shes not and i used eyeliner for this xd

EXO Reaction when their GF puts stuff in her bra because she doesn’t have anywhere to put them

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“Wait… did you just.. touch your boobs or…” *Never gets used to it* “If you want… I can do that for you”


*Someone’s jealous because he can’t do the same* “I want to put stuff in mine too….”


“I see you jagi…. you must have a treasure there… do you also save chocolate in there?” *Such a baby*


*Your phone is unlocked and it sends a text by mistake* “Aish… her boobs wrote weird stuff again… I’ll answer tho.. or they won’t be happy with me later”


“I could buy you a purse but… honestly.. I like when you do that.. babe..” *Naughty boi*


“Oh so.. what’s why she touches her boobs all the time.. I thought it was a kink or something… makes sense..” *Someone enjoys watching you xD*


*You can’t find your phone* “Wait.. wait… I didn’t take it. It’s on your.. bra.. I saw you put it in there… not that I’m always staring at your chest…” 


*Mixed feelings* “I love when she does that… but.. people.. is watching.. i don’t want the to watch… but I love it…”


“Jagi can you keep my phone while I’m on stage? Yes? Thank you, Oh yes… do you have eyeliner there? I forgot mine” *So used to it xD*


*He’s just… trying to see how it works* “Ohh… so you can put something in here… woah…. wait wait… I want to see what else is in there…”


”Unbelievable baobei… so many purses and you still do that.. you are so cute and unique” *Unimpressed xd*


*Too pure to think bras can be used like that xD* “A bra… I think I just saw… one…”

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Have I ever mentioned how ADORABLE @crudely-drawn-characters‘s Diana is?

I LOVE that adorable bat woman! And I’ve been blowing off drawing her for FAR too long. Honestly there’s a good chance I might hide her in the background as a pinup calendar or an advertisement in the background if I can get permission. Seriously if you don’t know @crudely-drawn-characters go check her out! Her stuff’s adorable and she could use some support! X3

And don’t worry, Mistakes Part 3 and the Forgery series are still on the way. work’s just exploded again so I’ve been very busy. I’ll get some stuff up soon! XD

AU where Eizen and Magilou teach Velvet how to be goth

Bad Berseria fanfic by Jacket

Velvet stares at Magilou and questions why she’s even helping, “Eizen, I get. But aren’t you too pink to be goth?” And Magilou thwacks her on the head, “I’m pastel goth, you pleb! And Eizen’s a cross-fusion between vampire goth and steampunk goth.”

Velvet furrows her brows, “There’s different types of goths?” Eizen is about to open his mouth and go on a tangent about the history of goth subculture but Magilou slams her finger on his lips to shut him up.

“Worry not, n00b, for I, The Great Magilou, will do all the explaining and Eizen can do your eyeliner.”

Rokurou is just chillin’ somewhere in the background watching this hot ass mess unfold and yells, “I bet Magilou had a rawr XD phase when she was younger!” Magilou throws her giant ass hat at him and yells back, “URUSHUT THE FUCK UP, ROKUROU. YOU DEADASS BAKA-FACE.”

Eizen is already applying his sharpie brand eyeliner on Velvet and he doesn’t even need to do her eyebrows because they’re already fleek af and beautiful on their own. Magilou does all the commentary like a sports game commentator but with makeup and Rokurou leans in, super interested but also doesn’t have any idea what the hell she’s talking about.

“Why do you use sharpie for eyeliner?” Velvet asks.

“It stays on even after hours of crying,” he replies. “Trust me, you’re going to need it when we reach late game.”

“Oh, well thanks, I guess.”

Magilou helps Velvet paint her nails and Eizen gives her a pair of tripp pants to try on. Velvet takes a liking to them because they have lots of belts and chains on ‘em but something feels off about ‘em so she asks Rokurou to slice ‘em up a bit and he gets excited cos he can do something useful but also slice shit at the same time.

Days later, Velvet is level 200 goth, the edgiest of edge, so edgy that Rokurou wants to fight her. “Meet me at the back of the abandoned Blockbuster,” Roukurou says. Eleanor walks in on Velvet getting ready and applying sharpie eyeliner and stares at her with concern.

“It’s not a phase, Eleanor,” Velvet says as she makes sure her eyeliner game is even stronger than Eizen’s since she’s gotta beat Rokurou’s ass in 10min. “It’s a way of life.”

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XD so for some reason I had to stomach today to look through Lamo’s Instagram and I noticed after she did the punk edits, (or Billie’s cosplay) that’s when her eyeliner turned into lines (like shit, it’s not even eyeliner it goes so far off her eye) she use to stay close to her eyes with a signature Emo liner (thick with a small wing pointing up) XD it’s interesting to see how bad it went from normal Emo liner to... Lines that are touching her eyebrows

lainey…sweetie…having long eyeliner isn’t the reason that Billie is better than you…

Micah for @grumpyccfinds

I thought she’d be perfect for Raven!

