’t even aware of until now. “Do you think Y/N knows?” 

“If there’s anyone more oblivious to your feelings than you, it would be Y/N. I think your secret is safe Pads, but I’d tell her soon I heard Lockhart is planning on asking her out soon,” he advised. 

“She’s not that dumb to go out with him,” Sirius laughed, but Remus merely shrugged causing Sirius to begin to worry. “Right?” 

Homeland ended after season 4. Quinn didn’t really go to Syria. He thought carefully about what was best for himself for once, and finally decided to leave far away from Carrie, Dar Adal and the CIA mess. He’s currently living a peaceful life in a cabin in Iceland with Astrid and their german shepherd Leo.

Overwatch Characters and their favorite Science Fiction stories
  • Symmetra: Star Trek
  • McCree: Firefly (the 2033 remake) S
  • Soldier 76: Robocop or Judge Dredd (doesn't get the satire)
  • Tracer: Slaughterhouse 5; actually never had time to sit down to all 110 years of Doctor Who material even though you would think-
  • Winston: DragonBall
  • Sombra: DragonBall Z
  • Orisa: Has not actually had the time to consume any media at all
  • Bastion: one day hopes to find and work for Optimus Prime, who he thinks is real
  • Mei: the Day After Tomorrow
  • Zenyatta: people kept prompting him with Bicentennial Man and I, Robot but he actually likes Philip José Farmer. A lot.
  • Torbjorn: dense, technical Greg Bear novels
  • Widowmaker: says she can't "like" anything anymore but Möbius and Jodorowsky collaborations are pretty decent to bring along on sniper missions
  • Junkrat: Mad Max, which he thinks are historical fiction
  • Roadhog: Lelo & Stitch
  • Pharah: Stargate SG-1
  • Ana: "Science fiction? Why would I waste my time on something silly like that? What did Fareeha say, by the way? Does it have merchandise?"
  • Lucio: Tron Legacy but only because Daftpunk's Soundtrack
  • O.G. Starcraft lore, stopped caring after Zeratul died
  • Hanzo: will tell you to talk to Genji about such things. It's Samurai Jack btw.
  • Genji: just straight up points at his Kamen Rider costume and jumps around.
  • Reinhardt: will say Warhammer 40K (Grey Knights), but actually Knight Rider
  • Reaper: will say Warhammer 40K (Chaos Space Marines), but actually Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Mercy: will say Perry Rhodan, then look around awkwardly, before defeatedly saying Warhammer 40K (Sisters of Battle)
  • Zarya: will just say 40K.

okay i said i was gonna tell yall what was going on and i really wanna ask this girl to be my gf bc we’ve been talking for a while (gonna be 1 month in 2 days) and shes so cute and we both like each other but i’m so scared she’s gonna say no :( like, she has already said that shes not talking to or going out w anyone else bc she likes me, but still!!! i’m so scared!! she lives in england and its really far but i’m probably going there in december so thats already something, i guess. i made like a playlist on spotify w cute songs and i wrote a little text that i wanna read to her and it was so hard bc the first letter of each song is the proposal and i’m p sure if she says no i’m gonna cry and itd be awful

shiro and allura come from two opposite factions that can never mix: goth and pastel. a forbidden love

after shiro disappears, allura becomes black paladin, and defies the power structure by going goth in his memory. all black dresses, black eye makeup, her pink marks are painted over black. she’s not your pretty pink princess anymore

anonymous asked:

Some haki checking out her husband from afar, caught or not, your choice. Maybe canon verse, even. :)

(A sequel to this prompt; set a few months after the current arc)

The wedding of the king of Clarines is the event of the season; everyone who is anyone is present at the reception, lavishing the newlyweds with increasingly astounding gifts. The first prince of Viande and his lovely sister release a coterie’s worth of doves to symbolize the new beginning of their life together; Marquis Arluleon presents them with a new tapestry woven in cloth of gold, the king’s proud lineage documented in painstaking detail with enough room left for his and the queen consort’s issue; the first prince of Tanbarun shares with them a symphony he personally composed for the occasion. All is as it should be.

