shes my cousin im so upset

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Tracy just replied my friends dm about briana and ashley, she said 'briana got embrassed and BLOCKED her, and ashley is upset bc she cant see freddie now' and im just... Who would block their cousin and club bestie its so weird

Briana is trying really hard to avoid looking like she’s anything like her family members, but sweetie, we haven’t forgotten how much time you spent with Ashley up until two weeks ago. :) :) :) Briana didn’t just wake up to her family’s racist, Islamophobic, and otherwise despicable views, and her attempt to distance herself from Ashley so late in the game is pathetic. The only member of that family that I don’t take issue with is Briana’s little brother. They are all nasty, and Briana is included in that, try as she may to pretend otherwise. Also, can people please stop DMing the Jungwirths and the Clarks.