She has a long cc list because she’s an actual sim of mine, I tried to cut it down a bit and looked through your lookbooks and sim requests to see what cc you had xD

Skin overlay | Eyes non-default | Tooth Gap | Lashes | *Hair & Hair | *Brows

Eyeshadow Jewel Colours | Eyeliner | Lipstick

Everyday Dress | ShoesX | Earrings Version B | Septum

Formal Dress | Shoes | SeptumX

Party topX | Skirt | ShoesX

Natural Lips

* Feel free to only use one hair for her, I only kept both for variety in case you already have them. And the brows are just an added pure black swatch because I hate ea’s black hair and brows xD So feel free to just put ea black brows on her if you don’t want to download!

I’ve marked the things I’ve seen in your own stuff with an X.

Obviously feel free to change any of her clothes, accessories or makeup, especially to stuff you already have in game, I know her cc is a little overwhelming ^^;

I hope you and Raven like her ;)

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What would be EXO's reaccion when meeting their new MV's artistic director and realize that she is their ideal type¿?

Hi! Thanks for be my first request~! n.n Okey here we go!


At first: *Oh my what am i seeing? She is absolutely my type!*

and then: Hello I’m Baekhyun! Oh you use eyeliner too. We’re going to be friends!



Reality: Hi I’m the cool main rapper Chanyeol! (starts giggling nervously)


*Wow she’s so interesting! I have to show her who is the most attractive in EXO.* (ignores you like a cool and mysterious boy)


At first: *Uooh who’s her? Are we going to work together?* (Really likes the idea)

so then he try to cause a sexy first impression:

Hello little creature. Are you lost? (creep D.O xD)


(Sleepy because is too early) Are you real or I’m still dreaming?


Hi I’m Kris Do you know I’m model too?

But when he thinks you are not seeing:


H-hi I think we are lost because… eh… I don’t know you…


(finds you beautiful at first) Hi, I’m the mainly Luhan. I think we havent meet before,did we?

(you start talking) *SHE’S PERFECT*

finally: (he tries so hard that you don’t talk with other members) The others are big babos, let me protect you.


Yes, you are in front of the almighty Oh Sehun. If you do a well job with my parts in our MV maybe I will give you the opportunity of meet with me again


*He tries to be sexy but fails*


I’m sure we’re going to work well together. *Wushu warrior sexiness activated*


*gets shy* Oh are you new? I’m Xiumin. We can be friends… if you want of course…


Lance is such a pro with makeup that he can put lipstick, blush and eyeliner on at the same time using only one hand :D

Seriously, tho… am I the only one who’s having issues with the lipstick thingy getting stuck in the sim’s hand as soon as he/she starts putting makeup on? ‘_’

Edit: nevermind, I’m an idiot. I forgot to remove from his hand the cc accessory lipstick I used for his last photoshoot, hence the clipping XD

//A lot of people asked me if I liked Katarina’s model in the cinematic, so I’m going to answer here.

Actually yes. The outfit is canon looking (unlike in the previous cinematic), her eyes are MOTHERFUCKING GREEN finally !! She doesn’t have any curly flock, her hair is floating naturally. Her eyes are okay, no sick amount of eyeliner, a prety green glow… Yes, she’s cute. I just have some … hesitation about her weapons still looking like plastic toys xD I’ve paused many times and… even if Darius and Draven’s weapons are really cool and look heavy, Katarina’s blades…. doesnt look like a real threat xD She barely use them anyway and run all the time… And people asked me if it matters to me. Actually, have you seen this freaking Nautilus? He’s giant oO even next to Rengar, Kat is still a shrimp! Of course she has to run and lure people in trap, only taking trades when she can like trying to take Graves by surprise. This is the assassin’s job.

I’ll make no comment about the way she pread her legs when Rengar strikes xDDD A friend of mine told me “she trainned this with Garen” xDD

About the overall, I’m just sick of the “noxian side is always the bad one so they’ll always lose in the end” ’s syndrom. But well *shrugs*  we got used to this.

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hmm, cs one shot where killian asks emma if he could borrow her eyeliner (maybe include emma seeing killian without the eyeliner for the first time??) hehe weird but it just popped up into my head :P

make up tips

A/N: Im sorry it came out a crack fic somehow XD

“Love, may I use your coal?”

   Emma glanced over at Killian, frowning at the man. “My what?”

   He motioned to the eyeliner pencil in her hand. “I need to reapply.”

  Emma laughed, capping the pencil closed. “You don’t need it, I promise. You’re sexy without the guyliner.”

   Killian frowned looking put out. “I’ve always worn it.”

   Emma reached over, her hand sliding along his stubble lined jaw, turning his face towards hers’.

    “I love you with or without it, Hook.” she leaned over and place a warm kiss on his lips. 

    Killian snatched the eyeliner pencil from her, and turned towards the mirror.

    “And I like me better with it.” he said as he began to apply it.

   Emma sighed.

   He was hopeless.