Save that not a single house of the north is in attendance, besides the queen’s own.

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you know that feeling you get when youre just havin one of those days where you wanna die but shawty wants dick and you like “nah babe not right now” and instead of asking you whats wrong and why youre feelin bad she makes it about her and says some shit like “you dont think im pretty anymore” or “ who is she” 

yea me neither because i dont date abusive shitty women

James Potter (young) Imagine #1 - Part Two : Another girl

Request :  Hi! Could you pretty please do a young James Potter imagine where the reader has been friends with the marauders since first year and he thinks he likes Lily and everything but then he wins a long time bet with the reader and makes her snog severus. Only when he actually sees her flirting with him does he realize he actually likes her. Thank youuuu 😘😘

PART 1 HERE !!!! 

Quidditch finale was in a few minutes. You were not part of the team but a huge supporter. Gryffindor had to win this year. You counted on James, he was the Seeker. And a good one. You were ready, scarlet and gold scarf on. But he wasn’t
“God look at your face ! Did you sleep ??” You asked anxious in front of the dark circles under his eyes.
“Not that much”
“It’s Lily isn’t it ? You had an argument?”
“She annoyed me”
“It’s just a rough period it’s gonna be okay” you tried to appease him shaking his shoulder.
Your touch was like a burn to him. James step back with a black look.
“I don’t care about her anymore okay, I’m pretty sure she already have someone by her side. I just…i just don’t want to talk about this


It’s been a long time since Gryffindor hadn’t be beaten. But every good thing have an end. The atmosphere became tense between The Marauders. Usually you were all together, making mischief and jokes, laughing loudly. Not anymore Lily was spending all her time with remus trying to avoid James and you felt like he was doing the same for you. On top of that Severus was now convinced you were in love with him and Sirius extended your bet for one more month. You’ll be the richest person alive at the end of the month but you hated this crappy atmosphere, and making fun of Severu’s feelings wasn’t the greatest thing to accomplish. Furthermore, the O.W.L was coming.
You were looking at Remus with disgust. Blood was litterally sinking from his piece of meat. And he seemed to enjoy it. It maked you nauseous. Not feeling really well anyway.
« How is James about this ? » you asked giving a glance to Lily and his new “boyfriend”. A ravenclaw, she didn’t waste anytime, probably more to make James jealous than everything else, but knowing him it’s not going to work.
« He said he doesn’t give a fuck » Sirius answered the mouth full of food
« Bullshits »
« I don’t think so »
« Sirius please »
« What ? Did you never ask yourself ? »
« about ?? »
« If there was another girl »


Thanks to the god the commun room was empty this day. James was studying alone. He was so concentrated that he didn’t notice you.
« Herbology » you read
« Yeah, hmm I try to learn the first chapter »
« Want some help ? »
« No I’m sure your boyfriend is waiting for you »
You tried not to get mad. Breath. An another argument wouldn’t help.

« Severus is not my boyfriend » you crossed your arms with anger.
« Isn’t he ? Well I could swear I saw you kissing during hours yesterday. But I’d dream for sure »
« It’s a bet you idiot ! You started it ! »
« Well guess what now I want it to stop »
James closed the book with violence and stand up.
« You think you can leave like that ? »
« Absolutely »
Usually he is much stronger than you but this time you were. You grab his hand and hold him tight. In answer to this he push against the wall. Then all this violence stopped. As quickly as it started. He was just looking at you painfully.
« It’s killing me, you with him can’t you see it ? »

What did Sirius said already ? « If there was another girl ». A girl like you. You wanted to cry really but it was too much. You didn’t wanted to heard more and chose to leave first. That was insane. Not unpleasant but all of this was happening so fast.
You didn’t had time to make a move before James kissed you. It was not like with Severus or your other stupid ex. It was sweet and you wanted more. Without even thinking of it, you give him his kissed back, slowly running your hand behind his neck in his curly hair, almost like your body knew what to do and have been waiting for it.